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Friday, 27 April 2007


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Hello All
Cameroon trubune reports that heay sums of HIPC money has been earmarked for road construction and reconstruction in almost every corner of the Northwest province. The project is too ambitious to be true. I know and I think most Cameroonians understand that even such programs are not beyond the means of the Cameroon government, but how would the level of corruption in Cameroon's government which the whole world had never seen before permit them to execute even one tenth of such a project? The way they operate even if they attempt anything will the public expect any work o quality from the contractors? I hope Northwesterners do not rush to express gratitude or even build up hope to encourage optimism and great expectations in things like these during impending elections. I wish it is true but Cameroon government has a track record of deceit and false promises. Why only the Northwest Province at this time? Maybe they are trying to throw off balance the solid support the SDF has in the province as a whole. But the issue here does not limit itself to road construction or rehabilitation. Bamenda has seen its share of that over the years. The real problem with the Biya government is corruption and accountability. It does not matter how much is awarded to whatever project but what is done with it and who takes responsibilty for what. Within the last two years alone how much repair work has been undertaken on the notorious areas in Bamenda town - Ngen Junction and Mobil Nkwen? More than once each, and within one week of each repairs the road went back to its original situation and nobody is held accountable. They are yet to announce for tenders. We all know how "fast" government machinery turns in Cameroon. Also consider this classic CPDM propaganda opening phrase "IN THE DAYS AHEAD........., the Provincial Delegate will be out on the field to commission the new Divisional Delegates and explain government's policy on Urban Development and Housing in an attempt to ensure that president Biya's greater ambitions policy is executed for the benefit of the grassroots" Does it mean that these divisional delegates do not understand Biya's greater ambitions? Or the lower the rank in government the lower the comprehension quotient. Do government officers not have job descriptions? Why should policies be explained? Policies are meant to be implemented and not explained. Can anyone here think of an open ended statement of commitment? Don't bother your brains - just repeat the phrase - IN THE DAYS AHEAD - These CPDM people alternate between IN THE COMING DAYS and IN THE DAYS AHEAD. They even have enough decency to think about monotony in diction. I thought the Northwest was left out of Ministerial appointments because they have consistently voted against the CPDM. Are they trying to make up for that neglect which everybody I know - and there are lots of them - do not even bother about? We have always heard that if people vote for the ruling party they benefit from the government's largesse. the South West has been doing that and look at their road network. Why this contradiction? Acording to CPDM party policy the Northwest does not qualify for any government favours.
Now before they would even announce the winning bidders, elections must have come and gone and if the votes were cast based on these expected projects, given their track record of deceit, fraud and intransigence, who would be held accountable for these unfulfilled promises?

Fritzane Kiki HK

This part of Cameroon is not under the state budget.Our parliamentarians and Mayors live in affluence in their Yaounde bungaloos and careless about the plight of those they represent.Some constituencies don't even know the people they voted and the parliamentarians don't even pass around their areas of jurisdiction to have a look at the deplorable situation.I guess there is no lane or street in these areas that can be called road.They SDO's and DO are lucky with their Land Rovers and 4x4 cars.The funds we hear to be used for this for road projects has been consumed as usual.Don't ask where it is gone or who was incharge of the project.

A shamelss and heartless government,a government that doesn't care of the pleas of the poor masses.The general populace are just in need of good roads then they will forget about politics like the Chinese people who don't have time for voting and elections.Presently that's what is happening now in Cameroon, with a very low voters registration the government has started convincing people to go to the ballot boxes at polling stations in July.People are sick and tired of being sick and tired of voting year-in-year-out yet no changes.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


The car was seeminly sinking in mud,with more luggages than allowed.The repairs is no where in sight.A social convulsion is required to stem out the elite coterie of pillagers.what is happening not is not an intent by the Junta to reconstruct roads and repair damaged ones. The rituals buzzed elections is on the horizon,so the pork barreling machine has been unleashed to lure those obtuse ones for votes. The alien senecsejunta will have to be impelled out of our homes otherwise.....


Its a pity.what do you think?

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