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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


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amadou ali you are an oligarch of an exponential order. I dont know if you enjoy telling lies in the parliament while you turn around and praise the octagenarian thief in the presidential capacity.
when all u and ur cronies do is to supress justice. What did you do to Lambiv who question the electoral procedure? is it not you who said he is biting the finger that is feeding him? A school teacher should appreciate the wisdom of a student for posing a challenging question rather than forcing hot potatoe down his throat before he finishes. you arse holes should first of all arrest your right royal pope in that defunct capacity of a president before y'all succeed in getting the whole nation down the drenche. human resourses are evading the country everyday and it all means nothing to you bastards. that should be enough of a premonition before you embrace steps to the right direction. IF YOU AND YOUR COHORTS MEAN BUSINESS. ARREST BIYA AND THE WIFE FIRST. this is enough provocation. ├Żou set free a murderer and allow him to contest for elections. protect his thug children and encourage them to terrorise a peaceful population. what image are you giving this country. In the north of the country you invite your pals from nigeria, chad and niger to walk into the country and cast votes for you. no nation will prosper from a bed rock of deceit and corruption. I wonder where you guys really bought your degrees.

I just blame the 'balless' cameroonians that whirl around and allow one stupid crocodile to control their destiny. Cameroons solution lies in the kalashnikov.


I just think that Cameroonians have given up the fight for hope. People come in and just say what they want and people stay quite. I think it is time we look in to the posibility of using force. I know people are saying uhuhuh but that is the true. Biya has to go and we need new blood in the opposition parties. I am willing to go extra miles to support. Let's do this think and free our people from the tyrant,Biya. Civil disobedience has not yield anything in cameroon



Yes, cry, cry....
Cry the beloved country.

I dont think we need Kalashs to free ourselves.

Medical Doctors should get involved in the fight.

Just a dose of xxx will be enough to induce heart attacks and send these tyrants beyond, and innocent lives will be saved without firing a short from a single kalash

If they go abroad for check ups, just network with your doctor colleagues to inject and let them return home and die...

Lets save the Kalash and bullets to give them a "decent" burial....

After all, better people have died and the world continues rotating.

Kill them, Doctors...kill them, because even the fake ngambe men and women have failed.


Fritzane Kiki HK

Mr Ali is an honest minister since he said he knows those corrupt officials and they will be put to book sooner.However,what disturbs us is that these culprits are usually bailed in the shortest possible time without serving their terms in jail,and they roam the Yaounde Delegation buildings and ministries in search of fresh appointment and contracts.There are several example of those who see nothing in embezzling huge sums of money all alone.

Mbah Ndams question in the parliament is just throwing water on a duck's back since the La Republique junta is not ready to implicate any CPDM henchmen or strong hold militiant and sympatiser.Election is at the corner and they need support so it will be out of place to mention a success in anti-corruption campaign since during this period the CPDM government use tax payers money and other mismanaged sums in different ministries to carry out their electoral campaigns.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Survival of the corrupt. The big fish will always eat the small fish.
You pretend to drain a flooding room with a basket without first turning off the water source.

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