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Tuesday, 15 May 2007


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Dear EU-Cameroon.It would have been better to express this appeal for Democracy in Cameroon at a Commission meeting in Brussels.
Without much ado,we Cameroonians are facing excruciating difficulties in crafting a model democracy for our country which has a relative homogeneity,economic potential,divergent civil society tough behind the window curtains.Without making this story long,we would like the EU to place us under conditions of human rights and the promotion of democratic values when we demand aid.

We need a democratic transition to go beyond elections.We need a transition characterised by regime change.Elites should be squashed and let power belong to the masses.
That is democracy.


How many times will the EU and other Western Powers call for election reforms and still send messages of congratulations to the Biya regime when he dictates the results. Wasn't American senators brought to Cameroon to sanction the results of the past presidential elections as free and fair? Were'nt they from the West? Its a mind game. They know what they want. Just puppets like Biya and co to work for the interest of Western Powers. After Biya, another Western puppet will be placed in power. Our circle of poverty and suffering will continue. That is the reforms u want.


Indeed rexon you identified the vicious circle,What can we do to square it? These guys have been investing to see that the status qua prevails in Africa. they don't want us to come out from our bad state for the result will be obvoius. However we will retaliate by keep on pasting them right into their bed rooms through the present exedos "operation fall bush".However i cannot go without blaming the bastard in power and his gangsters for making democracy too expensive for Cameroon


This EU body has not shown the determination to see change in Cameroon, just whole bunch of taking heads. You do'nt need a scientist to tell you Cameroon need serious economic and political reforms. The sad story is they continue to exploite our resourses to build their Europe - especially France, by supporting very bad governance from African countries like Gabon, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Central A.R.,Congo - do you see a trend here - sure all are French Colonies. We the Cameroonians most have the will to create reforms and instill new leadership into the system. I always see same old faces taking nothing just politics of nowhere, what happen to the new generation, they need to be encourage to participate in building this crumble nation.

Che Sunday

This message should have been delivered to one member of the EU. France! They have just elected a new president. He should have been informed to revisie his country's stranglehold on his African slaves. They still have our money tied to the Euro at a fixed parity, a parity that came about when France came in with its currency and the CFA tied to it on fixed ratio. We just a plane crash and our aviation services were found wanting because radar services to the airport were being directed from Toulouse France. They were directing search crews 150 kilometers from the crash site. There is no independent nation by the name of Cameroon. We have a French out-post in Africa Called Cameroon. So please EU. the corruption, mismanagement and economic stagnation all bear French trademarks. Until they go, we will never change. How can you begin to call for a democratic nation when the choice of leadership has to be approved in France?

Fritzane Kiki HK

Che Sunday,
Most of the prevailing unstable political atmosphere in Cameroon,is thanks to the Western predators.Not until they leave that we can see glory in Africa as a whole.They usually use their adage of 'Democracy' and 'peaceful coexistence', whereas they are aware of their vicious role in the under-developed world.Cameroon being one of them, has been neo-colonised until our self-destructive-gangsters called-politicians, see no disastrous aftermath in this tragic stance.They depend solely on the EU for their daily bread.

Though the cocktail party was about EU's 50th anniversary it wasn't the right place to make a call for democratic reforms in Cameroon.Ambassador Puyol was supposed to make such an important call at an EU conference as you rightly mentioned.He is dinnig with those who are the perpetrators of this lack of democratisation process in Cameroon.So it is a right call at the wrong place.They dine and wine together what do you expect?

That not withstanding,elections in La R.du Cameroun can hardly be called free and fair,so far as the CPDM is up there.Cameroon continues to depend on the EU while our resources are being exploited and exported day-in-day-out.Excrutiating poverty,lack of basic infrastructures,astounding unemployment level,widespread corruption,abuse of power and uncontrolled spending are the order of the day in LRC.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Fritzane Kiki HK

Due to a survey carried out in other media outlets this week and also because of many calls from readers of this forum for a reform in the write-ups,there were calls for a bi-weekly or bi-monthly classification of the most outstanding and excellent contributors and their contributions in the forum.We deemed it necessary to put this unofficial classification of those contributors we want to encourage and continue in that line of precision,concision and accuracy writers.Commentaries should be full of investigative journalism.Thanks for your cooperation.
Our criteria varies from those who constantly write to those who write but not constantly and those who just write once in every article as follows;

4.Ma Mary
7.Che Sunday

We encourage the above members to continue in that spirit.
Those who write but not all the time falls in this order as follows;
9.Janvier Chateaux

Those who are newbies and contribute bi-monthly can be classified under the third class of writers as follows;
13.Tita Morfaw

We appreciate the above members for their fantastic job in the forum.As time unfolds we shall come out with more ideas as to how to encourage new members to write as much as possible to gain a place in this classification.As the general co-ordinator,and for transparency reasons and accuracy of the tabulation,I am not included.

In courtesy of forum members.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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