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Tuesday, 10 April 2007


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Muki StoneHall

This Kenneth Ngu Foncha a defence lawyer for the Fon of Bali?
"The law courts should be given a chance. Kangaroo justice has no place in this crisis" When a juju was allegdedly seized from the Balis, did they give the law courts a chance? Did they not proceed to administer kangaroo justice on the Bawocks?
Now you've suddenly awoken from slumber and are preaching court justice? I guess you will be much better off asleep.

abili liese

Mr Muki StoneHall
Are you saying that we should practice the law of Moses in Cameroon? You condemn the obvious words of the Barrister who has put forward a logical and the truthful way of handdling the situation.If you meant well for the people involved in this crisis why didn't you suggest a solution. You are a good example of those people who will also want to add more injury to a wound instead of trying to heal it.

The law is supreme and that is where it has to be decided and the matter handled. Who declared the old thieves as judges to intervene in this case? Are they trying to win the sympathy of people by pretending to bring peace to the parties at stake?. Trying to pass judgment on the fon of Bali in his absence will only aggravate the issue.

As the barrister said which i definately agree, this matter can only be handled by both parties sincerely sitting down, having a brotherly meal and sorting it out. That is what i think the administation can do,and bring help to these parties. Also it will be be equitable for the Bali people to accept their babarism and pay damages to the Bawock people .

Muki StoneHall

liese abili,
I was almost tempted into believing that you misunderstood me until I read your last sentence.The idea is not just to solve this present crisis,but to prevent it from re-ocuring, in future,be it in Bawock or any other part of Cameroon.If the law is to prevail, then it must be respected by all citizens at all times and places and irrespective of the degree of provocation.
The question I keep asking is this: why did both parties not sit down to have a brotherly meal and sort things out immediately after the seizure of the juju? If this question is properly answered, then it will ensure that the law be upheld by all parties at all times in future.Why should I want to add injuries to wounds as you claim?

Stifty Williams

Kenneth Ngu Foncha
Reporters like you make this pages not worth reading.
In givng a report you where to put it to the readers as it happened not take sides. Where did you train for your journalism?

Ma Mary

KFF, who appears to be steeped in in old Sasse book is not a reporter, as someone says. It is a comment or editorial piece and he is giving wisdom here and not acting as a shill to any party.

Ma Mary

Bali people should not pay damages. The people who instigated and perpetrated the crimes should be held responsible. The innocent should not be lumped with the guilty, even if they are of the same ethnicity. people should have the right to reject bad commands even from chiefs and should be held responsible if they consent to obey such commands.


KFF`s piece above is balanced.He decries war,and also thinks the best thing is for the brothers to sitdown,and thrash things out.He is also right to make mention of the fact that "Normal" Fons should not be brought to bandy looks with sycophants.But emphasis must be laid on the fact that the Fon is caught in the same Cpdm web that has always been used to run down ordinary Cameroonians.The Fon and his Cpdm pals like Tmfu,Achidi Achu ,have always called the hots ,but time caught up with them.The dirty
cpdm politics have been brought to play in public.A Fon will remain a moral,and spiritual voice in every society,so whether
he is ailing,weakened in any way,political spin-doctors should never be allowed to look him down in public.We remember there was a showdown,between Achidi Achu ,and the Fon few weeks ago.Achidi Achu ridiculed the Fon`s intellectual prowess,while at the same time pretending that all the Fons are his fathers.We cannot continue to listen to these type of people.Instead of standing up to the Fon in public,Achidi Achu,could,pay the Fon a courtesy call,or use the Spokesperson of the Fons,to talk the issue out,before going public.
Also,by insisting that the Balis must pay for this ignominy,is only perrennising hatred between the two people.The government
can undertake some resettlement efforts,and allow the Balis to express their remorse to the Bawocks in an optional,brotherly way.If the two people are really brothers as has been said repeatedly,is this call for reparation not ridiculous? By straightjacketing the Balis,some of these our failed politicians are only pushing the Balis to take the Bawocks for sworn enemies.
KFF,raised many good points in his writeup.He shouldn`t mind whether the failed politicians are bandying words,and looks with the Fon.The Fon has been openly rubbing shoulders with them in their cpdm Njangi.By
coming down from his pedestal of the custodian of the tradition,to a modernday political wolf,he invites all types of infidels to equate themselves with him.He is now a party comrade,and must be bullied in public by his party hierarchy,eachtime there are crises.There`s now a clash between politics ,and tradition,and we all know who will be the loser.

mk the southerner

The writer KFF has just told the post something like an eye witness account and went further to defend the tradition, which unfortunately some missfeeds who called themselves Funs don't even know.My God how can you judge a Fun in the presence of assassins in the like of the Achu,Tamfu etc.
But to me nothing exist like Nowefu i think it is something like Nowefubi. Yes the Fons sold their fondoms to the vampire voice of man Biya, that is why every thing concerning the Fons his representatives come there to give the Fons orders.There can be no lasting solution in this Nowefubi because must of the Fons have roped their shoulders on dirty politics and decisions in this house are good only to those who have accepted to rope their shoulders.
The same cry the Bishop of the retired Bamenda Arcdioces is criying, the good old days.Some youths might not no what we are talking about because they have not enjoy any better life than the one they live now.They don't no there is a better life, but wait until the time comes, they will then see what they have been missing to the hands of the frogs.Then will they, make the Arch Bishop their legend.
If there is still some ears left for the Fons let them hear, you have lost your respects,tradition is dieing every day,the Fondom is onfire. Will you live sweet mouth and make better the Fondoms?.The solution lies only on restoring the house of chiefs in Boua. Tell your subjects no ellection in your Fondoms and you will gain back your respect as you go were your subjects want you to.Thank you
MK the Southerner.


Because we have access to the internet and this forum we have come to be thinking that we are so knowledgeable and so we can give lessons to the world in almost every subject. That is crazy. Let’s see how confused we are. We want the courts to give a ruling on this issue and at the same time we want the Bawock and the Bali people to settle the matter in a brotherly manner. We even want the government too to play this role of a brotherly settlement. Paradoxically too, we think that the role of the failed politicians in this settlement is uncalled for or better still irrelevant.

I see us fumbling around two concepts here; and these are the concept of restorative justice on the one hand and the concept of retributive justice on the other. While the former concept refers to the brotherly settlement of conflict may be around a jug of wine, cola nuts, food or what ever, the latter, retributive justice is the settlement of a conflict in a legal system, the courts, to be more precise. I will just leave it here and you figure out for your self who best we should turn to believing that the desired peace will come directly from the parties concerned so that the brotherliness factor comes into play. Should we turn to the courts or to concerned people (including failed politicians)?

Again, I wonder what it means to us when it is often said that there is no peace without justice. In a situation like this, the party who inflicted pain on the other should be able to come out with out remorse and acknowledge in a sincere manner the role they played in the conflict. This sincere acknowledgement should go with some sincere actions towards the restoration process. And so the payment of compensation has it place here. If your idea here is that if the Bali people have to pay, then they will not work for the peace process, in my opinion that is not correct. I would prescribe the same compensation to the Bali people had they allow things at the level where their jujus were seized or what ever. As they (Bali people) took the law into their hands by reacting and even over reacting on the matter, they should see themselves as one of the the main parties in both the restoration and reconstruction process. To go by the courts (retribution), they should be sentenced not only to pay but to pay heavily.To say that the Government should use the taxpayers money for compensation and the pepetrators go free is both stupid and ridiculous.

I wonder too why we keep on thinking that a Fon who is either a mere member of a party or who holds a lower position in that party should not humble themselves to their party’s hierarchy as some one finally said above. The issue is as clear as ditch water. You can’t have it both ways. Either you stay away from the politics (starving though) and get the respect OR you go for the game and sell your rights, respect or better still prerogatives.

Finally, it looks gloomy to me now what our future is. We label our veteran politicians failed or even assasins; our active politicians too; so to are our elites, our youths and may be our children too. So every body is failed? Don’t ask me about us in the forum because we are just all finished. And so what next? In my own opinion, we are too negative for a change to occur. Those who initiated the meeting in the first place should have been recognized as taking a step in the right direction. May be we should start appointing those we think are the right NW elite here in this forum so that no one declares themselves one.
May peace reign in the Bali/Bawock area.

Ma Mary

An honourable person does not fear poverty, only dishonour does he or she fear. When chieves and vons dishonour tradition for pecuniary motives, they lose the traditionally bestowed honour and become like ordinary mortals. I insist that traditional rulers should eschew party politics, because by engaging in party politics, they become a divisive force instead of a unifying force among their people, because some of their people must oppose them on principle. It is ruinous and shortsighted for any ruling or occupying government (such as la republique) to court short term political gain by seducing and cajoling traditional rulers to take their side. The instability that this brings in the medium to long term overwhelms the short term gains. We can name the chieves and vons who have become instruments from Nkambe down to Victoria. There asre so many crises that have been initiated by these Yaounde vons and chieves.


Hmm,I`m afraid our logic has completely left us.Which retributive justice can we be happing about at this juncture.The instigators ,and victims of this incident have all been ascertained,it is up to the government to appease both sides.The role of the government is important,but the government cannot do this by sending out politicians to confront each other. Inter-trbal wars are a common phenomenon in Cameroon,though they are recurrent in the Northwest.When the Arab Sua,and their Kotoko
brothers clash,the government always sends out Politicians from that area to go and appease them.They don`t go there to pit themselves against the warring factions.We miss the point when we insist on retributive justice now.If there has to be such a thing ,we may insist on both parties paying.The Bawocks will have to pay for the priceless artefacts that were burnt down in the Bali Palace,something they can`t afford.The pain the Bawocks felt was incommensurate to the provocation,but this does not wipe away the fact that they provoked the fight.It is up to everyone now to keep speaking the language of peace to forget these dark days.
In this type of a situation,the government has to be moderate,and punish those who started burning the juju,and those who were caught committing extreme acts,but if the Balis are called to rebuild Bawock,then we should know peace in that area is not for tomorrow.Those who seized the juju took the Law into their hands,just as those who burnt houses did.
Secondly,being a veteran politician doesnot necessarily make you a successful politician.If the Fons of the Northwest are in two camps today,this should speak well of the intentions of Cpdm leaders like Achidi Achu.Achidi Achu cannot be claiming that the Fons are his fathers,yet he has them in two camps according to their political sympathies.This shows he has failed as a former Pm to unite his people.When the Fons are divided ,the people are also divided,and we are living the consequences.
We must make it clear to those who like twisting facts.The government has not been called upon to compensate whoever.The government should undertake resettlement efforts,just as it did to victims of the Nyos,Nsam ,Mount Cameroon disasters.I don`t think the Balis are able to rebuild a whole village.
Cameroon has failed,our politicians have failed,and we ourselves can also fail if we are vindictive,and cannot find away out when there are crises.Again when we say our politicians have failed,we mean they are the brains behind the terrible situation we are living.This does not however take away anything from the fact that they have spend a long time in politics.A long stay in politics brings wisdom,not tactics to grab land from others.

Muki StoneHall

As one of your greatest fans on this forum, I admire the way you have been presenting and analyzing political facts and ideas on this forum.But when it comes to tribal matters,I am shocked(to say the least) to discover who the real Watesih is. Your two write-ups above on the Bali/Bawock crisis have completely drained the enormous respect I had for you on this forum.Is this how low we can really stoop when our tribes are concerned? Maybe you should read some of Tayong's comments on this crisis and then re-evaluate yourself.
Have you ever been called a refugee in your own country. And you compare a man-made disaster to Nyos and Mt. Cameroon? I can't continue but all your points and arguments are truly disgusting. There are very few intellectuals in Cameroon when tribal issues are concerned!

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