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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


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Shame on Campost online!! What is this graphic picture supposed to say about us? Is this your window on Cameroon? Please takedown these pics. Your protrayal of our society is very insensitive and crude. Outsiders will think there's very little regard for human life in Cameroon. You could have reported this story without this graphic picture!! Shame on you, I say.


I agree with Kwensih....There is no need for such graphic pictures. This forum can be reached by everyone and it does not read well for the image of The Post with pictures as this...This is an own-goal; limit the damage by taking off this offensive image...


I agree the picture is graphic but I think there would have a better way of saying it. It is better to let The Post know about this than shaming them. It takes lots of effort to bring these stories to us and as humans, they also at time, have errors in judgement.

Edmond Nsheuko

I praise the post for keeping us informed,but this time I have to agree with the others. That picture is clearly useless, if not offensive. The story would still make sense without it.

Robert kwi

A picture really does speak a thousand words. what a horrific portrayal of our beloved country to the rest of the world. This picture wasn't really necessary for an accurate depiction of the events in this report.


I disagree with all you guys, this is the real picture of cameroon. The world should see Cameroon from pictures not by words alone. The truth about Cameroon is things like this happened everyday and we should find a better way of dealig with our problems not hide them. Cameroon is a place where men are not able to deal with issues, except corruption, gang members called themself puff daddy etc.The goverment needs to do something for its people. Postnews keep Showing the world the pictures,THANKS not only football pictures. Wake up my fellow Cameroonians, were are we 10 years from now if the police can´t do a thing in situation like this. We will become like Somalia. They haven´t got police. They had years back. Aids killing the children of Cameroon, car accident every second,the gab between the rich and the poor getting real hugh. No road to Kumba. Ever since I was born there hasn´t been roads in Cameroon, WE TALKING HIGH WAY,we have cheap labor in Cameroon. Lets do something. Give power to the educated once. People who have been leaving in Europe,etc knows how thing are being done than all those ministers from the days of Ahidjou.
All it takes is to build a big prison and lock all these currupt guys there and the will be some changes. Change all these so called police officer,who can´t do a thing.Taxes most be paid to the right accounts. Place computers to all goverment offices instead of papers, which they will tell you "rat don chop am or we don burn am.
I say WAKE UP.




Kudos for speaking a different language from the previous contributors :kwensih,Edmond, Robert,Aviche and Niclay.

What is wrong with showing the truth to the whole world?

What is wrong in showing the beauty of the Cameroon landscape? Would you accuse the press that they encourage Western Shylocks to come steal our bounty because they displayed beautiful pictures of our country to the rest of the world?

Everyday, you , we, all COMPLAIN about the misdeeds in Cameroon and clamour for change, then with the same tongue, some amongst us suddenly claim it is " NOT CORRECT" for the Post to inform the world about what happens in Cameroon.

If we are bedfellows , partners in the suffering the Government is heaping on us, then YOU are actually enemies to your own progress.

I challenge any of you to tell me if you found anything "wrong" with the pictures the POST gave us on the UB students shot and killed....

Yes I challenge you to tell me if you found anything wrong with the images brought to you on TV concerning Saddam Hussein,s hanging.

Grow up, and think ahead. Truths are meant to be exposed, either by writing or by images.

Dont be lopsided in your appraisal of a situation.

The Post was telling the World that in a system where the Sate has refused to carry out its obligations, the CITIZENS come out as one to protect themselves...

It is up to the State to decode the message and act accordingly.

And dont forget, Just as 007 is Licensed to kill, so too the POST has the obligation to inform without distorting the facts...AND PICTURES DONT TELL LIES...


mk the southerner

My dear Country men. There is something wrong with any true Cameroonian who sees something wrong with the picture in question.Let the world hear, Cameroon is more than that picture.
Some Cameroonians who sit on their computers in Europe and America with a glass of apple saps or some juice,who don't no what we see go through every day more from the French occupational government here in the Southern Cameroons will surely see something wrong with the picture.In short the picture is very holy from the once some of us have seen, let the world know.I will tell the post that this picture is not enough the world will need to see more of these, especially those committed by the barbaric gendarmes and brutal police forces of La Repoblique Du Cameroon on defenseless Southern Cameroonians on their right to self detamination.Please fellow country men and women let us together with the post give the truth a chance. Thank you. MK the Southerner


why are people shaming the post for posting the graphic picture? is it the post's fault that the thief was killed? this is called journalism and in journalism, every single detail of the truth is exposed.If the post does not say something bad about Biya, all of you self-declared politicians in this forum will say how the post is bad because they did not report the truth.Now that they are reporting the truth, you are all angry?. Cameroon is full of barbarians and monsters and I thank the post for exposing us for who we really are.


...By the way, thank you hehebony and katakata for your insight.We really need more people like you in Cameroon.


...By the way, thank you hehebony and katakata for your insight.We really need more people like you in Cameroon.

Robert kwi

henebone, katakata, mk the southerner. if you guys would take a moment and step aside from your personal opinions about how cameroon should be portrayed to the outside world, you will realize that those opposing the graphic nature of that picture where referring to the picture alone and not the event in question (the lynching of the culprit). if you were a foreigner planning on visiting cameroon, upon seeing that picture online would you reconsider your trip?? or better still investors comtemplating expansion into cameroon, what would a picture like this one say to them. You guys decry lack of commercialism, growth and expansion in that country. yet u support pictures like this one to be put i said before, that picture was simply too graphic. The picture wasn't necessary to make the story complete


...What do you mean by the picture wasn't necessary to make the story complete? were the pictures of the slain UB students not necessary to make the story of the UB strike complete? what are you talking about? I am in a foreign country and it bothers me too when I see such inhuman acts from cameroon being exposed to the rest of the world. I am not happy about it but isn't that investigative journalism that fearlessly exposes the truth? If everybody refuses to expose the truth because it will affects Cameroon's tourism income, when will change ever come? only truth can bring change so I congratulate the post for top-notch journalism.

mk the southerner

Mr Robert Kwi,
Permit me ask you how old is this your country Camero...Since this your country was born,have investors not been coming one after another and paying huge taxes. have tourist not been coming in their numbers and increasing that countries budget? have tourist and Religious not been killed even by the government of the country you want to protect?.
Since tourist and investors started entering that country may be before you were born, what have the Southern Cameroons achieved,roads,industries,economic boom,low death rate,food ball fields or balanced economic distribution.Do you no or have ever seen where this money goes to?
If that country had what was non as the west Cameroon Police Force that young man would not have been lying there.The police where not corrupt like the francophone thieves we have now in uniform. Take a thief to the police station in the morning and in the evening of that same day he is with a gun on your throed telling you he is out and it is your turn to die. What do you want people to do? Let it be non that your unqualified police are only good at firing live bullets on qualified Southern Cameroonian University student. But can not take care of one thief. Brother please understand your country better than that.
MK the southerner.


You did not notice the wrong tenses! I just think that the Post lacks talented graphic editors. They publish pictures with date stamps and where pictures are required they don't provide. We are what we are.
Look at our BBC journalist, he hardly writes about the real stories that the world needs to know but he shamelessly writes about a death Lion and bad omen for the president.



Mr Robert,
It takes a lot of restraint to hold oneself not to answer back to sassy remarks about what you and others uphold in this forum.

Tell me, " where else in Cameroon do you have the freedom to express your thoughts?""

Thanks to the Post, we are all able to do so, no matter where we are.

What I find inexcusable on your part is your utter proof of alienation with the system in place. Like Wordweaver questioned, how much of that tourism money which you so seek to protect has been used for development in Cameroon? Or are you one of them treasury rats who see such truths as bad omens to the money you plan to steal?

Think straight, and speak the truth though it tastes bitter in your mouth. If you arent bold enough to speak it, then let others speak it and "show it" to the world.

It is true Cameroon is a great football Nation, and I am sure you shall get sore with the post if they presented images of the state of our stadiums.

Why do you want to be advocate of hypocrisy? what or whom do you seek to protect?

I will remind you of one thing though: while you can piously heed to jacque the infamous Ndongos,s call to University lecturers to be " careful about the things they write and how they travel" , You have no right whatsoever to infer that uncouth philosophy to The Post (because of what they publish) and by extension to its contributors .

Take a good look at yourself in the moral mirror and see if you are whole...and good luck at your buffoonery





Mr Robert,

It is fascinating that your love for fatherland stems from your own material interests: investmenst, tourists..whatever.

I am not sure whether you are in cameroon or outside. Lets consider you are out of Cameroon, or better still that you have relatives out of cameroon.

Does the insecurity in the USA, Britain and other European countries cause you to discourage the travel plans of your loved ones, or yourself from travelling??

Ofcourse NOT..and I can tell that your quest for the dollar, pound or Euro made you see blood as red roses, too beautiful to be abhorred.

So what makes you think these tourists wont come to your country to boost "your economy" with the assurance that they would see life violence practiced in real time out of Hollywood.

Our country is what it is, and you cant lie to the world about it.

I would ask you three questions, and if it suits your ego, Answer them:

1) Is is true that all elections in cameroon are frauded by the ruling party?

2) Are you happy with the present government of conmen?

3) would you favour the idea of the press giving out details about the Cameroon electoral Mafia?

get to work, and see how much sanity and moral values are left in you...


Muki StoneHall

Katakata, wordweaver,Honebony etc
You guys are absolutely right.Let the pretenders go to hell.The world should know the exact truth about Cameroon.Words may deceive but pictures depict absolutely reality.The world must know that Cameroon is a lawless state.The corrupt Police force can not protect its citizens.There no security anywhere in Cameroon.
The drama started at 9pm.The POST arrived the scene at 9am the next day to meet the lynched gangster still on the street.Where were the Police all this while? As usual, there was no petrol in their car!
Over 400km away, a village is attacked and partially destroyed on Saturday.Two days later, the same attackers return to finish their job of complelely destroying the village.No Police or Gerdame showed up.But thats Cameroon the way it is.And thats how it should be shown to the outside world.There's nothing absolutely wrong with the picture.
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE POST.But only if you could also be less tribalistic and show pictures of the destroyed Bawock village to the world.But of course,you are also Cameroonian so I'm not suprised!


i just have a question do you really think the rest of the world care what happen in handle you business how you will handle your home. they laugh and call cameroonian salvagers. is sad how people potrait their own country. i have been USA for 25 years. and the type of wicket act that gose on here. do they inform the rest of the world about it no. you would only know if you live here. you see one thing about africans in all is we like to beg and cry for others to help us. we are strong and smart and also very stupid. i dont really care about that picture shit happen. jesus was nail on the cross graphic to look at right. all i am trying to say is the problem is among us not for the world to see our wicketness. it serve no justice if the goverment can not help, help you own brother. sister or friend even some u just met. every one is corrupt in one way. ask your self


to all of you that are saying the world most see how wicket cameroon is. what have you done to help the country?

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