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Monday, 16 April 2007


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"Fru Ndi is reported to have called on all his militants to get registered and protect their votes on Election Day"

Yes, their votes were protected in 1992 as we voted, died, etc. and you and your family benefitted financially from your coperation in legalising La Republiques corrupt junta as a multi-party democracy in the eyes of the international community. The world is watching, history will tell the truth. It is known that you cannot steal another persons vision and succeed. Time will tell that these bandits are not principled people as their prophets here always want to suggest. The current SDF is a business partner of the Biya regime and the west and we cannot deny it. Let them go for elections and fulfil their role in colouring La Republique as a multi-party democracy.


I thought it was said NO ELECAM NO ELECTIONS? WHY all this inconsistencies?

Can some one enlighten me here, I am abit confused with what is happening in this country. WHO do we believe in, Who do we follow? Who is genuine and for US?


It is not enough to castigate that idiot of a DO in Muyuka who slapped the SDF representative. The SDF legal team should persue legal action against him, eventhough the courts are controlled by the CPDM for which the fool of a DO is working for.

Concerning the members of the different teams to conduct the primaries, I donĀ“t know if they will not take part in the primaries. If they will, when will they carry out their own campaigns in their own constituencies?


Emah,If you are current, you will recall that after the NEC meeting in Limbe, there was a rejoinder to the Post concerning the statement "No ELECAM No ELECTION". No decision was taken to boycott elections. The idea of the party was to push the government to implement ELECAM before the elections.

mk the southerner

My dear people once bitten twice shy even mad people learn from this.How many times would we be bitten?. For how many years is the sdf? Protect your votes has been the song for all these years but the objectives of the party are not being protected.
It should be remembered that before the election of 2004,I went to Fru Ndi and gave him a paper of the French file article 8 which state that no anglophone can rule a French province in Africa.So doing 1990 till date most have proven that he is not an exception. He told me he will try this time may be an exception, he said.Immediately after the election of that same year 2004 i went back to him with a delegation of youths.We told him chairman you are claiming victory in this election as well as Paul Biya, if Paul Biya snatch this victory this time from you , tell him to keep his Youande that you are going down to Buea and we shall receive you at the boarders like the triumphant entry of Jesus in to Jerusalem. From there Ni told us you no i have youths even in Paul Biya's villages who are my followers just like you, it will be a betrayal on the part of the sdf blablaba.
We then reminded him of the original objectives of the sdf which some youths following him today don't even know and how he was not among the original founding members of the sdf. At this point he became angry and i had to conclude that the sdf i knew dead in 1997 and that the same fire we were running from Paul Biya's eyes is the same fire we see now in his eyes. That the Ni of the early 90ties who would have been our Mandeler,is not the same Ni we see today.He burst in to more anger with his lawyer Sama,and we concluded by telling him that if he is not eating with Paul Biya then Paul Biya is eating with him and we left. Not should be taken here that i invited the press for this meeting and Ni had to send the press out of his compound the post can bare me witness.
Now that the sdf do not have the population it had before, what is convincing Southern Cameroonians that sdf can wine in any elections in the frog's land?.How many parliamentary positions had they in 1997 and how many do they have now? Paul invited them to parliament so as to finish them there is just no hope except we want to keep feeding the few. Don't we now agree that sdf and these elections can not help the southern Cameroons? You can never eat your cake and have it,the French government no this very well that's why they put their eye very much on elections in her colonial provinces in Africa. Will you brothers,sisters,fathers and mothers let the Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons be a part of this French colonial province? think about it thank you.
Mk the Southerner.


Mk the southerner,
I do not understand the point you are trying to make. Some of you erroneously believe that the SDF was formed to secede the former west Cameroon. That is wrong.It would be fraud to ride on the SDF in order to achieve your motive of secession. I say so because more than 55% of SDF militants and sympathisers are Francophones. No true democratic leader would betray his electorate the way you expected the Chairman to do.
Furthermore,the fact that the French have a document to show that an anglophone can never be president does not make us surrender our destiny to their imperialist agenda.
In your writing, you contradicted yourself several times by trying to insinuate that the dwindling number of SDF parliamentarians is because of popular apathy. No. Massive fraud was to avert any further threat from the SDF because CPDM realised that even with just 43 parliamentarians the SDF had uncovered many scandals like the Monchipou affair and was almost taking parliament hostage.So the rigging machinery was refined.
So my question is,if the SDF is weakened, as some of you try to say, why is Biya so frightened to implement even his own ELECAM, after openly acknowledging deficits in his system?

Fritzane Kiki HK

Fru is fooling about in politics.He should retire.The SDF has nothing good to offer Cameroonians anymore.Gone are those days when the party was recognised as a driving force to liberattion of the people.The political status of the party is still relegated to the background since they only take what the ruling party is saying.I had early implored Fru to better join the CPDM as his other opposition party had done hitherto that to be messing up himself in the name of an opposition party leader.

They were talking of boycotting the elections if there was no Independent Electoral Commission but yet they have no say to argue the fact that all the electoral process is being carried out by the government agents.I am very sorry for the SDF party since they are just hired to represent the multi-party politics in Cameroon with no aims and objective in place.They have failed.Fru Ndi is still failing.He has no powers to correct the ills of the government since he is receieving a monthly salary from the Biya government.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Professor Fritzane Kiki,
Your ideas and sytle speak volumes and clearly define your level, empty fellow.

Join your Chairman, Ben Muna who has dissolved the SDF to form APF and leave Fru Ndi alone. The man, Ben Muna, who you believe is the one to move Cameroon forward declared long ago that:ELECAM or no ELECAM, he is going for elections. Lets wait and see his output given that Fru Ndi is nolonger an obstacle to him.
As shameless as he has been, the SDF will not accept the 3rd apology from him after the elections which will disgrace him.



Do ignore the diatribe from all NJFN's prophets. When tribalist and hypocrites are speaking here, you can at least sense from their write-up. But lets dont insult them, lets show them their weaknesses and they will be left ashamed. Their strategy now is to silence us so that their uncle's should continue receiving money from Biya pretending to be working for an opposition. Politicians who are failing cannot live on principles because they have no realistic objective.

Someone who said ELECAM or No ELECAM, he will go for elections is more principled that someone who will say NO ELECAM NO ELECTIONS and starts rambling and flip-flopping when confronted with questions about why he is going for elections without ELECAM.





God bless you.


" My own brother is a Cpdm HARDLINE ONE,but that does not make him my enemy.But had he been hiding with the Sdf ,and dinning with the Cpdm,I would have cajoled him.
Yes,Fru Ndi tried his best to LIBERATE us ,and GIVE US SOME COURAGE TO SPEAK.We clearly heard where Feko argued that most of the Founding fathers of the SDF were not courageous enough ,and that is why Fru Ndi was the first signatory of the SDF documents as Chairman. I laud his courage,and when he was risking his life,others like Ngwasiri,
Anyanggwe were afraid of their jobs,and positions".( REXON,Tuesday,November 28th,2006)

1. Pick the peck in your eye first,before going out to pick that in an outsider`s eye.
2. Since you can`t make your brother your enemy,know that others are also human.
3. Yes Fru Ndi really liberated you ,and gave you the courage to insult him,day in day out.
4. Even as you want to protect your brother`s life,Fru Ndi is still risking his.
5. Good,continue to laud his courage.
6. the Ngwasiris ,and Anyangwes were afraid of their jobs,you who are not afraid of yours,come home ,and take the bull by the horns here.
7. The SCNC has put in place a Police Force,
one would have expected you to be the first to register,and also provide funds.Stop seeking for notice,by eternally cosying up to an individual`s name.Prove your worth! The world is watching! SDF in the morning,SDF in the evening! Which do you have to publicise,SDF or SCNC? Even when a conference is coming up like the one in the US,you can`t enlighten people about things that have to do with Autonomy.You shamelessly hang on to an individual`s name.

mk the southerner

Mr Feli.
How much do you know about sdf or Ni Fru, as far as the politics of Cameroun and the sdf is concerned can you tell me what you have ever done to prove to me you can be able to argue any issue about the sdf with me? if we are standing some where 1000 of us and Fru Ndi hears my voice he will tell you go and call for me.....he will recognize it what about you? May be just because you might be his relation or so, but in the political domain from the foundation of the sdf till date how old are you?
Yes i have always said any body who says Fru Ndi is not the father of democracy in the Cameroons is telling a lie. But that was the Fru of the early nineties.Please do not make things hard for you because when you will be saying i am sorry some Southern Cameroonians will still fine it difficult to forgive you, thank you for understanding.
Mk the Southerner.


MK the so called Southerner,

SDF is a party supported by CAMEROONIANS....

Those who want to use the SDF to divide Cameroon will never succeed.
NI John Fru Di and the leaders of the SDF are "PATRIOTS" who will never "NEVER" accept to divide our Country into "banana republics".
They "ALL" pledge for a "better Cameroon" not for a "divided Cameroon".




Fritzane Kiki,
You have become so frustrated that you have even lost your senses.This is the time you would have focused your energy towards helping your Chairman Muna succeed.If the sdf is a failure how does that affect or concern you? Do you want to cry more than the berieved? Let sdf militants talk to the their Chairman.At least you can now boast of having one too.The electiona are around the corner, we shall see who is who.Stop waisting your energy for the man Fru Ndi is more than a rock.You can asked Muna the traitor.I can assure you he will tell you Fru Ndi is more than a rock.Do think your Chairman Muna was foolish to throw the towel? He realised that no one except for nonenties like yourself can believe in his mission.Also, Muna saw that even lucifer will never dine with him. The devil's mission he was carrying was doom to failure from the onset..Do they say you are a professor out there in Hong Kong? Sorry for you Mr Prof. You need to sit up.Politics is not meant for any individuals who completeely lack forseight. Such people never predict the ultimate outcome of any mission.They are like sheep.Following Muna is worst than being a sheep.I am afraid you are one.You are so naive that you do not even know how the political landscape of Cameroon operates.Having been abanddoned in the wilderness by Muna, many thought you would have learnt by now.It's a pitty you are still swiming in ignorance.

You are an idiot of the first order.Please clean your own house before that of Fru Ndi.How many factions do YOU have in the SCNC? Which is better, Fru Ndi's sdf or an SCNC manned by political mercenaries.I don't want to characterised you as one of them.Shameless beast.Did you read the article posted on the post about SCNC USA? What suggestions or what reasonable proposal did you make? Fru Ndi is not the SCNC'S problem but shameless money mongers like you.

mk the southerner


if only you could convinced me with evidence that the Cameroons is one and indivisible.If only you can prove to me that the brain behind the SDF Mr Albert Mukong formed the SDF for a one and indivisible Cameroun.If only you could prove to me that he died believing in the SDF.Mine you that I do not hate Ni or SDF but I love the Southern Cameroons more than my father.And I am begging you please if you dont know the history of the Cameroons pleas read.But if you are from LRP please stand for the truth and you shall have your reward.
Mr Knganjo, this is an intellectual forum and i will like to create your indulgence to be intelligent the way you address other people on the forum.The use of Idiot and Beast to Raxon are not very like you.If you could withdrew those words i will be gretful

Just to let you know that the SCNC is an irredentist movement and can have many fronts depending on the shirts of opinions, if all of them are fighting towards the same goal. If your sense of history is still flexible you will realize that no independence struggle, accept the American war of independence ever succeeded with one front. I do not support many fronts for the SCNC tho. The Italian Unification had three different shirts of opinion the Garibaldi's the Mazzini's and so on. But all the same you and I will be better off in a free Southern Cameroons than in the mess we fine our selves in today, the Bishops article can at list tell you what we are missing see( you.Pleas lets use are brains not our tempers.
Mk the Southerner.


Mk the Southerner,
"Mine you that I do not hate Ni or SDF but I love the Southern Cameroons more than my father"
"May be just because you might be his relation or so, but in the political domain from the foundation of the sdf till date how old are you?"

You asked Feli how old his, when you are still comparing your love for Southern Cameroons with that for your father instead of that of your wife. From the statement, it is obvious that you are still single, yet you are asking Feli how old he is. Small boy like you.
Rexon ( as confused as his friend Kiki, who lacks foresight) should be prepared to go hell given that the election will go on without the least agitation in "Southern Cameroons". He has been making noise here that no elections will take place there. The election will prove to us that at present, the SDF is more than fourfold popular in " Southern Cameroons" than the SCNC. Who wants to dispute this statement?

mk the southerner

Mr Fon i chose not to talk about wife because i needed an example of some one alive and real. I am sorry.But then do you think we will be better off if we participate in this election of the frogs Mr Fon. Do you know that the Southern Cameroons was better off 90% before this doom of a fake marriage? Do you see with me that know matter how much we try Yaounde is not for Ni John? these questions may look stupid to you but they are the truth. Pleas see better.
Mk the Southerner.

Fritzane Kiki HK

I don't care about flipfloppers and noise makers.I am speaking out my guts.They call me names and whatever they like;CPDM agent or SCNC sympatiser of which i am neiher of those.But I will continue to remian in my words.If the SDF has not achieved since its creation that's not my fault.They should be blaming their life chairman for making things in a standstill and the SDF hyas remained a shadow of the past.

I am not a Muna supporter but i knew his capabilities would have helped Fru from this dark ages of innocent and misleadership.All his(Fru's) friends have left him who claims to be the only Founding Father of the Ntarikon party.He will regret after this election.

Fritzane Kki
Hong Kong


Professor Kiki,
I hope you should rather enjoy your new status as Professor,than taking a rope to join Saddam atthe gallows. Some people like branding you here as shortsighted,and you have never taken off time to ask yourself why.Today let me make you to discover the answer.More than a year ago,you came out beating your chest in front of the whole world that you guys were resolutely behind Muna.You said you will do everything for the convention in Yaounde to succeed.Just a year after you are out again
telling the same audience that you are not a Muna supporter,and accusing others of flip-
flopping.Please don`t reduce your Professorship to this level.You erroneously want to present the image of a tough guy to the world.Do you think people like Vally of Englnd are stupid to stick their heavy heads into the sand? When you try to run down somebody,and he fights back ,and defeat you,the shame is always unbearable, especially when you continue to pretend that nothing happened.
Secondly,it is good to be morally upright before making moral claims in public.Nobody
doubts why you support people of doubful personalities,and moral probity like Muna.It is because their character traits are not different from yours.You like grandstanding.
Trying to create a utopic world for yourself.Taking on big titles,and living in imaginary big cities.If the SDF were to be handed over to such a man ,what would the people expect.
You and your co-disciple Rexon should look yourselves in the mirror ,before trying to place yourselves on a high moral pedestal.
Imagine that Rexon accuses the SDF of legitimising French interest in Cameroon,but at the same time sees no danger in his brother whom he describes as staunched Cpdm member.This is selective memory,and we are not,and never going to allow those type of people take Cameroonians for fools.
Yes the SDF is blaming their Chairman.They can manage it.You should talk more about your own chairman Muna.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Watesih and Fon of the SDF,

I am a very stern and straight forward towards somebody and none of you will ever meet me in person since I have nothing to do with empty and block-headed SDF supporters.Moreso, no amount of your SDF slurs will make your chairman be the president of Cameroon.No amount of your blind support and castigatigation will make your chairman stop collecting monies from the CPDM.Go tell him on the Ntarikon mountain that I professor Fritzane has declared him incapable of chairing an opposition party.I am of no mercy to a nonchalent and incompetent chairman who see nothing important than keep fooling about with the ruling party in disguise while the masses remain under the umbrella of an opposition party.

Read the headline 'SDF is now set for primaries' Since the its inscription into multi party sysem the chairman has always been a puppet ruler(not leader even since he has proven his dictatorial powers in claiming to be the life chairman of His party ) to help support the ruling party in its exploitation of the Anglophones.He claims to fight from within 16 years ago.Continue to live in a world of your own.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



When i first described my brother here as a CPDM supporter, i did so to tell readers that he was acting foolishly and i still tell him so when he foolishly talks about the good policies of the Biya regime that only him and his ilk sees.

Fritzane Kiki HK

If it's because of money then how can booksellers nor park boys not be parliamentarians and Mayors?Then anyone might go in to head any constituency or enter the General Assembly!How cheap it is.Then I can pay for 100 mayors and parliamentarians to contest.There is no criteria governing candidacy or electoral laws put in place.One the other hand I just guess it's only money mindedness driving these so-called politicians to go in for positions in NEC and SDF.Hear their chairman;

"..... the individual participation fee for aspiring Parliamentarians at FCFA 100,000, Delegates or Urban Council Mayors 50,000 and Councillors FCFA 30,000"

I guess this party has not yet received its yearly electoral stipends from their CDPM counterpart.Long time starving SDF Parliamentarians and Mayors, have 'eye-hotting' and they are presently languishing in hunger waiting for their own 'burse' from the CDPM before the elections.Politics of hand-to-mouth.NEC really has 'NECK' for money and they forget about the plight of the common man down there.Those who really want to show love for their people should go to Nkoldengui to release the retired Colonel and his vanguards accomplices still lamenting in jail.Or they should go and stop embezzlement and corruption reported to be at its peak from SDF mayors in their various constituencies.Ils se moquent de qui..?Birds of thesame feathers.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

mk the southerner

The thing is in any election Ni struggle to withdrew if this and that are not put in place.The he receives a phone call from Youande after which he ask fools "go and vote and protect your votes,what happen in the past elections we shall not tolerate it
this time enough iiiiis fools shout enough" But mine you that those very things he said must be put in place have still not been put in place.except for the package from his boos.

Now he is asking fools again to go and vote and be able to protect their votes.Will you be one of these fools?
MK the Southerner.


MK the Southerner,

You are very intelligent and knows how politics with La Republique operates. You really understand the role the SDF is playing the legitimise the country in the eyes of the international community as a multi-party democracy in return for envelopes from the Yaounde regime. You are infact a very intelligent person. A lot of eyes will be opened if people listen to you.


Of course you tell readers that your brother is acting foolishly,but you say ,"My brother is a HARDLINE CPDM, BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE HIM MY ENEMY".All readers here know that you declared that you hate Fru Ndi because he is eating with the Cpdm,so how can your brother who is at the source not incur your wrath? That is favouritism,selective memory,
bias,and that is what we are fighting in Cameroon.


We are all the fools! When things are hard on us we feel that Leaders are making us fools. If we can proof that we are not fools let us campaign for boycott.
We always point fingers to the person closest to us. We are mature enough not to be complaining. I need your ideas for a website I am developing for those who want change. Lets show our strength and inspire others.
If that is what makes and intelligent person I think all the CPDM militants, are very intelligent.


You and many others on this blog are very entertaining. It amuses me at times to know how frightfully ignorant some of you are. If I were to rate your knowledge on Cameroon politics, you would barely score a 1/20. The same marks would be awarded to Rexon and a bunch of others. This pleases me indeed because I am never perturbed by dissenting opinions from you. The reason being that you all fumble with facts, misplace figures, disfigure quotations, cast stereotypes etc, all of these things being qualities of extremely poor debating and discourse.
Read this quotation to decipher how poor your grasp of politics is "...If it's because of money then how can booksellers nor park boys not be parliamentarians and Mayors?Then anyone might go in to head any constituency or enter the General Assembly!How cheap it is.Then I can pay for 100 mayors and parliamentarians to contest.There is no criteria governing candidacy or electoral laws put in place.One the other hand I just guess it's only money mindedness driving these so-called politicians to go in for positions in NEC and SDF.Hear their chairman;

"..... the individual participation fee for aspiring Parliamentarians at FCFA 100,000, Delegates or Urban Council Mayors 50,000 and Councillors FCFA 30,000"...
It's a real shame because some of you spend hours reading but you obviously don't comprehend. When NEC issues a resolution, you allude it to "hear the Chairman". However, the Chairman has just a single vote out of 55 + 20 + 36 in ALL NEC resolutions. These resolutions may not represent his personal opinion at all, but being the leader of a democratic party, he is obliged to go by the will of the majority.
Again, you betray your ignorance appaulingly when you insinuate that NEC trades positions for money. This claim shows a shallow understanding of the Electoral code in Cameroon and the rules governing internal elections in the SDF. These documents can be found on the SDF website. What NEC did was to summarise the most important parts of both documents for the easy understanding of ALL.
So please Kiki continue with your folly, do not read and understand,for you may make it a bit difficult for some of us to explain the SDF.
Mk the southerner,
there is no reason to boast that you know the Chairman personally. Millions of people do.Mutation published an article some time ago saying that he has had more handshakes than all other Cameroonian politicians combined.
I am not a relative of his but through him, I have learnt the basic concepts of grassroot politics. As I am writing,while some are on the fields fighting over positions on how to get to parliament, Ni John Fru Ndi is at this moment in his farm developing pastures to breed cattle that would produce milk for AIDS orphan in Cameroon. Tomorrow when he starts distributing, lazy minds would start shouting envelope here, envelope there.
My question has always been, if the SDF and the Chairman were so interested in positons and money, why would they permanently shun Biya's invitation into a coalition government, with comfortable salaries,big cars,houses and other benefits, when the likes of Maigari Bello Bouba, Augustin Federic Kodock with hardly any party structures can become ministers of state overnight?
The conclusion is: there is greed and feymanism in Cameroon's politics but that fabric can not truthfully be applied to the SDF by any neutral mind. Challenge me.

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