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Saturday, 31 March 2007


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It is really ridiculous to even think of giving Biya another mandate. It is very simple.Those who are proposing the said constitutional ammendments are those who can not stand and win any transparent elections.So they want to make sure that Biya should be there so that the CPDM will continue its rigging and keep them there.They will be surprised. Anyway, if Biya thinks he will rule forever, he should know that by will, force or natural selection, he will leave.I only pray he and his partners in Crime do not leave Cameroon like Mobutu and his associates left DR Congo.

Please God we need your intervention in Cameroon.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Majority of the inner voices see a civil calamity in the any attempt of constitutional amendmends.Though it has happened recently to many African countries;Egypt,Zimbabwe,R D Congo and host of others,it will be a dead blow to the peace that has been reigning in Cameroon.I foresee the possibility of a civil strife if things go that way.From all indications people need change and this change is to start from above.

The fight against corruption can never be achieved if those CPDM pundits continue to cling to power in affluence and plenty.Their mechanism and vicious circle of fraudulent and corrupt politicians and embezzlers,should be dismantled before we can see hope.No change can be found in Cameroon unless those at the top whose ages have been far more than retirement ages,resign and give way for a new breed of prominent,aspiring,young and talented gentlemen to rule and govern Cameroon.Only Nelson Mandela has set a good example in Africa by resigning the rest cling to power for life.Africa is Africa....nothing good can come out from here!!

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


allhailhis royalthief and his paul biya still wants to remain the head of state?for whom and in which country?cameroon is a debris today, a mound of decaying bodies rotten to the core and even the bones. please tell that man toleave the seat of power.he has done enough damage.he should just go so that a messiah should comein and breath new life into the country so that the dry bones should live again.
na wetin we do una cpdm? are u pplenot tired yet. do u want to kill everyone before living? and some stupid southerners will also be supporting.may ALMIGHTY GOD help me punish u bastards. paul biya ur die go bad pass samuel doe yi own just wait.
no be you be youth!!!!!!!!!lion man.

kenedy Epie

Those who think of extending the mandate of Paul Biya to continue ruling are dead though alive. They have sold their consciences. I believe even Paul Biya would never support another term. He is tired and we all know that Cameroonians need a young and virile person in that position to steer this nation endowed with wealth into sustaining development and progress. We need a new President.


This nonsense is an insult to all Cameroonians. But no matter how much noise we make or how loud we shout on this forum and elsewhere, the deed would be done. There is no way any cpdm Member of Parliament can vote against such a proposal because their livelihood depends solely on the Biya regime remaining in power.
Also some people are mentioning a rather laughable suggestion that that Biya has a conscience and therefore would turn down this manna from heaven mouth fed to him from his cohorts. When has the name Biya and conscience gone together in the same sentence? If he did have a concience, we woundn't be having this debate cos he could have realise the untold suffering his policies of thievery and absolute corruption has cause on many generations to come.
If logic is anything to go by, this amendment would succeed and there is nothing us Cameroonian would do. What this man has done to us is to break our souls, consequently most of us are apathetic about what is going on politically. We are waiting for the day the good lord will decide and intervene in our predicament by calling this coward of a man to account for most of his misdeeds.
I bet you that there would be no rigging in the up coming election and the CPDM would win hands down. Why? Cos, most people who votes for the opposition are not motivated to vote, because, it’s been drummed into their psychic that, their vote don’t count but only that of the cpdm does. This is the psychological problem that is /has engulfed our society. Therefore any foreign observer would witness a clear victory for the cpdm without understanding the real malice plaguing our country.
I know I sound a bit defeatist but I am just being realist about the chance that any Cameroonian has to change this course of action. We haven’t got people of courage within Biya’s inner circle. All we have is disgusting yes-men who cannot challenge biya’s mad ideals but are happy to go along so far as they can get a slice of the action. Lacking men of courage who can challenge the statue quo with some alternative ideals is what has brought us to this predicament we find ourselves in. There is going to be war in Cameroon before things change for the better because what is simmering underneath is almost reaching boiling point and the demise of biya would bring everything to the surface and the consequences would be unimaginable.


I am 100% in support of an amendment. The presidential tenure should be reduced to 4 years and an additional 4 upon victory in Democratic elections. If you can´t change a country in 20 years , then you certainly wouldn´t in 100. It is just sick to think of letting Biya rule for another 11 years. Just take a look at Zimbabwe,Congo,Côte D´Ivoire......... Are we africans just stupid or are we cursed? I don´t know. We should be thankful to ourselves for being such a peaceful nation for we have all reasons to embark on violence. Let Biya go for another mandate and he would truely know who was responsible for the peace in this nation, a nation pushed to the wall or he.


These are all symtoms of death for Biya. If he thinks he has to stand for re-election again then he will die before the election day. Cameroonians are capable of the worst.
We are watching. Myabe the MPs will be the first to die. Thats what we should do fellow country people.
Be courageous.

Eric Ngonji Njungwe

A constitutional amendment that limits the term of the President to two 5-year terms is certainly commendable. However, Paul Biya’s should not be eligible to run for any more elections in Cameroon, not even for a rural development initiative. The reality though is that these hooligans in Yaounde are seriously testing the grounds with a view to assess national and international reactions to this dubious suggestion. Paul Biya himself and his closest associates are behind this amendment game and if they realize that there is little or no outcry to the idea, they will definitely carry it forward and make Paul Biya the King of Cameroon.

This possibility is really scary for Cameroonians who now seem resigned to faith in the hope that nature accelerates is course on this President. I would therefore like to draw your attention this article written in advance of this scenario presenting itself to the open. It is entitled “The Prospect of a Presidency for Life in Cameroon: Facing the Reality of the NEO/MINATD Charade”.

You can read the full version at

You can also the edited version published by The Postnewsline at

Eric Ngonji Njungwe: Executive Director, Progressive Initiative for Cameroon (PICAM),


'Are we africans just stupid or are we cursed?'

If I may answer your question, I will say without any doubt that WE ARE STUPID.
We allow our leaders to do what they like with us. Can we in Cameroon form a sea of human beings and paralyse the whole country?
Do you think the Army,Gendarmes or Police will open fire on 300.000 people? These Army, Gendarmes and Police, have they not got families? Don't we know where they live?
I can assure you that if we come out in our numbers and paralyse all the major towns and cities in Cameroon, the Government will collapse. It has happened to other Countries. Why not us.
I have repeatedly said here that the main opposition party, the SDF should be able to do this. They are already aware that Biya and his CPDM will win the upcoming elections. Why go for it. All those ministers and directors pilfering the coffers of the state know they donot have many hiding places in todays world.
So if we donot call our reckless leaders to order they will take us all along into their graves. ARISE PEOPLE OF CAMEROON!

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