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Friday, 04 May 2007


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Dear Patriots,
This is an example of a hardworking, Patriot and Progressive Cameroonian can do with his know how and willingness to develop our Country.
While bigots and tribalists are singing the song of division, progressive Cameroonians are working hard and making things happen in our Country.
These same people will claim this successful businessman has been helped by the government... "Internet freedom fighters" sit in the comfort of their living room abroad and bark here to show off.
What have you done lately to help your Country??
If you don't love Cameroon, you will never change it...

Vive la Republique du Cameroun!
May God bless a strong and united Republic of Cameroon!



Mr Ricardo,
Having a succesful business in Cameroon is not a yard stick to measure a nations success. Note that First Trust is not even the only success story in Cameroon. Do you know of any money transfer service in Cameroon called Express Union? They are quite successful too I seem to see. There are also hundreds of busineses in Cameroon that are seemingly doing well. It seems you and some others I know fail to grasp the enormity of the problem in Cameroon. We complain of armed robbery in Cameroon - does it mean everybody is robbed everyday in Cameroon? When we talk of how the Douala Yaounde road is dangerous, does it mean every user gets an accident everyday? When you put an argument about the situation in Cameroon, backing it up by calling some people tribalists and bigots and insinuating that they are unpatriotic, you seem therefore to be disclosing that you don't quite understand what is going on in Cameroon. Do you think banks and other type of businesses for that matter don't operate and make profits in Iraq, Palestine, and other political hotbeds around the world? Secondly you must be somewhat senile to think that a real critic of the Cameroon government does not know that there are many successful businessmen in the country do not neccessarily belong or have a connection to the ruling party. Having said all I am sure from your approach you will find it hard to imagine that the Cameroon government as it is today can cause the collapse of this success story by one silly action and succeed to get away with it. I know from your point of view you will cite some stupid line in our constitution that is supposed to stop the government from doing anything like that. But that is the fundamental problem with the politics of the country. The legal system is not strong enough to withstand some selfish designs from some powerful members of the regime. I am afraid from your naivety you would claim it can never happen, but ask yourself that if there is a clause in a nations constitution that says that the president of that country can never be held responsible for any wrong doing during his time in office, which are the safeguards that exists to protect even success stories like First Trust? You might not hesitate to say I should quote such a precedence. Well even if it has never happened it does not a guarantee that it can never happen And such uncertainty is the basis of all our problems in the country. With all the loop holes in the weak legal system more businesses can be more vulnerable than others. We want a system that guarantees assurance and predictability. We want a system where even if an employee gets fired he/she can take his employer to court and settle the matter there legally without the possibility that the employer could influence the justice system. First Trust success is not a reflection of the general trend in Cameroon. Do you know how many failures have occurred for one success in Cameroon? There are thousands of businesses in Cameroon. First Trust is just one of them. Please do not link the success of one business to the general problems in Cameroon. In another point of view don't be surprised that owners of First Trust might not even be so sure they have succeeded as much as they would have done if things were different. You would not expect them to tell you that, would you?
Have a nice day

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