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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


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Dear Loveline,
thank you for this story. It just goes to confirm when and under what circumstances the Cameroonian Police act their best:

While they wont protect public prppert and maintain Peace, they will engage in every activity that fills their baggy pockets with the Trader,s hard -earned cash.

Did u go back to check how many shops these police looted? It must have been hay day for them and their bosses..Shameless thieves.

I think it is about time someone tells the truth about this continuous harrassment of NIGERIANS over residence permits. How many tims have they raided the French and other European residents for the same operation?

They are just penisless, castrated idiots who can only stand in their backyard and yell at their neighbour while the passerby reigns terror .

I will tell you what happened at a fiango police checkpoint as you enter Kumba from Konye.

It was in february 2006, and I travelled from Mamfe with 2 Nigerians. I noticed that these guys got off the car and took short cuts in the bush and will join us a kilometre after. This scenario repeated itself as we approached every police check point.

At some checkpoints though, they had to settle the police before continuing, and a journey that would have lasted 2 and half hours took us close to 6 hours.

Then we arrived this Fiango Checkpoint, and there was no way for them to go through the bushes as usual.

The Police kept them behind and asked the driver to drive off. It was at this point that I inquired and the driver old me what had been going on. I asked th driver to call the two guys.

My question to them was simple : " Do you have a residence permit?" and their answer was "yes"

"then show it to them", I said
"they shall be confiscated" they answered

I wondered why the police should confiscate residence permits from law abiding foreigners (law abiding because they had the documents demanded)

Furthermore, I wanted to know if the Permits were valid, and upon my request they showed their permits to me...I read through it, and the fee of 150,000 that they had paid to get this. I was enraged and felt as taking their case into my hands..helas, I am not a lawyer, just a surgeon..But I freely gave them counsel.

" Go back to their check point and show them your residence permits. If they should retain them and still ask for money, just read the names on their breast pockets and tell them in their face that they shall have to deposit your permits at the sate counsels office. If they understand you know your rights they will back down."

These guys did just that. And in typical fashion the police started shouting curses at them, threatening to lock them up. The guys coolly told them to eat the permits because they dont understand why they should pay 150k to MINAT and then give tips along the roads fro police men to feed their families.

In a dramatic climax, the guys just left , joined us in the car, and told the driver to pull out. The driver was afraid, so I urged him on..We didnt go 500M before the strident thrills of their whistle was heard. One of the policemen came running after the car with the prmits in his hand, and shamefully handed them over to the driver, warning him as usual not to carry stubborn people in his car.

I was elated , and the guys couldnt believe their bluff paid up.

As we approached the Fiango Park, I aske them why they were asked to pay when they had valid permits, and the answer was that:

" They say since we are resident in Kumba, we had No right to go to mamfe, or to Nigeria"

What leaves me wondering until now is whether MINAT declares what areas a holder of a resident permit is not supposed to visit.

The thieves...they shall pay the price of their thievery.
Just as Citizens resort to mob justice in their absence, so too the same citizens shall resort to mob justice to settle old scores..

As the wolves prowl about unwatched
They meet the untettered phlegm of the public.



The idea is for the cpdm to grab Meme and KUC,period!They bring in Gabonese(s?),and Equatoguineans to vote in the south province;Central Africans in the East and Adamaoua provinces;and Chadians in the Far north province,so they think its the Nigerian community in Kumba that votes for the SDF in Meme.Thanks

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