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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


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Rene Dibi

Thief Endeley,
You are a man of no conscience. How can you because of money tell your conscience? You are a disgrace. You shall never attain salvation.


Dr Ngongi,

It appears you have left your traditional home in Mutengene to go close to the bootlickers in Buea and continue the fake politics of lies with the CPDM. How comes that when you were UN representative, you were never involved with Cameroonian politics, but now that you are on retirement you are always preaching fake rhetoric in support of the CPDM and all colonialist. I will advise you to think twice, identify and join the right movement rather than playing these politics of lies with La Republique.

I have always told Southern Cameroonians that the worst groups of people to listen to are those who pose as intellectuals working for international organisations like the UN, WB, IMF, IFC etc. History has proven that they are sponsored agents by the CPDM and they always settle for retirement with the politics of lies with La Republique. Think of the Monekosso, the Kingue's, and now the Ngongi's, etc are living examples.

Ma Mary

Chief must be suffering from suffering Stockholm Syndrome. Very funny. Frenchman is his friend.


I expected you to comment about Endeley. Perhaps its forbiden as he is a traditional ruler.
If it was a NW fon you would have fired your tribalistic rhetorics.
Mr. Endeley, independence is independence. If the Germans or British come in against your interests you will say they are interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation. Puppets!!

Ngelo Hilda

Well i think its know longer strange for this so called chief a man of know intergrity and respect.
He will call or lift anyone up high because of money.
You are a big disgrace to the Bakwer people.
Shame on you Endeley where has all your intellect gone to?

Neba Fuh

It is extremely disheartening to know that octogenarians like Chief Endeley whom we expect to bequeath an honest historic sheet to us before bowing out of the stage is still clouded in this mist of intellectual dishonesty.

Saying that 'the French are our real friends' , is not a statement of opinion. It is a verifiable fact. And therefore verifiable facts are either true or false.

I won't have expected the Chief to be arrogant to his guest, but uttering statements like the one above was outright arrogance to his people as well as his countrymen. Let the Chief know when to restraint his mental masturbation-for that is what the French taught black Africa in its simplistic rhetoric of 'assimilation'. When I reminded most of my folks from the South West, in the early nineties that the only tarred road they had was the road taking off from Limbe to Douala, they swallowed their furious venom they had started ignited concerning the NW/SW divide. Today, Buea has a single stretch paved road from Mile 17 to Buea town interspersed with rejected tar spilled into the inlet of Great Soppo and its environs.Less than a decade, the roads are becoming eye sores. How long did it take for this to be done, Chief? The Mutengene stretch of the road is on and I am sure the Chief will brandish this as evidence for re election of the Oligarch's party in his Chiefdom. But Chief, how long did it take? If you were forty years of age, I will sympathise with your judgement or assessment of the French influence on Cameroon, but as an octogenarian, you have been a living witness of the masturbation, Cameroon has suffered from French imperialism, through Mitterand/Chirac's self-proclaimed best student-Biya.

Chief, You have oil, which you don't own. You have land, which you don't own(Bakweri land problem). When will they think one of your sons can control the oil wells, God generously bestowed to you and your kinsmen?
To remind a friend that he just stepped on faeces is the nobliest thing to do, but for him to clean his shoes is his business.

On the other hand, to say the British 'abandoned' Southern Cameroons is historically arguable. If they didnot abandon Southerns Cameroons, they would have committed. They abandon Southerns Cameroon by omitting to commit.

"How can one achieve independence by ´joining´...? You can only choose to join after you are independent and not the other way round

February 11, 1961 was 'Dependence Day' for Southern Cameroonians. They chose to be 'independent' by being dependent. How can they be given the options to join two other independent Republics and claimed at the end that they have achieved independence. They all should bear a part of the brunt of the blame and stop pointing accusing fingers at each other. The ambiguity of the Plebiscite questions was an intentional act by the British to either subject us to continuous tutelage ( by joining Nigeria) or, go to hell (by joining La Republique). The British never wished that Southern Cameroons should achieve independence."
(excerpts-'The Last Cry of the Millennium' By Neba Fuh, published in THE POST, Dec 1999).

To claim that the non-commitment of the British towards Southern Cameroons, makes the French our true friends, is either a miscarriage of historical facts or early symptoms of senility.


Below is the article: 'The Last Cry of the Millennium'


Interdependence is a voluntary venture often sought by an independent individual or a group of individuals, for the good of all the parties concerned. When one is independent, he is self- reliant, that is, dependent on himself. Any interaction between two independent entities for their mutual benefit, is what is known as Interdependence.

Therefore, one cannot claim to be in the state of interdependence without passing through the independent state. Furthermore, when an independent entity decides to be dependent at some point in time, it immediately ceases to be interdependent.

Independence is a state of mind that can only be achieved , not given and when you seek it you must first cut all the 'strings attached' to your wish. There is no such thing as 'dependent' independence. What we call political or economic independence of some western nations , is actually political or economical interdependence. Independence of a people come as a result of 'cyclic transitivity' among the independent minds of each individual of the majority of individuals making up that populace. True independence is achieved in the mind before manifested by the body.It surpasses freedoms and liberties (actually it is a cause to them). It is a stepping stone to interdependence. It is precious! So precious that efforts to achieve it should be revolutionary, not evolutionary. Independence is not a dependent variable, it should depend on itself.

The people of Southern Cameroons have never been independent, not to talk of interdependent with another entity. Their present state is worse than 'dependence'.They are in the doldrums. They have, but don't own. They see, but don't observe. They foresee, but don't prevent. They agitate but don't react.

Brethren, it's not yet late! They erred but they should not relent their efforts to correct the blunders of the past.

When the United nations, under the chairmanship of Sir Sydney Phillipson put the ball in their court in Mamfe on the 10th and 11th of August 1959, they refused to play. Even if the referee was biased, it was their obligation to score the goals and later argue about the the biased nature of the decisions taken, instead of letting their opponents(the imperialists) defeat them mercilessly. The inability of Southern Cameroonians to have come up with a consensus in Mamfe Conference in 1959 was, ipso facto, a glaring proof of their refusal to put off their caps of tribalism, nepotism, and other 'isms' for the interest of all. That is why the so-called plebiscite questions were ambiguous. Some of them foresaw through the able mind of P.N. Kale that the lone option for Southern Cameroons was ' a sovereign independent state', but many, through their egoistic tendencies, thwarted this proposal.

It was a lose/lose option.

a) "Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the Independent Federation of


b) "Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the Republic of Cameroon?"

What puzzles us more about these questions are not the words but the authors. In as much as Southern Cameroonians have realized the fact that the British had a hidden agenda for them( joining Nigeria), they should have defeated the shameless act of the British, who, instantaneously coined their language through the able tentacles of the United Nations in a bid to achieve their aim.

They never needed a plebiscite to belong where they were. But if the then Trusteeship Agreement spelt out that Trust Territories were to achieve independence at some point in time , then the British, under the banner of the United Nations Organisation, misled them, by not giving them the option of true independence. Once in time, the 'upright' sold their consciences and behaved like Lilliputians with regards to the Southern Cameroons case. What a shame to them all!

How can one achieve independence by ´joining´...? You can only choose to join after you are independent and not the other way round

February 11, 1961 was 'Dependence Day' for Southern Cameroonians. They chose to be 'independent' by being dependent. How can they be given the options to join two other independent Republics and claimed at the end that they have achieved independence. They all should bear a part of the brunt of the blame and stop pointing accusing fingers at each other. The ambiguity of the Plebiscite questions was an intentional act by the British to either subject us to continuous tutelage ( by joining Nigeria) or, go to hell (by joining La Republique). The British never wished that Southern Cameroons should achieve independence.

Our Present 'symbiosis' with La Republique should not be seen as interdependence. It is like an Oligarchy masterminded by French Imperialists, with the oligarchs tapping their wealth from Southern Cameroons and sharing it with their imperialists. Southern Cameroonians are being exploited materially, psychologically and intellectually.

They have, but don't own.

Southern Cameroons has some independent minds, but as a whole they are not independent. The cause presently with the United Nations is genuine but the United Nations seems to be acting as a gateman who is asleep when old 'reliables' are around. They need to ring the gate bell longer for the gateman to wake up and open the gate.

Therefore, the only panacea to all this hanky panky is hullabaloo. They must cry loud and fight hard. They must react. It is not late yet. The route of revolution is not known until revolution has come to pass. They need to revolutionize their minds before anything else. They must fight the syndrome of marginalization from the cause- tribalism. This was the root cause of the 1961 plebiscite fiasco. They must sacrifice. They should not look at this cause as an anti- government struggle. They should look at it as a Quest For Justice That Was Denied.

I foresee a new millennium where each Southern Cameroonian will act spontaneously and instantaneously, in a bid to achieve independence.

Courage brothers, do not stumble.

By Neba Fuh


Chief Endely is just confused, may be its old age. The french are taping our resources every day and night in return give nothing or little, even the little that they gave is to developed Ebolowa, Yaounde and Douala. Chief open ur eye and see like other, stop selling Cameroonian. Just of small token they gave u, u can sell the entire Cameroon shame to u.


Yes, "Chief".......and buried all over African soil are the bodies of African buffoons, just like you,who called the French "our real friends". In Algeria, Cameroun in the 60s, Rwanda, Ivory Coast are buried literally millions of Africans whose death were orchestrated by "our real friends", the French.

This is not history. Rwanda's genocide is a few years old. As Mr. Serres goes around charming the pants off people in Buea, the French are formenting civil wars in the Ivory Coast and the Central African Republic this very minute. The French bombed and destroyed all the planes belonging to the Ivorian air force just a few years ago.

Spare a thought "Chief", while you dine with your French "friends", for the million or so Rwandans whose murder they orchestrated; and also spare a thought for those Africans in Ivory Coast and the Central African Republic whose lives have been destroyed by your French "friends". I guess you wouldn't have the guts to bring up these as you sip champagne with these ruthless, duplicitous, racist, genocidal French murderers you call your "friends".

Ma Mary

Chief has been smoking too much of THIS CIGARETTE.


The "Chief" has certainly been smoking something! From his pronouncements, whatever he is smoking isn't doing his brain (if there is one there) any good.

"The English abandoned us", says the "Chief". Eh, but "Chief", I thought it's called gaining independence. Yes, independence! You might have heard that word somewhere. Its something that people who want to run their own affairs without foreigners interfering do.

Talk about a colonial subject's mentality! Maybe a slave's mentality is more appropriate; the fear of being abandoned by the slave master. "Chief" your country is supposed to have been independent for the last 40 odd years. Did that pass you by? Whatever you are smoking, certainly seems you have been smoking it for a while; or maybe it has affected your memory.

This moaning about the "the English abandoned us" by the "Chief", and last week by other contributors to this forum, shows how much European colonialism, and the slave trade, has infantalised Africans. Get over it "Chief", your country has had 40 years to learn to wipe its nose and clean its bottom without feeling abandoned by the British. Obviously the need to have some European big brother look after us takes more than 40 years to get over.

Grow up, "Chief"! However, not much time left, at your age, to grow up. So, you might go to your grave afraid not to be abandoned by Europeans. Don't cry "Chief", the English might have abandoned you but your French "friends" wouldn't.....not while your country still has natural resources to be exploited anyway!

Jesus Christ, when will we ever get over this ignorance!


Nature knows how to punish people.The Chief`s Cpdm highhandedness ,is more and more countered by the doom he has all a long helped to craft on his people.Not only is he completely helpless about the situation in his chiefdom,he embraces many more infidels who come around to desecrate his throne.Imagine, the French Ambassador has just been around for few months,yet the Chief starts conferring names on him.Hope he should even invite the mans daughters.There are many more titles like Namondo,Manka`a. What did the Ambassador bring? New roads?
This is a man making a mockery of the Germans in a city where all the outstanding landmarks are German.The French did not really abandon him.They threw some low quality tar on a patch of road in his chiefdom,so why should he not give them titles.Back in Yaounde the Ambassador must have laughed out his lungs," Il me donne un tel nom pourquoi faire?".


Mr. Neba Fuh,
If everyone has to write such lengthy comments, who will have the time to read through.
Some how you're abusing this space. Lets be moderate and keep it interesting.
I am yet to read comments from those fanatics who point fingers on NWesterners. What have you got to tell Endeley.

Danny Boy

Hi Netters,
my brain seems just as addled as the Old man's. Can someone tell me please how many Paramount Chiefs there are in Bakweri land? The reason I ask is because, on 19/02/07, the Post published a story on one Jesco Manga William becoming Paramount Chief of Limbe.
Secondly, what relation is this Chief Endeley to the famous Dr. Endeley who used to do battle with Foncha and co? It could be one and the same person, I honestly do not know.
As for his pronouncements, let us not be harsh with him. The years have taken their toll.


Danny Boy,

This Chief Endeley is the brother of the other Endeley who used to battle with Foncha. The late Dr Herbert Endeley who was the pioneer registrar of UB was the Son of the Endeley that used to Battle with Foncha. He got him with his Nigerian wife. I "Think" the Bakweri's have two renowned paramount chiefs. I dont know if there is a third. Someone help!!!!!

Ma Mary

The Late Dr EML Endeley, senior bro of the Chief had a different take on this. See:

AngloCameroonian, you may want start there to deserve your nickname by picking up some Southern Cameroons history.

Danny Boy

Thanks Rexon for that piece of info. As I said, I honestly did not know. As I started writing Ma Mary too has just posted something. Will look at the link she has referred us to. Maybe one will find some more answers there.
Once again thanks Pal.

Danny Boy

Ma Mary,
thanks too for the historical reference above. Just as an aside, I shudder when I think of the fate of South cameroonians had they voted to join Nigeria. The Ibos, whose scheming is but legendary, would have used them as cannon fodder during the civil war.

Ma Mary

It was a Hobson's choice between LRC and Nigeria. What you have remarked is hindsight, because there was no indication in 1961 that there was going to be a civil war in Nigeria in 5 years, but civil war and genocide were ongoing in la Republique at the time, and refugees were pooring into the Southern Cameroons. Given the available data at the time, Nigeria perhaps was the rational better choice.

Endeley's original intention was Southern Cameroons independence. That is why he led the representatives out of the Eastern House unilaterally and formed an autonomous government in Buea. Unfortunately, the UK knaves nixed the idea of a free Southern Cameroons and presented us with two fake choices. We are now going through a baptism of fire to deserve independence.



What would you have said in Chief Endeley's place? Your suggestions are very important.

Chief Mboe

Che Sunday

Now you know why CDC got stolen from the Bakweri people. Then you have a few fighting to regain what their leaders have sanctioned to be taken over Paul and Co. Who gets the final say? The French of course. Oh! How the world turns!
The french are our real friends!


Chief Mboe,
I would have said the French are not only our real friends ,but our blood friends.First they have transformed our country into one of the best in the world. Secondly ,when they cut our forest without exaggeration,the trees grow back the next day.When their Trailers ply our roads,the roads all get tarred,and we don`t lose the only intellectuals we have on them.Their agents will never accept that a single student has headache,not talk of being killed few metres from Chief Endeley`s


Mamary, if not of the nation degenerating our educational standards I can bet that a primary school child can amaze you with oral history of the then british cameroon.
Though these our chiefs and fons are painting a different picture to the world. I pray that they live longer, when we take the stage; they will apologise to the people before they die.


Sorry for Cameroon!!. Locate your photos here

Ma Mary

AngloCameroonian, thanks to the internet, the peddlers of false fables no longer have exclusive access to the minds of our young. Any curious person will know the truth today. Thetruth will even come and knock on your door. In Ahidjo's time, certain books, works and artists were banned. That is very hard to do today.

Ma Mary

To Chief Mboe, the advice would be to be nice to any visitor, but not to say silly things like this. It is even bad diplomacy. What would he have to say when the British, German or Nigerian ambassadors come visiting? Diplomacy is full of lies and non-committing statements. There is good reason for that. The lie that this chief told is not helpful to us.

The culture of motions of support to mediocrity and lies has eaten too deep. Now the people can immediately give feedback to the chiefs. Those who want to learn will learn. Those who want to remain silly asses have only themselves to blame.


Chief,shoud have made the ambassador watch this video over the champagne

courtesy CIN


Or better still ask the abassador to help him translate this and ask why the man was killed.






Chief Tabe told me that Chief Endeley meant to be ironical. I think so too. Chiefs use different ways to say what they have in mind. But did Chief Endeley actually say the Germans and the English abandoned us?

Chief Mboe



I think Chief Endeley meant to be ironical. Are you sure he actually said the Germans and the English abandoned us? I don't see the chief saying a thing like that.

Chief Mboe


Ironical? And I thought I had heard all the dumb excuses in the world! This one comes from the same place as the child whose excuse for not doing his homework is: the dog ate my homework.

Chief Endeley, Chief Tabe, Chief Mboe etc etc. Bloody hell! Are there enough subjects for all these "Chiefs"?

Danny Boy

Chief Mboe,
if this is an exercise on damage limitations, I am afraid your Paramount Chief, has landed you, his Public Relations mouthpiece into it. Even if he meant to be sacarstic, why should he bestow Bakeri titles on them? I think he meant every word he said, welcoming these guests to his chiefdom.
I am afraid my Chief, you are trying to lock the barn doors after your horse has bolted.Pardon the expression!

M Nje

Once upon a time there was a "Commission of Inquiry" set up by the Governor himself Paul Biya to investigate the evens that occur during a student strike at the then University of Yaounde.
But the commission came up with the unforgettable report: “No death, No Injury” (translated from French). Does anyone remember the NAME of the commission? Does anyone remember atleast one member of the commission?


This so-call ambassador is in full colonial mode. He is using the classic method that colonial agents used in the pass: get the people to obey through their “traditional rulers.” Unfortunately for this particular colonial agent, that was in the pass. That was when “traditional rulers” commanded the respect and admiration of the people. That was when “traditional rulers” had a House of Chiefs that commanded some authority. The people now can tell the difference between when a “traditional ruler” is fight for his bread and when he is fight for the common good.

Now we have traditional rulers who are grassroots militant for political parties and an extension modern era colonization of their people.

The question that comes in mind is: WHO AND HOW MANY SUBJECTS DO THEY HAVE LEFT?

Claude Ama

“The Germans, our first colonial master, and the English virtually abandoned us but the French have remained and have become our real friends.” Chief Endeley told his guests.

According to The Post (March 13, 2007), Chief Endeley made the statement, Saturday March 3, while welcoming French Ambassador to la République du Cameroun Georges Serre and wife, to the Buea Town residence of former UN Representative to Congo, Dr. Namata Ngongi.

In the 1944 Brazzaville Conference where France unveiled her blueprint for the continuous plunder and brutality of their colonized possessions in negation of the global decolonization spirit in a post-Hitler world, part of the declaration read:

“The goal of the task of civilization by France in her colonies rule out any possibility of evolution outside the French block of the empire. The eventual creation even in the distant future of ‘self-government’ for the colonies is to be set aside … In greater colonial France, they are neither people to enfranchise nor racial discrimination to abolish. They are populations which we intend to conduct stage by stage to a political personality and for the more developed to political rights. But this will mean that the only independence they will want will be the independence of France.”

Africa and the Southern Cameroons remains burdened with a certain breed, hopefully on the verge of passing on naturally, which continues to remind us on why the continent remains the last enchanting laboratory for all sorts of human misery. This breed have for centuries been conducted stage by stage to political personalities that enable them to betray the essence of Africa’s collective humanity. Some of our Chiefs and Fons in the Southern Cameroons have fit perfectly into this Gaullist view of Africa.

Africa and the Southern Cameroons remains bedeviled by the likes of Chief Endeley, who undeservedly sits on the remains of a glorious son of the land, Chief Kuva Likenye, who bravely fought off the colonial invasion on the Atlantic coast of the Southern Cameroons in the shadow of the Chariots of Gods, Mount Fako, in order to be a master of himself and not an infant that should one day lament abandonment by the invading and predatory white man. A predator and invader, who did not come because of any love for Africa, but to de-humanize, plunder and steal as much as they could.

That a Chief who should be a leader and inspiration of a people; a great grand father, grand father and father, will in 2007 lament that others “abandoned us” would have been comical if not of the sad situation his people find themselves in: the daylight rape and pillage of the ancentral lands, no industry, no hospitals or adequate healthcare, routine massacre of students and other local inhabitants by French-trained and armed terrorists from across an international established boundary. This well-aged Chief, who is wailing like an infant for being abandoned by the white man, is a picture of a person’s dignity in the comfort of a pit latrine.

Shouldn’t Chief Endeley and others like him be inspiring their people not to depend on others rather than lamenting the abandonment of the Germans that Chief Kuva Likenye resisted; the British who considered him and the rest of Southern Cameroonians as “dispensable?” The British may just have come across one too many of his likes to reach the conclusion that indeed, we of the Southern Cameroons were dispensable. And to fit the Gaullist picture as one of those “more developed” natives who has been “conducted … to political rights” he lays prostrate in front of a reject, a purveyor of cruelty and death in Africa, the representative of a country, France, who in the words of Charles De Gaulle considers Chief Endeley and his people as “a little gift to France from the Queen of England.”

Mr. Chief, in 2007 you freely made a gift of your human dignity and intelligence to this Georges Serre, French Ambassador to la République du Cameroun, expressing not so subtly that you obviously wish to shamelessly spend your remaining days in the “French block of the empire,” where the only independence you will want is the independence of France. Georges “Likanye” Serre and his wife, “Eposi” must have taken leave of you with a smile on their faces and a spring in their steps.

However, Chief, you and your privileged and notable friends who welcomed this messenger of death and honored him must be aware of what the architect of the brutalization of Africa, Charles De Gaulle, thought of his own people when they were under occupation as our land, the Southern Cameroons is today. We paraphrase him:

The Southern Cameroons, betrayed the UN, the British, and her ruling and privileged classes, has embarked on the greatest revolution in all her history. At this very moment Chief, in the secrecy of her suffering, an entirely new Southern Cameroons is rising, and she will be guided by new men and women to a better future for herself, Africa, and the world.



But there's always something fishy about the French!
Whether Prince or Politician
We've a sinister suspicion
That behind their savoir-faire
They share
A common contempt
For every mother's son of us

Noel Coward, 'There's Always Something Fishy about the French', song from Conversation Piece, 1934





Mandat à vie pour Paul Biya
YAOUNDE - 15 MARS 2007
© Alain B. Batongué, Mutations

Un groupe de députés élabore une proposition de modification de la Constitution qui annulerait la limitation des mandats...

L’alinéa 2 de l’article 6 de la Constitution pourrait bien se libeller ainsi qu’il suit : "Le président de la République est élu pour un mandat de cnq ans renouvelable". C’est l’une des propositions accouchées par un groupe de députés du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (Rdpc) qui, depuis quelques jours, se concertent pour faire, dans les prochains jours, une proposition de loi modifiant et complétant certaines dispositions de la constitution de janvier 1996. Le fin mot étant de supprimer la partie liée à la limitation du mandat présidentiel à deux fois, et permettre ainsi à Paul Biya de se présenter en 2011 pour une autre reconduction à la magistrature suprême.

Les députés ayant planché sur cette proposition de loi seraient au nombre de dix, représentant chacun l’une des dix provinces du pays et tous appartenant au Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais. Dans leurs motivations, contenues dans un exposé des motifs circulant encore sous le boisseau, ils indiquent que "les députés, surtout ceux du parti au pouvoir, doivent être ceux-là même qui, après une analyse objective de la vie nationale et autour du président de la République, insufflent une critique constructive et assurent au pays une éventuelle transition réussie, traduisant la solidité de nos institutions et la maturité de notre édifice démocratique".



Mr Biya can be president for Life for la republique francaise du cameroun. What is the problem? The problem we have is how to deal with the SDF. Through its coperation with La Republiques corrupt junta (in its mission to derail our political conciousness), it has been preaching what they define as a Unitary doctrine. What unity? I am very glad, our people have refused to register for the elections organised by La Republique. My campaign against this election has proven succesful essp. in my hometown. Less than 5 percent of my people are even aware that any elections is coming up and most (if not all) of them has testified to me that they cannot allow that fake elections to take place.

I call on every Southern Cameroonian to inform his parents, relatives, and friends to avoid listening to politicians flirting with La Republiques corrupt junta. They should not go and vote for anybody, be it SDF or the CPDM.


People are now tired of this your everlasting flip-flopping.Few days ago you said Southern Cameroons was constitutionally part of La Republique.This implies that they should take part in elections that are constitutionally organised by La Republique. Bycalling on Southern Cameroonians to boycot or disrupt elections implies you want to set them up against the government,and you will not normally help them out of any dangerous
situation that comes withal.By reducing yourself to be disputing about taking part or not in elections shows you just started parroting the SCNC story because you heard others doing so.Your bone of contention should be nothing short of autonomy,not preaching political party politics between the SDF,and the Cpdm.Everybody is now aware that your problem has always been to destabilise the SDF at all course.That is more the reason you see nothing wrong with Biya being President,but your problem is the SDF.Which political consciousness are you talking about? Are you involved in politicking or in an all out assault to be autonomous.You would have realised by now that you are a non event as far as the life of the SDF is concerned.You can only call on people in your Village to boycot elections.
One would have expected you to use the same
vision to ask people in your village to storm the Police station ,and liberate Southern Cameroons leaders for all the two months they were in Prison.They have only been liberated on bail,and we start hearing your voice about the SDF again.You are fast proving to be a very dangerous weapon against Anglophone unity.The SDF is the only hope of the Anglophone people,because this same people cannever count on talking heads like you to present any other alternative.
The very people you are calling on to boycot elections are the very ones that are going to vote for the SDF,even in your Village.It is surprising to people that the SDF which is not in power is more dangerous to you than Biya.Few days ago you said the French are not a problem,but that we should only know how to fool them,today it is Biya that is not the problem,but the SDF.


Yeah Watesih,
While all those who are hopeless rush to take crumbs from the cpdm, they later sit on the fence and condemn the sdf.
They have their mistakes and shortcomings but the very fact that they have militants from upper class right down to the lower class shows the people have hope.
Militancy in the cpdm is obligatory for chiefs and compulsory for any government official. It's even a prerequisite to certain schools or jobs.
Let the likes of Rexon spend their time deceiving themselves, writing slogans and commands for autonomy.Everything being equal even for a referandum to separate, they will still call for boycott...They lack a sense of direction. Why not Biya is our best president...!


From all indications, the SDF is not interested in solving any problem involving Southern Cameroonians. How comes that people are killing themselves in Bali, and NJFN is waiting for La Republiques government to intervene? He is involved in the dirty politics of La Republique where votes are more important than the humanitarian situation of our people. He did'nt want (like the CPDM) to annoy any party to the conflict (Balikumbat or Bali Nyongha), so he found no reason to intervene quickly. This minds game is what Southern Cameroonians are not familiar with. He is struggling to be liked by both parties, rather than addressing the problem quickly.

Rightminded Southern Cameroonians have all decamped from the SDF to the SCNC. Even honorable Akoson of this forum is now very active with the work of the Southern Cameroons youth league and has seemingly found that he has been wasting his time with the SDF. Kudos Comrade Akoson. It is very important that others understand that it is time they join the SCNC and its sister organisations that are fighting for the total and unconditional independence of the Southern Cameroons.

How can the SDF unite Anglophones when its leader NJFN rejoiced publicly when our leaders were arrested and locked up by La Republique, how can the SDF claim to be fighting for anglophones when it has been begging La Republique to disband our beloved SCNC, how can the SDF pretend to be with us when they are being financed by french mercenaries to colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy? If the SCNC/SCYL, wants to speed its independence, then they have to know that they have a bigger fight which should be with the enemies of the house. They include those who are supporting political parties registered under the Laws of La Republique. As for the CPDM, we already know where they belong and are already fighting them. But leaders should get it clear that the SDF is a subset of the CPDM and they are more a bigger threat to our independence because many dont know where they stand. They are lying to us that when they gain power, they will grant us some autonomy of which they will not.

The SDF has been struggling to find spaces and relationships that can survive them day in day out. That is why they have been walking in, walking out in camerounese parliament. I am fighting to destabilise and destroy this SDF because its leaders has spend their entire political life, lying to Southern Cameroonians. They started by saying they are a party for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons. We went to the streets, sacrificed our bloods, only for them to turn around and are telling us that, they are for a Unitary state, that indirectly sell us to La Republique. I cannot be a victim of that kind of slave trade from my own brother NJFN in this century. I know and have substantial evidence that these people masquerading as politicians for the SDF has been paid to colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy. Worst still, they are using but falsehood (to decolonise the Southern Cameroons) and forcing our people to vote. They were asking for an IEC, now they have been giving ELECAM controlled by Biya and they are forcing us to go and vote. what a shame?

M Nje

“You are fast proving to be a very dangerous weapon against “Anglophone Unity.” The SDF is the only hope of the Anglophone people, because this same people cannever count on talking heads like you to present any other alternative.”

Are you suggesting that “Anglophone Unity” is only achieved by supporting the SDF and those who don`t are dangerous to “Anglophone Unity”. That is a very naive assessment of issues. When your party leaders went to opening complaint to Inoni about how the S.C.N.C. is being treated with leniency, was that a sign of advocating for “Anglophone Unity”. You expect all of Southern Cameroonians to rally behind your party and vote for it. That in your view is “Anglophone Unity.”

If you want to talk about “Anglophone Unity” then you should also talk about “Anglophone Problem.” One can only unite to achieve a goal. Presently the biggest problem that Southern Cameroonians are facing is to achieve its INDEPENDENCE. That is why our founding fathers; Forcha, Muna, and others when to the UN in 1994. Our problem cannot be to take part in a foreign government that is occupying our land. Declassified records from the UK have shown that we, Southern Cameroonians, were handed to the France via La Republique Franciase Du Cameroun as a gift. That violates our legal and moral right to exist as a Southern Cameroon state in accordance with International law. Do you find anything wrong with that? If you do, then you cannot expect Southern Cameroonians to take part in an occupying government.

So if there is any call for a boycott of election that are organized in Southern Cameroons by La Repubique, such a call has a legal and moral significant. It is legal because Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique. Any political party that is participating in such election is taking part in the occupation of Southern Cameroons. It is moral because it is the right think to do.

“The SDF is the only hope of the Anglophone people, because this same people cannever count on talking heads like you to present any other alternative.”

HOPE FOR WHAT? The SDF cannot be part of a government that is occupying Southern Cameroons and have the interest of Southern Cameroonians at heart. That is HYPOCRISY.


I`m very happy that when it comes to running our mouths about the SDF,we spring like the hydra.You and Rexon should first of all learn to master the act of communication before parroting about the SCNC.Rexon says Southern Cameroons is constitutionally part of La Republique,and you jump out of slumber ,and say Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique.If therefore the Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique why is therefore your business in calling for a boycot of elections that do not concern you? Southern Cameroons was handed as a gift to the French
,since when did you get it back from the French to be able to give orders that it should not take part in elections? You stand
on the other end of the earth beating you chase about something that is comfortably in some other person`s pocket.If you had been using the same vigour with which you chew your gums everytime about the SDF to do something good for the SCNC people would have lend credence to this your clownery.In any freedom movement what counts are the results,not a display of Historical know-how.You say Southern Cameroons is not legally part of La Republique,and we know it is neither a political entity,so what is legal in your boycot of elections? Learn from today that everything in life ,especially Politics has to do with numbers
that is representation.That is more the reason why the SDF continues to make a strong show among the Southern Cameroonians you people are unable to represent.When the SDF calls a rally in Buea,Bamenda, Southern Cameroonians will come out,but when SCNC
leaders are arrested in Bamenda,the population enjoys the spectacle.Instead of first trying to sensitize this population on what the SCNC is fighting for,you guys have become gurus on Historical facts on the internet.You guys missed the point from the very beginning ,by trying to hide your weak bones behind the SDF.If Southern Cameroonians keep voting for the SDF,and turning a blind eye to your sophistery,they want to sanction you guys because you have never done any for the,and they don`t know where you are headed.N Nje you say the only problem facing Southern Cameroons is to achieve independence.What are the parameters
you have put in place to achieve this? Or do you think its by pretending to be criticising the SDF that independence will appear under your bed?

Get it clear ,that you will never stand anywhere as a unifying factor for English speaking Cameroonians.Every body saw you few days ago during the Bali/Bawock,how
divisive you are.You are one of those who constantly try to pit Anglophones against each other.You always bring up the NW/SW divide and insist that it must be discussed.
You are the poorest communicator that the SCNC would be ashamed of.Imagine somebody like you who should use levelheadedness to calm spirits when there are crises,but you keep calling everybody barbarians.Now you jump out calling for the boycot of elections.What have you done to Anglophones that you will fool yourself to be speaking for them.Are you not the same person who accepted taking part in the deportation of Southern Cameroonians there in Britain? How soon you forget branding Northwesterners as tribalists.How would anybody now doubt your hatred for the SDF leader? If the SCNC is counting on people like you,then it is waisting its time.When Nfor Ngala Nfor was in Prison with the others,you guys avoided are the stories about them,but when there`s something about the SDF you shamelessly jump to your legs.



When i write here, i know i am writing for someone else to misrepresent it the next day, and that is watesih. I also know i am writing for someone to edit it and claim he is referring to me, and that is watesih. You have become soo mean and constantly struggle to misrepresent my views. That shows that i have become a torn to the flesh and your SDF soo much soo that you dont sleep each time you think of me. You are always fast at lying to yourself that Rexon said this or that, to satisfy your selfish ego. That wont bother me though as that has always been the strategy of your SDF. Lies, Lies and Lies.

Watesih, can you name the Southern Cameroonian that i accepted taking part in his/her deportation? Can you present where i wrote that Northwesteners are tribalist? Only you, watesih can be soo mean in lying like this. In one other posting, you misrepresented my views by arguing that i said we should invite french gambling companies here.

Watesih, get the facts clear from today, i dont write to be liked, i write but the facts and what i consider to be the truth. I am not like you who will call on Northwesteners to join forces and attack the Balis, then in thesame posting, you argue that you did'nt mean so when attacked by thesame Bali's. Your struggle to be liked by all parties in this forum is what you will describe as a good communicator. In that very posting, you always fear annoying Vito, Massa Talk True and Big Joe simply because you realised they were Balis. Let me assure you that the Vito here is someone i have personally met. But while we dont agree on certain issues in this forum, we are not enemies. Your constant struggle to be liked by commentators with varying ideologies in this forum presents some questions to your credibility.

M Nje


How low do you want to take this discussion?

You are unable to provide concrete response to my comments so you find a way to associate my response to Rexon.
Take a look at the comments of all those you think support the Southern Cameroons struggle in this forum. There is at least one shared characteristics among them: they do not hold loyalty to any leader or political ideology that is less than defending the truth. That gives us the free will to exercise objective critical thinking and express our individual opinion freely. So I and Rexon or any sympathizer of the Southern Cameroons course may share the same goal: the restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons. That does not means we have to have exact views on every thing under the sun. Should that be the case we will be object not human. Humans think, objects doe not. If you are required to be opinionated in the SDF, then know that is not a prerequisite in other organizations.

I am afraid you have built a small box for yourself call the SDF that has colored your vision. You are either unwilling or unable to see outside that box. Open your eyes and see. I have said and will repeat I have no desire in the politics of your SDF. But for as long as you bring in the SDF and try to make statements that have no validity, you should expect a response.

Let me repeat this ONCE MORE: Southern Cameroons is not a legal member of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. As a result La Republique does not have a legal mandate to organized elections in Southern Cameroons. Is that difficult to follow? In the same manner that La Republique cannot organize elections in Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, or Nigeria, it has no legal right to organize elections in Southern Cameroons. The boundary at Mungo River is an international recognized boundary from 1916. There is no international law to the contrary.

You may want to know that the progress made in the Southern Cameroons struggle is felt by La Republique Francaise Du Camerroun. The contribution or lack thereof that any sympathizer makes to that effort is done out of goodwill and needs no public appreciate.


Yeah,i prefer to be careful not to annoy people in times of crises and appeal for calm than to seize the opportunity to show my nakedness to the rest of the world.Here you:" Think of the contracts in the CDC and other corporations managed by Northwesterners.We should admit it,an average Northwesterner is more tribalistic than a Southwesterner"( Sunday, March 11th 2007).Yeah,this is the truth a man of your age thinks he is telling,and when ever you are reminded ,you will almost pass out.My problem here is not to stop you from saying what you like about the SDF,but i will keep reminding you who you are,and that you don`t have any moral authority to pretend to speak for English speaking Cameroonians.Next time when you will be reminded that you bullied Akoson here one day to stay with his NJFD,
but today you are calling him Honourable for having finally yielded to your pressure,you will shed tears.But i will never go this low to beg for people to join the SDF.If people have been decamping from the SDF to the National League,and you are celebrating this fact,it means you are more concerned about party politics.Rexon,get it clear,it is not easy to be liked,especially somebody filled with hatred for others like you.When you sing the names of Southern Cameroonians here
and their families,treat them for tribalist,
you expect them to applaud for you.You don`t know the difference between arrogance,rumour mongering,gossipping ,and telling the truth.
Rexon, get it clear i have not said you would have loved us to invite French gambling companies.You said," I am suggesting that we should invite them.But if they did come by force as they are trying to do,we should have a way of constraining and containing them,and take some positives out of their presence in our territory.We can still FOOL them for example to invest in our territory like they have done in Nigeria,and we nationalise their investments" ( Tuesday
March 06 2007). Sir,how can you be asking the French to leave Southern Cameroons ,and inviting them at the same time? We are all waiting for you to "FOOL" the French to invest in Southern Cameroons! Rexon,lets all continue to tell the truth.You are good at telling the truth,so am i.Get it clear that i will never try to misrepresent your views.
That is why i always put your exact words here ,and the date,because i know you are someone who can easily eat his tongue.

M Nje,
We will never stand on your way,in your bid to express your critical ideas about what you believe in.But what makes those of you who believe in free speech look
helpless is that when we also express our free ideas about what we believe in,you become professional mourners.What concrete response would you want from me when you don`t know what is meant by legal.What makes it legal that somebody who voluntarily surrendered himself to La Republique without putting any legal parameters in place that he will turn to if he wants to separate himself,start talking about legality when he is in a snake`s fangs? Your situation has nothing of legality sir! It is a moral case,
that doesn`t appeal to La Republique anymore
,so the only problem for you is to fight,than waste time telling stories,and pretending to be answering back to statements you think have no validity.I can make any statement about the SDF,that is politiking.By reducing yourself to be analysing statements about the SDF,shows why your hot vapour about the Southern Cameroons ends here on the internet.
Let me make it clear to those of you who like seeking for notice on the internet that Southern Cameroons is a legal part of La Republique,and your claim that the call for the boycot of elections is legal ,because
SCs is not a part of La Republique is a mockery of the History you pretend to know about the SCs.When Southern Cameroons joined La Republique,anything like institutions were happily surrendered to them.They quickly moved from the Federal structure,to the Unitary state you should know about,and even to a Republique with our eyes opened.Since then we have never had separate
laws from them.You go around with La Republique`s National ID in your pocket,your Cirtificates are all signed by leaders loyal to them.This is enough proof that you are legally part of them.Is it only when it comes to elections that you easily forget that you are simply their prisoner,and start happing about not being legally theirs? No progress has been made anywhere about the Southern Cameroons struggle.Progress is on the field.When Southern Cameroonians can`t even recognise their leaders ,you keep consoling yourself talking about imaginary progress.The boundary at the Mungo River is an internationally recognised boundary from 1916,so what did you not rally your men and stand on the other side ,and declare your legality of your territory when the bridge collapsed? Did you not wait for La Republique to repair it for you,showing how helpless you are? If you don`t have any desire about the SDF,you will not also have any desire trying to prove the validity of whatsoever about the party.Finally ,freedom fighting is not limited to the internet.We want to hear that you were arrested a longside Nfor Ngala Nfor nexttime.


It's getting very hot!!! Hummm...!
Keep spare oil, let your lamps don't go off at midnight.
SC, SC, SC...stop fighting the SDF. SCNC can benefit from the SDF and not the other way round. I hope you guys are not waiting for a divine intervention. All this beckering here will not help. Accept the truth before debating it. Cameroon is a united country. If you have to fight for separation that is a different thing. But asking others to renounce it without first showing an example is deceit in the 10th power.
The Israelites abide by all the laws of the egyptians and even served as slaves. Moses was able to unite them before they could make a request with one voice. The SC has as many factions as there are villages in SC. Jesus lived in the days of colonializm but never questioned the actions of the Romans.
Most of you write violently here but with "veto" against a separation in your hearts. Anything short of a united anglos will only work to the advantage of LRC.



When NFJN was telling the world how Muna's son organised his marriage celebration in NGYEN MBO and nobody attended, was that not personal?

When you, Fon, Feli, NJFN were telling the world that Muna cannot keep together his wife and family, was that not personal?

When you guys were telling the world that Muna does not know his constituency as he is not liked in Ngyen Mbo, was that not personal?

who told this forum how Yves Fotso stole money from Camair and was funding an extravagant lifestyle while at the helm with CAMAIR planes?


Watesih, you can edit and contradict whatever you want. Those who want to comfirm can go back to the statements i wrote and they will see one or two words that you have edited. You cannot make reference to someone and even put some letters in capital and remove some very sensitive words that changes the entire statements.

Watesih, you are a mean liar and tribalist. when it comes to accusing the Bamilikies, you are fast at discussing that, but when it concerns a Northwestener, you are quick at bullying people and calling them tribalist. That in my view is double standards.

You struggle for popular commentators here to fall in love with what you have to say. Then u feel free to criticise and accuse the Bamilikies at will. shame on you. Those who have stood for an opinion that is genuine have never been liked by their subjects. I dont follow conventional wisdom and if politics warrants that i scrutinise people and their families simply because they have made themselves public figures and are seemingly living beyond their means, i will do just that. You take on me because, i cited how your leaders family have substantial properties, life insurance, etc in europe paid for by La Republique. Watesih, as far as i know, that is the truth and you cannot deny it.

How comes that SDF parliamentarians who were poor civil servants in the 90's can deposit more than 100 millions francs after a few years in their chidrens accounts as they come to the UK for further studies. Again, i have evidences to support this and i have shown it privately to some commentators in this forum.

Watesih, a few weeks ago, i read how you were trying to bully tayong to stay out of your arguments with me. This is thesame strategy you have been using on all parties in this forum. But let me inform you that, you and your ideas can only be listened to by someone who does'nt know how dangerous people like you are. You struggle always to be accepted by all parties in this forum. You always struggle to fine-tune everything to suit your mean thinking. who does'nt know that tribalism and intertribal problems are a recurrent problems in the NW? what is wrong when someone points that out for discussion? Watesih, who does'nt know that our parents were creating ethnic tension in CDC when they were at the helm and the Bakweri's took this over? Who does'nt know that when Niba Ngu was at the helm of the CDC, 99 percent of those who were managers were from the North West? You struggle here to address the Bamilikies, talk about the fotso and how they have exploited our economy, but you dont want anyone to talk about the graffis, that is tribalism in itself.


correction, you dont want anyone to talk about the northwestener.


According to Le Figaro, France is worried that about 300.000 French citizens are becoming addicted to gambling. So they are looking forward to strengthening its regulation. However, they have been exporting gambling businesses to their African provinces including PMUC in Cameroon.

Kaspeczach and Hong (2006) wrote:
"gambling has long been considered a vice and a sinful activity that corrupts society. In most societies, gambling is heavily regulated because of concerns about criminal involvement." So NJFN can be considered a criminal because of his involvement in gambling businesses.


Shame is driving you a tribalist to your grave.I thought you were also going to show that Watesih you said this and that,but you are saying you and Fon,and Feli.We cannot continue to read provocative discriminatory jabs from a man of your age.Anytime when they are crises you always seize advantage to finish off with other Southern Cameroonians.You have tried to disgrace people like Eric Chinje,Titanji and many others here,and went in to make salacious declarations about their families.A man of your age should not be involved in this type of character assassination.When people scrutinise your own brother for dinning with the Cpdm,you go into mourning.Imagine that people calmed down about the Bali/Bawock crises but you went on and on,whipping up sentiments.I will never edit anything from what a poor communicator like you writes.I bring your exact words for you to eat them,and everybody can go back to the achives to see.
Its good your say i always struggle for people to like me.I think that it is a good thing for me to make people happy,and use language in the right way.You say you don`t write here to be liked.You write here to provoke ,and rip people apart hiding under the SCNC.We will always hit back at you.
As concerns Tayong,he was served the soup few days ago when you were involved in your tribalistic chants about the NW/SW,and he said it clearly,that it is only when the wind blows that you can see the rump of the fowl.Secondly i made it clear to Tayong to have his own personality.He never involves himself with me in debate,but when i start off with you,he will jump in.He`s the one who told me one day that you were teaching in London,and had done other things at home,as if to get my mouth shut when i reject your sophistery here.Rexon,i can criticise the Bamilekes when they themselves involve in this type of language you like.I will tell them their crimes,if they want to pick a peck from our eyes,but the shame of the century is that when the Southern Cameroonians you claim to fight for are fighting each other,you find the moment right to discuss tribalism.Shame! I will always hit back at any group that wants to use your type of language here.Continue calling people like Akoson Honourable for joining the National League.If the message of any movement is overwhelming,you don`t need to leak people`s boots in this way to join you.You have given examples of the Niba Ngus and the CDC,to show that Northwesterners are tribalistic,but they have been out of all important posts in the govenment for long now,and Biya deals with Southwesterners.Why have people not come here accusing Southwesterners of being tribalists as you would do? We both like telling the truth,lets continue doing so for ever!

M Nje

Mr. Watesih,
You have reach a new level in this discussion that my grandmother, with her limited skills, can engage your commentary. You are unable to segregate opinions from facts. Permit me repeat this to you; you have a right to express the lowest level of opinion you may have. That does not give you a right to your own facts.

For as long as you try to present statements with no validity in your desire to wow support for your party, the SDF, or for any other reason you will get a response. Life is not fair I know. You will rather not have people around to show the limitations of your blind support for your party, the SDF, and its leadership. Unfortunately that is not the case.

I will repeat what I said here; either you have a very limited scope to understand obvious issues or you are disingenuous in this forum . What ever the reasons, you have succeeded to reduce your contribution to the least common denominator.

If you want to engage in a meaningful discussion, go back to were we started. Explain what you think is "Anglophone Problem" and provide a details to your own statement that “The SDF is the only hope of the Anglophone people"
What is the SDF`s solution to whatever you thing is the "Anglophone Problem"?

A good political strategists will tell you that your party, the SDF and many other in La Republique, has benefitted from the fact that about 60% of the population in Southern Cameroons where it has its last stand live in rural areas or agricultural plantations. They are for the most part unable to see the HYPOCRISY that is in your SDF. You can be sure that gradually many are realizing that yours is a group of blind loyalist that are out for their personal gains and not that of the common good. The declining election results should have been a lesson for you. Be sure that you cannot succeed to fool all the people all the time even if you do most of the time.

Sir, It will be a poor use of my time to provide you with the legal briefing that support my statement that Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique. Such arguments have been presented in this forum for your view. Either you are unable to comprehend them or you have made a deliberate decision to disregard facts and propaganda a falsehood.

Below is an article from Eden Newspaper for any forum member who has any doubt. It provides just a previews into the legal backing. It has been posted here before. But permit me re-post it.

Cry The Beloved Country (II)* By Njoh Litumbe

In the past, I ventured the recommendation to President Paul Biya to initiate Urgent discussion with responsible political leaders of Southern Cameroons. I genuinely believe that if he had heeded this plea with goodwill, there was the possibility of correcting this master-servant illicit co-habitation that has lasted 46 years, by re-negotiating an acceptable relationship with Southern Cameroons based on the terms agreed to by the founding fathers in 1961. Time may no longer be on his side. In the light of current trends in the country, I am driven to the conclusion that in order to avert looming but unnecessary social turmoil, the United Nations should step in soon to correct this political equation that is ominously wrong. The British declassified documents reveal the role played by Her Majesty’s Government in denying independence to the British Trust Territory of Cameroons, and the revelations, extracts of which appear below, cast a rather dim shadow on Her Majesty’s Government policy at the time. .
Extracts from dd.
“In particular we must be very careful about independence and temporary sovereignty lest N. Cameroon is likely influenced not to join Nigeria. This I believe is the overriding consideration. So we must be more or less tough with Foncha that joining his Cameroun Republic does not allow sovereignty for a term (sic) of years and then a Federation.” “Any idea of a prolonged period of continued Trusteeship or of separate independent existence of the Southern Cameroons must be ruled out. This should be made clear at an early date to Foncha.” “First of all I take it that objections hitherto seen to establishment of a separate Southern Cameroons State remain as strong as ever. …I am therefore assuming in what follows that our policy remains strongly against such a solution.
“If Southern Cameroons political parties did combine to take action envisaged in paragraph 2 of telegram under reference, this would place us in a very embarrassing position. With support of moderate Afro-Asians and others, we have always argued that separate independence would produce an entirely unviable State. We have supported a unanimous resolution prescribing plebiscite which involves choice between Nigeria and Cameroun Republic.”
“I think it is important that we should not allow this matter to slide, as may happen if we are not sufficiently firm with Foncha –and perhaps also with Field – about the “third question” movement. I believe a firm attitude on this now may save us a great deal of trouble later and I think that H.M.G’s position should be made abundantly clear to Foncha in an effort to scotch tendencies towards the third question.” “Can one argue that the terms of the question “Do you wish to attain independence by joining the Republic?” allow for an interim period during which the Southern Cameroons will virtually have its own separate and independent existence while the terms of reunification with the Republic are being worked out? The words “by joining the Republic” taken literally appear to rule this out. But it may be that Foncha will seek to argue that if his solution, having been agreed to by Ahidjo, is not opposed by the U.K., the U.N. may be induced to wear it. There would be the better grounds for this if Endeley were prepared also to agree to this interpretation of the question. We do not like all this at all. But we like the alternatives even less. To go for complete independence or to seek to insert a third choice in the plebiscite would create major difficulties.”
“What would worry me is if a sequel to the Southern Cameroons try for independence was that the Northern Cameroons went the same way. That would really, I think, upset our relationship with Nigeria as a whole and for a long time to come, and that is something which we must at all costs avoid. The Southern Cameroons and its inhabitants are undoubtedly expendable in relation to this.”
If, as all the evidence seems to point out, the Trust Territory of British Cameroons did not attain independence in the true sense of the word as it was entitled to under the Trusteeship Agreement, but was split into two and portions ceded to neighbouring independent states of Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun, this is a grave problem in a world which has long since condemned colonization in all its facets. It is my view that a dependent country aspiring to attain independence should not be caged or cajoled into independence “by joining” an already independent state, unless the dependent state first attained independence, before voluntarily deciding to join another state. One does not emancipate a slave by telling the slave “you are emancipated on condition that you agreed to serve my brother in the same capacity.” It would be for the slave to decide its own future


Ma Mary

Kingsley's Crossing by Olivier Jobbard


M Nje,
You have incessantly used these words on me here," either you have a limited scope to understand obvious issues here or you are disingenuous on this form" This sounds like the other catch phrases you have been using like Southern Cameroons will be free at all cost,but without showing how.We did not start off by yearning to know what the Anglophone problem is ,and what is the SDF`s position about it.It is not the SDF that should teach you what the Anglophone problem is.You started off by happing about the legality of boycotting elections.And it was clearly proven to you that the Southern Cameroons is not a political entity,nor enjoy autonomy of any nature.It voluntarily surrendered its existence to La Republique,
and must now either fight to get it back or negotiate ,which is far fetched.Nje people are not so interested in seeing the hypocrisy that you think is in the SDF ,more than seeing you deliver the goods.Any half bread that the SDF gets from La Republique is shared amongst Southern Cameroonians,but you guys have never done anything for this people,and are unable to do so now.You can publish all the stuff you know about the Southern Cameroons,but that is stale bread.
We are not interested in History now,but what to do next.I will repeat again for you to ruminate,the SDF is the only hope of the Southern Cameroonians, given their fight to better their lives.History gurus like you can continue deceiving themselves on the internet.Is it only in 2007 that it has dawned on you guys that it is legal to boycot elections held in Southern Cameroons?
If some of us were not here to be pointing out for the people to see ,that some of you are just weak bones who can`t venture out into the field,but keep marshalling your history lessons here,you would have ate your cake and had it.



You are the tribalist, trying to protect the Northwestener and criticising and abusing the Fotso Families and the Muna's arguing that they are not wanted in Ngyen Mbo. Read my comments well, you will understand that, i dont take sides in arguments, and that is what Tayong has always reminded you of. He has always told you that we might not have thesame opinions but we will always strive to tell the truth to this forum. That is why he reminded you of certain facts when you tried to misinform this forum. Tayong was the first to bring forth the pseudo NW/SW problem here, take note and at that time, he was also thought of as a tribalist. He (Tayong) like Akoson knows clearly that you are a NJFN fanatics and has been benefitting from the party's unscrupulous connections with the Biya regime. As for Titanji, i made it clear that they are puppets to the regime and as early as 2001, they have been involved in malpractices in favour of their relatives and chidren at the expense of other Southern Cameroonians. As for Eric Chinje, i made it clear that he served the regime at the expense of other Southern Cameroonians. Additionally, every UB graduate knows how unscrupulous Titanji and Ngoh are and would not want to see them at the helm of their alma-mata. If that bothers you, someone whose A levels could not secure admissions to UB and has been jealoused of every UB graduate, then that is your own problem. You have expressed jealousy to all UB graduates in this forum, and even suggested sometime before that, there make a fuss about UB. jealoused and tribalistic you. You are against the Bakweri's and other Southwesteners and dont want to see anything good coming from that part of the country. when the chief here was talking to the French, you were the first to run your mouth, but when i wrote here two years ago that Fon ndoh would be freed, you accused me of wishing him soo. That your tribalistic and self-centred mentality will not take you anywhere.

Watesih, your very tribalistic ego has led you to such a mean level and you always find pleasure in editing and pasting what Rexon wrote a few days ago. You never edit them when they are written and always refer readers afterwards to go and read it.

As far as i know Watesih, you are only supporting NJFN because he is a graffi man like yourself, and not because he has any ideas. There is virtually no hope in the SDF and he knows that he can never become the president of La Republique francaise du cameroun as he is not constitutionally part of this republic. If this party was being managed by a southwestener, you would have backtracked long ago. As far as this tribal mentality still persist in our land, i will fight the SDF untill my death. I will work hard to destroy them and encourage our people to focus on the various liberation movements we have in the country. This SDF frolics is a distraction. Keep your campaign against the Fotso's and the Bali's, i will keep mine against all the Southern Cameroonian sell-outs masquerading as a political party. shit man and liar.



Who does'nt know that our parents were creating ethnic tension in CDC when they were at the helm and the Bakweri's took this over?

Who does'nt know that when Niba Ngu was at the helm of the CDC, 99 percent of those who were managers were from the North West?

You struggle here to address the Bamilikies, talk about the fotso and how they have exploited our economy, but you dont want anyone to talk about the graffis, that is tribalism in itself.


My presence in this forum has finally proved to be a blessing.If i were not here to actually bombard you out of the imaginary situation you had created in the minds of people,some would have really believed you could be a leader.You are soon going to kill yourself,but you have not yet seen anything!
You are very systematic here about trying to divide Anglophones.You are quarrelsome,
arrogant,jealoused,but your arrogance have met ,and will meet with arrogance on this forum.You think you are writing for people deviod of feelings.Thats why you say you don`t care whether you are liked or not.Who will be that modernman that will use language to wound the feelings of a great number of people ,and say he doesn`t care a damn.The way you vibrate when the truth is told about you shows you don`t want to be disgraced ,but you have persistently tried to drag the image of others in mud.Let me give you instances that will make no one doubt that you are an uncouth tribalist:
1. When I told Andre Fokam here not to make a mockery of English Speaking Cameroonians because the Bamilekes themselves are a minority,and have been suffering discrimination from Biya,and his men,you were so estatic that you jumped to your legs
showering praises on me;" Watesih,these are the type of things we expect to here from you here".Today you are treating it as a tribalistic move.Of course you were treating me this way ,because you thought i was your brother ,and was telling the truth to the Bamilekes.This shows the discriminatory mind of a tribalist.
2. Your persistent display of somebody who doubts his roots,has made you too anxious about where you belong.People therefore understand why you are tribalistic.You say you have hardly lived in the Northwest ,but keep comparing Northwesterners to Southwesterners.What is this meant for? Of
course to show the superiority of the SW.A leader will harmonise differences,rather than spend time picking out points of discord.
3. The CDC,the Prime Ministry,and some Ministries are all in the hands of Southwesterners.Which Northwesterners have gone on-line blaming them . By using posts to talk about the NW/SW dichotomy shows your persistent desire to stir ethnic tensions.
The Tayong you like quoting,and who seem to be very important for your survival here told you clearly last week how he could not see eye to eye with you for using Cpdm tactics to divide English speaking Cameroonians.
Rexon,you had always played your little games ,and gone away with,but during the Bali/Bawock crisis,you were caught pantsdown.It was a hot moment ,so all Anglophone were able to see you through.You can keep talking about the CDC now,but everybody got your message about the relationship between our two provinces. Everybody served the Biya regime at the expense of Southern Cameroonians,but your brother dined with the Cpdm,and you could not tolerate people to talk about,saying he only did so when he was two years old.
You can be fooling yourself that i am bombarding you because of fanaticism for the SDF.I`m doing this because at a given time i discovered you had a very uncouth behaviour
,and very arrogant,and gossipy,so i`ve been
bringing exactly that side of yours for the public to see.I don`t think i will let up soon,even if you try to hang yourself eachtime.UB came when i was already done with studying in the University,so i took part in its birth,what A levels are you talking about.During the UB crisis you were instead talking about the SDF,and also kept
asking for others` e-mails ,so people could see you were out for something.It ended there.You may have some weak minds to gulp down your sophistery,but we are going to redress you on this forum.You will learn that we don`t bring arrogance ,gossiping,and character assassination to the public place.
You like telling the truth ,so do i!


Hello Rexon,

just in case you forgot, the subject on this column is: "The French Are Our Real Friends - Chief Endeley". I am still to get your comments on this statement. I have been following your comments on various subjects on this blog. I think what you need is a rethink of what exactly you stand for - of which I can classify as very little, or AT best a very tribalistic mindset.


Rexon is shying away from commenting about Endeley. I wonder whether it is Watesih or NJFN that made the above statement.
He made a pass on Ngongi who is not the main player in it.
It is clear that you have used to to continue with your bad ideas.


Did I hear someone say he will fight the SDF until his death? This is pure day dreaming and waste of time.
We either concentrate on the fight to liberate Southern Cameroon or we back out. Spending time trying to make people to hate Fru Ndi and the SDF is just waste of time.
We all know what the Mukete's were able to do to destroy Fru Ndi and the SDF. Biya himself and his messengers can't destroy the SDF. In fact they have tried to no avail.
We should stop talking about SDF parliamentarians sponsoring their children in London, depositing 100million in their accounts and so on. If we have figures and proofs, bring them to light so that the world will know how corrupt the SDF leaders are.
It is clear now that you have been doing all you can to frame stories against the SDF and Fru Ndi because of either jealousy or hatred. There are so many political parties in the Southern Cameroon that are helping to give a good image of the Biya's regime to the outside world but if someone has decided to hang on Fru Ndi and the SDF, it means there is a hidden motive. He is not fighting the SDF because it is helping to legitimize the annexation of Southern Cameroon by La Republic.
I have always said that we can liberate the Southern Cameroon without the support of the SDF and Fru Ndi. But we will never succeed in doing so by attempting to blackmail or frame stories against the party’s leadership. If truly the SDF parliamentarians are enriching themselves at the expense of Southern Cameroonians, bring proofs and you will see many Southern Cameroonians making U-turns against the parliamentarians and the party.

Maybe you can learn from Katakata, I admire him so much. He calls a spade a spade. He does not ramble.
The sing song of PMUC this, PMUC that is of no effect, it is no example to convince Southern Cameroonians that Fru Ndi is a bad person. PMUC has many offices all over the Southern Cameroon. I doubt if all those places housing the PMUC offices are owned by Fru Ndi.


Hello Neba Fru,Claude Ama,Rexon,
M Nje,Watesih.
You guys must stop this rediculous interpersonal trash you write here and fill up spaces for nothing.If you are eager to write,go to SOPECAM,CEPER or Presbook.
When you write something be concise and brief.The readers of your write - ups should be able to deduct something intellectually. Are these the kind of ideas you think you can lead Cameroon better?You seem to be the most confused citizens in the planet.But I hope this shouldn't.
I may not agree fully with HRH Chief Endeley.But based on facts,you should know that,there are more French development projects in Anglophone Cameroon territory than British ones.Think about the roles of 'Mission Francaise de la cooperation and the UK DFID.Apart from UK AID in bio diversity conservation in Korup,Limbe Botanic garden and Bamenda British Council,what else can you enumerate from our colonial destroyer?


If you continue to chase Rexon, you will reduce yourself to his level.Who does not know that Rexon is wanting? Do you think you will be the one to tell this forum who Rexon is?
Let people know our level of maturity from what we write.



It is approximately 2 years since you started calling on Fon to leave Rexon alone. I hope this time, he will listen to your advise.

This forum knows that Rexon is more mature than both of you graffi Tribalist.


Mr. Mature Rexon, with your antipathy towards the graffis, is the Southern Cameroon you keep ranting and raving on this forum about be only made up of you virtuous Southwesterners?

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