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Thursday, 31 May 2007


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That Fon Doh is a madman. He hasn't seen anything yet!

Jimmy Stan

man no run

Jimmy Stan

man no run


Ben Laden was groomed by America; today America is suffering from him. The CPDM thought that grooming Fon Doh to be a tyrant, he will only fight the SDF. The CPDM has not yet seen anything.

I am in total support of Fon Doh´s supporters. Let them fight until Fon Doh´s candidature is restored.
An important question:"The DO said the people questioned him why the Central Committee did not disqualify Fon Doh before the CPDM primaries."

Fritzane Kiki HK

Fon Doh, Know thee today that politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book.Ask me for directions of this Fon, I'll tell you where to go or where to find him.A frontrunner has become a backrunner.Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.From a prisoner to a terrorist.CPDM ohheee!!Power to the thieves and convicts.....

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


From the day of Fon Doh's killing of John Kohtem I somehow knew his goose was cooked. Someone's blood is not water to be spilled and then go free though a few people always feel they can do so. Life is really something sacred and we need to respect it.

There is really nothing strange about all of these happenings because this is just the way all tyrants end up. The only strange thing is that many others refuse to learn the lessons.

I wish the people of Balikumbat can understand that it the end of one era and just the beginning of another. There is the saying that "if a monkey continues to play with a gun, the gun will sooner or later kill it". Balikumbat people should stop being monkeys. They should put their village infront of all partisan politics. Together thay can use the CPDM, SDF, and whatever to their advantage.

A. A. Simplice

Fon Ndoh is my Man of the year.My ordaining him so isn't any reflection of the appealing nature of his deeds:he's simply proven expressly to be above the law, with the conspiracy of certain government officials who should now be licking their wounds.Fon Ndoh,keep-on,and let no wine,no amount of water quench your taste for Power:Power to the Balikumbat People and Longlive our political actor of the year.

Y. Maurice Martin

Fon Doh of Balikumbat is simply doing the job in which the CPDM has train him to be doing for the past decades.

The CPDM thaught they were training Fon Doh to be bombatting and fighting the SDF but they did't know that what ever goes up must come down.

It is the right time now for the CPDM to know that ''Spare the rot and spoil the child''

My only fear in this country is that the CPDM is surely laying a very very bad foundation that the future regimes might be tempted to copy.

God bless CAMEROON

Yuh Maurice Martin

Writing from Tiko - CAmeroon


Mr. Warmonger Doh
You can flee armed gendarmes, police or even flee from your shadow. But you will never flee the inevitable. Mr. Doh, (no offence if I address him Mr., it is because I read sometimes ago that a new Fon had been installed in Balikumbat) you are the untouchable. I won't be surprised to read later that the said DO asked the colonial gendarmes to take you into hiding so as to give the impression that they were after you. If they could set you free after you were sentenced for the murder of John Korthem, grant you a certificate of non conviction, it means they are with you. I don't see why they should keep on trying to blindfold Cameroonians. Maybe you are one of those who have been helping to protect Biya.
Hahaha, Mr. Man if you were one of Biya's many male lovers (as it was the story on news organs a few months back) or his chief “juju man”, you should have known by now that Biya has no steady friend. This man Biya only has friends in need not indeed.




......But you will never flee the inevitable,death.



All these CPDM thugs like Fon Doh would live to regret their own actions. In life, you should not take another persons life knowingly and be proud of it even if you have the power to do so. But the CPDM has been protecting its own killers simply because they dont respect the lives of the poor and helpless. After killing us with institutionalised poverty and social problems, they think they still have the power to attack, intimidate and kill people in broad daylight. They are always proud of it, but they wont go free.


Isn't Fon Doh the person who murdered an innocent SDF milant a while ago? why is he still wandering freely around the country without justive being served? how long does it take in CAMEROON to persecute a murderer? this must be a joke right?


Isn't Fon Doh the person who murdered an innocent SDF milant a while ago? why is he still wandering freely around the country without justive being served? how long does it take in CAMEROON to persecute a murderer? this must be a joke right?

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