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Monday, 05 March 2007


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COMET my foot! They are out on a sabotage mission again! We know they sent the Fame Ndongos to adulterate this blank slate with French crass.Now he is telling us of bilingualism.How has bilingualism succeeded in Yaounde 1 and 2 that he is now bringing his folly to Buea.When students were beaten,and killed by gendarmes,when teachers are murdered,when a maddog like Fame Ndongo brings shame to an institution like this,we don`t hear about the French Ambassador,now he comes happing about specialised French courses.What is our business with specialised French courses? From Rwanda to Algeria people are rejecting French but pimps think they can perrenise its influence in Cameroon.
Thank you Mr journalist for asking him this tough questions.He has no business in this University.Let him go to Yaounde 1 and 2 ,and experiment his specialised courses on Tourism.The French think we are really blind.They will always choose those sectors that are juicy for their swindling.We are
very sick now even hearing about a French Ambassador.ELECAM successfully went through parliament as their envoys from Paris planned with Biya,now they come celebrating.

M Nje

"UB is a national university, with a focus towards bilingualism."

Mr. Colonial Representative, we in Southern Cameroons, have no desire to be involve in COMENT or any of those your retarded educational curriculum. Go and implement it in your baby colony, La Republique.

Did you same "UB is a national university, with a focus towards bilingualism."

Southern Cameroonians do not want to have anything to do with your failed system of education. When you cross the Mungo Bridge know that you are in a different territory, Southern Cameroon. French is taught in UB as a Foreign Language just like Spanish or German could be taught. French is not an official language of instruction in UB. That is neither lecture nor examination are conducted in French. So were did you come with the idea of Bilingualism in UB. Is that the next plan on your agenda; to make French an official Language of instruction in UB? Do you people (French) take Southern Cameroonians for fools.

You have been chased out of Rwanda and Algeria, now you are looking for more territory.

Your country is supporting Quebec to separate from Canada and you have the guts to preach bilingualism to Southern Cameroonians.

What a group of hungry hypocrite.

Ma Mary

They will always find some weak people in UB ready to take their dirty money to implement their wicked agenda. French is a dead language that they keep trying to preserve by imposing on Afrikans against their better interest. Even in France, smart people do not want to do business and science in French anymore. Total mistrust of the French is the beginning of wisdom for Africans. La Republique can show its commitment to its fellow Africans by–shaking off that parasite, France and all its works and then by ending its own colonial adventure in our country, Southern Cameroons.

Ma Mary

For those who are sleeping and are not learning their history, this is what France has in store for us, Southern Cameroonians, especially when we wake up from drinking their poisonous beer and rejoin the human race.

France, steeped in genocidal blood, must face trial
Andrew Wallis
The hastily arranged car boot sale outside the French Embassy in downtown Kigali last Monday did good business. On offer were laptop computers, televisions, three-piece suites and, well, even the cars themselves. Given the decision taken by the Rwandan Government ten days ago to expel the French Ambassador, his staff and to close all official French buildings in the tiny Central African country, there was clearly little expectation of a return.

Behind these scenes of gloomy embassy employees packing and selling their diplomatic and domestic baggage is a recent history between France and Rwanda steeped in a mire of blood and guilt. Indeed it is the second time in 12 years that the French have found the need for a sudden retreat from Rwanda.

In April 1994 the French Embassy became the setting for the formation of the extremist Hutu Government that was to organise and carry out the meticulously planned genocide of the Tutsis. Witnesses spoke of these ministers, many now facing life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, sitting in plush embassy chairs comparing notes on where the killing was going best. Their host, the French Ambassador, later helped to evacuate those extremists to Paris, away from the apocalypse they had created. The ambassador then made a bonfire of two rooms piled high with documents linking his Government with that of the Hutu dictatorship of Juvénal Habyarimana.

Rwanda is made up mainly of two ethnic groups, the vast majority being Hutu, who, under Habyarimana’s “apartheid” State, took total control of the army, bureaucracy and government. The Tutsi, 15 per cent of the population, were banished from public life.

When François Mitterrand, then the French President, decided in 1990 to send in crack paratroopers to protect Habyarimana, his French-speaking friend and ally, it looked like just another attempt by Paris to keep a client leader in power. The danger came from across the border in Uganda. Anglophone Paul Kagame and his Rwandan Patriotic Front, made up mostly of Tutsis previously driven from their homeland by a series of earlier massacres, had invaded.

During the next three years Mitterrand had no compunction in sending in troops to save a brutal and corrupt regime. The Hutu army received millions of dollars of French weaponry; and the French elite training corps trained its Rwandan allies in how to dismember bodies, fire its new heavy artillery and use attack Gazelle helicopters.

Habyarimana was assassinated on April 6, 1994, when unknown assailants shot down his Falcon 50 jet, another present from the French taxpayer. The event ushered in possibly the hundred bloodiest days in history. Up to one million Tutsis were slaughtered.

As the body count grew, France welcomed ministers of the genocidal Government to an official reception in Paris. Meanwhile, its military continued to send arms to bolster its Hutu allies in power, regardless of the genocide they were perpetrating.

Since 1994 France has been adept at trying to hide this stain on la gloire. Its ministers, including the current Prime Minister, constantly repeat the “double genocide” myth, which alleged that while Hutu killed Tutsi, the Tutsi also killed Hutu. It is akin to claiming that Holocaust victims were also mass murderers.

So the latest French government attempt to cover its Rwandan shame is no surprise to observers of La Françafrique. The timing behind the sudden release of Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière’s report, which blames Kagame for Habyarimana’s death, is no coincidence. Four senior French military and political figures will shortly give testimony before the international war crimes tribunal in Arusha. They have been called by the defence team of Colonel Théoneste Bagosora, who faces charges of being the mastermind behind the genocide.

It is deeply embarrassing, like being called to defend Nazis at Nuremberg. Shortly, too, Kagame’s government of reconciliation, which drove the genocidaire out in 1994, will announce the findings of its own inquiry into the French involvement in the genocide. It promises to uncover even more explicit details of Mitterrand’s crime.

President Kagame arrived in London on Sunday for a five-day visit to the UK. His 12-year-old Government has revived a country torn apart by genocide, corruption and poverty. He has emphasised there is no “Hutu” or “Tutsi” in his country now, only Rwandans. But while he has created a stable economy and new sense of pride, it is vital that the world, which looked the other way in 1994, now demands answers from France about its direct complicity in the genocide.

There seems to be an unwritten rule among Western leaders not to question each other’s foreign policies too closely. But genocide cannot be allowed to be so cynically forgotten. Tony Blair has a duty to ask some deeply troubling questions about how and why the Élysée supported a genocidal government before, during and after one of the most appalling episodes of killing the world has ever seen. He may put at risk having some of his own skeletons unearthed. But the dead and the traumatised survivors in Rwanda deserve such belated recognition — and respect.

Andrew Wallis is the author of Silent Accomplice: The Untold Story of France’s Role in the Rwandan Genocide


The posting by Ma Mary is correct. The Andrew Wallis guy did his research well. Some operation called turquoise or something of the sort was organised by the French to shield their accomplices in that genocide and lift them out of the hell they had sponsored there.
About French antics in Africa, click on the following link to see their philosophy.
Or copy it and paste in Google search to open it. We have no lessons to learn from this predator of a country. How can you encourage tourism in a place when you do not encourage the building of a road infrastructure? How do tourists move about in a place with no road network? Even when there is the semblance of a road, it is taken over by potholes. I can only imagine that the French parasites are looking for another outlet for their thieving French culture through the teaching of their language and culture in UB. No right-thinking person should entertain this offer. Only those emasculated Cameroonians with a colonial mentality will go for it. The world is fast becoming an English (language) world, especially in business and technology. As someone rightly pointed out, the French are sponsoring Quebec separatists. Why would they care about Buea except to stem the tide of independence that is looming over that city? Dining with the French over the years has been a capital sin. Now is the time to shun those seemingly innocent/philanthropic offers and adopt an attitude of aloofness with these people who dump our brothers and sisters in the desert to find their way back home, all in the name of protecting the hexagon from the very people they are pretending to cosy up to in this diabolic move called bilingualism. We can learn French language and culture on the same basis as we do for other cultures: for our own interest and not for the interest of those cultures.


Some of the stupidity displayed on this board in the name of patriotism to the Southern Cameroons bothers on ignorance.

Calling French a dead language? Do you know how many southern Cameroonians get jobs abroad based solely on the fact that they can say “bonjour” and recognise one or two words in French? Even Latin aint dead, species are named after that.

In our affiliations and patriotism to our courses let us not be blinded by blind rage and ignorance, we take what we can from them and reject the rest. This is the 21st century, nothing can be rammed down our throats! Our paranoia has transformed us into ghostbusters, seeing devils everywhere.

What better way to know your enemy than to understand what he is saying?

Teach your kids Spanish, German and French so that if they ever leave the country they have an edge over the others.


Ma Mary

Pikin, do not be naive. We have had our fill of French. Our children could learn more useful things than French. We have more than enough French translators. It will be more profitable to learn Chinese or some computer programming language or mathematics. We need zero infusion of French language when our standard of English is poor and deteriorating.

The beginning of wisdom for the African is to keep France at bay. Ignorance? Check the history, check the track record. In this case it is not paranoia. The wariness is founded on facts and history. You are like the man who asks his child to be "open minded" to a poisonous snake.

OK, let them in. In three, four five years, somebody will be telling you, "I told you so."

Neba Funiba

How can the Ambassador be talking about bilingualism when all official documents in Cameroon are in French and even the currency that France prints for Cameroon is in French? If the Ambassador is so concerned about bilingualism in Cameroon where then was he when the Minister of Justice told journalists during a press conference that he would not tolerate any questions in English? Why did the Post kowtow to this bombastic neocolonial agent and failed to ask these tough questions? Let it be known that everything that France touches turns into shit particularly in Africa. Name one former French colony that has succeeded and I will show you the US, Australia, New Zealand, etc. as examples of successful former British colonies. In Africa, I will show Botswana and Namibia as models of Anglo-Saxon success. Zimbabwe would have been one but Old Bob got too close to Chirac and see what happened. To get international jobs these days, people are required to be fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic, not French. Even back in our own backyard, kids from the other side of Mungo are now flooding our schools where both academics, cleanliness, and discipline are upheld (with only few lapses). Compare the way kids in Buea or Bamenda dress when they go to school with what you see in, say, Mbouda (where being dirty is the norm) and you will understand. Anything French (francophonely) is doomed to fail no matter what so the guys at UB should be very careful. Countries are not just leaving the Francophonie and joining the Commonwealth for nothing; and people like Mbeki of SA are now refusing to attend the Franco-African Summit for tangible reasons. We have been burnt before and the wounds have not yet healed.


Ma Mary ,before i go to Pikin,thanks for digging out that material,and refreshing our minds with the eerie story of the French canage in Rwanda.

The French language that is rejected in many countries now,the French language that doesn`t succeed to bring bilingualism in Soa and Yaounde ,but can bring in Buea,the French language that is used in initiating some of the worst economic crimes
mankind has known,is this the same language
Voltaire,Montesquie,Rousseau used to preach equality,fratenity? Sir,today the French are using their language as an economic tool,not
as a medium to free societies.Pikin,you are double-blind when when you say we should take what we can from the French ,and reject them.You therefore think exploitation is a way of life.Don`t you think they are now instead taking the best out of us ,and dumping us? So you think from independence up to this moment we have not known the French.We should therefore learn about them from the special courses they are going to teach in Buea.They would have just told us that they want to teach French History in Buea,rather than laying emphasis on Tourism.
This shows their mercantilist minds only go for things that will continue to sap us .
Learning many languages is good,because it shows somebody is a man of culture ,but this is a purely personal affair,and has nothing to do with people forcing you to take special courses on Tourism,and other fields that will serve their purpose.UB has been campaigning for a School of Medicine,but somebody comes telling people are special courses.Is this not a deliberate attempt to divert attention from more important things?


"UB is a national university, with a focus towards bilingualism."
Is UB the only national university? Perhaps it was created to foster bilingualism!
What about YAO I, YAO II, DCHANG?
We have always been considered as underdogs.

Sooner or later our own brothers (CPDM) will start using that as propaganda for their campaigns, and sending motions of support. Even giving the Ambassador a title(highest title after the ruler) and traditional dress!
Good old days of slavery!!


The Cometes Project (Coordination and Modernizing of Technological Higher Education Institutions in Cameroon)is not about teaching the French language, in fact it does not have a language component at all.

It is about information technology and managemnt. The project is the most ambitious ICT and distance education program ever undertaken in Cameroon. Launched in 2002 as a joint project between the French and Cameroonian Governments, the aim of COMETES is to modernize and professionalize the teaching of technology subjects in the six tertiary institutions (the three institutes of technology, Polytech and ENSET). That UB was initially left out of this project co-sponsored by the Cameroon government was THE travesty.

It is thanks to this program that these institutions now have solid internal networking capabilities,high-speed internet connections to the outside world, ultra modern computer facilities and labs, high quality courses in computer sciences, etc. Other facets of the program include the digitizing of all courses in these institutions and making online learning a reality, thereby addressing key issues of access and massification.

With this background in mind, it would therefore be foolish and short-sighted for the cash-strapped and infrastructure-deficient UB to refuse to become part of the Cometes project which is at this time the surest means of getting the appropriate ICT resources needed to join the Information Technology age. And lest we forget, the French government has already spent over 1 billion Francs on a variety of projects at UB since its inception (library, etc.). In my mind the library project was a million times more insidious that the cometes project can ever be.

Smart folks can still "chop" the enemy's while still be fully aware of the enemy's imperialist designs. The irony is that building a better world class university - even with partial French resources - might just be the answer to developing that missing component in the Southern Cameroons struggle - a truly nationalist, historically and culturally aware, and active middle class / civil society West of the Mungo.

Projet Cometes? I say bring it on!!!!


Ma Mary,

I read somewhere were some commentators were referring to French backing for independence of Quebec. This reminds me of several contrasting issues. The main question i have to ask here is, why have'nt the british been interesting in backing the Southern Cameroonian course. What i am trying to say here is, Southern Cameroonians living here in the UK can join hands to take the fight to downing street.

One of my colleage reminded me of the fact that Mao Tse Tung knew why he allowed the West to settle in Hong Kong for soo long. He argued that at the time, Mao knew that the chinese desperately needed foreign investments and technology and in that regards, left Hong Kong as a trap for the West. I think we can still allow the French to penetrate for some strategic reasons. What we need to teach our people in patriotism and their political responsibility.


some corrections: been "interested" and
"is" pratriotism.

M Nje

You must have forgotten the common notion that you should not eat from the same plate with the devil because they have a better chances of getting you when you do. It is fair to say the presence of the French in Africa is the biggest misfortunate that even happened to African, bigger than AIDS. They are gradually being pushed out of Ivory Coast at the moment. Why?

Manga, when you start accepting small “GIFTS” from the French you state creating a situation in which you will have to make some concession to them. After they must have brought their “GIFTS” to you, they start making some recommendations to you. Those recommendations, which are intended to promote their FAIL culture, are the main reason they brought the “GIFT.”

Go back to the interview and you will see what I am talking about. He said

“We wish to craft a new COMET structure, which integrate science-oriented Universities in France, working hand-in-glove with UB.”

Did you see what I am referring to. The first intent of COMET is to act as a pipeline for the exportation of French culture to us through French Universities.

Just after the statement above, you will find the second intent:

“the teaching of specialised French courses in areas like tourism.”

Do you see what I mean? When you accept “ANTHING” from these French, you should be ready to accept things like teaching specialized “French course in areas of tourism.” What more way to export the French culture to Southern Cameroonians than through tourism.

Among all the areas that UB is lacking: professional schools such as Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, etc, etc, this colonial master things the most beneficial is “the teaching of specialised French courses in areas like tourism.” Because it benefits them the most

Do not be deceived. The French have never had the interest of our people at heart. Go back and check their contribution during the ILLEGAL FOMBAN CONFERENCE. They brought French lawyers to dismantle the infrastructure of Southern Cameroon and create a strong presidency for La Republique.

They, through their colonial agent La Republique, have tried twice but failed to destroy the GCE Examination in Southern Cameroon. The last attempt resulted in the creation of the GCE Board after Southern Cameroonians stood firm.

They succeed in destroying our technical educational system and left our students frustrated with their so call BAC and CAP. Examinations that many of our students have never succeed to pass, but ended up doing well in GCE Technical.

So Manga think about your position again.

M Nje

Permit me disagree with your premise that we should allow the French to penetrate our society. Historical records have shown that the French do not have out interest at heart. I did list some of the examples in my response to Manga above.

We can and should allow western interest in our territory (Southern Cameroons) when it has a net benefit for our people and the Western entity or nation has a good intern.

The French do not and will never have any good intern for people (Southern Cameroonians) who have refused French cultural values. Accepting them in is accepting your enemy to spend the night with your family while you are out.

I can tell you that one of Southern Cameroons Nationalist leader back home is said to have been refused a visa to France because he does not SPEAK French.

Do you know anyone who could not speak French but was granted a visa to France? If you do, then our leader was refused a visa because he is a Southern Cameroonian Nationalist not because he could not speak a death language.

Do you know any African who has been deported from France for some disingenuous reasons?

Are you advocating that we let the French in to come and lecture Southern Cameroonians what bilingualism (which is ILLEGAL in Southern Cameroons) means? Where was this Ambassador when his own minister of justice reaffirmed the constitution of La Republic by banning the use of English in his press conference. Did he come out to remind his about Bilingualism? Bilingualism, Regional Balance, etc,etc are mentioned when it concerns Southern Cameroonians. It is a tactic to deceived Southern Cameroonians to feel they are part of La Repubique and are taken into consideration. What a falsehood. How many time have you seen or heard an official of La Republique or this Ambassador lecture Francophone in La Republique about Bilingualism?

So Rexon, they issue is not whether we should tolerate “foreign investment.” The issue is WHO the potential “foreign investment,” what is their INTERN.


If anyone wonders how the French have been able to get away for so long with exploiting Africa, and at the same time treating Africans with utter contempt, the answer lies in the contributions of Pikin, Manga, Rexon and their ilk.

The French know all you need to buy over an African is mention aid and money. Do that, and they hand over their country to you.They know the African is always there, standing hand outstretched, begging to be fed, educated, clothed and provided with health care by "Father France". The French know the African cares only about the next meal, the African does not care about principle or what strings are attached to the "aid". Much more importantly, the French know the African does't care if the "aid" they get today enslaves them for the next 100 years. The French know all you have to mention is "aid", and you have the darkies' soul. It is this knowledge of the African mind that is the key to France's successful exploitation of Africa. Is it any wonder they have no respect for us?

Pikin, Manga and Rexon, does the history of France's relationship with Africa over the last 100 years mean anything to you guys? Where in that history is there any shred of evidence that France sees Africans as anything but subhumans to be exploited? You tell me. I am willing to learn.

Ma Mary

There is only one way to deal with the French, Rexon, and it is in an upfront, honest and uncompromising manner, embedded in principle, as DaDiceman has intimated. Do not try to deceive the French. They invented and mastered deceit and they will outdeceive you anytime of day or night. Read French literature. It is all there. It is passed on like mother's milk.

They are forever playing games and probing for your weakness to use against you. With the French it is always war, even when they are smiling like this Pondicherry ambassador. You do not let your guard down for a second. Pikin must have spent the last 50 years of our exposure to these chaps in a haze.

What this Ambassador George is proposing is like a lure to catch a fish. Foolish langa Africans will swallow and next thing they know, they are part of a pot of bouillabaise, ready to be consumed with wine and cheese. Pikin talks about paranoia? Paranoia is a normal defensive reaction to the greatest enemy of the blackman. If you do not have paranoia with the French you are abnormal or unintelligent.

Ma Mary

Explaining Pondicherry. Pondicherry is a part of South India that was administered as a French colony, that merged into India in 1954. There are still quite a few Pondicherry who remained French citizens, and there used to be several of them working for the French govt in various capacities in Yde. They were noted for their negative and deeply racist attitudes towards Africans, especially Camerounese. Ambassador George looks like one of them.


We can theorize as much as we want about French imperialism. The bottom line is that in the past 13 years or so, over 1 Billion FCFA of French money has been pumped into UB,UNCHALLENGED, just as French corporation money has been pumped into other African universities, some in Anglophone countries, including neighboring Nigeria. Even French investment was involved in the initial Buea University Center. So the French are doing absolutely nothing new with the projet cometes. And whatever the new French ambassador says is of little import because the project has been around for half a decade and the results are there for all to see. Again part of the money for this project comes from the Cameroonian government; money that probably came from the exploitation of natural resources West of the Mungo. As I said before, UB DESERVES to be part of the cometes project, French imperialism or not. It is not a favor but a right fully enjoyed by other state run universities in Cameroon. If we want to discuss french duplicity, I will oblige, but it wouldn't be in this thread.


Pikin, I rather be paranoid and free, than gullible and a French colonial subject....and that is the essence of Southern Cameroon nationalism! In this dog eat dog world, where survival of the fittest is the name of the game, only the paranoid survive! And the French know that..... there is no nation more paranoid than France in this world.

Listen to the French paranoia about a conspiracy by the Anglophone countries of this world (UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc) to wipe out French influence in the world. Listen to French paranoia about a person of Southern Cameroon origin being head of state of La Republique du Cameroun. Listen to the French paranoia backing the separatist movement in Quebec, Canada, against being overwhelmed by Anglophone Canada. Listen to French paranoia when an Indian steel billionaire was trying to take over one of their steel companies recently.....and this from a country than virtually owns all big companies in Francophone Africa!! Its alright for France to own companies abroad, but god forbid that anyone dares own a French company. Gimme a break, Pikin!

Pikin, don't talk to me about paranoia, go talk to your French "friends". Yes, your French "friends".......the ones who supply Biya with bullets at election time to make sure you stay a French colonial subject.


Manga, French money might be "pumped" into your university, but it doesn't mean the French care about you. They know what they are getting out of it, do you?

Ma Mary

Manga seems to have inside info about the comings and goings of France and french money at UB and he suggests that $1billion CFA penetrated the university unchallenged. With Lambiesque administrators, UB has to be like a woman of easy virtue. Thanks to the post, we outsiders know something and it is a good opportunity for Southern Cameroonians to alert France that we are totally aware and resentful of the cultural, economic and political holy war that it has been waging against us, since 1961. We do not give a hoot about so called bilingualism, neither does their colony, republique du Cameroun. If they so loved france and its dead language, why are they filling our schools with their children and depriving our children of opportunity?


Ma Mary, M Nje, Dadiceman,

I am not suggesting that we should invite them. But if they did come by force as they are trying to do, we should have a way of constraning and containing them and take some positives out of their presence in our territory. We can still fool them for example to invest in our territory like they have done in Nigeria and we nationalise their investments. That is seemingly what i am trying to say.

M Nje

I still maintain that you got it wrong. If you get an uninvited and unwelcome guest, you send them away. You do not let them in. These guys are the worse breed of colonial agent that mankind has ever seen.

Did you say “FOOL” the French. You got to be kidding. The United State has never succeeded to get the French to agree with them on many foreign policy issues let alone ‘FOOL” them. Read. Ma Mary | Tuesday, 06 March 2007 at 04:46 PM. These guys have a mastery of the art of deception. Forget about ‘FOOLING” them.

Somebody said there are already there what can we do. Here is what we can do: let them know they are not welcome. That is what was done in Algeria and Rwanda.

Rexon, do some research on the French. I am sure you will make a reversal if such is an extensive research. Do you know why they have been pushed out of Angola and Rwanda and are being chased out from Ivory Coast at this moment? These guys are on a cultural war with us since 1961 as Ma Mary said. Do you let your enemy into your house during wartime. They desire to see all of us take the BAC and CAP, to speak a language that is only spoken by the dead, etc etc.

There have been running SONARA since its inception. What benefits have Southern Cameroonain had for the exploitation of their resources. You cannot let them in no mater what they promise. The devil is in the detail of their so call “GIFT.”

A devil cannot be a bearer of anything positive.

Fritzane Kiki HK

M Nje,
'A devil cannot be a bearer of anything positive' really.I finally realised that the French will always want to get through the hole by crook or by hook.There are always bootlickers in our Southern Cameroons who will stoop too low to a fault either by collecting financial help or blindly giving into these French crooks through their ruling CPDM.What happened in the colonial eras are not different from today.Southern Cameroons are underminded and made to know their minority rights will not be given them,not now.The French came in through the window and left through the door.Let's not mention SONARA,PAMOL,and other mineral exploitation taking place now in the Southern Cameroon lands,yet roads,pipe borne water,electricity and other basic infrastructures are more than the La Republique government to provide.

If any plan is to be carried out in the UB in the name of bilingualism through COMET,then it will be a fiasco since the French has never been in favor of any thing English.They have tried to distabilise UB by all forms.The only Anglo-Saxon university in Cameroon.Look at the various strike actions and the most recent one and ask yourself what really was the remote and immediate causes of this saga.All blame is on the French.Rather unfortunate that we will remain colonised if we donnot realise our role for liberation.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


It is always good to take some of us out of the realm of shouting insults,and involving ourselves in character assassination to see how hollow some of us are.Many people had given you a lot of political capital here to be able to carry out your individualistic drive to paint others black.Most of this people later discovered they were making an error,and allowed you vibrate endlessly.The results are incredible.Apparently as an economist ,you would have served as a model
to young Southern Cameroonians.But everytime you try to take on any burning issue here that is out of the context of throwing jabs at others,you have pitifully smeared yourself with feaces.Imagine somebody of your calibre ,who has been making a lot of fuss about French presence in Cameroon,how
the SDF is legitimising their presence here,
how Fru Ndi has invited PMUC to Bamenda, today you make an about turn ,and tell the world that we should "Fool" the French to invest in our territory ,and we nationalise theirinvestments.The first thing a primary school pupil will tell you an Economics Professor is that first you want to involve us in economic ,and fiscal criminality.The second thing is that you have little knowledge of who the French are,and the third thing is that everybody`s hair stands on ends when they hear you want to surrender to the French you have theoretically pitted yourself against. How would you want French companies like PMUC not to find a house to rent in the Northwest,and at the same time you want to foolthem, and forcefully nationalise their investments.Is this the Economics you teach your students?That they should confiscate the investments of foreign friends they themselves invited?WE now see why you have little understanding of somebody renting his house to a multinational company.FRu Ndi gets good money by renting his house,but you worked for DELMONTE ,and you were paid the ridiculous sum of 26,000frs.This was pure slavery,and exploitation from a foreign company.Here who proved to be more intelligent,Fru Ndi who does good business with his house,or you who were condoning slavery from a foreign company?
You have even given up the fight to constrain the French from coming to exploit us,and you think we should tolerate their use of force,but use the situation to cheat them.That is why you were trying to ridicule the SDF for observing that it is no use to invite thousands ,and thousands of Chinese Middle school leavers to come and compete in puff puff selling with helpless women.
You have always said the SDF is legitimising French colonialism,but today you want these same colonialist ,because you think they have some"Positives" that we can exploit.After slamming French Colonialism for so long,you have finally discovered it has some "Positives" for you to expoloit!
You have given an example of their investments in Nigeria,but you have not shown us how the Nigerians have forcefully Nationalised French interests there,so why can an economist like you involve himself in abstract wishfulfillment?
When people hear you posing the question why the British have not been interested in the Southern Cameroons` fight,they grin,and
discover that just as you have little understanding of the French,so have you of the British.Learn from today that Africa has been partitioned among the great powers,and non should interfere in the sphere of interest of the other.That is why the French masterminded the Rwandan genocide,and are almost going away with it.That is why Jacques Chirac can force the Security council to pass resolutions concerning Cote D`Ivoire.It is incredible that it is only in 2007 that it has dawned on you that Southern
Cameroonians present in Britain can march to No. 10 Downing Street to seek redres of their situation.How would you blame others of doing business with one colonial master ,the French,and you want to cosy up to another colonial masters ,the British to seek answers about your identity? Sir ,freedom is won ,and not given! Stop living in a fools paradise!


Well said, Watesih. Fru Ndi could not resist the lure of PMUC money, just as some contributors here cannot resist George Serres money. Rexon, Manga and Pikin, you guys are a total disgrace. I have absolutely no respect for any African, who under any pretence, feels they can accept French money.This money is covered with the blood of our brothers and sisters who have died because of France's obssession with protecting its "interests" in Africa, at whatever costs.

There are no free lunches for Africans from the French, my friends. If you think Mr. George Serres is there to give you, an African, the racist French tax payers' money for free while expecting nothing in return, you need to have your IQ checked.

A century ago these ruthless bastards came with the bible offering help and goodwill, and the poor African fell for that trick. Today they come in the form of George Serres, with a fancy suit and tie, and COMET....and Pikin, Manga and Rexon have fallen for it. The result will be the same. When will the African ever learn?

You will end up in chains holding the bible and COMET, and they will end up with Southern Cameroon, your land, your timber, your oil and all your natural resources. Who looks stupid then? You, a colonial subject in chains holding a bible and COMET, or they with your country and all its natural resources?


Ma Mary, French financial and material contributions to UB - just like that of the British, Canadian or even Nigerian - have always been public, so I am not making any earth-shattering revelation here. And blaming UB administrators for taking these donations is short-sighted indeed. The last time I checked, UB was a state-owned university not a private one. If we are so insensed with what the Government of Cameroon does with its universities, how about following the footsteps of the Bamileke who after a 7-year war of attrition finally forced the Cameroon government to recognize their "universite de montagne". Let the SC nationalists put their money where their mouth is by creating a "pure" university free from the contamination of "La Republique". Until that happens, they will helplessly succumb to the diktat from Yaounde.

Diceman, I never said the French pumped money into UB because "they like us" - countries have interests not friends, and the french are no exception. My contention is that the French have always been present in one way or the other at UB but that has not stopped thousands of Southern Cameroonians from getting quality "Anglo-saxon" education at the university. The Cometes project will not change that, irrespective of what the scaremongers say.


Manga, the SC nationalists are putting their money where their mouth is, in the very best way not being part of the problem. That is, the problem of continued French exploitation of Africa.

The likes of you and La Republique du Cameroun on the other hand, with French money being put and stuffed in your mouth, are part of the said problem.


Dadiceman and M Nje,

I wrote about patriotism and our ability to teach our people its values as a way of constraining and defeating the French.

My contention was, they are already in the Southern Cameroons, what should we do to defeat and constrain them? I was just trying to make a suggestion which can be accepted or rejected.




If I am part of the problem for pointing out that the French have ALWAYS been involved in UB, then all those Southern Cameroons "nationalists" - many of whom are either students or graduates of the La Republique-funded UB - are more of a problem because their principles do not match their actions.

Again, if you want to stay "pure" and principles, then forget about UB, which is and will remain a colonial creation; establish your own private institutions. Once this is done, you wouldn't be concerned with what Biya, Chirac or Obasanjo does at UB. Once again, put your money where your mouth is or simply shut up.


We sit in the comfort of our swivel chairs and type away. Lambasting the French from the roof tops of the internet is not going to solve the plight of the Anglophones. And though I’m not a frog lover, while we curse the French what have the English and Americans done for us?
Lets stop being internet activists and go help the people on the streets whom we ferociously defend from our keyboards.

And Manga thanks for that last comment.


Manga & Pikin, given the choice of resisting or supporting the expansionist ambitions of a racist genocidal colonial regime, you both have made your choice. We know which side you have taken. You are entitled to your opinions.

While you might use the excuse that the whole of UB is on your side, it still will not win you any respect from those aware of France's relationship with Africa & Africans. Yours is a classical excuse given by collaborators of murderous dictatorships or murderous foreign occupation forces: "we did it because everybody else was doing it."

Despite your generosity of spirit towards the French, they will not treat an African collaborator like you any less contemptuously than they will treat me. You are just a colour to them, just like me.....a colour they don't have much respect for. History is there to prove it. The political discourse in France, particularly in this an election year in France, is there to prove it.


This has nothing to do with winning anyone’s respect (i dont need it).
Having lived abroad for years now I know all about racism, have witnessed it, suffered it and paid the price for responding violently to it. One white man is no different from the other to me, be he French, English or American.

What irks me is our nature to condemn everything without trying to identify and appreciate the positives, no matter how small they may be.

Here we are accusing the French of trying to infiltrate and colonise us (again), when our own Southern Cameroonians brothers are burning homes and fighting each other over land (re Bali over the Bawock people).

Like I said, let your children learn the French and other languages. What is wrong with being multilingual? How is refusing to learn going to help young Anglophones? Knowledge is knowledge be it thought by the French, English, Germans, Blacks, Whites or even my grandmother! And remember Knowledge Reigns Supreme.

Ma Mary

We Southern Cameroonians have to deal with our own ethnic tensions (Bali-Bawock etc), but this is a pointless introduction into this discussion. It is like someone who says your family should fold its hands and allow an allow a robber to empty the house because mom and dad had a serious quarrel. That is a non-contributive point.

We totally have the capability of teaching ourselves French. We have all the French we would ever need. We also have nothing to learn from the French Higher education system. There is enough published to show that it is inferior. Lastly, the French always have an agenda, and the track record shows that you always lose more. Unless you have figured out this agenda (which you have not convinced me that u have), you would be an absolute idiot to accept even drinking water from the French.


Ma Mary,

You write: " would be an absolute idiot to accept even drinking water from the French."

Then I guess UB has produced thousands of absolute idiots since 1993 because the drank more than French water; I guess thousands of people in Buea are absolute idiots because they have attended cultural events at the French Cultural Center even before the unitary state; etc...

At this point, the debate has sunk into the gutter so I am out of here. The SC commandos are free to roam the lengfth and breadth of the territory dismantling all evidence of French influence and punishing all those "collaborators" who dared "drink French water" - we've seen that kind of madness before. Does Pol Pot ring a bell?

"Wuna waka fine", or as the hated "frogs" say, "Motion!!"


Well, Manga, your argument goes to show why the French taxpayer gives money to UB and pays for "cultural events" in the French "Cultural Center"! Their investment in these activities has obviously been well spent on you and your ilk; for here you are, willing to overlook their history of racist genocide in Africa and giving them the benefit of doubt. That is exactly the reason France sends the likes of George Serres, and his COMET project, to spend its racist taxpayers money on the likes of you; so that when a debate like this comes up in African circles, people like you will defend France. Shame on you!

As I said, the likes of you are a total disgrace to Africa. The blood of Africans that France has spilled throughout history is because of the likes of you, always giving France the benefit of doubt as it rapes the continent! How much African blood do you need spilled to generate any outrage in you?

I am glad to hear you are leaving this forum. I hope you are immigrating to France where you can have as much French money spent on you to your heart's satisfaction. I am sure a heartwarming welcome awaits you there. Enjoy!


Nope DaDicemen. I am NOT leaving the forum. But I will not be bothered with assanine discussions with your likes. Who is giving the French a benefit of the doubt?!! Over what? Once again, all countries, even La Republique Cameroon and the Future SC, will have strategic interests and not emotional friends (unless of course its leaders are as stupid as you). In this respect, France is no different from the US, Britain, or even Nigeria which is building its stake in the University (through NOUN and RETRIDAL). No one is being given any benfit of the doubt. You think that when Microsoft gives a grant to the African Virtual University; when CISCO opens its academy in Cameroon, or when MIT offers its courses for free online they are doing it because of love and humanism? Nope. Strategic interest is the reason behind all these actions.

So you can waste your time harping on the French while the world and UB moves on. You are the symbol of someone who can read but cannot process information. That is why all your statements about imperialism and genocide are merely a miasma of unfiltered junk. Foolish man.


Manga, look who is talking about processing information! Why don't you try processing the information available on France's involvement in formenting civil wars and genocide in Africa? There are websites dedicated to that topic, there are books which have been written about it and there are films made about it. Can you find time to process all that information? It's free!

Why don't you try processing the information that Microsoft is not formenting a civil war in Ivory Coast and the Central African Republic? Why don't you try processing the information that Microsoft did not forment genocide in Rwanda and a near enough genocide in Cameroun in the 60s?

If strategic interest to you means turning a blind eye to evil, letting the perpetrators of genocide in Africa go scot free, and even dining with the said perpetrators, you can keep your strategic interests.

If I am the last one refusing to dine with racist genocidal French murderers, let me stay a fool while a smart fellow like you build your strategic interests with your French friends. I hope you don't someday choke on whatever they feed you with.

M Nje

"Strategic interest is the reason behind all these actions."
(Manga Wednesday, 07 March 2007 at 03:02 PM.

What is the French strategic interest in Southern Cameroons in general and UB in particular?

Who has the net benefit in this interest?

T Wanaku

Civilization started in Afrika?
But where did it end?

Until we define our own realities,
others (be they French or Chinese)
will define it for us.

"That is why BlackMan dey suffer today"


Ma Mary

Manga: I rest my case. Hopefully this forum remains searcheable in the years ahead. It would not be surprising at all if you Unibuea gurus are wining and dining with the enemy. You would be in good company with the likes of the so called African leaders meeting with France. The coalition of those who are principled and enlightened is still small: the chap in Ivory Coast, Kagame of Rwanda and Mbeki of South Africa, but last year there was exactly one, so that is exponential growth. Making strategic interests with France? You are rank amateurs. Langa people.


Permit me come in here once more.I have followed your lively exchange,and i discerned that you have the impression that since the French,Nigerians,and others have all along been helping out in Buea,and that since Buea has been doing fine,examplified by the type of students it has been churning out,then it is of little importance to scrutinise some of these guys who have been there.But i will want you to know that all has not been well in Buea,reason why Cameroonians have become very suspicious of the some of the shareholders vibrating around this University.Why do they have to be suspicious,especially of the French? First the French system on its own epitomises corruption.Secondly the French system of education leaves much to be desired ,and has almost become the laughing stock of the world.Thirdly ,French puppets in Yaounde have used the French language as a foil against the development of the English system of Education.Other less pleasurable experiences have made Englsih Cameroonians completely wary of anything francophile.You learn as i did lasttime that Amadou Ali banned the use of English in Press conference.You know as i do that Deputies of English expression are shouted down in the National Assembly,and branded Nigerians because the speak English.WE can go on and on.There is therefore this inherent desire by the French and their acolytes in Yaounde to trample on anything that will have an Anglophone outfit.The disdain with which people treat the presence of the French in UB is the same disdain with which they treat the presence of France in Africa.
Your idea of he who pays the piper calls the tune in this case is completely wrong.
The French collaboration in Buea is completely suspicious.How would the FRench ignore bilingualism in its initial stages in our primary schools,and would want to teach French courses in Universities? NObody will be blind to see that they are trying to court the future elite of the country,and thrust some of their blue print on them.If they think courses in Tourism,and other French disciplines are worth the salt,let them go down to the Primary school level,and start teaching from there. They would not normally want to do this ,because it has to do with spending money.They will instead want the money to leave Cameroon ,and go to their coffers.The Japanese have been building schools here,and they started with Primary schools.In the future Cameroonians will trust the Japanese,not the French,and the Chinese who want to start upstream,and end there.Manga ,you are wrong to think that since we are helpless now in the face of the onslaught from the French,then we should keep barking while UB is moving on.The people who are writing here are the future leaders of that University,and it will be wrong for you to treat them as pillion passengers in a University that can be said to be theirs.This is just like asking people not to cry out when students are killed ,because there`s nothing they can do.The point of focus in your argument is that the French have been there all a long,so people should not make much fuss now.This is wrong because people have always made fuss about
French dirty role in Cameroon.


Ma, Mary, Ma Mary, from all indications, you people read what you want to read. Who talked about making strategic intetests with France. Na Spanish I di talk?

My position is clear; if we want to reject everything French, then let us do so across the board. Anything short of that is hypocrisy. Some fool cannot claim to be a prominent SCNC member in France while attending a French university, and then turn around to preach to me about the "principle" or lack therefo of going to a university which has agreements with French universities.

I am sure you guys are aware for example that the short tarred stretch of the infamous Kumba-Mamfe road was funded by the WB, ADB and the French. I would like to see all nationalists stop using this particular stretch of road because it is not "pure".

The French have financed agricultural, educational and other infrastructural projects in Anglophone Cameroon. let me see you guys stop using or have your kids and brothers to stop using these facilities or going to these schools in the name of being against "langa".

Francophones (not even the French) are taking all of SC right under your noses (choice land, former government residential areas, communal forests, business contracts, and even your women), but you are all working yourselves into a hissy fit over children getting a less than fair shot at a decent education at UB. Talk about warped priorities. Anyway, this is where idle folks let out steam so one shouldn't be really bothered.

I can bet you that those who really have Southern Cameroons at heart, and who are working towards its realization are working behind the scenes and not blowing hot air all over the place.

So please don't quote me a failed African leader like Gbagbo in a discussion that has nothing to do with this discussion.

One last time, countries have interests NOT friends. I am sure you "Anglo-saxons" have seen those declassified British documents in which Britain callously sacrifices SC in an attempt to maintain strong relations with the more viable Nigerian federation. That is what countries do - America, Canada, France. So you guys sit there waiting to be loved by whites who don't give a hoot about you. Na wuna Mbanga.

UB's 13-year policy of collaborating with foreign institutions in Europe and America will continue, and French institutions will not be exempt. Yes, I also pray that this site will be searchable in another 10 years so that we can compare notes.



Thanks for your email which has so far been the only one that has dealt with the issues rather than just being an emotional rabble.

Yes, foreign aid of any type (be it from France or America, from La Sorbonne or Harvard, must be scrutinized carefully). I don't have a problem with that view. In this regard French contributions to UB must be studied carefully. But you will agree with me that this has not been the case here. Not one person has bothered to find out what the Cometes Project is, for example, but they have simply gone into the attack because it has a French component. I don't think that is the kind of "scrutiny" that you or any reasonable person has in mind. Let us go beyond the headlines, beyond the declarations of the new French ambassador and then come up with an informed judgement whatever it may be.

I see you talking about Cometes being about bilingualism. That is laughable because that is so far from the truth. FYI, COMETES has been around for five years and it is supposed to end in June of this year. It was never designed to involve the university of Buea and has been going on in the six technology-oriented institutions in Francophone Cameroon. The only reason Buea is getting into the picture at the tail end of the project is because the Cameroon government is just too lazy (or busy swindling funds) to create the kind of cometes-type infrastructure in Buea on its own. That is why it is seeking an extension of cometes beyond June 2007. In this particular case, the French organism driving the project could care less. That is why all the nonsense being spewed here is so ridiculous.

So the Cometes project is not being initiated in Buea. In fact, it replaced an ealier program, the Horizon 2000 program which lasted from 97 to 2001. So there is nearly a decade of data for anyone who is honestly interested in finding out what the pros and cons of the project is. But to just conclude from the interview with the ambassador who is not directly involved in the program that it is "diabolic" is the height of irresponsibility.

this is not about "trusting" the French, or "giving the french the benefit of doubt" but about learning to have informed discussions rather than knee-jerk reactions everytime discussions about something or someone we don't like comes up on this forum.

Once again, thanks for sticking to issues. I don't agree with some of your points but I respect you for elevating the debate.


Trust or no trust, whether we like it or not; they cannot be stopped. It is a fact that when you hate somebody, you can hardly acknowledge any good from the person. We got to be smart. Getting the language skills is not a one way issue. They are many anglos who are doing their utmost to learn french, get a job and make a living. Not all have the means to leave the continent.
Because we are good only at rising up against our own brothers, we can only grumble and stay about the French influence.
We have anglophones (students, police, DO, houseboys/girls etc) b/c they spent sometime in the french provinces who address their very mates in french and try to do things the french them they're superior.
Inferiority complex!! Why blame the french?
We can show our strength and intellect only with the keyboard.
Some carrying a Cameroon passport or ID card are blowing trumpets to others to renounce La RC. First of all burn you all your creditials(any doc that has the seal ot cameroon). Secondly return home.
Thirdly rally the people and inspire them and win their trust and confidence
Fourthly, fight for your rights,
Lastly, get rid of the french if need be.
Stop writing complains or epistles of freedom to forum members.



...Biya escapes the long arm of the law by the skin of the teeth.

...Vice Prime minister, Ahmadou Ali may find himself in Kongdengui including some world bank officials, if Cameroon is truly a land of the law.

...this information filtered out from an unquestionably reliable source.

Lawyers for Former Douala Ports Authority General Manager, Alphonse Siyam Siwe and Board Chairman, Edouard Etonde Ekotto now standing trial for the embezzlement of 42 billion francs have raked up a list of some 100 personalities and institutions whom they claim are also involved in the scam and should mount the witness box. The list released in two parts contains names of serving and former paliamentarians, ministers, and foreign firms. Even some World Bank officials have been cited in the very explosive document.Prominent among those cited are the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and keeper of the Seals, Amadou Ali, Minister of State incharge of Territorial Administration, Marafat Amidou Yaya, Minister of Commerce , Luc Magloire Atangana and Former Communication Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo.

At the time of printing some 100 personalities had been implicated. The matter which came up for hearing last Tuesday and Wednesday is being bogged down over procedurial objections being raised by the defence and was adjourned to March 6. It should be noted that on Tuesday the Court Registrar collapsed when the matter was called up. Some top officials of the World Bank and foreign companies have been implicated in the financial scandal at the Douala Autonomous Port as a new list of suspects has been established bringing the number of suspects to 51. The head of the World Bank mission to Cameroon , Madam Florence Charlier and an expert with the Bank, Koyasse Faustin have been cited by judicial sources as potential suspects.

Five foreign companies have also been cited for investigations. Among them is the notorious French company Group Boller? whose founder is highly blamed for provoking the civil war in Ivory Coast. He is accused of signing non-tenable contracts to clear the bed of the dockyard. A Dutch naional Renier Vanherel is also expected to answer questions
related to the role of his company, Damen Shipyard Rotterdam in the scandal.

Three Japanese companies, including the Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC), Mitsui and Co LTD, 2-1, OTHEMCHI 1-CHOME, CHIYODA, TOKYO , Ocean Consulting Japan (OJC). All these companies are suspected of trafficking money.The sources say most of the new suspects (40) are likely to end up in jail giving the compelling incriminating evidence against them.

The list which The Sun got, also contained the names of former ministers, serving
parliamentarians, highly placed business persons, foreigners, and banking institutions as well individuals of high standing, including the president of the Bar Council Barrister Charles Tchoungang, who will bear testimony to a colleague's involvement in the scam. A former minister likely to be jailed in the long run, is Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo who The Sun was told got his hands soiled while signing a contract, at the time he was Chief of Cabinet in the Prime Minister's office with a Japanese company, METSUI to clear the bed of the dockyard. It is alleged Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo made kick backs and render the contract fishy. Christopher Nsahlai, one time Minister for Transport, and currently board chair of the Douala autonomous port, is also suspected of shady deals with Siyam Siewe the detained former Managing Director of the port. Another outstanding revelation was the involvement of one of the Deputy Speakers of the national assembly, Jacob Fosi who is CPDM Member of Parliament for the Menoua, in the west province. As manager of SAFRIC, a company involved in clearing the bed of the dockyard, he is thought to have signed out unjustified sums of money. Another MP, Bernard Forju of the Lebialem constituency will also answer charges.

One of the suspects Zibi Frank Martin was arrested recently with several millions of francs cfa on him. He is even said to have stocked some of the money in his pants. Officials of the World Bank are also being sited in the scandal. Sources close to the dossier did not say when the new suspects will be heard. But it is highly expected that Cameroonian authorities would seek help from the international community to bring those of them who are abroad to answer the charges at the Wouri High Court.

We shall get you posted as development unfolds.

The worried Son!


Let me start by saying I have no particular affection for the French nor any Whiteman for that matter. In fact I don't even like them. But going into hysterics over a headline about a french-sponsored project at UB is simply going overboard. Yes the French are very ruthless and unscrupulous, yes they are selfish and and and, which whiteman country isn't? Manga was just trying to present the facts as they are and Ma Mary, Dadiceman and Co want to crucify him, Dadiceman calling him a disgrace to Africa. For what?? For trying to explain what the cometes project is all about??? Na wah oh. Your battle is with the French and not with Manga. Now Watesih came up and presented his argument in a very logical and respectful manner. He didn't start branding people french lovers and all what not. People here talk of the French considering Africans as subhumans. Is that peculiar to the French alone? ALL whitemen feel they are superior, so if you are limiting that trait to the French more fool you. Now don't get me wrong, I am myself highly wary of this French-sponsored cometes project BUT what I don't like in these arguments put up by some of you is the un-objective nature of it. You don't care to know what it is all about. It is almost as if if this were a British-sponsored project we would shout yaah! Talking about the British, where are they??? After abandoning us (SC) to our own devices in the early sixties they completely vanish off the scene. Instead of wasting your breath on the good-for-nothing French, why not use your energy and go after the British to take responsibility for their role played in this palaver and demand they make reparations?
Open your eyes, open your eyes people. Hypocrites! Don't ever use anything French in your lives as nothing good comes from France. Never use words such as 'adieu' 'faux pas' or 'déjà vu', don't eat fries because they originated from France.

Tita Mofaw

I would like to know if anything has happened in Buea this morning that is news worthy. I heard a very bad rumour which I don't want to beleive.Please, anyone in Buea should kindly inform me that nothing has happened.

Aunty J.

My Brothers!!

Leave this COMET wahala and French assimilation in UB for a while!! There are more pressing things that need urgent redress at UB. UB has once again lost two academics!! The prolific writer Dr. Bate Besong and Dr. Hilarious Ambe!! Unconfirmed sources say other academic bigwigs involved in the accident are probably dead too. Is this normal. The evil wind has been blowing for too long over UB. The records should be set straight!!!



Well said nahjela and thanks for asking them were the british are.

May the souls of Bate Besong and Dr Ambe and all those who lost thier lives in this tragic accident rest in peace.


Nahjela, the British are nowhere to be found....and that's how it should be! I wish the French could follow their example and leave us alone. But with the likes of you around I don't think that is likely to happen in my lifetime.

Meanwhile, why wont't the French feel superior to you, when they treat you with contempt, through crumbs on the floor, and all you are interested in is the crumbs on the floor.

Everybody feels sorry for a poor lazy beggar, but not a lot of people have respect for a poor lazy beggar. The French might feel sorry for you, but will never respect you until you show there is more to your morality and character than interest in the crumbs they throw on the floor for you.

Ma Mary

This year, Ghana celebrates its 50th Anniversary of independence, and thank God the British were mostly not there, because the Ghanaians have had the chance to mess up, ON THEIR OWN; to pick themselves up ON THEIR OWN and are now at the head of the line ON THEIR OWN. Nigeria is in the process of doing the same ON THEIR OWN. Countries of the French Empire, will never have the chance to walk on their own, even to clean their own behinds. The British are mostly not there; let the French stop intefering. We shall figure it out, thank you.

Are the deaths of BB and his friends linked to the aggressive foray of the French into UB? Hard to say, but the track record of the French means that the connection cannot be ruled out. These days are the death of secrets. If they are hiding anything, it will soon be public knowledge.

The sedate and compliant and just plain ignorant may now dine with the devil, peacefully. NOT.

My apologies, Manga.

Ma Mary

Manga: Learn your history well. People fought for the termination of the British Empire in Africa, and India and other places right from Universities in Britain. Jomo Kenyatta was in UK and many others. People can fight for freedom from the French empire from within France. If france builds a road within the Southern Cameroons, a thinking person would be looking for the French agenda in building that road, not playing the stupid, grateful African, unable to perceive the bigger more vital thing that is being stolen in exchange for a gift of limited value. Keep looking for excuses to eat with the devil. Talk true, what is your benefit? Too many langa Afrricans, that is our problem. They are abundant.

Ma Mary

I just found this one. Writer better than me on this subject by far:

Hello Mr. Georges Serre, French Ambassador to la Republique du Cameroun
Thank you for the interview accorded to The Post newspaper of March 05/2007.
(Appended at the end of this piece)

A few years ago, a story circulated in the Southern Cameroons about an exchange between Cardinal Christian Tumi and another French man of God. When told that he was from the Cameroons, the French man of God asked Cardinal Tumi what was taking so long to Frenchify those anglophones in the Cameroons. And to his “embarrassment” Cardinal Tumi calmly replied that he is indeed one of those anglophones.

Whether this anecdote is true or false, it does reveal the depths and depravity of the conspiracy against the people of the Southern Cameroons. It also reveals the intentions behind the brutality that the state and people of the Southern Cameroons have been subjected to. But it also is displays the success of a genteel but robust resistance, which despite close to half a century of relentless and brutal colonial rule of France masquerading as la République du Cameroun sanctioned by the “international community,” she has miserably failed to destroy the political identity of the state and people of the Southern Cameroons. Or it may just be the incompetence and limitation of the patented French illusions of grandeur laced with the Fashoda Syndrome.

But here we are in March of 2007, in desperation struts in this Messenger of Death called Georges Serre, in the name of the French Ambassador to their bush Bastille enclave called la République du Cameroun. Along with his primitive coterie of Gaullist monkeys from Yaoundé he declares (or decrees?) in an interview with The Post newspaper that the University of Buea is a “national university with a focus towards bilingualism.” Even basic intellectual competence eludes this so-called French diplomat sent from the métropole to one of the primitive recesses of the periphery. It will really be helpful to both the peoples of France and la République du Cameroun that we of the Southern Cameroons have competent interlocutors who are capable of understanding the basic processes and realities of life.


Why George Serre Came to the Southern Cameroons and the University of Buea

M Nje

I wish I did not have to comment here today following the great lost that we have witness in UB; the death of our legend BB , his colleagues and drive. But permit me do so.

nahjela, before you talk about something good coming from France, I will like you to visit

if you have never been there.

There you will fine just a few of the ills that hang around the French.

If you are directly or indirectly responsible for the death of over 800,000 Africans in Rwanda and many other African countries, you should not even visit Africa let alone bring “gifts.” If this was an individual, they will surely get life in prison, if not the death penality.

What benefit did they bring to Rwanda that is worth the life of 800,000 people. In some cases an entire generation was wipe out? Almost every way the French have been in Africa, violent, killing, oppression, civil war, and many other ills have followed.

What guarantee do you have that they will not bring the same attitude in Southern Cameroons, an attitude of arming one section of a people to eliminate another section in some case their own relatives to protect what a naive person will call strategic interest?

There is experience in the Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Togo, and many others to show that their so call support is not worth the human and material price you will have to pay.

Also, it has been said many times that the French have explicitly and implicitly made it know that there is a conspiracy of Anglo-Saxon to eliminate French in the world. So, for them to show an interest in an Anglo-Saxon environment rises a question about their real INTERN. Are they coming to settle score?

You seem to be suggesting that those who are questioning the intention of the French in U.B. are automatically supporting the British. Where did you get that? Read all the posing above and let me know how many people questioning the French intern expressed support for the British. It is not a question about a choice between the French and the British.

It is about questioning the integrity of a nation that has been pushed out of Algeria and Rwanda, and is in the process of being pushed out of Ivory Coast. It is about questioning the character of a nation that is alleged to be involved in the killing of 800,000 Africans in about 100 days. Will you accept a ‘Gift” from someone who came to your village and is alleged to be involved in the killing of 800,000 people?

Ma Mary

M Nje you are taking us somewhere. We might not arms to fight the French, but will do our utmost to make sure that the next generation is not as ignorant as the last. Knowledge of self is the first step to freedom. There are those who underate our attempts to share knowledge in this and other forums. They think we are doing nothing. No, evil vampires like France count on ignorance and unprincipled epicurean attitudes to enslave Africans. Somebody on this same forum says when you are dealing with the Franch, it should be an attitude of total warrior dedication. Guard all your orifices and senses, because they have temptations for every single one of them. The history of France in Europe was the same.


Georges Serre is a fine man.

He should be directed to help the intellectually corrupt Minister of Higher Education Fame Ndongo to reform the Francophone System of Education and bring it to the same level as in Buea.

Ma Mary

Kumbaboy, old chap, that is rather inspired. This fine man should take his fine arse to where he is really needed, la Republique Francaise du Cameroun.


No negotiation is possible with the French. We just have to boot them out and not even look back! These are the most wicked people I have ever known in my life. The Francophone Cameroonians still dream of some hypothetical achievement with French help! (They actually know it will never come but refuse to admit it openly). I'm warning all my brothers from the NW and SW: DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. There's nothing to gain. France is in a downturn anyway... it's just a matter of one generation.

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