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Friday, 11 May 2007


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I think for the time being that I have known Mr. Enwe he is that person who puts his words into action and this is that time for the poeple in his constituency to give him the opportunity to make them realise the dreams of development in their area.

As a man of God I think he will be able to not only deliver the goods but do so honestly and trasnparently.
It is high time we start voting people because of their capabilities and not just because of the party in which they belong because at the end of the day it is that individual who is required to deliver the goods and not the party as a whole.

This is a good example for the rest of us in the dispora to go back home one day and do something for our communities with the knowledge and connections we've gained from outside.

Good luck to Mr. Enwe.

Tobias Birmo
Cape Town
South Africa


congratulations Mr. far as i know,mr.francis, having been the president of the cameroonian community in Cape town,south africa,is a man of the youth in particular and the people in general.that is a fact.he shares in the concerns and happenings of the people and has he put it himself,his there in times of happiness and sorrow.he is a simple man and given an opportunity, with that attitude his got would bring glory and hope to the people of widikum and the north west at large.
mr. Francis, i wish u the best in u endevour to better the lives of u people through this political platform and we shall be watching and hoping for the best in other to make widikum and cameroon a better place for all who live in it and for the future generations.peace and God bless.


Its a joke, Tobias and Espoir. Its a joke because some of you even put God's name into this sham. Anything created on falsehood can never prosper. The elections is not managed by an independent electoral commision and anyone participating is a criminal as the regime itself. Thus no good thing can come out of them.



In Cameroon it is join the winning party or stand aloof and perish. My brother is making the right choice in a political system that leaves no room for anyone to proper except you become one in their echelons, except you drink and dine on the same table as them, and except when u learn to use with finesse thier tools and weaponery for your own benefit.

Its a double edge agenda meddling in Cameroon politics regardless of what side of the line one is standing on!

I will be watching from afar with bemusement!


We however regret the misunderstanding of the SCNC position on La République du Cameroun’s elections. We have not called Southern Cameroonians to “boycott” the elections. To boycott an election is to express and demonstrate your disapproval of, for example, the bad electoral law, poor registration of voters, among others. Why? Because, being undemocratic, you are convinced that your party will be disadvantaged. It is a political party that boycotts an election for it has legal and legitimate stakes in the elections. But the SCNC has nothing to do with NEO and MINATD or ELECAM nor La République du Cameroun’s elections in general.

The message of the SCNC to Southern Cameroonians is clear and simple. Southern Cameroonians are not citizens of La République du Cameroun and as such they have nothing to do with elections of a foreign country.

In reality the SCNC is engaged in a pacific struggle to restore the statehood and sovereign independence of Southern Cameroons. Southern Cameroons that became self-governing in 1954 and during the centenary celebration of the founding of Victoria in 1958 was described by Commissioner J.O. Field as a promising emerging nation of the Commonwealth has never been an integral part of French Cameroun that became self governing in 1957 and independent as La République du Cameroun on January, 1, 1960. Under international law once a nation acedes to independence its international boundaries become inviolable and immutable.

Africa has two Congos and three Guineas. Respecting inherited colonial boundaries, the foundation of modern African nations, each exercises its sovereignty and elections in Congo Brazzaville, for example, do not involve citizens of Democratic Republic of Congo - Guinea Conakry respecting its colonial boundaries inherited at independence as declared by the African Charter and International Law, did not annex and occupy Guinea Bissau after helping to oust imperial Portugal in a bloody anti colonial war. Consequently citizens of Guinea Bissau do not vote in elections of Guinea Conakry.

Charles de Gaulle in his campaign to solicit support from French Africa held meeting in Brazzaville for French Equatorial Africa. French Cameroun was there and contributed massively for the war effort for the liberation of France. Southern Cameroons as a UN Trust Territory under UK Administration was not party to the Brazzaville Conference nor did a single Southern Cameroonian die fighting for “vive la France.”

SCNCs stand and campaign is the evident mark of nationalism, patriotism and reason fortified by international law, international treaties governing the boundary that separates Southern Cameroons from La République du Cameroun just as the latter is separated from Gabon, Congo Brazzaville and Chad by international boundaries that must be respected.

1. When citizens of le Cameroun Francaise voted in February 1960 to transform their country into a République, citizens of Southern Cameroons were never involved.
2. When citizens of Southern Cameroons voted in the UN - sponsored plebiscite of February 11, 1961, were citizens of La République du Cameroun involved? No.
3.When even in the defunct Federation of 1961 - 1972, citizens of West Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) went to the polls in 1968 to elect their parliamentarians, did the citizens of East Cameroon (La République du Cameroun) vote? The answer is a capital NO!.


brother Rexon,if all the politicians under the banner of the CPDM,cared about the warfare of their people,the common man would benefit.we are hoping for parliamentarians regardless of their political organisations to put the well being of the people first.and i strongly believe that we need individuals to make a difference and not parties.if mr.francis could win in widikum and offer to the people what his predessesors didnt offer then i guess the people would vote for him the next time under the banner of any political party.

talking about the election not being fair,i strongly believe that all cameroonians need to be involved in the electorial process and go out there and vote for their representatives.
when it comes to transperency all cameroonians should also be involved to see that the elections are free and fair and the peoples true representatives win.
on the scnc stand of not voting because they are not cameroonians,this few distractors can go ahead and not vote,because cameroon doesnt need unpatriotic fellows and if given an oppourtunity for cameroon to be one and indivisible again 99.99% of cameroonians would vote for the unity of the motherland.

peace and may God bless cameroon and bless it with humanitarian leaders.peace.


Relative Charged In Teen's Death

By Daniela Deane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 15, 2007; Page B02

An Alexandria man was charged yesterday with killing his 19-year-old half sister, whose decomposing body was found hidden in the basement of the family's townhouse, police said.

The body of Sophie Stephanie Mani-Mbaga was discovered Sunday evening after police were called to the townhouse on Usher Court in the city's West End to investigate the young woman's disappearance and a strange odor.

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"While officers were on the scene, another family member discovered Sophie's body," said Lt. Jamie Bartlett, a spokesman for Alexandria police. He said the decomposing body was found in a basement storage area. "The body was not immediately visible," he said.

An autopsy was performed yesterday, but police did not release details about the manner or time of death.

Paul Alfred Zibi-Melingui, 22, the victim's half brother, who lived at the house and was there when police arrived, was charged with second-degree murder. The victim was a citizen of the west African nation of Cameroon, as is the suspect, police said.

Angeline Mani, Zibi-Melingui's mother, who is also from Cameroon and works at the World Bank as a program assistant in the Middle East and North Africa Department, said her son had become violent about two months ago after she refused to cosign a loan for a new car.

"He threatened to burn the house down," she said in a phone interview. She said that she obtained a restraining order against him but that authorities were not able to serve it, because her son disappeared.

City records show no public record of the restraining order.

Mani said her son returned May 1 to the townhouse she shared with the victim, who was her stepdaughter, and two other children, ages 15 and 16.

"I was hoping he had changed," she said of her son. "He was calm, and there was no sign of violence anymore. I was hoping he was in a better mood."

Mani said she had not seen her stepdaughter since Thursday evening, when the teenager had gone out to babysit and had come home late.

She became anxious over the weekend, she said, "because there was a bad smell in the house" and the young woman's cellphone was there. "She never went anywhere without her cellphone," Mani said.

Barbara and Paul Brickner, who own the townhouse in the 3800 block of Usher Court, said Mani and her four children rented the three-bedroom brick townhouse Oct. 1.

The Brickners inspected the townhouse in the winter and were disturbed to find "piles of clothes everywhere and very little furniture" and an eviction notice tacked to the door, Paul Brickner said.

"My impression was that she was subletting to other people because there were 20 to 30 pairs of shoes around the front entrance," Brickner said. He wrote to Mani saying that she was not allowed to sublet under the terms of her lease.

"She wrote us a testy letter back, saying she was not subletting and that it was her son she was evicting," Brickner said.

The teenager's slaying was the fourth homicide in Alexandria this year.


Congratulations Enwe.
You have come in at the right time. I am very concerned about the people of your constituency for they are going to realise it is time to vote for an individual who will bring the resources back home, than for a party whose representative will note care about them. This will make them go for what they want. Had it been you where of the SDF, I would say that your victory to come is from FRU. But in this situation, everybody will know that your victory to come is from the kind of person you really are, regardless of the Lion man in Mvomeka.

More poor to your elbow

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