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Tuesday, 24 April 2007


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All this organisations forcing Southern Cameroonians to register and participate in La Republiques charade are part of the network of evil that is mainly interested in creating a bad image for Africa and the entire black race. Some of them would be paid by the Biya regime to legitimise the election as free and fair at the end. They are in the Southern Cameroons and other parts of Africa for our natural resources. The pretence to be giving money to fake NGO's to sensitise people to vote is a hoax. They just want Mr Biya to remain in power for life so that they can continue the theft of our natural resources.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Elections or no elections there is no signs that our man in Mvomeka will relasea his grip on that sit,there is no hope that after the elections we will see glory,not even the end of this economic crisis,nor the end to the anglophone struggle.The excrutiating poverty with which we are undergoing is more than words can explain.The marginalisation of the Southern Cameroon is just at its peak and we see little or no remedy to this calamity.But elections is set for July 22nd and who doubts if the CPDM will claim all the remaining sits from the SDF?Where is the multi-party we have been singing about in the 90s?Are we even sure that Bi Mvondo is going to relent his effort to ask his parliament to extend his mandate?All these questions will only be answered later because the low turnout of the registration for the elections is clear.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


The signs of the times.The writing is clear on the wall,Cameroonians and particularly Southern Cameroonians are tired.That is a regime which chides itself as being popular,but cannot mobilise its own militants to vote.When the time comes,the SDF party and all those who are working to give a semblance of legitimacy to the regime in place,will face the wrath of the people.

Nga Adolph,


I thank you all for the interest shown in the "news"
that a new party in which I am involved is coming up.
I am most flattered. However:

1) I joined the SDF in 1990 having been one of
non-North Westerners that were supposed to be among
the “founding fathers”. This is because I was one of
those who, long before 1990 with Siga Asaga (RIP),
Carlson Anyangwe, Clement Ngwasiri, Albert Mukong
(RIP), John Fru Ndi and others were meeting regularly
to examine the possibility of forming an alternative
political party to the one-party that existed in
Cameroon. The testimony that I wrote following the
death of Albert Womah Mukong bears me out on this. For
reasons too complicated to describe here, I was never
to be one of the Founding Fathers of the SDF.
2) Following the formation of the SDF, I served it
intellectually right from 1990 a the President of the
then powerful "Yaounde Think Tank". Following some
misunderstandings with Siga Asanga who was the first
SG of the SDF, I became the SG of the SDF from March
1994. I served in that capacity until September 2005
when I decided to no longer serve the party in that
capacity. The reaction of my “colleagues” of NEC was
to “dismiss” me from the party in October 2005. This
constituted a very serious disappointment for me,
especially as it took me 16 years to understand that
what my colleagues wanted was not what I wanted.
3) The main differences between me and others of the
leadership of the SDF centred on our understanding of
the nature of Man, and of the concept called
democracy. My standpoint was that a deep understanding
of human nature and of the nature of politics would
not permit that we treat issues the way we were
treating them; and that only such deep understanding
would allow the construction of the democratic
environment that we were seeking to put in place in
the Party, and later in Cameroon with the advent of
taking over power. My colleagues did not seem to
understand “democracy” in same the way that I did, and
their minds seemed to be closed on the complication of
the nature of Man.
4) Since I left the Secretariat of the SDF, I have
tried in various articles published in various media
and internet Fora to bring out some of the values that
divided me from my colleagues.
5) In my capacity as the Permanent Secretary of the
Coalition, I was also privileged to be the main
animator of what came to be known as the National
Coalition for Reconciliation and Reconstruction (NCRR)
that united the main actors of the opposition in
Cameroon in the build-up to the 2004 Presidential
election. This allowed me to have a close view of all
the main actors in opposition politics in Cameroon.
The failure of the NCRR was another serious
disappointment for me. I have kept in my mind the role
each actor played to cause the failure of the
Coalition. Some of the main actor are the "big" names
being mentioned for the "new" party!
6) Following my departure from the Secretariat of the
SDF, the party broke up into two factions. I issued a
call to both factions to ensure that they did not
become a tool in the hands of the regime to manipulate
the opposition in Cameroon. I called for a
“renaissance” in the SDF to ensure the emergence of a
strong centre for the animation of opposition politics
in Cameroon. This call was not heard. As I have come
to understand it, the agenda of the leadership of the
two factions differed only in the perception of the
observer, not in reality! Since I realised this, I
distanced myself from the faction that enjoyed my
sympathy. So I have not been an active participant in
the politics of even the faction that enjoyed that
7) I have met with many opposition leaders to discuss
the possibility of forming a strong opposition party.
These disussions only left me with the same negative
impresions I left he Coalition with.
7) My write-ups on elections in Cameroon/ELECAM/NEO
and the behaviour of the opposition indicate clearly
that I am not a partisan of participation in elections
to boost the credibility of a regime that is an
obstacle to the advent of democracy, development and
prosperity in our country. The regime has put in place
a formidable mechanism to win the elections through
fraud. I have always felt that we have learned enough
lessons from abroad to be able to use elections as a
springboard for revolutionary change in our country.
The "leaders" I discussed with did not show enough
willingness to pursue such avenues. Therefore I have
not been part of the political “leaders” that have
been meeting to create an environment for their
participation in the upcoming elections.
8) The appearance of my name among those who are
meeting to put up a “united” opposition party is
probably an effort by those who have been trying to
rope me in, in spite of my open refusal and critiques,
to use my name to render their effort more credible.
It is nothing short of the window dressing we have
indulged in for the past 17 years!!
9) I would like to state clearly that I am not part of
the “effort” to create a united opposition party to
participate in the upcoming elections in Cameroon and
legitimise the rule of the Biya-regime that I have
been very critical of. Therefore I am not part of the
"meeting" that is announcd in Yaounde on 24 March
10) I share in the dream of the many Lebialem people
who look forward to change in our country. I also
share the dream of many Lebialem people who look
forward to the day when Lebialem people can best
benefit from the political system in Cameroon. I will
continue with those with whom I have been discussing
our fate, to seek the best avenue for such a
possibility. I sincerely thank those who understand
and share in the politics I defend.

With best wishes.

T. Asonganyi


Press Release from the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA)
2007 Parliamentary and Local Government Elections in Cameroon

The government of the Republic of Cameroon on Friday 20 April officially announced that Parliamentary and Local Government elections for 2007 will be held on 22nd July 2007. This move is commended as it will invaluably contribute to the strengthening of the democratic process in the country.

There is therefore the compelling need for government to adhere and respect its obligations under national and international law in ensuring full political participation of its citizens before, during and after these elections. As a state party to International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the government of Cameroon is obligated to create the enabling environment through which all political parties and individuals will be able to effectively participate in the process. Consequent upon the aforesaid, the government is enjoined to give maximum respect to the right of peaceful assembly, the right to freedom of association and the right to take part in public affairs and the right to vote

The political parties involved in the elections should give credence to the highest available standards and should show maturity to ensure that the rights of everyone are respected. The rule of law should take precedence over any other considerations in the period leading to, during and after the elections.

Civil society organizations on their part can and should play a very important role in the political process. They are expected to mobilize resources and efforts to ensure that the elections are not only free and fair but that the individual as well as collective rights of the people are respected. Furthermore, they are expected to liaise with the stakeholders, identify gaps in the electoral process and in a constructive manner bring them to the attention of the government.

All citizens of the Republic of Cameroon have the right to participate in the political process, particularly the right to take part in the conduct of public affairs either directly or indirectly and the right to vote. They are called upon to exercise these rights within the parameters of the law and to immediately report cases of infringement of their rights.

Done and Dated at Buea, this 25th Day of April 2007.

Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla Esq.
Executive Director.

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA)
P.O.Box 524 Buea,
Fako Division,
South West Province,


Prof T Asonganyi,
There seems to be a misconception from both ends between you and the SDF party which you left for a so called "renaissance" which you have now realised is a big joke.It is like moving from the frying pan to fire.The SDF definitely has many weaknesses,but the approach you wanted to use to address these issues was surely not the best.I still think you would have done much good to our democracy by rallying forces from within the party with your progressive ideas to bring meaningful change in our country,but either by accident or design you allowed yourself to be led by the nose by a group of rogues whose only agenda was to get power at any cost for personal gains.The outcome has only been creating more confusion in the political arena much to the joy of the CPDM junta that has held cameroonians hostage for more than two decades.Now that you are neither for the SDF nor for the "renaissance",on which leg do you want us to dance the political music? or are you now for Rexon's SCNC which has no vision,no inspirational leadership,no clear cut ideology because all they do is throw insults at others,blame A or B for not being this or that,and hide behind the keyboard calling names instead of initiating action to lead us forward? Since your frustrations have been posted here by rexon,maybe they require your academic and political expertise to design a political map for the SCNC,since both the SDF and the "renaissance" have failed you or you have failed them.

Hey Prof,you also made mention of how you hope Lebielem will gain from democracy in cameroon,are you insinuating that you have reduced the struggle for a better cameroon to a struggle for Lebielem people?


Prof T Asonganyi,
With due respect for your person,and reputation,permit me put to question most of what you would have published before March 24th,only to see Rexon go on his knees for you to allow him do so.
The first thing is that readers are completely taken aback to see an intellectual of your standing keep playing the victim game everytime.Even a two year old Cameroonian boy will want to remind you that you wrote on this forum,that the person that could bring a "Renaissance" was Muna,
and you called on all Cameroonians to look up to him.How comes it that you now want the same audience not to believe in the workings
,and predictions of your mind? Your attempt to play the mouse has further rendered you more confused.You called on Cameroonians to join Muna in his new adventure,but when he convened the failed convention in Yaounde you were said to have arrived there,and departed soon after.In Politics,either you are in or out.That is why the SDF asked you to be out,and moved on.
You did not have the courage to publish your volte face with Muna ,before he surrendered his manhood to Maidadi.Now that
you have weighed the response from the public,and discovered that Cameroonians do not even want to think that Muna exists,you have stealthily come out to play the star.
When you talked a "Renaissance" ,and saw Muna as a portential flagbearer,you did not know that this could mean legitimising the Biya regime, but now that Muna has completely shattered your illusions,you have now known he is out to legitimise the evil regime.
You now celebrate your frequency on the columns of Newspapers,and the internet,since you were sacked from the SDF, but the people know that during your many years as SDF scribe you did not show this ability to reach out.When there were burning issues like your refusal to serve in Bamenda,you did not discuss this on newspaper columns, and on the internet.
It is a good thing you say one of the factions enjoyed your sympathy.What puzzles people is that you say the agenda of the leadership of the two factions does not differ in reality.This is something you would have known a longtime ago,and this would have prevented you from showing your sympathy to one of the factions in the first place.
It is a pity that you are regretting not to have been one of the 'Founding Fathers' of the SDF,as justified in your reference to the testimony you wrote following the death of Albert Mukong.This shows you nostalgia for the party, but contradicts the sympathy that you developped for the Muna faction that you did not know well.
What shows Cameroonians that you are not a serious man ,is the fact that you knew that Muna hired thugs from Mfoundi,who brought about the death of Diboule,but when he convened a convention after,you showed up,and left.So how would you want people to see you when you start presenting the same Muna now as legitimising the Biya regime?
Fortunately that i responded to your idea of 'Renaissance' when you wrote it here some time ago.You yourself can go back to the archives.This means that Cameroonians are keeping track of every move that you the so called leaders make,and you guys should not at any moment think people are blind.
Lastly,your articles are always published by Le Messager,and the Postnewsline.When we start seeing them posted by disgruntled members of the SDF,who have tried rebellion to no avail,then we know the level you have reduced yourself to.


Manipulation of public opinion: leaks and intellectual

Parliament is presently in session and much amusement
is coming out of the goings on in and out of the
House, both from the opposition and the majority
groups. The gallery politics that the opposition has
played during the last 10 years has again come to the
fore, in spite of efforts to manipulate public opinion
to the contrary.

Following the reported walkout of the opposition
parliamentary group over differences over the
participation of Fon Doh who is serving a 15-year term
for murder, and the suspension of the session, they
came back to the House on resumption and we were
informed that a CPDM Deputy read the 23 names of
bureau members given him by the Speaker, apparently to
the consternation of the same opposition that had come
back to the House. This confusion indicated that there
was no binding, negotiated position before resumption
– so it is difficult to conjecture why the opposition
came back to the House at all, if not just to ensure
that they were part of the bureau. One would have
expected that the mere appearance of Fon Doh in the
House would have brought it to a standstill, until he
was formally evacuated.

A few years ago during the same exercise of forming a
bureau of the House, there were the same
gesticulations because of the same Fon Doh who was
already charged with murder. At that time, at the
final count, it was the leader of the opposition group
who read the list of 23 to the House, with Fon Doh’s
name featuring on the list! The reading of the names
brought the matter to a close. This time again, the
reading of the names has brought the matter to a
close, since the opposition is back in the House in
spite of their initial promise that they would no
longer return to the House if the Fon remained a
member of the bureau. In any case, feelings of
betrayal do not matter, so long as the "leaders" are

In order to manipulate public opinion, there have been
publications in the media with headlines "Biya bans
Fon Doh from Assembly", "Outraged, Biya bans Fon Doh
from Asembly, also from Yaounde"...! Banned from
Yaounde or not, this does not mean that he has lost
his position of secretary in the bureau of the House.
After all, the Fon came to Yaounde to ensure his
retention in the bureau. He accomplished his mission,
so all this opinion manipulation will not detract from
the confusion that reigns in the opposition
parliamentary group.

There has been much talk in Cameroon on the extent to
which Parliament wastes the nation’s resources doing
virtually nothing year in, year out. Each year,
virtually all of the few bills that are tabled for
debate and adoption in the House are from the
government. Although the constitution of the country,
and the internal rules and regulations of the House
allow for the tabling of private members’ bills, this
is hardly ever the case. If we consider that in a two
year session of the Congress of the USA, members
proposed 11,602 bills in the House and 4080 in the
Senate, bringing the total to 15,682 bills proposed by
members, the performance of our parliament, especially
of opposition parliamentarians can be said to be very
wanting. Of all these bills proposed by the American
law makers, only 664 (4 %) were enacted into law.
Therefore the excuse usually given that there are no
such bills in our own House because they would not be
adopted does not hold much water. The fact of tabling
a bill at all is impportant enough!

Some opposition political parties are upfront asking
for the involvement of ELECAM in the upcoming
elections. Yet, there is no evidence that any private
member’s bill has been proposed to amend the 18-month
clause in the law on ELECAM. There has been no motion
in parliament to cause the house to set up a
commission to investigate the fairness of the
registration of voters in Cameroon. It does not matter
that some or all of these would have been rejected by
the overwhelming majority controlled by the CPDM
party, but the records would show that at least, the
opposition took this route.

As for the majority bench, an infamous group called
G10 has emerged from nowhere! We get from a leaked
document that their mission is to propose a bill to
amend the constitution of Cameroon by changing the
Presidential mandate back to 5 years, renewable for
perpetuity! It would be remembered that after 15 years
in power, Biya wanted a "new" start, so the
7-year-mandate-renewable-once clause was introduced in
the 1996 constitution. It was the only new article of
the constitution implemented immediately in 1997; the
others are still waiting today to be implemented
"progressively"! Once the change to a 7-year term
became effective, there was much noise about "premier
septennat" Since 2004 when the second 7-year term
started, no one has talked about "dernier septennat"
because of subterranean "reflections" on how to
engineer a "new" start come 2011. This other effort to
manipulate public opinion on the prospect for this
"new" start is orchestrated by the G10 whose
spokesperson recently declared that "Nous avons le
droit de mener une refexion intellectuelle" (we have
the right to engage in an intellectual exercise).

Yet, the fact of using superlatives to describe a
person who is only the second president in the history
of Cameroon smacks of intellectual dishonesty.
Further, invoking Clinton as a very good president
that was set aside because of term limits ignores the
fact that he was the 41st president of the USA, and
only got to the presidency because of the regular
changes imposed by the term limits. If since 1789 when
the first president took up office in the USA each
president served 25 years or more, Clinton may never
have been identified!

Furthermore, it is usually said that Cameroon has over
200 "tribes" or ethnic groups. Mr. Biya belongs to
just one of them. In principle, following his
election, he no longer belongs to any tribe since he
represents all the tribes in Cameroon. Our G10
"intellectuals" think that he has done so well that he
can continue to represent us all in perpetuity. One
would have thought that in the same logic, a President
of a Regional Council, a Senator, an MP, a Mayor, etc.
could come from just any ethnic group and still serve
the interest of the people they represent very well.
But the G10 thinks otherwise. The infamous group says
that those who do not originate from a constituency
(allogènes as they are called in French) do not have a
full grasp of the realities of the constituency and
therefore cannot represent it well. In any case, these
are just intellectual gymnastics to get adherents for
their mission to amend the constitution. Those who
have been marching against non-indigenes of "their
areas" will offer their support. Further, the G10
project includes a request for the institution of a
status for the opposition. This has the same aim of
getting different interest groups on board. After all,
some opposition leaders have been clamouring for
salaries and a status from the regime, so their
private interests are served by the proposal.

Communication is the key to the control of public
opinion. Those who make mistakes politics cover them
up with it. Those who put their private interests
ahead of all other interests manipulate public opinion
with it. Those who have secret agendas prepare public
opinion through it. Ink and airwaves are already at
the service of G10 to prepare public opinion for the
advent of their project. The majority and minority
benches in parliament are trying to outdo each other
in this use of ink and airwaves to send us to sleep
while they pursue their selfish agendas!

Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi


It will be interesting to know your position concerning Prof.´s unreserved expression of his frustration. What do you want the public to discern from Prof. Asonganyi´s rattling or do you have common ideas with Prof. at the moment that you think his writing will reinforce what you write?

Watesih,I saw your last paragraph so interesting and it speaks volumes.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi,
I have taken a closer look through your article and I guess you have undergone a serious scrutiny and research of facts in the article concerning the tense political atmosphere in Cameroon.I will agree with you in all your ideas since I see a sincere and factual recounting of the unbearable political situation within the past decades.

Take for example the fact that the Opposition parliamentarians have little or no powers to counteract bills presented by the CPDM,but accept without any sense of understanding the implications or consequences!Look at the Fon Doh's gymnastics in the parliament;a released prisoner coming to head a bureau in the parliament after committing murder.

What doubts me is whether there is an opposition party in Cameroon.We hear of the G10 who are masterminding a plot to secure power and amend the present constitution.It will be the last straw that will inflame grievance from the Anglophone side of things.I bet you a change in the present 7-year term to 5-year term will bring an unending civil strife and political uproar within the country.

There is no good news coming from home than that many Camerooians are being bribed to register to vote yet the low turn-out(only 4.5 voters presently registered) continues to be deplorable irrespective of the CPDM sensitisation and campaigns to lull voters to register(CPDM voters only).Biya's tactics and rigging ideologies remains thesame as for the previous elections.I learnt he is presently ready to wipe out all the other sits into the grip of the CPDM party.Little that that the ELECAM will be taken orders from the Mvomeka heirarchy and yet, there is no evidence that any private member’s bill has been proposed to amend the 18-month clause in the law on ELECAM.Talking of any free and fair elections means that the CPDM has won an overwhelming majority and there is no riots,avenge or revenge from angry opposition mob.But if there happen to be any election hitches then bear with me that it will never rain but it will pour.A measuring rod of the political capabilities and competences of the opposition parties.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Fritzane Kiki HK

Come what may, Paul Biya must go

Zimbabwe has been suspended from the Commonwealth, the world’s most prestigious political block. Why has Zimbabwe been suspended? You may have asked. The reasons are simply because of the colossal human rights violations, absence of freedom of speech and democracy, in a country ruled by a man who promised paradise to his people, but he has instead succeeded in 25 years to give them only hell. To crown it all, the president of Zimbabwe has succeeded a great ignoble feat, the ruining of the economy of his country. Because of that and other counts, he has become a pariah only welcomed by leaders of countries who shares the same record or have some secret admiration for him or have some kind of economic ties.

But while Zimbabwe’s economic nose dive and the excesses of her dictator president tops the world’s press, the economic melt down and tribal dictatorship of Cameroon is not seen or read any where. More, Cameroon that got her admission into the Commonwealth through the back door is still a member of the gentlemen’s club and Zimbabwe whose leader is equally brutal and corrupt as Paul Biya is, has been kicked out. Why this double standard? I leave that to any bright mind to answer. It is beyond comprehension how Cameroon is still a member of the Commonwealth today. Strangely every one at Marlborough House knows that, Emeka Anyaoaku, the former Secretary General of the Commonwealth was bribed by the Cameroonian government to give the application of the notoriously corrupt and tyrannical regime of Paul Biya a pass mark.

However, Cameroon’s admission into the Commonwealth won’t have happened if Ambassador Henry Fossong (retired), the leader of the nationalist Anglophone movement known as the SCNC who were opposed to Cameroon’s admission, never betrayed the group and the people without whom Cameroon’s president Paul Biya, won’t have even thought of joining the Commonwealth or use his filthy hands that are stained with the blood of Cameroonians, to shake the hands of the Queen in all Commonwealth meetings. Why did Ambassador Henry Fossong (retired) former head of a united SCNC now leading an inconsequential faction decide to betray Anglophones and Cameroonians in general?

It was simply because; Mr Fossong’s daughter was earmarked for a scholarship. Many Cameroonians and nationalist Anglophones have been wondering why the SCNC is not making any impact, they now have the answer. Most who stand as their leaders do so for their personal reasons as Henry Fossong did. But most of Cameroon’s political leaders have always betrayed ordinary Cameroonians. Classic example, for 23 years, Cameroonians had the leadership of a violent dictator called Ahmadou Ahidjo, who forcefully surrendered power in 1982 to Paul Biya, whom he (Ahidjo) thought could be manipulated from a distance. Since a wolf can’t procreate a sheep, Biya who has been governing Cameroon for 25 long years now, has done worst than his mentor.

Paul Biya has developed and perfected the violent dictatorial traits of his godfather. Worst, he does not even appreciate the man who gave him power. He has forgotten the corpse of his godfather in far away Senegal. Mr Biya has for 25 years of his totalitarian reign in Cameroon institutionalised corruption and tribalism. His reign is a tribal dictatorship, wherein only people of his ethnic Bulu clan hold key positions. From the training that, his regime had received from the “Hutu power” of late Juvenal Hybiarimana of Rwanda, the Cameroonian Armed Forces and other security apparatus are now in full control of people of his clan. In other words, Cameroon now has a tribal Armed Force.

The same as was the composition of the genocidal regime of Rwanda under General Hybiarimana. Paul Biya has created a stand by militia, just as the former Hutu regime in Rwanda created their inglorious ‘interahamwe’. The regime of Paul Biya is implementing to the letter, the instructions of Theoneste Bagosora, the ideologue of the Rwandan genocide who was for a while given refuge in Cameroon. For 25 years, Cameroon under Biya has known only calamity and economic decline. She (Cameroon) has left the ladder of an intermediate economy that she was classify in the 80’s and she is now playing in the league of failed economies politely called poor and highly indebted countries. For 25 years Cameroon has been operating two constitutions (1972 and 1996) hence the chaos and lawlessness. For 25 years Paul Biya has never organise any free and fair elections.

All what he organises and are called elections and democracy are meant for international consumptions and organisations that love cosmetic democracy. His famous fight against corruption is a selective one and down under pressures from Western countries especially the United States. Since Biya came to power his regime has organised the census of the population just ones and for ten years now, the census of Cameroon is going on with no hope of conclusion. What are paraded presently as Cameroon’s population are mere products of speculations. What Biya has succeeded is to destroy the country culturally, morally and economically. Cameroon currently has all the ingredients for a civil war that will destabilise the entire CEMAC region.

However such apocalyptic scenario can be altered, if Biya is driven away from power. There are also at the moment greater chances for Nigeria who lost her court case on the ownership of Bakassi to Cameroon to challenge the court ruling and other agreements appended to the UN’s court ruling. Why? This is simply because; Cameroon won the court case of the disputed territory because Nigeria was just recovering from her pariah status. But now that Nigeria’s international stature has been recovered and full democracy in place complete with a democratic handover in spite inherent hiccups, a reinvasion of Bakassi or the reneging of international agreement won’t bother the International community.

For Nigeria won’t be the first country to act that way if she chooses to redeem her image soiled by little Cameroon. This sad situation will certainly happen, especially that, the Biya led government are known to be very flippant. In that wise, it will be the fault of no one but Paul Biya’s, for he had all the time in world to satisfy the Nigerians and also respect the UN recommendations. But it seems he just contented with his legal victory and there is nothing on the ground in Bakassi to show. Hence Paul Biya must be driven away from power, for he is not only dangerous to his country, he dangerous to the entire sub region.

Ellie Smith

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Elie Smith or Fritzane Kiki,

Can you please explain how Henry Fossung Betrayed the Southern Cameroons and helped Biya joined commonwealth. I cant get it from the article above.


Elie Smith or Fritzane Kiki,

Can you please explain how Henry Fossung Betrayed the Southern Cameroons and helped Biya joined commonwealth. I cant get it from the article above.


Can you throw more light on this statement of yours,so people could understand what the SDO was talking about in the other article?
" Nahjela,can you for example give us the name of that your cousin,so that we can track him down as an example. Meanwhile ,we have been tracking and causing the repatriation of those who have been involved in such racketeering or those who have benefitted from such"( Tues,28th November 2006)



Every organisation have the right to control the way people are muddying its name. People who dont even know about the SDF have muddied the party's name by giving false information just to gain political asylum abroad. That does not mean that the SDF is guilty of any scam in this regard. So to say, the fact that some unscrupulous people who are not even SCNC sympathisers use the SCNC to gain political asylum does not make the SCNC's leadership guilty. And if anyone uses the SCNC to claim political persecution abroad and turn around and accuse the SCNC as Nahjela's cousin did, then that person must bring forward the individuals involved in the SCNC, that collected huge sums of money from unknown SCNC sympathisers as Nahjela claimed in return for membership cards to seek political asylum.

It has always been my wish that the SCNC and it sister organisations helps Southern Cameroonians as much as they can to gain residence permits abroad, but they should NEVER be mocked at in return the way some commentators here want to do. And if leaders of this organisations engage themselves in enriching themselves at the expense of poor Southern Cameroonians who are struggling to stay abroad, i am afraid, we have to single them out to the authorities. By definition, an asylee is someone freeing persecution, does not have any money, etc. Why should someone want to make money out of this type of people? My take is, if they come forward for help, we should help them after scrutinising them. A citizen from La Republique should not be provided with an SCNC membership card just because he/she has money. That weired, isn't it? But i dont have any problem if the SDF provides such a person with documents to support his asylum application. That does not concern me as far as i am concerned.

I sympathise with anyone claiming political persecution abroad, but if anyone wants to claim persecution on behalf of the SCNC, the person must at least be prepared to sympatise with the course of Southern Cameroonians before asking for membership cards, documents, etc. It is now left on those signing the membership cards (of whics i am not one) to defend themselves if someone like Nahjela brings forth any accusations against the organisation. Unfortunately, Nahjela's case cannot be carried further as she could not give the name of the SCNC executive that collected what she described as "huge sums of money" from her sister or the name of his sister. I am afraid, if any information is giving in this regard, i will take my protest to the SCNC hierarchy. This is my take on the issue.

Thank you gentleman.


Good response there. Just keep the names of those who involved themselves in the racketeering,and those who benefitted for the moment.Next time when i ask you to give them,use the same tact,and speed.


Many have written on the forum about the mercenaries who have passing around as SCNC activists.You analyses above is excellent.However,it must be noted here and very seriously that mercenaries have penetrated the ranks of the SCNC both at home and above.These so-called SCNC activists have specialised in signing affidavits and in the selling of membership cards.They are not accountable to anybody but for themselves.That is the simple reason why the entire movememt from top to bottom has become more corrupt than the regime in Cameroon.The infighting in the US and Cameroon is because of who has to sign what and for what amount.Southern Cameroonians who genuinely want help are turned away because they cannot afford the heavy amounts the so-called SCNC leaders demand.A friend of mine was told recently in Kumba that he can only purchase an SCNC membership card at the cost of 100.000 frscfa. Can someone tell me if this is feasible? The whole movement has become a lucreative business that everybody including even cpdm militants are fighting to do.Those of you who believe in this movement need to clean the house.The infighting in America and in Cameroon is all because of money.It is very dangerous to commercilalise a nationalist movement.


This the first time I am reading something with some substance from you.
Let me assure you that I personally know of Francophones that were sold SCNC cards. Don´t ask me to give their names here. As Knganjo said, don´t pretend that the least amount to get an SCNC card is 100,000CFA. If you want to know more, find out about Mr Nwanchan in Bamenda and send somebody to him saying that you live abroad and need the SCNC card. Please then give us the feedback of how much he will demand. I used to think that it was a means to raise funds for the movement, but as you started arguing that such money is not collected, I now understand that the money is not accounted for or you know very little about the movement.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Ellie Smith is a French writer based in Cameroon so she has her own version of what she has been observing while in Cameroon but I was actually interested in her introduction and comparision with Cameroon ossibly turning out to be the present Zimbabwe if care is not taken.Also what actually pulled my attention was not whether the SCNC was beset with internal rivalries in the grand tradition of revolutionary groups nor Fussong's misleadership neither his helping Biya to join the Commonwealth even their engagement with the Commonwealth,but the fact that it has always been the only opposition illegal party to reckon with to openly oppose the ruling parties corruption and exploitation of the Southern Cameroonians,even though the SCNC factions gave every appearance of hating each other more than they did to their ostensible common enemy in Mvomeka.

What strikes me most about Cameroon as a whole is its potential. It has bountiful resources, a regionally enviable if imperfect political stability, a great many smart people, and a natural beauty which could be enjoyed by millions if only Cameroon would drop its idiotic political restrictions and regulations.However,the SCNC remains the only group which has a legitimate concern.The SCNC movement would scarcely be so obviously popular if it didn’t. It would be ghastly if the situation is allowed to boil over for the want of reasonable people willing to talk in the present unstable political statusquo.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Thanks for the response. I think Elie Smith is based on France not Cameroon.


correction: at france


Good write ups here void of insults. I see a spirit of oneness in the present trend of things here. I hope concerned Southern Cameroonians will continue in this spirit. Arguing to build rather than destroy.

That said, I think this talk about some people using the SCNC as a place to "harvest wealth" should not be taken with a pinch of salt. The truth is that there are vultures in the SCNC who see it as a profit making organization. We must not close our eyes and say this doesn't exist. As I have read from other commentators, I think such people won't have the SCNC at heart if they were not making money from it. Some of these adventurers are tools in the hands of Biya and his gang members to cause confusion in the liberation drive.
As Rexon has always been arguing, I think some of these people should be exposed and proper action taken against them. They should be used as examples for future vultures. The Southern Cameroon liberation is not something people should toy with and I think by the time some black legs are lynched, others will think twice.
I call on Rexon, Ndiks, Mk Southern Cameroonian and others to check on the man Fon mentioned and put some sense in him. Though we are divided in the liberation struggle, I think we will be united by the time some doubting Thomases and money minded brethren will see the boat of freedom in the horizon. Remember pessimists sometimes change their views when they see signs of hopes.




Correction the southerner



Ndi O


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