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Monday, 19 March 2007


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Ndi O

Dont u think it will be better for u to take a rest,

Please, can you kindly send ur mail to I wanna discuss some private issues with u.

My Dear BROSIS, most of u are off the lane. Please get back to it. A man,s problem now is his brother. Why should Biya not smile.If anyone is out to destroy, i wonder what he/she will pass to the generations to come."blessings or curses" God save my Brosis. cheers


I now see where you draw your inspiration from. From Ntemfac. well, I am certain I know Ntemfac better than anyone on this forum because he has been my guest and slept on my bed. Ask him to show you his knees. They are blackened because in 1997 he crawled on them like Nebucchadnezer begging Fru Ndi to make him parliamentarian. When Fru Ndi swore that he would not go against the will of the people just to make his then private secretary a parliamentarian eventhough he failed primaries pitifully, Ntemfac went out on mission, the results of which Rexon is foolish enough to brandish here today.

My previous postings handle all of the misleading statements my friend Ntemfac made. From A to Z, the whole thing portrays a brilliant man whose lifestyle caused him plenty of frustration. I can see this frustration massively spilling over to some of our internet politicians.

You quote Cameroon's constitution as if you are a novice to the political scene. We are talking about a country where for 10 years, they have been implementing 2 parallel constitutions depending on the circumstance that suits Biya. So never you use Cameroon's constitution to convince anyone in an argument. Politics is a game of numbers even with or without constitution. If those instruments you mentioned could work in Biya's favour, why do you think the CPDM is very frightened to organise free and fair elections? Why do you think the CPDM panics intensively when it hears the name of their own ELECAM? Why do you think Inoni promised Mrs Florence Mugusha assistant secretary general of the Commonwealth that government would do everything to let ELECAM conduct the next elections just to turn around and give MINATD a go-ahead? The answer to all of these dilemmas is simple. They know that free and fair elections mean that Inoni and co would go on premature retirement at the end of this year; they also know that with a larger SDF parliamentary group, the country would be brought to a standstill if Biya does not permit institutional reforms. This would be faster and more effective than having court cases in a foreign country or spending hours on the internet saying the same things over and over.



You asked a very pertinent question which was the headline of this debate:

"Parliament is Full of Conmen & Murderers. True or false?"

My thoughts are that, it would be unwise to address this topic when it might be coming from a Union of conmen and treacherous individuals. Some things cannot work as long as we accept the current status quo. Most of the time, some commentator’s think we say certain things because we are very negative or biased. Let me tell you something gentleman, sometimes, we cannot keep complaining, we need to be proactive. When La Republique was acting with Fon Ndoh and i reminded this forum that he would be freed, i was referred to as a pessimist, when Mounchipou, etc were acting and i told this same forum what the outcome of the noise relating to their trials would look like, i was thought of as a pessimist.

In every country, every Union, etc. there are always Good and Bad People. The good people possess the good qualities that we all know and the bad people, possess the bad qualities. The problem and the fight with us in the Southern Cameroons is a fight between good and evil, a fight between God and Satan. As it stands, we do have by far more bad people in our country than good people. Satan is actually in control of all we do. Anybody can still go to Biya for his own share.

Many of us are intellectuals and can easily contribute to the economic development of our country. I for one, i keep on receiving challenges to go back to Africa and contribute. But i always ask my adviser that, where will i go? Fortunately, me and my colleagues attended a conference of Africans who had gone back home to contribute to the economic development of their country at Edinburgh. They were a group of renowned government advisers who have gone back to Africa after abandoning lucrative positions in the developed countries to contribute to the economic development of their respective countries. Their revelations were shocking, shocking indeed.

I guess, what i am trying to put across to you is, we can’t keep talking about the way forward, when the "political will" is not there. When i spoke to those who drafted and executed the plan to change Ireland, they brought several suggestions which their government accepted. They used their network of contacts all over the world to develop primarily the economic, banking and educational system for their country. They knew that since the political will is there, a combination of these three systems will work things out. I can’t expatiate on how these three systems can be interlinked, except you ask me to do so. Most of them were businessmen, Bankers and academics. You might want to know that, they were third generation Irish mostly and were not even born in Ireland, except for their grandparents.

The question you might want to ask yourself is, DO WE HAVE THAT POLITICAL WILL?


There are always two sides of a story. Can you bring forward NJFN's side on any revelation you think is false above. That is my concern and not whether Ntemfac wanted to become Parliamentarian or not. What of Alex Taku, Souleymane, Dr Twenkwo, Asonganyi, etc who left the party and did not join Biya. If they wanted to chop soya, then they could have joined Biya's government.



You have become so desperate that you are now quoting Ntemfac and Motomu two guys who are out to settle scores against the SDF and Fru Ndi. This is exactly what Mukete did but didn't succeed.
Look Rexon, from the very beginning, I told you to rethink your take on the SDF and Fru Ndi. You may think I prefer the SDF to the liberation of Southern Cameroon. This is not true.
As a matter of fact, I stand firm behind the SDF and Fru Ndi because I discovered that people started telling lies about him because of jealousy and bias. People like Asonganyi et al spread unfounded lies about Fru Ndi that until date they could not proof. They did everything to robe him in the mud, calling him an illiterate, bookseller and murderer which my good friend Kiki just echoed it again a few days. They did all these because of bias, jealousy and hatred. Today they are silent and you have decided to continue from where they left. What you are doing is like trying to do what Napoleon left undone.

You can speak the truth to let Southern Cameroonians turn away from the SDF to and fight for the liberation of Southern Cameroon. By telling lies about the SDF and Fru Ndi is just like telling a lie to someone in order to make him give his life to Christ. That person might give his life to Christ but you would have committed a sin to safe a soul. This example might not really match what you are doing but I believe you as a born again Christian will try to understand what I am trying to tell you.
I just think there would have been a better way to rally Southern Cameroonians behind the SCNC. What you are doing is instead creating division among Southern Cameroonians. You are trying to create hatred and division between North Westerners and South Westerners. These are things Mukete was doing but always denying until he was caught pants down when he used Fon Lawrence’s name.
You are fighting a just course but if you think you can only succeed by blackmailing the SDF and Fru Ndi, I will tell you that you are fighting a lose battle. You will never succeed to paint Fru Ndi black. You will instead successfully do a disservice to the SCNC.
I am no prophet but time will tell.



Lets forget about blackmail. Do you really think the SDF is doing us any good?



The SDF is doing the entire Cameroon good. It is fighting for a federal Cameroon and not the restoration of Southern Cameroon’s independence.

To be honest, I know we can't be liberated through the SDF. All I know is that the SDF can help to make the Anglophone marginalization better.

I am not a pessimist but I think it will be impossible for us to liberate ourselves without blood shed. So if we have to stick to the "infamous" slogan of "Force of Argument not Argument of Force" then we have to follow the SDF stand. If we succeed to achieve the Federal System which the SDF stands for then we would have gone a step ahead to achieving our liberation. Apart from this, there is no way we will be liberated through the so called "Force of Argument not Argument of Force". I don't see these French puppets ever allowing all the mineral resources they are stealing from our land through peaceful negotiation. This might happen when France will no longer exist.
Hope you get my point brother.




You said "..We need a permanent and final solution to our problem. The SDF, as it stands, does not have that permanent solution: full independence for Southern Cameroons.."
I have referred you to the SDF's draft constitution but your camp would always prefer to spend hours reciting fictitious stories over and over.
Since apparently you belong to the rare breed on this forum who would spend time to study a document, I shall refer you again to the SDF's draft constitution for the Federal Republic of Cameroon. Please note Art.1:2. There is thus no such thing as full independence for Southern Cameroons on SDF's agenda.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Cameroon is the supreme law and shall have binding force on all authorities and persons exercising power on its behalf within and without the Federation.
Cameroon is a union of the peoples of the former la Republique du Cameroun and the former Southern Cameroons hereinafter to be known officially as the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON.
The Federal Republic of Cameroon or any part thereof shall not be governed by any person or group of persons except as provided for by this Constitution.
All other laws which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be null and void.
Cameroon shall be a sovereign, federal, democratic, bicultural, bilingual, bi-jural, social and secular state.
Sovereignty resides in the Cameroonian people. It is exercised by the people through a periodic free and fair elections; through referenda, and by established special organs or institutions invested with defined powers by this Constitution or laws made there under.
Cameroon shall be a Federation consisting of several states, and a Federal Capital Territory.
There shall be four states in the Federation, namely, ADAMAWA - MANDARA, FAKO - KILUM, NYONG - NGOKO and WOURI -BATIE.
New states may be created provided that the following criteria are respected:
(i) the history of the Federation concerning its bicultural, bilingual and bi-jural character;

(ii) that there is no merger of parts of the former la Republique du Cameroun with parts of the former Southern Cameroons territories, and

(iii) that the new state is geographically contiguous, culturally homogenous and economically viable.

The Federal Capital Territory shall be established by law of the Congress of the People. It shall enjoy special status.
The national capital and seat of the Federal Government shall be in the Federal Capital Territory.
The seat of the government of each state shall be determined by an Act of the State House of Assembly.
Each Federated State shall be divided into Local Government Areas with their Capital Towns designated by the State Government.
The official languages of the Federal Republic of Cameroon shall be English and French.
English and French shall have equality of status and of use in all Federal and Federated States institutions, official transactions and acts.
The Federal Government shall promote and ensure the acquisition and use of English and French by all citizens.
All official statutes, documents, records, minutes, notices, among others, shall simultaneously be printed and published in English and French both language versions being equally authentic.
Every one has the right to use either language in any office or in pleading in any court of law established under this Constitution.

Cotinue at


i am back again



Well, given what i know, i think our people (Southern Cameroonians) are better off without SDF than with SDF. I cannot explain further because i will create than solve any problem. But i will like to make it clear to you, if this party was being managed by a Southwestener, it would have crumbled long ago. I really believe there is an ethnic plot here to support a tribesman(or tribesmen) even when he/they is/are wrong. I know the mentality of Northwesteners as i have roots there, maybe they dont know their problem. It is clearly a tribal plot. Sorry for still reading this from me, maybe this is the last time i am saying so.

For those of us who no longer believe in the party and think the party is doing us more harm than good, do you think if we allow the party alone, we will be doing a service to Southern Cameroonians?


The atmosphere is really calm now!
I have eye sores already reading from top to bottom.
Feli, kindly make references using links. This should be space for refined & summarised facts.
I can conclude that, people want only angels to comment about bad things. Since the SDF has it's setbacks and failures, they should be quiet. Isn't it?
Look at the punches Bush is receiving from his REPs. Are they doing this to be famous, to win elections, or to fix America.
I don't think we should liken politics to religion.(i.e the righteous should preach righteousness). You will always find bad grains in a bucket of fine corn. They are bad militants in the SDF also. But if they work for a better place most of them will be flushed out. NJFN comments should be examined based on what the parliament stands for and the type of individuals that represent the people inside.
The gov't always asked for certificate of non conviction even to fill electoral registers.

M Nje

I caught you trying to perpetuate your SDF deceptive message here. I provided you with fact on my posting; Wednesday, 21 March 2007 at 03:40PM. Your response show clearly that you have no facts to discredit what I present. It is even interesting to note that this is the same deceptive message that the SDF has been using as its campaign tool in Southern Cameroons. The core message that it stands for. As you can see, that core message has no teeth.

Question: why do people still continue to support this deception? GREED GREED GREED GREED GREED is the answer. Many are those who support it because their relative, friends, or a person with a similar tribal linage like them will be mayor, parliamentary, or are in a higher position in the party. They see a direct benefit to them if they support. So they are willing to disregard all fact and give their blind support.

You cannot talk about ignoring La Republiques constitution in its own parliament. What laws are you going to follow when you get there?

Do you now understand why some people strongly disagree with the SDF? Many share the oppinion I expressed in by posting on Wednesday, 21 March 2007 at 03:40PM. Unfortunately, those who have surrounder their objectivity ( the blind followers) to the SDF see them as either trying to bring down the SDF or discredit Ni John Fru Ndi.

The issue here is that you cannot solve our problem by manipulating politics in La Republique. The method you talk about, to have a certain number of parliamentary seats and bring change from parliament (which is the core message of the SDF to Southern Cameroonians), has no validity. My posting on Wednesday at 03:40PM clearly shows that.

We need to stand up as one and face La Republique . What ever it takes, we need our own revolution to push them out our land.


M Nje,

I started fighting against this SDF when i gave all their legal documents to third parties who studied them and advised me that, the only obstacle for the Southern Cameroons independence is the SDF. This third party as you might want to know are people who fought for devolution in Scotland. I had the chance to get a feel of independence movements like the type of the Southern Cameroons when i came to Scotland for my doctorate. They have thesame problems like us and we can learn a lot from them. Since they are still struggling to get their own independence from great Britain, they are also working mostly with Norway, which had a similar history to them. Recall that, Norway got its independence from Sweden in 1905.

There are lots of contextual and technical issues that i might want to share with u. Most often, i get irritated when i read the lies and lies people are trying to put forward. If we have to go through parliamentary seats in La Republiques parliament, then the SDF has to point that clear in its policy documents, even if it is a party for La Republique. The constitution of La Republique also have to specify clearly how the SDF can defend the rights of the Southern Cameroons from La Republique parliament.

As i did specified in one posting here, Labour is still leading in Scotland, and that is why Scotland cannot call for a referendum. Labour campaigns in Scotland on the platform of Unity, but to appeal to the Scots, it specifies specifies texts and policies that it will push forward in the British Parliament for the autonomy (not full autonomy of scotland since it does not stand for this) of Scotland. On the other hand, other parties like the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Socialist party, have the power to call for a referendum for scottish independence if they can secure more seats from Scotland. SNP can do it alone, but it can also call for a referendum with an alliance with political parties from Scotland that are "DIRECTLY" advocating for a total and unconditional independence of Scotland. So to say, the SNP and SSP cannot have outright majority, but they can still hook up with other political parties that shares thesame philosophy to vote for a referendum. As things stand, the SDF is only using devolution as a makeshift doctrine. They think when they say devolution of powers, we will fall into it. Not me at least, I am not a blind supporter and i dont have any interest in dirty games and links to treacherous movements.


The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), the vanguard movement for the restoration of the statehood and sovereignty of Southern Cameroons, regards and believes in the YOUTHS as the invulnerable force and engine of national rebirth, reconstruction and nation building. They are the healthy bud that will give birth to the seed full of vitality that will transform Southern Cameroons into the Hong Kong of Africa.

It is on this rock that we weep and mourn how you are wasted and discarded by la Republique du Cameroun that has reduced Southern Cameroons into its footstool.

It is for this reason that we are always heart broken when Buea University is selectively visited by repressive forces as happened in 2005 and 2006 and some of you, in your prime, are eliminated.

It is for this reason that Fon Achirimbi’s prediction that French Cameroun is “Fire” and Endeley’s prophecies haunt us like a long morning bad dream. The auctioning of the Tea Estates of CDC to a baron of the regime that has left many a Southern Cameroonian family broken and desolate is one of Endeley’s prophecies come true.

In the recent butcheries in University of Buea (UB) and Ndu, which political leader hungry for Etoudi raised a finger or issued even a Press Release condemning such wanton atrocities on our youths? Has even a mock commission of enquiry been set up into the murders in UB or Ndu? What came out of the 2005 Commission of enquiry into the barbaric murder of students in UB?

The deliberate tactics of keeping you ignorant of your roots is to extricate you from your past, your national history and your nation. This is a logical strategy to perpetuate your servitude.

Every generation must be fed, nourished and inspired by the history of its nation built in faith and courage. But today you are deceived with bilingualism. Yet your leaders are ridiculed as Hon. Paulinus Jua was described as a Nigerian in Parliament by Hon. Blama Malla just for speaking English.

Today you live in a country where a Minister in a Press Conference bans English, the number one language in the world. This is a gift of your colonial past just as French is to citizens of la Republique du Cameroun.

How can you belong to a country in which by your cultural upbringing, history, language, you are branded as “enemies in the house?”

Today you live in a country where your parents, no matter how talented they may be, are only fit to be Vice, Assistant, Deputy or at best occupy sinecure posts. The faithful and loyal ones are raised up to the ranks of “Nchindas”. The most faithful and loyal ones are the spineless that will rather betray than speak the truth, defend their roots and help build a future for you. And as we know a “Nchinda” can never ascend to the throne in the palace.

You can now understand why someone whose background is English-speaking Cameroon has never been Minister of Education, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Territorial Administration, Plan and Territorial Development or Secretary General at Presidency. As for the Presidency, an elective post, you are told an English man can never rule a French Province. Under the Cooperation Agreement France decides who presides from Etoudi Palace.

Have you ever asked why there are no industries in Southern Cameroons?

Do you know why royalty from SONARA is paid to Douala City Council and not to Ndian or Victoria Council?

Do you know why staffing in SONARA is dominated by citizens of la Republique du Cameroun?

Do you know why petrol is more expensive in Southern Cameroons (source of petrol) than in la Republique du Cameroun?

Do you know why the General Managers of SONARA and SNH must be citizens of la Republique du Cameroun when oil is from Southern Cameroons?

Why is bilingualism a must for Southern Cameroonians and not also for citizens of la Republique du Cameroun? Had the teaching of English been made compulsory in francophone schools and colleges, would thousands of our youths not have been employed to teach there? Why are francophones posted to teach in the few technical colleges resulting in regular mass failure of our children?

If being bilingual were a yardstick for recruitment, promotion and rise to the top, among the many perfectly bilingual Southern Cameroonians, who has risen to the top? Bilingualism is francophonisation in disguise. It is a euphemism for assimilation to consolidate annexation and occupation.

Be not deceived, there is no union between Southern Cameroons and la Republique du Cameroun. Two distinct nations do not unite by one being absorbed. By the use of force, constant threat of the use of force, bribery and corruption, your nation, Southern Cameroons, has been annexed and occupied by la Republique du Cameroun. This is in gross violation of your fundamental rights as a Southern Cameroonian, international law and the international boundary that separates Southern Cameroons from la Republique du Cameroun. Know that all modern African nations are the ex-colonies and trust territories of colonial Africa. While annexation and foreign occupation is a crime against humanity and threat to world peace, the right to self-determination or national self-determination is supported and defended by international law.

The mission of the SCNC, albeit pacific, is to liberate Southern Cameroons from colonial brutal occupation of la Republique du Cameroun. It is to give you your nation to be proud of.

Many nations that were victims of foreign domination and alien rule are today enjoying and exercising their sovereignty. In the fight of national rebirth the youths stood with their parents as the engine and the invulnerable force.

Between 1990 and 2006 some thirty-three new nations have joined the family of sovereign nations of the UN. The youngest of these nations is Montenegro, which became a member of the UN on June 28, 2006. On Sunday March 4, 2007 Abkhazia, which is seeking to restore its national sovereignty outside Georgian domination, conducted free and fair elections. These parliamentary elections had international observers from thirteen countries, prominently, Russia, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Jordan, among others. It should be pointed out that two permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely, Russian Federation and France also sent election monitoring missions. Unlike reports of foreign observers on elections in la Republique du Cameroun, the elections in Abkhazia were open, transparent, “peaceful and democratic”.

It should be pointed out that Georgia did not invade Abkhazia nor did they try to disrupt the elections. These democratic elections will boost Abkhazia’s bid for international recognition and finally admission into UN membership. Abkhazia, like the Southern Cameroons, is a member of the UNPO. Abkhazia will be the seventh UNPO nation to attain independence since founding of UNPO on February 11, 1991.

No nation and no people under foreign domination, occupation and alien rule develops. Sustainable and equitable development of any nation is a direct product of a people’s control and mastery of their destiny. Social and material development of a nation stands in equal measure of democracy and freedom the citizens enjoy and exercise. As a colonial and occupied territory whose citizens are under brutal repression, citizens equally suffer from neglect, plunder, rape and brazen exploitation. Southern Cameroons since 1972 has been a victim of economic stagnation and the development of underdevelopment when economic and financial institutions established by the Southern Cameroons Governments such as Cambank, Powercam, Produce Marketing Board, Development Agency, among others, were simply closed down or transferred to la Republique du Cameroun.

What better explains the fact of annexation and brutal occupation other than that by 1960 Southern Cameroons nation state had one International Airport – Tiko, and three Inland Airports, a national air line (CAT), two Sea ports, a River port but today none of these exists?

But as was the case in Estonia, Armenia, Czech Republic, Eritrea, the hope in Southern Cameroons is not lost. Estonia and Czech Republics today are not only witnessing the blossoming of democracy and individual freedoms, rapid economic growth and development is unprecedented.

I say hope is not lost in Southern Cameroons because the SCNC is on the right path. The rocket of FREEDOM and JUSTICE has been fired. The STATE RESTORATION TRAIN (SRT) has left the shore of annexation and brutal occupation heading for the GATE OF NATIONAL FREEDOM. This SRT moves non-stop. It has no reverse gear. Its steering is TRUTH, its rails, LEGITIMACY, and its headlamps, LEGALITY.

The advantages, which Southern Cameroonian youths will tap and enjoy as of right, are in abundance. It will suffice that I mention just a few here.

Politically no human being is free and enjoys his social, cultural and economic rights until his nation enjoys and exercises its full sovereignty. You can never enjoy equal rights even if you naturalise in a foreign country. But if your own nation is annexed and occupied, as is the case with Southern Cameroons, you lose your rights of citizenship. You can never be a citizen of a nation that has annexed and imposed alien rule on your country.

Restoration of Southern Cameroons statehood and sovereignty will be marked by a Government in Buea. Beginning from the President to the Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and all civil servants will be made up of Southern Cameroonians.

Both the Government and Parliament will open great opportunities for the youths to exhibit their dynamism to lay a solid foundation for the transformation of Southern Cameroons from political slavery to freedom and equal opportunities for all. Annexation can never be reformed. Solution lies only in an ouster of the colonial occupying forces.

By 1968 Southern Cameroons with a population of one million had 37 parliamentarians in the House of Assembly and 20 Chiefs in the House of Chiefs. Forty years later with a population more than four times higher, Southern Cameroons has only 35 MPs in Yaounde where they are frequently reminded that they are foreigners (Nigerians). Dose this mark a deterioration or growth, let alone development? What future has this for Southern Cameroonian youths? Nothing but TEARS, frustration and untimely deaths.

Economically, the restoration of Southern Cameroons statehood and sovereign independence will put an end to the pillage of our economy. Southern Cameroons is richly endowed with natural resources, minerals and fertile soil fit for production of variety of cash crops and food crops. We have a ready vast market for our food crops, which will bring in abundant revenue even for our peasant farmers.

The rehabilitation and development of the agro industries, economic and financial institutions which la Republique du Cameroun killed to transform Southern Cameroons into an economic appendage and waste land, reconstruction and development of the airports, seaports and the Mamfe River port, development of road network, the vast construction of communication network, educational institutions, offices, embassies and residential buildings, which will attract huge investments from national and foreign partners will largely create economic boom and transform life for the many.

Here Southern Cameroonian engineers, technicians who for want of opportunities have had to become refugees in foreign lands including la Republique du Cameroun, where they suffer terrible prejudices and discrimination will of right invest their skills, energy and talents in national reconstruction. No nation can become great unless, the endowed energies and talents of its youths are properly harnessed and channeled for national development.

One area where the youths, male and female, will feature unchallengingly is recruitment into the Southern Cameroons Army, Police Force, Customs and Penitentiary Administration. Having been annexed our youths, irrespective of their physical, moral and intellectual capability have always been discriminated against. Remember out of 8000 Police Constables recruited for training at the Mutengene Police College in 2002, (a Police College Southern Cameroons Government opened in 1958) only 60 were Southern Cameroonians while 7940 were citizens of la Republique du Cameroun. Even the few who get recruited, they only succeed in training francophones who later get promoted to higher ranks to boss their teachers of yesterday.

As the public sector will mushroom and expand rapidly, so will the private sector, thanks to favourable climate, policies and vast opportunities that will attract foreign investors as partners in development.

It is estimated that with restoration of Southern Cameroons sovereignty more than two hundred and seventy-five thousand (275,000) Southern Cameroonians will be put to work in Southern Cameroons in the public and private sectors within the first six months. And within the first two years, unemployment, which is a cry of every household in Southern Cameroons, will be a thing of the past. No one will however suffer for having worked under the Yaounde colonial regime. You were only a victim of circumstance. The policy will be all hands on plough for national reconstruction.

One of the first achievements, indeed a fait accompli of the restoration will be to cancel the privatization of the CDC which has cost too much wailing in many Southern Cameroonian household. This will in itself mean the guarantee of the inalienable rights of the Bakweri and Wimbum of Ndu to their ancestral native land as per the 1948 law. Since the Southern Cameroons Government will be sensitive, responsible and accountable to the governed other issues to enhance their rights will mutually be discussed and agreed upon.

The Youths of Southern Cameroons do not only stand to gain most; they own the future. Southern Cameroons Government will not be one of empty promises to the youths, Southern Cameroons will be a nation where youths will have their ambitions and legitimate aspirations fulfilled.

You cannot forget the role David, as a lad, played in removing national shame of his people Israel. By rising up to national duty he in faith in the Lord and courage defeated Goliath and saved his people from the threats of conquest, annexation and occupation by the Philistines. In the end he became the Great King of Israel. God abundantly rewards those who respect His law of “ … do not remove the ancient boundary mark” (Prov. 23:10) and fight for FREEDOM. The Youths of Southern Cameroons are called to national duty. It is a historic duty. It is a duty for patriots, nationalists of timber and caliber who believing in defending the TRUTH and in themselves as the rightful owners of this land will not succumb to slavery under alien rule.

This MESSAGE is a clarion and historic call to all the YOUTHS of Southern Cameroons to arise and answer the call of destiny. You have nothing to lose but the chains of annexation, the heavy yoke of alien domination and the uncertainties imposed by assimilation.

To end the annexation and occupation of Southern Cameroons the SCNC calls for ZERO-VOTER RESGISTRATION! ZERO VOTE!! in the elections organized by la Republique du Cameroun. These elections are for you to affirm your assimilation. The YOUTHS should not only abstain from registering, they should lead the campaign.

No one in his right conscience votes for his extermination.

No one proud of his identity votes for annexation.

No one proud of his culture, history and nation surrenders to foreign rule and votes in a foreign election.

ZERO-VOTER REGISTRATION! ZERO VOTE! in Southern Cameroons is 100 percent vote for the Restoration of the Statehood and Sovereign Independence of SOUTHERN CAMEROONS. Remember when Dr Endeley in 1953 led Southern Cameroonians to declare Benevolent Neutrality in Nigerian Politics, UK Government respected the will of Southern Cameroonians and the Government in Buea was born. Respecting the SCNC call for ZERO-VOTER REGISTRATION! ZERO VOTE!! in the June 2007 elections of la Republique Cameroun will call on the UN to respect our resolve to restore our Statehood and sovereignty as voted in 1961. This is your democratic right. By what you do today history will record you a Southern Cameroonian Hero or traitor.

A future of FREEDOM, HUMAN DIGNITY, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, PROSPERITY and enduring PEACE based on JUSTICE is yours by right in a FREE SOUTHERN CAMEROONS. This is a call to nationalism and patriotism. It is a call of destiny. ARISE! ARISE!! ARISE!!!

Long Live the right to SELF-DETERMINATION

Long Live world DEMOCRACY



NFOR Ngala Nfor

(In Chains for your FREEDOM)

Bamenda Central Prison

Southern Cameroons

March 10, 2007



You brought a very important piece. I didnt have time to read all, but one statement that relates to Endeley's prophecies caught my attentions:

"The auctioning of the Tea Estates of CDC to a baron of the regime that has left many a Southern Cameroonian family broken and desolate is one of Endeley’s prophecies come true"

According to NJFN (Campost, Jan 2007), the tea estates were not auctioned to a Baron of the regime. The baron told NJFN that the government is the one causing trouble. So u see, we are really blind and only him and his supporters know the truth.



Please read the message by Nfor Ngala Nfor and learn from him. This is the type of message that can make Southern Cameroons youths to rally behind the SCNC.
This is how a leader should tackle sensitive issues. After reading, please tell me how many times Nfor Ngala Nfor mentioned the SDF or Fru Ndi but his message is touching and I think any reasonable Southern Cameroonian will be touched by this.
I thank God for this message from Nfor Ngala. Please Rexon, you got a lot to learn from it. Keep a cool head and fight the good fight with wisdom
I keep on writing to you because I know the course you are fighting for is a just one. I admire your courage, so I wish you can tackle certain issues with wisdom.
Thank you my brother.



To be honest, i read his message and thought about what you have just said. I saw that he has been avoiding to directly mention the SDF, though he see's it as working for La Republique. I think you for your advise, i have contacted my political advisers and will see how best to put my message accross.


Rexon`s style here is deliberate for reasons you best know.He doesn`t need to revise his approach,because he will not attain the goals he has set,or that have been for him.Allow him to go to the end of his logic.If you doubt what i`m saying feed your eyes:

" In hindsight it is my humble opinion to suggest that you re-evaluate your views about Fru Ndi.All of us have criticised Fru Ndi.In life,everybody has his shortcomings.I see no reason why you should still stand behind Muna camp,when stalwarts and henchmen of the SDF like Ngwasiri can come forward and apologise to Fru Ndi.Like
MYSELF,THERE HAS BEEN A POINT WHERE I HAD THOUGHT HE HAS BEEN DINNING WITH THE REGIME.But when i read through the numerous frolics in this forum,i turn to realise that I WAS MAKING A MISTAKE in thinking so.Some other people may be dinning with the regime,
NOT Fru Ndi.IF he had done that before ,the regime would have got a way of exposing him more ,or even through agents.Remember the information that came to the world that FRU NDI HAD BILLIONS IN BANK ACCOUNTS.What was the result? I can testify to you that some UNSCRUPULOUS CPDM STALWARTS PAID BY THE REGIME WERE BEHIND THAT SCAM.They used the letterhead of that Organisation to discredit FRu Ndi.I think Ngwasiri has been very much close to the hierarchy of the SDF than you,
and if he can come forward ,and apologise,
thenthere are some lessons he must have learnt from politics and life that we can imagine .A WORD TO A WISE IS SUFFICIENT.You can continue with your criticisms of Fru Ndi,but IT SHOULD BE CONSTRUCTIVE NOT DESTRUCTIVE.IT SHOULD BE BASED ON FACTS NOT HEARSAY".

Chairman Fru Ndi ,
I applaud you for being strong and steadfast in the face of all these challenges from different angles.
( REXON,Thursday January 4th 2007)

Klemenceau this is not certainly from an extraterrestrial.Remember, you can`t run away from your shadow,and truth pressed to the earth shall rise again.



Those were historical facts, when i have not been shown the true colours of NJFN. Everybody here know i was against Mukete, Vally of England, etc. without knowing what the true colours of NJFN was. But recently, i have reviewed his conduct essp. after the Tole Tea crises and realised that he is what i have been describing him in the the past 2 Months.

Sorry, my views about him and his party has changed.



Papa Fru,I would qualify the MPs especially those of the 'majority in house'as partizan numskulls;factorial elements of Cameroon's problems.Democratic jesters.They are nothing more than the octopi of the bad leader.They are all in my list of Cameroon's most wanted.


"I think you for your advise, i have contacted my political advisers and will see how best to put my message accross."

Can you count the number of times that you have told this forum that you will consult your political advisers? Do you know that your situation has deteriorated? Could it be that you have wrong advisers?

What is your objective to pit South westerners against North Westerners? Depredation or what? You have gone so mean to say the SDF flag is still flying high because Fru Ndi is a Northwesterner; that if the party was led by a South western the party would have long crumbled. I can´t get the logic in all this. Do you want to insinuate that South Westerners can´t rally a force to sustain a party? Do you know that in your attempt to discredit the SDF and the NW, you instead gave credit to the NW?

Who are you in the first place to be boring reader that you have political advisers? Don´t you think, as narrow minded as you have portrayed here, it would be better to prove you worth by convincing readers rather than telling us how big you are to have political advisers?

In responding, please make sure you answer the following: (1) tell us how your preaching this weak against NW will pay off in the fight to restore the state of Southern Cameroon.
(2)How long do you think you will take to defeat the SDF before you embark on the real fight, the restoration of the state of southern Cameroons? Because as it stands now, your first target is the SDF and by implication if you don´t succeed to have the SDF dissolved, you will never think of the real course which is Southern Cameroons independence.

I have said here many times that the objective of our debate should not be to declare one side the winner but to come up with strategíes that can change the state of affairs in our country?
It is all a disgrace.


There is a big difference between rallying a political force and supporting a tribesman. I dont think i am pitting NW against SW. U think so. If that Party was being managed by a Southwestener, it would have crumbled long ago. U can hate me for telling the world the truth, but I am an independent mind. I am not trying to rally any follower, I am saying what i think is the truth that, tribalism is what is still holding the SDF alive. Maybe i am wrong, but that is simply my opinion.

My political advisers can be anybody, a friend, an independent reader, etc. It must not be a big person. whatever that means.


Anything that decides from start to be falsehood,narrow,failure,bamboozling will certainly be like that until it becomes neutralized by the single bullet shot of the dinkum oil if principled ones are found to do so.It is searing but not suprising that,old habits die hard becuase,that habit fiercely defend herself even when there is no proper ,valid rational to defend it. a National party works for her country. While the chair says "i still stand for one and indivisible Cameroun", an adherent paste a pronunciamento,showing the Federal Republic's provisions.Yet the leaders are mum in public.
Could France brook a pro Hitler or petain party to contest Elections when De Gaul wanted NAZI's presence in France demolished today? or could Norway brook pro swedish party to operate in their land today or went they wanted to see their presence in their deodorized?Some may say quote environments and circumstances to justify themselves for sure.His tory shows it is the same everywhere when a people are under Alien rule.Why should this SDF of a party be brooked if and annexed persons want to see the alien ruler out of her territory?The people manning this outfit seats and argue with the Alien ruler house of assembly where they could get a pound the the flesh for themselves.Could you brook any of these two.SDF-CPDM.The quondam is more sinister.

....In the real world, it is not possible to build a socialist society if the capitalist class is allowed the freedom to organize to restore its power. It is not possible for a government of national liberation to achieve its country's independence if it grants political and civil liberties to all, including agents of the oppressor nation who seek to restore that nation's formerly privileged position. It is inconceivable that a revolutionary socialist government would tolerate a multi-party democracy that allows pro-capitalist parties to operate openly, just as it is inconceivable that the post-war east or west German governments would have allowed the Nazi party to run candidates, or that the revolutionary US government would have allowed pro-British monarchist parties to stand for election, or that the US occupation authority in Iraq would have allowed the Ba'ath Party and Saddam Hussein to contest elections.
End Quote.

Should we for one moment stop misleading us the downtrodden?


simplicity is the most important quality of a good information. this facilitates proper understanding as knowledge is easily imparted.


Mr Rexon
You have not answered my question.How long do you think you will take to defeat the SDF before you embark on the real fight, the restoration of the state of southern Cameroons? What happens if you don´t succeed to have the SDF dissolved? Do you know that fighting the SDF is like waging a war against majority of Southern Cameroonians who are the force behind the SDF?
Why do you think that if the SDF is disolved, another party will not replaced it?
Do you know that the case of La Republic du Cameroun being seen as democratic or non democratic by the international community and the "colonisation" of Southern Cameroon are separate issues.
What I want to bring to your attention through my last question is the fact that the SDF which has a national status (which is not a sothern Cameroons party) may give the international community the impression that Cameroon is democratic just as you have being saying that its is colouring parliament and given Cameroon a multiparty status. This has nothing to do with "colonisation". Those who are a stumbling block to the SCNC course are people like Inoni and his predecessors who give the ínternational community the impression that Anglophones are fairely represented in Government and therefore there is no marginalization of Anglophones. Have you ever written against Inoni?
Young man, to be objective which one will give more boost to the SCNC course; the case where Inoni and other southern Cameroon ministers resign from government to protest Aglophone marginalisation or the case where the SDF is dissolved? Please try to think execpt you have a separate agenda.

It is an embarassement that you have still repeated the quotation below:
"If that Party was being managed by a Southwestener, it would have crumbled long ago"
Don´t you think that the direct interpretation of your statement will be that south westerners are not competent or that they cannot support one of theirs? I find you really wanting with this kind of utterance.
Did you get in touch with Tayong as he requested and you promised to do? If not, do it immediately before it is too late.


Ommissions correction.Sorry for that!!!

or could Norway brook pro swedish party to operate in their land today or when they wanted to see their (Swedish) presence in their territory deodorized?Some may say, quote environments and circumstances to justify themselves for sure.History shows it is the same everywhere when a people are under Alien rule.Why should this SDF of a party be brooked if and annexed persons want to see the alien ruler out of her territory?The people manning this outfit seats and argue with the Alien ruler in her house of assembly,where they could get a pound of the flesh for themselves.Could you brook any of these two.SDF-CPDM.The



I dont want to leave a legacy as someone who created confusion as you guys are insinuating. Honestly, there are lots of mistakes i have made in the past and i dont want to repeat them. It is not all that we know that we can find pleasure in exposing to the public. But as you know, it is also not very good to blackmail people or attempt to do so. I think u are provoking me to get on my nerves to preach more about tribalism and the SDF in this forum, something i dont want to do as my comments in these regards can always be twisted. But truly, i believe the SDF should be dissolved. Anything created on falsehood cannot prosper.

A Southwestener (most) supports but ideas not people. That is a fact and we cannot deny it. See what happened in Bali. After listening to your two CPDM fons, you guys kept praising Nico Halle. If Nico Halle or Ganyongah was Endeley, would any of you had listened to him, even if he was calling for calm? I have been following the comments of this forum, It is just fun. I repeat, it is the fun of tribalism that has been keeping the SDF alive.

I build my entire career on trying not to enslave myself to anybody. I strongly see the SDF and all their prophets as some kind of slave merchants. It is hard for me to leave the SDF alone as my concience will keep troubling me. It is just as i find it hard to leave the CPDM alone. SDF+CPDM are all French puppets interested in enslaving us to their French masters. My personal graft list of the most wanted Southern Cameroonians include even SDF MP'S and politicians. I am trying my best to avoid the SDF, but as a true freedom fighter, i find it really difficult to understand that i might not be executing my moral responsibility. One of which as it stands, is to fight for the WIPING OUT of the SDF.

Recall that, we are celebrating 200 years that it was alledged that William Wilberforce forced the passing of a bill in the british parliament abolishing slavery. Are we still enslaved? Your answer is as good as mine. The way the SDF prophets are merchandising us for the good life with La Republique is somewhat difficult to accept. What are they doing in the executive arm of La Republiques government and their legislature? Collecting their salaries and giving fake promises to our people? Promising us heaven through pompous speeches and asking Southern Cameroonians to vote for them? They are also Bad people, Bad people as we have in the CPDM. They should not say, look guys, we are fighting for you: Southern Cameroonians. That is what i cannot accept.

I have not forgotten to write to Tayong. I am preparing for a working trip out and that takes a bit of my time. Moreso, i am trying to pour all my vernom about this SDF frolics and the role tribalism has played in keeping them in the political arena for soo long before i retire. It looks like that, but i will retire from this topic. I plan to write to Tayong tommorow.



Ladies n Gentlemen,
I like the arguement.With such writings and arguement we end up learning some thing.
I have gathered a great deal of facts in this forum.Believe me it's rich with information.
But there's something that's missing in all these writings.And the thing is;
What are we Southern cameroonians have as plan to get rid of these godforsaken colonisers?
Sdf followers don't pretend u are not for the southern cameroons liberation.
Please, let's think about the suffering masses back home in Buea/Bamenda.
Let's put our heads together and come up with a reasonable solution to fight this cancar warm in our back yard.
Productive ideas ,not only money. Please let's find a way forward,instead of accusing and blaming.
Please, SDF followers read again what Nfor Nfor wrote and reflect on his ideas thanks.


Let A=the universal set anglophones
S=SCNC a subset of A
O=SDF a subset of A
C=CPDM a subset of A
D=others a subset of A
What is A? Union of S+B+C+D

An umbrella movement for the anglophones is the best solution from my point of view, which with time should merge. Then we'll have anglophone representatives in the parliament rather than party representatives. If the best option is separation it can well be achieved by being one.
Just dissolving parties like that will prolong the struggle. Because it's not just the SDF, what about the fons, chiefs, minor parties and other elites who are neither with the SCNC nor the SDF and whom we cannot sideline in any struggle?


of Productive ideas ,not only money,Casara, you can map out a social scheme and make it accessible to the downtrodden,that has to do with eg,building facilities for the communities,health,roads, etc, that is going to shot down poverty.Such projects don't need scoundrels,it needs dedicated people and should be seperate from politics.No hoo-ha when doing so.Etc!It can be done,and will certainly turn a corner.Not gourmands could do this,but consistent and dedicated ones with love too.

programs"-such as food giveaways, free health clinics and free breakfast programs for children.

mk the southerner

Dr Nfor,
With great respect and honor good day i leaned with great joy that u are now at the down house with your other wife, greet her for me and tell her it is good the other wife let you down. I do hope health wise you are strong together with your two wives.Hahaha(Up station and down town)
Where there is the truth there is the God of justice.Southern Cameroonians should begin asking themselves why they keep arresting SCNC activist and have never find a charge to charge them on? they call us secessionist but can not charge us for that under article 111 even when we beg for that in court? But you will hear some Southern Cameroonian boo funs who had the opportunity of passing through school but school never really passed through them say Cameroon is one.
As for me to God be the glory.
I do not know for real what adjective to describe you with, after going through the letter you wrote to the youths while in the upper house. It made me wept and i still write now with tears, God bless you, you are such a brain, the center of the full liberation of the Southern Cameroons, please move on.
I only read about it today on the post online this night.That is an article which can make any true minded Southern Cameroonian who have the interest of the born and unborn at heart moved. Except he or she is a political dreamer of the so call one an indivisible Cameroon or is a baron to the so call political parties in Cameroon. as such should be given the highest publicity ever.I have just this evening sent it to more than 50 Southern Cameroonians at home and abroad asking them to forewared as to many people as possible. Sir your pen is strong God bless you keep on.
Greet T T for me and accept my best of regards.
Casara thank u for posting this, in fact it has motivated me to join this forum. God bless Southern Cameroons. MK the southerner

mk the southerner

Dear Anglocameroonian,

Let A=the universal set anglophones
S=SCNC a subset of A
O=SDF a subset of A
C=CPDM a subset of A
D=others a subset of A
What is A? Union of S+B+C+D
an umbrella of anglohpones.

What you are saying up there is very ok but for the word anglophone.
Southern Cameroonians are Southern Cameroonians not anglohpones. Calling us anglohpones is reducing us to a tribe in la republique du Cameroun.Just any body can be an angloghone by vesture of languag. But not just any body can be a Southern Cameroonian.
Thank you for understanding.God bless southern Cameroons. MK the southerner.


Dear Compatriots,

With thanks to the most high, we announce with joy that SCNC National Vice Chairman and Chair, foreign affairs Commission, Nfor Ngala Nfor will represent Southern Cameroons at the current session of the UNHRC in Geneva.

He left for Geneva Friday night(23/03/2007) and is expected to arrive this Morning.

This will afford the Southern Cameroons another opportunity to again bring to the urgent attention of the International Community the gross human rights violations in Southern Cameroons.

We thank all Southern Cameroonians who made this Delegation to Geneva A dream Come true .

God Bless Southern Cameroons

Julius Nyugap Ndi
Information Office
SCNC National Secretariat.
Bamenda- Southern Cameroons

Mk the southerner, thanks for the complement.I am very happy that you have had to send Nfor's call to our brothers and sisters.Infact i never thought of that.That's a very good idea,I am going to send that article to all my southern cameroonian brothers and sisters.Thanks a trillion times for bringing up this idea.
Boy keep the flame burning.

M Nje

You are doing a great services to Southern Cameroonians. Bring everything you got. Keep it up.

MK the southerner, thank for the idea you brought. It is indeed great to forward not just this article from Dr. Nfor but many other communications. La Republique Du Cameroun cannot charge Southern Cameroonians with secession because they know the truth. Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique. That law does not apply to them.

Justic Ebong proclaimed the restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons over radio Buea. He was eventually released together with Chief Ayamba and others. Biya is reported to have said in France that he will yield to the will of Southern Cameroonians. He knows the truth. All we need is to unite and embark on a revolution. We need to be ready to do what ever it takes.


M Nje
If you've got any vital reference to the statements of Biya regarding the Southern Cameroon demands as you intimated above could you please forward them to me. These are vital archives and maybe be needed in the nearest future Godwilling.

Any link,any document, speech etc etc to that effect?
Send it here to


Quebec votes in close elections

None of the three parties is likely to be able to govern on its own
Canadians in the mainly French-speaking Quebec province are electing a new government in a tight three-way race.
The poll has again raised the prospect of independence from Canada, with the nationalist Parti Quebecois (PQ) vowing to hold a vote on the issue if elected.

It is seeking to regain power from the federalist Liberal Party and Premier Jean Charest who is seeking a new term.

But both parties are facing a strong challenge from a new conservative group, the Action Democratique (ADQ).

The ADQ wants the the province to be more autonomous, but not independent.

Balance of power

The provincial assembly's 125 seats are up for election on Monday.

Turnout among Quebec's 5.6 million voters is expected to be high. Pollsters say many of them have declared themselves undecided.

5.6m registered voters
80% of them are French speakers
125 seats up for election

None of the three parties is expected to obtain enough support to form a government on its own.

Mr Charest, who has been in power for four years, has faced criticism for failing to cut taxes.

He says the PQ's independence ambitions are out of tune with what most Quebec residents want.

PQ leader Andre Boisclair has accused him of being too close to the Conservative federal government of Stephen Harper.

Mr Boisclair has said he will hold a referendum on independence as soon as possible if elected.

The last referendum on the issue, in 1995, rejected separation by about one percentage point.

If there is a minority government, analysts say the balance of power could be held by the ADQ, which is led by Mario Dumont.

The BBC's Lee Carter says Mr Dumont is a charismatic figure who has been attracting voters disillusioned with the established players.

M Nje

Biya made that statement in response to a question from a reporter. I read it someway. It has been a while. But if I come across the source again, I will forward it to you.

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