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Monday, 07 May 2007


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This is CPDM!!! Pure chaos. No internal rules and regulations. No modalities, no discipline. In a party where structures are guided by people who are appointed from Yaounde, there is bound to be permanent confusion, feeble and absentee membership.
That is why the CPDM with all its State apparatus put at its disposal could not succeed in presenting its lists on time in even one constutuency. Wherever one looks, there was confusion, violence and backstabbing. These are fruits of lacklustre leadership, elitist politicking and lack of regular meetings by the leadership of the party to solve problems of the base as they emanate.
This also portrays the irresponsible way with which the CPDM has been ruling Cameroon. The President would announce elections today and stand up a couple of days later to introduce new constituencies for the already announced elections. When asked, they say they intend to bring the adminstration closer to the people. The question is why wait till the eve of elections to realise that the people need the adminstration closer to them?!.
According to my estimation, this is the worst kind of government a country can have. Big shame.



You are lying when you are insinuating that there is chaos only in the CPDM. And also that there are no internal rules and regulations in the CPDM. Like any political party, the CPDM have good policies like communal liberalism, new deal objectives, etc, at least literally, but the problem is in practice, we recognise the contrary. What we see is corruption, feymenism, etc. The SDF also write good policies in its manifesto and other internal documents, and others like the NESPROG are quite interesting literally. The problem is what these parties write is not what they always practice. That is the case of the CPDM, SDF, etc. I can assure you that there is rampant chaos in the SDF. Last postings here, you read how former MP's of the SDF that have been defeated in primaries are refusing to attend NEC Meetings. What does that suggests to you? Is that not chaos? What kind of government would we have expected from such people had they been left to manage our people?

Your arguments that the CPDM is an elitist party does not reflect the checks and balances you have always insinuate here that the SDF is. The SDF too is elitist because its governance, politics, etc is centered on the North West. Almost all important positions of the party are occupied by people of NW heritage and a few handpicked puppets. So to say, the SDF is guilty of eliticism as the CPDM. Lets try to be honest sometimes when we write in this forum and keep the politics of votes aside.

I hope the almighty God will one day touch the minds and hearts of these politicians so that they can understand that human life is more important than their politics of lies. The constant lying to our people for votes is becoming irritating and it is time Southern Cameroonians attack all these politicians who always rush to give fake promises in return for votes from corrupt henchmen of La Republique francaise du Cameroun.



It is my feeling that many people turn to this forum to share ideas and to entertain. However, it is disheartening that due to the fact that some people have much time in the hands, they feel they can let everybody read whatever they have to write.

Rexon, your posting above, just like many of them, is one of those writings done with little reflection. Let me point out the following points:

1. Communal Liberalism and New Deal are to the best of my knowledge not CPDM policies. I even doubt if they are policies. They are more of ideologies than policies. They are Paul Biya's ideas. Well, maybe Paul Biya = CPDM.

2. Having good policies and not practicing them is as good as not having them. Good policies need to translate to the grassroots for every citizen to savour the benefits. The issue here is not who delivers the goods but what the goods are: be it CPDM, SDF, UDC, or ...

3. 'Eliticism' is not the same as 'regionalism'. By saying that SDF is regional is not the same as saying that it is elitist.

4. The previous contributor's posting did not in anyway say that SDF is free from chaos. You may know him and and his ideologies but I did not see where he compared the SDF with the CPDM. It was a commentary on the CPDM. You could equally make yours about the SDF if need arises.

Let us reflect on all that we say and stop trying to prove that some of us are more patriotic than others. Let us propose actions and initiate them instead of rambling around the same issues each time. Some of these postings are really a nuisance!


Eliticism relates to:

The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class.
Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.

Regionalism relates to a group and when that group tries to dominate politics, then it is eliticism.


The word is spelled 'elitism'. I should be ashamed of having being misled by other people's spelling. Wao!


Most of the self-seeking lot like Rexon are very poor at communication.As you said above he is not out to show that he is patriotic.He has no sense of patriotism ,because his index finger is in Cameroon,and the rest of his body is in Scotland.So you see somebody who talks about creating an independent state of Ambazonia, but is voting excitedly in another country that has gone for over 300 years unable to achieve independence from Britain.What can a freedom movement like the SCNC expect from somebody who talks about the SDF everyday,and goes over to Scotland to vote? When are Southern Cameroonians going to vote in their own country when escapist like Rexon keep cosying up to the same Europeans who have kept us in darkness for long.Scotland has been part of Britain for over 300 years, and this same Britain has turned a deft ear to all our suffering for our 40 years of existence.Rexon`s fight now is to free one colonial master from another, while his people are languishing here in misery.For the 40 years of our existence, the SCNC has been around for about 12,but all the people who want to talk for it ,use it for personal aggrandisement.Rexon ask Southern Cameroopnians not to vote,but stealthily goes over to Scotland to free one colonial master from another.He has become so European that it is only from the Scots that he wants to learn how to free themselves from subjugation.But they have gone on for over 300 years unable to do so,so what can you learn from such people.Americans freed themselves from Britain by abandoning their Country,and going for a promised land, but the Scots have been cosying up to the rest of the British for so long.What can you learn from such a group of people.

Tita Mofaw

Please Aviche and Wateshih,
You guys should not waste your time for an "empty" vessel like Rexon.HE is one of those fellows who likes to poke his nose around seeking for notice.The guy seems to spend all his time on this site posting nonsense on every article that comes up.

If you go through the more than 50 million contributions he has posted on this site, you would only notice repetitions, contradictions and outright foolishness. At times it is good to just read the contributions of other people and learn from them if you don't have any point to make. But this guy is not like that.He would write paragraphs of complete rubbish about southern cameroon,or criticising X and Y on matters that are so irrelevant to the topic in question

Just look at his response to Aviche above. Did Aviche mention anywhere that the SDF is innocent from chaos? Notice how confuse and silly this guy is when talks about CPDM having good policies like communal liberalism and new deal objectives. Is liberalism a policy or an ideology? Lets even assume that communal liberalism and new deal are policies (As Rexon explains) but then he expresses his ignorance again by stating that these policies are good literally (but are bad in practice). Here, he makes a distinction between theory n praxis. Another confusion because policy is a combination of both.Because SDF MPs who lost in their primaries failed to attend meetings, Rexon equates that to bad policies.There are probably good examples of a bad policy in the SDF and I don't think that refusing to attend a meeting for what ever reason has anything to do with policy.

A 10 year old kid in elementary school who reads the write ups of Rexon would think that this is somebody who knows stuffs.He can only amuse kids with his high level of ignorance.My advice to him is that he should take his time and read every posting that he wants to make a contribution to and also take his time in writing. What matters is not how much you write or who writes first or how often,rather, it is the fact that really matters.


Thats true Tita Morfaw,

Your advise to Watesih et al., is great. But Rexon doubts why you keep analysing the facts in a write-up that you dont even expect anyone to learn anything from. Rexon has been reading here for more than a year how people like Watesih, Fon has been advising you guys to forget about Rexon's write up but Rexon is embarassed when he still reads you people rambling and analysing his points fact by fact. Do you lack what to do with your time that you worry soo much about Rexon.

As foolish as Rexon is, you keep following his write-ups everyday, does'nt that make you too a fool? And as foolish as he is, he predicts all what is going to happen in the SDF and La Republiques democracy and it has been hapenning yet, you dont see the light, but you keep telling the world how his ideas are meaningless. When Rexon wrote here about 2 years ago that Fon Doh would be freed, you said thesame thing that he is a fool, yet in your eyes, Fon Doh has been issued a non-conviction certificate, when he also wrote several volumes that the SDF was dead long ago and that they are being bribed to colour Mr Biya's democracy, you said he is a fool, but now, you have seen how they are just sending 38.8 percent of candidates to an election that is not even independent, etc.

The SDF as we know is a sub-section of the CPDM and an NGO based in Ntarikom. It has no vision and its main mission is to legitimise Mr Biya's democracy. So as Rexon sees it, it is not different from the CPDM so anything that characterises the CPDM is also of the SDF.



Hello guys

Ours is a culture of corruption. Fon Doh is supposed to be behind bars in the first place and not free, talk less of contesting elections. The first question isn't whether elections were flawed or not. How did the Cental Committee get to having an ex-convict contest elections under its banner? Does Ngole Ngole not know that he ,Doh ,is an ex-convict? Conmen that have taken the nation hostage parading as politicians,ready to maintain the status quo come rain come shine.

I understand the frustration you guys find yourself in but before you throw stones make sure you dont live in glass houses. The SDF isn't immuned to malpractices , no memory lane!You know better than I do.Egoism and self centeredness plague Cameroon politics. We need a new generation of politicians to put things right in this nation,according to me. Its almost forgone that this current generation isnt up to that.

Point of correction about voting in a different country. I dont know the status of Rexon in Scotland but if someone has been legally living and working in a country for four years or more , most country laws here in the west permit that person irrespective of his/her nationality status to vote in local elections not presidential elections.

They argue(rightly so) that since you live there, work there, pay taxes to the local government, you therefore have the right to decide on who controls that local govt.
It might or might not be Rexon's case but thats the law this way.

I know you would say I always try to bail Rexon but thats the law else he would be having a double nationality . Maybe he does . Rexon do you?

Cheers, Tayong


Ha ha ha ! Tayong ,
Welcome back! Your last sentence is interesting.You see Ma Mary used to do same ,bailing out Rexon in difficult situations,but she soon discovered that the more she brings people on board,the more Rexon comes in to disperse them.She took her distance,and everybody is looking up to her now to take the lead.
Our problem is not that Rexon should not live in another country for long,and be able to vote there.It is that he is taking the fight where one colonial master is trying to free himself from another ,and comparing with the Southern Cameroons fight.Scotland has been unable to free itself from Britain for over 300 hundred years.Rexon votes there
and come home to ask Southern Cameroonians who have been fighting for only 40 years not to vote.This are the double standards we don`t want.The most ridiculous thing is that the fight in Scotland has leaders who can pull the crowd along with them.But here Rexon forgets to appeal to the minds of Southern Cameroonians,and camps out online throwing jabs at our very existence.He talks more about the SDF ,than the SCNC,but when he wants to vote in Scotland,he says he is doing so to copy their example.Copy the example of people who are unable to free themselves for over 300 years now? When he copies their example, we don`t see him coming back to galvanise Southern Cameroonians on what to do.The very next day he is out repeating what he has said for over 300 million times,that the SDF was created to fight for the Anglophone course.
Sir,lets accept that we now have two freedom fighting movements,the SDF and the SCNC.Why should one of them keep cosying up to the other to do everything,why they camp out online insulting people? I remember around the early week of February this year,
you told Rexon that what Feko was saying,
that the SDF was created to fight the Anglophone course was wrong.Have you changed your opinion about this? If not how have you tried to bring him to reason? Or are you only interested in bailing him out when he gets stuck.
I would like to end by telling you that the problems the SDF is facing now shows you the difficult situation our people are living.There are many factors like France ,and the whole Francophonie united to destroy the party which has been ,and is still our way of life.This also gives an insight into the epic fight that ensues between our way of life ,and theirs.If the SDF were having dealings with the Cpdm in darkness,like the Bello Boubas do,the Cpdm will not impose high fees to run them down,the Cpdm will not tailor the Elecam to their desire.But one thing is clear,the SDF
will never die! Let the Rexons of the world go and tell it on the mountain,that the SDF will never die.How many seats did the party have last time? Did they use 150 seats to send Mounchipou,Fon Doh to jail? Even if the party goes in for 180 seats ,and wins,Biya will steal the victory,impose government delegates.
To those who claim the SDF has been reduced to the Northwest Province,they should know it is the very NW that has shaped the political landscape of the country for long.It is because of this SDF presence that people like Achidi Achu became
political stars in Cameroon.It is because of the same reason that the Musonges,and Inonis
were brought in.With the NW in the SDF's pocket it has been difficult for France to completely enslave our mentality.France got the other parts of Cameroon,and has been unable to get the NW,and this is where change will come from.
People like Rexon have been very estatic when they heard the SDF was going in for 70 seats,because they camouflage under the SCNC
while helping their CPDM brothers to completely hand over our identity to the French.The SDF is the last strong hold,that is why Rexon has the courage to tell Cameroonians that his mission is to destroy this party.Southern Cameroonians will not also forgive him for this,and they will do everything to see to it that the party exists.Tayong as much as people preach the destruction of the SDF,the SCNC is not going to go a step ahead.Those who crave for the failure of this party should not expect to succeed in their own mission.


Thanks for your welcome note though intriguing.Well to respond to some issues you raised above about my opinion on Inspector Vincent Feko declarations, I find no contradictions with Feko's declaration wheresoever. Lets go memmory lane somehow.

The real but unfortunately forgotten father of democracy in Cameroon isn't Mr Fru Ndi nor Albert Mukong. The boldfaced icon of Cameroon democracy is Yondo Black.Even late Albert Mukong declared this in his book"My Stewardship in the Cameroon Struggle".

The truth is that Albert Mukong went down to Douala to meet Yondo Black after learning of his declarations and intentions to create a party. But before this time Mukong had been a strong advocate of the restoration of the former federal republic of Cameroon with Southern Cameroon status maintained as it was before its brutal annihilation.

Mukong new that a party soley based on complete seccession was in the first place a felony according to Cameroon Constitution but he knew challenging the laws that annuled the platform was justifiably possible. So saying that the SDF was created to call for succession can't be true but at the same time saying that the current Southern Cameroon brouhaha wasn't the brain behind the creation of the SDF is as well false.

I dont know if Rexon has called for the failure of the SDF or not. Well proponents of such ideas argue that SDF failure would butress Southern Cameroon struggle.I dont buy this idea. Reasons: When all Southern Cameroonians gathered in Buea for AAC I
the message was extraordianrily powerful and the whole world heard them loud and clear.The message was clear "Whether SDF, or CPDM or UNDP or UDC or whatever, our identity and matrimony is under extinction"

If all Southern Cameroonians get this message then we would be 3/4 way done believe me. And to proponents of this idea be also reminded that there are goodwill Cameroonians from the other side of the isle who have identified the problem and are willing to talk it out or even negotiate should they have the power to do so. So guys lets face the 1000 pound gorrila in the house and stop chasing ants.

Cheers, Tayong


....seccession not succession


Watesih the liar,

How soon have you forgotten that you cannot send Rexon out of this forum by editing and posting his comments. How soon have you forgetten that you promised to ignore Rexon in this forum after Fon begged you to do so? Rexon is a big problem to your SDF, very big one of course. You see, it is not everytime that people can listen to your endless tale of lies. You started by telling this forum how Rexon is a CPDM agent, then when commentators here asked you to bring evidences, you could not, then you went to say Rexon has been making money from SCNC, then how Rexon is a disgruntled SDF member, how Rexon is insultive, etc.But what you fail to understand is, there are differences in personalities. The Rexon you read from does not fear anyone. NEVER EVER. I buy but people's ideas and not their person. If i see that NJFN has changed strategy and is saying and doing what can win the hearts and minds of people, i would throw him my support unquestionably. Remember, i say saying what can win their hearts and minds. If he turns around and comes clean about certain facts essp the origin of the SDF and its link to the SOUTHERN CAMEROONIAN issue, then i can throw him my support. As things stand, he is playing but politics of lies with La Republique and i can assure you that all you guys are in a loosing battle.

You see, it is not everytime that you would sway people into not buying Rexon's Ideas. Ma Mary has NEVER told you that she is coming to this forum to bail me out. She has been in this forum and her ideas are independent of mine. She have respect for my opinion and whatever she does, she knows that i am a man of my own words. You have tried several times with Klemenceau, Akoson, MK the Southerner, M Nje, Rene Dibi, etc. but you are always left in shock when they still have to tell you that they have respect for my opinion. I am not the type of people who will listen to you because you used to sweet words to please every commentator in this forum. You dont have an independent opinion and truly, that is worrying. Your struggle to please every commentator in this forum has been a disgrace. I started sending commentaries to this forum about five years ago but i am surprised that you started countering my comments and abusing me when i stood to the challenge of NJFN. You made it clear here when you were editing and pasting comments in this forum that you want to place me in a position where you think people would bark at me, but have that helped you? Have you seen me leaving this forum? I am a man of my own ideas. In as much as i am convinced they are right, i stay by it. I dont take other people's contrasting and conflicting opinions when i know the truth. I know clearly what the SDF is up to and in as much as i live, i will struggle to adjust the mindset of some unscrupulous people in the SDF. While doing this, i think i am helping them. I am really helping them and a lot of Cameroonians whose eyes are not yet open.

The bitter truth that you dont know is, most past and present commentators in this forum know clearly that what i am saying here is always a fact and they laud me for the courage in saying it. Some facts here are:

1-The SDF created to fight in one way or the other can never govern La Republique because it is a Southern Cameroonian party. At least, the founding fathers and some top executives i have spoken to have assured me that they know clearly that the SDF can never govern La Republique. Never ever.
2-As Yoyo told us, they are there for their pensions and bribes from the CPDM and France to colour their democracy.
3-Southern Cameroonians are irritated and are relying on the SCNC to bail them out.
4-The SDF will NEVER win even 50 percent of the 70 seats they have registered for. But, they would accept their seats.
5-the sdf is a bamenda affair and that is worrying to us from that region as we would be mocked at by others.


Fritzane Kiki HK

You are welcome back home.I have gone through your write-up with keeness and I understood you are as frank and straight- forward as to given credence.What called my attention was the last paragraph that;
"If all Southern Cameroonians get this message then we would be 3/4 way done believe me. And to proponents of this idea be also reminded that there are goodwill Cameroonians from the other side of the isle who have identified the problem and are willing to talk it out or even negotiate should they have the power to do so. So guys lets face the 1000 pound gorrila in the house and stop chasing ants"

We have generally accepted that our common identity and inheritage is very important to this marraige with La Republique.A marraige that the Southern Cameroons are occassionally threatened,exploited and disenfranchised.A good number of the top ranking Anglophones pro-CPDM and pro-SDF partisans are aware of this fact, but they are there to have a piece of their own cake and not for any diplomatic legacy for a common goal to achieve that freedom for their people.They cannot effectively confront and correct these Francophones in their unsuccessful love affair.They always tell us they are fighting from within,yet we cannot deny the fact that, they have been contaminated with the CPDM corruptiveness,stinginess and greediness at the detriment of their own comrades.They are toothless bulldogs less hostile.They are traitors who are inclined to be friendlier with the Francophones since they are more privileged and favored in their political loyalties.What next?They are known as the blacklegs of the anglophones.

All the 5 points raised are very tangible to expose the dreaded political battle the SDF is undertaking.They have become the unusual malevolent actors in the drama with La Republique.Though one line of thinking holds that the SDF will suffer enormously with their unchangeable concensus.The party has been trhusting we-the-people in an irrestible temptation since they prefare to take this wrong benchmark.Sympatizers and fanatics are are now under pressure as to croos-pollinate and accept the SCNC or to continue in their failed expedition.They will tell us the true version of their unsuccessful adventure in their ballot debacle with the CPDM come July.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Mr Kiki

Well to an extent I agree with you but nevertheless Im afraid you might be misrepresenting the problem. It's not a francophone-anglophone problem .Far from that! Its a Southern Cameroon's, and rest assured there are Southern Cameroonians of French expression.

Even if Southern Cameroon finally gets her national autonomy she will still need neighbours like La Republic, Nigeria etc etc for economic and other reasons and thus preaching hostility towards them isn't worth a deal Mr Kiki. Saying that "we" are always "upright" corrupt-free while "they" are always "wrong" corrupt isn't always true.

The problem is that there's an oligarchy in place that isn't representative of the people talk less of listen to them. If they listened to the people they wouldn't have been any Southern Cameroon problem today. You have the archives to prove me right or wrong.

Cheers countryman.


Your answer is edifying.This is truly your best article here.When you take your stand like this,and i pick a quarrel with you ,it is easy for you to defend yourself.I`m very much interested with the part where you opine that saying that the SDF was created for secession can`t be true,and saying that the Southern Cameroons brouhaha was not at the origine can`t be true either.This is very clear.My next question to you,which i hope you should do everything to answer is,granted that we have two freedom fighting movements now ,the SDF,
and the SCNC,would one of them give up the fight,and continuously cosy up to the other?

What is the definition of a Liar? am i a liar because i always pick your own words to shut your mouth when you tell lies about others,or am i a liar because you claim Fon asked me to ignore you? I myself i have never called on anyone to ignore you ,because you are no match.You are a poor communicator.Your language is bad,and you are arrogant,and gossipy. I started by telling this forum that you are a Cpdm agent,and you still are.I also showed how you enjoy your brother being in the Cpdm,but you see no need why the SDF should even exist.I went on to show how you helped in deporting Southern Cameroonians from Britain,not making money.You said i was lying,and i once again shut your mouth up with this.You said," Watesih has developped a new theme that i said i have assisted in the deportation of Southern Cameroonians from the UK, but when i ask him to bring the link, he cannot do it.Ha ha ha, wonders shall never end" ( Sat,23 Dec 2006). I decide to show that wonders has ended,and brought these your words for you to eat them
" Nahjela, can you for example give us the name of that your cousin so that we can track him down as an example. MEANWHILE ,WE HAVE BEEN TRACKING AND CAUSING THE REPATRIATION OF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN SUCH RACKETEERING ,OR THOSE WHO HAVE BENEFITTED FROM SUCH. Rexon,how am i a liar for bringing to the knowledge of Southern Cameroonians that you assisted in deporting people?
Rexon,don`t make people to take you for the fool of the century.What do you mean by Fru Ndi changing strategies ,and you supporting him .Do you not say things about Fru Ndi here,that you will like to see him die a hero,but the next day you will say he is evil? If Fru Ndi is changing strategies,
there will remain inside the party,so how can you support the leader of the party you have called for its destruction?
Rexon,sir i made it clear to you that i wanted to place you in a position where people will see that you are not a freedom fighter ,but out to hide under the SCNC and wage a war against prominent southern Cameroonians,and i have succeeded.That is why you are now weeping ,and enumerating the pains you are going through.This is only the beginning.Fru Ndi will never come clean infront of somebody who has never done anything to the people like you.You better continue your confused life of voting in Scotland while calling on Southern Cameroonians not to vote.You are not out to adjust the minds of unscrupulous people in the SDF,you have made it clear that you are out to destroy the party.We ask you to carry your logic to the end.That volte face will not help in anyway.You are not helping the SDF in anyway.You are not different from the Muketes,and the other people like Ondo Ndong paid to tarnish the image of the party.By going from one tactic toanother,fraternising with SDF enemies,does not show you as someone who wants to help the party.By the way why would you want to help the party you say is standing on the way of the SCNC.What you fail to know is that nobody bars you from criticising the SDF,but when you come out and say you want to destroy it,and we see you doing everything to achieve this goal,then we have to take you for your word.
You are not afraid of anybody,so why do you expect others to be afraid of you.You think you are the only person who knows the bitter truth about the SDF.Everybody knows what is wrong with the party,but nobody wants to destroy it,because it is still going through a transitional period ,and is not yet in power.This is what you are blind to see,and this is where other critics here are different from you.The SDF certainly has many problems ,but it is not as bad as the Cpdm where your brother militates,and where you see nothing wrong with this.I will never be left in shock by anybody on this forum.
You are the only person that has been left in shock,that is why you are complaining.I don`t complain about the people you cited.
Most of them never come into any direct debate with me.They always wait when i`m giving you some lessons,then they will jump in.But i have always taken the challenge.
When they are gentle,i'm gentle,when they want to be arrogant like you,i do same.
Rexon ,i thought you were a man.After having denigrated prominent Southern Cameroonians to your satisfaction,here you are weeping.I told you your arrogance was going to be checked,and it has turned out that way.The road ahead is long.The SDF,even with 10 Deputies will survive.You will never succeed to kill it!


You definitely know my response on that, so no need to answer a question whose answer you know. You've quoted me in many instances concerning that so no need belabouring on that.

Just a word or two of caution to you and Rexon. Politics come from policy implying making decisions that affect a community or instiution or entity. I dont see any of these in the current bickerings between you and Rexon. Its not football where one side wins and the other loses. Its rather general interest issue here.

If you see at the end my write-ups on the SDF issue I always end my saying goodluck. Its calculative and intentional.Someone without a political mind may not immediately digest its undertones.No explanations!

Hope I answered you
Cheers even if I didnt anyway.

Fritzane Kiki HK

I like the way you use some alternative terms to coin the terrifying metaphor of the problem in your last write-up.It will be more detrimental to us all and not logical to say these oligarchy who are misrepresenting their people, will ever do so one day.Look at the the prevailing political climate in the country.No one can proudly say without fear of contradiction that,he is not suffering the repression from the propaganda victories,successes and publicised rhetorics of 'mission accomplie' from our political heavyweights.The situation atsatake is not condusive enough to harbour the Southern Cameroonians.There is a nation-wide discontentment and dissatisfaction, where individual political pundits are being empowered and enriched, while the masses suffer the pangs and consequences,especially those of the Anglophone origin.Please let's be realistic and objective here.

Those in control of these self-destructive gangsters,(Biya and Fru)have responsibly or irresponsibly contributed to this delemma and show no degree of ambiguity than to unjustifiably keep their grip on power.They only add more insult to the already deplorable state of affairs;the modern democracy they are preaching!!

Strategists cited these few as freedom-hating nincompoops.A perceptive observer will see nothing interesting to talk about in the disastrous political situation currently in La Republique.What do you want to say other than,widespread corruption,uncontrolled spending and abuse of power!No divine authority can remedy this catastrophy than a proposed federated states, whereby, the people can cater for their distinct areas.So that there will be no more pointing of fingers for the predicaments facing the people.Those up there have the bread and the knife, so they deliberately connive together as accomplices to pliagiarise their so-called democracy;'power to the people'.The other Lion-hearted conman will say; 'Le gouvenement de renouveau,(The New Deal Government) after 16 and 25 years of rule respectively.What for?They have failed their people.

However,the mainstream of the population and critics like myself, see a quiet revolution in disguise that will only be revealed, when the people will breathlessly rise up and say 'enough of this shit'.Not long from now.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Polemics. stop expressing your frustration. The SDF can NEVER EVER GOVERN La Republique. They can only help them COLOUR THEIR DEMOCRACY.



I`m expressing my frustration about things taking place where i was born.But frustration has driven you far to Scotland.
When are you going to vote in your Independent Southern Cameroons? That is just temporal escape sir!


Clashes over land kill five in northwest Cameroon
09 May 2007 12:15:40 GMT
Source: Reuters

YAOUNDE, May 9 (Reuters) - Villagers armed with home-made guns, machetes and sticks killed five people and destroyed 60 homes in northwest Cameroon during days of clashes between rival communities over farm land, a local official said on Wednesday.

The villages of Oku and Mbessa have been locked in a battle over land rights for decades, but the latest violence came months after local authorities tried to establish a new boundary between them in a bid to end the conflict.

"The latest dispute started on Saturday when Oku people attacked the Mbessa people while they were doing community work, maintaining a road," an aide to the governor of the North-West province said, asking not to be named.

"All five people killed were from Oku. Security reports from the area say the confrontation was quite fierce and bloody."

Battles over land and natural resources, especially at the start of the farming season, are a regular feature of life in rural Cameroon, where many people are subsistence farmers.

Villagers in the North-West province burned down some 300 homes and forced thousands of people to flee a rival settlement in March.

Two years ago, angry villagers in the province beat their chief to death and burned his corpse after they accused him of selling farmland to wealthy cattle breeders. They then stoned to death the policeman who came to arrest the main suspect.

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