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Friday, 27 April 2007


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Danny Boy

Forumites, this is a great story but shame about the reporting. I could not help laughing at phrases such as,
" according to the gynaenocologist who midwived the babies.." Gibberish!
"He said for the first one, the babies had some abnormalities whereby one had no head and died after three days while the two others survived."
This reporter must have done his journalism in Nigeria, if at all he did any such studies!! Midwived? This is typical "Nigerian speak".
He does not know what is an abnormality and he wants one to believe the unbelievable...a child without a head living for three days!!Why would any Doctor or Parent allow this?
Anyways, my congratulations to the happy couple above blessed with these bundles of joy. Would happily assist with some nappies if only I knew where to send these to or better still how to contact this family. Can anyone out there make this possible?
A happy Sunday to you all.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Danny Boy,
Let's not go that far.We are here to comment on the articles not to correct them.Let's try and limit ourselves with the ideas and opinions of the articles.

I personally thought the young lower sixth student was married or fianced but he never made mentioned of that.She can be accredited for being a mother of 3 in that level though we don't know her.Even if she can be 17 or so we appreciate her courage.But we should not encourage premarital sex and/or abortion.Since she did not abort the pregnancy we are greatful that she has set a good example for many young ladies to copy.

If she was in another country then she could have been given some financial and moral aid but there in Cameroon it is like people are more self-centered and selfish and could offer little or no helping hand to this young girl.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Fritzane Kiki,

did u read this.
"The father of the triplets, Humphrey Efon Mfombep, an MTN sales agent in Molyko, had anxiously waited for the babies because he knew about it from the results of the echography".

"Nobody in my family has ever given birth to more than one baby and now that God has blessed me with three, I am going to do my best to cater for their needs," Mfombep boasted.

hearing this,what stops u from thinking that she wasn't married,or is it a crime for a married girl to attend school.i see the husband as a responsible father.

Danny Boy

Fritzane Kiki, you amuse me with your claptrap above. A few weeks ago, a journalist was being castigated on this forum for addressing a certain dignatory as "madam". Do your remember the debate that followed? if you have forgotten, let me remind you that this was under the article on the dilapidating state of the cottage hospital in Buea. Ergo, my criticisms above are within bounds and these might teach one or two on good media coverage.
Your ideas on sex need revising. Surprising that you hold such views in Hong Kong of all places! You must be living in cloud-cuckoo-land!!
By the way, the word is "affianced" not "fianced". You seem to be just as bad as our reporter, which perhaps explains why you are at odds with my criticisms above!
Have a nice day.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Mr Okadaman,
I don't tolerate premarital sex and so the media is just trying to cover the girls age and use her boyfriend for a husband.I just go straight to the point.I don't condone with under-age pregnancy and mothers,who put the pressure on the girls family than on the supposed 'husbands family'.I know of many cases where boy are giving warrant of arrest and convicted to accept responsibility.But some are still atlarge for fear of judicial profiling.But here we see an assumed 'husband' supposedly working in MTN.He can proclaim the babies now since they are tripplets but the girls age is not by any law acceptable to put to birth nor getting married.Cameroons laws are no longer implemented since the civil service care much about their finances than the real laws put in place.

Thank you Mr Danny Boy,
I think if we start here to spell-check all the articles then we will be going out of hand.I write in many forums,news bulletins and newspapers and if I make a spelling error or omit a word here,I guess the ideas are understanding and the messages are passed through.Here in Hong Kong abortion is acceptable legally promulgated by law so if you inpregnate a girl you are asked by the doctor if you need a baby or not.But it is not acceted by Hong Kong law to put to birth in an under age or unmarried couples.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Thanks to those of you who've commented on this article. For those seeking to support, you can contact the father of the babies through this number:002377071111
Let me use this opportunity to inform some of you forumites that contrary to what you think, the girl is married and is above 20.
Hope we can continue our fruitful debate on other issues relating to the article while we make a bridge on the mother's age.
my congratulations do not only go to the happy parents but also to the doctors and nurses who assisted the delivery. We shouldn't forget about the cases of many women who've lost their lives on the delivery bed just because of the lack of medicare facilities in Africa in general and cameroon in particular.
Cheers for the triplets!


mr kiki ,
i am not trying to support premarital sex ,i am stronglt against it, but nothing has been said about the girls age.i just think that since the father had been there from the time the girl went and had the ecography done to the time she delivered the babies,they are probably married.legally or "come we stay" it is is better that allowing these teenagers top mess around ,trying to copy this "filthy" western culture.what do you think?
Take it easy.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Okada man Okada,
I now understand the traditional and ethnic sense of your point.I forgot that we also have 'knock doors' and 'come we stay' usually considered as marraige signed in customary courts.

I will be in Cameroon sooner so I will offer my own financial and/or moral support to the tripplets and family.I will lend my own hand to them so I have stored the number in my phonebook.I will call them on my arrival.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Danny Boy

Pepeman, thanks for posting that valuable piece of info above. Will get in touch with the parents soon and offer them my widow's mite.

Kiki, nice to know that you have come round to the real world we live in today. It is a new world order underpinned by rights and freedoms. Whether this couple is married in any sense of the word or not, it is their right and choice to bear children. Furthermore, you and I know that with the uneven ratio of men to women,ie women outnumbering men, not every woman will have a husband! Now will you go and tell a woman who is unlucky in love but has the means to support a family, not to because she is not married?
Kiki, this is one of several questions I can put to you, but what is the use flogging a dead sheep? Pardon the expression!
You all have a nice day.

Fritzane Kiki HK

The family is already blessed the fact that they have started putting to birth to tripplets.Next they have quadruplets and so on.They never knew that their blood groups marched and they were to give tripplets.The boy/husband will never divorce her girl/wife since they are now recognised nationally.

Sometimes we forget those relics of yesterday because we have been colonised with western values.But sometimes the legal marriages are important since many 'couples' back home mostly girls,suffer exploitation from this practise of 'come we stay'.They are later dumped and the boy looks for new avenues.I just want to caution ladies especially to go in for court marriages than the traditional only.We now consider the traditional and church marriages as part of the court marraiges so they should not be considered as legal in the judicial sense of things.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Peperman you are right, I think we need to help these young family who have been blessed by the Good Lord with Three Wonderful Children. My congratulations to the parents of these little angels. I will be sending my own contribution in the coming days.

Special Court for Sierra Leone

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