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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


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Muki StoneHall

A Fon encourages his people to burn down a neighbouring village and take hostages.He seem not satisfied with the first day's work.He fakes a retaliatory attack as an excuse to release his barbarians again.The SDO blames the Mayor!
This is absurd. Does the Mayor control any security forces? Who's to provide security to citizens and maintain Law and Order? SDO or Mayor? When SCNC officials were holding their news conference in Bamenda, is it the mayor of Bamenda urban who sent trops to disrupt the conference?
Now the criminal in the name of Bali fon is intentionally bringing in the SDF to politicise his crimes and twist jusctice.
Thats Cameroon.To hell with you all!


Our main concern is the humanitarian crises that has been created by the Barbarians from Bali. Destroying 300 home of poor and helpless Bawock people is pure madness. We should all do our best to help rebuild the lives of the Bawock people. Thank God, they ran for their dear lives before the barbarians from Bali arrived, otherwise, we would have experienced but a Rwandan styled genocide on the Bawock people. If they could destroy 300 homes in such a short space of time, what would have been the situation had the Bawocks stayed around?

The comments above from the Bali fon and the colonial DO suggests that the Fon and the Colonial DO are mainly trying to creat disorder in the Southern Cameroons. It appears the DO has accepted all the lies he has been told by his CPDM stalwart (the Fon of Bali) and his subjects and is trying to get a seemingly innocent SDF executive into this. His argument that a certain SDF executive stayed behind to orchestrate the crime has some political undertones that we should not fall into. How comes that the Bawocks were able to penetrate and destroy the traditional hut in broad daylight and all we are being told is that some people saw the Bawocks Fons driver escaping? If the traditional hut was soo spiritual to them and their tradition had powers, then i believe the said powers should be able to tell the Fon that some arsonist are coming or the Hut would have powers to protect itself from unfriendly fire and attack.

The issue here is that the Barbarians from Bali who have a long history of attacking their neighbours from left to right have attacked again. It is the responsibility of the Fon of Bali and his subjects to bring forward these criminals otherwise, the entire Bali populace would be held into account. The Fon and his subjects has moved from calling these people Bamilikies who ran away from the Makisas to arguing that they dont want to celebrate Lela and are constantly provoking them.

We should all throw in our condemnation to these acts of Barbarism perpetrated by the Bali's and should inform them of their moral responsibility to learn to live in peace with all their neighbours. The Bali's are spread all over the world and in the Southern Cameroons and no host has ever forced them to celebrate their traditional feasts with them. The Fon should teach his subjects and children the need for peaceful coexistance in this very complex world of today rather than perpetrating acts of genocide with all their neighbours.



When I read the news, the first thing that stroke me was the blame on the mayor before I saw your comment.
It is really on believable; the Brigade commander, the chief of post and all forces of law and order in Bali subdivision are answerable to the DO of Bali. When there are crisis of the type that happened in Bawock; if there is need for re-inforcement, it is the responsibility of the DO, the Brigade commander and Chief of post to contact Bamenda. I can´t understand what the issue with the Mayor is!
"The Mayor is reported to have told the Mezam SDO that since the destruction took place at night, it was impossible for him to have stemmed it."
From the above staatement, the Mayor is a coward who could not stood his ground in the face of intimidation.

Since the Fon Of Bali is cpdm, nothing will happen to the arsonists. That is Cameroon.
The Bawock people should remain at the premises of the SDO and Governor untill their houses are reconstructed. Asking just for tents is to small.


Its really sad. People are homeless while others are declaring victory.

Blame the Opposition and win votes!!!
The very soon the CPDM will donate some few thing and say that they care. Very soon this blog will be full with cpdm forum members.
God will punish you ten fold.

You will have no peace or sleep as all these men women, and children are suffering.
Why should a fellow humanbeing glory on the pains of others.
Administration ma foot. Time will tell!!


Gayongha is simply implying that a
traditional thatched house at the entrance to his palace and the voma are tantamount to
- a burnt Bawock Fon's palace,
- 300 burnt houses in Bawock,
- More than 8000 displaced, homeless Bawock people who have now become refugees ,
- no school for Bawock children,
- the destruction of animals and crops,
- the kidnapping and torture of Bawock sons and daughters.
When did a juju become more important than the welfare of people? This is pure madness. You and your people are surely still living in the dark ages. Come to the light and join the civilised world.
The Bawock people will never disrupt the Lela dance for they respect the culture and integrity not only of the Bali people but neighbouring villages as well. That is why a cordial relationship exists with its neighbours. On the contrary the Bali people have never rsepected the culture and the integrity of the Bawock people.

Normally each village has certain days that the villagers don not go to farms, do not beat drums etc but the Bali people will beat drums, fire guns and pass through the Bawock village and even at the Fon's palace when those days are respected in the village just to cause trouble. This is not acceptable When the Bawock people complain, the Bali people say Bawock is a quarter in Bali. They even went further to give Bawock quaters names in their local language-Mungaka.

Gayongah, it is a simple truth that you have never recognised Bawock as a village but as a quarter in Bali for you and your subjects have often mentioned that there could never be two Fons in the same village, so you have been planning its destruction for a long time. You refused to attend the occasion marking the enthronement of the Fon of Bawock. So stop claiming to have saved the life of Fon Theodore Nana Wanda of Bawock from your barbarians during the December 6 crisis when the Land Consultative Commission came to demarcate boundries. This time you were out to kill hime for you masterminded the total destruction of His palace and his entire village by your barbarians. Thank God He was not at his palace for he would have been burnt. You have become so powerful so much so that you decide the fate of a Fon's life.
You expect this young Fon to be a "boy" at your backyard that will take orders from you without complaints. It will never happen. You shall be brought to Justice for crime against humanity. Your barbarians capture and torture innocent people. Let the world know that this is just a fraction of the atrocities you and your barbarians cause to neigbouring villages.

The story of Bawock man setting fire on the Bali Fon's palace is pure lies and nonsense. The Bawock people did not retaliate for if they did it would been war. But this was not war. It was an act of barbarism and vandalism on innocent people. Enormous pressure has been put on the very limited Government resouces to resettle the people of Bawock and i hope this pressure puts pressure on the Government to bring the fon of Bali and its barbarians to justice.

Gayongha has proven without reasonable doubt that he is a terrorist. Let the foreign embassies in Cameroon and the international Comunity know this and bar him from entering into their countries during his tours, so that he remains in his palace and rot.


 motto job

''What goes around comes around''.
The Peace loving people of MBUH village have been repeatedly battered by the Bawocks for years supported by fon Gayongha 11 or 111,despite the fact that they are illegally occupying the only fertile land belonging to MBUH village.Recently the SDO and cronies of the boundary committee were stoned out of Bawock village because the decision was in favour of MBUH Village.
The Mbuh villagers are regular refugees in BABA 11 village.As providence has it all,the Bawock fon and subjects are being paid in their own coins.


The battle were between two barbarian. The Bawock barbarian started the act of vandalism by one mr Peter Limen and his sons by seizing the Bali juju, the Bali barbarian retaliated too to recovered their juju from the Bawock baberian and we are living witness of the outcome of the barbaric act between the two barbarian.
It was not war but just act of vandalism between the two barbarian and.
We can not say that Bawock are civilized than Bali, both were involved in the act of vandalism, therefore both are barbarian.
Bawock seized Bali’s juju, is that not vandalism? or is what my people, tell me. Infact the whole show is just like a drama.
Who are these neighbours of Bawock that u are talking of .If Bawock have neighbours as u are claiming please can u numerate them for those who knew little about the location of Bawock
U are there running ur mouth that Bawock respect neighbours culture and integrity, Peter Limen is from where?
Is it not Peter Limen from Bawock who orchestrated this act of vandalism? U turn a blind eye to the person who mastermind this act of barbarism and instead blaming those who retaliated to recovered the seized juju.
Bali Nyonga have the following forces of law and order station in Bali:
-Gendarmerie Brigade
-Part of Gendarmerie Company for the NWP headed by a captain
-Gendarmerie Research for the NWP
-Police post
-Special Branch Police
What is the used of this security forces in Bali? It is the Mayor to asked them to protect the properties of the fellows citizen?
SDO is just confusing and blaming the Mayor for nothing. Saturday, Sunday and Monday they cannot deployed forces of law and order due to inexperience and he is there putting blame on the mayor, then leaving out his colleague DO for Bali which everything happen in his eye. Bamenda – Bali is just 12 minutes drive and they cannot deployed troops for two days. They should leave the mayor alone.
The burning of the Bali palace by the barbarian from Bawock took place on Tuesday dawn about 4:25 AM where people were in deep sleep, not in broad day light. Then the Bali barbarian retaliated too spontaneously. That was a clashes between the two barbarian.

Big Joe

Dear forumist,

Can someone forward to me the contact address of this young lady who had to breast feed her bady with prohibited breast milk as a result of the on going crisis. The above picture is really pathetic and my heart goes out to these desperate and homeless Bawock people.

It is worth pointing out that there is only one accessible motorable road from Bawock to Bamenda and that road passes through the heart of Bali(Ntanfoang), it is therefore wrong for people to hold the view that Bali was out to vandalized Bawock. Bawock people carefully packed their things and left passing through the watchful eyes of the Bali people.

Brooks, Beside being a fon, Ganyonga'a is a lecturer and a Ph.D holder. He is an intellectual for that matter and will never mastermind talkless of orchestrating such an act. Those who destroyed Bawock never took permission from the Fon. Your people were misled by chief Nana and the administration notably the SDO for mezam who is a Bamilke man.

Can you explain to this forum why nobody was arrested during the December 6th 2006 incident when the SDO for mezam, the chief of Bawock and some delegates from town survey were chased away by the Bali people
from the disputed territory and a Gerdamme jeep damaged. Can you explain to this forum why the government has been silent on the ongoing crises?.

The answer is simple....They know the gospel truth and they are guilty for having misled the Bawock people.


Big Joe,
I am very disappointed with what you have been writing since the on going crisis began. It is a big stain on your person; you may think that you are defending your village.
"It is worth pointing out that there is only one accessible motorable road from Bawock to Bamenda and that road passes through the heart of Bali(Ntanfoang)"
Do you know that there is road from Bawock through Baba to Santa down to Bamenda?


That road still passes through bali, there is no road that leave Bawock without passing through Bali.U have though in Bali college and will probably know that Bawock is sandwich in Bali.

Big Joe


The road you are talking about passes through Gola/Mantum which are all quarters occupied by Bali indigents. There is no way a Bawock man would sneak out of Bali without trespassing either two or three Bali quarters.

Beside being emotional I am rational. In as much as I condemn this terrible crime committed against the Bawock people and sympatizes with them, I will not hesitate to point out the role played by the Bawock people themselves and the administration.

The Bali people reacted in thesame manner any other village could have responded had they been in thesame situation.


Sango Mottto, i think you are the most well uninformed individual in this Forum. The Bawock peole have never brutalised any neighbouring village not to talk of under the influence of anyone.
The SDO and those rseponsible of the boundary committee were stoned out of Bawock village by Bali barbarians who were not even imvited to the premises. If at all the stoning was carried by the Bawock people how come the car of the Fon of Bawock was burnt down. Know from today that the act was orchestrated by bali youths. A Bawock man is your best neighbour.
Big Joe let it stick to your head that Ntafoang is NOT the only motorable acessible road to Bawock from Bali, You can move freely from Bawock through Pinyin, Santa then Bamenda

Even if a Bawock man seized a Juju from Bali, it is not suffice to burn down an entire village, kidnap, torture and send people homeless within hours. I believe the Bali people had been waiting for an opportuned moment to commit such atrocities. And i still reiterate the fact that no Bawock person attempted to burn down the Bali fon's palace. It is an attempt to paint Bawock people as violent. The the thatched house was burnt down by the Bali people thgemselves. They themslves know that a Bawock man could not have the guts to do such a thing. Everyone knows and history tells us that a bali man is warlike, violent, barbaric and arrogant at all time. Tell a toddler to point to a violent man and he will point to a bali man. Voilence seem to be written on their faces.
Big Joe be rest assured that the Governtment has not been silent in what took place on the 6 of December. With time the perpatrators will be brought to book. As a matter of fact you have just confirmed that the Bali people have taken the laws into their hands. Because they sucessfully burnt down Governtment property without being punished gives them the right to go ahead and burn down an entire village. This time arround it is not as simple as you may think.
Nothing happen's in a Fon's backyard without his knowledge. It is not the first time the Fon of Bali has ordered the destruction of peoples' properties, so i still hold him responsible. He may be a ph D holder on paper yet lacks common sense. I wonder the kind of lectures he deliveres to students

Che Sunday

If everybody re-acts the way the Bali people have done towards the Bawocks, the entire Bali clan will not be in existence today. They were the biggest cowards and sellouts to the Germans. They screwed up the nomenclature of the entire North West and beyond, giving names to their German friends that weren't how most North Westerners called themselves. They are known to have collected dead bodies of a neighboring tribe they have gone to war with and brought them back to Bali. When government abitrators came, they displayed the corpse claiming to be bali citizens. The monetary compensation they got from that deception was used to finance their public water project. What is happening now is very much in sync with the arrogance of the bali people. Is any hut worth the destruction of a whole village? Who knows if they did not burn the hut by themselves in search of an outlet for their blood thirsty genes? I hope the military could go in there and do some operation clean up. It will keep these people in line. Make them rebuild Bawock village, meantime, the governor should place these refugees in shelters and continue to forcefully collect daily taxes from every balis regardless whether they have the means to pay. If you can't pay in cash, pay in labor rebuilding the destroyed houses. That will teach them a lesson.


Big Joe,
With due respect i will take the cue to call for some restraint the way you guys uphold Bali supremacy in this incident.It would be better for you the Balis to keep showing remorse for the wanton destruction,and the near Darfurisation of this situation.It is a good thing to say that the Balis acted in self-defence,but what is particularly eerie about this incident is that the provocation is incommensurate to the destruction,and havoc that has been wreaked on the Bawock people.
Secondly,this is the wrong time to start trumpeting the Fon`s credentials.His behaviour now,and then puts to question this intellectual prowess you guys are now celebrating.For example ,by insinuating that the perceived instigator of the Bawocks would have attended his SDF meeting rather than initiating the violence,the Fon is struggling to link this to the man`s political affiliation.Granted that the Bawock people actually set the Bali Palace ablaze,would this merit such a strong response,razing hundreds of houses to the ground? From the numerous wars the Balis fight with their neigbours,and the apparently embarrassing fuss they make around the Fons Palace,one would go away with the impression that it is a type of garrison,or fortress,where the Commander has always been a situation of war.
We are even asking the question today,
what these so called Palaces serve us for.
When Fons are not shooting down armless citizens,ordering them to be beaten to pulp,
they give directives for their houses to be burnt,or they seize lands from disadvantaged people.It inadmissible to see images of women ,and children suffering like this because a group of people think their lives can be forfeited for a Palace.
All a long i have been reading this idea of Bawock sandwiched in Bali,and the fact that they have their chief,and traditional rites that they uphold.If up to this moment their chief has not been one of the quarter heads under the Fon`s jurisdiction,what on earth should make the Bali people to think the Bawocks would have continued enjoying their Lela? We have read some sophistery here that the Bawock people build mansions in Bafoussam,and other cities in the West Province,and build huts in their present site,but the question anyone would ask is whether Bafoussam is not in Cameroon? The Balis should rather continue to build their own mansions on their own land,and maybe one day the Bawocks will be ashamed ,and copy their good examples.With the type of ferocity the Balis have always reacted to disputes with their neigbours,nobody will build a mansion around them,knowing fully well that it will be the first thing they will raze to the ground in times of crisis.
Making charges against somebody for crimes against humanity does not necessarily
entail the person actually murdered people.It entails he was the brain behind their suffering,and death,so the Fon of Bali should be very careful.Northwesterners have taken enough of these blows from him ,and his Bali warriors.Any word that has Bali as a prefix sends fear in the hearts of their neigbours,and Northwesterners.They must revised their way of life,and try hard to accomodate others,for they themselves are only settlers here.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Incidences of this nature in particular are not new in the North-West province.We see how brutal these Bali people are from their past history of vandalism.Cameroonians are all disappointed by this lack of civility and dramatic consequences that the innocent lot face.Homelessness,insecurity and other vices could be the order of the day for these masses.I just hope the government look for a quick solution before it's too late.

These Bali and Bawovanguards should learn to look before leaping than to be too violent in situations that doesn't need violent reproaches since we all know violence should be the last refuge of the incompetent.From all indication I realised that these Bali and Bawok mob believe that before peace reigns,they must prepare for war.They have finally achieved their aims by displacing thousands.It's a real shame on the Balis in general.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Big Joe

This write-up is from a forum of which I am a member.

"Dear Reader,

It is important that we look closely at the press conferences of Chief Nana to the media. It is pivotal to respond accordingly to some of his pronouncements in order to separate truth from falsehood. The land which the Bawock people now occupy in Bali is part and parcel Bali Land . Bali people have lived on this land side by side their Bawock brothers and sisters for generations in peace. Farmed side by side each other and intermarried for generations, schooled together established close kinship with each other. For Chief Nana to issue such a statement is very undeserving of a leader. This smacks of a very dangerous leader. Just how autonomous is Bawock from Bali ? This is one of the questions that needs to be answered. Let us look at Bawock proper in order to understand the meaning of autonomy now being claimed by Chief Nana. First of all I want to give the Chief credit for at least acknowledging that the strip of land now called Bawock was given to his people by the Fon of Bali. Now on this very strip as earlier mentioned Bali people live side by side the Bawock people from the Ta Ntungwens to the Fommbohs, to the Tita Fonchams, the Tita Todmias and so forth. The road which the Fon of Bawock is claiming as his sovereign territory is a Public thoroughfare that runs from Ntanfoang through Nsti-Njoh to Ntan Bakoh. At Ntan Bakoh, it vears to the right towards the Chief’s compound to link NjemChep, Kumchu and Njammbet and onward to Pinyin. The other heads straight to Mantum a Bali village and onward to Mbuh to Santa. How then can Chief Nana claim Sovereign rights over a public road? The Voma has used this route since time immemorial and has never hurt anyone. It is a yearly event which takes place in march from sunrise to sundown to bless all the farming communities and the land in preparation for the new Planting season. It is a very important religious event for the Bali people. The ceremony requires that the land observe silence for that day only out of 365 days in a year for this to be successfully completed. For someone to go out and pick a fight with the priests of the Voma, seizing their “Ndung” and setting it ablaze is like going to a church during Eucharist, seizing the chalice from the priests’ hand and burning it. This will render any adherent to that Faith mad. I am not saying that we should condone what transpired in Bawock. I want people to understand the gravity of the situation and make sure we from now on exercise tolerance in the way we treat each others Religious practices. The Voma is the highest Religious Institution in Bali . It only comes out once a year in March as earlier explained and generally will last the whole day and go back to its shrine at Dola at about 5:00 P.M. No one messes with the Voma. No One.

I want to take this moment to respond to some of the misinformation and unfortunate propaganda that Chief Nana is spreading in the media. It is simply unbelievable for me to read and respond to some of these calumnies. Here is Chief Nana in his own words;

"Fon Doh Ganyonga III is a thorn in the flesh of the Bawock people. He claims that Bawock is his ancestral land. But the Bawock Fondom is an autonomous entity, gazetted in 1961’’.

This statement rings hollow. Since the chief himself acknowledges that the piece of Land was given to his ancestors by the Fon of Bali. What he is not telling you is that he has decided unilaterally to extend the Land he was given to incorporate several Bali Villages including Mantum, Njambat, Kufom and part of Behsen. How is he doing this? By false representation and in collution with some Senior Administrative Officials to demarcate Boundaries between Bawock and Mbuh on the one hand and Bawock and Pinyin on the other. The so called Bawock territory never existed beyond Nsti Gola to the East and Nchu Sam to the west. That Land is still Bali Land since it makes up the larger and indivisible Bali-Nyonga Paramount Fondom. We are witnessing a situation where a generous and benevolent gesture has turned into an avaricious land graft.

“The Bawocks migrated from the West Province , and the people of Bali gave them that piece of land to settle. The people of Bali Nyonga have since then nursed a permanent ambition to conquer us. They have successfully done so with other neighbouring villages.” .What a moment of epiphany.

Some on this forum have argued the right of the Bali-Nyonga people to reign in Chief Nana and his supporters. I will advise you to just look around you at the amount of misinformation being perpetrated against the Bali people who offered shelter to their brothers and sisters the Bawock people in time of need. If land was not an important part of a people’s patrimony, one should not have the Bakweri Land council locked in a bitter struggle with the Cameroon Development Corporation for the return of land appropriated by the Germans for the sake of creating the agro conglomerate. Since Chief Nana in a moment of clarity found it fit to acknowledge that the land was given to him by the Fon of Bali, it is therefore a moot point to claim sovereignty on a piece of property that he never owned. How much more to try by devious means to extend his reach to graft more property from his host. It is simply an insult to the Bali people for the Chief now to claim more Land than was given to him by the people of Bali . This is what I want people to actually understand. The people of Bali are farmers and Mantum, Behsen, Njambat, Kufom has great arable land and all these land lying on the outer limits of Bawock makes them an easy prey to an avaricious and egoistic Chief. I am not sure this plot to carve out Bali Land and incorporate it into a promised Bawock Sub-Division will ever materialize.

Chief, the Bali people are not a hostile people. If they were, they would never have extended a hand of friendship and friendliness to your people. If you read the history of the grassfield with and open mind, with no hidden agenda you will discern that the Bali people since they entered and occupied their current home has fought with their neighbors in self defense and has never actually gone out and waged war un-provoked. They have on a number of occasions been forced to fight with their neighbors to defend their land. Enough material exist on this already and it is beyond the subject matter.

“On Saturday 3rd March, he ordered his Voma masquerade to dance across my territory-an act tantamount to declaration of war.”

There can be no territory within a Bali . Bali is made up of several villages each with a sub-chief or Chief. Chief Nana is just one of them. Amongst these sub-Chiefs and chiefs are the likes of Nfor-mantum, Nfor Bossa, Nfor Mbufung, Fofuleng, Nfor Jaman, Fomusoh, Nfor Ngiam, Nfor Kundem, Nfor Mbelluh and a host of others. All these chiefs are those who followed or later joined the Balis during their migration to their current home. Chief nana is just one of the chiefs or as it is called in Bali “Fonteh(s)”. The road he claims as his territory is a public thoroughfare that links Bali to farms and other neighboring villages as earlier explained. The Voma has the right to use this road and they have used the same route year in year out for generations without a single incident until Chief Nana came to power. I want to believe the chief when he claims to be the victim here. The real victims of this foolishness are the hundreds of people rendered homeless and sons and daughters of Bali and bawock who are out here on the net arguing back and forth over the actions of a very very misguided chief.

“And to concretize their objectives, they set fire on an insignificant portion of their inner palace on Tuesday 6th, accused the Bawocks and raided the entire village, pulled down our houses, destroyed crops, slaughtered animals and made thousands flee their homes.”

This is very sensational and a flat out lie and to come from a chief is simply pathetic. No son and daughter of Bali will attempt such an act. That building that was set ablaze is sacred to the Bali people and only a lunatic will have the temerity to set it ablaze. I believe the intention was to set the Bali palace ablaze by arsonists from Bawock, but failed because of the timely intervention of Bali people to stamp out the blaze.

Let truth be told. Let chief Nana tell the truth to his people. Let the people know why after more than fifty years of peaceful existence you have decided to plunge all of us into this mess. Mantum has never been and will never be your territory. Behsen will not be a quarter in Bawock, same with Njambat and Kufom as well as Gola. No one claim sovereignty over a road network.

There is no reason for the Fon of Bali to hold a publicly televised debate with you. That can only happen amongst equals. You are a sub-chief in Bali-Nyonga. Please understand that. If you are a man of peace honor all the overtures that Fon Doh Ganyonga has offered you and put an end to this madness. This is pure Grand-standing. You know the truth and the elders around you know the truth. Listen to the elders as well as the cry of your people. Friendships and kinships are being destroyed by your singular actions. If you want our sympathy, you have succeeded you have it. If you want the world to sympathize with you, all the sympathy is yours Chief. However, know that the world is also watching you".

Muki StoneHall

Big Joe,
It is too sad and really unfortunate that in the face of a grave humanitarian crisis caused by your tribesmen you continue hammering only on the supremacy of you fon, his "generousity" and how Chief Nana is suppose to be a subordinate.
Nobody is contesting the point that Balis offered hospitality to the Bawocks and gave them land.But did you give them the land with the intention of one day taking it back?Do you want them to abandon their culture and traditions and embrace those of Bali because you gave them land? In other words,did you give them land because you thought they will one day be bali people.
It is very unfortunate that in this modern era of civilisation, people still worship jujus and value them more than other human beings.You even compared your voma priest to a christian priest.The Christian Priest would have forgiven you and instead prayed for you. Is that what the voma priest and his followers did?
No matter the arguments you advance and no matter the kind of history you may want to invoke, the truth is that this was a carefully planned act by the fon and people of Bali together with the administration.After the very first incident on Saturday, a friend called from Bawock and told me he was now homeless.He told me the attackers had informed them that it was just an introduction and that they will be back again.Knowing who a bali man is, I directed him to a house in Bamenda and advice him to run for his life.That he did. And true to their words, the bali savages went and faked a retaliatory attack on their palace as a pretext to go back.From 50 distroyed homes on Saturday,they moved to 300 on Monday.The administration had two days to intervene.But they turned a blind eye to allow bali people accomplish their planned act.And now the SDO is blaming the mayor!
No matter the level of provocation, this act of barbarism can never be justified.As reported by some foreign media, it can only be compared to the Darfur case in the whole of Africa.If all villages were to react the way Bali did each time they are provoked, Cameroon will soon move back in time to find itself in the 10th century.
It is very very sad, to realise that all this was being directed by a man you claim holds a PhD.Your fon may be a learned man, but I'm sorry to say this that he's not educated.


Big Joe,

With much respect to your person, i will advise you to stop this tribalistic rhetoric and warmongering attitude you are fanning in this forum. Any reasonable Bali man will simply apologise on behalf of his people and i expect you to just do that.


Pinyin people are passing but through Bali before going to Bamenda since about 6 years ago, the road beween pinyin and Santa is not passable since 6 years. So Bawock will go to Pinyin and they all move to Bali again before going to Bamenda. Look bro what we should be preaching here should how they can have lasting solution to this crises rather than thinking how they can fine their way to Bamenda. Economically Bawock depend on Bali not even Bamenda saying.

What will North westerner do to Bali? If to say Bali will provided shelter to Bawock and in returned they become nuisance to Bali tradition and even adding part of Bali village to the land given to them, If that is What the North Westerner wants then, Bali will be prepare waiting for that war the North Westerner will lunch against Bali, U are one of the highly respectable person in this forum to the best of my knowledge, I am baffle to read such write up from u.
Bali will not fold their arms and sit, if attack by any North Westerner. Bali is not like SCNC sympathizer who will stand and their leaders are beating and arrested and carried away.
Bali is not like the other villages in the NWP that when they have crises that needed real man, men are running away.
For ur information Bali can mobilized thousands of force within 30 minutes in case of any crises as such.

Danny Boy

there is a lot the rest of the North West can do! We will not stand-by while you belligerent, bellicose thugs drag the good name of the North Westerners through mud! You seem to forget that the pipe-borne water system in Bali was financed by indemnities paid to you by the Widikums. Maybe you are too young and ignorant and are only shooting from the lip.
Read Che Sunday's posting above. He speaks the truth.
That is the fate that awaits the tax payers of Bali when the dust has settled and justice takes its course.
Given the mess you are in already, do you think you can face another enemy right now? You used the Bawocks as a buffer or shield against any attack from the Baforchus and Pinyins, what is going to protect you on that flank, Mr. strategist?
Poor sap, I speak as a Widikum, we mean you no harm, so long as you remain cordoned in that enclave. The day you start spreading your tentacles, know that these will be chopped off.
Let us agree to co-exist without your mindless bravado and bravura, OK!


I now understand why the Bali's are always in trouble with all their neighbours and have that warmongering attitude. The entire Bali needs some spiritual cleansing since even the pipe borne water they have been drinking was financed by money got from acting with the body and blood of innocent casualties.

We all need to learn to coexist with one another. We all write from different multicultural countries and if our host did forced us to abandon our tradition in favour of theirs, not everybody will be prepared to do that. Anti Multicultural and Multiracial detterents should be abandoned in all nooks and crannies in our society. The Bawocks might have some weaknesses in failing to fully accomodate the cultures of their host, but should'nt be an excuse to destroy their homes in short in a barbaric way. The Bali's should'nt think that because the Bawocks should abandon their culture and language and embrace theirs. We all have a right to maintain our cultural values wherever we are.

When i wrote here last week and asked why these problem is recurrent in the NW, many took me for trying to insinuate some tribalistic rhetoric. I will like to remind all readers here that, if we (Northwesteners) continue like this, we will sooner or later become a mockery to the other tribes that hold us with contempt when it comes to our interest in holding on to our land. Some are already saying, let them kill themselves, i have been told that and i know i am not the only one. We should not encourage people to always have a reason to make a mockery of us Northwesteners and sometimes, we need to act with some sense of Maturity. We have been known for leading the fight for liberation, from the days of independence, to the fight for multi-party politics to present day focus in the liberation of the Southern Cameroons through the SCNC. We should not destroy this pride with all these tribal problems that are disuniting rather than fostering peaceful coexistance between our different cultural values.


Danny boy
U are really fanning the hatred of Bali and u will never succeed. People are talking of how they can seek for peace mean into this crises, u hide in ur mosquito village and be saying nonsense .
Bali fought with the entired moghamo and meta simultaneously and defeated them shamelessly and force them to pay reparation which they did. Bali took this money and used it judiciously to constructed the pipe born water in 1952,
Do u think what happen to Moghamo tribes in 1952 they can accepted to wage a war on Bali as u are preaching, Only ur mosquito village alone will wage the war, may be only u and ur father will do that.
For ur information Pinyin and Mankon will never point a gun to Bali,
Bali had never crossed her boundary drawn up by the colonial master only the neighbouring tribes like urs always crunch into Bali land, when Bali retaliated u people will called them all sort of names.
What then do u people want them to do?
Danny boy, if NWP people gave embargo to Bali as u want to preach now, where will u pass and go to ur mosquito bush village, don’t u passed through Bali to moghamo?
U people will suffer the embargo more than Bali.
With this hatred u among us scnc will never succeed. That is why the scnc leaders were arrested and poeple stand and watch it as film and laughing as if its a joke


I remember a Bali war song Ni John Fru Ndi used to sing in Mungaka during heated rallies the early nineties. It used to commence with the words
"Meh tama ni nkong"...meaning "I was shot with a spear." During that time, the enemy's strategy was to portray the whole of the North West as violent and the logical consequence was to appeal to self-defence.
Today, provocation and knee-jerk actionism have made 2 really prestigious cultures look primitive. If anything, we should all clamour for PEACE and COEXISTENCE rather than having unending desire for self-aggrandizement.
This whole story makes my belly churn and my heart pain. I really was shot with a spear...! Meh tama ni nkong!!!

Danny Boy

Massa Talk True,
my firm response to yours was prompted by your cavalier attitude in response to watesih above. I do not hate the Balis. Go back to the beginning of comments when this story broke to the world and read my earlier comments.
Some of my best friends are from Bali and some of them know who Danny Boy on this forum is. That is why I am not going to rip you stupid head off, this time.
Stop gloating for Heavens sake. It appears there is something in that pipe borne water you so judiciously invested your ill-gotten wealth in.
You see my dear sap, you are hemmed in. I can get to Batibo from Bamenda without going through Bali-Nyongha. The inconvenience will be mine not yours, arse-hole.
Do try to reply in English, please.


Rexon,there's nothing like 'bamileke cultural values' in the Southern Cameroons;never was;never will be.


Big Joe thank you for taking the pains to research and post facts for the benefit of the forum.Let the humbuggins of those who wont as much as click on the keyboards of their favourite toys to KNOW THE TRUTH handicaped by their prejudice and over-eager to 'win' arguments.Thanks gentleman.The myopic will later come back to create websites to educate us SCians on this very issue later.Always later!!
Les Bamileke croient qu'ils ont vu leur 'bamenda' mais mais malheuresement pour eux ils sont tombés sur l'enfant terrible des bamendas.Thanks


Correction...Let the humbuggins of those who wont as much as click on the keyboards of their favourite toys to KNOW THE TRUTH handicaped by their prejudice and over-eager to 'win' argument not deter you....


Watesih ;not that i'm trying to mourn more than the bereaved but i think you're taking this issue to another level.Whoever said the rest of the NW is not with the Balis over this?Or the SCs for that matter!Big Joe's made an effort to present facts he gathered for the benefit of the forum,i think if you have to consider the fact that both Nana and the His Royal highness the Fon of Bali are CPDM and both should want to accusse the other of being SDF to get favours from Biya.Why react to utterances of the other and not the one?Please donot fall into that kind of trap ;not now please!
Muki if i have to tell you the crusades and massacres christian priests and popes sanctioned and blessed in the name of christianity you'll puke,so gentleman take it easy on the Balis when they protect theirs.At any rate like i said ,if you tryu this rubbish Laakam is trying in the west province they'll have puréee of you heart liver and lungs for lunch and wash it down your blood drunk from your skull.Try to find out gentleman and not from you r Bawock friends anymore.Thanks


It is somewhat frightening the way some commentators in this forum are holding on to their theory of altruism to the Bali course. What most of us are trying to do here is to throw our condemnation so that the Barbarians of Bali, that seemingly reflects but the mentality of a few unscrupulous individuals, should not have a reason to act in such a way in the near future that will seemingly spark an unending humanitarian crises. However, we are being taken aback by the thoughts of some tribalistic individuals in this forum, who have every reason to defend their subjects back home. This is really an embarrassment. I wonder what these people will teach their children. That the Bawock man is a Bamilikie man and is not a southern Cameroonian, etc.

I grew up in Mutengene, sandwiched by children who were beti anglo, Bassa Anglo, Douala Anglo, Bamilikie Anglo, etc. they had names like the Atangana’s, the Owona’s, the Ngembus, the Beto’s, the Nana’s, the Dipoko’s, the Njoya’s, etc. We coexisted for many generations and never had any reason to treat each other with contempt. Problems started when the Biya regime started favouring them at the expense of other Southern Cameroonians. They could go to Yaounde, and because of their names, they could secure jobs, contracts, etc in Yaounde at the blink of an eye. Unlike their parents who did coexisted peacefully in the Southern Cameroons after they were welcomed by the Bakweri’s, the products of this people have seemingly found a new found home in Yaounde and other parts of La Republique. They are now very happy to identify themselves in other parts of La Republique, and have seemingly abandoned their pockets of villages stretching several parts of fako and Meme division.

What we are seeing is a product of the very corrupt mentality of the Biya regime. The Bali’s are struggling to define the Bawocks as Bamilikie’s in a bid to drive them out and gain some space, which they have been craving for. I do see the Biya regime orchestrating all this through their two CPDM Fons heading both villages. Modest thinking Southern Cameroonians should act fast and moderate the minds of these two groups of people before it is too late.

Muki StoneHall

I know of many civilised Bali people but from your utterances you seem more backwards than the barbarians involved in this devilish act.Keep resting on past glories.To you, Bali defeated the entire Moghamo and Meta simultaneously in 1952.Thats something to make you proud.Imp, do you know how long its been since 1952.Move along with time.We are now in 2007.Should that your juju you worship deceive you to try anything this day,Bali will be wiped off the map.


Big Joe/vito and the Bali fanatics, Nana of Bawock is adressed as Fon Nana of Bawock at all levels not as subchief or nfor of any miserable Bali village as you claim. So stop bluffing. The history you are narrating is a Bali man's perpective so what does one expect?. So do not dare rate Fon Nana as one of those your robot-like subchiefs who do not dare oppose Gayonga. The violent and agressive nature of a Bali man is a stigma which will never be erased unless you learn to leave with people as humanbeings not as untamed beasts. You need to shed that stinking coat of pride and stop living on past war victories.I think it is time you educated your subjects on non voilent approach to settle disputes and tolerance. What is a burnt ficticious juju compared to more than 300 burnt houses and thousands of Bawock people who have been rendered homeless? Have you been to the village to observe the massive destruction caused within a short period of time? It is a pure sign of babarism at its highest level and should be condemned vehemently. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves as people from bali nyonga.



Gentlemen, Im really taken aback by comments I read here. An outrageous act that merits condemnation from every person of Godwill is rather sparking tribalistic sentiments and support. Im now asking myself too many questions.

Can we really form a peaceful nation even if Southern Cameroon one day gets its independence? Its amazing that these comments are coming from learned people living in Advanced democracies here in the West and not even from the uncivilised villagers who committed these crimes.

Can we still be this tribalistic and then pretend to be fighting for an independent SC? This are amazing developments. Well if the winds dont blow you'll never see the anus of a hen. Keep on letting us see the animals in you. I will repeat this on this forum. We dont see ourselves but what we write here is an exact replica of whom we are.

May God save this nation

Danny Boy

Mr. Tayong,
stop moralising.And if you have to, tell that uncouth Massa-talk-true to stop gloating.
To tell you the truth, I will not want to belong to any State with such cutthroats from Bali.
Not only is the guy an illiterate, he is at best a buffoon. He beats his chest like a gorrilla, but he forgets to note that his enclave is a man-made zoo!
As a discerning wag observed on a forum I subscribe to, this is but an implosion, what more of an explosion.?
The jury is out....

Che Sunday

Before we liberate our minds, we must deficate the bile that has poisoned it for too long. Where is the voice of reason from the cultured Balis condeming this babaric act? To the Bali man, anything good belongs to them. A horse is "Nyambani" or the Bali animal. Plantains which are eaten extensively in Cameroon is call "Kudong bani"? Do you know of a Bali plantain variety as opposed to the one you propably ate in your village?
These people led the Germans into every village in the grassland, assasinating chiefs who failed to supply healthy men for manual labor for their German masters. Without their help, the population of the grassland people will be greater than what it is today. There is a song in Bafut and it goes,
"Masa-o-Meh fa fa nkwo le, Anwhip. The refrain goes Oh ye, Oh ole Anwhip.
These are Bafut people lamenting while working and having Bali foremen under German supervision lashing them with canes. The last word in the song, "awhip" is the sound of the whip. The song simply says, "master, what kind of work is this which you work and die working. The only response they get is the crack of the whip. Were other tribes as quick silver as the Balis, then there is a more than decent chance that Bali could be over-run from all directions.
You may disagree with me but burning down some ones house is tantamount to committing murder. The moment you set fire on a house, you do not know if there is a person inside or not. Where are the Bali elites? Can they stand up and be counted or will they continue grandstanding and looking down on the Bawock people and their leader as mere apendages to the Bali clan?


I`m a little taken aback by the ferocity with which you respond to my concerns there.You see Big Joe and Vito are some of the best commentators we have here,so i appealed to them to observe some restrain,and continue to show remorse than justifying anything now.I concluded by saying Northwesterners have had enough of these wars between the Balis and their neighbours.This is another way to dissuade people from doing these type of things nexttime.Sir Talk-true,do you mean i will actually be condemning war,and calling on Northwesterners to wage war against each other? Of course not! I always exchange good
ideas with big Joe,so thats why i appealed to him directly to let sleeping dogs lie.I will end by saying we know leaders in times of crisis,so do well not to run wild.

You shouldn`t be the one to fall into this trap.How would you think i`m calling on the Northwesterners to come out against the Balis? I`m afraid you guys will continue to run on everybody like that as if you wanted to silent them.There`s no room for justifications now.Only reason,and levelheadedness can prevail.The provocation was incommensurate to the response from the
Balis,and the repercussions are far reaching
Vito,when there are crises like these ,we first look at the victim,and the impact on him or her.With time we will certainly analyse Fon Nana`s version of facts,but for the moment i call on you and Big Joe to tone
down any counter-attacks here.We know emotions are running high because everybody will like to spill the last drop of blood for his or her ancestral land.


Bali people are so stupid and I wonder if they have any level headed person in that village. Bali people are thesame everywhere you meet them. What kind of barbarism in the 21st century? I see why a baliman cannot hold any position of responsibility. If a baliman where to be appointed a D.O., that subdivision will go chaotic. They should never appoint a baliman a D.O., S.D.O or minister in Cameroon. These bali people get on my nerves.

Barbarians in the name of Cameroonians. Neighbouring villages should unite against these primitive uneducated barbarians in the name of Bali Nyongha people. Can you believe what is coming out from the baliman fon's mouth, what a shame. I am glad people of Bali are not administrators because it would have been a disaster in Cameroon.


Very soon, villages will want independence, and quarters will fight for autonomy.
When you open a mature debate with your western friends, you will say we want a united states of Africa.
We should be proud of a break through that unite minds, communities and even countries.
Love is contagious, spread it!

Big Joe


Thanks for the wise counseling, I have always respected your opinion. This should be my very last comment on this issue and I will continue to sympathize with my fellow Bawock brothers and sisters. They are the products of the errors of the past and present and this ugly incidence should represent a scar on the conscience of the NW administration who conceived and nurtured the whole drama.(The promised of a Bawock sub division mapping out Bali land).

I understand how those who are directly affected by this incidence are feeling. However, this should not be the time to get unnecessarily excited or to be ranting and throwing insults here and there.

With "learned" people like Brooks,Danny boy, Che sunday,my good friend Rexon etc, this incidence will repeat itself(God forbid!) if the Bawock people decide to return and resettle in Bali.


Hi Watesih,i take it,by ancestral land you mean The Southern Cameroons.
We are together.
AC ,indeed love is contagious;may God help us spread it.Thanks and God bless.

Aunty J.

Bali my foot!! Your hot temperedness, rashness and pride will be your undoing. Wait and see!!!



You are a model in this forum, please keep up, May be I missed understood Your write up. I always read and respected your idea.


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Big Joe,

I thought we could now reason together and was reading your message with some hope, only for you to write this:

"this incidence will repeat itself(God forbid!) if the Bawock people decide to return and resettle in Bali"

Big Joe, before and after independence, the Bakwerians received people from other parts of Africa and from afar as the Carribean. You might want to know that, a lot of these people were taking their boats, trekking, etc and travelling from far away places to settle in the creeks and villages in and around Fako. The Bakweri man has never identified them from where they came from. There are villages in and around Fako mostly around the creeks and swamps of idenau sub division where, the people can trace their ancestral origins from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea, Trinidad, St Lucia, St Kitts, Jamaica, etc. They have the surnames of the Kodjo's, the Koffi's, the Williams, the Lawson's, the Campbells, the Johnsons, etc. There are Bakweri Krios (from Sierra Leone), Bakweri Ashantis/Ewe's (from Ghana), etc. Even the late Pa Ngongi of Mutengene (Namata Ngongi's Father) used to tell us that his family was from Ghana or somewhere in West Africa/Carribean if i am not loosing my mind. Now, going by your arguments, would you one day ask these people to go to where they came from? Would you rush to burn their houses simply because you can trace their ancestral origins from somewhere else or you gave them land? If the Bali's cannot even accomodate the Bawocks who are related to them by blood, can they accomodate these kind of people like the Bakweri's did?

The Nyongha's dont own any land in that area. Nyongha is a woman and if we go by our graffi tradition, a woman is not entitled to any land in her ancestral land. My sisters cannot come into Mbatu and be fighting for land with with me. Bali Nyongha was the only woman in the Bali's and she was not even supposed to be given any land. It was the generosity of her brothers who wanted her and her husband to stay closer that left her where she is. History has proven that her husband was not a Bali man as she could not marry her brother. So all of you guys belong somewhere and it is your responsibility to trace the area and go there if you want to ask others questions about where they are coming from.


Bali and their the so-called Fon are all babarians,worriors and vandals.These people were born with this very bad blood which makes them not have have any feeling on the way they always treat other humans being. So no matter what,they will never change and so maybe the only best way is for others to stay away or avoid such a babric trib for their well being.Now there are very proud and happy thinking that they have done a great job by destroying the hundreds of houses and rendering them homeless.But they should not forget to know that any thing that goes up will one day fall back to the ground.So they will be rewarded one day for all the very bad things they had been doing to other humans.If not by man, God will not or never set them free.The habit of fighting and destroying others property is already a cures to the Bali people.Many are educated but they always behave like people who never went to school at all.A curese bunch of babarians.

Ma Mary

Rexon, surely the dispossession of women cannot be a good thing, especially in the 21st century!

Writer of Wrongs


All my life I worked restlessly like a bee
To build myself a lovely home to be
Today, I am made a hobo and must quest for charity

All my life I tilled the soil of this land and planted fruit trees
For I believed I was growing a beautiful and handy garden for me
Little did I imagine that come a day, for my life I might have to flee

I am the seventh generation of those named ‘come no go’
A name given to us by the ‘sons and daughters of the soil’ to flatter their ego
A name that makes us strangers in our own homeland with a constitutional echo

I was born here, in this village
And have lived here and come of age
Why now ask me to trace my unknown heritage?

I know no other language than the language of this land
My wife is a daughter of this land
My ways of life are modelled on the mores of this land
When I die, my corpse shall be buried in this land

Now, you say I am a foreigner, a ‘come no go’
That I should leave and all I have forgo
Now, tell me, you who hold the silly motto
Do you know your forefathers’ history could be traced to ‘So Where To’?

Homelessly Yours,
The Outcast

Writer of Wrongs

Directeur de la Publication Haman Mana

» Quotidienmutations
ENQUETE | 16 Mar 2007
Balinyonga - Bawock : Retour sur les lieux du drame
Pourquoi tout un village a-t-il pu être rasé par les voisins, alors que les deux communautés visent ensemble depuis de nombreuses décennies ? Comment l’administration n’a-t-elle pas pu prévenir le drame et qu’est ce qui peut expliquer cette haine viscérale d’un peuple envers un autre ? Notre reporter est allé sur le terrain reconstituer les pièces d’un puzzle qui résume une situation bien plus générale qu’elle n’y paraît.
Une enquête de Xavier Luc Deutchoua
Il y a deux semaines, Rebecca Taba, du quartier Ndetap, au nord de Bawock, était une paysanne comblée. Son grenier contenait 200 kg de haricot, sa basse-cour quatre poules. Elle engraissait un porc qu’elle comptait vendre à Noël "pour faire la fête aux enfants et payer son denier de culte à l’Eglise". Un coin de sa cuisine cachait 10 litres d’huile de palme, une denrée précieuse dans la localité. Son bas de laine couvait une somme de 20.000 Fcfa. Mardi, 6 mars dernier, une horde de casseurs est venue, ex abrupto, de Bali, le village voisin. Et, en une nuit, le tsunami a détruit l’œuvre de tant de jours de dur labeur.

D’après les témoignages, la croisade a commencé au petit matin. Bawock dort alors. Pendant ce temps, une armée de minute-men levée à Bali, se glisse dans le village, l’encercle, ferme ses voies de sortie. A 4h, poussé par des cris de guerre, machette et fusils traditionnels au poing, bidons d’essence et allumettes à la main, l’assaut est lancé. Paillotes, cabanes, villas, palaces: tout ce qui vit est attaqué, extrait des maisons.
Pris au dépourvu, submergés par cette marée humaine, vieillards, jeunes gens, femmes, enfants et bébés se pressent dans la brousse. "Aucun ménagement, aucun égard pour les malades", témoigne Henriette Kwamo Nana, l’épouse du fon de Bawock qui raconte la scène. "Nous ne pouvons rien contre les Bali, qui sont 20.000 dans l’arrondissement". Contre environ 2.000 Bawock. Le village vidé de ses habitants, l’animosité se tourne vers les bêtes. Cochons, poulets, chèvres sont étranglés, éventrés. Viendra le tour des plantes à l’entour des concessions…
Une semaine après le drame, Bawock évoque le Darfour. De source préfectorale, le feu a détruit 300 habitations. Un peu plus, si l’on y ajoute les concessions inhabitées et les bâtisses encore en chantier, comme l’imposant duplex en élévation à l’entrée de la localité par le bien nommé Dr Stanley Ngeyi, professeur à l’université du Michigan aux Etats-unis Une carcasse de voiture consumée barre l’entrée de la chefferie. D’autres voitures calcinées jusqu’aux entrailles jonchent le village.

Sous les cendres et les toitures effondrées, abondent des signes extérieurs d’une menue richesse à jamais perdue: une bicyclette, un appareil musical ou un appareil radio calciné. Des téléviseurs échappés au feu et à la rapine des pillards sont délaissés sur les chemins de traverse. Des hectares d’eucalyptus et des caféières sont tous en charbon. A l’entour des concessions, bananiers, avocatiers goyaviers, papayers ont été dessouchés à la machette. Les cadavres d’animaux se décomposent.
Nitap, Fomnjoh et Douala ont été entièrement pulvérisés. Comme la chefferie, ces quartiers ont reçu la visite des pyromanes à deux reprises en l’espace de trois jours. Samedi, 3 mars, et mardi, 6 mars. Fon Nana Wanda III, chef traditionnel, quatre épouses et père de 15 enfants, accuse le coup: "On ne peut pas évaluer ce que le peuple Bawock a perdu dans l’incendie de sa chefferie. Tous les objets d’art accumulés depuis plus de cent ans sont partis en fumée. Les regalias ont été brûlés, certains volés".
L’un des quatre "lieux sacrés", inviolables selon la sacro-sainte tradition des Grassfields, a été incendié. Les assaillants n’ont toutefois pas osé s’attaquer à la "maison des crânes" où, selon la croyance locale, les ancêtres protecteurs des Bawock sont censés veiller. Un assaillant a quand même tenu à marquer son passage, en déposant de la matière fécale à l’entrée de ce saint des saints.

Dans ce décor d’horreur, on tombe par endroits sur des détails poignants. En passant dans un cimetière familial, le feu a épargné une croix en bois blanc. Ailleurs, dans la cour d’une maison en ruine, une main, sans doute celle de l’infortuné maître des lieux, a déposé des fétiches: un cercueil en miniature, des bandelettes de tissu rouge serties de cauris blancs, un pot de terre rempli d’écorces diverses. "Les représailles ont commencé", commente notre guide. Autre miracle: une dizaine de maisons d’habitation sont debout, intactes. Les heureux propriétaires de ces habitations sont des originaires de Bali installés en territoire Bawock. "Des chevaux de Troie?" Le Fon Nana Wanda III pense que non. "Ils se sont installés sur nos terres, sans problème. Ils ont épousé nos filles".

"Qu’est-ce qui est donc arrivé ?", s’interroge Rebecca. Parmi une dizaine de personnes, elle est revenue sur la terre de ses ancêtres ce 12 mars. La radio a annoncé le passage du gouverneur Koumpa Issa et d’une commission administrative chargée d’évaluer des dégâts. En arrivant de Pinyin, de l’autre côté du mont Koumtchou où se sont réfugiés des centaines de sinistrés, elle pensait obtenir des nouvelles de ses quatre enfants, réfugiés à Bamenda, en compagnie de leur papa et de sa "Mbanya", sa coépouse. A Bawock, Rebecca n’a retrouvé que son chien qui fouille dans les décombres. Elle a ramené un poulet qui sera égorgé, et dont le sang sera aspergé sur les reliques de ses parents, dans la pure tradition bamiléké. "J’ai quitté mon ménage il y a six ans pour revenir ici. Je suis née dans cette maison. Mon père et ma mère m’ont appris que les Bali et nous formions une famille. Nos parents ont toujours vécu en paix; Ce sont les "big people" qui nous mettent dans les problèmes".

Par "big people", elle entend le Fon de Bali, Doh Ganyonga III, dont le village entretient un conflit frontalier avec Bawock. Et, surtout, le maire Sdf de Bali, Chrisopher K. Nyamsenkwen, accusé d’être le bras séculier du premier. Tel soutient l’avoir vu distribuer du pain aux vandales. Tel autre affirme l’avoir aperçu transportant de l’essence. Tel encore certifie l’avoir surpris donnant des instructions téléphoniques aux casseurs.
Sur un coteau, au quartier Djamtcheup, un petit coin de paradis a échappé à la furie dévastatrice des "Huns" locaux. C’est la mission catholique Saints Pierre et Paul. La petite chapelle reste immaculée. L’école aussi est sauve. La vie y tourne au ralenti, cependant. Dimanche dernier, les cloches n’ont pas sonné. Celles de l’école tintent encore. Timidement. "A mon avis, la mission n’a pas été attaquée parce que c’est un no man’s land", explique Sylvanus Fongoh, originaire de Bali. En l’absence du directeur, réfugié à Bamenda avec trois instituteurs tous de l’ethnie Bawock, il encadre ses trois collègues, tout en tenant les cours moyens 1 et 2.

Une autre maison de Dieu, la Christain Assembly Church, a eu moins de chance. "Les bâtiments et les instruments de musique ne sont plus que cendres", se plaint le pasteur Pius Nungmua en brandissant des photos du drame. L’école catholique a-t-elle donc été sauvegardée parce qu’elle est fréquentée en majorité par les enfants Bali? "Je ne crois pas", pense t-il. Saints Pierre-et-Paul comptait 350 élèves il y a une semaine. 165 ont repris les classes. "Cette affaire affecte tous les enfants et les parents, sans distinction de tribu. Les élèves Bali souffrent de l‘absence de leurs camarades. Il ne comprennent rien à ce qui se passe".
De fait, à l’heure de la récréation, des enfants se calfeutrent dans les salles de classe au lieu de gazouiller dans la cour comme d’habitude. Sylvanus Fongoh observe la scène avec une appréhension pour les résultats de fin d’année. Il se soucie également de la fin du mois à venir: "Nous exhortons nos collègues à revenir avec les enfants, car nous sommes une école privée et nous craignons pour nos salaires si la situation perdure".
La majorité des enfants, de l’école catholique comme de l’école publique, sont dispersés entre Pinyin, Baforchu, deux des villages voisins, et Bamenda. Sous la conduite de leurs parents, ils ont quitté Bawock à pied. Par route ou par les chemins de traverse. Dans les localités d’accueil, la solidarité s’est très vite organisée. Les sinistrés partagent souvent des liens de sang, de mariage, avec leurs hôtes. Le gros des exilés est regroupé à Bamenda, à 20 Km de Bawock.

Congress Hall
Evalués par l’administration à plus de 2000, ils sont arrivés dans la capitale de la province du Nord-Ouest les mains vides, leurs agresseurs les ayant dépouillés de tout, en particulier des téléphones portables. Quelques uns ont de la famille en ville. Les autres logent au Congress Hall. Ce building, propriété du Rdpc, le parti au pouvoir, ressemble à un camp de réfugiés. Du linge lavé qu’on étale à même le gazon. Des enfants qui s’ébattent à même le pavé de la cour. Des femmes qui pouponnent des nourrissions en pleurs. Des mémères qui papotent. Des adultes oisifs qui devisent, l’oreille souvent collée au transistor. Des vieillards assis, assoupis, absents…
De bonnes fées se pressent au chevet de ces gens qui ont tout perdu. La Croix-Rouge, le Haut commissariat aux réfugiés et l’Unicef sont passés. "Pour inventorier les besoins", précise Fon Nana Wanda III, qui a mis sur pied un mini cabinet de crise, avec des commissions en charge des questions de santé, d’éducation, de nutrition, etc.

Les élites de la Mezam viennent d’offrir 945.000 Fcfa pour les provisions de bouche. Des responsables du Rdpc à l’échelle locale et nationale ont "envoyé du carburant" au Fon Nana Wanda, qui espère toujours un mot de compassion d’un responsable du Sdf. Zacheus Fordjidam, le directeur des Chantiers Navals, a offert un camion de riz, d’huile de cuisine, de serviettes hygiéniques et de savon.
Pour l’instant, les choses se passent bien, côté repas du jour. Dream Land, un restaurateur de Bamenda, offre quelques repas. A midi, des marmites de riz, de plantain, de kontchap… affluent des familles Bawock de Bamenda. Le repas du soir est un casse tête. "Le jour, ils sont autour de 1500. Les autres flânent en ville, chez des amis ou chez des parents. Le soir, ils reviennent tous. Et là, la réalité qu’on a on essayé d’oublier en journée revient en surface", explique Henriette Kwamou Wanda. La nuit tombée, on se serre dans deux salles. On dort à même le sol, sur des matelas de chiffons, sans drap, engoncé dans des pardessus, les adultes souvent entremêlés aux enfants, les femmes aux hommes.

Cette promiscuité constitue un souci majeur pour le Fon de Bawock. Chef de l’agence de la compagnie d’électricité Aes-Sonel de Bamenda, désormais plus assidu au Congress Hall qu’à son bureau, il a peur pour les femmes du groupe. "Ce sont plus des veuves que des femmes mariées. Certaines portent des grossesses. Au village, elles vivent du petit élevage et des travaux champêtres. Si une solution n’est pas vite trouvée, j’ai peur qu’elles ne se livrent à la prostitution". Il tremble devant le risque d’une épidémie qui frapperait en particulier les enfants. L’eau potable est rare.
Les services publics de santé multiplient les conseils et font circuler des fiches à n’en plus finir; une équipe médicale campe en permanence sur les lieux; on ne signale pas encore de cas d’épidémie. Mais, sait-on jamais? Fon Nana Wanda redoute enfin l’exaspération des hommes, impatients de regagner Bawock, de rebâtir une vie. "Est-ce d’ailleurs possible de recommencer ?", se demande Ivo Peter Saboh, 65 ans, retraité de la Sacred Heart College de Mankon. Il y a un an, il s’est rentré au village. Dans sa belle maison, il a empilé ses archives. "Je constituais la mémoire historique des Bawock". Tous ces documents ont brûlé. "Je n’ai sauvé que ma voiture. Je remets tout à Dieu"

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COMMENTAIRE | 16 Mar 2007
Drame de Bali : la haine planifiée
Après une rapide descente lundi dernier du gouverneur de la province du Nord-Ouest sur le site du village rasé qui a suscité tant d’émoi la semaine dernière, les choses semblent revenues dans l’ordre.
Par Alain B. Batongué
C’est l’impression que veut donner l’administration qui a hâtivement procédé à l’évaluation des dégâts pour désintéresser les familles sinistrées. Comme pour se rassurer qu’il n’y a pas grand’ chose à faire et que le dossier est désormais clos. Dans une espèce de méthode Coué.

Mais le récit et les témoignages que nous ramène notre envoyé spécial à Bali (lire notre enquête en pages 14 et 15) donne froid dans le dos. Et permettent de se rendre compte du degré de sophistication de la barbarie, du sens de l’organisation des commanditaires et des exécutants, dans une espèce de frappes chirurgicales planifiées et savamment cachées par un bilan trompeur où l’on n’a noté aucune perte en vies humaines.
Le récit fait également transparaître le niveau de haine entre deux communautés qui ont pourtant partagé, de nombreuses décennies durant, la même histoire, les mêmes splendeurs et les mêmes misères. Au-delà de l’incendie de tout le village, le reporter a ainsi été frappé par le fait que les animaux étaient tués et les bananiers détruits. Comme à l’époque coloniale de la stratégie de la terre brûlée, visant à décourager toute tentative de revenir sur ces terres où même la famine aura raison de vous.

Comment a-t-on pu arriver à ce stade de violence et de désolation alors que l’administration, qui veut aujourd’hui parer au plus pressé, avait les moyens de prévenir cela? Comment comprendre cette attitude de laxisme irresponsable, dans un site où elle dispose à la fois de moyens d’information et de moyens d’action ? Faut-il le rappeler, on a pu dénombrer non loin du site un commissariat spécial, un commissariat de sécurité publique, une compagnie de gendarmerie et une brigade de gendarmerie, en plus de la sous préfecture. Comment, avec tant de structures opérationnelles, n’avoir pas pu avoir circonscrire " l’information " à temps et comment n’avoir pas mis sur pied une stratégie de dissuasion ? D’autant que les assaillants, après une première expédition punitive, avaient bien indiqué qu’ils reviendraient pour frapper plus fort.
Si les méthodes à Bali ont été passablement différentes, le problème des haines inter ethniques reste constant dans le Cameroun aujourd’hui, et en particulier dans la province du Nord-Ouest où, en moins de trois ans, on a dénombré de nombreux autres cas aussi préoccupants. Les affrontements plus récents entre Oku et Mbessa sur le site des derniers cités ; la dramatique situation de Babandji où le fon, chassé de son village, fut tué pour avoir essayé d’y revenir subrepticement, ou encore les morts de Balikumbat, dont le fon essaie encore de se sortir péniblement avec des acrobaties politico-juridiques…

La complaisance et le laxisme de l’administration, qui ne sanctionne que rarement et de façon timide, ne peuvent que conforter l’exacerbation de ces haines à contre courant de la dynamique d’unité nationale, désormais rappelée plus comme un slogan que comme une politique de tolérance. En l’occurrence, seul le sous préfet a " payé " alors que le préfet et le gouverneur, chacun en ce qui le concerne, n’ont pas brillé par leur sens d’initiative et que les élites du Nord-Ouest à Yaoundé, pourtant informées et mobilisées, ont préféré la fuite en avant et le confort de leurs fonctions importantes dans la capitale. L’émoi administratif et politique, au plan national, n’est pas allé au-delà de la descente sur le terrain du gouverneur, provoquée par une réunion interministérielle organisée par le Premier ministre Inoni Ephraim. Le mal est pourtant bien plus profond et gangrène désormais le pays entier. Aucune déclaration du ministre chargé de l’Administration territoriale, plus prompt à rassurer sur les préparatifs des élections dont la date n’est toujours pas connue.

Aucun communiqué du Pm sanctionnant clairement de tels actes. Or, il faut bien se dire que si les Balinyonga, probablement plus expansifs, ont agi aussi clairement et ouvertement, plusieurs autres différends et conflits, de part et d’autre, sont encore gérés avec la peur et les frustrations, dans une retenue qui peut exploser à tout moment. Il y a donc, de la part du gouvernement et de tous ceux qui décident, de la matière pour travailler à éviter une guerre civile généralisée, qui, compte tenu des spécificité de notre pays, serait bien pire que celle qu’a connue le Rwanda. Un dossier autrement plus important que les gesticulations observées depuis quelque temps sur l’éventuelle modification de la constitution et la possibilité accordée au président de s’éterniser à la tête de l’Etat.
Pour quoi y faire ?
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ENQUETE | 16 Mar 2007
- 1860: Les Bawock arrive sur le site actuel de leur village. Accueil par les populations Bati, aujourd’hui installés dans la région de Galim, dans les Bamboutos


- 1899: Zintgraft "pacifie" la zone. Ils sont accueillis par les Bali. Il favorise l’intronisation des Balinyonga comme les suzerains de la localité

- Juillet 1921: Les Anglais, qui ont pris la relève des Allemands, s’inquiètent du niveau d’armement des Bailnyoga et de leur empire sur les peuples environnants

- Juin 1963: Arrêté du Ministry of local governement portant reconnaissance des chefferies dans le Cameroun occidental

- 15 janvier 1975: Accord de coexistence pacifique signé au palais de Balinyonga entre les deux communautés, représenté par leurs Fons respectifs

- Octobre 1975: Décision préfectorale réaffirmant l’existence d’une chefferie Bawock

- Janvier 1982: Arrêté ministériel rattachant la chefferie de 2è degré de Bawock la chefferie de 1er degré de Balinyonga

- Novembre 2005: Gwan Summit. La paix est conclue entre les Balinyonga te les Bawock. L’accord est paraphé par les autorités administratives et les responsables des forces de maintien de l’ordre

- Décembre 2006: Une mission de délimitation de la frontière entre Baforchu, Pinyin, Bawock et Balinyonga, conduite par un des adjoints du préfet de la Mezam, est attaquée par des populations de Balinyonga

- Janvier 2007: Lettre au préfet de la Mezam, relative aux provocations et aux destructions de biens des Bawock

- Janvier 2007: Plainte des Bawock contre une vingtaine de personnes pour menace de mort

- Février 2007: Lettre des Bawock au Premier ministre pour solliciter ses bons offices

- 3 mars 2007: Altercation entre les Nju Nju de Balinyonga et les populations Bawock. Suite à l’affrontement, 12 maisons rasées à Bawock

- 6 mars 2007 Assaut des Balikumbat contre les Bawock ; Bilan : plus de 300 habitations incendiées et plus de 2000 personnes déplacées
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ENQUETE | 16 Mar 2007
Evocation : Le Fon du problème
L’un veut imposer son hégémonie, l’autre tient à son autonomie.

Une enquête de Xavier Luc Deutchoua"Gwan summit resolutions". Le document qui porte ce nom est le procès-verbal d’une réunion secrète tenue au commissariat de sécurité publique de Bali le 7 novembre 2005. Y prenaient part une délégation de Balinyonga, conduite par F Doh Ganyonga III, une de Bawock, amenée par Fon Théodore Nana Wanda et quelques notables de sa cour, le maire de Bali, Christopher K. Nyamsenkwen. Sous des accents de sincérité, la rencontre s’ouvre par une prière et se termine par une chaleureuse accolade entre les deux fons. Engagement est pris de sceller la réconciliation par des fêtes populaires à organiser respectivement les 8 et 11 novembre à Balinyonga et à Bawock. Le sous-préfet, le commandant de compagnie de gendarmerie, le commandant de brigade, le commissaire de sécurité publique et le commissaire spécial apportent leur bénédiction au pacte ainsi conclu, en apposant leur signature au bas du "Gwan summit resolutions". Au cours de ces travaux, des griefs surgissent de part et d’autre. Les Bawocks reprochent aux Bali l’annexion de certains de leur quartiers, le mépris vis-à-vis de leur souverain, une sous représentation dans les institutions locales, la ségrégation dans la répartition des équipements sociaux locaux, l’absence des Bawock des commissions consultatives sur les questions agricoles et foncières, le respect des traditions Bawock par les Bali installés en territoire Bawock….

Les Balinyoga, quant à eux, ne pardonnent pas aux Bawocks leurs prétentions territoriales qualifiées d’injustifiées, leur manque d’engouement pour les projets d’intérêt commun, l’insubordination du fon de Bawock au fon de Bali, et les entraves à la réalisation de certains rites, vitaux pour la culture Bali, et dont l’exécution passe par la coopération des Bawock. C’est un obstacle à l’accomplissement d’un de ces rites qui, le 3 mars dernier, a officiellement mis le feu aux poudres. Ce jour là, les Balinyonga ont à pratiquer le rite "Voma" pour demander la pluie et une bonne récolte aux ancêtres. L’accès à Mantum, le site du rite, passe par le village Bawock. "En rentrant, le Nju Nju qui était supposé apporter la réponse des ancêtres serait passé par Bawock", raconte le gouverneur du Nord-Ouest, Koumpa Issa, dans les colonnes de Cameroon-Tribune. "Quelqu’un a interpellé le groupe qui passait ainsi et je crois que c’est de là que part le problème".

Ce "quelqu’un” a pour nom Peter Limen Feukwai, un inspecteur de police à la retraite. S’en suit une violente bagarre générale, et la mise à sac de douze maisons à Bawock, l’arrestation de cinq suspects. Et le clou, l’incendie d’une paillote centenaire à l’entrée de la chefferie Balinyonga dans la nuit du 6 mars, un acte attribué par les Balinyonga à des vandales venus Bawock. Pour ces derniers, en particulier leur fon, "c’est un prétexte. L’origine du conflit est plus profonde".
Il faut remonter au début du XIXè siècle pour comprendre. En 1860, les Bawocks, partis de Bafang des siècles auparavant à la suite d’une révolution de palais, arrivent dans le site actuel du village, en transitant par Bangangté où une branche de cette famille réside encore. Ils sont accueillis par les Bati. Et non par les Bali, qui sont également présents dans la région, sans être voisins des Bawock.. Au moment d’émigrer vers le Bamboutos actuel, plus précisément à Galim, "les Bati cèderont leur territoire aux Bawock", proclame Ivo Peter Saboh, qui vient de publier un ouvrage ethnographique sur le people Bawock.

"Faux", rétorquent les Balinyonga, qui soutiennent avoir précédé les Bawock dans le coin et, surtout, de leur avoir offert l’hospitalité. L’existence de Bawock en tant qu’entité autonome est donc une fiction administrative, estime Fon Doh Ganyonga III, pour qui la communauté Bawock n’a de réalité que sous le couvert de la suzeraineté Balinyonga. "Pour lui, les Bawock sont des Bamilékés qui doivent rejoindre leurs frères à Bangangté ou se soumettre. " "C’est vrai que nous sommes d’origine bamiléké. Mais les Balinyonga, eux viennent du Nigeria. Entre eux qui viennent de l’étranger et nous, qui est plus Camerounais?", s’interroge le fon de Bawock. Ce conflit sur l’antériorité dans l’implantation des deux communautés et, surtout, la vassalité de Bawock, a connu des tentatives de solution par le passé. En octobre 1975, Alexander Motanga Ngomba, alors préfet de la Mezam, signait une décision reconnaissant l’existence d’ "une localité appelée village Bawock, placée sous la juridiction du chef Bawock". Sept ans plus tard, un arrêté du Ministre de l’Administration territoriale, Victor Ayissi Mvondo, déterminant les chefferies traditionnelles de 2è degré dans le département de la Mezam rattachait le chefferie de Bawock "à la chefferie de 1er degré de Balinyonga" L’imbroglio est donc difficile à démêler.

D’après les archives allemandes et anglaises, ainsi que les cartes géographiques de l’époque, en 1884, quand l’administration allemande débarque à Douala, les deux peuples occupent déjà leurs sites respectifs actuels en 1884. A son arrivée dans la localité, autour de 1889, le capitaine Zintgraft s’attache aux Balinyaonga. Il est envoûté par leur nombre, leur expérience martiale, leurs liens avec les guerriers Tchamba. Des atouts qui en font de bons alliés dans l’œuvre de "pacification" de l’hinterland camerounais. Ils seront donc les collaborateurs des Allemands. Sur eux reposera la tâche de soumettre les peuplades des actuelles provinces du Nord-Ouest et de l’Ouest à l’autorité du colonisateur.

Pour accomplir cette mission, les Balinyonga seront approvisionnés en armes. Un document retrouvé aux archives nationales de Buéa et datée de juillet 1921, explique comment 1000 fusils seront offerts au Fon de Balinyonga pour les besoins de l’assujettissement des autres ethnies. Ce, "en violation des conventions internationales", souligne Sir Duncan, le représentant de la couronne britannique au Cameroun anglais. Munis de ces armes, servis par leur supériorité numérique, les Balinyonga imposeront leur hégémonie à l’entour. Malgré les tentatives de "désarmement", initiées par l’administration coloniale anglaise, ils ont conservé leur tradition guerrière. Selon un confrère de Canal 2 Nord-Ouest, "chaque maison cache un fusil". D’aucuns expliquent ainsi le penchant de ce peuple pour la violence.
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ENQUETE | 16 Mar 2007
Décryptage : Le jeu trouble de l’administration
Sous-préfet, préfet, gouverneur et ministres sont restés sourds et aveugles, malgré les signes annonciateurs du drame.

La foule entassée au Congress Hall de Bamenda a hurlé un hourrah de satisfaction lundi dernier, à l’annonce de l’envoi sur le terrain d’une mission chargée d’évaluer la situation de détresse des populations et de mettre en place les conditions d’un retour à la normale. Cette décision fait suite à une réunion convoquée par le Premier ministre et consacrée à la situation de belligérance entre les villages Bawock et Balinyonga, et regroupant le ministre de la Communication, le ministre de l’Administration territoriale et de la Décentralisation, le secrétaire d’Etat à la Justice, chargée des prisons, le secrétaire d’Etat à la Défense, le Délégué général à la sûreté nationale et le Directeur général de la Recherche extérieure.
De l’avis général des Bawock rencontrés à Bamenda, "la tête des responsables de l’administration doit tomber". Ils en ont en particulier après Ngembane Daniel Ekole, le sous-préfet de Bali. La chaîne des responsabilités déroulée par les victimes paraît plus longue, et s’étend jusqu’à Yaoundé. "On espère des sanctions. Tout le monde était au courant de ce que les Balinyonga préparaient", assure un notable Bawock.

Courant février, le Fon de Bawock avait attiré l’attention de plusieurs autorités locales sur les préparatifs d’agression en cours. Ses rapports alarmants étaient contrecarrés par les comptes-rendus apaisants du sous-préfet, qui assurait la hiérarchie que la situation était sous contrôle. Une maldonne qu’il reconnut au cours d’une réunion tenue au cabinet du préfet en décembre 2006. Une plainte pour destruction, menace de mort et vol avait été déposée chez le procureur de la Mezam le 17 janvier contre une vingtaine de ressortissants de Balinyonga.
Faute de trouver une oreille bienveillante dans la localité, Fon Nana Wanda s’était tourné vers les ministres originaires du Nord-ouest. Sans plus de succès. Dans une correspondance du 8 février adressée au Premier ministre, en désespoir de cause, et dont Mutations a pu se procurer copie, les Bawock déroulaient un chapelet de provocations attribuées aux Bali, et sollicitaient les bons offices de Ephraïm Inoni.

Ces griefs sont-ils fondés? L’administration locale disposait des moyens les plus étendus pour mesurer l’ampleur des menaces de violence. L’arrondissement de Bali dispose en effet d’une forte concentration de structures dites d’"encadrement des populations": un commissariat de sécurité publique, un commissariat spécial en charge du renseignement, une compagnie de gendarmerie, une brigade de gendarmerie. "Comment tout ce monde n’a rien vu venir ?", s’étonnait un confrère de Ayaba Fm, une radio émettant à Bamenda. La question devrait être "pourquoi?". Incompétence? Laxisme? Déficit de cœur?
La question se pose d’autant plus que Bawock a subi une première attaque, en guise d’avant-goût. Le samedi, 3 mars, douze maisons sont rasées par des Balinyonga. A la suite de l’agression, cinq suspects sont arrêtés. Les Balinyonga réclament leur libération et menacent par tract de récidiver si leur exigence n’est pas exaucée. "Normalement, on aurait dû ceinturer le village à partir du samedi 3 mars", confie une officier du Groupement territorial de la gendarmerie
De source militaire, ces mesures étaient envisagées. "Mais nous étions déployés à Mbesa", confie un autre officier. Une semaine auparavant, les populations de Mbesa étaient victimes d’attaques sanglantes de la part leur voisin Oku. "Nous sommes rentrés de Mbesa lundi, 5 mars, à 16h. Et ce sont les mêmes éléments qu’on a désignés pour assurer l’ordre à Bawock le lendemain. Nous étions fatigués. Conséquence, les gens ne sont pas venus au rassemblement qui était prévu au camp à 10h.Ils sont arrivés à 12h. On est parti de Bamenda dans l’après-midi de du 6 mars". Trop tard.
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Big Joe

Had the Bawock plans/conspiracy succeeded, we could have been talking amongst other things of CPC Bawock and no longer CPC Bali. This is part of what the Bawock people are fighting to gain and the Bali people fighting to preserved. CPC Bali is located on one of the disputed territories between Bawock and Bali.


Big Joe,

Its a pity that you still use your dirty, filthy hands to write jargon. You Shameless brute! I thought you were someone one could learn something from but from your last comments you have proven to be full of shit. You have no pity for those whose lives you have damaged, all you think of is land land land........ I dont blame you because your brain is in your asrse and each time you go to the toilet you squirt some. That is why you get duller and duller and heartless.

The bali nyonga people have no respect for people and God. A wonderfully constructed catholic primary school which hosts pupils even from bali and the recently contstructed Government High school Bawock were burnt down, even the small catholic church were the Bawock people worship is in ashes. What kind of human being destroys God's house? Wickedness, babarism and vandalism of the highest degree flow in your veins. You have sucessfully wiped out the village's infrastructure and one day you all shall pay for this. I believe the human race would be far more better without you people. May God punish you f***ing beasts.


Big joe i hope you have read carefully and digested the article written by
Haman Mana. Oh!! its in French so you may not understand. Its a pity. The Bawocks are Peace Makers. As intelligent as he is, Fon Nana Wanda has always used a diplomatic approach to settle problems. All the agressions and complaints made against its brutal neighbour are well documented and these are what will make the balis crumble and hit their dirty arses to the ground.


Big Joe my foot. You spread lies like wild fire for you are trying to mislead the intelligent and well wishers of this forum. The Bawock people are not out to contest land with the balis. CPC Bali is a long distance from bawock and the bawock people have nothing to do with that land. All the Bawock people want is for the balis to repect their culture and stop infiltrating into their jurisdiction which the balis are not willing to accept. Remember houses were burnt down because of a "burnt" fictitous bali juju not because the Bawocks wanted to claim land from the balis.


I wonder what will happen to all the non indigenous people living in many other parts of Cameroon if the autotones were to suddenly get up and ask them to embrace their cultures or stop their own jujus, whatever that means.
You need to pass thru many other places to leave Bali. What happens if they rise up and say no. I will appeal with the Balis to see reason and common sense in this matter. This unnecessay show of bravado will not help. Times have changed. We have come a long way since the times if Zintgraff. My best friend is from Bali, from Njinka quarters. So I know how welcoming they can be. But lets stop this sudden rage of violence. Even if Bawock is sandwiched within Bali, it doesnot make them Bali and that cannot stop them from being what they are or want to be. Otherwise, how can Swaziland and Lesotho, completely sandwiched by SA, be independent countries.
The Voma may as well consider a new route without being a sign of weakness on its part. If shrines can be moved for the safety, progress and peace of the villagers, why not the route of a Juju.
Human life is supreme and nothing should ever be placed above it.
I appreciate the Fon of Bali is at his best to understand human nature and needs considering his level of education. I believe you can balance cultures and tradition with the need for advancement and progress within the human race.
Are we still this weak mentally? I understand we are referred to as Third World becos of other reasons, not our Mental Capacities. Just imagine what will happen to a Native Chief in America, if his people suddenly destroy another settlement and he condones it. We can do better.
So too can the Balis.Peace is priceless.

Villas in Bali

But this was really a shocking news for me. When I had heard about it. I know that by now it has been solved.

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