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Saturday, 21 April 2007


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Problems like h

Fritzane Kiki HK

From the above title or heading there is no doubt that corruption and fraud are always used to descirbe or attributed to the ruling CPDM junta nationwide;even in Douala too.

However that is not important what is important now the southern Cameroon issue.The drive for independence is crucial and vital issue burning in the minds of the Southern Cameroonians so their recent strike action in Belgium was an outstanding success.Cameroonians of voting ages no longer pay attention or are not interested to vote.

Despite the strike action and peaceful demonstration world wide from Southern Cameroonians,the La Republique junta is caring less or paying a lukeworm attention to the plea of the Southern Cameroonians.No matter what happens the French will release that grip on power through Crook or hook as usual.We hear La Republique Cameroonians will hold their usual twin parliamentary and Council elections on July 22, as the CRTV radio announced on Saturday,and little doubt that the veteran 'ogah' at Mvomeka and his CPDM stooges are still going to carry their day and are expected to maintain the grip on power.Biya has already put his rigging machinery in place.It's an abomination that Biya, one of Africa's longest-serving leaders, has been head of LRC for a quarter of a century and his ruling CPDM party continue to dominate the political scene, holding 148 of 180 seats in parliament.

I am just doubting what measures have those opposition political parties put in place to ensure a free and fair election.We all know the previous elections have been marred by irregularities and voter apathy were strong. It is a shame that only 4.7 million Cameroonians around half of those entitled to vote; have registered for the upcoming polls, according to provisional lists published last month.

Fearing a low turnout,the CPDM is now using external and non-political organisations and NGOs to help increase sensitisation.Also the government has sought the help of several western missions in the country, some of whose diplomats have campaigned in the field for people to register like the former US ambassador who is used as a tool to the CPDM campaign.

Our 'ogah' at Mvomeka is hoping to increase his term of office.After being re-elected in 2004 for a further seven-year term, winning more than 70 percent of votes cast in a poll criticised by human rights groups,he still has the guts to ask 'His' parliament to extend his mandate.

Despite the creation of ELECAM last the independent body, ELECAM, is still trying to cope with the heat from the CPDM junta who appointed them there.They don't have total control of this body since orders is taken from the above to organise, manage and supervise the elections;worsestill it's longivity,functionality and operation will be curtailed since it will only go into operation 18 months after the elections.

We all know if not of international pressure from the foreign organisations,governments, civil society and other high ranking diplomats, the Bi Mvondo's CPDM government wouldn't have created this organisation body.The opposition even demanded an Independent Electoral Commission which was to be comprised both national and international observers yet the ruling party and government created their own.All these are signs of open corruption.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Your analysis of the political landscape and situation of the Southern Cameroons is always succinct and brilliant. You are really a free and independent mind and i respect you for that. Despite the fact that you are just sympathising with the SCNC course, you always take your time to critically evaluate the Southern Cameroonian problem and give positive recommendations on the way forward. On the SDF and their master the CPDM, you always present a very unbiased analysis of the political situation without any fear. You are not those kind of Southern Cameroonians who are tribalistic, nepotic and always stand behind their relatives of the SDF even when they are drowning. To be honest, the SDF is mainly surviving because it is a creation of the Northwest and as you and I know, Biya is happy to hide them in that corner of the country. They will win a few seats in parliament and councils and the Uncles of SDF prophets in this forum will still collect their bribes from La Republique for a job well done in having helped to colour La Republique as a Multi-Party democracy. I really have deep respect for your objectivity.

Long live the Southern Cameroons.

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