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Monday, 07 May 2007


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At least the Maradona of Camerounese politics manipulated the SDF too according to this article and bribed them to colour their democracy.


Nice piece, Peterkins. The famous 'Hand of God' goal by Maradonna was in 1986-against England, and not in 1990.

Ma Mary

If you own and control the referee by remote control and your thugs are shooting the other players with stones, you cannot be much of Maradona, can you? If there are no rules or only rules that convenience you, well?


Combining the sublime skills which diego amando maradona displayed on the football pitch and the daylight robbery which biya is renowned for is rather disrespectful to the great man. There is no way that biya and maradona can be mentioned in the same sentence no matter the point you are trying to make. Anyway most of your historical facts are wrong and am sure you were too consume in the point you were trying to make without checking most of the date and the time period. I don't think biya was ever in the stadium to watched maradona scoring a goal. Well like they say don't let facts spoil a good story.


What a good comparison Peterkins. Just to note that Maradona did not participate in the 1990 world cup.
You did not conclude by analysing maradon's fate today. He is not recognized as somebody who has done anything in football circles. This gives us a clear picture of how Biya would be after he leaves office which will be in a no distant figure.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Both Biya and Fru Ndi are the unhumane,self-interested individuals masquerading as politicians.No one can proudly say without fear of contradiction that,he is not suffering the repression from the propaganda victories,successes and publicised rhetorics of 'mission accomplie' from our political heavyweights.Generally speaking they are birds of thesame feathers.The situation atstake is not condusive enough to harbour the Southern Cameroonians.There is a nation-wide discontentment and dissatisfaction, where individual political pundits are being empowered and enriched, while the masses suffer the pangs and consequences,especially those of the Anglophone origin.Please let's be realistic and objective here.

Those in control of these self-destructive gangsters,(Biya and Fru)have responsibly or irresponsibly contributed to this delemma and show no degree of ambiguity than to unjustifiably keep their grip on power.They only add more insult to the already deplorable state of affairs;the modern democracy they are preaching!!

Strategists cited these few as freedom-hating nincompoops.A perceptive observer will see nothing interesting to talk about in the disastrous political situation currently in La Republique.What do you want to say other than,widespread corruption,uncontrolled spending,astounding unemployment level and abuse of power!No divine authority can remedy this catastrophy than a proposed federated states, whereby, the people can cater for their distinct areas.So that there will be no more pointing of fingers for the predicaments facing the people.Those up there have the bread and the knife, so they deliberately connive together as accomplices to pliagiarise their so-called democracy;'power to the people'.The other Lion-hearted conman will say; 'Le gouvenement de renouveau,(The New Deal Government) after 16 and 25 years of rule respectively.What for?They have failed their people.

However,the mainstream of the population and critics like myself, see a quiet revolution in disguise that will only be revealed, when the people will breathlessly rise up and say 'enough of this shit'.Not long from now.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Fritzane,what's this rubbish you're so proud of that you decided to post under two different stories?Take it off!Nonsense!

Fritzane Kiki HK

Don't let yourself be a victim of the SDF's predicament.The two topics are thesame,though my write-ups have a slight changes and comparisons.We are sick of these CPDM/SDF saga.If Biya becomes a political Maradonna is it not because of Fru's hypocricy and arrogance?What do you think.Wake up my son.Try to be selfless,don't be too carried away by your affinity,belonging and fanatism.Don't get me wrong,since my non-partisanship makes me free where I love and frank where I hate in adversity.You should be mature enough to see the game of delay tactics these two decadent party players are playing.They are now in prolongation time.Wait for penalty shootouts, when the SDF will annouce its obituary,funeral,wake keeping and burial.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Fritzane,there's no fence sitting as far as the SDF and CPDM are concerned;at least not as far as SCians are concerned,and definitely not a month or so to elections..All this talk about being a critic while bashing one party is absolute nonsense.The SDF will outlive NJFN but i doubt the CPDM will outlive Mr.Biya.He'll take it to his grave i bet you.Have you ever tried to imagine the CPDM without Biya?A CPDM headed by Fon Angwafor telling those beti boys what to do.No way the man's taking it to his grave.Now are you the 'stubborn fly'?

Fritzane Kiki HK

Mr Vito,
You missed my point.No politic in La Republique has substance.The political heavy-weights are barely enriching themselves,while they misguide the masses of what mess is going on at the center stage.....Those who ponder to go with the political flow in the La Republique are consciously or unconsiously the victims of this hysteria.My point is;will there be any change after the twins elections in July?The answer is NO.The CPDM has capitalised and centralised its rule to the delemma of the SDF and its entourage.Mbah Ndam in an interview last month told the press that;"....the SDF will remain 2nd in the election race but 1st in the opposition.....".But Fru is more optimistic that he will win 50% of the 70 seats his party is vying for.If Biya eavesdrop this startling reality then he will continue to manipulate the ballot boxes and make a fool of the SDF.

What is more important is not to win seats,for now the SDF should concentrate on how to expand its declining popularity not only in Cameroon but the world over.The SDF needs a different strategy to attack the CPDM.This task lies only with the stingy and greedy hierarchy who are out for stomarch politics and not for modern democracy.They have made a mainstream of the people to loose taste to register not to talk of howmany will attend the long lines at the polling stations to cast their votes as hitherto was the case in the early 90's.The are begging and cajoling people to register.It's becoming and unbecoming.We are not fools.They can fool the people sometimes but not all the people all the time.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong




Une réaction lue sur le net.

The control tower workers at the Douala airport in La Republique Francaise du Cameroun are a bunch of incompetent, corrupt and unaccountable clowns.

How can you lose contact with a plane after a distress call less than 2 minutes after take off and you do nothing to raise an alarm. You say nothing until more than 7 hours later when the Kenyan airways people from Nairobi call you to inform you that the plane is missing.

This a classic case of dereliction of duty. I guess they are simply imitating their lazy, corrupt, incompetent and unenterprising president Paul Biya.

This is the height of negligence, incompetence and irresponsibility. All of them ought to be fired and prosecuted for gross negligence and dereliction of duty.

But knowing the laxity, nonchalance and the laissez faire attitude that reigns and is endemic in La Republique Francaise du Cameroun, nobody will be held accountable. All the delinquents and culprits will go scot free.

To make things worse it takes the bumbling government about 72 hours to locate a plane that had crashed only 12 miles away from the airport.

How can a country with 2 international airports not have a Radio Detection And Ranging (RADAR) system. This is unconscionable. They cannot say their country is poor because some of their citizens embezzle billions of CFA francs in public funds every year.

This plane crash has really exposed La Republique Francaise du Cameroun for what she is, ..... a no man's land, unaccountable and inept.

Their president Paul Biya has not even extended a word of condolence to the bereaved, let alone visit the site of the catastrophe.

What a country of heartless laggards and good for nothing beer drinkers.

Yours truly.

Dr. Eric B. Mbok
Special Adviser to the P-DSRSG
United Nations Mission in DRC (MONUC)
Kinshasa - DRC
Tel: 1(212) 963 0103ext 6726/ + 243 (0) 081 890 7548
Emails: /


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