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Saturday, 21 April 2007


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mk the southerner

It is the truth that BB saw in the SDF what i now see in the sdf.For me the same fire in Paul's eyes is the same fire i see in Fru's eyes.But mine you sdf fans, that does not mean that BB never loved Ni or the sdf.
MK the Southerner.


What BB saw is what we have seen and told this forum. There is no true opposition in Cameroon and those that are existing are mainly helping the CPDM with their usual rhetoric in colouring La Republique as a multi-party democracy. We can all be killed for saying so, but the truth is known even by those opposition prophets of doom in this forum.

One of our problem in the Southern Cameroons is tribalism. Poeple support politicians because of they are of thesame tribal heritage and not because they have any ideas. This has been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Long live BB.


Honestly i've read better uelogies addressed to Dr.Bate BesongWhat is it in this article that relates to its title?Someone help!




Those who think that there is no real opposition in Cameroon should take up the challenge to constitute the real opposition.Who does not know that it has always been easy to critize.
Muna used to say the problem was Fru Ndi. He is now heading a party, let him prove to us that Fru Ndi was his obstacle.


That`s right,how can there be a true opposition in Cameroon ,when guys like you see nothing wrong with family monsters sucking the people`s blood," MY BROTHER IS A HARDLINE CPDM BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE HIM MY ENEMY" .Sir, who do you really want to make your enemy? Only Fru Ndi? Lie! You cannot not be a boisterous critic,and an evil doer at the same time.Our problem is not only tribalism,as you say,it`s also favouritism, selective memory,bias, as you are doing with your brother.That is the truth that must be told to people like you,even if you think that is killing you.

vally England

I am very convinced that BB was murdered by CENEER, Biya's underworld police doing all to see him die as head of state. If any of you reading this,has,private Contact of BB's family or closer friends let me know. Alternatively, let them fine out the vehicle number of the trailer involved in that accident,get the details from the forces of law who took care of the accident.Which company owned the Timber vehicle? or get an independent expert in cameroon to go after all these details,if that needs money let us know.
I know Biya's la republique security forces must have done all to derail the accident trail so an independent expert can't fish them out,but do not worry just get what ever can.
BB was one of anglophones/SCNC highly feared disciple,his visit to America would have taken the struggle to another level due to his brain work, infact, he was the WOLE SOYINKA of the anglophone struggle.

Tell your brother who is a CPDM member that he is evil,in short,also tell dictator Fru NDi same. They are not out to help cameroon but to feed from cameroon.
I supported Ben Muna so we can re-energised the SDf,but he too has decamped.My problem is Fru ndi,with the SDf we all sacrificed for, since Fru Ndi thinks the party is his private property I will still be supporting any body who can pushed the dictator out. He is the greatest evil from cameroon of late.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Quite pitiful and touching eulogies from Prince Paddy Awanfor.I alreay made mentioned that this sudden death of BB and host of other genuine intellectuals shouldn't be taken for granted since it was too ghastly and unexpected.Full of superstitious reports we can't really refuse the fact that it was remeditated by some group of individuals.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Everyone does not need to write an article to show that he exists! It is an exploitation of BB's death. God forbid! I find it difficult to correlate this article and its title. The write seems to be a sympathiser of the CPDM and was surprised why BB was at a CPDM rally. Because this writer is too frightened to condemn BB because of the powerful followers BB has left behind, he vaguely presents his point of a possible intentional death of BB. If BB were the driver of that car, one would have have a starting point for a debate. BB's legacy continues to live. According to this writer, BB said in 1999 that Cameroon has no real opposition. This statement is true even today, considering the poor leadership and the bugs chopping our main opposition party, the SDF. In a nutshell, there are several avenues to make postulates and adverise for the Biya junta and not to exploit BB's destiny for any self interest. I have already read many articles about this teacher I knew very well during my years at BGS Molyko. BB, may your soul rest in perfect peace.


Pa Paddy Awonfor,

I will first of all want to extend my sympathy to you, your family and the entire CPDM Tiko for the loss of your younger sister Mrs Rose Awonfor. As far as i understand, she was a WCPDM executive and a close Ally of Mamy Wara in the Sub CPDM junta of Tiko. You and her have worked endlessly to defend the CPDM in Tiko sub division and the regime have always credited you for that.

We are sick and tired of your rhetorics always in favour of the CPDM. Your constant flip-flopping and support of the colonial junta without foresight is enough testimony that nothing good can ever come from your mouth. I remember, about a year and half ago, you wrote an article here praising Nkemgu for having decamped to the CPDM. I remembered, you looked at my eyes about a year and half ago when i visited Cameroon. You barely could not speak, because, you know how i have suffered and survived in the hands of the colonialist. You have always stood to defend the colonial junta and i have always criticised you, Madam Enow, Meoto, Chief Dipoko, Pa Nangoh, the Fotoh family, etc and many others whose names i can't remember for misleading the youths of Mutengene and the entire Tiko Sub division. Now, instead of retiring and asking for forgiveness from the almighty God, you have resorted to your usual rhetoric and endless lies. BB as i know him could not have ever listened to a man like you. Everybody in and around Mutengene and the South West knew you for what you were, a stanch CPDM supporter. So you cant pretend to have shared any discourse with BB asking him if he has decamped to the CPDM. Going by your article, one might insinuates that you were a kind of an independent mind. No, NO NO, u have always been a CPDM supporter and have always held executive positions in the Tiko Rural council when managed by the CPDM. Pa, the earlier you repent your sins commited against humanity, the better.

Cheboy, Thanks for bringing in such critical analysis of the write-up of this hypocrite call Paddy Awonfor. He is a man i know very well, resident in Tiko Road Mutengene and a staunch CPDM supporter. Infact, when i first read this article, i never knew it was written by him untill i read Kiki's comments commending him for what he thought was a job well done. He is a friend of my family and someone who has stood there for me as an acquintance. But my concience has never led me into falling into his CPDM rhetoric. It is because of him that my elder brother in our younger days of multi-party politics fell into his rhetoric and started sympatising with the CPDM. But i have always been critical of him and his ideas and he knows that. In my early years in the 1990's as a hardline SDF supporter, out of fear, he used to tell us the youths that he is a UNDP. Stangely, he was elected the deputy mayor of Tiko rural council after the 1991 election to assist chief Mbella Sone Dipoko. He has always been a CPDM stauch supporter and i am a bit surprised he is writing here insinuating that he was a kind of someone who shared some ideological thoughts with people like BB. I will try to speak to him to tell him enough is enough. Freedom of speech should not be used for lies telling.


You never take time to ponder over issues,before jumping into unnecessary details about people.Paddy Awonfor seems to be a literary mind that has woven something you completely failed to grasp.The first thing is that he is proud to say he is in the Cpdm,and was not accusing BB of being in the Cpdm.His point of focus is how he came into contact with BB,and what transpired. That is why he did not waist time telling us about what must have happened to the two gentlemen when he left them.He went directly into telling us about who BB is ,how others see BB,and how he himself sees him.Rexon,we all know that you can`t treat your brother who is in the Cpdm as your enemy,you should also not treat those who are not your brothers as such.Thanks for the Motion of support,and condolence you are sending to the Tiko Cpdm for the loss of their member.
There`s no debate to be made about Paddy`s writeup,as to whether BB committed suicide.He has skilfully used a juxtaposition of violent opposites to make the assumption that by saying that the last work he launched was his last,BB was giving people the idea that he knew his death was coming.

Vally of England,
Thanks for taking off sometime to keep away from British beef.You must surely be the most shortsighted man of this century.When all guys with eyes saw that Muna was looking for a place to hang himself,you jumped out of your molehole to go an spend the whole day in a bar in Yaounde.Instead of beating your chest that there`s another 500,000frs for your chairman to put the resolutions of your convention into practice,you carry your heavy head,and come telling the whole world Muna has once again decamped.I`m just answering you now to reduce the shame that is driving you to your grave,but know that it should not be you to come out here ,and tell people Muna has decamped.That makes people cry for your fate.
As for the Cpdm,you know it is Rexon`s brother who is a hardline Cpdm member.A brother of mine cannever be such a disgrace.



Stop being stupid and naughty. When every issue is pasted here, i expect you to say out of it as it is always about people that we comment here. If i have a fact about an action of such people that i can explicitly describe, i do just that. Like your brother who is a CPDM, Paddy has never been proud to be a CPDM, he has always claimed to be a UNDP, knowing very well that he is working for the CPDM, he is always positioned in a place to chop after he must have done his spying work well. Like your brother who uses you pretending to be an SDF to fight the real opposition, paddy has never been in the forfront of the real battle for the CPDM but always hide behind other ideologies, parties, etc to defend the ills of the CPDM.


Forget about Watesih and Fon. They dont have an opinion except for their unending support to their nephew NJFN and their brothers in the CPDM. Sooner or later, the will run into hiding, when they must have failed from all fronts. They can only claim to have won forumnites and true opposition like Kiki, myself, etc and can never tell us how their ghost political party has defeated the CPDM whom they claim they are fighting.


When I read from Vally of Englang, I was forced to laugh out my lungs. I could only conclude that this forum has characters who are really entertaining.

Mr. Vally, however, I appreciate you for you one thing, your shameless courage to resurface again. Is the period of mourning over before you have come to tell us your level of confusion? This time acknowledging that you are confused more than ever before. That in the past, you had Muna to hang on, but at moment you are searching for someone to take over the role of Muna in the SDF. What happens if you don´t find someone who is ready to carry the kind of disgrace Muna goes about with it now? Sorry, because only fool will want to follow Muna´s foot steps in the SDF again.

Why don´t you think you can join Muna in AFP to bring the changes that you claimed that Fru Ndi has failed to carried out? Your frustration is quite visible.You are really that fly that has decided to follow a corpse into the grave.
"They can only claim to have won forumnites and true opposition like Kiki, myself, etc "
Very few people in this world will openly accept defeat as you have done. This shows how courageous you are. That is commendable. However, know that in a battle, when you acknowledge defeat, you must lay down your arms for ever. Now that you have acknowledge defeat, can you join us in the struggle to rally the force necessary to flush Biya and his CPDM even at the detriment of you brother who is a dieheart supporter?

mk the southerner

Mr Fon, if you like fail to see that you and I are foreigners in that land you think its ours.We have all struggled with the sdf yes we have,when we thought that Yaounde was also made for us.You invite Raxon to join you to flush Biya out of his own country? No lets join together with Ni John to flush the frogs out of our Country Southern Cameroons.And SDF can do it best in a free Southern Cameroons as she will enjoy a free and fair election.One you and I will participate in with joy,and confident knowing that this is our country.
I know you also want the freedom of the Southern Cameroons as I do but I am telling you the truth sdf participating in this election is participating to keep us in the same shit. Can we come together brothers?
Mk the Southerner.


Mk the Southerner,
We must fight this war on two fronts. I don´t have anything aginst the SCNC. However, a critical examination will reveal to you that the SCNC is still so many million km away from her objective. Since we are not yet ready with the argument of force (which is also very expensive at the moment), to use and redress the issue of our marginalisation, let us use a less expensive method (the SDF) to fight our plight.
My friend, I think I love the idea of an independent Southern Cameroons more than some of you. If my vote is needed for the liberation of SCs, I will not only vote but campaign for others to follow suit.

Why do you think the SDF holds the strings of the SCNC? Why have you embarked on a slanderous campaign against SDF and care less about our common enemy, the CPDM? Is the SDF the only political party that cuts across Southern Cameroon? Do you know that it is really difficult to draw a line between who stands for the SCNC and the SDF in Southern Cameroons? Therefore, an attack on the SDF has far reaching repercussions on the SCNC struggle. Are we not being shortsighted?
To face reality,between the SDF and INONI/ other Anglophone who are in Biya´s Government, who is legitimising the colonisation of Sothern Cameroon?
When you argue that the SDF is given the world the impression of a multiparty system in Cameroon, are we not mixing concepts? What has a multiparty system got to do with our marginalisation, as a case study by the international community? In other words your argument is that, without the SDF, the world will see Cameroon as a non multiparty system and therefore conclude that Anglophones are marginalised. Nonsense isn´t it? What happens if the chairman of the SDF becomes a Francophone or there is no leading political party with roots in Southern Cameroon? Will the international community not see Cameroon as a multiparty system?

I wish to point out to you and Rexon who is too shortsighted that the marginalisation of Sothern Cameroon can only be reflected to the international community by the composition of the Government. That is why Biya has used stooges like Achidi Achu, Peter Musonge and currently Inoni to give the impression to world that Anglophones are not marginalised. If the SCNC is serious, they should start targeting these individuals. Ask me how and I will tell you.



MK the Southerner is trying to bail you out for the embarassment you and people like NJFN are to the Southern Cameroons. When we all joined the SDF with NJFN, we knew we were doing it to liberate the Southern Cameroons. When we realised that it was a monumental error as we cannot liberate the Southern Cameroons from within the politics of La Republique, we left it. Now, your uncles NJFN and Mbah Ndam have turned it into a sub-section of the CPDM and a business entity contracting with the CPDM and France to colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy. At least, you can now understand why we turned our back from the SDF.


How do you really want the world to look at u? As a fool, a liar, a flipflopper,a sel-seeking bigot ,or what? Ok read on and enjoy yourself: " Vally, in hindsight it is my humble opinion to suggest that you re-evaluate your views about Fru Ndi.In life every body has his shortcomings .I see no reason why you should still stand behind Muna camp,when stalwarts and henchmen of the SDF like Ngwasiri can come forward ,and apologise to Fru Ndi.Like myself ,there has been a point where i had thought he has been dinning with the regime.But when I READ THROUGH THE NUMEROUS FROLICS IN THIS FORUM,i turn to realise that I WAS MAKING A MISTAKE IN THINKING SO.Some other people may be dinning with the regime,BUT NOT FRU NDI.If he had done that before,the regime would have got a way of exposing him more,or even his agents.Remember the information that came to the world that Fru Ndi had billions in bank accounts .What was the result? I CAN TESTIFY to you that some unscrupulous Cpdm stalwarts paid by the regime were behind the scam.They use the letterhead of that organisation to discredit Fru Ndi.I think Ngwasiri has been very much close to the hierarchy of the SDF than you,and if he can come forward,and apologise,then there are some lessons he must have learnt from politics ,and life that we can imagine.A WORD TO A WISE IS SUFFICIENT!You can continue with your criticisms of Fru Ndi,but it should be constructive,not destructive.It should be based based on facts ,not 'hearsay'"

1. Continue to learn about Fru Ndi from this forum?
2. Continue putting people to task like this about Fru Ndi!


That was when i did not know the man NJFN. Now i know him and know that he is a tribalist, nepotist and self seeking politician. He has nothing to offer to the people and he should go and sleep, rather than his constant flip-flopping. As foolish as you are, you think your uncles in the CPDM and the SDF can continue lying to us. As vally of England has rightly put it, go and meet your uncles in the CPDM and tell them to toe the line.

mk the southerner

Permit me make an observation pls.

No body in this forum should think of his or herself as a Dr,Rev,Hrh,Hon etc we are all contributors and to this effect every body has a right to his or her opinion. We make the forum a little bit matured and interesting when we dont use abusive languages like fool,stupid etc. Raxon you know I castigated one member here for using such words on you and today you use on some other person, in as much as i enjoy and strongly believe in most of the things you say, we should please use our mines not our temperaments.Especially between you, Fon and CADIM
Let us know that the most important thing is not to struggle to stupefy your opponent but to let your brother or sister see the truth in what you are saying.You know even the doll and ignorants have their own story and for ever they will exist greater and lesser persons than your self.But for now we dont know were we belong.And if we dont know were we belong we should at least know were we are coming from.
Mr Fon you said you even love the Southern Cameroons more than some of us myself Raxon etc. Brother ask your self what will happen to the Southern Cameroons if Ni tells the world today that, the sdf was formed by anglophones to address the anglophones problems.But today the water has proven too deep for them to continue as can be seen from the past elections.

So doing he calls on all Southern Cameroonians today to stand behind him and Chief Ayamba national chair of the SCNC to libaret our father land. True to God after Mandeler in South Africa people will run to the Southern Cameroons to see Ni John.And i tell you the truth you yourself will be proud of him than if he be come the president of La Rep.

Our problem is that Ni knows the truth. If he did not know the truth that will have been a different case.


mk the southerner,
Don`t worry.When you see Rexon pouring saliva like that ,know that the hunter has been hunted.He thinks arrogance is a privilege he alone enjoys.He failed in the SDF,SCNC and has turned into character assassination on the internet.But we will comprehensively stand up to his uncouth behaviour.You know he has always tried to use the SCNC in many dirty ways to run-down Southern Cameroonians.If you doubt this ,take this example:
" Watesih has developped a new theme that i said i have assisted in the deportation of Southern Cameroonians from the UK,but when i ask him to bring the link,he cannot do it.Ha ha ha .Wonders shall never end"

ANSWER: " Nahjela, can you for example give us the name of that your cousin so that we can track him down as an example.Meanwhile ,WE HAVE BEEN TRACKING AND CAUSING THE REPATRIATION OF THOSE who have been involved in such racketeering or those who have benefitted from such" ( Rexon, Tuesday ,28th Nov,2006"
We want Rexon to say he said such a thing when he was two years old!Rexon wonders has ended!



If Nahjela claimed her cousin lied and got Asylum as a Southern Cameroonian activist when she was not one, if she claimed some unscrupulous Southern Cameroonians collected huge sums of money from her sister, i am afraid, he sister need to be reported to the authorities and the unscrupulous SCNC executive who collected money from Nahjela's sister who is not an SCNC or a Southern Cameroonian needs to be deported ASAP. That is my take on the issue and i am afraid, i go by it.

Then can you give the name of the people you claimed i have been assisting in deporting?







Paa Ngembus

Hi Guys,

All this anglofoolish rhetoric makes me sick.

We have been singing this BS for so long that I believe we have now started wallowing in this self delusion that saying it here gets things done.

The truth is that BB WS MURDERED. Yes, quote me on this one.


The Southern Cameroons Liberation Conference held in Dallas, Texas, USA, April 20-21, 2007. We understand everybody was there: SCNC, SCARM, AMBAZONIA, SCAPO, SCYL. We are awaiting the outcome.

Did we decide on what to do with BB's and other's killers?

Paa Ngembus.


What are the resolutions of the conference in Dallas.You have been talking about the SDF when the conference was going on,but immediately others will bring information here,you will jump in like a bird that has eaten pepper.You interest in the SDF when the conference was going on shows you really take Southern Cameroonians for fools.
You stated clearly that you assisted in the deportation of Southern Cameroonians,and i have provided the link for you to eat your words.Its up to you to tell the Southern Cameroonians how you went about it,and who they were.

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