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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


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This is just fun.
Readers will recall that Walters Mudoh was Muna´s organising secretary during the controversial convention in Yaounde. Today "One Walters Mudoh, believed by many to be the backbone of Fon Mbanyamsig, said the Fon accepted his people's call to contest the Parliamentary polls."
Anyway, he is a jobless young man looking for something to eat from politicians.

"Ndiy hails from Upper Ashong, a CPDM stronghold." This is bullshit. How many CPDM millitants are in Ashong? If Ashong people voted Mbah Ndam against their own daughter, Magrate Nyah, then it will be wishful thinking for Mbanyamsig to rely on Ashong.

Mbanyamsig who is even very unpopular among his subjects will be completetely no match for who ever will stand on the SDF ticket in Batibo subdivision.


Sorry to all fons who are trying to seek for notice. You are all heading to the direction of disgrace and lose of respect. All fons are self sufficient and can get anything they desire in their fondoms, beatiful women, material wealth etc. They are regarded as divine rulers. But if you stand up to contest elections with your subjects...even women will not bow in your presence. We will shake hands with you and toss the finger. Watch Out!!!!


for Christ sake, why should an incumbent be frightened by challenge in a democracy?
If there is anything one is to be worried about, it is the fact that the CPDM might be attempting to groom up a new "Fon Doh Gwanyin" in Batibo so as to hijack elections and ridicule the SDF in its purported fief.
Mbeh, if I am not mistaken, it is this same Hon. Mbah Ndam you are struggling to challenge who helped you receive medical evacuation from the medical council when thieves attacked you chopping off your hands to near amputation. If and to what extent Mbah Ndam helped you is immaterial to me, what is peculiar about this all is that when SDF members fight for the rights of those in their various constituencies, the tendency is to associate it to common obligations but when elections are around the corner, there is no talk of common obligations, level grounds or neutrality from Fons. They become puppets of the regime and facilitators of fraud. I believe the earlier the system is reformed,the better. This whole royalty thing is mired by traits of greed and self-service.

Danny Boy

This must be a joke. An early April fool, to those who have a discerning eye. The said constituency comprises 22 villages, not just Guzang, Batibo, Enyoh and Ashong!
The chief is heading for a spectacular fall. The electorate in Moghamo are not that stupid to have a chief as their Parliamentarian. That he is the chief of Guzang, is enough for the people to cast their votes for Mr. Mbah Ndam.
This is why Mr. Mbah Ndam is not frightened at all. No village in Moghamo, especially lower Moghamo, is going to become subservient to the Guzangs, should their chief become MP!!
If I were mr. Mbah Ndam's campaign manager I will be sleeping easy. The Moghamoans are not that stupid. We will let this up-start campaign for us. Rather than pelt him with eggs, we would egg him on, when he comes calling for our votes.
Principal of where? If he had any brains at all, he should either resign his chiefdom or be content with his employ at GHS Mankon.


Points of correction to Feli and Danny Boy.
"when thieves attacked you chopping off your hands to near amputation."
The Fon of Guzang was never attacked by thieves; or else,what was taken from him during that attack?
Feli, the Fon´s business at the time was the collecting of huge sums of money from youths on grounds of facilitating their acquiring US visas.So those who were disappointed in the process sought to take away his life.

Danny, the said constituency doesnot only consist of Moghamo (Batibo Subdivision) but also includes Widikum subdivision. Therefore to add to your point Guzang is only tiny fraction of the constituency, hence as I earlier mentioned, Fon Mbanyamsig will be no match for who ever will get the SDF ticket.


I prey all the sons and daughters of Momo will see through these usless and trecherous traditional rullers we spawn. It does not stop there. I have it on good information that the Son of one of these fools Aproached the residence of One SDF Stallwart, former chairman and his own Uncle a few years back, with Gendarms in tow, to beat him up due to CPDM Politics or their lack of. They should be careful as their subjects take note, and the sons and daughters of those maligned will come back and bite them in the Ass!Chick... this is a promise, you are going down! CPDM will nevertake this seat.The only way is by crook. You have no doubt been exploring this avenue.Momo is a CPDM Free Zone!



Your constant theories about Mbah Ndam philantropic geatures is creating some suspicion in my mind and the minds of right thinking people. Help comes from the heart and should not be used as a tool to gain political or social favours. Last week, you reminded me of the fact that Mbah Ndam financed the legal bills of the SCNC leadership. You argued that, it is because of such reasons that chairman Akwanga Ebenezeur cannot oppose Mbah Ndam's conduct in camerounese parliament. I reminded u of the fact that if he did supported anyone financially or otherwise, that should't call for unquestionable loyalty. You and other SDF resource persons always call for writers and readers here to bark at me for questioning the illegal actions of both SDF and CPDM resource persons. But you cannot question the relationship Mbah Ndam have with a mighty CPDM Fon who has been implicated in a visa racketeering and is seemingly wanted by those he has been duped and was rescued by Mbah Ndam and Co (SDF PARLIAMENTARY GROUP LEADER).

Permit me remind you of the fact that, politicians and greedy businessmen prefer keeping their subjects in abject poverty, so that they would be forced to accept the little gombo they would give to them in return for political favours. We have seen these tactics being employed by the CPDM and rightminded Southern Cameroonians have always shun such overtures by the CPDM. It is the poor and helpless that still accepts the rice, cows, maggi's, etc from CPDM resource persons in return for votes. It is now being preached and practiced by SDF spokesperson/resourcepersons like you as a precondition for paying unquestionable loyalty to your leaders. You always insinuate in this forum How NJFN, Mbah Ndam, etc. helped this or that person. This suggests that the SDF is employing thesame tactics like the CPDM. They are struggling to render our peoples lives poor and helpless, so that, they should always accept financial and other favours from SDF resource persons in return for our people paying unquestionable loyalty to the SDF. We dont want any help in return for questionable favours. We want an equitable society where everyone would be able to help himself.

If Mbah Ndam did supported the medical evacuation of the Fon, then there is really something wrong with the said Mbah Ndam. How comes that he choosed to support but a Fon? If you go to the streets of our country, you will see many homeless children, many poor people, many children who cannot get basic education, etc. As far as i can understand, someone who really wants to help a poor and suffering person, might have other targets other than the Mighty and rich Fon of Guzang. Besides, it is alledged and known all over the North West that the reasons why the Fons hands were chopped (as explained by Fon Lawrence, an SDF resource person) were because the Fon was involved in visa racketeering, collecting huge sums of money from poor and helpless youths on grounds that he is going to help them get US visa's. That is corruption at the highest level.

Is the Fon the US embassy?

How comes that Mbah Ndam decided to rescue the Fon after the Fon has been embroiled in such a scandal?

Any rightminded person should have avoided any links to the Fon. If Mbah Ndam did the contrary, then there is something wrong.

Feli, we want to build a pleasant society. We are seemingly fed-up with all these your misleading politics with La Republique. Thesame strategy employed by the Fon (of the CPDM) is thesame strategy SDF resource persons are using to enrich themselves. This has been proven through Mbah Ndam's struggle to rescue the Fon. i Might want to think that, he was hiding his own crimes and might have been an accomplice to the horrendous crimes commited by the Fon. The actions of the Fon amounts to crimes against humanity and any rightminded person should have distanced himself from him. If Mbah Ndam instead came forward to help him, then there is something wrong.

"La Bouge qui mange ne parle pas"


Brotherly love!!!

Why question the motive behind saving a human life, fellow brother, tribesman and a traditional ruler?
Do you support jungle justice.
Stop the politics of hatred.
For any course, it's worth winning more hearts than lossing them even the opponents'.

Danny Boy

Mr. Rexon,
the reason Hon. Mbah Ndam would assist the Fon of Guzang or any person from his constituency is because, he is their mandated representative. After elections, he became the MP for this region, not just serving SDF, but all the other parties under the rainbow, with representation in this area. The same applies to the Head of State. He is my President, though I am SDF and did not vote for him. I hope you get my drift.
Mr. Fon, thanks for that correction. I had forgotten that we have a list system. This tends to blur boundaries. Given that there is an MP from Widikum, I naturally thought that Widikum and Menka was another constituency! This revelation makes the Fon's task even harder. He hasn't got a chance in hell to wrest this seat from Mbah Ndam.
Miracles do happen though, but in this case I am looking forwards to the outcome with a sense of nonchalance.
Blessed be all.


Danny Boy,

Thanks for reflecting and bringing interesting thoughts on this issue. It appears what i am trying to say is, Feli should not be insinuating that SDF pundits are helping people and expect them to pay unquestionable allegiance to them. That would be wrong. A lot of CPDM pundits have previously helped me and that does'nt force me to pay unquestionable allegiance to them.



I have proven time and again on this forum that your problem is ignorance. You do not seem to understand the basic principles of politics. Politicians are there to serve the people they represent at all times and without bias. I have seen reports of Mbah Ndam's help to hawkers from this same Guzang as well as reports where he assisted elites from his constituency. To compare any form of assistance rendered by a representative of the people to corrupt tactics used to mislead or buy votes shows how blurred your understanding of politics is. If Mbah Ndam doesn't assist people, you would be the first to say "they are eating fat while the others are suffering", when he does you say "little gombo they would give to them in return for political favours."
The question you have to ask yourself is, what does being a representative of the people mean? When you answer that question then you will voluntarily withdraw the nonsense you wrote above.


some times i really wonder if cameroonians really needs a change.we have been ruled for many years without a change we cry on daily basis but yet when it is time to rise up a for change,because of greed we still fall prey.what is happening?what is this world turning into?hmmm,chiefs and titled men have now abandon their functions and are running for parliamentary seats.this is pure wickedness.mbeh have you for a day taken into consideration the plight of the youths.have you for a day consider the high rate of employment.have you considered why the rate of HIV is higher in Batibo? mbeh we need change.the rate of poverty is alarming.2011 is the last chance for us don't be greedy drop down lets rally behind SDF for a change.for the rest of supporters of mbeh be watchful!!! don't be excited over nothing when you will be same person to suffer tomorrow .let us not allow such an abomination to happen.lets us not be the next balikumbat.


i don't know why batibo people rush into politics without having a focus.may be some people need to be should be noted that the support for the fun is not to make guzang notice or giving respect to his lord ship.may be i should put the question very well before what happen in 1961 happens again when the people claimed they were illiterate and did not understand the question well.the question is DO YOU VOTE FOR S.D.F FOR A NEW PRESIDENT OR DO YOU VOTE FOR C.P.D.M AND BE RULE FOR 32YEARS RENEWABLE UNTIL DEATH DO YOU APART?that is the question and stop being stupid as to think that it is about personality.

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