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Thursday, 31 May 2007


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you are raising an issue which is just as confusing as it is unbelievable. I at times wonder what benefits the powers that be to condone anything like that. I even find it hard to frame a question relating to such insanity. What is the rationale to continue keeping this guy who is such an embarrassment to the government? Maybe only a certain group of people like me or you see it that way? Is there actually something I am missing?
I remember in Secondary school one of my teachers, Johnny McViban used to tell us that he was in the process of writing a book called The Reversed Society. He said it was about an imginary society where mentally ill persons are instead kept in prison while thieves and murderers are in the hospital. I don;t think the book ever made the printing press but that was quite some time years back and in retrospect now I believe Mr Mcviban was clairvoyant on this matter. Cameroon is the only country on earth where we understand that to defeat its political opponents the government punishes them for voting against it. Instead of trying to prove the opposition wrong they do the reverse, proving it right. The fun here is that most Cameroonians think that is how politics is all about. But the irony here is that whenever you manage to try to logically reason reason it out step by step with the ordinary Cameroonian he discovers how stupid and bizzare such a political philosophy is. So it seems that the average Cameroonian has a reversed mindset - a situation the government encourages and exploits to the fullest. If not so how can the government propagandists without mincing words explain to the very people who are demanding decentralisation that the creation of new administrative units is an effort to bring administration to the people and to enable them have a direct participation in running their affairs - and these very Cameroonians celebrate? What can a DO be doing behind my house if not trying to see what I am up to? How does that make me master of my own destiny? What has happened to allowing us vote for a DO ourselves or to put it better our own mayor who can be answerable to us directly? This system of creating administrative units has been in place since independence. For some reasons it is usually timed for maximum impact depending on government's immediate objectives. The next thing you see is Cultural and Development Associations start lobbying for who houses the D.O. These are the very people who want a mayor chosen by themselves but are the first to clap when a DO who makes the mayor all but irrelevant is imposed on them. I can't understand.
What is so wrong and difficult to publicly repudiate wrong and make an example of it by replacing such a questionable character like this BAD CHIEF with someone with better public appeal? To qualify as a CPDM baron must you be Lucifer's lieutenant and show it publicly?
Cameroon is indeed a Reversed Society.


My namesake, that was a good piece .

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