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Monday, 07 May 2007


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Mola Mbella Moki you are a man and a politician. You will rule again May God Bless you


It is somewhat embarassing that affluent people like Dr Namata Ngongi would leave thier international jobs and go for retirement to engage in Camerounese dirty politics of lies and deception. These are people we used to look up to as role models when we were growing up in Mutengene only for them to turn around and are humiliating themselves in the politics of lies and endless rhetorics of the CPDM and La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. I will urge Dr Ngongi to re-evaluate his concience and take a very objective decision to try to stand for the truth that can NEVER be realised from the CPDM politics of lies.

At least Nkemgu is openly portraying that he was CPDM. He is not like most executives in the SDF who are CPDM at Night. We should laud Nkemgu for coming clean and publicly supporting his party (the CPDM).



"At least Nkemgu is openly portraying that he was CPDM. He is not like most executives in the SDF who are CPDM at Night. We should laud Nkemgu for coming clean and publicly supporting his party (the CPDM)".

So should you pal ,so should you.Come out plainly and campaign for your party the CPDM instead of playing SCNC(or is it SNP?) on the internet and CPDM at 'night'.We'll laud you for that.You'll shoot yourself in the leg in an attempt to kill our two darling 'birds' with one bullet.



Honestly, i can never be CPDM even in my dreams. Only heaven knows what made you think i am CPDM at night.


Ok buddy,granted you're CPDM day and night;why dont you just say so clearly and continue your campaign unpertubed?Please leave the SCNC alone;the SCNC should be far too big to even notice the SDF,but then no organisation stands to benefit from an SDF power takeover in Cameroun like or than the SCNC or what others would subtly call it 'the Southern Cameroons freedom movement'.Of course the government knows nothing ever withstood the SDF since its creation and with the SCNC pestering them,they decided to pit the SCNC against the SDF expecting the obvious;winning the elections and getting the SDF to destroy the SCNC and you sir are heading their internet front for your information.You should know but they assume you're available, brawny and braindead;what better weapon on this forum than one who has unlimitted time and access to the internet,doesnt think and rambles infinitely on whatever he's commanded to?Get this clear;you'll kill niether the SCNC nor the SDF and your brother will never be minister.Have a good evening.


Clashes over land kill five in northwest Cameroon
09 May 2007 12:15:40 GMT
Source: Reuters
Alert Me | Printable view | Email this article | RSS [-] Text [+]

YAOUNDE, May 9 (Reuters) - Villagers armed with home-made guns, machetes and sticks killed five people and destroyed 60 homes in northwest Cameroon during days of clashes between rival communities over farm land, a local official said on Wednesday.

The villages of Oku and Mbessa have been locked in a battle over land rights for decades, but the latest violence came months after local authorities tried to establish a new boundary between them in a bid to end the conflict.

"The latest dispute started on Saturday when Oku people attacked the Mbessa people while they were doing community work, maintaining a road," an aide to the governor of the North-West province said, asking not to be named.

"All five people killed were from Oku. Security reports from the area say the confrontation was quite fierce and bloody."

Battles over land and natural resources, especially at the start of the farming season, are a regular feature of life in rural Cameroon, where many people are subsistence farmers.

Villagers in the North-West province burned down some 300 homes and forced thousands of people to flee a rival settlement in March.

Two years ago, angry villagers in the province beat their chief to death and burned his corpse after they accused him of selling farmland to wealthy cattle breeders. They then stoned to death the policeman who came to arrest the main suspect.

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