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Friday, 11 May 2007


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Dear The Post,

Your eye-catching headline is grossly misleading and does not tally with the facts as set out in the story.

A document that is forged or "docki" as known locally, is a document that is counterfeit, fabricated or falsified in an attempt to pass them off as original.

Thus is the non conviction certificate in question had been a forgery, the issuing official should have had no idea that his name had been used in such a document.

But the case seems to be that the Justice Ministry Director actually signed the document in question even though it was a big blunder on his part.

Therefore Fon Doh did not forge any document.

Even though I do not agree with his politics, for the sake of objectivity I suggest that the Post apologise to him and retract this story.

Ma Mary

Forged document; fraudulent document. Same difference. In both cases it is a lie, something pretending to be what it is not. It is like a doctor signing a fake death certificate. It is equally criminal, perhaps more criminal than a forged document made by a supposed lowlife criminal. A government official who creates a fraudulent document is really beyond the pale, and in a normal country should be handing his keys and emptying his desk right about now, while waiting for charges to be prefered against him or her. But la Republique Francais du Cameroun is not a normal country. It is not even a country.


Why is the writer of this article surprised with the Fon's forgery. Fon Don is only doing what is second nature in the Cameroon political arena. This Fon Doh is determined that by hook or by crook, he must remain at the top of the feeding trough or the foodchain in the Cameroon political system. For a system that is built on electoral fraud, chicanery, deprivation of citizens' rights, Fon Doh behavior must not be regarded as abnormal. This behavior is rather normal from the top to the bottom of the dysfunctional Cameroon political sysytem which is built on the false premise of smoke and mirrors. What sad examples to Cameroonian youth and children! What a sad showcasing of the proud Cameroonian.

Fritzane Kiki HK

There is that venerated political adage in Cameroon that the CPDM has all along been involved in twist and turn in all its activities.A case in point is clearly Fon Doh's,where they have helped him out of the jail while the other 11 convicts, are still lamenting behind the bars.What angered the CPDM hierarchy was that he was just supposed to keep himself aloof from the parliament, since his matter cause a nationwide criticism and was an open forgery and blackmail to the party.

The scandal of his release order from the Justice Minister still cast doubts on whether he was released because of his ill-health or rather because of an appeal filed by his lawyers.That not withstanding his political aspirations will yield no fruits, since he has been exposed of his fraudulent attempts to enter the parliament.He is a murder convict serving his 15 year term under hard labour and is not supposed to go in for parliamenary elections nor be masquarading around the General Assembly's premises.He has already been contaminated with that dirty lining in public and his place is only in the prison yard not in the parliament.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


The intent of any act of forgery is to deceive and that is what Doh Gah Gwanyin did. The document, as reported by The Post, carries the name Galabe II. This is neither his original name (Edward Galabe) nor his present (Gah Gwanyin). There is, therefore, no serious reason to fault The Post for its caption.


This goes to vindicate the CPDM as a party of those who are corrupt, cheats, fraud, embezzlers, criminals, hooligans, murderers, and shameless fellows. History is made of them. They will one day stand to account for the genoicide they have plunged Cameroon into in the midst of plenty given by God. Cameroonians are suffering and this group of bandits do not bother. what a shame! OH God! please, rescue my fatherland, Cameroon, for my people are being persecuted for unjust cause.


This goes to vindicate the CPDM as a party of those who are corrupt, cheats, fraud, embezzlers, criminals, hooligans, murderers, and shameless fellows. History is made of them. They will one day stand to account for the genoicide they have plunged Cameroon into in the midst of plenty given by God. Cameroonians are suffering and this group of bandits do not bother. what a shame! OH God! please, rescue my fatherland, Cameroon, for my people are being persecuted for unjust cause.

Danny Boy

I am sure you did not mean to use the word "vindicate" in the sense above. This is an indictment of the wretched CPDM and the Government. What Fon Doh has done, and in a curious way, I praise him, is put up two fingers to them.
In a perverted way, I would suggest that the SDF should enable his aspirations to becoming an MP again. Maybe then, the embarrassment they feel now will become real and our dysfunctional institutions are revamped for the better.
We should not hold our breath though! Which brings me to Mr. Charly Ndichia's ridiculous assertion that the press should be the first estate in Cameroon! In your dreams Charly! Take a story like this, all his paper has done is report. Doesn't this story deserve an editorial? A serious paper would, if it intends to influence public opinion.
I am tired of such mediocrity.
Blessed be Cameroon.


Danny Boy,
You have to understand that not only the politicians are the bad guys. Even the educated need sensitization before any reforms.

Look at the professors who sell marks are those who buy degrees and the doctors who have pharmacies in their offices, not to mention your neighbor who will ask your labouring wife for deposit first.

Journalists will not strike when their collegues are molested but will write columns about it just to sell. We've got a lot of home work to do!


Muna Lied Says SDF Founding Father

Tebo who holds a master’s degree in International Development posited that today, founding fathers are members of the National Advisory Council, NAC of the SDF. He disclosed that NAC operates today without some original founding fathers like Prof. Carlson Anyangwe who joined the SCNC and is presently in Zambia, Vincent Feko who is Secretary General of SCNC, and Dr Akuchu who is sick and in the USA.

A Social Democratic Front,SDF, founding ,Aloysius Tebo has said Barrister Bernard Muna lied to Cameroonians when he said he was a founding father of the SDF. Tebo spoke to The Sun in Bamenda on April 02, 2007. He said that the notion of founding fathers was a natural course in history. ‘One became a founding father of the SDF by virtue of his participation in meetings, at the time’, he stated. “I challenge Muna to proof which founding meeting he attended," Tebo stressed. Muna was no founding father,he reiterated. ‘Where was Muna by the time founding fathers crisscrossed the towns of Bamenda, Douala and Yaounde to hold meetings that were sometimes nocturnal?’ Tebo quizzed.

Tebo made a run down of SDF founding fathers to include Justice Nyo Wakai, Chairman Fru Ndi, Prof. Carlson Anyangwe, Vincent Feko, Prof. Clement Ngwasiri and Dr Akuchu. Others who have died include Dr Siga Asanga, Dr Azefor and “prisoner without a crime,” Albert Mukong. Tebo mentioned the name of late Lawyer Edmund Atud, whom he said withdrew in the early days after inception.

Tebo who holds a master’s degree in International Development posited that today, founding fathers are members of the National Advisory Council, NAC of the SDF. He disclosed that NAC operates today without some original founding fathers like Prof. Carlson Anyangwe who joined the SCNC and is presently in Zambia, Vincent Feko who is Secretary General of SCNC, and Dr Akuchu who is sick and in the USA.

Courtesy of the Sun newspaper.


I am sick and tired of this prick!


It is somewhat embarassing that even the founding fathers of the SDF were all from one province (North West). There is no justification for this. If they were holding their meetings only in Bamenda, one would have had a reason to defend them, but they were holding meetings in Douala and Yaounde, why could'nt they rush down to Tiko to engage guys like Luma, Njoh Litumbe? I see this as an ethnic plot and i won't want these type of things to keep hapenning in our politics, economy and social pursuits. In Business, almost everybody working for chantier Naval who is anglophone is from Mezam, Almost everybody working for Amity Bank is from the Banso, the former NIS bank used to employ mostly indigenes from Manyu because the director was from Manyu, In politics, Musonge, Inoni, Njalla Quan accepts list and give contracts only to Bakwerians, Agbor Tabi placed mostly his tribesmen and South Westeners to ENS Bambili, Achidi Achu used to place his tribemen in high profile positions using what he himself described as the power of the pen,Titanji employ his largesse to provide scholarships only to his Bali people, etc. There are a few exception. Late Nangha who previously owned Nangha company employed people from different tribal backgrounds like Bakwerians, Doualas, etc Maybe because some of his wives were from other tribes, Meoto and Njeuma are renowned for trying to support anyone irrespective of his province of origin, etc. I will suggest people form other tribes boycott anything with an element of tribalism. That's how we have reduced ourselves to tribalist and bigots and believe but in people from our tribal heritage and not their ideas.



All contributors out to the field:

Since it looks as if elections will take place as planned in July, I am re-posting a comment I made in March so that readers should remember to protect their votes when polling day comes. I will ignore all the ranting I have seen here from the usual ranter extraordinaire because it is a distraction. He (Rexon) cannot convince me that he is not working with the Cpdm gov't to stifle the progress of democratic norms. Or else he should tell me what will happen when his call for boycott succeeds. Will the Cpdm militants also stay away from voting? And if they don't but Sdf militants boycott as he wants, will that not take Cpdm politicians from SCmroons to NA? Where will that leave the independence issue? So readers should not be fooled about the rantings of a paid agent of the regime in place. Besides, this guy woted in Scotland, a foreign country, seeking independence from Gr Britain. Why did he not boycott that election too?
That said, those who have succeeding in registering should vote and vote out the treasury looters and corrupt people of the ruling Cpdm. Also make sure you protect your vote when you have cast it because rigging takes many forms, including preventing people from voting and giving wrong figures. As you read about the red alert below, you can substitute the right election date for the wrong one. Those in the Diaspora count on those who can help rid us of the evil clique.

"Red Alert!
As usual, commentators who wear blinkers over their eyes chase the shadow and forget the substance of the debate. The reason is that they will persevere until their mission to denigrate the SDF and its leader is complete. Some of their group have taken leave of the PostOnline temporarily, but I am sure they will come back when the stakes are higher or when their paymasters see the need for them to come and continue their dirty job of divide and rule.
The SDF leadership has raised a number of issues surrounding the election and registration of voters. Did the detractors address those issues? No. Never. Should the June elections be postponed? Yes. The SDF has given its reasons for asking for postponement: So that the Elections body can be set up/appointed and familiarise itself with its terms of reference. The SDF is a political party vying for power through the grassroots (local councils) and through the legislature. Presidential elections are not until 2011. So what has Fru Ndi not becoming president of LRC, dixit Hogbe Nlend, got to do with the forthcoming elections? NEO will come to the end of its mandate (if
it had any) in May 2007. There is no reason why a delinquent government will call an extraordinary session of parliament to pass a bill and refuse to implement the bill from that session or defer its implementation for 18 months. There is also no reason for extending the mandate of NEO after May 2007 before the planned elections of June 2007 because ELECAM should take over from NEO and MINATD. All these points are raised in the Chairman's statement. All the prophets of doom on this forum should at least have
addressed the same issues and showed how the SDF's worries and proposals are irrelevant, and make more valid proposals (not boycott). The truth is that if you have a target in view and a tree lies in your path, you either jump over the tree or go round it to
reach your target. You cannot stand on the spot and complain that you have been prevented from moving by the tree. The CPDM government is this kind of obstacle. It will frustrate you in many ways and, if you do not act wisely, it will use the "winner take
all" option, although the winning is by high tricks.
This brings me to the red alert above. You must have observed that P&T is talking of the telephone going 8 digits in June 2007? Why only then? The announcement is made by a minister who is in the ruling camp. It is
not as innocent as it sounds. It is said that the introduction of 7 digits opened the way for 8 million lines and that so far only 3 million lines have been taken. So what is so urgent about increasing the available lines when 5 million lines are still not
taken? I can read in-between the "lines" and I believe that this sudden interest in extending the network has serious political implications.
Think of the scenario in June 2007 during the
elections, which the government will force Cmroonians to accept. It has been known that in other countries, the mobile phone has helped spread the true election results and forsetalled massive rigging. In June 2007,
you find it difficult to remember how to reach your contacts by mobile phone. When this happens, the ruling clique will consolidate the rigging machinery, making it impossible for Cmroonians to communicate
with one another or for the outside world to
communicate with Cmroonians. When they finally bring their US Senators to confirm that voting was free and fair, there will be no opposing voice because communication will be difficult, if not impossible.
The bottom line is that all of us who aspire for change should be on the watch-out. Know beforehand how to reach essential numbers in June 2007 when the rigging begins. For those in the Diaspora, we have already been disfranchised. So there is no hope for us
to get our voice heard as happens in civilised countries, even on the African continent. Stay awake because your enemy the State of CMR is using all sorts of devices to stay put.

Posted by: Maverick | Tuesday, 20 March 2007 at 06:52 AM"


Some above is arguing that the elections would not be free and fair. Yet he is telling people to go and vote. What a contradiction???????????????????????


Fon Doh's bahaviour is an exquisite blue print of how the Cameroonian society functions. Or still a shining illustration of how the political, legislative,and judiciary system in that country has been rendered redundant and dysfunctional in its operatives.

I am cast in profound doubts how this lowlife form can still muster the temerity against all humane odds to voice his opinion in the daily running of the political scene in Cameroon!

In my opinion, this is a clear sign of an underpinning of sheer incompetence masterminded by an overzealous greedy elite.

Aint the young ones supposed to copy from exemplary role models? In the first case, this man was released from jail on grounds of ill health. It is my understanding that running a political task successfully roles out all forms of incapacitation that will jeopardize that office. Coupled to this, he is incapacitated by is devious moral standings.

This guy should be sent packing back to where he belongs in the first place, which is the gallows tree.

He is a murderer, a theif, a fraudster who lacks the necessary morals to rule a people!

It is quite alarming that the ruling CPDM has never made a statement to distance themselves from this creep. In my opinion this is a resounding consolidation of the adage that birds of a feather folk together!

I wonder when the power of law and fine justice will ever rule in Cameroon.

It makes my heart weep in perpertual abandonment and at my ineptitude to contribute to a good political wheel in Cameroon because i refuse to play to the beat of their draconian laws. Not that it matters to them though!

Of course to function in the system one must become one in their realm (miseducated and incompetent hill goats!)

I am disgusted!

mk the southerner

As citizens of La Republique du Cameroun are gearing up preparations to celebrate the fraudulent 1972 plebiscite, come Sunday May 20th, militants and well wishers of the SCNC in the United Kingdom have been exhorted to massively attend a grandiose and pacific demonstration at 10 Downing street on Friday 18th May 2007.The message was contained in an exclusive press release signed and dated on the 10th of May 2007, by the evergreen chairman of SCNC UK, comrade George Ekontang.

In a bid to commemorate the 46th year of the occupation, annexation and subjugation of our territory by La Republique, the press release indicts Her Majesty’s Government and the United Nations for consistently playing ‘Pontius Pilate’ over the Southern Cameroons issue.

As manifested in their failed obligations vis-à-vis the peoples of the Southern Cameroons from the League of Nations Trusteeship through to the United Nations Mandate till date.

The release further appeals to all those intending to take part in the manifestations, to come alongside with placards, posters and banners for a sensibilisation campaign on the British Government. According to the release, Britain which enjoys the influential position as one of the five (5) permanent members of the UN Security Council should table a motion binding La Republique to answer for gross human rights abuses exacted on citizens of the Southern Cameroons. These Human rights abuses ranging from torture, rapes, brutality, silent killings of prisoners of conscience, extrajudicial executions, cultural holocaust and economic retrogression.

More so, that La Republique du Cameroun should withdraw their annexationist troops from the Southern Cameroons territory, to within the limits of their frontiers with the Southern Cameroons, the release concluded.

It is indeed regrettable that PM Blair whose last son Leo, was ironically born on the 20th of May 2000, being the first legitimate child born to a serving Prime Minister in over 150 years, has contemptuously neglected the thorny and burning Southern Cameroons problem. He is scheduled to leave office on 27th June 2007. Through SCNC demonstrations such as the forthcoming one, Blair’s successor, erstwhile Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, will be told to take a more proactive and interventionist policy towards the Southern Cameroons attaining Statehood.

In doing so, he will enter the annals of history as the first British PM to take up the challenge of forcing La Republique to relinquish its predatory hold on the Southern Cameroons. While welcoming you to the Premiership, we the Southern Cameroonians are counting on you, Mr. Brown.

By Nga Adolf with correspondence report from London.

SCNC Contact addresses in the United Kingdom

View and Sign My Guestbook


We however regret the misunderstanding of the SCNC position on La République du Cameroun’s elections. We have not called Southern Cameroonians to “boycott” the elections. To boycott an election is to express and demonstrate your disapproval of, for example, the bad electoral law, poor registration of voters, among others. Why? Because, being undemocratic, you are convinced that your party will be disadvantaged. It is a political party that boycotts an election for it has legal and legitimate stakes in the elections. But the SCNC has nothing to do with NEO and MINATD or ELECAM nor La République du Cameroun’s elections in general.

The message of the SCNC to Southern Cameroonians is clear and simple. Southern Cameroonians are not citizens of La République du Cameroun and as such they have nothing to do with elections of a foreign country.

In reality the SCNC is engaged in a pacific struggle to restore the statehood and sovereign independence of Southern Cameroons. Southern Cameroons that became self-governing in 1954 and during the centenary celebration of the founding of Victoria in 1958 was described by Commissioner J.O. Field as a promising emerging nation of the Commonwealth has never been an integral part of French Cameroun that became self governing in 1957 and independent as La République du Cameroun on January, 1, 1960. Under international law once a nation acedes to independence its international boundaries become inviolable and immutable.

Africa has two Congos and three Guineas. Respecting inherited colonial boundaries, the foundation of modern African nations, each exercises its sovereignty and elections in Congo Brazzaville, for example, do not involve citizens of Democratic Republic of Congo - Guinea Conakry respecting its colonial boundaries inherited at independence as declared by the African Charter and International Law, did not annex and occupy Guinea Bissau after helping to oust imperial Portugal in a bloody anti colonial war. Consequently citizens of Guinea Bissau do not vote in elections of Guinea Conakry.

Charles de Gaulle in his campaign to solicit support from French Africa held meeting in Brazzaville for French Equatorial Africa. French Cameroun was there and contributed massively for the war effort for the liberation of France. Southern Cameroons as a UN Trust Territory under UK Administration was not party to the Brazzaville Conference nor did a single Southern Cameroonian die fighting for “vive la France.”

SCNCs stand and campaign is the evident mark of nationalism, patriotism and reason fortified by international law, international treaties governing the boundary that separates Southern Cameroons from La République du Cameroun just as the latter is separated from Gabon, Congo Brazzaville and Chad by international boundaries that must be respected.

1. When citizens of le Cameroun Francaise voted in February 1960 to transform their country into a République, citizens of Southern Cameroons were never involved.
2. When citizens of Southern Cameroons voted in the UN - sponsored plebiscite of February 11, 1961, were citizens of La République du Cameroun involved? No.
3.When even in the defunct Federation of 1961 - 1972, citizens of West Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) went to the polls in 1968 to elect their parliamentarians, did the citizens of East Cameroon (La République du Cameroun) vote? The answer is a capital NO!.


That's good Rexon and moreso true;but whoever sent that piece for you to post missed out on certain facts.For one you are not the right person to post it because you voted in Scotland though you're a SCian.Secondly any SCian of voting age carrying a Camerounian passport or National ID card;like yourself, has a RIGHT to vote there.Period!If the SCNC thinks otherwise then let them get us SC passports and organise elections in the Southern Cameroons.Besisdes, not voting wont change the status quo;or will it?Give the poeple an option,gentleman.Good day.


Permit me clarify the following issues to you:
1-Nobody gave me the piece above to paste.
2-I voted in Scotland because the political parties i voted for stood on a platform of independence if they win.
3-They had an independent electoral commision and they promised us that if they win, they will call for a referendum for the scottish independence in the scottish parliament.
4-SNP won though still a minority government and are looking forward to forming a co-alition in the Scottish parliament to call for a referendum.
5-Alex Salmond for SNP is the new first Minister for Scotland. First Minister is like their own prime minister.
6-Finally, It is your right to vote in La Republique's elections if you think it can help change the status quo. We are all mature, everybody has his own judgement to make on the current status quo. I have witnessed how voting is interpreted internationally and i think political parties that are participating in Biya's fake elections are doing him a favour. My own option is boycott for the reasons i have contineously specified above, yours is go and vote. That's cool. Gentleman.

Danny Boy

I hate to dampen your gaelic spirits here. Scotland will never be an independent territory on this island. Maybe you missed Gordon Brown's speeches of late, since becoming heir-apparent to the premiership of this country.
Though Scotland enjoys a devovled assembly, power still rests with Westminster. Have you thought for a moment what will happen if Scotland is granted this wish and the Scottish people vote in favour of?
Just think for a moment and you will come to the conclusion that, that act of union with the English, will always be and the best the Scottish Nationals can hope for is more devovled power from London.
This question of boycotting elections, where did you learn that this is the way of moving forwards? The SNP who you support did not go about boycotting elections!!! They fought and are still fighting from within, for what they believe in.
Mr. Rexon, your bagpipes, kilt, sporran and your empty arse will not find acolytes in Cameroon! Haggish---yuk.
If you are so offended by this, why not cross the divide and we discuss? Republic of Scotland is how they will want us to call them!!! Ye timorous Jocks!!!


Danny Boy,

Thanks for bringing some issues to my attention essp. in relation to the fact that independence is always achieved after a long struggle. But let me clarify certain fads. The Southern Cameroons has neveer been an integral part of La Republique.

A chronology of our historical development below:
1916: World War I breaks out putting a temporary stop to the development of the German colony. As a result of the war and battles in Kamerun, Britain and France finally forces Germany out of the territory.

1919: Following the war, a declaration splits up Cameroon between Britain and France. The border is drawn roughly following the line of mountains.
1922: Cameroon is now officially shared between Britain and France. France now occupies the largest area and Britain keeps the area bordering their colony in Nigeria. British Cameroon and Nigeria are now being administered as one colony, but most British attention and efforts goes to development of Nigeria. British Cameroon is neglected and German settlers returns to Victoria making private plantations. The French colony continues to grow with infrastructure, a bigger port in Douala and more export. But the brutal French rule also becomes increasingly unpopular.

1939/1940: As World War II breaks out, all German plantations are confiscated.

1947: The confiscated German plantations are made into the Cameroon Development Corporation. CDC remains today on of the largest companies in Cameroon.

After WWII political parties starts to emerge in both the French and British sector of Cameroon. Most of them demands independence and some parties wants the two parts of the country to be united. Other movements in British Cameroon seeks to join the (English-speaking) Nigerian state.

1955: A revolt starts in the major towns of French Cameroon. The uprising is organised by Union des Populations Camerounaises (UPC). The revolt is put down by the French with the loss of several hundred lives and massive destruction in the towns. Obviously, these events only triggers more violence by UPC and a growing demand of independence.

1956: UPC is banned by the French government. The party continues as an illegal freedom movement.

1958: Ahmadou Ahidjo forms the party l'Union Camerounaise. He becomes prime minister of the Assemblée Legislative du Cameroun. He works closely within the French system, but calls for complete independence and reunification of the two colonies.

January 1, 1960: Ahidjo proclaims independence of the Republic of Cameroon in the former French Cameroon. He is inaugurated as president and starts working to reunite the British and French territories.

October, 1961: A unique referendum in British Cameroon is carried out with support from UN. The Northern part of British Cameroon votes to join Nigeria, while the South wants to join the French speaking Cameroun. The will of the referendum is respected, though disagreements still exists.

May 20, 1972: The federal structure is dissolved and a new constitution is made with the formation of the United Republic of Cameroon.

These chronology of events might help explain why our union is different from that of the Scottish with Great Britain. They can fight from within, we can only fight from where we belong because we are not part of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun.


1995: Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) is formed and demands independence from Cameroon.

1997: Legislative elections. The oppositions parties calls for a boycott of the undemocratic elections, but they no longer have support from USA and France. The opposition is split and Biya is re-elected.



Danny Boy

Rexon, how did you get to Scotland? You carry travel documents issued to you by the Cameroon Government. You belong to that State and stop being ridiculous.
You have only looked at the "act of union", between the Scots and the English. This was co-erced on the Scot. The Scot had no option. The English forced it on them.
Southern Cameroonians had a least the choice to determine their future. It might have been the wrong choice or as Ma Mary would want us to believe that it was Hobson's Choice, the fact remains that our parents were given a choice. That choice took them into the marriage with La Republique.
You go into any marriage hoping and believing that things will turn out just fine. You do not think of divorce, but down the years, should things not work out, well it is for dialogue to ensue and with goodwill, the dominant partner, the Man of course, will accept this partnership be dissolved. You can only ask for divorce if there was a recognised marriage.
You guys are asking for all sorts, yet refuse to accept that you are/were part of this union. Think my dear friend. You had to be part of something to be demanding your unsubscription now. Do I make sense to you and others who fail to see that Southern Cameroons is but a geo-political nomenclature?
Revisit my posting above and give me the satisfaction of crossing swords with a worthwhile opponent.
Have a wonderful day.


Danny Boy,

My dear brother. Thats true. We cannot deny the fact that we are part of this failed Union. That's why we are asking our dear brothers and sisters to help us correct the mistakes our parents made before it is too late. At least it is still less than 50 years and it would be better to fight now. If we allow as much time as possible to pass us by, then we would be assimilated to a level that it would be difficult to ask for a divorce. Divorce is good thing if the two parties can't agree. Only someone who has something to loose won't want a divorce. The Swedes divorced from the Nowegians, the Czechs from the Slovakians. It was all peaceful. You won't want your wife to stay if she wants a divorce, would you? Southern Cameroonians should be asked in a referendum if they want a divorce or not. That's my take on the issue. Do i make sense to you?


Rexon,my apologies pal, but then one cant be too certain who the author of a comment you sign is.You said you were to consult your 'advisers'and i know what those spin doctors at the communication cell of your party are capable of.
Now,you voted in Scotland because you had the RIGHT to do so ,just as you have the RIGHT to vote in Cameroun.Not every Scian has the priviledge to vote in several countries,so until you can provide a nation and opportunity,allow them enjoy the RIGHT you just did even if just in Cameroun.Its up to you to get an alternative for them before asking them to let go of what they have as a RIGHT now.That was the essence of my message to you.
By the way ,when you talk of 'promised us ' and 'their own prime minister',what exactly do you mean?Cheers



Can u summarise this statement so that i can understand you better and respond to yours:

"so until you can provide a nation and opportunity,allow them enjoy the RIGHT you just did even if just in Cameroun."

Cheers Brother.


RExon,Scians carrying Camerounian passports and National ID cards (you for example) have the RIGHT to vote in Cameroun and until you can offer an alternative,allow them enjoy that RIGHT.
Gosh,it seems longer!Its ok ;that's the drift.Cheers

Danny Boy

Rexon, what about crossing the divide so that we can discuss?
"Next weekend is as good as any"!
Timorous beastie, this is an invitation.


I absolutely agree Vito. Couldn't have said it better.


CPDM and La Republic in real trouble.

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