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Monday, 19 March 2007


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NJFN should not be wasting his time. Southern Cameroons are not interested in any elections. Maybe, his Bamilikie relatives will vote for him in La Republique, but whether the Ballot boxes are white or Black, that is not our concern. We dont want it in the Southern Cameroons and he NJFN knows that. He knows that he cannot become the president of La Republique as he is not constitutionally one of theirs. Henri Hogbe Nlend did told him clearly that he cannot become president of La Republique. He has been told to stay out of Camerounese politics and he needs to respect the constitution of La Republique.

This man NJFN is becoming a laughing stock to Southern Cameroonians and the international community. His constant flip-flopping is an embarassment not only to him and his supporters but to every rightminded person. He knows that he cannot become president of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun, but he is wasting his time complaining about electoral fraud, ballot boxes, ELECAM, etc. Who told him that we dont know that he has been paid just to colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy. He can only gain a few seats in parliament in the North West Province, he will use these seats to go to parliament and continue his handclapping as directed by the colonialist.

M Nje

What happens if all those demands are not met? I guest it will still be okay to take part in the elections. Elections come with subsides from the C.P.D.M. A time to earn a major source of revenue. A time to protect "half bread" and "petrol money." No one can afford to be left aside from the election payroll.

If you are at the bottom of the food chain. Stay away from the C.P.D.M. They are bad; although they provide us "half bread" and "petrol money."

Fritzane Kiki HK

This Ntarikom presidencial candidate is still hoping to defeat Bi Mvondo in elections in the name of ELECAM?He must be kidding!!Not with the CPDM manipulations!!Postponement or no postponement the CPDM rigging machanisms are already in the making.He is talking about Fon Doh while he himself is also a murderer.All those flip-floppers under the banner of La Republique politics are all conmen.

NJFN has failed in politics his objectives now are just to convince the people to go in for ballot boxes letting the international community that there is multi party system in Cameroon.The earlier he realises his doom the better for him.After 16 years he is still with thesame strategy of bycott and postponement of the elections.The Francophones will never allow an Anglophone to be the president of the country period.He should be enjoying with the monthly pay packages and salaries he receives at his lodge in Yaounde from the government,parliamentarians and mayors alike,than to be making noise everyday.We are sick of this stuff.

His speeches are no longer taken serious because they are not different from that of Bi Mvondo whose lengthy monthly and annual narratives have become more boring and without substance to the masses.They are birds of thesame feathers.Achidi and the PM Inoni lastly told Fru Ndi to be open and join the CPDM before his salary will be increased.He is still eating from behind the curtain.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



What made you to address Fru Ndi a murderer? Bias, hatred and jealousy will make some of you go crazy.
You and Rexon think you can paint Fru Ndi black but I will keep on reminding you that you are wasting your time. Fru Ndi has gone in history as a great political figure. He is someone who will always call a spade a spade. You and Rexon can continue shading tears and spending sleepless nights, you won't succeed to change the fact that Fru Ndi is a great and straight forward politician.
You claim to be a business man in Hong Kong, business man in Hong Kong my foot.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Mr Klemenceau,
I see you have something personal with me this.How has Fru Ndi's failure and misleadership got to do with my business.I have nothing to loose or gain from this dirty game of politics in Cameroon.Don't always fool the people all the time.He has been lying his poeple.That's enough.He has nothing good to offer now to the people than to stand as a figure head to the CPDM ruling party in the name of multi-partism...My friend don't pretend to be your eyes.I am not a sympatiser to any party sorry.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Mr. Kiki

You might think I got a personal problem with you as you seem to have with Fru Ndi. I actually have problem with your addressing Fru Ndi a murderer. Can you back that statement as I quote you below?

"....He is talking about Fon Doh while he himself is also a murderer"

Hope you see the problem I got with you? I had never used any hard words on you but your addressing Fru Ndi a murderer forced me to write the way I did to you. If truly Fru Ndi is a murderer, I would have had no quarrel with you. Proof to me that Fru Ndi is a murderer and you will deserve my apologies.

If you are tired of the "dirty politics" in la republic, you better stay clear of it rather than playing the hide and seek game you have been playing here.



Mr. Kiki

You might think I got a personal problem with you as you seem to have with Fru Ndi. I actually have problem with your addressing Fru Ndi a murderer. Can you back that statement as I quote you below?

"....He is talking about Fon Doh while he himself is also a murderer"

Hope you see the problem I got with you? I had never used any hard words on you but your addressing Fru Ndi a murderer forced me to write the way I did to you. If truly Fru Ndi is a murderer, I would have had no quarrel with you. Proof to me that Fru Ndi is a murderer and you will deserve my apologies.

If you are tired of the "dirty politics" in la republic, you better stay clear of it rather than playing the hide and seek game you have been playing here.




I expected rexon to be the first to comment here.
Critics who have nothing to offer. Provide solutions rather lamenting. The SDF has made success as well as failure. How many of us have been perfect children, students, workers, husbands or parents.
The parliament is full of people who are out to sabotage the anglophone progress. This is true! B/c you have a biased mind you only point to their mistakes.
Trying to do enthnic cleansing or quarantine the sdf and its leader will do more harm than good.
For how long have you been told that you are the leader for tomorrow? Are you still waiting for that tomorrow? Even if you disolve the sdf there will be no break through. The way forward is unity first. Anything before that is doom to fail.
Stand up and lead us!!!



Be honest to this forum. Can NJFN or any other Southern Cameroonian ever become the president of La Republique? If you can answer this question, i will have some respect for you. I dont want to belong to any nation that does not recognise me. Anyone lying to himself that he is working for us when in reality he is working for his pay package must be moderated.


S Leone honours Africa slave campaigners
By Yvonne Ndege-Burke and Mohammed Fajah-Barrie
BBC Africa Have Your Say, Freetown

Howe will be called John Ezzidio after the slave who become mayor
As the UK marks 200 years since it abolished the slave trade, Sierra Leone has decided to purge its capital, Freetown, of streets named after the British and replace them with the names of Africans who fought in the abolition movement.

Freetown, as its name implies, was founded in 1787 as a home for freed slaves and many residents have welcomed the move to recognise African heroes on its streets.

"Since the British came and went, they have done nothing for us after slavery. All their names are on the streets. You come into Freetown you see them, the only street with an African name is Siaka Stevens street," says resident Sammy Conteh.

Readdressing history

Mohamed Bobson-Kamara, chairman of the city's planning committee for the bicentenary, says the role of black abolitionists has been greatly underplayed.


Thomas Peters - ex-slave, who helped Wilberforce found Sierra Leone as colony for freed slaves
Sengeh Pieh - led revolt on slave ship, Amistad
Olaudah Equiano - ex-slave, some believe helped abolition movement
John Ezzidio - ex-slave who became Freetown mayor

He hopes this will be partly rectified by changing the street names.

Percival Street will become Thomas Peters Street in remembrance of the slave who was taken to America from somewhere along the West African coast.

It is believed Thomas Peters fought on the side of the British during the American Revolution and ended up in the UK, where he went on to work with the white abolitionists, William Wilberforce and Granville Sharp to establish a colony in Africa for freed slaves - which is now Sierra Leone.

Mr Peters was honoured by the government of Sierra Leone in 1998.

Charlotte Street will be renamed Sengeh Pieh in memory of the African slave who led a revolt on the Amistad, a slave ship, in 1839 as it sailed to America.

Likewise, Waterloo Street will take Olaudah Equiano's name.

Nigerian by birth, Olaudah Equiano was kidnapped into slavery in 1756. Some historians credit him with being one of architects of the UK's abolitionist movement.


The city's mayor Winstanley Bankole Johnson explains: "These names are the names of Africans that were directly connected with the history of slavery.

"It is for us to know where we are coming from. It is people like us who have to bring the names of black abolitionists to the fore. I think their whole effort has been obscured in the process of writing history. We want to take this opportunity to give credit where credit was due."


I am a descendent of African slaves, and proud of my heritage of endurance and perseverance against all odds

Brian, Washington DC

Send us your comments

The Bicentenary of the Abolition of Slavery Act, which banned slavery in the British Empire, is 25 March 2007.

The UK intends to spend £20m to mark the occasion.

But Freetown mayor Winstanley Bankole Johnson is critical of the amount of money being spent and wants the UK to re-think its plans.

"I would rather they did not spend those millions of pounds, where the impact would be far less felt.

"I would rather they focus their attention in countries in Africa that suffered and experienced the worst effects of slavery, particularly in the west coast of Africa. The economy of this region was comprehensively devastated.

"What better way to celebrate than to make people see that the suffering of their ancestors was not in vain?"


Red Alert!
As usual, commentators who wear blinkers over their eyes chase the shadow and forget the substance of the debate. The reason is that they will persevere until their mission to denigrate the SDF and its leader is complete. Some of their group have taken leave of the PostOnline temporarily, but I am sure they will come back when the stakes are higher or when their paymasters see the need for them to come and continue their dirty job of divide and rule.
The SDF leadership has raised a number of issues surrounding the election and registration of voters. Did the detractors address those issues? No. Never. Should the June elections be postponed? Yes. The SDF has given its reasons for asking for postponement: So that the Elections body can be set up/appointed and familiarise itself with its terms of reference. The SDF is a political party vying for power through the grassroots (local councils) and through the legislature. Presidential elections are not until 2011. So what has Fru Ndi not becoming president of LRC, dixit Hogbe Nlend, got to do with the forthcoming elections? NEO will come to the end of its mandate (if it had any) in May 2007. There is no reason why a delinquent government will call an extraordinary session of parliament to pass a bill and refuse to implement the bill from that session or defer its implementation for 18 months. There is also no reason for extending the mandate of NEO after May 2007 before the planned elections of June 2007 because ELECAM should take over from NEO and MINATD. All these points are raised in the Chairman's statement. All the prophets of doom on this forum should at least have addressed the same issues and showed how the SDF's worries and proposals are irrelevant, and make more valid proposals (not boycott). The truth is that if you have a target in view and a tree lies in your path, you either jump over the tree or go round it to reach your target. You cannot stand on the spot and complain that you have been prevented from moving by the tree. The CPDM government is this kind of obstacle. It will frustrate you in many ways and, if you do not act wisely, it will use the "winner take all" option, although the winning is by high tricks.
This brings me to the red alert above. You must have observed that P&T is talking of the telephone going 8 digits in June 2007? Why only then? The announcement is made by a minister who is in the ruling camp. It is not as innocent as it sounds. It is said that the introduction of 7 digits opened the way for 8 million lines and that so far only 3 million lines have been taken. So what is so urgent about increasing the available lines when 5 million lines are still not taken? I can read in-between the "lines" and I believe that this sudden interest in extending the network has serious political implications.
Think of the scenario in June 2007 during the elections, which the government will force Cmroonians to accept. It has been known that in other countries, the mobile phone has helped spread the true election results and forsetalled massive rigging. In June 2007, you find it difficult to remember how to reach your contacts by mobile phone. When this happens, the ruling clique will consolidate the rigging machinery, making it impossible for Cmroonians to communicate with one another or for the outside world to communicate with Cmroonians. When they finally bring their US Senators to confirm that voting was free and fair, there will be no opposing voice because communication will be difficult, if not impossible.
The bottom line is that all of us who aspire for change should be on the watch-out. Know beforehand how to reach essential numbers in June 2007 when the rigging begins. For those in the Diaspora, we have already been disfranchised. So there is no hope for us to get our voice heard as happens in civilised countries, even on the African continent. Stay awake because your enemy the State of CMR is using all sorts of devices to stay put.


it hurts to read about these scandalous deeds repeatedly. African democracy will remain a myth and the cries of the ordinary man will fallow in hell as long as the people like this idiot called biya and his psychopaths keep their earthly desires ahead of that of the common man.

It hurts to know that simple things can be made to work and yet people refuse to make them work when we truely know that a well functioning machine must be well lubricated!

I am totally blighted in pain that resources are mindfully manipulated to deprive the poor man of his civic and social rights and that people sit and eat fat while they watch others die in destitution. Are they gloating with satisfaction? I wonder what goes on in those twisted heads of theirs!

I always wonder why many Africans and Cameroonians believe strongly in a God who has for ever given a deaf ear to their pleas, their sufferings and their pain. I wonder why if that God is as fair as a good father is supposed to be favours some of his kids? Where should me turn to when even prayers cant resolve our problems?


Klemenceau i like the way you argue, you always back ur arguments with portrayed facts, this KIKI man. whats the nature of your Business in Honkong, i hope u are not one of the guys i saw on cctv, you are fake, Fru Ndi is the only trustworthy Cameroonian at the moment, your own dad will testify that, stop demonstating hatred and bias.


Fritzane Kiki, You see,people who are dubious,arrogant,and slippery will not entertain even the slightest joke abouttheir person.They inflict pains on others,but when ruffled they become professional mourners.
When we talk of conmen,we all know who they are.Feymania has become second nature to many Cameroonians.Even intellectuals ,who would have saved the day have all become breeding grounds for all nasty things.
Fritzane,feymania always begins at the individual level,and subsequently engulf the whole society.Lets take for example somebody
like you,who doesn`t live in Hongkong,
doesn`t do business,but is an English Language teacher in North China.If you had to do business with other Cameroonians ,you would easily go back home,collect money from them,and disappear into thin air.They will easily give you the money ,since they have been reading here that you live in a financial hub like Hongkong.This dubiousity is a big shame to other Cameroonians.But everybody can see you are one of the loudest mouths here spitting on what ever our leaders try to do.We don`t want to go into the other part of the type of English you even teach,but just that these are exactly the type of things FRu Ndi is decrying.
Fritzane,this is exactly the same behaviour that comes from somebody like Rexon.You must have read here how he himself accepted to have helped in the repartriation of Southern Cameroonians from Britain.But what does he do to cover up this type of behaviour? Of course he diverts public attention on the hot issues in our country by trying to show that Biya is no longer a problem to the people.Rexon has actually been doing everything here to drown any criticisms directed at the government of Cameroon .You can see ,he is the first to post writeups whenever the name SDF is mentioned.For the past two days he has strangely gone public defending Dorothy Njeuma,and saying if anybody has to blame her,others should also be blamed first.He has gone from that we should welcome the French ,but fool them by cheating them out of their businesses,to telling the world that Southern Cameroons is constitutionally part of La Republique.These are the type of double standards Fru Ndi is decrying.
Fritzane,you can watch the way powerful commentators here have been successfully contained by Rexon.He tells them not to involve in SDF frolics,but is the first to post comments under every article about the SDF.They have also erroneously heeded to his CPDM tactics of sidelining all those have been giving the regime in Yaounde sleepless nights here.Nobody will forget the role Akoson played in dragging Mukete out of his hiding place,but today with instructions from the Cpdm ,Rexon will tell them that the SDF is no use,but will never take a step away from Fru Ndi`s name.If he had been pouring strategies the SCNC can use to achieve autonomy,nobody will say he is not a freedom fighter.But he has been instructed to target the hard core,that succeeded to beat back the onslaught from the Muketes here,but he will chip in some sophistery about the SCNC,and spends weeks having sleepless nights about Fru Ndi.Let those who have heads ,and eyes to see should use them.
You can`t imagine that the best commentators
have become hesitant,and afraid to write about the SDF,and since they have also exhausted the same historical facts about the SCNC,they dare not get on the nerves of Rexon.This is the psychological masturbation Fru Ndi is condemning.He gives them strange reasons that we are defending the SDF,
because we are fanatics,but strangely he spends the night on the internet waiting for writeups about the SDF.What should we be reading more from Rexon,the SCNC or the SDF? Let everybody get it clearly,that Rexon is a tool in the hands of people like Nitcheu Brice,who got blessings from the government last time to organise a convention in Yaounde.These are the same people who declared Fru Ndi persona non grata in Britain after his wife`s death.



Lies, Lies, and all Lies.

Can you please give the name of the Cameroonian i assisted in repatriating from Great Britain?

If this SDF is not dissolved, i will never abandon my campaign against them. We all know that a Southern Cameroonian can never become the president of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. Why do we have to contineously make a mockery of our intellect by allowing a few unscrupulous individuals to be lying to us. They know they have been paid to colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy, yet they are forcing us to continue supporting them. As long as some unscrupulous Southern Cameroons continue making a mockery of us in Camerounaise parliament, as long as a group of oligarchs headed by a certain Mbah NDAM contineously enrich themselves masquerading as an opposition, i will not stop this my campaign to destroy them.

I strongly believe i am fighting for the liberation of my blind brothers and sisters who are still supporting this political party turned business institution. I have been researching on the tactics those who defended the abolition of slavery employed, because, i believe we are directly and indirectly slaves to NJFN's SDF. I strongly believe most Southern Cameroonians have all become mental and physical slaves to conmen turned politicians and it is my responsibility to liberate them.

Anglo Cameroonian,

You were asking me why i did not criticise Chief EML Endeley. I do have a reason why i have decided to respond to you now.

Since you described me a tribalist for not doing so, i will like to bring some issues to your attention. Chief Endeley is a CPDM like fon Ganyongha of Bali and Nana of Bali-Bawock. Chief Endeley as you and I know is the paramount chief of the Bakweri's and Fon Ganyongha is the Paramount chief of the Bali's. While the Bali's and the Bawocks are outright SDF loyalist and one people by history, the Bakweri's who own Fako division are split between CPDM, SDF, UNDP, Etc. Also in the Bakweri Land, there are a substantial settler population, and as far as i know, there is little or No settler population in the North West.

As you know, an SDF man does not see eye to eye with a CPDM and does not seemingly receive instructions from the CPDM hierarchy. How many times have you seen Chief Endeley giving instructions for his subjects and CPDM followers to attack and destroy the lives of the settler population of Fako Division? How many times have you seen his CPDM followers going to attack Northwesteners and other settlers of Fako division?

On the contrary, if the SDF followers of Bali can receive instructions from a CPDM chief to attack their fellow Bawock brothers, who do i need to at least give some respect to?

A Bakweri paramount chief or Fon GANYONGHA.

Which people do i need to respect, a CPDM Bakwerian who will never accept instructions from his CPDM chief to destroy the lives of his neighbour and settler because of juju or a Bali Diehard SDF supporter, who will accept to destroy the life of his brother after receiving instructions from a CPDM chief?

I might want to remind you that, the said Chief Endeley gave land for free to Pa Niba to host Niba Automobile at Buea Road Mutengene and to Nangha to host several of his businesses in several parts of the South West. These two people were all Northwesteners. He did this as an act of solidarity and even when thier businesses crumbled, he still respected them. There are also several businessmen that i know, amongst them Bali's who were given Land by Chief Endeley and co to farm on. They grew rich and started provoking the Bakwerians who gave them this land. Ironically, Chief Endeley has never called for his subjects to attack them.

Recall that, even Fon Angwafor has always been involved in Land disputes with even lame people. Even if Chief Endeley is saying something wrong, i believe he can be of more use to the Human race than the Barbaric fons we have in the North West. I will use a much more calmer approach to discuss with him, than i will use to discuss with the Barbaric fon of Bali and other parts of the NW.

Unity comes from love, and love is kind, and based on profound ONENESS. Love often involves caring for or identifying with a person or thing. I identify myself with values i respect and those values are customarily inexistant in my parental heritage of the NW. I cannot allow others to fix things in the North West for me, and while i continue with my philantropic projects there, i must also cite the ills that has been drawing us backwards.I will not like to expose my children to a world of hate, tribalism and nepotism, like the one existant in several villages and regions of the North West Province of our country.

Take it or leave it, i know i am saying but the truth.


I am very happy there are still a few people here who are reasonable. Paul Biya´s greatest success since rigging the presidential elections he lost to Fru Ndi in early 90´s is the fact that he has succeeded in dividing the opposition. He has succeeded in inplanting this negative chip in Cameroonians like Rexon and the rest. Fru Ndi has clearly outlisted problems, and has proposed solutions to them(Which is exactly the way modern people should act), but some of those uninspired people here in this forum just lazy around and come and show how stupid and unconstructive they are by pouring insults on him. You keep on diverting the topic here with this issue of Southern Cameroons. You truely might have a point put this can´t bring us forward now. The way forward is to find solutions and ideas on how to enable cameroonians live together and not live asunder. You can now realise that many french- spreaking cameroonian parents send their kids to Englsih- speaking Secondary schools and the University of Buea. This is just the beginning, for language is the greatest binding factor in a community. I encourage each and everyone of us to get up and register for the elections. Let´s put heads together with our francophone brothers and try to uproot this regime which doesn´t care for it´s people. Stop fighting against each other, rather fight against the enemy. Division is not an option at this point in time. I study in Germany and immidiately after my studies, if all goes well i would be back home to join in the fight. I am already doing a great deal of the fight from here. Details are not necessary at this point in time. Long live the federalrepublic of Cameroon. Long live the wind of Change.


Empty vessels make the loudest noise!
Rexon and Co, you have a mentality of limitation and inferiority, saying that a SC cannot lead Cameroon. I'm not sure you can lead a family not to talk of a society. There is much to fight for before fighting for SC. You must fight for freedom of speech(which you are abusing in this forum)...or you will be heading to the jail as before. Show that you are a better leader than NJFN, to lead a better movement than the SDF.
It's much easier to raise your voice on your mother than your girlfriend.
You don't make yourself better, but saying that he is a failure, your comments portray you more as an idiot. A rallying force is what we need, not propaganda!



You wrote:
"You must fight for freedom of speech"

I think you are the one who have been abusing my freedom of speech in this forum. You have constantly referred to me and i have never responded to you. I responded here first and you followed by parotting my name. Today, i have responded to a request you made several weeks ago. So you see, you are the one who have always been concerned about what i have to write here and i can never be drawn into a debate with a minor like you.


Dont bother with the detractors. They are all tribalist who just support their tribesman in the name of NJFN. I can never reduce myself to that level. After they must have lied that you live in North China, they will come up with another lie with thesame character assasination they are fun of. Remember, they said here that i was a rapist and wanted by La Republique, then they tended to another subject, now their vague sing-song is that i am a CPDM agent. Anyone who criticises NJFN is an agent to them.

Shame on them.


I do not believe in cheap talk.
This goes directly to Rexon,Nje and Kiki.

When SDF's financial statement was presented at the convention I remember the treasurer informing delegates that the national chairman has not been paid by the party for the past 3 years eventhough he is constitutionally entitled to monthly stipends. In that same statement, I learnt that Parliamentarians and mayors contributed 102 million Francs between 2001 and 2006 to the party which were spent mainly on administration and on commissions.

So I am still learn where this talk of HUGE salaries, or half-bread or this nonsense of petrol money has its substance. It has become typical of frustrated internet politicians to punch in rubbish so as to entertain themselves with the attention they derive.
At least today the SDF can account for its finances publicly and without shame. Show me one other political party or organisation in Cameroon wiith a written financial statement, show me one with an audit system.
Many of us do not know that when SCNC members were tried by the military tribunal, it is Hon Mbah Ndam's law firm that footed the legal bills which amounted to over 50 million francs CFA. Ask Barrister Charles Taku and other SCNC activists. If Mbah Ndam did not do that, Ebenezer Akwanga and co would have been history today for they would have been swiftly tried and summarily executed by firing-squad. Ebenezer himself knows that, that is why he would never tolerate such amateurism you meet in these blogs.
Well today self-acclaimed, naive and ignorant internet freedom fighters would point fingers at ohers and call people who saved their heroes "handclappers".At times, ignorance can lead people to disgrace themselves to the point of pain.



I am very happy that you always comes forward with facts. Facts of course that should be debated constructively.

I will like to ask the criteria that was used by the parliamentarians and mayors to raise the 120 Million francs that was used to administer the party. Was it by freewill donation or was it dictated by the party's internal rules and regulations?

Secondly, we were told that NJFN left the star building after meeting Inoni with an Envelope. what was in the envelope?

Thirdly, I will like to remind you of the fact that, there might be a difference between the Law Firm of Mbah Ndam and Mbah Ndam as a person. Who footed the bills, Mbah Ndam or his Law firm?


My Birthday!
Dear all. I take today 20th March,19Abraham which I was born to call for some coolheadedness in here. Everyone can get nasty in write-ups but only the matured in heart will show restrain,objectivity and statemanhood. We can disagree respectfully.

We are´often referred to as the leaders of tomorrow. When that tomorrow comes and all these volumes of venoms we pour out here brought to the public, where shall we leave our heads? Insulting ministers,arrogant Secretary Generals, gossipy directors????

From personals ,to insults ,to witchhunting ,to name calling,to demagogy ,to character assination etc etc all have been seen in this forum of late.We dont know ourselves physically(though some do) but what we write here represent us.

Gentlemen, never you make that mistake of thinking when you go nasty against your supposed opponent you are "scoring points" ,absolutely the contrary,you go mean and stoop low, indicating lack of substance.

If humans dont disagree then they become robots but when disagreements become weapons of mass character destruction and negative nametags then we lose the very essence of the debates.

After all, we all as Southern Cameroonians in particular and greater part of Cameroonians a whole accept and recognize the existence of the Southern Cameroon problem. So the way forward now is where we each disagree and it's rather daunting how this has degerated into nasty write-ups.

It's simple as ABC. If you think your organization has the solution to this problem put forth strong arguments in favour of it and be ready to back them so that the populace swear alllegeance to your course. I take it that no one here is supporting the SDF or the SCNC or whatever organisation because of personal gains.

So gentlemen, lets disagree without gettng nasty, mean and insulting.Thats not debate!
I wish we could all share my cup of yoghourts together and get some few cups of drinks on the occasion of my birthday.

Courage gentlemen and let's remain focused.


You fail to answer my questions but expect me to answer yours.
But I thank my leaders for they thought me some form of political maturity.
I asked you to tell me which political party or organisation including the numerous SC pressure groups have ever delivered a statement of finance, you couldn't provide me with an answer.
The SDF party has no provision that forces any member to contribute financially or materially. So it is always out of goodwill that people contribute to to the party's treasury.
This issue of an envelope in the star-building is ridiculous because your informant Ben Muna forgot to say TV cameras got the PM folding in the contents of the envelope. The details of the documents are not known to me.All I know is that the information on the papers have to do with the authorisation of the Rose Fru Ndi memorial Fund which is an NGO registered under the laws in the Republic of Cameroon, that makes it Fru Ndi's personal affair and has nothing to do with the SDF.
Your third point is so ludicruous that I find totally irrelevant to respond to.Sorry.


Hahaha rexon,
It's really funny you know, you are not my match but I will never minimize a fellow brother. I can debate facts with you but I cannot hate you. All you are doing with that freedom of speech is to preach hate, to promote secterian strife.

You so much stand on this point of tribalism b/c you once mentioned that the sdf is a NW party. You cited, kumba limbe Dla and other areas that have NWterners out of the NW. That is why you cannot see anything good coming from that side.
It is a said that "he who worries much about something, it's his problem". You are tribalistic.

But bear in mind that the fact that you minimise others will greatly affect any course that you're after. If 99.99% of the NW is SDF, then you should be fighting for a SW cameroon. You best know "with us or against us". Tolerance is very important, it's about the people not individuals. I earlier mentioned that the SDF is a force to reckon with. Use them, don't fight them!



Our Country belongs to Patriots who will peacefully fight to liberate our motherland from tribalism, nepotism, corruption etc...

Progressive Cameroonians know those who are keeping our motherland in poverty and darkness....

Long live a strong united Republic of Cameroon!

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland)



Maybe you came to this forum today. Read this link and tell this forum if it is me or this SDF prophets here, (watesih, Fon, etc) who are tribalistic.

And there are many more links relating to their tribalistic undertones in this forum over the years.


They always see something wrong, when i write against Achidi Achu, Titanji, Lambi, Eric Chinje, etc. But they see nothing wrong when i write against the Njeuma's, Musonge, Inoni's, etc.


The pernicious Kiki must be so happy that you have elevated him to the rank of an English teacher. Except even those who know just pidgin are accepted to teach English in China.
The more you react to the other nuisance called Rexon, the more you encourage him to pour trash here. Leave him alone and he will rot. His piddling writing will never creat an impact.


Hi Mr or Mrs Rexon,it is not my style to attack people this way but don´t you realise that you are boring? You have posted close to 9 times on this same thread. I muss confess that your postings are not directly constructive. We are here to share ideas and help build our beloved country but i have realised that you mostly write about people and therefore bring about a mixture of the constructive contributions people bring up here and the rubbish you write. A stitch in time saves 9. Thanks for reading.


Happy birthday Tayong.God's richest blessings to you as you begin your 'new year' and forever.


Watesih,please take Fon's admonition seriously.I'm a bit taken aback you just realised Rexon is THE CPDM AND CENER AGENT on this forum.Man you have family back at home so be careful.Thanks



Was the prime ministers office responsible for legalising the Rose Fru Ndi memorial fund and why must the envelope be handed over to NJFN only when he came to discuss ELECAM?

Secondly, if Mbah Ndam did supported Ebenezer during his trial, that does not call for unquestionable loyalty by all Southern Cameroonian pundits to Mbah Ndams course.



fru ndi is too old for all this,go on retirement,permit change in sdf.let the young ones grow,teach biya the right way.


Many thanks bros and hope we all meet physically one day Godwilling. Hey! did I say one day? hhhhmm, hope no scuffle ensues that day between Rex and Wats! Hahahaa. Gentlemen,cool down, relax and reflect. Disagree respectfully,thats the highway.

M Nje

I don`t make things up. The “half bread” and “petrol money” comments were made in this forum. Below are their sources. I see your narration about the envelope your Chairman got at Inoni`s office. It is howerver in direct contrast to the one we got before in this forum. Why is it so? Why should there be different explanations for the same issue.

Here is the source of the "petrol money" comments:

Why are you wasting time with a desparate man. I can only appreciate him for his courage to resurface again.
Klemenceau; do you think any of the personalities that were invited by the prime Minister left without petrol money? Was it not their right to receive an envelope for petrol? Why on earth should someone think that Fru Ndi alone should be the one to refuse reimbursement for money he has spent on a national issue? Why on earth should someone linked that to bribery?
Even if provision was not made for their transport, it was their right to ask. No where on earth will any government invite such personalities on such a national issue and will not budget for their transport, lodging and feeding.
In general, do you know how much money was budgeted and spent to realised ELECAM?
Only a big fool can open his filthy mouth on such an issue.NONSENSE!

Posted by Fon | Sunday, 25 February 2007 at 01:51 PM

Here is the source of the "half bread" comments:

“Any half bread that the SDF gets from La Republique is shared amongst Southern Cameroonians,but you guys have never done anything for this people,and are unable to do so now.”

Posted by: Watesih | Monday, 19 March 2007 at 12:22 AM

Feli that is were those two phrases come from.

Hey, Tayong,
Happy birthday. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Now let me try a reponse to one of your posting. You had a doubt if anyone is supporting the SDF or S.C.N.C. for personal gain. Read the second reference that I have above (Monday, 19 March 2007).

Let me take you for a short journey. Are you ready? Okay here you are:

If receiving “half bread” from La Republique is view as a success, then it must have been a goal. You can only succeed in achieving your goal. If you had it as a goal then that speaks volume about the reasons you support that party: to achive your goal.

That was the end of the ride. I hope you had a nice time.


M Nje
Many thanks for all the wishes.Hey,did you forget to state the author of those words? Im afraid you did.Howbeit, I still want to think( or pretend to believe) that everyone in here is fighting for the common good.

After all majority of commentators here live in cosy western environments with whooping incomes every month. Should they be supporting a cause with financial undertones then its tantamount to the Ondo Ndongs and Siyam Siwes .

I will like to take this opportunity this day to call back all Southern Cameroonians who have left this forum to come back to the forum and let's together debate the way forward. They had their opinions which of course counts alot .Let's respectfully and gentlemanly disagree .We live in the West,lets copy the good aspect of their democracy.

Let the Muketes, The BenB,BenF,Teribob,Vally England, etc etc etc regain the forum for meaningful discussions and debates. We cannot all think alike but such differences shoulnt be poisonous daggers at each others ribs. We need all and sundry on baord to build a nation.

So gentlemen tune down and relax.The force of argument is not the argument of insults, rather its the arguments of ideas.

M Nje

I will welcome a discussion with anyone who strongly disagree with many or all of my ideas. But you should have an objective view of facts. Intellectual debates require an open mind, honesty, and objectivity. You cannot wear colored lenses and be objective.

Which words are you referring to? I will be willing to provide any author you may need.


Hahaha Tayong,
No blows with Rex.In few weeks i want to walk up to him ,and talk it out face to face.Happy birthday sir.

I got you guys 100%.You know it was actually necessary to bring Rexon to the crossroads,and leave him there for dogs to bark at him.He has exaggerated his character assassination of Anglophones.Imagine that when we lost prominent Anglophones a week ago, he bullheadedly insisted on discussing the NW/SW divide,and the death of these greats did not mean anything to him.When the
Bali/Bawock crises broke out he jumped on the bandwagon to further keep tensions rife.
Nico Halle a Cpdm hand came out ,and appealed to the two brotherly camps to cool down,but Rexon who claims to speak for Anglophones here prefers to brand people Barbarians for a week.Where are the qualities of a leader therefore? During the
UB crises he ,and Fritzane started diverting
people`s attention from the issues of the day with useless fuss about Fru Ndi.He even
prescribed sniper methoods,and exchanged e-mails with thousands of people,but it ended there.These are the CPdm tactics he has been taught to use to water down our grievances anytime we are in crises.
Imagine that Rexon has persistently been picking on all prominent Anglophones,and telling the world that they are dangerous to the people of Southern Cameroons,but when it
was said here that his own brother dined with Cpdm gurus like Charles Doumba,he said
it was when his brother was a student.This implies that the child soldiers we see clutching weapons in war torn countries will
not kill their enemies because they are children.A smart guy like Eric Chinje who risked his life by asking tough questions to Biya,something he was not authorised to do cannot be treated in public with disdain,by a so called freedom fighter who has never wrestled with fire.Before Titanji was made
Rector,Rexon was already insulting him on-line.We can`t continue to see this lack of respect for others.
The other one who calls himself Fritzane should continue calling people murderers.If
he forces my hand ,i will publish his full names here,and his hide out,then he will know how bad character assassination is.I had already warned Kiki that we can disagree
but we must be civil enough.But it seems some people only understand the language of confrontation.

M Nje,
Before writing any single word,i always measure its impact on my readers.I repeat again that," The half bread the SDF has been wrestling from La Republique is better than your internet freedom fighting."
Here I`m comparing two groups,and their output.You people have never brought home any game.Biya has abandoned Southern Cameroonians,and the SDF has taken the pains
to wipe the tears on our eyes more than your sophistery;"Southern Cameroons will be free
at all cost!" .How? By turning left ,and right stabbing fellow brothers? Rubbish!
Hamas ,the Palestinians Liberation movement
practically has different agendas with Iran,
but they have come together to fight off what they see as a common enemy.Where have you read Palestinians picking on any of their leaders,and prominent sons.We are going to continue fighting the Cpdm here on this forum.Those who want to heed to Rexon ,not to discuss the SDF,and other burning issues about Cameroon,so he could have enough allowance to hit on all our prominent
brothers should continue!

Fritzane Kiki HK

Do you want me to tell you how many souls have gone in the name of NJFN?I don't want to go into his personal life but know his hand is in the death of John Kohtem and others who kicked the bucket and gave up the ghost some time ago.You know it very well.That notwithstanding he has the guts to continue unveiling his lack of leadership and exposing his doom in public.

What can he proudly say he has achieved after 17 years,apart from helping the CPDM achieving their goals of multi-partism?Why are you people still locked in the wilderness on innocence while orientating your younger ones that one day a metaphysical phylosophy will glorify NJFN as a 'president' in La Republique?He has been advised time and again not to render himself with the least contemplation of joining his CPDM counterparts while receieving his full stepends and other benefits.How do we differentiate a conmen from those who have the priveledge to collect money from the government illegally or in hiding and despite his exposition and revelation of fraudulent activities,he remains adamant to tell his people he did so or is now doing so?

You have always been a great divertor in this forum.Whenever your uncle NJFN makes a speech and others decry it,you are the first to be victimised.When you first came into this forum where you not the one telling people that you were in London together with your friend Akoson whereas you guys were in China Mainland?Please don't let me go into the history of this forum.You can be saying those things to newbies not an old forum member like myself.You always like to know me personally of which it will not help us in this forum.I don't know you and I don't hope to.How does my business or teaching in Hong Kong got to do with the dirty lining Fru Ndi is exposing in public?I have been telling you and Klemenceau time and again that I am not a politician and neither am I an SDF sympatiser nor a CPDM agent as you say.I will boldly remain a critic.Go tell Fru on the Ntarikom mountains.My level of education is ok to see what mess NJFN has put Camerooonians into and my level of English is ok for me to teach university students English Language here in Hong Kong,my level of education is enough to be a renown businessman in Cameroon.My level of education is ok to be the chairman of SDF,if a bookseller can be chairman what more of me.Go tell Fru Ndi or his heirarchy in Mvomeka.I got nothing to loose.I don't beg for crumps from the ruling government.

Take it or leave it,I remain spell-bound to correct all those whims and caprices that vast majority of Cameroonians (SDF militants in particular)have also been criticising.I am a Cameroonian and I will not sit,to tolerate NJFN's incompetence to contain Bi Mvondo over the years.I will not remain to watch like a spectator or a hand-clapper like you guys who propagate in favor of your uncle and still hope to see NJFN bring glory to 'his' people one day.As egoistic as you guys are you think dragging or cajoling individuals here will help Fru achieve his goals,you are misconstruing yourselves.I will never condone with lies-tellers and make false utterances that go a long way to betray my people.No matter how you guys connive with your Ntarikom uncle you will not succeed in your vicious circle of witch-hunters.I am not insultive despite all these words that needs violent reproaches.

Don't bother I know how to deal with these bootlickers who think being the nephew of NJFN means they should close their eyes to castigate all sorts of mismanagement,misleadership and failures he has all these years been pursuing.

As for you,your father was supposed to be in prison now but he is in the parliament.I know you personally.When I criticised why your Father Fon Doh was released you could bear the brunt to violently reproach me.I will always remain me.Sorry I will continue to be a professor right here in Hong Kong.Go to hell.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Professor Fritzane,
Thanks a lot. It has just come out as i said.You are now a professor in Hongkong,
not a business man? Hahahahah! Sorry! Misrepresentation,arrogance.Continue,from Professor i will bring you down to where you belong.What is divertor? Professor my foot!
By misrepresenting yourself,you are even more dangerous than Paul Biya who steals openly.

Fritzane Kiki HK

If you lack words try and be reading other people's write-ups.You always try to distract readers here.Your foolish and arrogant uncle have failed.If he was wise enough he could have stepped down ever since.He has dismissed all prominent members from 'His'party.Sometimes you continue to write to attack individuals telling lies and false accusations but let me tell you that you don't know me and I am not interested in knowing you.Why worry?

Watesih of London is now Watesih of Nanjing,China.Why were you first of all telling lies.Hong Kong is part of China and I will remain here while I carry out my business and my job together.Please you will only be successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile good by accepting that your uncle has been failing and he is still failing.Go tell him he needs a different strategy to counter the ruling CPDM

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Professor Fritzane,
Very good.It seems you can`t make a clear distinction between Watesih and Akoson .I know you,and i`m still calling on you to be more civile the way you treat others.I will get you out of your hiding place in doses.Today`s dose is enough, because you have been made to add another title of Professor to your former title of businessman.That is really incredible.I don`t remember anybody on this forum having a debate about where Watesih lives in the world.We are making where you live an issue
because we know you well,but you erroneously think you can be a ghost.You should first of all tell some truth about yourself,and show some humility before trying to denigrate others.If i really want to embarrass you,you will be completely speechless here.


Off the road completely!
This has now turned more personal here. Please lets exercise restrain and stay focused. We should not use this space to settle personal scores with others. There is a bigger problem, but spending time and resources on internal minor differences within us only increases the bigger problem. We all have a right to our opinion but most of the time that opinion is irrelevant to the subject. Lets apply reason and common sense. The parliament is foul and anybody who disagrees with this should not be on the throat of the SDF or forum members. If the parliament was not a hijacked body, the SCNC would have been using it as a tool to their course.(a bill to call for a referandum). Change is want we dream of, for the people not for a few.


Professor Fritzane

"Watasih,You have always been a great divertor in this forum.Whenever your uncle NJFN makes a speech and others decry it,you are the first to be victimised."

Others decry and Watesih is victmised; why?
I can´t follow what the Professor is trying to put across.

Watesih, don´t you think it is a complete waste of time to engage in an argument with a nonentity?
The issues raised by Fru Ndi above are so pertinent and shouldn´t call for any controversy. Any one attempting to point a finger at Fru Ndi for questioning the conduct of the upcoming elections is either not normal upstairs or has an ulterior motive to accomplish. It is completely absurd that young Cameroonians are insulting Fru Ndi for the simply fact that he is trying to point out the danger of elections being conducted by MINATD, that will always rig it. What kind of debate can one engage in with guys that have such a mentality? It is unbelievable.

Any of them who thinks he is normal upstairs, thinks he has a point that can move Cameroon forward and wants to engage in a meaningful debate with me, should address the points raised by Fru Ndi and point out the weakness in what he said.

Aunty J.

Hey Guys!!

This forum is an intellectual platform to exchange constructive ideas and not a score-settling arena. Why don't you guys exchange emails and do your berating there. Stay focused!!!!


You raised a very pertinent issue up there worthy of discussion. "...If the parliament was not a hijacked body, the SCNC would have been using it as a tool to their course.(a bill to call for a referandum)....

I supposed you meant the SDF not the SCNC ,because if my memory doesnt fail me the SCNC is not in parliament. Your statement if correct ushers in a strong debate.



On the political battlefield, objections usually amounts to a charge against the political leaders. In a complex situation like the case of our country and our seemingly tribalistic mentality, such objections touches on the character of individuals and the way that links to party and government philosophies. I have lived in corrupt free sweden and now i am living in politically corrupt UK. In sweden for example, when any politician does'nt pay his TV licence, it is said, when anyone does'nt pay his taxes it is said, etc. If someone beats his wife, it is said. The reason why politics can't be differentiated with the lives of politicians is because, these people sets the lines of ideology, are role models. We all know that the language of their critics sometimes might be inflated, but the target should be reasonable and should make sense. The state and its political players should exhort to virtue in a way that reflects the aspirations of its ideologies. But when these players go against their own ideologies and tries to set the grounds of what is deemed sayable and patrol these boundaries, we need to be able to resist them. That should be our form of "political correctness". If you look keenly, the NEW SDF is susceptible to several allegations. It has developed thesame mentality of pompous speeches, tribalism and nepotism. This are all the values that we all criticised from the Biya regime and joined them. Look at all those close to NJFN. Look at the government he appointed. Look at those who support him, I think it is high time Africans delve deeper into both the prejudices and the private behaviour of its citizens, groups of people and sought to reform both. Traditionally, the explicit morality of a state has been to criminalise Theft, treachery, violence, etc. But as you will see, these same things are not being criminalised in one part and used in another part to gain political favours. Since the Bawock crises was at its peak, did you see any political player speak? They all wanted votes, so they could not stop the Bali's halfway. They allowed them to destroy the Bawocks and they say they live in Ntarikom, ha ha ha. Now, Nico Halle is coming and his tribemen have given him the Baton. Ha Ha Ha.

Some private behaviour and tribal policies has public consequences and if we ignore them, then the welfare of the state is at stake. Besides, we create dictators in trying to ignore vices that should be said in most circumstances.

As you might also want to know. I dont have anything against Watesih and even those like Vito who are saying that they are targeting my family. I have something against the lies that they are telling my people and i will still work hard to destroy their network of evil. As you see, Vito is now the favourite of Watesih, Vito, who called for the Bawocks to be driven to the western province, ha ha ha. If i tolerate free-riders, i will directly or indirectly pay the price of their irresponsibility and i have found that trust to educate them.



On the political battlefield, objections usually amounts to a charge against the political leaders. In a complex situation like the case of our country and our seemingly tribalistic mentality, such objections touches on the character of individuals and the way that links to party and government philosophies. I have lived in corrupt free sweden and now i am living in politically corrupt UK. In sweden for example, when any politician does'nt pay his TV licence, it is said, when anyone does'nt pay his taxes it is said, etc. If someone beats his wife, it is said. The reason why politics can't be differentiated with the lives of politicians is because, these people sets the lines of ideology, are role models. We all know that the language of their critics sometimes might be inflated, but the target should be reasonable and should make sense. The state and its political players should exhort to virtue in a way that reflects the aspirations of its ideologies. But when these players go against their own ideologies and tries to set the grounds of what is deemed sayable and patrol these boundaries, we need to be able to resist them. That should be our form of "political correctness". If you look keenly, the NEW SDF is susceptible to several allegations. It has developed thesame mentality of pompous speeches, tribalism and nepotism. This are all the values that we all criticised from the Biya regime and joined them. Look at all those close to NJFN. Look at the government he appointed. Look at those who support him, I think it is high time Africans delve deeper into both the prejudices and the private behaviour of its citizens, groups of people and sought to reform both. Traditionally, the explicit morality of a state has been to criminalise Theft, treachery, violence, etc. But as you will see, these same things are not being criminalised in one part and used in another part to gain political favours. Since the Bawock crises was at its peak, did you see any political player speak? They all wanted votes, so they could not stop the Bali's halfway. They allowed them to destroy the Bawocks and they say they live in Ntarikom, ha ha ha. Now, Nico Halle is coming and his tribemen have given him the Baton. Ha Ha Ha.

Some private behaviour and tribal policies has public consequences and if we ignore them, then the welfare of the state is at stake. Besides, we create dictators in trying to ignore vices that should be said in most circumstances.

As you might also want to know. I dont have anything against Watesih and even those like Vito who are saying that they are targeting my family. I have something against the lies that they are telling my people and i will still work hard to destroy their network of evil. As you see, Vito is now the favourite of Watesih, Vito, who called for the Bawocks to be driven to the western province, ha ha ha. If i tolerate free-riders, i will directly or indirectly pay the price of their irresponsibility and i have found that trust to educate them.


Sorry for the double posting, it was a technical problem.


The SCNC is not using arms struggle. The parliament as a legislative body fostering unity should as well be used if the terms of unity are not being respected.
Unity was a "willingness". Rules should be followed and laws respected if divorce has to be peaceful. Otherwise denounce all & take weapons.

Let the parliament debate their decision to separate before international bodies are petitioned, then last resort...if all fails.



Liar, Lies, Lies and all lies. it is because of your mean lies that i find it difficult to leave you people of the SDF enslave my people.

Who said this?

"but when it was said here that his own brother dined with Cpdm gurus like Charles Doumba,he said it was when his brother was a student."

Was i the one who told this forum that my elder brother sympatises with the CPDM and i dont agree with him for that or someone else?

Fritzane, you see, i always say the truth. I will repeat that some Northwesteners are the most tribalistic groups of people i have ever met in my life. When they see ills in NJFN, they just try to cover it up. I cannot be such mean, even though i am a Northwestener. I do not find it hard to believe that they will treat political discourse against NJFN with such biases. The law against discrimination is a law for all and acts in the cause of freedom. It should act in favour of tribal minorities and we should be able to observe a new order that progressively removes this legal disadvantages of the under-priviledge. In the case of minorities, we should employ positive discrimination, that should the seriousness and the consequences of attacks on them. Beating someone because you dont like his race if one of the worst things we can imagine. That is what the Watesih's, Fons are doing here. Hear what they have to say about our private University in Tali:

Kiki, Just like the CPDM fon sent his SDF people to kill the Bawocks because according to him they are Bamilikies, NJFN is happy with the status quo and does not want to intervene, because, he thinks his people (he Bali's) own that land and he also needs the votes of the Bamilikies. So his followers are now praising Nico Halle, a CPDM for coming out of slumber to rescue the the Balis and the Bawocks. Since when did the SDF people of Bali and Bawock started listening to a CPDM? Your answer is as good as mine. Tribal prejudices.

Fritzane, when i started criticising the Balis for having destroyed the properties of the Bawocks, the first Watesih told this forum was that he thought i was a Northwestener. Must i be an Anti-Northwestener if i put forwards the ills of the people? Even Vito and Big Joe who were strongly for the fact that the Bawocks should be driven out of the Northwest and sent to the western province was appealing to him. I told him frankly that i can never go that mean to gain the sympathy of others. Now he is praising Nico Halle, Achidi Achu, Titanji and NEVER, i mean NEVER would he praise Njeuma, Inoni, Musonge. If anyone praises them, he turn on him and call him a CPDM, but when he turns around and praised thesame people who are thesame CPDM like Nico Halle, Eric Chinje, Titanji, he only does that because they are his tribesmen.

Fritzane, this are thesame people who will go around criticising the Bayangi's for trying to create their own universities. But when someone goes forward to show them classified evidence that their leaders of the SDF are living by far more than their means, they will say he is a CPDM agent. Kiki, you will understand that, i only came to this forum when i saw classified evidence that SDF pundits are using the party just to colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy and in return, they are being paid secretly by Biya and co. Before, i was anti you, Vally of England, Terribobs, Ben B, Ngwasiri brother in London, Mukete, etc. Watesih himself can testify this. He use lies and lies to destroy my reputation in this forum, but when i ask him questions in these regards, he runs aways from answering them. He has developed a new theme, that i said i have assisted in the deportation of Southern Cameroonians from the UK, but when i ask him to bring the link, he cannot do it. Ha Ha Ha. Wonders shall never end.


Happy Birthday Tayong, May God's abundant blessings be your portion.

You have finally landed. You have unconsciously brought to light the reason you can commit suicide because of Fru Ndi.
Hear you:

"He has dismissed all prominent members from 'His'party"

So your problem with Fru Ndi is that one of yours was dismissed from the SDF? What you fail to understand is the fact that the SDF is too big for any body to dictate or overwrite her policies. Even Fru Ndi can't impose a decision on the SDF. The SDF is owned by the people and all the decisions in the party are arrived at with the consent of the people. So if someone you admire was dismissed from the party, it means the person went against the will of the people (the SDF family). The SDF doesn't and will never welcome people who run their mouths. The SDF need selfless and straight forward people.
Kiki, many people have lost their lives because of the SDF not because of Fru Ndi. Those heroes who died in the SDF were fighting for freedom, and social justice which the SDF stand for.
I understand that you and others who hate Fru Ndi would have loved to see him implicated and sentenced for the death of Diboule. But you surely watched with dismay as this clean and straight forward man was interrogated several times but he came out clean.
After your types (those who hate and are jealous of Fru Ndi) failed to implicate Fru Ndi in the Diboule murder, they turned around and framed up a story that Fru Ndi bribed the prosecutor. Today the main actor in the murder of Diboule Ben Muna is moving freely protected by his brother Yang Philomen and the CPDM. But because the devil will never give up in his mission, you guys are still bent on blackmailing and assassinating Fru Ndi’s character.
You should continue to deceive yourself that you are not interested in politics. Who doesn't know that you fervently stood behind Ben Muna when you had hopes that he will take over the SDF? Or you wanted to tell this forum that you have retired from politics because Ben Muna whom you whole heartedly supported finally met his waterloo?
My prayer is that Fru Ndi should never be tempted to touch a single franc that will implicate him. If he does, he will fine himself behind bars. The CPDM has employed people who are working 24/7 to implicate this straight forward and an exemplary Southern Cameroonian. God forbid.




Hi rexon,you got it wrong;the admonition was for Watesih.He's got family back home and i know what you CENER guys are capable of.Its your favourite sport.Thanks



Good points up there. You see, Southern Cameroon part of The Cameroons has remained loyal to the SDF,no squams over that. Secondly the SDF sympathises and supports the Southern Cameroon course(whether secretly or openly) but what baffles every Southern Cameroonian is the inability of the SDF whose base is in Southern Cameroon to table a bill that elucidate the aspiration of its supporters.

That was Feko's demise , that was Dr Anyangwe's as well as late Dr Luma. Im glad a diehard SDF like you is talking the same language. It isnt suicidal for the SDF to table a bill to this effect.I put my two elder brothers(high SDF officials) to task recently over the reason for which the present SDF shies away from discussing the Southern Cameroon problem openly and all he could tell me like his friend Watesih was ..."the SDF has a plan of Kilum-Fako state " which according to him handles the anglophone issue.

My question is this: We all wish the SDF well but supposed the SDF never ascends to power how will this plan ever be executed given that there's just no bill that threatens the regime to respect the Southern Cameroon identity in The Unions of The Cameroons?

This is the thousand dollar question. Polemics or not , every Southern Cameroonian is in the same soup. Even those of them in Parliament are feeling the pinch of being from the "other" side . So what way forward?
Is it suicidal for the SDF to reveal its support for the inevitable?


I will appreciate if someone can clarify me on this attitude some contributors have got on this forum.

Why is it that anyone who criticizes the SDF or talks ill about the party is always branded a CPDM Agent, CENER Agent etc.
I understand some of the criticism might not be well intentioned. But is it also possible that the SDF and its leadership donot err. Or are they above criticism?

Just like some here criticizes SCNC Members/sympathizers of being Internet Freedom fighters, can we truely accept that the SDF can win elections with the present political dispensation and government in Cameroon. Can a typical Anglophone agree that the Francophones will be comfortable with an Anglophone as leader and pulling the shots at Etoudi? We all got our experiences. But do they always translate to reality on the ground?

The SDF is doing exactly the same thing the SCNC is doing. Dreaming that they can achive CHANGE by continuous talking and granting press conferences. You are operating in Africa for God sake.
Now that the SDF Leadership has already anticipated fraud and rigging in the upcoming elections, what are they doing to preempt this happening. This is where they should be strategising. And the best thing is to make sure the election doesnot go ahead. Since we donot have an independent Judiciary where they can put forward a strong case, what is the next option?

If the leading opposition party in Cameroon is what its salt, then it should call and organize MASSIVE protests to force the regime to change its stand. This will also test its present POPULARITY.
Except the SDF hasnot got a visionary leader anymore.
Fru Ndi, show us and the world that you are still the man whom Sauveteurs and Bayam Sellams could die for.
Call and arrange for National Protests until the Government changes its stance. It will be a show of your popularity and test for the credibility of the SDF.
You always say. Power to the People. So can you now use this people power to force the regime change. Surely for 16 years now, there must be something that you and the SDF has not appreciated or done well to force Biya out. Except there is some collusion between you and Biya or the SDF and the CPDM. We are waiting.

If you remember very well, you almost crucified me on this forum when I said Akoson was an impostor, when he claimed of being at the London School of Economics.
From there he disappeared to Massachusetts Instutute of Technology. Surely he is now in Oxford. You can now take the cue and play the detective. I am waiting for your investigations on Professor Kiki F of Hongkong. Goodluck!


Sorry folks, the statement above should read 'worth its salt' not 'what its salt'


Mr Kiki,

U surprise me alot with you way of rationing. I think U're just being biaised as said by Clemeceau.
The actual reason Fru Ndi or a member óf scnc can't rule in La Repubblique is thanks to the fact that, people, like Kiki, whom now stays out of their country and claim not to be involoved in the democracy upgrading of their country are the ones who can bring changes.
to be sincered, if more than half of Cameroonians living abroad decides to return home,especially the literate persons or serious business men like Kiki,coupled with the present situation of the country, then i think, other countries will sit, read and watch programs on 'mini war' in Cameroon.
It is because you are out the country that is why u can write rubbish of that sort.

Please lets always try to be open minded when commenting or try to substantiate our arguments.




All we must agree is that, the SDF is now a Northwest affair.


73 Percent of all NEC members are Northwesteners.

More than 70 percent of his recent shadow cabinet Ministers are Northwesteners.

92 Percent of all those who are still hoping to vote for him are Northwesteners.

100 percent of all the most powerful positions of the party is occupied by Northwesteners.

The Northwest should be careful the way it is marketing itself in the political arena. Those still supporting this party are doing so out of tribalistic prejudices. They know they cannot defeat Biya and only tribalistic prejudices can still push someone to this political party turned business entity. Our political conciousness cannot be reduced to begging from La Republique. As we all know, only friends and tribes have benefitted from this political party turned business institution. The SDF is being used as the Foncha's/Muna's were used to destroy our aspiration for an independent statehood and if this trend continue, then we shall live to regret. We of the NW that supports people because they are our tribesmen would be held responsible.

Those who have ears should listen, those who have eyes should see. This should no longer be an NW affair, essp. as this Ntarikom politician is taking us for the upcoming elections instead of calling for a revolution against the regime by Southern Cameroonians. He has had enormous possibilities, the UB shooting, the Bali Bawock dispute, but he has preffered to stand innocent and wait for press conferences. This shows that, he has become a sub-section leader of the CPDM, interested only in colouring La Republique as a multi-party democracy. We must stand up, otherwise, the Southern Cameroons will remain thesame and we will all be mocked at.



Sorry I missed your comments directed to me. Well I definitely know where you're coming from Rexon(I dont mean origin!) and maybe have a philosophy abit different from mine. Of course you have the right to your opinion on the way forward but I think the Western examples you gave to sustain personal attacks in national issues may not tie in with what I meant.

You cited that the lives of public figures should be under the public eye and I agree in toto with you but then let me go memory laying for you to see there has been alot of personal attacks that had nothing to do with public figures scrutinization you mentioned.

A person who pokes into Muna's family to show he hasnt been able to control his family when the topic was whether Muna was constitutionally right to organise a counter party conference in Yde, another leaves debating whether Mr Fru Ndi's balance sheet merits him being there to talking about Fru Ndi sleeping with his Seceretary General, another leaves talking about independent candidacy to be encouraged to pouncing one someone's level of English and asking him to go back to school, another takes pleasure painting his imaginary opponents as black and not thier policies etc etc,...

Can all these still be considered as scrutinising Public figures Rexon? Of course not.These are all mean debates,lacking substance and showing how the individuals are.We need mature minds with coolheadedness to discuss national issues except people have personal stakes, which I will still believe no one in here has.

Cheers man



As usual you will always accuse Fru Ndi and the SDF for not reacting to crisis situations. I remember some of you poured out venom on the Fru Ndi and the SDF when the U.B crisis was going on. But when the SDF addressed the situation, you were blind to see it.
Rexon, In an attempt to answer your question as to whether Fru Ndi can ever become the President of Cameroon, ( I won't say La Republic because Fru Ndi is fighting for a Federal Cameroon) I will say it can be possible. But I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the SDF is playing a very important role in Cameroon. I don't think the sole aim of the SDF is to get to the presidency. You know as I know that you will never see anything good the SDF has done for the Cameroonians.
Rexon, I want to tell you that I don't care much whether Fru Ndi can become the president of Cameroon or not. What is most important to me is the role the party is playing to ensure that economic, political and social reforms are put in place. If Fru Ndi can't be the president but can successfully fight through the SDF to make sure there is social justice in Cameroon, I believe this will do.
From every indication, you believe the main goal of the SDF is to get to the presidency. This is not true, vying for the presidency is just part of the SDF mission and it is not the most important. What is important is to see a Cameroon free of social injustices, corruption, tribalism, nepotism etc.
Rexon, take this again. If Fru Ndi was really corrupt as you have been claiming, he would have been behind bars now. The CPDM and its agent have done all to silence Fru Ndi and will not see a chance to do so and allow it go. So Mr. Rexon, tell us with facts that Fru Ndi is corrupt, stop shouting in the air. The only evidence you have against Fru Ndi which is out of place is that he is renting his house to PMUC or that he took money from the CPDM to take care of his late wife before she died.


I think you're giving more credence to the Ricardos and Fokams if you have to talk about NW and SW each time you write. If the SDF has a problem , it does reverberate through the whole Southern Cameroon territory .

Can you call me please. All attempts to reach you have failed. Please call me.


I said it above that ignorance would cause some of us to disgrace ourselves to the point of pain.
When Fritzane Kiki makes such a statement
"...What can he proudly say he has achieved after 17 years,apart from helping the CPDM achieving their goals of multi-partism?...", one can only nod his or her at such folly. I say so because firstly, the manifesto of the SDF clearly defines the main goal of the SDF as seeking to get to power to introduce a strong and candid social democracy in Cameroon. So until the SDF accedes to presidential power, there is no way one would assess its achievements and by implicatin that of its leader without bias. Secondly, the statement from Kiki above reveals the level of internet politicians we have on these blogs. People who have no idea of our political history but always wish to force their opinions down the throats of others. Get this clear once and for all.The CPDM HAS NEVER HAD MULTIPARTISM AS ITS GOAL. Indeed, the CPDM's demise started when a courageous leader tabled applications for the legalisation of a political party in Bamenda. Seeing their existence threatened with such a move, CPDM fought vehemently against the legalisation. Benjamin Itoe,Achidi Achu, John Niba Ngu etc organised marches along the streets of Cameroon singing "Dimabola Paul Biya ma so la..." calling for Biya NOT to heed to internal and external pressure for multipartism. But of course, people's power was stronger and their leadership steadfast, so that within a year multipartism came,giving way for the legalisation of more than 100 political parties. This is the first achievement of the SDF and its leader, eventhough the party could not claim of even a single councillor.
Furthermore, when an amateur continues with such a statement " ...How do we differentiate a conmen from those who have the priveledge to collect money from the government illegally or in hiding and despite his exposition and revelation of fraudulent activities,he remains adamant to tell his people he did so or is now doing so?..." I am forced to believe either some of us can not read and understand or we have a special mission to deviate meaningful díscussions on such fori. I say so because militants of the SDF know that their party is the only party which has instituted discipline at all levels in Cameroon's political scenery. In the SDF,no one is above the law. The party has sanctioned parliamentarians and mayors guilty of corruption like the case of Hon. Tchoua Jean-Pierre or other malpractices such as drug-trafficking.A recent case in point is that of Dr. Kago Lele, the mayor of Bafoussam. The party preferred the collective resignation of 16 councillors who sided with Kago Lele than to have the accusations of corruption mar its image. Those who know Kago Lele can testify that his vote patterns in NEC would attribute him to being a Fru Ndi "loyal" (whatever that means). But that did not stop NEC from sanctioning him.
So in the SDF, there are no untouchables or protegees, so if you have any evidence of a corrupt politician in the SDF, I would advise you to forward the file to NEC through the SG copying as many NEC members as you want. Otherwise those who claim to know of corrupt SDF parliamentarians and their accounts in London and can not bring facts to buttress their claims, stand accused of being cheap and ignorant provacateurs with the single agenda of preventing political change of Cameroon by ALL means. Such persons, we have learnt over the years, are most probably to be on a VERY SPECIAL MISSION.


You have raised pertinent issues that can necessitate a good debate to take off.I can never compare you with Rexon and Kiki who are arrogant and have no sense of direction.
We may differ in opinions, but I respect your approach. I cannot be calling on readers to ignore you as I have done concerning rexon who I consider a disgrace.Only a mad person will read what you have written and call you a CPDM agent.It is your own way of seeing things probably because you are not well informed. Therefore it is not true that anybody who critizes the SDF is branded a CPDM agent. Has someboy ever branded you and Tayong as CPDM agents?

"I understand some of the criticism might not be well intentioned. But is it also possible that the SDF and its leadership donot err. Or are they above criticism?"

It is good that you have the feeling that the ctiticisms are not well intensioned. No one says the SDF does not err or is above criticism, however, the criticism must be constructive with the intention of moving us forward.
Spako, may be those of us fighting to see the SDF stay afloat do not see her short comings again; in this light can you point out to me where the chairman of the SDF went wrong during the press conference whose news we are discussing, that necissitated Rexon and Kiki to call him a murderer? Please point out to me what he said during that press conference that should be censured.

From the points that you have raised, you have the same worries that I have,but I have some answers because I am more informed of the situation on the ground. Politics is politics. Initially the SDF had a plan to boycott the elections if ELECAM is not put in place. But as you know, Ben Muna who is being sponsored by the CPDM will take advantage to go to Parliament to form an alliance with the cpdm if the SDF does not take part in the elections. Yon can see that the SDF is now fighting on two fronts, the CPDM on one and Ben Muna on the other. The SDF has decided to silence MUNA first by making sure he doesnot take any advantage to get to parliament.

"If the leading opposition party in Cameroon is what its salt, then it should call and organize MASSIVE protests to force the regime to change its stand. This will also test its present POPULARITY"
Good argument there. But when you talk of its popularity, you compare to which other party? I guess you mean its popularity compared to the CPDM? Because if the people do not come out to protest against the government, it can be concluded that the government is popular, but is that the case? What I want to point out here is the apathy of the electorates. Cameroonians have surrendered their faith to Biya. They complained that they sacrified a lot during the days of ghost town and never realised anything. This means they are nolonger willing to fight for what is theirs. If you want to think that Fru Ndi is responsible for the general apathy, have you asked yourself why those who disagreed with the SDF, went and formed their own parties have not succeeded? If Fru Ndi was what some want us want others to believe, Ngwasiri would not have gone to him to apologize.

Spako, I do apologize that I am the one who was against you when you kept calling Akoson an impostor. It was not even Watesih who attacked you on the issue.

Let the world judge our level of maturity and how responsible we can be from our ideas.
Spako,you have the right of your opinion and I do respect it, but my advice to you is to distant yourself from people like Rexon and kiki, else you will soil you name.This is an honest advice.


I like the way you present facts unlike the other gentlemen who might or might not be speaking for the SDF. But permit me bring you back to this statement of yours which in my opinion is seriously flawed .You wrote..... until the SDF accedes to presidential power, there is no way one would assess its achievements and by implicatin that of its leader without bias......

Mr Feli , I beg to seriously differ with you here. The leading opposition party in the country with a shadow cabinet to its credits can be unbiasely assessed without bias

1. They form a parlaimentary group with a group leader
2.They have parliamentarians mandated by the people to represent them
3. They coontrol councils with some degree of financial automomy with the exception of Govt Delegate controlled ones.

All these are by implication answerable to the leadership of the party for their stewardship and de facto the leader is assessible by the electorate or the people.

Kiki might have erred but I go by your statements and not Kikis.
Cheers and goodluck with the party.


I see you are gradually trying to make us understand that in Cameroon, it is the SDF that dictates the pace of political discourse. I say so because there is a news item here on the SCNC and their released leaders, instead of commenting on future strategies to achieve their goals, our internet freedom fighters simply choose to harp on the SDF. It pleases me a lot because it gives some of us the opportunity to realise that even in the diaspora Fru Ndi is the man of the day and the SDF is the party of the hour. Thank you very much.

But I would not end without revealing that ignorant and dishonest style of your. You come in with very fraudulent and baseless statistics trying to ignite NW/SW debate, thinking that ALL of us are fools. Well, if you think the others are, I am NOT.I will correct you point after point.


You say "...73 Percent of all NEC members are Northwesteners..." WRONG!!!. 38% of elected NEC members hail from the NW province and the total anglophoe proportion in NEC is just below 50%.

You further say "...More than 70 percent of his recent shadow cabinet Ministers are Northwesteners..." WRONG. 18 of the 36 members of the shadow cabinet are anglophones, making it 50 percent anglophones. Of those 18, 12 hail from the NW making it 33 % contrary to the fictitious 70% you mention above.

You say "...92 Percent of all those who are still hoping to vote for him are Northwesteners..."WRONG. Even the frauded presidential elections apportion more than 50% of the SDF votes to areas out of the NW especially West, Littoral and SW!

You say "...100 percent of all the most powerful positions of the party is occupied by Northwesteners." WRONG. While the Chairman hails from the NW, his first vice hails from the west, second vice from the SW, 3rd vice from Adamawa, 4th vice from the SW(female) and 5th vice from Littoral. As for the SGs, the SG hails from te NW (female), her 1st vice hails from Littoral while the 2nd vice hails from the West. The national treasurer hails from the West and is resident in Douala. The national organising secretary hails from Lebialem and is residet in Kumba. The national secretary for political education and training hails from the west and is resident in Limbe. So where for Christ's sake is this figure of 100% NW from?
Rexon from the above, you have inherited Mukete's style to spread falsehood about the SDF here to the satisfaction of your CPDM paymasters. Let those who always doubted Rexon's mission use the above to know the class of person we are dealing with on this forum. Rexon - the liar, the fraud and the confusionist. Big shame.


Look Raxon
I am forced to be part of the forum now because of the disgusting arguments I have long been reading from this you. What I will ask you today is what makes you so sure that a division from la republic is the ideal solution to southern Cameroonian? The song you sing all the time you here of Fru Ndi is that, La republic will never let a southern Cameroonian to power. You are so blind and blocked headed to also see and think the same that they will never ever, ever let go of the fertile farm land and oil and resources they exploit from us.

Don’t claim to be a patriot Anglophone Cameroonian because you have no points but selfish, biased and brain washed approaches you may have been paid to expose hoping that you will pull the others to follow. The side you have chosen is another hope for the Anglophone Cameroon but not the ultimate. If the South Africans or the black Africans were as such, then they would have long given up before Nelson was liberated or Luther king killed.

You think the SDF is over due with no results don’t you? There are already a lot of results you are enjoy and there are still more to come. So Mr Raxon and the anti Fru Ndis, stop insulting the man who has made you enjoy the few rights you enjoy when ever those freaks in uniform at the Douala airport are about to skin your asses upon arrival from this end. When they here you speak in English you can bear with me that they always say I quote "Ca var, ce les enfant de Fru Ndi ills song tres tres malade". Why? Because they know that almost every english speaking person (except you may be )loves Fru Ndi and is a straight person like him and will not want to be exploited.

Wake up raxon


Thanks for your comment.
When answering Kiki, I chose to dwell on the executive than on the legislative or local government. I did that because in Cameroon, the executive directly controls legislative and LGs either through dcrees or government delegates. So it would not be fair to assess an SDF council which is under a CPDM government delegate as an SDF achievement or under-achievement as the case may be. In parliament, SDF parliamentary Group has been tabling private member bills on the IECs,Anglophone problem etc but the bureau only contemplates on bills sent by government through Gregoire Owona and every other thing is systematically sidelined. As such, you can not assess SDF parliamentarians and their impact on legislation without bias because the whole system is fundamentally flawed.
Thus the only tool we have to assess the SDF's achievements is the performance of individuals in these positions, which varies enormously from case to case. And although the party strives within its limitations to control and oversee the performance of its officials using instruments like the council's Commission, Parliamentary Group, these tools most often work to her detriment because the CPDM seldomly facilitates the replacement of disciplined officials no matter what level. Which implies that party discipline of public officials no matter on what grounds mostly end up in making the party weaker in that entity (less parliamentarians, lesser councillors/mayors etc)
Thus my opinion is for the SDF to be assessed without bias, there must be a system where equal opportunity reigns and where power is closest to the people. This according to me can only be achieved when SDF has presidential power because I don't see the CPDM implementing far-reaching institutional reforms that would impede its grip on absolute power.


Well as an SDF spokeperson I understand your squiz. I will want to take it that Watesih wasn't speaking for the SDF when he told me here that the SDF cannot table any bill in favour of the Southern Cameroon problem because the party operates under a national platform .I understand from you now that the party tables bills to that effect which have all been thrown out.Howbeit let's take another scenario .

It's often said that while hoping for the best prepare for the worst. I dont want to say that the SDF can never rule The Cameroons because Im not God. Let's take the worst case scenario where the French wont dare see Mr Fru Ndi or any SCian(as they've done aforetimes) what strategy will the SDF take? Maybe far from your reach but throwing some light on this will do alot of good to skeptics of this SDF whahala.

Will the SDF remain an everlasting opposition in La Republique's parliament or change strategy.Maybe I give you a clue. Anyangwe,Feko,Luma etc etc all saw red .In case goodluck with the party .


Fon Wrote:

"Spako,you have the right of your opinion and I do respect it, but my advice to you is to distant yourself from people like Rexon and kiki, else you will soil you name"

Have Spako told you anywhere in his write-up that he is writing about me? Gentleman, be mature in your thinking. This begging for friendship is the least i can do to be honest. You always claim that you dont want to talk about me, yet there is not a single write-up of yours that does not carry the name Rexon. Is that not a shame?

Hear what you (Fon) and your brother Watesih said about a private University that intellectuals from Manyu wanted to creat:

You fail to understand that, the Bayangi's have more intellectuals than the whole of Northwest put together. You even went in one other posting which i am still searching to describe a Manyu indigene as primitive. If you cannot support a private initiative, is it when you become president of La Republique through your SDF that you can bring roads to Manyu? This tribalism and ethnic loyalty must stop.

My dear Fon. Grow up and stop that tribalistic leaning of yours. You and I know why you are supporting the SDF and if this party was managed by a Bakweri man, you would have all abandoned it for the CPDM. By the way, how many of you were members of the Liberal democratic Alliance of Mola Njoh Litumbe?

We must support but ideas and strategies and not people and tribesmen and as far as i can understand, the SDF has run out of ideas. Where is the power to the people? Let the SDF presents it new vision for the Southern Cameroons if they have one. We are now celebrating 200 years since the abolition of slavery and we cannot allow another groups of people to continue selling us as slaves to the French. We are now hearing of an Invention called Fako-Kilum. How can you reconcile your talk of Fako Kilum with your chairmans called that the leadership of the SCNC should be arrested and sent to jail?


As long as Southern Cameroonians keep play-acting in Camerounese parliament, i will always criticise. My choice of the SDF is because it is the biggest player in the field and they are claiming to have a vision for us with a certain Fako-Kilum which is just an invention that came when i took its leadership to task.

If you dont see anything wrong with NJFN renting his house to PMUC, I see. According to a recent article in the French daily, Le figaro, the French are worried that about 300.000-400.000 french citizens are becoming addicted to gambling. So they are struggling to export gambling to its colonies. They are about strenghthening the laws in France and forcing the companies to move to its colonies. I cannot tolerate this. Why should NJFN be a party to this?


I will write to you via email. I will be out from the 25th and will be back on the 7th, but i will have another number through which we can discuss. But today, i will still be on with my number.

Tayong, as you will know, some of these things (like tribalism) are not generally good to bring to the attention of the public. sometimes, i like to do things a bit differently, essp if i think it is one of such things that non-comformity embodies my philosophy about it. My evolution has also helped to creat a new level of personal engagement about some issues and i have vowed to use all my powers to fight them. Sometimes, i do like unpopular stories and go against the grain. For example, during the idiosyncratic Bali-Bawock dispute, i went a little bit more contrarian with my drive not to appease the Bali's and to tell them frankly that they are War-Mongering. I knew i will have friends who will be very angry with me for saying so, essp. as they did supported me financially and otherwise during difficult times. Its amazing, it is funny, its tragic, they will ignore, Laugh at me, call me names, but i will win. recall that, when La Republique was politiking here with Fon Ndoh, i was the first to tell Agbormbai that he will be freed. At the time, i was called names, Pessimist, inferior being, etc. But i won. Also, the case of Mounchipou, Ondo Ndong, etc. i told this forum that all La Republique will do with us is acting, they mocked, etc. The HIPC case, etc. My less popular moves and non-comformity is as a result of the wisdom i got from pan-Africanist and others like Dr Mahathir (former PM of Malaysia) whose biographies and ecographies i habitually read.

Politics is a fashion business and i am not a fan to it. It involves dirt throwing and draconian type criticisms, Where words are twisted and rightminded people are streamlined and forced to play a passive role.

As u will realise, i dont bow to pressure and will never do. Anyway, i will try to have a chat with you and others and maybe shape the strategies. I dont want the enemy (La Republique and France) to win in this war and if anyone thinks my policies will help them, then i will back out. As things stand, i am seeing the SDF as helping them and i am strongly against that. Their role in colouring La Republique as a Multi-Party democracy has been benefitting only tribemen, relatives, etc. You will also realise that, i dont discuss the "HOW" because i think that will be a waste of time. I know we all know the "HOW" to bring change in our country but some conspirators cannot give us the chance. So i am focused on defeating them before sitting on a table with rightminded people to discuss the way forward. Has Biya bowed to any of our good suggestions?


I gathered my statistics over the years and i did a headcount and looked at policy documents and realised that those who are not Northwesteners dont have the powers except the name like it happens in the Biya regime. I can also refer you to an article that touuches this. Read postwatchmagazine and do the head count “The North West CPDM is spoiling for a return match with the SDF”.

Dont lie here.




Honestly, i think u are bringing very important points that can help us understand things better and maybe, hope on the party for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons. Maybe, we can discuss privately and someone like myself can change certain views.

Now that they are suffering like this in tabling bills in Camerounese parliament, why dont they just dissolve the party and join us in our street fight with La Republique?


The first and major anglophone problem is division. We don't cooperate. The SCNC does not recognize the SDF as anything, and vice versa. The SCNC is considered an outlawed movement in Cameroon. Any meeting with a legalised body, (party or fon's union)must be under the banner of anglophones, otherswise it cannot happen at all.
All have their ideologies, with the bottom line a better society for all... an end to anglophone marginalization.
The only way forward is for all anglophone groups to meet and decide on a common plan of action. If the anglophones can speak in one voice we will overcome.
Often Palestine is mentioned in this forum. Looking critically you see that they are many Palestinian grps with different views the major actors, Hamas & fatah (SCNC & SDF) not able to come to a compromise. Fatah recognizes Israel and Hamas does not. Where do you place the people you are fighting their rights?
I see a one and strong anglophone movement that will have a veto right in the parliament. We should put our heads together.


Hi all, i read somewhere on the net that they were trying to amend the constitution to permit the president to rule for life. How far is this true. For those of you back home, are you feeling any talk of the such? It would naturally be a declaration of a civil war. I hope it is not true. What do you guys think?



You have made some points up there. But before I comment further I will like to deter you abit from this Anglophone notion to Southern Cameroon. There are many anglophones in Cameroon who aren't southern Cameroonians except they choose to belong there .

Now back to the issues you raised, I may just take you a few years back to 1990. When all Southern Cameroonians gathered together in 1990 for the AAC they was uninamity on all fronts-The Restoration of the Lost Southern Cameroon Identity.

It was just a few years back the SDF was born(child of the ACC), and the same vision continued in there. Then came a suggestion that for concrete and formal action to be taken to foster this agenda a party be formed(and behold the SDF) two years later.

The ideologies you say are different only came later on in the evolution of the SDF which i cannot claim I know how they came about being different(Maybe Feli can expartiate on this). The truth is that the SCNC came out of babylonic wall scenario which the various fronts encountered in their pursuits and therefore decided for a total declaration of complete independence of Southern Cameroon.

The division is idiosyncratic! To me these two are supposed to be two sides of the same coin!


Sincerely, I think the Chairman's press conference reported above gives a vivid description of the position of the party at this point. PREVENT ELECTORAL FRAUD BY ALL MEANS. With this, we can increase our parliamentary seats 4fold from a geopolitical view.The French would have nothing to intervene in, if things go this way. Also,in such a scenario, the anglophone problem would be debated upon and the status of the federation given to the people after a referandum.From that point, either Biya would resign or he will be forced to sit and watch SDF rule Cameroon - foster institutional reforms in the legislature and in the judiciary, implement decentralisation of power to bring power closer to the people, create democratic institutions like an IEC, improve on budget transparency by publishing the revenues from extractive industries, reallocation of resources to benefit all but first and foremost areas of extraction etc etc.

Do not be mistaken. I am not the spokeperson of the party but I am informed because I took off my time to study party documents and the SDF's platform in depth. I have also read the political platforms of other parties but they are mostly filled with cheap political rhetoric like the head of state will tar this or that road or will construct this or that school/hospital. Very cheap indeed.

Our friend Watesih probably was implying that SDF can not table a bill to support secession. The Federal constitution bill corrects the ills of Southern Cameroon's history while helping the SDF in its core policy of devolution of powers.

Rexon, I am always open for constructive debates but never you think you will pull me into sterile polemics.
I had to chuckle when I read " My choice of the SDF is because it is the biggest player in the field and they are claiming to have a vision for us with a certain Fako-Kilum which is just an invention that came when i took its leadership to task.". I laughed because even before you became an internet politician, the SDF had coined the terms Fako-Kilum, Adamawa-Mandara,Wouri-Batie etc as far back as 1993 during the Bafoussam convention. Indeed, it was Late Albert Mukong who insisted on the 4 state federation eventhough the SAWAs preferred a 10 state federation for fear of Bamilieke influence. So to claim that Fako-Kilum only came up when almighty Rexon started polemising is an understatement of the first order.
Now coming to your fictitious statistics you thought we are foolish enough to swallow, you can not gather your statistics over the years, when NEC and the shadow cabinet are not even up to a year old. Also, the results of the presidential elections are bearly 2 years old. So what "over the years" are you talking about???
Secondly, in the SDF, the constitution defines the functions of its executives and not the other way round. You struggle to give the false impression that duties are executed according to origin. That is very wrong and that is why I keep on insisting the reason we can not debate is ignorance. Then you worsen this ignorance by quoting Ntemfac's article.
To your last question, I think I also have the moral right to rephrase it and throw it back to you as follows
You said" Now that they are suffering like this in tabling bills in Camerounese parliament, why dont they just dissolve the party and join us in our street fight with La Republique?"
I would say
"..Now that SCNC leaders and members are suffering like this in Camerounese prisons, why dont they just dissolve the movement and join us in our struggle against Biya's dictatorship?..."
So we are bound to continue fighting on 2 fronts but with mutual respect like the one shown by Hon Mbah Ndam in the past towards the SCNC not the type of attitude you are fond of here.


If the SDF goes for something like Devolution, i think the SCNC would be foolish not to sympatise with them. I would personally never oppose them. Anything short of that, is for personal interest for the benefit of SDF politicians.


I see you wrote something about Fako-Kilum. What i was insinuating is, the SDF cannot have policies that it has been hiding under the carpet. I know people like DR Twenkwo of Limbe left the party because they realised the party had a lot of hidden agenda. If the SDF is for the Liberation of the Southern Cameroons, they should present their agenda in this regards.

What type of devolution of powers is the SDF up to? I know devolution is what gave scotland its autonomy like its parliament, first minister and ministers. what is the provisions for SDF policy of power devolution?


First my apology for taking you to be the SDF spokeperson. Keep the debate rolling and mature . I will be back sometime to respond to some concerns you raised.
Goodluck with the party.


Lest I forget , MINAT has just published a list of registered voters so far on the net which might be of interest to you with such lofty plans which from every indication are elephants projects. If you visit this MINAT website you may have nightmares with such lucrative ambitions of yours seeing that the regime cant contain an outsider.

A few months to elections guess how many Cameroonians have registered to vote.
The same game of past elections is one and guess who will win the match. Your guess might be as good as mine.

Check it out here and see for yourselve. First I dont know if the English there is Franc-anglais-Bulu or the one you and I speak

In any case goodluck with the party


my friend, I told you that to hold a constructive debate, you have to inform yourself. SDF has had a website since 1995 with all policy documents (including the manifesto and the draft federal constitution in english and french) on it since then. The national chairman has toured the country about 13 times and all through, the policy for devolution of powers,autonomy of the regions (power to the people) and the reinstatement of a federal constitution have been his sing-song. The SDF has used its air-time on Espace politique in CRTV and other media to belabour its policy proposal, so how come you claim these things are hidden?

no problem with your person or position. At the end of the day, we shall always settle for the best for our people.Greetings.


it is true. The electoral register is marred with irregularities as the Chairman anticipated above.
I have just played with for 5 minutes and have discovered at least 4 person registered twice just in the NW province alone. For example type in Achidi Achu and you would realise that Achidi Achu Guillaume has 2 ID cards and is registered in Santa and in Bamenda. In both cases he attempts to manipulate the orders of the names of his parents. the same goes with Sama Francis. You would realise there is a Sama Francis in Baligham who is registered twice with the same ID card.
I hope this register is not final because this will be the decleration of war.


"You fail to understand that, the Bayangi's have more intellectuals than the whole of Northwest put together. You even went in one other posting which i am still searching to describe a Manyu indigene as primitive"(Rexon)
Rexon, you are a garrulous fool. Your target is say all sort of things that will anger our brothers from the SW not to support the SDF;only the gullible will believe a simpleton like you.
Readers here have read from me for years and they know that I don´t write what can pit NW against SW. You are now desparate and will soon commit suicide since you have failed to put the SW against the NW in your attempt to weaken the SDF. I have never addressed the Manyu man as primitive. I am not narrow minded like you that I will think that the SDF can get to power without the support of the SW. The SDF needs them and I will be stupid to say anything that will deter the S.westerners. My target has always being the CPDM and I have always censured all CPDM stooges from both provinces. My opponent remains the CPDM.What do I stand to gain if the SW and NW are at loggerheads?
The CPDM money that you have received inorder to creat confusion will destroy you right down to your descendants. Useless fellow.
I do apologize to readers if I hurt them by insulting this Iyago call Rexon. Those who read Shakespear will agree with me that Rexon is a replica of Iyago.

M Nje

"With this, we can increase our parliamentary seats 4fold from a geopolitical view.The French would have nothing to intervene in, if things go this way. Also,in such a scenario, the anglophone problem would be debated upon and the status of the federation given to the people after a referandum.From that point, either Biya would resign or he will be forced to sit and watch SDF rule Cameroon - foster institutional reforms in the legislature and in the judiciary, implement decentralisation of power to bring power closer to the people, create democratic institutions like an IEC, improve on budget transparency by publishing the revenues from extractive industries, reallocation of resources to benefit all but first and foremost areas of extraction etc etc."

Feli, I wonder if you have ever had a close look at the constitution of La Republique. If you have, then you must have notice that the president must sign a bill before it becomes law. You cannot do any of those thinks you wrote above without Biya`s approval. That is wishful thinking.

“Part IV Article 31 (1) The President of the Republic shall enact laws passed by Parliament within 15 (fifteen) days of theirbeing forwarded to him unless he requests a second reading or refers the matter to the Constitutional.”

Feli remember that the members of the Constitutional Council are appointed by the president. Only the president can call for a referendum not parliament. Part IV Article 36(1) of La republique`s constitution states thus:

The President of the Republic may, after consulting with the President of the Constitutional Council,the President of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate, submit to a referendum any reform bill which, although normally reserved to the Legislative Power, could have profound repercussions on the future of the Nation and national. institutions. This shall apply in particular to:
(a) bills, to organize public authorities or to amend the Constitution;
(b) bills to ratify international agreements or treaties having particularly important consequences;
(c) certain reform bills relating to the law on persons and property.

Feli, with all due respect, your Fako-Kilum is a myth. It is a political tool to sack the votes of Southern Cameroonians. If your SDF intend to call for a referendum, it should include it on its manifesto. The Scottish National Party, which is defending the right of Scotist to a statehood, makes that point very clear on it website.

Also, in Canada, Parti Québécois (PQ), a register political party, has publicly call for a referendum on the issue of Quebec.

Sir, the Southern Cameroons problem can only be solve by confronting La Republique the way the Southern Cameroons nationalist movements are doing now. We have to confront them with all the means we have. It cannot be solve by manipulation politics in La Republique. Parliament in La Republique is under the hands of the President. He can dissolve it at anytime. The idea that you will take over La Republique`s parliament and single-handedly restore independence for Southern Cameroons through a referendum is with no validity. That will require a constitutional change. The president is require to sign-off on that.


"The deadline for all parties in Cameroon to register at the Ministry of Territorial Administration (MINAT) for participation in general elections in June expired on Tuesday. All the major opposition parties are boycotting the elections in protest of poor electoral laws and registration processes that make it very susceptible to the massive fraud by the government that has characterized past elections in Cameroon. It was also the deadline for the parties to indicate the design of their ballot papers.

State radio, CRTV, reported that of 207 legalized political parties in the country only 90 had registered, almost all of them movements allied to the Biya regime. The station, however, said that a senior official from MINAT, speaking on condition of anonymity, had indicated that the ministry was contemplating postponing the deadline by one more month, during which time it would initiate a constructive dialogue with the opposition."

All these SDF guys,stop talking about election.
Feli, why are you dreaming.Instaed of dreaming about how you will rule the parliament in Southern Cameroons you are talking about ruling a parliament in a foreign land.Keep dreaming.I am sure the day you will stop dreaming would be in your grave.Wake up man.


M Nje,

I am very happy that u brought this issue of the SNP in this website. When i first read Feli's talk about devolution of powers, i thought there were some policy documents that have not been seen by the public. But when he did referred me to the party's manifesto and website, i was amazed. In Scotland, they talk about devolution and scottish independence and fought for it. Based on the guidelines and several legislations, if any party whose manifesto stands for total independence of scotland wins an outright majority in scotland, they can call for a referendum in the scottish parliament for the scots to decide if they want to remain in a union with UK or not. Now, if the SDF stands for something like this, then we can rely on them. Because, at it stands, they might have outright majority in the Southern Cameroons and call for a referendum for the Southern Cameroonian people to decide their future. As it stands, the constitution of La Republique which they pay allegiance to does not give them anything closer to that. They cannot therefore claim to have any interest in the Southern Cameroonian independence. The reason why Scotland has not got a referendum is because the SNP has still not got outright majority. It is still labour that is leading here.


Do u want to say i wrote this for u?

I will never go that mean to use the kind of language you employ above. But u will have to eat your own words.

"We, Southern Cameroonians, have always had leaders that are archetypal mediocres: tribalistic, deceitful and fraudulent - since Foumban".

By Bate Bissong, The Post, No. 155, Monday, January 24, (2000)

Like it or leave it, tribalism is what is still surviving the SDF. They are seemingly not different from the bootlickers they have been criticising.

Nonetheless, u retain my respect.


Casara, thanks for the news. As you know, we dont want the ballot boxes in the Southern Cameroons. The results has already been shaped in Paris and it is left on the dreamers to continue hoping.

M Nje

Keep the flame burning. You are making a great effort here. This is one group of blind followers of one single individual: Ni John Fru Ndi. The evidence is clear from the postings above.

The truth is that Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique. Any elections in Southern Camerooons are illegal.

The idea of Fako-Kilum is a myth. Those proposing it know very well that they cannot achieve it. They use it to deceive people who do not understand the laws in La Republique. It is done purely to gain councils and a few parliamentary seats. In this way, more donations can come in to the party. Relatives will be able to have a few contracts in councils under their supervision. GREED is the main driving force for all this noise you hear.

Fako-Kilum is not what thousand of Southern Cameroonians gathered in Buea and Bamenda for AAC 1 and AAC 2 respectively. They gathered to find a lasting solution to a nagging problem about the future of our nation, Southern Cameroons. They assembled for a finally solution not some fantasy Fako-Kilum. Dr. Foncha tried during the constitutional conference in the 90s to convince La republique for a return to the federal constitution. But there was a veto from some unknown higher entity. He failed and came to recognize that the La Republique is not ready for federation.

We need a permanent and final solution to our problem. The SDF, as it stands, does not have that permanent solution: full independence for Southern Cameroons. We cannot allow our children and grand-children to experience what we have experienced in this illegal union with La Republique. We cannot allow them to be told that they are Nigerians, enemies in the house, etc etc. It is time for a lasting solution: full independence.


M Nje
Thanks a lot.Rexon is the leader we need in Cameroon.This is what he thinks:

1. About Fru Ndi
" I strongly believe Chief Ayamba ,and Fru Ndi are in the most difficult job in the world.The problem is ACTUALLY not them,but theenemy they are dealing with.OUR ENEMY ,Paul Biya ,and La Republique`s Colonial junta is too evil,and very intelligent.His investment is geared towards staying in power.( Tuesday December 26,2006)

2. About the SDF.
"What i have realised in the past decade is that Cpdm Politicians invest in destroying the SDF.They do this through bribing corrupt journalists to write bad things about the SDF,control councils through government delegates,and secretaries to destabilise REALISTIC PROJECTS to be executed by the SDF.Then after doing this,they turn around and say they are better than the SDF,as the SDF would have been more corrupt had they taken over power.Why can`t you guys measure your ability to govern on what you are actually doing ,but on what you think the SDF will do if it takes power.And when anybody wants to complain,they turn to the problems of the SDF,as if the evils that the Biya regime through its Cpdm junta has done to Cameroonians has been energized by the problems of the SDF.How are the problems of the SDF connected to the theft ,corruption,shootings,fraud underdevelopment etc that has been going on in La Republique?
You guys SHOULD GROW UP IN YOUR THINKING.It is like you want us to legalise corruption instituted by La Republique, for some IRRATIONAL REASONS"(December 14th,2006)

3. About the French
" I am not suggesting that we should invite them.But if they did come BY FORCE as
they are trying to do,we should have a way of constraining them,and containing them,and take SOME POSITIVES out of their presence in our territory.WE CAN STILL FOOL THEM for example to invest in our territory like they have done in Nigeria,and we NATIONALISE THEIR INVESTMENTS" ( Tuesday,06 March 2007)

4. AS a proponent of Tribalism
" Think of the contracts in the CDC,and other corporations managed by Northwestern-
ers.WE should admit it,AN AVERAGE NORTHWEST-
That is true,and they have NEVER been attacked by their host.Instead ,in most circumstances,they always try to attack ,cheat or steal the resources of the peaceful loving Southwesterners.That is the truth,and we cannot deny it" ( Sunday,March 11th,2007)

5. About pitifully craving for help from
the SDF.
" I have even called some of my friends who are in the SDF to ask why their hierarchy cannot join the striking students.This is the time we need the so called Politicians,since they are MORE ORGANISED,they are supposed to use this opportunity to OVERTHROW the evil Biya regime.THAT IS OUR CRY"( December 1st,2006)

6. About fighting for freedom only on the
" Ok,Akoson,I have forwarded my email to Vally Bessong,and i am still to hear from him.I am ANXIOUS TO KNOW THE PLANS we have on the ground.These people have killed enough .We should put MEANINGFUL STRATEGIES
IN PLACE ,AND DESTROY THEM"( December 1st ,2006"

Broken French: " La femme c`est ca beaute',
L`homme c`est ses idees"

Fritzane Kiki HK

Happy Birthday!!!Don't get your birthday party be disrupted by these SDF vanguards or barbarians.Don't even tell them the venue 'cos Fru Ndi might send his bullies there.Don't even tell the Bali Fon else he can send his Bali warriors there to 'celebrate' with you.Happy birthday Tayong;many more years to you while our forum live up to expectation.

If you instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still,or teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning.Except they are arrogant;just being naughty to learn from Fru Ndi's mistakes.

Look my brothers,I don't have much time to be arguing when you guys have no tangible reasons to put forward.This is not the right moment for us to use our reasoning to say which camp is right or wrong.It is not even the moment for Christians to use the Bible or for Muslims to use the Quran to determine who is right or wrong. We have just the constitution of the SDF to base our reasoning on. After NJFN must have successfully apply his constitution as it is today, to put things in the legal position the SDF constitution demands and follow them, we can then sit together to see how the SDF constitution can be adjusted to changing time and situations.Let the SDF use a different measure to counter the CDPM, else anything we accept may be to send the party to its final end, even if compromises have to be made.

We understand what politic is, by definition, where someone is conditioned to act in predetermined ways, to respond to situations without bias nor with narrow-mindedness.He is still talking of postponement of elections and he relies on ELECAM for his glory to win the parliamentaries and council elections.I am very sorry.Since NJFN usually lacks perspective, his bunch-of-faggots-made-politicians and henchmen, might never be in a better position to bring fresh ideas to the forefront of this party.They are hand-clappers in the parliament.We hear how SDF mayors are even more corrupt and have embessled Billions in their respective councils even worser than those of the CPDM.They have destroyed the party with the sloggan "Founding Fathers".

If NJFN wanted to avoid criticism,he must put forward a reform which he hopes to pursue asap.The SDF its entourage,sympatisers and supporters should understand that whatever you do, you need courage.Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end, requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.People, I vehemently repeat that the SDF is not and will never be a party for to reckon with if it's aims and objectives are only regional and not even national nor interantional.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong kong


Plz Fon,
It's better to leave it at opinion level, not down to that extend...Rexon if you've pulled your sword also plz put it back. It usually gets hot in the brain but don't let it explode.
In the end some opinions will change and will be in the same ship. We should work to keep the ship sailing.
Lets improve and see how comments here can be read over cameroonian calling.
Parliament is Full of Conmen & Murderers. True or false?

Ma Mary

Parliament of la Republique full of conmen and murderers? Who cares? John Fru Ndi needs to do what Dr Endeley did half a century ago. He mobilized the Southern Cameroonian parliamentarians from Enugu and they marched to Buea to create an autonomous Southern Cameroons. That is what we want. Quit pussyfooting around. Hey Bate Besong died. So shall you. You are begging Biya again to conduct free and fair elections? Wow, like you were not there the last 10 times when they did the same thing! That is why people are frustrated and not registering. SDF, do what the people want. Get the hell out of dodge.

BTW, there is a great new article about Bate Besong here:

Those tadpoles, Forkam and Riccardium ought to read it, but they are intentionally dense like the grown up toads, and will miss the point.


Tayong, happy birthday! I wish the Almighty God gives you many more years. My own birthday's coming up on the 24th, Saturday. Coincidentally it falls in a period when I'm taking off politics. I'm dedicating my prayers for that day for a better Southern Cameroons as I suffer in my reflections to understand the impossibililty of the SCNC and the SDF sing thesame song to the detriment of the French sponsored ambassador, Biya and La Republique and for the betterment of the interest of my people.

Feli, M Nje, and Tayong great debate there. I'm challenging Feli to make a "talk-back" to M. Nje's posting of Wednesday, 21 March 2007 at 03:40 PM addressed to him(Feli). If Watesih could also come in to address M Nje's concerns I'd be greatful.

I'm really not myself these days when I think of the interest of my people. I'll be writing though.

The worried son.

abili liese




Ma Mary

Liese, don't yell! Use normal characters, not capitals, if you wish to be read.

I cannot count the number of times naysayers have said "impossible", and it came to pass. Colonialism in any guise will not stand.

JFN is not evil, just wrong in my opinion. There is a difference.

abili liese

Ma Mary
My apologies if i used capitals to readers.Just some people have gone to the extent of calling him a murderer. That is so gross. Everyone makes a mistake , but it doesn't mean things don't go further.Mistakes are corrected and the human races pushes forward.

The only way we can fight the Biya regime is to remain strong and united. Any factions will not help. I once asked the question: what will be the faith of then 5% Cameroonian population that is both anglo/franco incline?

what do you expect from such families and children?


Reading the comments posted here lets me to one conclusion "Africans can never have a meaningful and constructive discussion".Not one of u has said anything constructive up in here.How do u expect to move from the backwardness that entails in that dark triangle called La Republique du Cameroun within which some argue exists another entity called Southern Cameroons when all u do is attack persons?You guys need to grow up and face the realities of the 21st century.I don't wanna believe that Africans are as stupid as they are portrayed in the media.
From statistics I've seen,Cameroon is a country blessed with huge human and natural resources and u guys need to figure out how to use these to build up a great nation.There's nothing wrong in copying the example of the Asian countries.Stop the slandering and act like men/women and try to show some respect brothers/sisters.
The great nations of the world were built by people who had respect for each other,who put national interests above personal and tribal interests.
Peace and Love to y'all!!!

An Observer


On 3/21/07, Carlson Anyangwe wrote:
The idea of proceedings against Britain either in the
UK itself or in the ICJ has been around since the
1990s. The obstcles are formidable. The Southern
Cameroons is not yet a state and so has no standing to
institute contentious proceedings before the ICJ. The
SCNC made some feeble efforts in this direction but
failed. In the Bakassi case it tried to be party even
as an intervener but failed. Ambazonia made a great
effort and even tried to get a third state to espouse
the Southern Cameroons case. But that effort also came
to nothing. We have on record the rather peremptory
reply to Ambazonia from the Registrar of the Court on
the instructions of the Frenchman who was then
President of the ICJ.

The other option of suing in a British court is, in my
view, a better option. That option remains, again in
my view, an unfinished business for us. Therer it is
unnecessary to sue as a state. Proceedings could be
brought in exactly the same way they were brought in
Nigeria against Nigeria. The chances of success are
much more than 50/50. In the Nigerian case judgment
went in our favour. My considered view is that we are
most likely to win in Britain as well. I have been in
Mauritius several time and had occasion to deal with
the Chagos case which also turns around the issue of
controversial decolonisation by Britain. The
Chagossians sued Britain in the High Court at London
and won. The Britisg Government is the one going on
appeal. I very much doubt they will win the appeal.

So why have we not pursued the municipal court option?
For two reasons. Firstly, because of the confusion we
often tend to create for ourselves or to find
ourselves in. We were given to understand that one of
our leaders, HRH Fon Dinka was working on this; in
fact the fantastic claim was made in some quarters
that proceedings were successfully brough against the
British. If that initiative was ever taken up at all
it must have petered out because nothing, it would
seem, came out of it. Then we were also given to
understand that another of our leaders, Ambassador
Fossung, was pursuing a like initiative in London. But
that too quickly turned out to be an evanescent hope.

The second reason why the "sue Britain in Britain"
remains elusive is because of our egregious
miserliness or poverty, or a combination of both. We
are yet unwilling or unprepared to match our words
with action. We are still given to too much pleasures
to make the much needed financial sacrifices to secure
our liberation. All oppressed or colonised peoples
before us TAXED themselves and successfully prosecuted
the liberation struggle. We are the only oppressed and
colonized people who remain miserly on financial
commitment and clamour for others to spend their own
money and efforts to free us! The financial cost of
engaging judicial proceedings is enormous. Consider
just how much Nigeria and Cameroun Republic spent on
the Bakassi case. The Chagossians who number just
about two thousand five hundred people raised over
200,000 USD for their London case!

Dallas may have to come up with some novel ideas
regarding financial resource mobilization, in
particular taxing ourselves for national liberation. I
would suggest the niggardly minimum of 10USD per week
for every adult Southern Cameroonian in the diaspora.
Of course those who are more endowed financially would
have to be taxed more. It is a matter of commitment
and payment in good faith. I leave the
operationalisation of this suggestion to Dallas. Or am
I putting too much premium on Dallas?

Guys reflect on this.


Liese Abili,
There is a reason why you write using capital letters.The reason is blindness.You are blind,not only from your eyes but also from every aspect in your reasoning.You are one of those dreamers.Keep dreaming.
Remember nothing is impossible.If Martin Luther thought just like you,i think the black race willl still be in the dark.
I am very sure you are ok with your slavery.Are you La Republics prime minister's son?suffer thing.


There are approximately 97 posts here and 3/4 of them are personal attacks and nothing constructive. This is exactly what some of you are here for, To derail all those who want to build a better Cameroon. Exactly what Biya has succeeded in doing in the past years. Wake up. We have eyes but we can´t see. DIVISION IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!!. A Southern Cameroon nation sounds good to the ears but think for a second....... Bali Nyongha killing and burning the houses of their fellow "Southern Cameroonina brothers",the Bawocks, Southwesteners calling their Northwest brothers settlers and driving them away, Chief Endeley saying the French are our real friends, citizens(Southern) abusing the only real opposition leader fighting for their rights and i can continue listing. Is this the Southern Cameroon you want to build? Stop dreaming . Get up and start thinking of how to build the United Republic of Cameroon.


“SDF: Sixteen Wasted Years under Fru Ndi”

Sixteen years ago. Six Bamenda children gave their lives and their blood so that a political party called the Social Democratic Front, SDF, should be born. The six were: Juliette Sikod, Fidelis Chosi, Nfon Edwin, Asonji Christopher, Evaristus Toje and Tifuh Mathias. Juliette Sikod was buried in Bali, Chosi in Bobong-Kom, Nfor Edwin in Noni and Asonji in Batibo.

One would have thought that the memory of these six, as well as the memory of many others wounded in various parts of their body; as well as the memory of hundreds if not thousands of Cameroonians who gave their lives for liberty and democracy would be humbling to those who today live and grow fat because these children and others died.

One would have thought the leaders and the purveyors of the enterprise that led to the deaths of these children would remember them and then understand the exact magnitude of trust and hope vested in them because these children died.

One would have thought that those who today have become National Chairman, mayor, councillor and parliamentarian because these children died would spare a thought for them.
One would have thought that these upstarts, parvenus and others who fish in troubled waters would moderate their greed and understand what exactly the SDF is all about.

One would have thought that 16 years later, after collecting over 1 billion FCFA from the CPDM government in hard cash, the SDF leadership would have, at least, built decent graves over these six children and painted those graves in green and white.

And one would have thought that the money collected and other dubious sources would have been used to but land, build a decent national secretariat and, why not, dedicate that secretariat to the Bamenda Six.

The litany is long but the fact remains that none of the above has been done or even considered. Instead what we have today is a greed stuck SDF leadership asking for more and more so that that leadership can grow fatter and more pompous. Listen, there is a God in heaven who sees all and knows that the six children gave their lives so that the SDF should be born and that its so-called leaders should eventually buy big cars, build huge houses along Commercial Avenue and then get rid of those who actually founded the SDF.
Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.

In Memoriam.

Ntemfac A. Nchwete Ofege tells the truth to Chronicle in an exclusive interview:

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Question: Mr Ntemfac Aloyius Nkong Nchwete Ofege, you are a journalist, a political science and political communications student and consequently a keen observer of Cameroon’s political scene. The opposition Social Democratic Front turns 16 today. How do you appraise the SDF this day?

Ntemfac A Nchwete Ofege: Allow me first of all to correct a few distortions and half-truths being paraded about today by Mr Fru Ndi especially those concerning the genesis of the SDF. I have heard somewhere that Fru Ndi created the SDF. Rubbish! Albert Mukong did. Pa Wakai, Ngwasiri and Anyangwe wrote the Manifesto and the Constitution. And the name, Social Democratic Front, was given by Prof. Carlson Anyangwe. You see my good friend and brother, Boh Herbert, and yours truly did a lot of research into this process. You may not know that our book “Prison Graduate” was produced out of a few chapters of the book we were working on in 1990. That main book was to be called “Holding back the Tide.” It was to be a journalistic chronology of the processes leading to multipartism in Cameroon and especially what the regime did to, well, hold back the tide. Unfortunately some gendarmes confiscated the bulk of our research material from the abode of Boh Herbert’s sister during the State of Emergency. We’ve not had the inner strength to start that process all over again but Boh did publish part of our research (especially the SDF story) in one edition of his magazine, Newslink.

That said let me state the following as we gathered from our research:

Mr. Fru Ndi was not part of the initial meetings that led to the creation of the SDF. He only joined later. Siga Asanga did not attend these meeting either. He was in Dakar with his wife at the time. That meeting was started by Albert Mukong in November 1989. The very first meeting that led to the SDF was between Albert Mukong, Gemuh Akuchu and Justice Nyo Wakai. Mr Fru Ndi did attend the subsequent Bamenda meetings alongside Carlson Anyangwe, Vincent Feko, etc.
Albert Mukong can be said to be the founder of the SDF and even then his original idea was not to create a political party. Mukong was contacting these people to write a petition to the United Nations on the constant violations of his rights and the rights of other Cameroonians especially the Anglophones. It was only later and on the advice of several foreign embassies in Cameroon who were monitoring this process that the idea came to turn the Mukong protest into a full political party. Even then the original idea was not to take over power in Yaounde; the idea was to resolve the Anglophone problem, one way or another.
Siga Asanga, Fru Ndi’s relative, was introduced into the group later by Fru Ndi. The introduction of Siga turned out to be a strategic move by Mr John as subsequent events would prove. I believe the working group that led to the SDF was called Group 89, or Study 89 or Study Group 89, or something like that.
Mr. Fru Ndi never wrote one sentence in the SDF Manifesto. Neither could he. Neither did he add an iota in the SDF constitution. The SDF Manifesto developed from a document called “The New Social Order for Cameroon: presented by Justice Nyo Wakai at a meeting at Fru Ndi’s house on February 17th 1990.
Clement Ngwasiri joined the group later. He did host some of the meetings in his house at Nsam Efoulan.
Aloysius Tebo who today claims to be the Secretary of the Founding Fathers was no secretary at all. In fact Tebo is not competent to be anything at all but an errand boy. Listen we are talking law, constitutional law and political science here. Tebo is a dilettante who does not fit in any of those capacities.
Naturally Mbah Ndam and Yoyo were never even remotely close to this process.
The name, Social Democratic Front, was given by Carlson Anyangwe. It developed from a series of names among them the Federal Democratic Party, the Social Democratic party, the National Democratic Party, etc.
You would also remember that whatever documents Fru Ndi and his uncle dropped at the SDO’s office became null and void because the 1990 Law on Associations created new conditions for the existence of political parties in Cameroon. The SDF then dropped new documents at the Bamenda Governor’s Office to respect the law. There were 19 signatories on this document including Fru Ndi.
Listen I can’t tell the full and complete story now but that story will be told. It is most amazing that Fru Ndi today says the SDF has no Founding fathers and the man makes some of his relatives Founding fathers of the SDF. You would know that this attitude is typical of some Bamenda people. Look at it this way. It is as if a group of shareholders get together to form a company. One (Mukong) brings the idea, others (Wakai, Ngwasiri, Anyangwe, Akuchu) write the documents; one (Nangah) brings in money, another one (Tebo) runs errands and another one (Fru Ndi) brings nothing but the courage to drop the documents at the SDO’s office. The courageous agitator is also as shrewd as a snake. He brings in his uncle (Asanga). On the day of the registration of the company the individual and his uncle sign the document and today that individual is claiming that he owns the company. After all the company has grown. The law has words for such behaviour and I believe it is for such behaviour that words like heist, hijack and thievery; criminology, taking into custody, detention and penology were created. Today, the man who never created, never designed and never named the company is using that company for his own personal aggrandisement and the aggrandisement of his immediate family and relatives. He even demands idolatrous adoration from the real founders of the company! And when the real founders like Ngwasiri and Wakai make noise he sacks them: 8:2! To get back to your question the SDF story is a painful tale of missed and lost opportunities all of which have culminated to the drama of today. William Shakespeare, another keen observer of human nature, did say: “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows, and in miseries.” The fact about the matter is that the SDF is today in shallows and miseries because of the plenitude of lost and missed opportunities of yesteryears. Mr Fru Ndi owes his militants an explanation about so many things. Why did he boycott the 1992 legislative elections? Why did he fail to form a Madagascar style government in 1992 after the rigged elections? Why did he reject joining the Biya government in 1992 only to turn around and join the executive and legislative arm of that government in 1997? What motivated the SDF joining that government in 1997? Etc. etc. In short the SDF story is purely and simply the failure of a leader and leadership. You see Mr. Motomu, divine providence only allows a man one chance to make a spectacular action and take advantage of it. Fru Ndi failed in 1992. He failed in 1997. He continues failing. Everything the man is engaged in today is like carrying water in a basket, a most scurrilous and ruinous enterprise, if you see what I mean. Mr. Fru Ndi is a typical raider of the lost ark. Were one to pass a cruel verdict on this topic one would say that maybe it was never destined to be. Fortunately. I say fortunately because by the sum of Mr Fru Ndi’s merchandise we know who exactly he is. Maybe it is just the hand of God working. You see, Eric, Fru Ndi never had a vision to create a political party or become president of one let alone president of Cameroon. I know it for a fact that nobody has even stolen another man’s vision and gotten it to work. The SDF was never Fru Ndi’s vision so why do people expect him to run it properly? This explains why the SDF is on freefall today. You can even pinpoint the exact moment when that movement from riches to rags started. That movement started on that momentous day in 1997 when Mr Fru Ndi succumbed to all sorts of pressure and opted to join the CPDM in both the executive arm (the councils) and the legislative arm of government. The degringolade has shifted into high gear today. The good material and good men have since left the SDF. Small wonder the level of illiteracy and profligacy in the SDF today is that high. What you see as the SDF is just a bunch of tatterdemalion hellcats, natives, family members, tribesmen and other hobos agitating. I have nothing against villagers but it is as if a bunch of villagers were running Unity Palace. The battle has been lost and won. Praise and honour to the observers and non-participants in what can only be the devil’s enterprise. Mr. Motomu, let me tell you that a vital mission of diplomatic missions in Cameroon and elsewhere is to observe movements like the SDF very close and report back to their home governments. The plenitude of the iniquities of the villagers running the SDF today make it obvious that foreign missions have no good report about the SDF and its Chairman. These natives and their actions make it look like the Bamendaman is a clown parading or an ass braying very loudly. This is not true for Bamenda has always produced some very good people. Mr Motomu, I hope you realise that the SDF is today not fighting to take over the Far North province, the East or even the West and the South West. The SDF is fighting not to be swept away from the North West, a sort of Custer’s last stand or is it Fru Ndi’s last stand! I tell you this is euphoric because you know what it means when a wounded and beaten man runs back into his own house to defend it. How indeed are the mighty fallen!

Question: What do you mean by the devil’s enterprise?

Ntemfac A. Nchwete Ofege: Blood my friend. There is always blood in the path of Fru Ndi and the SDF. Fru Ndi’s thugs have just killed a provincial administrator in Yaounde. A man, whose wife Fru Ndi is reportedly seeing, was “accidentally?” shot in Fru Ndi’s during the funeral of the late Rose Fru Ndi. Six children died at the launching of the SDF. I guess you know that certain occultic practices and sects demand blood sacrifices all the time. The only blood that our God allowed to be spilled was the blood of Jesus. Anything else is occultic. I guess you know how exactly Mr. Fru Ndi and the SDF today treat the memory of the six children who gave their lives and blood that the SDF may live and triumph. You have even written reports about the treatment meted out to those who gave their limbs to the SDF. Are they even mentioned? Do you see the fat, pompous, ignorant and arrogant SDF mayors and parliamentarians helping their families? No sir! Instead these people visit occultic shrines in Nigeria and the abodes of other witch doctors to garner power from the devil to fight Mr Biya and his Rosicrucians, Free Mason homosexuals and other necromancers. That is when they are not negotiating direct money or contracts from Biya. This is not the vision some of us lost jobs and slaved for. Let me tell you that there are Cameroonians even in the CPDM who believed in the SDF Manifest and its vision for change in Cameroon. Unfortunately the SDF has failed to apply its Manifest even upon itself. You newspaper has also written about Free-masonry and other witch-doctor activities in the SDF, no?

Question; You once described the SDF as a CPDM sub-section. What did you mean?

Ntemfac A. Nchwete Ofege: It is obvious isn’t it Mr. Motomu? The SDF today is a state-CPDM government sponsored party, period. The CPDM government is today, overtly and covertly, financing the SDF. Openly, the CPDM-government funds the SDF through the so-called election money and through the new political party funds and covertly the CPDM gives vast sums to Fru Ndi, Mbah Ndam and others. You think Biya was joking when he announced years ago that he has been propping up Mr Fru Ndi? You think Fonkam Azu was joking when he announced at a CPDM rally that he brought money for the SDF? You think that Mr Biya sends taxpayers money to finance Mr Fru Ndi’s health and various tragic events in the man’s family from his private pocket? This is state, CPDM government and taxpayers money! It is gombo! It is bribery and corruption, pure and simple! The CPDM parliament has just legalised that bribery and corruption by giving the SDF 110 million FCFA a year under the pretext that it is funding opposition parties. Consequently, the SDF today is a CPDM sub-section. And Mr Fru Ndi is a CPDM sub-section president; the CPDM sub-section president of Ntarikon. Mr. Motomu, you think you were nearly killed in Fundong simply because you write articles against Fru Ndi. You are disturbing some people from chopping, sir! Be careful, my friend! Whereas a truly independent opposition party and one that is organised can do without such bribe money. Let me ask you a question. How many militants has the SDF today? 500.000? 1.000.000? 2.000.000? Okay let’s work it out. Let’s say that SDF has one million militants. If every member were to contribute only 100 FRS a year that will be 100.000.000FCFA, right? If they were to contribute only 1000 FRS a year that will be, ONE BILLION, right? You see that the SDF can raise enough money to take care of its Chairman’s health, bury the Chairman’s wife without taking bribes from the CPDM, no? The reality is, however, that today militants of the SDF will not contribute to the party for a continuum of reasons (1) they don’t believe in the current SDF (2) the party is no longer accountable and the militants think their money will be stolen (3) little positive use has been made of their contributions so far (4) the members don’t believe it is right to finance a Chairman and a party which takes money from the CPDM.

Mr. Biya stays in power for 24 years, Mr Fru Ndi for 16. Hardly any difference is there? Mr Biya is even trying to respect his own laws and constitution. Mr Fru Ndi is violating the article on term limits and almost every article of the SDF constitution. He is even violating court orders. Mr Biya is even pretending to fight corruption; the SDF is fighting newspapers and journalists that report about its corrupt, murderous, dictatorial and other lawless practices. Mr Biya is hardly accountable, so too is Mr. Fru Ndi? How much money has the CPDM given the SDF and Fru Ndi since 1992? How much money has the likes of Gbagbo, Bedie, Abacha, etc. given the SDF? Where did this money disappear to? How exactly was the so-called election money from the government spent? Who chopped and who didn’t chop? I hope that the Public Service Inspectorate opens a vast investigation into the billions in taxpayers’ money being channelled to the SDF and I hope that that report gets published. Then surely we would hear and read about some more occultic practices. It is all very well for the SDF to shout about corruption in the CPDM. What about corruption in the SDF? The SDF cannot continue blaming the CPDM for the underachievement of its councils because the SDF went into parliament and the councils with the full knowledge that there are clear rules governing the functioning of councils and the parliament in Cameroon as branches of the executive and legislative arms of government. And, the constitution of Cameroon states clearly that the head of state incarnates public policies in Cameroon.

Question: Do you mean there is absolutely nothing good in the SDF and its leadership? For example the SDF says it brought democracy to Cameroon no?

Ntemfac A. Nchwete Ofege: There is always something inherently good in all human beings and institutions if you look closely enough. The difficulty may be that the SDF light may be shining from beneath the bed. That said the paternity of democracy in Cameroon is a matter of debate and conjecture. As you know, Mr Biya will say of himself that he brought democracy to Cameroon. I hope you remember an interview to Radio Monte Carlo wherein Mr. Biya said he wanted to be remembered as the man who brought democracy and economic prosperity to his country. The fact, however, is that people talk about bringing democracy without being democrats let alone knowing what exactly democracy is all about. Listen, Mr. Motomu, there are 09 items that distinguish Lincolnian polyarchy or democracy from other forms of government. Freedom of the press, freedom of association and religion, freedom of trade unions, freedom and fairness of elections, grassroots governance or power to the people, a state of law and the respect of the law, etc. all blend together to give freedom of economic enterprise and governance that cater for the general wellbeing of the people. What the SDF did it 1990 was to force the injection of association or multipartism into the Cameroonian dispensation. Forcing multipartism into a political structure and functions is not bringing democracy. What about the other items that make up a democracy or polyarchy? Can you associate a free press with the SDF? You were beaten up for writing about Fru Ndi, no? Hilary Kebila had his jaw broken by Fru Ndi's thugs, no? The Administrative Secretary of the Centre was murdered by some thugs dispatched from Bamenda, no? Who sent them? Fru Ndi should be arrested like Doh Gah Gwanyin. Can you associate free and fair elections with the SDF? Of course you know that elections are also rigged in the SDF. Can you ascribe the respect of the law even its own laws to the SDF? Does the SDF even respects its “Power to the People and Equal Opportunities” sloganeering? If yes, since when did Sama Francis, the Kwendes and other members of Fru Ndi’s family-tribe become NEC/ founding members of the SDF? In 1990-1992, the SDF made a lot of noise about tribalism and Betis everywhere. Today the members of Fru Ndi’s family and tribe are running about everywhere. The tail is now wagging the dog. The multipartism that the SDF claims to have brought even has a critical flaw. While the SDF snored Mr. Biya proceeded to subvert this multipartism by authorising over 100 political parties in Cameroon some of them state-government sponsored or created along tribal-ethnic lines. 100 plus state-sponsored and tribal parties do not enhance democracy. Rather this dilutes and subverts democracy. I have already told you that the SDF today is one of the CPDM sponsored parties existing in Cameroon today because it funds Fru Ndi directly. I defy anyone to prove the contrary. That is why the SDF can only bark, barking with CPDM money in its mouth. Mr. Motomu, let’s be honest and give credit where credit is due. I say it loud and clear that the advent of democracy in Cameroon as well as the creation and sustenance of the SDF and Fru Ndi is the work of journalists. The journalists at Cameroon Report and Cameroon Calling fought for and brought democracy to the country. Cameroon calling even spurred Fru Ndi on when Yondo Black and Co. were arrested and it looked like the SDF enterprise was doomed. A journalist, Hilary Kebila stayed with Fru Ndi after the launching of the SDF and kept up his courage when the man panicked. Boh Herbert stayed with him during the state of emergency. Cameroon Post, Paddy Mbawa and yes Ntemfac Ofege braved all to handle Mr Fru Ndi’s campaign on Tv. We wrote his speeches, built his image and all but wiped the man’s derriere. People ought to be humble and grateful. The likes of Fai Henry Fonye, Sam Nuvalla Fonkem, Tatah Mentan, George Ngwa, George Tanni, Ebssiy Ngum, Charly Ndichia, Gideon Taka, Sammy Anguh, etc were fighting for democracy in this country when Fru Ndi was an airport lout in Nigeria. The Francophone newspapers helped and sustained the fellow. We, the journalists, sir, we did it through toil and sweat, blood and jobs! Today this ungrateful man declares war on the press and all journalists! When journalists talk about corruption, mismanagement and dictatorial practices in the SDF Fru Ndi threatens war on them because, as he says, they are “violating my human rights!” Habba! Today native politicians can thrive on our efforts and insult us. I wept like a child when I read somewhere that Fru Ndi insulted Jerome Gwellem for dying like a pauper and a wretched man. At least Gwellem never lived on the sweat of poor people and he never took bribes from the CPDM government. Fru Ndi was a news vendor selling Cameroon Times newspaper for Mr Gwellem! Mr. Motomu, know this from today. Never let any native politician ride you like a horse. Never! He will insult you once he gets to his destination. Never mind if that destination is nowhere.

Question: You have been criticising Mr Fru Ndi and yet he’s just won a landslide victory at the Fundong provincial Conference. Does this not mean the man is no longer popular?

Ntemfac A. Nchwete Ofege: I am not criticising anybody. I am only saying it as it is and calling a spade a spade. Fundong looked more like a moon slide victory to me. Who was Mr Fru Ndi’s opponent in Fundong? The Right Honourable Paulinus Jua? Come on! There are some victories that are not even pyrrhic. There are victories that lead nowhere. After the landslide victory what next? After another landslide victory in the dubious May 26 Fru Ndi Convention, if it holds at all, what next? Mr. Fru Ndi’s high tide will always be the perennial chairman of his wing of the SDF or the perennial presidential candidate? You know Mr. Motomu that I have blood-links to Donga and Mantung Division. I was not surprised to see some CPDM militants registered by some parliamentarians from Donga and Mantung as voting delegates to the Fundong conference. Elections and rigged in the SDF, it is just a matter of style. And, it is in the interest of the CPDM government to keep, Fru Ndi, its sub-section president in place, no? After all the devil recognises his own and the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t. Also, Mr Motomu, municipal and parliamentary elections are due next year. Those SDF mayors and parliamentarians who maybe voted for Fru Ndi are smart. They are looking ahead and playing safe. The result, however, is that the SDF is now pushed to a tiny corner called the North West province. The North West is now the final frontier! And the SDF will lose many more councils and parliamentary seats in the North West that even the SDF believes at the moment. If Mr Biya is as smart as I think he is he will do some gerrymandering. He will, like he did in Balikumbat, carve some special constituencies in Mezam (Santa-Bali-Bafut); Donga and Mantung (Ako-Misaje-Nwa); Boyo, Menchum, etc. I guarantee that the CPDM will grab about 5-10 seats from the SDF in a free and fair contest. I mean free and fair. It is even in the interest of the North West CPDM to ensure that they carve some special constituencies in the North West. Mezam especially and grab some seats from the SDF. This will justify the return of the post of Prime minister, no? This strategy should have happened a long time ago had Musonge not outsmart the North West CPDM by sending his “friend” Ebong Ngole to re-organise (disorganise) the North West and weaken the CPDM in the North West by creating confusion and conflicts. On a more sophisticated level, however, permit me say something about the Paulinus Jua and Bernard Muna challenge to Fru Ndi. Let me tell you something about the state and its schools and colleges. You see, Mr Motomu, the school; be it primary, secondary, high school, etc is about the only institution created by the state to bridge the gap between the farmer’s child and the child of the minister or the speaker of the house. The tendency in our schools is that while the minister’s son is usually dense, very thick upstairs (number 100 out of 101) the farmer’s son is usually 1st in class. Resultantly the farmer’s son is hardworking and has a lot to offer. What I am saying is that some folks should halt this rubbish of running for public office not so much on what they can offer but rather because I am Jua’s son or Muna’s son. This is because it is evident that some of these fellows are dense; very thick, empty, flat and have nothing to offer. Let them give peace a chance and stuff it. I don’t know about Bernard Muna but Paulinus Jua is a Sacred Heart man. He was in Form 5 when I was in Form 1. We know each other and we understand each other. He knows that I’m not impressed. Who told these fellows that were he interested in shining poopoo, Ntemfac A. Nchwete Ofege will not make a more competent Chairman of the SDF?

Question: If you were to suggest a way forward for the SDF, what would you say?

Ntemfac Aloysius N. Ofege: Let us put this in context. Way back in 1996, Christian Cardinal Tumi in one edition of Jeune Afrique Economie denounced the attitude of some opposition politicians to desperately cling to powers at all cost even when it became clear that they have outlived their usefulness. The cardinal said at that time that these politicians were behaving exactly like Paul Biya who, you will agree, outlived his usefulness two decades ago. The cardinal was talking directly to Mr Fru Ndi. Politicians always make this mistake of never seeing sunset even when the sun is cascading towards the western horizon. More recently we have seen the trend in Nigeria where president Obasanjo engineered his proxies to jump-start this third-term madness. We know that the machinations failed. Obasanjo is a born again Christian, a child of God, and he has the grace to accept the verdict of the people and to announce that he will be returning to Atta Farms next year and giving room for some fresh individual with fresh ideas. I know it for a fact that Cameroon’s diplomatic community has been seriously looking for ways and means of ridding Cameroon of both the Biya plague and the Fru Ndi menace. You will notice that I am speaking of the SDF as if the SDF is Fru Ndi and Fru Ndi is the SDF. If you look at it closely that is exactly what it amounts to today. What has happened to the droves of Francophones (Bamilekes especially) who were willing to give blood and limb for the SDF? They have all been axed by 8.2. And this guillotine clause was used and misused to chase away those who criticise Fru Ndi and the Fru Ndi men. Someone made a not-so-funny joke the other day that the SDF is today reduced to a very rich Chairman and a post box number. Don’t laugh, that’s true. Mr Biya has been living on the Cameroonian taxpayers since 1962 when he returned from France and was made something in the Ministry of National Education. Fru Ndi has been living on the hapless SDF militants and at their expense since 1990 and today the man has become very rich. I have read everywhere that Fru Ndi was an affluent business man before he foisted himself on the people in 1992. This is most hilarious. Those who know the man closely tell this story about a tattered and torn cane chair in Ebibi bookshop which left holes in the trousers of all visitors. Affluent business man, my foot! Also Mr John says he is a farmer with an industrial farm somewhere. Maybe you know where that farm is because I don’t. Listen, Mr. Motomu, Prof. Ephraim Ngwafor made this joke during one election campaign that “We, the CPDM, have reduced the SDF to a tiny little corner of the North West province!” That is the truth. Fru Ndi’s SDF is now a Bamenda party. Chairman, Fru Ndi from Bamenda; Secretary General, Elizabeth Tamajong from Bamenda; president of the SDF Centre province, Colonel Chi Ngafor from Bamenda now in Kondengui facing a murder charge! More than 70% of Fru Ndi’s National Executive is made up of North Westerners! The SDF has been reduced to a tiny little bunch of Baforchu-Baba II-Ngemba-Widekum agitators spreading their perfidy, illiteracy and ignorance around and about. Is it for nothing that those agitating in the name of the SDF today are the likes of Sama Francis, Mbah Ndam, Yoyo Emmanuel, the Kwendes or the even more dilettante and obscure Tebo? On the political front the main activity of the SDF today is to murder dissenters, beat up journalists or harass those who challenge the misappropriation at the helm of the party. This is most unfortunate. I am saying concretely that the Fru Ndi balance sheet is hardly positive. When that happens, it is time for the dim-witted pupil to accept his report card and move out of the way. The SDF needs change. Badly. But to be more responsive to your question I will say this. It is time to halt the bleeding in the SDF and Fru Ndi cannot do it. The man is temperamental, vindictive and totally incapable of bringing people together. Reconciliation (picking up the pieces) is impossible with Fru Ndi at the head of the SDF. Finally, Mr Motomu, the SDF did not emerge from the blues just like that. The SDF was founded on a constitution, a manifest and a vision. Those documents, and the vision in them, drew people to the party. People did not just join the SDF because of Fru Ndi although the man unfortunately believes that people came because he was a great lion, the only son of the soil and king of the birds. When people saw that the SDF did not practise what it preached they started withdrawing from the outfit. Any back to the future agenda must start with a respect of the SDF principles, policies and vision in which many Cameroonians, even those in the CPDM, believed. How different has the SDF been in the councils and in parliament from the CPDM that it criticised? How innovative? Until a new leadership emerges, maybe from the more youthful fringes of the SDF, the bleeding will continue. There is this slogan that CPDM apparatchiks use to justify Mr. Biya’s glaring incompetence. They say “the most beautiful woman can only give what she has.” You cannot pull water out of a rock. The current leadership of the SDF has gone as far as it can. And not even the most intensive capacity building programme will get more out of that leadership. You simply cannot teach an old monkey new tricks. Move over Mr. John, your time is up. When I say this I am not being excessive or vicious. I am simply saying what the diplomatic community in Cameroon told Mr Fru Ndi as far back in 1997. He was told to remain Chairman for life if he wants to but “groom a candidate” for the presidency. He’s just not presidential material.

Also Mr. Motomu, I have told you that the SDF was created to solve the Anglophone problem, one way or another. Mr. Fru Ndi has transformed it into something else completely. He is currently engaged in an exercise in futility – chasing power in Yaounde. Fru Ndi thinks Mr. Mitterrand was joking when he said an Englishman will never become president of a French country? Anglophones who saw the SDF as a pathway to their freedom and determinism have abandoned the SDF in droves and the Francophones are, thanks to the momentum of the SCNC in its various shades, wary of Fru Ndi. Of course, Mr Motomu, a visible outcome of decades of Anglophone marginalisation and economic genocide is the ambient poverty and misery visible among the Anglophones. Fru Ndi, as an Anglophone, has maybe solved his personal poverty and misery and the poverty and misery of his immediate family and friends but the majority are still crusading. Insatiable Fru Ndi wants power to continue misleading the Anglophones by pretending that a solution to their problem is by taking over power in Yaounde. Rubbish! Do you see Fru Ndi today as representative of Anglophone aspiration?

Question. What are you saying concretely? Are you saying that Fru Ndi can never win a presidential election?

Ntemfac A Nchwete Ofege. 1992 will never happen again. Fortunately. The SDF has lost the momentum and the groundswell of grassroots goodwill and support that made the party awesome in 1990-1993. The current apathy about the SDF has nothing to do with battle fatigue or the deliberate resignation to fate from those whose legitimate right to some gratification has not been satisficed by the SDF since 1990. The apathy is due to the stark realisation by the oppressed majority that all that glitter was not gold. It was not even bronze. The majority has now realised that they were being used and misused by a pernicious and permissive gung-ho of modern day pirates; wolves in wolves clothing agitating to get their hands on whatever remained of the milking cow patrimonial state in Cameroon. As soon as these other ekwensus (evil spirits) moved into positions in the councils, in parliament and even within the SDF itself, they threw off their masks and started stuffing their fat mouths and elephantine bowels with the same kind of reckless abandon with which CPDM-CNU hands dry-cleaned the banks between 1982-1983, the early Biya years. Today Biya and the CPDM are repentant and fighting corruption. They have stolen the SDF thunder. While the CPDM is at least trying to fight corruption the SDF is engaged into an entire kyrie of corrupt constitutional tinkering, sit-tightism, dictatorial attitudes, base tribalism, gross incompetence, murder, petty intrigues and grand larceny it once accused the CPDM of. Can you believe that Yoyo, he of the two E-grades at GCE O’levels, is still calling for a revision of the SDF Constitution to make Fru Ndi Chairman and NAC chairman? Can you imagine Fru Ndi advising himself? This is a recipe for mayhem. Unfortunately. The result of all this pagaille in the SDF is that the CPDM does not need to rig elections today to beat the SDF in its one-time key areas like the West, the South West and the Littoral provinces. The CPDM did not need to massively rig elections in 2002 to beat the SDF in the West. The Bamilekes have now become very smart about the Fru Ndi leadership of the party. They are looking for the alternative and hopefully there will be an alternative. I know there are these prisoners of hope in the SDF who believe that Fru Ndi can just do a Gbagbo or a Wade and eventually become president of Cameroon. The problem is that Gbagbo and Wade stuck to principles and their party, they never became a PDCI- bis or a Senegalese Socialist party-bis. The SDF today operates like a CPDM sub-section.

Question: Are you simplifying the SDF failure to its leadership?

Ntemfac A Nchwete Ofege: That and more. Leadership is not only carnal. Leadership needs deep-seated spiritual roots. By spiritual I mean from the one true God. There are two ways of getting the kind of spiritual strength that it takes to lead Cameroon today. You either get it pure and soft from God or you dabble with the occult, Satanism and evil shrines. It is not for nothing that some SDF leaders visit juju houses while others cross to Nigeria to borrow munucks and ngrimba to fight Biya. At worst they are Free Masons, Rosicrucians or members of some cat-eating juju house. Let me repeat this, those running the SDF today are a bunch of unprincipled individuals who simply want to eat. A crucial moment in the life of the SDF came in 1997 when a critical decision had to be made: should the SDF join the CPDM at table or continue the fight. The SDF and Mr Fru Ndi failed to live up to principles. They joined the CPDM. The old SDF died on that day. The SDF was only 07 years old then. Fru Ndi is no Nelson Mandela for Mandela waited for 27 years on principles. Fru Ndi will tell you that on that day I left the SDF. Also running the SDF today never had a vision of starting a political party. And even when they hijacked one, the never found time to educate themselves on what exactly that party was all about. Neither did they educate themselves on the context in which they are operating. Mr Fru Ndi, Yoyo and Mbah Ndam, who, I repeat, are running the SDF like a village provision store, have no idea what social democracy is all about. I proved to the former Secretary General Professor, Tazaocha Asonganyi that he himself had no idea what social democracy is all about. If Asonganyi, an eminent university don hadn’t a clue what social democracy is what more of Fru Ndi? In all fairness to these people, the SDF has social democracy only in name. There are very few democrats let alone social democrats in the thing. Democracy does not mean insulting Biya or shouting “MBREEEEEJEH!” in the streets. Democracy does not only mean talking. It also means having the grace to listen when the other man is talking. Fru Ndi is not a listener. Again the SDF was never founded on social democracy. It was a simple matter of those who are eating versus those who want to eat. Today the SDF has joined those who are eating at table. What do you expect? Bouche qui mange ne parle pas.

Question: The last word?

Ntemfac A. Nchwete Ofege: Well Mr Motomu, permit me to congratulate you for the sheer courage you have shown for the past 12 months in unveiling to the public the true nature of the SDF leadership and most especially the true nature of Mr John Fru Ndi. I am hopeful that many Cameroonians who operated from long range now begin to have an idea regarding the disaster they were spared when Fru Ndi was not declared president of Cameroon in 1992. Keep up the good work. What I find most intriguing about you and your newspaper is that your effort to inform Cameroonians is coming in a context where the trained journalists are at CRTV, Cameroon Tribune singing hymns of praise to the regime in place and its strong man. On the other hand some of the so-called private and independent newspapers are, in a way, singing the songs of praise of the opposition strongman by sweeping the foibles of the SDF under the carpet in the pious hope to make some political capital out of these sins of omission. I guess some publishers are protecting the SDF and Fru Ndi because they would want to run for parliament and the councils on the SDF ticket. It is unfortunate but this is Cameroon where strange things happen. The council and parliamentary elections are, when? Next year? You will see some strange things happening before that. God Bless, you and keep it up. However be careful. There is the love of money involved here.

M Nje

There are many great suggestions in your last comment. I am particularly glad you brought the idea of a self imposed tax. I have earlier proposed a similar that here: Southern Cameroons Liberation Tax. It is indeed nice you share that view. I hope Dallas takes this suggestion very serious.

The idea of a law suit again Her Majesty`s government should be give due consideration. We have enough evidence to pursuit in that direction.

I can imagine how angry and frustrated you can be right now about this our struggle. Keep brainstorming on new ideas. Ours is a struggle based on the truth. The truth has and will always prevail over evil.

From 1954 to 1961 Southern Cameroons existed as a quasi-autonomous region with a legislative house and executive body in Buea. There was never any internal conflict. Endeley was the first leader. When he was defeated during the a general election, he peacefully handed power to Forcha. There was no rigging.

There is no history of internal difference that prevented them from leaving together.. There was nothing like South West and North West. Those divisons (South West and North West) were made by La Republique after the illegal union. Presently, La Republique is using the same NW and SW division it created to prevent us from uniting to conftront them. Those are political divisons. The ordinary person in Southern Cameroons attends the same church, shops in the same market, shares an apartment, shares farmland, etc etc with his brother and sister from another area or region without any conflict.

So, there is no history of internal differences that precludes us from have our nation back.

Ma Mary

Like other African countries, Southern Cameroons will have ethnic groups and ethnic disagreements, but we shall handle those creatively and proactively. Right now, we have no control on the matter, and la republique has let them fester to bring out the fear of people like Francis of Germany.

La republique has deeper ethnic rifts. The divide between the Betis and the Bamileke for example is like the Grand Canyon. There is nothing comparable in the Southern Cameroons, inspite of their best efforts to foment divide-and-rule.

What is it with all these pedestrian objections to our independence, our own control over our own futures? FYI, we once controlled our own futures and we did a damn sight better job of it.

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