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Monday, 09 April 2007


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It is an absolute disgrace to even read that government cannot control simple road users. This is total failure. If government cannot device means to make motor cycle riders even respect traffic lights what else can they do? Is Cameroon the first country on earth where there are many motorcycle riders? They cannot impose taxes on the guys, they cannot make them obey traffic regulations like normal road users and they did not even suggest the wearing of helmets.
There are many conclusions to draw from things like these:
First there is no insurance policy in the country else the authorities would have imposed wearing helmets as a safety measure. A rider can justifiably claim compensation from his insurers if he complied with safe riding requirements, most important of which is wearing a crash helmet
Second, If motorcycle riders who just happen to be ordinary citizens too, don't require insurance why should the rest of the citizens require it for whatever purpose and in particular motor vehicle owners a group of citizens the police and the gendarmes are so concerned with?
Third if motor cycle riders don't purchase insurance who pays for compensation when they injure an innocent road user on foot?
Lastly, Why should they wonder why they find it difficult to enforce any traffic law when issues regarding implementing these laws conflict with one another from the word go.
Take this for example - the streets of our cities and highways are not even demarcated. especially in the cities there is hardly any demarcation all over. On what point on the street is any user on wheels compelled to wait on red light? There is no line to indicate how far any user cn get into the intersection waiting for the light to turn green. So drivers and riders depending on the sizes of their vehicles always have the tendency to move up as furthest as possible into the intersection and if it happens that there is no taffic from the side on green, and since no one is there to check, the rider or driver simply violates depending on how easy his vehicle is easy to manoever. Any reason to wonder why violating traffic is become habitual and even seems "logical"?
Therefore why would anybody wonder why government finds it so hard to sensibly tackle any aspect of law enforcement and general governance across the board? The leadership in Cameroon has just got it wrong from every angle and they are now in a complete jam. From every angle they have failed and they know it. Our problem is what psychologists describe a denial. If a patient is at that denial situation treatment is difficult to achieve.

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