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Tuesday, 15 May 2007


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Biya is a demi god and no one should have expected him to move to the swampy crashed sight.


While acknowledging the sluggishness and nonchalance of the the Biya regime which is quite lamentable, and has put a mighty question sign on Cameroon Civil Aviation, it should have been an opportunity for the Chairman to score a point by visiting the crash site too. It is a two-edge sword!!


Mr. Fru Ndi,
Thumbs up for the slam on our government's lackluster reaction to the fateful crash.What also barred you from visiting the crash site is an issue someone might be interested to know.
Meanwhile,with due respect I feel hurt to hear you congratulate Mr Yar'Adua. If you followed the presidential polls in Nigeria like you claim, and yet congratulate this man, then it all but makes you the blind political leader you have often been accused to be.
It is so disappointing to hear an opposition leader of your standing congratulate the 'winner' of a poll eclipsed by one of the most brazen electoral fraud and rigging machinery imagineable.
You would be making a fool of yourself then if you fail to congratulate Mr. Biya and his CPDM party after the upcoming elections this year, as well as the polls in 2011. I hereby advice you to start preparing a congratulatory message for him and the CPDM as well. I can see you are just a member of the gang, Sir.


I don't think we have a president,but we have a disappearing shadow functioning in that capacity.As for the transport 'boss',that is an examplary partisan numskull in the cabinet of knowledgeable men yet with insufficient results.In summary,we don't have leadership at home.It shall come to pass anyway.


Well Mr Ni John Fru Ndi, i had always wished you and your party members that always preaches transparency, free and fair elections to carry your decency further in condenming fraud in all its forms. You are a major political leader and need to be careful with all that runs into your mind and comes out of your mouth. It is said that we shall know them by their tongue. By congratulating Yar'Adua, you are making a mockery of your criticisms of the Biya regime and its conduct of Camerounese elections. Everybody including you, Feli, Fon, Knganjo, Vito, etc knows that the elections in Nigeria was what we would all describe as a "charade". It was outrightly fruaded after Obasanjo handpicked Yar'adua as his successor. Everybody i have talked to, including high profile Nigerians living here in the UK have mocked at the results and all those who sent messages of congratulations to the lot. It is ridiculous to see you also sending messages of congratulations to Yar'Adua. I said here long ago that your actions and those of your militants contradicts the transparency, decency, Prudence, moral uprightedness that you always preach. I don't have anything against your party or its militants, but anyone who has some level of wisdom can understand that there is something going wrong in the inner circles of the SDF regime. It is somewhat embarassing that they are now seeing white and defining it as black. It is now becoming clear to many that our problem is not just the CPDM. We are all guilty, even those of us who once supported the SDF. The masses and poor and helpless people are the once paying the price.

Concerning the air crash, did i hear some of your militants essp. Danny Boy say Southern Cameroonians notably SCNC members dont have the right to criticise La Republiques transport minister? What do they have to say when you?

Accept sir my message of congratulations for your participation in the upcoming La Republiques elections. Wish you good luck with your party.


Mr John Fru Ndi,
Shut-up!!!! With the resources available in Cameroon could you or your SDF have done any better? Mr Ndi you are known for your attitude of "easy said than done". How could you have handle


Mr John Fru Ndi,
Shut-up!!!! With the resources available in Cameroon could you or your SDF have done any better? Mr Ndi you are known for your attitude of "easy said than done". How could you have handle it.


Evengue try to be polite, Fru Ndi is an elderly statesman and much more older than you, learn to respect your elders, its quite simple, i have nothing against you but just be polite.Good luck

Che Sunday

Per Fru Ndi not visiting the crash site, I fault him for that.
His congratulations to Shehu Yar Adua, are acceptable. I think at times we become critics par exellence and fail to know how far we can go. The conduct of elections in Nigeria are purely a Nigerian internal affair. For Fru who was not an observer to the elections, he must, with due respect to Nigeria, respect their outcome. It would be political stupidity for Fru Ndi to criticize the outcome of elections in Nigeria, must especially not being there in person.
Most Nigerians in the diaspora would love to see an academic formula for determining the leadership of their country. They still don't want to accept the fact that politics is still a game of numbers and Obasanjo was pulling all the stops to make sure that the leadership of the country stays between the North and West. The East does not have the numbers, but has the academic fortitude, which in the world of politics, is a zero sum effect. If we Africans intend to govern ourselves successfully and effectively, we must stop looking for perfect outcomes and start learning to seek workable alternatives. Nigeria already has a constitution that effectively prevented Obasanjo from seeking a third term. If that statute continues to guide Nigeria along its leadership deliberations, Yara Adua will soon serve his term and be gone. The BBC website had this artcle on why the planned demonstration against the outcome of the elctions never materialized and this fellow responded by saying,
"why should I risk my life for a few elitist politicians who do not
care for the suffering masses."
Would have a perfect election changed anything in Nigeria? I wonder!


I have no respect for political feymen nor any type of feymen.


It is sometimes frustrating to read some of the commends on this forum. I am pondering trying to know what the Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi did wrong here. He surely does not have the resources to charter a helicopter or has the strength to walk the many miles into a swampy mangrove forest to get to the crash site at the moment. On the other hand, the President of the Nation or the Transport Minister should have at least showed some concern about the issue with the mass of recourses available to them. Fru Ndi has done what any worthy state person in his capacity will do, in reaching out to the crash victims families and lending what ever support he and the party can possibly offer. It seems some people and just sitting and waiting for Fru Ndi to make any move for them to start throwing accusations or finding faults with whatever he does or says.
Sending a congratulatory message to the President Elect of Nigeria is but normal for any Statesman or official from a neighboring Country like Cameroon to do. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. It is not for us to judge the conduct of the Nigerian elections or legitimacy of the President Elect of Nigeria. That will be an unlawful infringement into the affairs of a neighboring nation. After all the other contenders in the election have already conceded victory and throw their support behind Yar Adua including the second runner Buhari.


I hope if Mr Biya rigs our own elections and all foreign presidents and citizens send him messages of congratulations, we would laud them for doing so. Its a shame.


Gentlemen, it seems beyond pardon and totally incomprehensible to fault Mr. Fru Ndi for anything. I say this with all sincerity.

Worrying about why he (Fru Ndi) didn't visit the crash site is no point at all. Now tell me, which do you prefer; visiting the crash site or paying homage and sympathy to all families of the victims from doorstep to doorstep. We know people from what they say and do. Fru Ndi is translating his mind...his usual merciful, compassionate and passionate nature. I strongly believe that that is him! First of all he gave the government and the other 200 political parties or so, a lot of time before criticising them. So out of the over 200 political parties only the SDF has a heart for the depressed, and the suffering. Fru Ndi is just being Fru Ndi by this kind and humane gesture. This is not the first...the June 2001 Limbe disaster is a glaring example where Fru Ndi himself visited the area, walked in the mud, bushy foot paths, hills and even right where the water came from, talked to the victims and tried his best to relieve them of their pain and anguish. I was there in person! My two apartment houses were gone. At least his presence re-inkindled hope in us that there're people from far and near who sympathise with us. Late Ma Rose even went to her farm, and harvested loads of potatoes for the victims.

Let's keep age and physical stamina aside, the SDF doesn't have the whereithal to hire an helicopter so that the chairman could assess the site, for he has all the power to push the leaves and trees and fight through to the site. I'd rather blame the shadow transport minister for not doing his job.

Fru Ndi is a Socialist. He doesn't condone dictatorship and election malpractice. Y'aradua is president-elect of Nigeria as things stand. Whether he opposes the election or not doesn't change the status quo. If Fru Ndi is voted president of Cameroon tomorrow how would you want his relationship with Ya'radua look like? Sometimes you gain points when you sit quiet without commenting on issues. He may as well know that elections in Nigeria were rigged, though way better than what happens in Cameroon. But he keeps quiet and is rather bent on promoting a healthy Cameroon/Nigeria relationship. After all who says politics is not a game of quid pro quo...a game of interest...the interest of your people.

The son.


When Biya rigs our elections ,and is elected President ,he becomes the guarantor of the political system in Cameroon.All the friends,and enemies of Cameroon will send messages to him as the President of Cameroon,not as the person who rigged elections to become president.If the citizens of a country cannot standup to a president that rigs elections ,they should not expect foreigners to condemn the president-elect, and maybe see the results of the elections miraculously change.It is just like SCNC activists here saying they want to gain the independence of the Southern Cameroons through pacifism. Anytime there`s an incident,they will wait for a foreign court to decide their fate,and when the problem is over ,we will never hear anyone talking about courts.Condemning foreign dignitaries who extend
congratulations to an elected president still shows how helpless people can be when it comes to deciding their fate.Politics itself is a dirty game,and the person who triumphs at the end is always congratulated by both his enemies,and supporters.
Now Fru Ndi is quite a ripe politician.
He knows exactly when the SDF has to come in when there are crises.We have seen this in many instances,UB,Bali,Foe`s death,you name them.He knows the party cannot use these type of difficult situations for political capital,so his intervention has always been measured ,and at the right time.
We should desist from giving the idea that salvation can only come from abroad.We see why some of them have now taken to their heels to go and vote abroad,why calling on their peopple back home not to do same.Subjugation is subjugation,and people vote to reject this.When people vote in Scotland,and finally need alliances to be able to carry out a referandum,those in Cameroon can also vote,and carve out their own alliances.The end result is that they want to reject a system they do not like.
Finally,it is very easy to give political leasons,just as it is easy to call people scum.But what this teaches us is that when you beat your parents,ask them to shut up in the presence of others,use swear words often
,you look at all humanbeings as being inextricably linked to the your changing mood.When you are happy ,you treat them well
and when you are unhappy,you call them names.That is why on this forum we have at times picked up the words of these dare-devils and placed them squarely in front of them,and everybody knows how they will thunder,and will want to disappear into the earth.

Fritzane Kiki HK

A political defeatist will only know how to plagiarise and make empty noise.He can only carry out his failed political agenda by constantly lamenting on the wrongs of his boss.A toothless bulldog will never protect his family.His failed adventure is due to his lack of any concrete political decisions than those favoring his henchmen and himself.The Kenyan Airways calamity is however important to Cameroon as a whole not only to the president.I guess if he would have visited this site then that's when he could have been castigating Biya.

They both are suffering from thesame tragic flaws.They claim to have finished their missions confered on them by the people yet they still remain in thesame position with no objective or dynamic changes for almost two decades.The don't care of the plight of their people than to call them every year to cast the ballot in long lines at polling stations.We recently see how Tony Blair declared his resignation after 10 years of rule and he says "this is enough for me since I have completed a mission in my tenure as the British PM".

But look at the old boy in Mvomeka and his opposition bro in Ntarikom,whose 25 and 16 years means nothing to them.They are still playing the game.After 90 minutes they will tell us prolongation,then later to penalty shut outs.Little doubt they call Biya The Political Maradonna and Fru the Opposition Pele.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


From what we write, readers will know who we are and our levels.

Those who condemn all that Fru Ndi says, and at the same time pretend to be against the Biya´s regime should suggest how they expect change to come to the country. If those who have attain a certain level of education and are in diaspora still have the mentality some of you portray here, I bet you Cameroon will never see change. It is all a digrace.
Those who fault Fru Ndi for the message of congratulation to the new Nigerian head of state,Yar´Adua, are politically naive and should do a bit of research about international politics to have themselves informed.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Those who think they can use this forum to cajole and lull more sympatizers for their party are working on a deficit.

They claim to 'love' their chairman by blindly supporting him.Please don't forget the adage that 'once you have sexual intercourse with someone it is very easy for you to still have it another time'.Fru Ndi who left the CPDM in the 1988 parliamentary race was in love with Biya, before claiming to be an opposition party leader now.That love of an ex-boyfriend is still there.They should advice him to make the party was it was yesterday,by bringing in those 'inner voices' of the party whom he dismissed or forced to resigned,because of his dictatorial policies and selfish agenda.He occassionally threatens those who oppose the legitimacy of his decisions.Like father like sons.Those who think they can empower an individual for 16 years in the name of an opposition ruler are freedom-hating individuals.

A party that was created due to the blood splitted from the masses is now under hostage of a single extremist group, who holds an optismistic view that they are winning the battle,while the party is loosing its popularity and nation-wide support.Their venerated arrogance has made them too hostile to reconcile others' ideas for tackling the CPDM cankerworm.

The politics of audacity which is practised from the Ntarikom kingdom with its descriminatory laws and by-laws.The only advice is for those protagonists holding grip of the party,making it as a monolithic property to allow criticisms from without,about their disastrous mismanagement and abuse of power,which has cost its declining popularity in the recent years.This will be the only blessing in disguise the party can achieve.If not then they will be exposing their belonging to a vicious circle of masqueraded politicians.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


NJFN did nothing wrong in criticising the handling of the crash by the Biya regime. All us us read how even the minister of transport of Kenya was able to visit the site before La Republiques transport minister. That portrays some neglect on the part of our administrators. As per NJFN visiting the crash site, we cannot fault him for that as he might not have been able to go there earlier. It even took days before the victims families could be allowed to visit the site as security forces did concealed the site to recover items to aid the investigations.
It is very easy to problematise everything esspecially when it is linked to our enemy. When Biya sent a delegation headed by Achidi Achu to Omar Mbongo's president for life ceremony, we did'nt call it an internal affair for Gabon or something of the sort. Gabonese like ourselves were criticising him for legitimising a dictatorial regime. I think NJFN would have better stayed quiet on the Yar'Adua issue. The political implications of his message of congratulations to Yar'adua can be arguably thought of as concealed in his thrust for fraud if it favours him. It is right to think that we have to stand up to our leaders and moderate things for ourselves. But i think it is wrong for us to congratulate someone who took power through unscrupulous means. That includes those who rigged elections and those who came to power through coups. We all know that nations are protected by their neighbours. It would be a good thing for Nigeria like most of our neighbours and friends to help us defend our own democracy. But they can only do that if their own democracy is properly conducted. We all know that the problems we have are many. To solve all these problems, we need to be able to look beyond our understanding of things. That is why i say all of us are somewhat guilty and we should not just blame NJFN or Biya everytime there is a crises. But we should help them build an approach to politics that is normatively adaptive and culturally acceptable. What do you think a common man would think, esspecially someone who knows how the elections in Nigeria were conducted. That is the issue at stake. It is just like our kids who take feymen for role models simply because politicians and affluent people dine with them. Finally, nobody here is the parent of someone that can talk for his parents.


Tita Mofaw

Most of the comments to Fru Ndi,s reaction on the above issue is no suprise to me and should not be a suprise to many folks who are used to debates on this forum. I suppose it is common knowledge now that many of us say stuffs because we just want to say things.
What is wrong in criticising the head of state and his cabinate for not sympathising with victims of a calamity that took place in their backyard? I have never witnessed something like this anywhere in the world.Even the likes of Idi Amin, Mobuto, Saddam Hussein and so on would probably have shown their faces at the site of the accidents to express their condolences to the bereaved families.

I don't think it would have been a good idea for Ni John to rush to the scene (even if he had the means) before the commander in chief of la republique. He did the right thing to wait and realising that popo and Inoni had no intention to show up, he launched his attacked. Those who critise him would only have made a point if he sad and folded his arms. He has decided to meet the victims individually and sympathise with them. Isn't that something we should applaud him for?

If Nigerians accept their president elect what right has any foreigner got to oppose him? If the elections were rigged or the circumstances under which the president was elected are controversial then you guys might have a point to suggest that Ni John should rather have stayed quite.




That NJFN would have better stayed quiet on the Yar'Adua issue is a point. However, as it has already been said, politics is a dirty game. Given that Nigerian opposition finally succumbed to the out come of the election, it is imperative that anybody who thinks of doing politics with Nigeria makes a public statement.And Fru did just the right thing.
Anybody who continues to condemn the out come of the election in Nigeria will only strain his relationship with Nigeria for nothing because it will not create an impact. The impact can only come from Nigeria themselves. If Nigerians were on the streets and Fru Ndi went ahead to send a message of congratulation, I would have accepted with you that it is not correct.

In our attempt to crucify Fru Ndi, let us sometimes reflect and ask ourselves the following question: How many political leaders are in Cameroon and how many have created an impact to reverse the state of political affairs?

I think everyone here will accept that Fru Ndi, despite his short comings has performed more any other opposition leader. The real problem rocking the SDF and slowing down political change came from those members of the SDF who thought change was going to come so easily. When the road became too long, they unjustifiably returned to the very CPDM that they had critized.
To sum up, Cameroonians hold their destiny and should not expect foreigners to come and fight the Biya regime. To those who write before they think, it will be important to ask yourself the following each time: How will "my" what I write contibute to bring the much needed change in Cameroon? And in addition, election are coming up, if the SDF is bad, which party do we think is better that the SDF that we want to encourage others to support or our target is to critize everything SDF?
Kiki, just reflect a bit and stop being a disgrace.


How interesting is it to see people who keep away from the SDF in the morning, and when they write two articles about the SCNC at noon and nobody pays attention to them,they come in through the window in the evening camping out online about Fru Ndi.When people can`t analyse a single situation in their life with clarity,they should not pretend to master events.What is the common denominator between Achidi Achu going to assist in the inauguration of Omar Bongo,and Fru Ndi verbally congratulating the elected president of Nigeria? If the Nigerian authorities were lurked in disputes over who won,Fru Ndi would not dare send a message to anyone,but so long as one candidate was declared winner,and the decision has not been overturned,Diplomatic norms permit all would leaders to send him messages of congratulations.This however does not bar these world leaders from having reservations about the conduct of the elections.
Implicitly Fru Ndi who has ben a victim of election fraud would not be the one to endorse any leader accused of fraud ,if he has not been declared the winner.Kids don`t want to take after feymen because these feymen dine with politicians, and affluent people.Kids copy feymen because of their individual style,which may range from being courageous,being smart to outplay others
and their sense of fashion.Politicians don`t teach feymen how to do their jobs.Nigeria can only help us protect our democracy,but she has no leverage over us,just as we have no right to meddle in their internal affairs.If Fru Ndi were to come out in public and charge the Nigerian President-elect for having stolen his victory,he would have created terrible diplomatic crisis between our two countries.
This would also put a question mark on his leadership qualities.Ethiopia has been meddling in Eritrea's internal problems,and this has plunged the whole area into crisis.
Burkina Faso has been doing same with Cote D'Ivoire,and we all know the consequences.We all know those Cpdm families who have joined some big world powers to run down the SDF and keep Biya in power,because they say he has brought stability to the region,but we must make it clear to them that Neocolonialism will not work with the SDF.
They can even pretend to leave the SDF alone,and come back and pretend to be as meek as a sheep,but we all know what makes them run.


Eyengue said "Mr John Fru Ndi,
Shut-up!!!! With the resources available in Cameroon could you or your SDF have done any better? Mr Ndi you are known for your attitude of "easy said than done". How could you have handle it."
Now these are the people (eyngue and like-minded) who are a cankerworm to our society. When CPDM bigwigs steal billions and go unpenalised, they never clamour about the whereabouts "resources available in Cameroon".Alphonse Siyam Siewe 16 billion Frs CFA, Ondo Ndong 52 billion Frs CFA, Tobo Eyoum, Mbotoo a Ngon etc the list is inexhaustive. So the problem has never been that of availability resources!

Many of us have forgotten that the renovation of Douala International Airport and equipments for civil aviation have been on state budget permanently ever since Achidi Achu was Prime minister. Year in year out,millions are allocated but no work done. Contrivances are achaic, the system inefficient and the personnel distraught. Contracts are allocated, fictitious and alibi displacements are done and with the lacklustre CPDM attitude, there is no progress made.
We have been trying to make the CPDM copy just 10 % of SDF's system where MPs who misuse even just 8 million Frs CFA face the people and account for their conduct. As such, human weaknesses are controlled to a large extent. So the answer to many of these problems we spend hours commenting on is more democracy and bringing those running the affairs of the nation directly responsible to the PEOPLE. It is less about meagre resources. Far from that.

As to whether Ni John Fru Ndi was supposed to visit the site before criticising, I agree. I found out and was informed that the Chairman had planned to visit the site last friday before government rushed to seal the place for fear of an epidemic due to the stench in the mangrooves and rapid decomposition in that equatorial oven. As Akoson said before, Ni John Fru Ndi does not have the attitude of shying away from charnel places and sharing the grief of those distressed. When Cameroon Airline crashed in Youpwe, he was the only political leader who braved the mangroove waters of the creek to visit the site. When the petrol blast occured in Nsam Efoulan, he was again the only political leader sighted with the misfortuned in the heart of Beti land. When Mount Cameroon erupted leaving hundreds stranded, we saw him arrive with matresses, foodstuff and words of encouragement. When fire ravaged the Mokolo market, he was still the only public figure who personally showed up to be informed about the cause and extent of damage. Of recent, when the Bawock people returned home and media attention abated, he showed up with his own small token to help the houseless in Bawock. The list can go on and on, but it shows us that to have the interest of the people at heart, one does not need to have mega-resources. It would be a good start to show concern and LISTEN to the distressed. Because as we learn in modern democracies, it is only through disaster that a system can know how prepared it is and learn to avert such in future.
In Cameroon, the rulers sit and fold their arms because there are "no resources" as Eyengue would put it. Like I said a while ago, this is the worst type of government a country can have. Terrible!


Rexon,i find your last comment objective.Keep it up pal.I do need a few clarifications though,if you dont mind.
When yoy say,"That portrays some neglect on the part of our administrators",who are you talking about?'We'the Scots, Swedes, Ambazonians or SCians?That's assuming you dont mean Camerounian;because if you do then it means you recognize yourself as a citizen(at any rate you are) and can definitely become president there;moreso NJFN despite Hogbe Nlend's rantings.Its nice to see you come around pal,it sure is.Cheers


It was disillusioning that some on this thread took sides with Paul Biya claiming that Cameroon is a country of limited resources.

If we veer into this direction of discussion we will soon land back onto the issue of financial misappropriation in Cameroon!

The Biya regimen through this tragic crash incidence has clearly showed their inability to propect, guide and sympatise with the cameroonian people in the phase of adversity.

While the Kenya president declared in a day of national mourning, rendered condolence speeches his Cameroonian countpart is still to utter a statement. An 35 of his country men perished in that accident! The people he is supposed to protect and guide wisely.

Sometimes i am left amazed how certain countries react promptly when a single citizen of theirs is facing a difficult plight especially in a foreign country.

I have the conviction that a score of Cameroonians must have perished in the Tsunami incident that ravished Asia some years ago. Again, thier names and fate which we are not certain of must have been written off as just another statistic.

When I held a Cameroonian passport for the time I have lived out of that country, there was never a day i did not fear for what might become of me if I met a disaster. Several cases exsit where Cameroonians have died abroad and it was virtually imppossible to get any kind of assistance or intervention from the foreign missions in these respective countries which represent them. Yet they charge exobitant prices just to renew a passport. What lack of resources are wetalking about?

African governements do not need to amass wealth to show simple concern for its citizery. Once one accepts to lead a country by virtue, one has accepted to give up rights to sleep and wake up whenever to the service and exigences of his or her people.

When 32 university kids were killed by a gunman gone beserk in the US recently, even the dumbhead BUSH paid a visit to console with the family of the victims. He left the mighty stately duties of running an entire world power nation in favour of 32 unknown kids.

The ability to rule is not in the kind of suits one comes in, nor the kind of palace in which one lives nor the kind of flamboyant lifestyle one can portray. This seems to be the central dogma of African governance.

I hate to hold a passport belonging to a country other than the one of my provenance. However because i am a citizen of a nation that garantees a certain high level of my security which is a pivotal human rights, I feel relatively safe in in my worldly soujourning!

Fru Ndi is not a saint and I do not particularly meddle in Cameroonian politics as their is no streak of black and white in it, but he is absolutely right at his discontentment of the dismal show of support from the Cameroonian authorities on the issues surrounding the crash of the Kenyam airways plane in Cameroon.

I find it extremely hard to be buried in a humid swamp rotting away in my own country and the people who swore to protect me are sitting about aimless in their monstrous evil acquired villas feasting away. I dont believe there is any sort of moral justification to this kind of misdemeanour!


It was disillusioning that some on this thread took sides with Paul Biya claiming that Cameroon is a country of limited resources.

If we veer into this direction of discussion we will soon land back onto the issue of financial misappropriation in Cameroon!

The Biya regimen through this tragic crash incidence has clearly showed their inability to propect, guide and sympatise with the cameroonian people in the phase of adversity.

While the Kenyan president declared a day of national mourning, rendered condolence speeches, his Cameroonian countpart is still to utter a statement. And 35 of his country men perished in that accident! The people he is supposed to protect and guide wisely.

Sometimes i am left amazed how certain countries react promptly when a single citizen of theirs is facing a difficult plight especially in a foreign country.

I have the conviction that a score of Cameroonians must have perished in the Tsunami incident that ravished Asia some years ago. Again, thier names and fate which we are not certain of must have been written off as just another statistic.

When I held a Cameroonian passport for the time I have lived out of that country, there was never a day i did not fear for what might become of me if I met a disaster. Several cases exist where Cameroonians have died abroad and it was virtually imppossible to get any kind of assistance or intervention from the foreign missions in these respective countries which represent them. Yet they charge exobitant prices just to renew a passport. What lack of resources are we talking about?

African governments do not need to amass wealth to show simple concern for its citizery. Once one accepts to lead a country by virtue, one has accepted to give up rights to sleep and wake up whenever, to the service and exigences of his or her people.

When 32 university kids were killed by a gunman gone beserk in the US recently, even the dumbhead BUSH paid a visit to console with the family of the victims. He left the mighty stately duties of running an entire world power nation in favour of 32 unknown kids.

The ability to rule is not in the kind of suits one comes in, nor the kind of palace in which one lives nor the kind of flamboyant lifestyle one can portray but in the humanly ability to identify and deal promptly with pressing issues representing those that he or she rules.

I hate to hold a passport belonging to a country other than the one of my provenance. However because i am a citizen of a nation that garantees a certain high level of my security which is a pivotal human right, I now feel relatively safe in my worldly soujourning!

Fru Ndi is not a saint and I do not particularly meddle in Cameroonian politics as there is not a fine streak of black and white in it, but he is absolutely right at his discontentment of the dismal show of support from the Cameroonian authorities on the issues surrounding the crash of the Kenyam airways plane in Cameroon.

I find it extremely hard to be buried in a humid swamp rotting away in my own country and the people who swore to protect me are sitting about aimless in their monstrous evil acquired villas feasting away. I dont believe there is any sort of moral justification to this kind of misdemeanour!


In light of all that happened in Cameroon, I strongly believe some hugh mistakes were done here, mostly from our leaders. Talking and dirty politics is easy, lets learn from other countries like Kenya, Ghana etc and do better for our people. Get new technology, upgrade those old radars, set in place a good crisis intervention team with skills not bureacrate, be serious about being part of a fast moving economy other countries are doing well, why not us, my dear top officials think about the future of Cameroon.


It is astonishing how people instead of giving credit where it is due turn around and only examine the flaws in the action of a political leader.If Fru Ndi stayed quiet without criticising Biya he would be faulted as the leading opposition leader for remaining silent.He criticises Biya for failing to rapidly respond to a catastrophy people ask him what he has done.Of Biya and Fru Ndi, who had resources at his disposal to immediately and rapidly respond to that unfortunate incident? Is it not shameful that the Kenyan transport minister arrived the scene before his Cameroonian Counterpart? Chairman Fru Ndi has never failed to respond to disaster, be they natural or man made.His recent trip to Bawock is eloquent testimony.Government's reaction to the recent unfortunate incident is a reflection of the situation in Cameroon. A group of oligarchs who do not care about anything.Congratulating the Nigerian head of State wether the elections were flawed or not is a diplomatic move.Even the SCNC leaders ought to have done same.Nigeria is a strategic neighbour and could help in their struggle.Guys we need to be smart here.


I really don't see what Fru Ndi said wrong. He is perfectly correct in his critism/congratulation in this instance.


This is Cameroun Tribune's version,if it matters.

The Shadow or the Substance?

Two weeks after the painful crash of the Nairobi-bound Kenya Airways flight 507 on a Boeing 737-800 all that seems to be left in the minds of many aggrieved relatives and loved ones of all those who perished, is the handling of the crash.

Our Kenyan colleagues were particularly prolific and rather gratuitous, in placing blame at the doorsteps of the Cameroonian authorities. The bone of contention, at one time, seemed so much on the errors in locating the crash site. That was blamed on Cameroon! Then, even when the debris of the aircraft was found, Cameroonian authorities were not spared the wrath of our Kenyan colleagues, who found fault along the line. The Cameroonian civil aviation authorities were accused, inter-alia, of negligence, giving authority for a flight, when it was well known that climatic conditions were not favourable for navigation… And as if this was not enough, Kenya’s leading daily – The Nation – yesterday threw oil into the fire of an already-burning crisis. Hear this strange position in an editorial in “The Nation”, “… Cameroonian authorities have not handled (our people) with the compassion they needed at this dark hour in their lives… for example, they were unhappy that they could not be allowed to visit the scene of the crash or go to the mortuaries to view the remains so far recovered… equally, questions have been raised about investigations especially in view of the fact that locating the crash site took nearly two days, yet it is just a stone’s throw away from Douala Airport.”

Need we really give lessons to our very experienced colleagues at The Nation? If it is absolutely necessary and, in a desire to set the records straight, it should be stated for the umpteenth time that: one: contacts between the Douala control tower and the aircraft were lost within minutes of the plane’s take off. That can happen even in the most modern airport in the world! Two: The Toulouse control center oversees operations around the world, notably over the African airspace. How then, could have investigators gone elsewhere when the Toulouse Centre directed them to a different location elsewhere in Cameroon and where Cameroonian authorities deployed investigators within hours of the announcement of the missing aircraft? Three: Need we remind our Kenyan brothers and sisters that we are in a mangrove swamp, in a typical tropical forest where movement and locating any incident easily cannot be taken for granted. Four: Must we understand the criticism of our Kenyan colleagues as an absence of sensitivity on the party of the Cameroonian authorities even when they lost 34 citizens against Kenya’s nine? Could we, then be getting into a situation where sympathizers are crying rather than the bereaved? Or simply that Kenyan lives are more valuable than Cameroonian lives?

The generalized grief engendered by this sad incident calls for moments of prayer such as Presidents Paul Biya and Mwai Kibaki have been promoting in several initiatives in Cameroon and Kenya. And not for throwing oil into the fire as some people, rather insensitive to the real import of the crash on numerous families, have been doing from the comfort of their armchairs.

A visit to the crash site at Mbanga-Pongo confirms this: Even if a rescue team would have arrived at the scene, even ten minutes after the crash, what could it have done? When an aircraft dives violently into a mangrove, burying itself 40 to 60 metres into the ground, what can humans, who at the best have to trek for some ten kilometers to get to the site, really do?

With regard to post-crash management, Cameroon has also distinguished itself by ensuring that the competent ministerial departments get down to the disaster area to respond to what may be required of them.



L’éclairage de Ignatus Sama Juma:«La procédure a été suivie»

L’éclairage de Ignatus Sama Juma, directeur général de l’Autorité aéronautique civile du Cameroun.
Qu’est-ce qui est à l’origine du crash du vol KQ 507 de la compagnie Kenya Airways ?

Quand vous parlez de l’origine, vous voulez sûrement me pousser à la spéculation. Une commission d’enquête est créée et c’est elle qui pourra déterminer ce qui est à l’origine de ce crash. Pour le moment, nous ne savons pas grand’chose.

Pourquoi l’appareil a-t-il décollé dans les conditions particulièrement difficiles que l’on sait ?

La décision de décoller est la responsabilité totale du commandant de bord. Il connaît les performances de son avion. On lui a communiqué toutes les informations météorologiques. Même à bord, il a un radar météo en couleur qui doit lui montrer les zones orageuses, et s’il décide de partir, c’est sa responsabilité.

La tour de contrôle de l’aéroport n’avait-elle pas la possibilité de le retenir ?

Il faut savoir comment ça se passe. La tour de contrôle donne toutes les conditions, et c’est le pilote qui décide de partir. Et on ne peut pas l’en empêcher. Surtout que dans un premier temps, il avait demandé l’autorisation de la mise en route des moteurs. On la lui a donnée. Les moteurs ont tourné pendant dix minutes, et il les a arrêtés. Il a même constaté que les conditions météorologiques ne faisaient que se détériorer. 17 minutes plus tard, il a redemandé l’autorisation. Donc, il était conscient de tout ce qui se passait. Dans l’aviation, on ne peut pas l’en empêcher. La tour de contrôle ne peut empêcher le décollage d’un avion que s’il a violé les règlements du pays.

Pouvait-on retrouver des survivants immédiatement après le crash de cet avion à Mbanga Pongo?

Une semaine plus tard, on a bien établi qu’il n’y avait pas de possibilité de retrouver de survivants. La question des survivants est exclue. J’étais sur le site, ce n’était pas possible d’envisager des survivants. Mais vous savez dans quel état nous avons trouvé les corps. Je ne sais pas si on a trouvé des corps de gens qui sont décédés deux, trois ou quatre heures après.

Pourquoi donc toutes ces difficultés à retrouver l’épave?

Etant donné que l’avion a décollé en plein orage, et que c’était la nuit, on ne l’a pas vu tomber. On devait se fier simplement aux signaux de détresse que cet avion devait émettre. Ces signaux devaient être captés par le satellite du centre de coordination qui devait transmettre les coordonnées géographiques où l’on pouvait localiser l’avion. Malheureusement, la balise n’a fonctionné qu’une ou deux secondes et s’est arrêtée, parce qu’elle s’est complètement écrasée. On l’a retrouvée endommagée avant-hier. C’est la raison pour laquelle les signaux n’ont pas été confirmés. On s’est dirigé vers les coordonnées géographiques que le centre de Toulouse nous a données, à 150 km, pour retrouver l’épave. Ce qu’il faut dire c’est qu’on a contacté la gendarmerie pour qu’elle contacte à son tour toutes les brigades du Littoral, pour leur dire qu’il y a un avion qui a disparu. Et ainsi, si la population le trouve, qu’elle le signale. C’est ainsi que finalement, un chasseur est venu donner l’information aux forces de l’ordre. Et en vérifiant, on a retrouvé l’épave. Cependant, si on nous donnait ces informations, et qu’on n’allait pas là-bas, alors que l’avion s’y trouvait, qu’est-ce qu’on allait dire ? Il y a des règles bien déterminées. Il faut savoir que la procédure a été suivie. Il y a même certains pays où on prend plus d’une semaine pour retrouver l’épave d’un avion. Ce n’est pas le premier cas. Il faut aussi savoir qu’il y a eu une bonne volonté de tous les acteurs dans les recherches. Nous avons épuisé toutes les possibilités en notre disposition.

Avait-on d’autres moyens pour déterminer la position de cette épave ?

Nous n’avons pas d’autres moyens pour savoir. Et je ne sais pas s’il y a d’autres aéroports au monde qui pouvaient deviner où se trouve l’avion sans faire des recherches. Pour la surveillance des aéronefs dans l’espace aérien il y a deux méthodes : le contact radio et le contact par radar de surveillance. Nous n’avons pas ce radar de surveillance. Mais ce sont deux méthodes parallèles. Il faut savoir que la méthode d’installation des radars est un plus. Mais l’organisation de l’aviation civile internationale accepte que le contrôle de circulation se fasse par radio. C’est comme cela que de longue date les aéroports de Yaoundé, Douala et Garoua fonctionnent sur contact radio.

Quel temps a mis l’avion en l’air avant de s’écraser?

Personne ne peut dire exactement ce qui s’est passé. Quand l’avion est parti, la tour de contrôle attendait qu’il appelle pour dire où il est. Et quand la tour l’a rappelé et qu’il n’y a pas eu de réponse, elle s’est inquiétée.

A-t-on déjà quelques pistes pour l’enquête ?

Il y a une commission d’enquête qui est mise en place. Son installation est d’ailleurs prévue ce vendredi par le ministre des Transports. C’est une décision collégiale que les membres de cette commission doivent prendre, en vue de choisir le centre qui va procéder au décryptage des boîtes noires. C’est-à-dire la lecture des paramètres enregistrés lors du vol. On va regarder sérieusement pour trouver des traces qui peuvent nous donner la bonne piste. On ne va pas se précipiter. Les boîtes noires vont être exploitées. Les familles endeuillées veulent certes récupérer les corps. Mais une fois l’identification terminée, on pourra remettre les corps.


© Cameroon Tribune


Courtesy of CIN

Fritzane Kiki HK

We all are emotionally traumatised and touched espcially when I heard that my friend was amongst those 35 Cameroonians killed.His name was Ngwa though he used his junior man's passport to travel for his usual bi-monthly business trips to Asia and Hong Kong in particular.He was here in Hong Kong in February while I was in Cameroon.A sad note indeed.He was an English lecturer in Mainland China before embarking on full time business.He worked in CHina for some close to 3 years.

May his soul rest in peace.You are clearly right there.Most of the time when a calamity of this capacity happens the families are supposed to be consoled but that not withstanding we should blame it on the politicians as a whole,who have taken human beings as mere tools for their twist and turn games.Someone like Biya has lost sense of feeling.He is just as inhuman creature as his closest men.Since most of the victims are from the Southern Cameroons and most of them businessmen and women Biya sees no need to pay them their last hommage.He prefares to send his unskilled gendermaries to collect the Black Box without knowing the content.

Fru's aim of first visiting the NorthWest for his bereaved trip is reasonable thoug not the best decisions since it is what has been his major setback when he concetrates his political strategies only in a single sphere of influence;the North West.We are contended that we even have a supposed opposition party to run for elections whenever Biya calls for them.The politics of audacity is predominent within the Opposition leaders where their loudest condemnation of any unusual move from Biya will only to shout out their lungs in newspapers and later receive salaries and stipends in their hiding.

The poverty striken opposition few have been made to soccumb to all the whims and caprices of the Biya regime where since most of them where offered ministerail positions,there have never been any bycott of elections,Instead, they are happy to accept of haven taken monies for the 'party's use',when the people are made to understand the opposite.However,the end of the time is not the time of the end,leaders come and leaders go.Parties stay.A cross-section of Cameroonians prefare these generation of authoritarians and dictatorial governments,which have ripped them from their basic rights,freedom,and brough a widespread corruption and abuse of their authority to leave.

Those stereotypical sympatizers should remain head-ups to see what will befall them in the nearest future,when Paul and John will declare their fresh semi-final replay match for the upcoming presidential run-up.Just a tip of the iceberg.Let's wish them long lives,in their tenures,so that our children's children will have a tale to tell their children.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Looking at the previous contribution and the current one above made by this guy called Fritzane Kiki, Can someone help me to bring out what this fellow really want to pass across? Must all of us contribute even when we don´t have anything to offer?
Really funny.

Che Sunday

My commentary on this topic blamed the Chairman for not visiting the crash site and I still hold the same position. Not so much because its a mistake on his part, but because its an opportunity lost. His presence there would have left some touching memories in the minds of the berieved families. Since the drug adicts in government failed to show up, he would have been the most notable Cameroon figure to be at the scene. That too would give him a more prominent image in the minds of the international community. Politics is a game of strategies and opportunities should be capitalized on. If you don't believe me, watch out and see if his name will not come up on the guest list when Yar Adua's innuguration comes around.
It will be Nigeria's indirect way of getting under Biya's skin.


It is already clear that even if Ni Fru Ndi wanted to visit the crash site, the authorities would not have allowed that to happen. Many relatives of the victims and even members of the foreign press and other organizations have been turned away from visiting the crash site by the Cameroonian authorities. I strongly applaud the kind gestures of the Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi in reaching out to the crash victims families and I pray Him to continue to be the example that he is and has always been.
As for the Tyrant Mr Paul Biya, your day is getting closer and there is nothing you can do to stop your tragic end. The higher you go, the harder you fall. God has been hearing the cries and sufferings of the poor and helpless people of Cameroon and deliverance is near. Stay Put..

Fritzane Kiki HK

The only advice I can give you is to go back to your Father's palace since you are the heir of your father's numerous wives.Fon ..... of ......Your place is in the palace.Than to be passing around here in the name of an educationist.I will ever remain anti-partisan I am not interested in your dirty game of politics in La Republique.Don't bit about the bush.You are now waiting to have crumbs from your party small 'bourse' offered by the CPDM during the election due to your political fanaticism,but it will fail you people.Neither Fru nor Biya feed me and my family,so I have nothing to loose or gain from either of them.You will not succeed not in this forum,to win support for your party,if you are flip-flopping and remain adamant to accept failures and possible solutions to your party's plight.How can your short-sightedness allow you to decipher right from wrong.You claim to be a learned educationist,yet you can't read simple sentences in my write-ups.Read along the lines.

Che Sunday,
You are right.The chairman was supposed to visit the sight before pointing accusing fingers at others.There is little doubt that the newly elected Nigerian president Yar'Adua will invite Fru and Biya in his inaugural ceremony.The chairman will possibly be invited to take part with his boss in Mvomeka to dine and wine as usual.They are like birds of thesame feathers that flock together but claims to be in opposing camps.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Fritzane Kiki,
Do you think that you understood the Erudite Che Sunday? Read again what he wrote and see if it has any relationship with the trash that you have written. May be you ask him why he thinks Fru Ndi will be invited for the inaugural ceremony. It is the same thing you mentioned Eyallow´s name above even when what he wrote was not related to your refractory insularity.
You are realy a laughing stock.


Colonial-Era Ties to Africa
Face a Reckoning in France
Secretive and Powerful
'Cell' Suffers Blows
As Controversies Grow
May 16, 2007; Page A1

On the evening of March 4, 10 French paratroopers reached Birao, Central African Republic, and dropped near an airstrip captured by rebel militia. The paratroopers ambushed the rebels, killing several and reclaiming the airport for the government.

In France, neither the public nor parliament was informed of the attack for three weeks. Coordinating the mission was the "Cellule Africaine," a three-person office nestled behind the Elysée, France's presidential palace. This wasn't the first time the office has been involved in the Central African Republic's internal affairs: In 1979, France toppled the former colony's self-proclaimed emperor and reinstalled his predecessor.

For the past half-century, the secretive and powerful "African Cell" has overseen France's strategic interests in Africa, holding sway over a wide swath of former French colonies. Acting as a general command, the Cell uses France's military as a hammer to install leaders it deems friendly to French interests. In return, these countries give French industries first crack at their oil and other natural resources. Sidestepping traditional diplomatic channels, the Cell reports only to one person: the president.

But with France's new President Nicolas Sarkozy preparing to assume office later today, the African Cell's days may be numbered. There are accusations the French military bears some responsibility for the genocide of 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, charges the government strenuously denies. There's fierce debate over the French military's continuing presence in the Ivory Coast, where soldiers were dispatched in 2002 when rebels threatened to overthrow President Laurent Gbagbo.

The Cell's close ties to oil giant Elf Aquitaine, where top executives were jailed on corruption charges, were a source of embarrassment. And a former Cell chief is now facing charges related to arms trafficking to Angola.

Critics say the Cell's support of nondemocratic African regimes, an artifact of France's colonial past, is preventing these nations from making progress to modernity. And Africa, once evidence of imperial grandeur, is now viewed by many French as the source of a continuing flood of poor immigrants.

'Tight Lid'

Even African leaders who once had a privileged relationship with Paris are beginning to distance themselves. "In the 1960s, France had the means to keep a tight lid on its former colonies," said Mamadou Diop, chief of staff of Gabon President Omar Bongo. "But France and African states cannot ignore that we now live in a globalized world."

The conservative leader Mr. Sarkozy, who was elected president on May 6, has vowed to reshape France's relationship with its former colonies -- including doing away with the Cell's secretive military operations. "A large majority of Africans don't even identify with the colonial period" that led to the Cell's creation, Mr. Sarkozy said recently. "How can we keep doing things the same way?" He hasn't detailed any specific plans.

A shift in France's policy in Africa, where some 100 million people speak French, could have major repercussions on the global stage. Some believe the Cell's demise would foster democracy in these countries, helping spark an economic boom in Africa that would benefit France. But others say that without the Cell, France's presence in Africa would simply disappear.

Already, the U.S., India and China are investing heavily in Africa, hovering around what's left of French-controlled riches on the continent, including oil fields, uranium mines, resorts, port concessions, cotton groves and Air France-KLM SA's rich portfolio of landing rights.

Mining Companies

Last November, China held a summit in Beijing for 40 African leaders. In Niger, global mining companies are challenging France's effective monopoly on uranium production. Two months ago, French state-controlled nuclear company Areva SA, which operates Niger's two uranium mines, won access to only five out of 19 exploration areas being auctioned, with the rest going to Chinese, British and Canadian companies. "We've noticed a growing appetite among our competitors," said Areva spokesman Charles Hufnagel.


The News: The election of President Nicolas Sarkozy could mean the end to the 'African Cell.'
The Background: For half a century, the secretive Cell has overseen France's strategic interests in Africa.
What It Means: Some believe the Cell's demise will spark an economic boom in Africa that will help France. Others say that without the Cell, France's Africa presence will simply disappear.France's long history in Africa dates back to the 17th century, when France built up a presence there with the slave trade. After World War II, France shared control of the continent with Belgium, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Even though African countries began to gain their independence in the 1950s and 1960s, France continued to regard Africa as its backyard.

When Gen. Charles de Gaulle was elected president in 1958, France was at war with Algeria, where more much-needed oil and natural-gas reserves had just been discovered. That same year, Gen. de Gaulle instructed Jacques Foccart, the head of the first "African Cell," to keep Gabon, Ivory Coast and other sub-Saharan colonies in check. Nearly all the African colonies agreed to join a newly created "Franco-African Community," giving Paris privileged, and sometimes exclusive, access to raw materials.

At the time, France was preoccupied with the Cold War and countering Soviet influence. So it readily ignored the lack of democratic institutions and elected leaders in its former colonies. In return, the countries largely did Paris's bidding. "The Community was like a classroom where pupils had to keep quiet," said Martin Ziguélé, prime minister of the Central African Republic from 2001 to 2003 and a professor at the Political Institute of Nancy, France.

'Mr. Africa'

When the Franco-African Community collapsed because its members sought independence, Mr. Foccart, nicknamed "Mr. Africa," replaced the rigid structure with a series of defense pacts allowing France to keep military bases on the continent -- thus guaranteeing that Paris could continue to exert control over its former colonies.

Much of the Cell's efforts were directed at protecting France's economic interests. In 1964, Léon M'ba, Gabon's first elected president, was overthrown; the state-run oil firm that later became Elf Aquitaine had already begun production there. Mr. Foccart and Pierre Guillaumat, head of the state-run oil firm, decided that the French military should reinstall Mr. M'ba. The mission was a success. Nevertheless, the event prompted Paris to bolster its grip on Gabon.

So Mr. Foccart, as he explained in his memoirs, reshuffled Gabon's constitution to create a vice-president position, selecting Omar Bongo for the job. When Mr. M'ba died in 1967, Mr. Bongo became Africa's youngest head of state at age 32. Four decades later, he is still president. Total SA, the oil company that now owns Elf, commands about a third of Gabon's oil output.

African countries would often lobby to raise their standing in Paris. After the election of Socialist President François Mitterrand in 1981, two Gabonese officials arrived at Socialist party headquarters with briefcases full of cash -- a contribution by Mr. Bongo, the Gabon president. "Politely but firmly, I instructed that the delegation be sent home," recalled former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, then Socialist Party chief, in written comments responding to emailed questions.

"If Mr. Bongo, with his own money, made payments to French politicians, it was out of generosity," said Mr. Diop, chief of staff to President Bongo. "It was not to influence French elections."

Such situations made some in Paris nervous. That year, France's Cooperation Minister Jean-Pierre Cot vowed to cut financing to African dictatorships and eliminate informal networks. But Mr. Cot was deemed too revolutionary and was soon forced to resign. Mr. Mitterand restored more power to the African Cell.

In 1995, Jacques Chirac became president. Determined to have strong influence on Africa, the conservative leader brought Mr. Foccart -- "Mr. Africa" -- out of retirement and returned him to the Cell. But the conservative Mr. Chirac was soon forced to share power with a Socialist government, which was eager to curtail France's military intervention in Africa. During this period, France's grip over its former colonies loosened, and interventions became erratic.

Facing Scrutiny

By now, France's policies in Africa were facing scrutiny -- this time from investigative magistrates who had set their sights on Elf, the oil company. Working with the African Cell, Elf had built strongholds in Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville and had expanded beyond the former colonies to countries like Angola.

In 1994, judges started investigating why Elf was providing money, often via its Gabon unit, to a French textile group called Bidermann SA. The probe, and a subsequent trial in France, uncovered a maze of Elf-led offshore companies and a vast system of corruption spreading throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. While no former Cell officials were formally charged, the Elf trials raised questions about France's conduct on the continent.

Loïk Le Floch-Prigent, who was Elf chairman between 1989 and 1993 and served a prison term after being convicted of abusing company funds, said in an interview that Elf's founders were trying to ensure the company's African operations were protected from frequent violence on the continent. Mr. Le Floch-Prigent, now a free-lance energy consultant, said the system served broader French interests in Africa. "People saw only the dark side of the mechanism, and I turned into the main culprit," he said.

Michel de Bonnecorse, the current Cell chief, said such mechanisms are "things of the past." He noted that these days, the Cell's "guideline is to preserve stability." When France closed its eyes on autocratic governments in Chad or Togo, where President Gnassingbé Eyadéma ruled for 38 years until his death in 2005, it was to avoid civil war, he said. "We're being pragmatic."

Navigate Bureaucracy

Not everything the Cell deals with these days is life and death, Mr. de Bonnecorse added. He said part of his job is to help French companies navigate African bureaucracy and provide support to African leaders who need "to get their daughters into a prestigious high school in France." He played down the Cell's secretive nature, saying that while he reports directly to the president, "the defense and foreign-affairs ministries get a copy of all our memos."

Earlier this year, the Cell suffered another blow to its reputation when Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, son of the late Socialist president and head of the Cell from 1986 to 1992, was charged in a case involving the sale of $550 million of weapons to Angola between 1993 and 1994, when Angola was recovering from three decades of civil war.

In the case, a French arms dealer is suspected of having paid commissions to French politicians and intermediaries as part of the deal. Mr. Mitterand, who is set to stand trial next year, said he received commissions for helping Angola's government obtain financing for oil projects, not arms.

The Angola probe strained diplomatic relations with France. In 2004, Angola stripped Total of a large production block on its territory and soon after handed the operation to Chinese oil company Sinopec Corp. Mr. de Bonnecorse said he's tried to lessen the friction. "But when I tell Angola's president that I can't dismiss the judge, he doesn't believe me," Mr. de Bonnecorse said.

Development Aid

Today, the investigations are held up as proof that France's policy in Africa has to change. President-elect Mr. Sarkozy has said France's development aid would go only toward democratic regimes and that France would stop using its army to meddle in African politics.

Bolstered by the clear shift in rhetoric, some countries see opportunity. The U.S., for example, has aggressively turned to African markets for oil. Last year, crude-oil supplies from Africa topped imports from the Middle East and accounted for 22% of U.S. imports, almost double the contribution of 2002. Last year, Gabon selected Chinese partners to develop an iron mine, a project that includes plans for a hydropower plant, a rail track and a port terminal.

What's unclear is what rules Africa's new visitors will play by. Mr. Diop, the Gabon president's chief of staff, said China has a pragmatic approach: "When Chinese officials come to Gabon, they leave thorny issues such as corporate governance aside," he said. "If we ask for a debt rescheduling and it makes business sense, they do it. No need to fight, no questions asked."


Che Sunday,
your contribution caught my eyes and I tried to read the second one too. That's very mature and I definitely buy your reasoning.


Che Sunday,

I still can't get my head around your position. In your first write-up, you argued that elections in Nigeria and its results are purely a Nigerian internal affair. One way of interpreting you is that no neighbouring nation has the right to intervene in another nations sovereignty. Why will you want Nigeria to use NJFN to get under Biya's skin or for NJFN to use Yar'Adua to get under Biya's skin?

Secondly, i can't infer if you are contending the political cost of NJFN not visiting the site or the humanitarian/social cost. We have seen politicians publicising natural hazards not because they have the interest of the people at heart but because they want to acquire international relief aid and unscrupulously embezzle them. When there was the Lava flow and lake Nyos disaster, the regime made all sorts of news of it simply because they wanted aid from the international community which they did embezzled. In my opinion, if someone does not have the interest of the suffering masses at heart, he should not visit them. They are in crisis and any visit to them should purely be a humanitarian affair and should have no political implications geared on scoring political goals.




Permit me inform you that, i would not stand on NJFN's way if he wants to become the president of La Republique, just as i cannot stand against Biya's way. But i can never creat another dictator in NJFN in refusing to criticise him even before he acedes to power. It is in my opinion that by failing to criticise we create dictators. Have you seen how Biya behaves with his CPDM colleagues and ministers? Do you think they can ever criticise him? I am no fan to La Republiques politics but as someone who likes intervening in the internal affairs of nations that have a direct stake to my future, i find it necessary to directly intervene in Camerounese politics.



Aha ha ha. The French need to formulate a new model and the mathematical formula change as well as all initial conditions. This is the Ideology that the west has been using to stand the Test of times.
your article indicates how the French are to respond to changing times.
Just as Slave trade became old-fashion, it was necessary for the west to change into colonization. History had taught us that civilization like the Romans, fell because they were shortsighted. Then colonization was modified into Neo-colonization. The French seems to be the lazy student in class or perhaps too slow to catch up with the Lectures. Neo-colonization had long change into Globalization and a few countries notably china and Indian had just mastered the rule of the Game (globalization).They now seems to be beating the west on its own game. The rule of the Game is always a win-win scenario for the west, that’s why they feel uncomfortable with china. As for African it’s the case of sleeping dogs lied.

The French had no option left but to embraced Globalization. Their assertion of being a father in Europe and the west is simply dragging them into their graves. So goes Old Chirac with the old French policies. The Cell's secretive military operations need be deactivate and replaced with a new one. Perhaps Mr. Sarkozy can follow the American road map to terrorism, named a new al Qaeda in Africa and then hook it with a new security plans. After all the Middle East is to American as Africa is to France while the British sits on the fence. Mr Sarkozy can alternatively strengthen the marriage with the Germans to share the world’s booty equally with the Americans, after all the euros had proved it worth in the Global game.
Those of you dreaming of Freedom from your master will get it from the dreams. Freedom is a product of war, taken from the master. It is in the books that you only get freedom from your master through a fight. The Americans got it from the British and not the other way round (Britain giving it to the Americans) for example.




Leave Kiki alone.The man thinks that if you don't have anything to say you must mount your key board.This guy is a disgrace to the Cameroonian intelligensia.His reactions to Che Sunday's article has left many wondering if this guy reads inbetween the lines.Does he actually teach in China? Look at the trash he has written about the supposed gentleman who lost his life in that tragic incident.Do you think a man in his right senses will post such an article in a forum like this one? I am afraid PROFESSOR KIKI has gone bananas.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Don't expose your stupidity.Why are my write-ups causing much anger to you than others?Until you change your attitude and arrogance then I can ponder to read your write-ups.I always go through important write-ups like that of Rexon,Ma Mary,Che Sunday,Janvier Chateaux,Felix, so don't bother to go through my scripts.I write sensitive issues to sensitise the people,and my sensitivity should not be a calamity to you and your entourage.I don't take sides.I don't write to satisfy a bunch of faggotted fanatics.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


If Fru Ndi doesn't make headline news in a paper that paper doesn't sell! If Fru Ndi is not mentioned on the Postnewsline forum everyone goes on holidays. Well guys this tells us how important Mr. Fru Ndi is vis-a-vis Cameroonian politics.

Recently, I wrote an article about Fru Ndi and got it published by Progressive Initiative for Cameroon - PICAM, a Civil Society Organisation based in 6229, Springhill Court, Suite 302, Greenbelt, MD 20770, United States of America.

I'm calling on all and sundry; militants and sympathisers, as well as ant-SDF men to make a comment on this article. Please your comment is highly appreciated. I'm writing a paper on politics and your comments are indespenable. Thanks for your cooperation. You could go to for more coments. And a full text of the article.

Can Ni John Fru Ndi be Dissociated from the Opposition Party, SDF?

In a recent article entitled “Towards Reviving the Social Democratic Front (SDF)”, Raymond AKOSON reminisces of the political situation of the nineteen-nineties in Cameroon. He hails the courage of the SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi who on May 26, 1990, lashed out fearlessly at Cameroon’s monolithic, stultifying, and tyrannical North-South political axis, to an estimated crowd of 80.000 SDF militants and sympathisers who had gathered in the Ntarikom Park, Bamenda to take part in the launching of the SDF party. This act, Akoson notes, was a direct challenge to the government’s ban on political activities coupled with heavy military presence. This new born political party that had social democracy, freedom, and ‘good life’ as its focus of being and operation was the new light of hope to millions of Cameroonians who had been severally deceived and frustrated by the French-ruled Cameroon political oligarchy.

According to Akoson, Ni John Fru Ndi proved beyond all doubts that he was the best person to redeem and free Cameroonians from the yoke of enslavement and poverty. That from May 26, 1990, millions of Cameroonians looked up to and surrendered their hopes to Ni John Fru Ndi. Attributing qualities like “personal magnetic charm”, Akoson recalled Fru Ndi’s ability to make his audience feel his natural passion. That he cried several times when he met the sick, the poor, the disabled, etc, something no other Cameroonian politician had ever even pretended doing. This occasionally translated a great deal of trust to his sympathisers and followers.

He noted one of the Chairman’s “meet the people” tours through the country in the mid-nineties in the SDF stronghold of Kumba. An old, poor, and hopeless woman in shabby clothing walked to Mr. Fru Ndi and fell to his feet, cried out in grieve and pain “…I don see chairman. SDF suffer dong finish! …”. Mr. Fru Ndi stooped, met her on the floor and cried with her. It was from this day that the nation-wide unofficial SDF slogan “SDF suffer don finish” originated. Fru Ndi was truly a man who felt tenderness and compassion for his people. This is what Cameroonians knew and wanted him to become president by all cost. Akoson states that 15 out of every 20 SDF militants and sympathisers want to continue with the SDF party. His problem however seems to be the absence of any meaningful SDF party without Fru Ndi. Akoson accordingly proposes a party focus rather than an individual focused strategy to reviving the SDF. This should include promoting more the name of the SDF party and less the name of Ni John Fru Ndi. This according to Akoson, this will simulate Western style democracies like the United States that set party platforms and encourage people to vote for such platforms rather than personal individual agendas.

While the name Ni John Fru Ndi will forever remain in the history of Cameroon and a man of courage that lead the struggle for opposition political parties in Cameroon, many Cameroonians today view him with differing estimations. Tell us what you make of Mr. Akoson’s view to revive the SDF party. Is the SDF in need for revival? Is Fru Ndi an obstacle to the mission of the SDF and should he be kept to the sidelines? Is it time for a change in leadership in the SDF party? Do you still take the SDF party seriously? Can the SDF continue to exist without Ni John Fru Ndi? Give us your opinion on these and more.

The Son.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Cameroonians as jealous as they are,will not see their brother reach an apex of his deserved educational career.I merit to be a professor.Go tell him on the Ntarikom mountains.Ask of those who know me they will tell you.I am not proud of it.I don't boast here but your envy of my status has been of concern.Send your poison it will not get me in Hong Kong.Your so-called Chairman has eliminated all prominent learned colleagues in his way and you are there happy seeing him holding his crown and grip on power when the party is loosing at the detriment of the people.You can continue to deny reality but with my continuous travel back and forth from Cameroon,I had talks with many renown and heavyweights of the SDF who told me that they envisage the party to change its leadership to gain momentum.Yet you people think you are the adamant to accept facts.Go on.

I don't know why you guys always worry to even go through my write-ups.I have been trained to write in different media outlets and as a strategist,I see nothing in criticisms rather corrections of some particular wrongs.Please don't misinterpret me for hating your party.I dislike the approach of the chairman and his present hierarchy.He has become to reliant on the Biyas government both financially and in policy making.What is the importance then of a multi-party system?

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Tita Mofaw

Whether people are on Mars, Jupiter, New York or Paris I don't see what that has got to do with others. Whether they are electricians, Medics, or professors I don't think it is relevant.

The footballers should go to stadiums and do their things. Don't come here and poision us with things that are beyond our comprehension.

Why are people so proud on this forum? Do we really beleive that where we are and the qualifications we have makes us better or more important than others? Complete nonsense.

I am a taxi driver in Batouri! And so what?
Who gives a damn.
No. I am a senoir professor in Paris! Damn it.Is it the name Paris or the professor bullshit that is going to scare the shit out of us or are we suppose to accept every rubbish from somebody because he has moved to space and is a professor?? Nonsense all together.


On this forum people like you have a pattern of behaviour.They always start off with invectives,calling others blind followers but they never do anything to prove to the world that they are not disgruntled hitmen.The second thing is that they are exceedingly arrogant thinking name calling will place the SDF on their dinning tables for them to quickly feed fat their ancient grudge.But the task has always proven daunting.Many have taken to their heels.Others bark ,threaten to go ,and come back here only to continue facing the truth.
To them the SDF dies everyday,and also lives everyday.To them when Jua kills the SDF,and his sword is not sharp enough to finish it off,they wait for Ngwasiri.If he is not a good butcher ,all of them stand here on their toes hailing Muna to be a better one,and when his own knife wounds him,they
they hang on to newspaper columnists like Asonganyi.But one thing never changes.Those you call blind followers never change.
Mulun the third characteristic of this type of people is self-doubt.When you suffer from this ,you want people to know that you are the first person who has eaten British beef,you want them to know you are the first to have taught students ,to have a family,to be helping people back home.Self-doubt is a bad thing,because it makes many to wear masks.They suddenly want to live in the moon,they want to sound high-brow.But what you write for public consumption gives an insight into your personality.If you are a troubled soul,people easily deduce from the way you treat other humanbeings.If you are
suffering from some out-moded grandeur,it can be seen from the way the "I" and "My" run through your ideas.
Mulun, the Shadow "Carbinate" will continue to stay in the background,and prepare the SDF for present ,and future political events.It is called shadow carbinet because there`s still a government in place in Cameroon,so its activities are a type of mock-trial for future leadership.
Mulun,what are we doing to the poor people that we will have to pay one day? Are we going to pay ,because we criticise Biya above as you say?


Tita Morfaw,
That piece is too philosophical for the desultory "professor", Fritzane Kiki to digest. I bet you, he will not understand what you are talking about. From what he writes, you should know the "professor´s" level.

I have nothing against those who critize the chairman, provided their critizisms are constructive. I can´t say much to you now because I am still observing whether you will keep to your promise after our last encounter. So far I don´t have anything against you.
Rexon, what is your comment on the following, which I don´t know whether it could be termed critizism:"Mr John Fru Ndi,
Shut-up!!!! With the resources available in Cameroon could you or your SDF have done any better? Mr Ndi you are known for your attitude of "easy said than done". How could you have handle"


Tita Morfaw,
That piece is too philosophical for the desultory "professor", Fritzane Kiki to digest. I bet you, he will not understand what you are talking about. From what he writes, you should know the "professor´s" level.

I have nothing against those who critize the chairman, provided their critizisms are constructive. I can´t say much to you now because I am still observing whether you will keep to your promise after our last encounter. So far I don´t have anything against you.
Rexon, what is your comment on the following, which I don´t know whether it could be termed critizism:"Mr John Fru Ndi,
Shut-up!!!! With the resources available in Cameroon could you or your SDF have done any better? Mr Ndi you are known for your attitude of "easy said than done". How could you have handle"


Our challenges are many, but what has stopped us from meeting these challenges is not the absense of sound economic policies that can bring change to the human race, a change we all crave for. In my opinion it is the politics of tribal patronage, the preference of scoring cheap political goals even when there is a disaster, the unwillingness to disagree without being disagreable, etc. I say so because i have reviewed the comments of several individuals in this forum over the years. I have found that they are not only stereotypical, but follow a pattern of thought that is ethnically linked, culturally supremed, prolonged applause without questioning, etc. what these tells you are many. That these people never want to listen to anyone who dont agree with them, that they are not focused on using the complains of the minority no matter how foolish in finding a working consensus that can help tackle big problems, that they dont want to help develop a new and fundamentally more reflective idea of democracy, and that in this century, they dont know that there are limits to what any politician can achieve if his politics is based on ethnic patronage.

I have learnt from my own background, criticisms levied against me in this forum and several other controversies i have been involved in over the years. I have understood that politics in Africa is a brainwashing cult. That beliefs and practices are centred on the mentality of people who must come from particular tribes and backgrounds. What they say and what they do is bizarrely linked to presumptuous biases geared on protecting and defending them. Their enemies are always wrong and their cult-hero is always right.

Above all, i have learnt to focus my spirit on what is for the public good. I have leanrt that the best i can offer to myself is to adopt policies that are culturally reflective, that cherishes the rights and liberty of people of different cultural backgrounds, that is not motivated by a single powerful idea that is not politically and morally adaptive, and whose essential decency is not focused on an awakened electorate. I say so because, the electorate will never be told the truth by the politicians and proponents of the particular idea. Any idea that is rooted on ethnic based and tribal politics can never gain my sympathy, because it stifles the creativity of even its leaders and is not multi-culturally reflective. The legacy of such politics is always negative. We failed to defend our democracy in the early 90's simply because we did'nt really know what we were fighting for.

Such politics seldom succeeds beyond the legacy of its cult heros. It leaves behind a legacy of confrontation esspecially from those who did't gain anything, small wars and disputes, ethnic conflicts and intertribal problems, etc. It is seemingly manoevering itself because it is even not socially acceptable by a majority of those who claimed earlier to believe in it. Thats where it failed before it even saw light. The bottom line is, the common man suffers like those from ethnic minorities, those without connections, etc. Thats the politics we are craving for.

Che Sunday

You are a purist, thats your problem. Go back up and read Felix's post. If you were president, be it La Republique or Southern Cameroon, will you in your infinite wisdom tell Nigeria they have conducted flawed elections when her citizens are not complaining? You should be seated in a natural or pysical science lab playing with formulae. Thats where pure solutions come from. We both may be sitting within the confines of Western democracies singing their praises, but they did not, and are still not where they are playing by the rules. If Fru Ndi's presence at the crash site could give him any degree of leverage which will help dislodge Paul from doing further damage to the 17 million Cameroonians under his spell, so be it. At this point, I will play by the Machievelian principle if it comes to getting Paul out of office. (Getting there is all that matters, how you get there is not). I know you are more focused on creating and keeping a Southern Cameroons nation pure, but we have not gotten there. Don't you think we owe it a duty as Africans, as still part of La Republique du Cameroon, not to simply resign and pray for nature to run its course and rid us of a disgraceful leader? Don't You think there are still a few good men and women in La Republique who desreve our moral and material support?
Look at what Ahidjo did during the Nigeria civil war. He dislodged the Cameroon end of the Cross River Bridge to prevent retreating Biafran troops from entering Cameroon en-route to Gabon. He called it protecting his country. That was intervention, but not direct.Fru Ndi going to Nigeria is just a friendly invitation to a reknown politician fighting to govern a neighboring country.If he ever bocomes president, he will remember that kind gesture.



Please safe your breadth. Momo is now mimicking as Mulun. As retarded as he thinks, he forgets that the tree can be identified from the fruits. Maybe he will go a long way in assembling bits and pieces of courage to ressurect Teribobs, JTS, Christopher Ngwasiri, Celestine Fossung Nke, Rene, etc and their mentor Ben B(F) who pops up time and again to whisper 'Tori dey' but has been disappointed by his Boss's AFP. Let them keep up with their crooked approach of criticising that they trust so dearly. Afterall it is just needed sometimes 'cos if the mountain was smooth we wouldn't have to climb it.


That description is so apt,"..the tree can be identified from the fruits".How time passes! I had forgotten the ilk of Celestine Fossung Nke,Christopher Ngwasiri,and Rene ,who said our parents could not be Professors like their masters.You know we don`t play politics of bitterness. We just keep defending the SDF, and we have been succeeding.Let Momo continue doing his plastic surgery,even those who thought they were more courageous than a pidgin crooner like him ,keep living and coming back after two days.

Che Sunday,
Your points are clear ,but i differ with you on the insistence that Fru Ndi would have visited the site before pointing accusing fingers.The role of Fru Ndi as leader of the frontline Opposition,
gives him the leeway to incessantly question government action,and he has been doing it.
If we insist on Fru Ndi going to the site before shooting off his mouth,it will be the same as asking him to write his own constitution anytime he puts to question some flaws in the country`s constitution.
A party that wants to accede to power,
will not outrightly tarnish the image of the country it is preparing to redress.It will be therefore a little insane for Fru Ndi to
jump on the bandwagon of a calamity ,be it manmade or natural to make political gains.
He must always wait for the right time,and do something low-keyed ,but whose echoes can reverberate far.
The Chairman's compassion for the victims of this crash is not less important than his presence at the site.Emphasis should be laid on his conduct during this trying times.Did he fold his arms,because the President,and PM did so? Did he decry this neglect? Did he say anything about what this has on the image of our country? Most importantly what is the Chairman's pattern of behaviour when it comes to relieving people who find themselves in uncomfortable situations? Is he a compassionate leader ,or a detached epicurian?

You may want to pass for a purist,but your hands are too dirty to be considered one.You say individuals on this forum have followed a pattern of thought that is ethnically linked,and culturally supreme.
Nobody on this forum represents this ills more than you.You have not let go any single opportunity here to whip up ethnic sentiments between the NW,and SW.In an international forum like this one,you keep treating people of the NW as being barbaric,
lazy,thieves,tribalistic.You never fail to show that the SW is culturally supreme,just as you never fail to show that Europe is paradise.You compounded things by going to vote there ,while calling on people where you were born not to do same.When SN Tita behaved poorly several months ago ,by calling on his supporters to stone Fru Ndi ,you showed the world that your ideas were ethnically linked by saying that the SDF is now falsely accusing him of beleonging to the SCNC,because he has thrown in his support for Muna.You said your Pa had his own problems,and that people should not exaggerate.You always ask the question why people fail to support Njoh Litumbe,even if he has not programme to present.All these show you as a specialist in ethnic squabbles
You have also continuously promoted the spirit of cult-hero here.When you see shortcomings in others here,you always think that your hero Luma would have done better.
You have incessantly worshipped personalities like Hogbe Nlend,Feko,Njoh Mouelle,and used their ideas as political capital to launch attacks against others.You
seem to be one of those the Americans ,and their Western allies use as pawns to break up the SDF,because they say Biya has brought stability to central Africa,where they have interests.But we must let you know that your experiment is not going to work with the SDF.That slavish ,and neocolonial mentality is being checked in Africa more,and more.You
better continue voting,and campaigning for posts in your European countries,than coming here to play a moralist.Change strategies as many times as possible,the SDF militants know who you are.You represent nothing!

Fritzane Kiki HK

Due to a survey carried out in other media outlets this week and also because of many calls from readers of this forum for a reform in the write-ups,there were calls for a bi-weekly or bi-monthly classification of the most outstanding and excellent contributors and their contributions in the forum.We deemed it necessary to put this unofficial classification of those contributors we want to encourage and continue in that line of precision,concision and accuracy writers.Commentaries should be full of investigative journalism.Thanks for your cooperation.
Our criteria varies from those who constantly write to those who write but not constantly and those who just write once in every article as follows;

4.Ma Mary
7.Che Sunday

We encourage the above members to continue in that spirit.
Those who write but not all the time falls in this order as follows;
9.Janvier Chateaux

Those who are newbies and contribute bi-monthly can be classified under the third class of writers as follows;
13.Tita Morfaw

We appreciate the above members for their fantastic job in the forum.As time unfolds we shall come out with more ideas as to how to encourage new members to write as much as possible to gain a place in this classification.As the general co-ordinator,and for transparency reasons and accuracy of the tabulation,I am not included.

In courtesy of forum members.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Tita Mofaw

Some of our professors in Cameroon will never stop amusing me.Their time in the world of academia is spent on counting the number of times individuals make contributions on the Post.That is quite a duanting task. I hope they soon get a noble prize for doing the unthinkable.

Is there anybody who is really striving to top the chat for contributing regularly?

Only a Cameroonian professor can have this kind of thoughts. It reminds me of one-the notorious Pr. Gervais Mendo-Ze who topped the chat in Cameroon for appearing on national TV on a regular basis.

Cameroon professors and their madness.


Cameroon mourns jet crash victims

A ceremony will take place near the crash site not far from Douala
Cameroon has been observing a national day of mourning for those who were killed in the Kenyan Airways plane crash almost two weeks ago.
A total of 114 people died when the plane plunged into swamps after taking off from Cameroon's Douala airport.

A multi-denominational church service will take place at Douala, attended by some of the victim's relatives.

It took rescuers two days to find the wreckage in the swamps. The official inquiry is yet to report on the cause.

Buried bodies

The BBC's Randy Joe Sa'ah says the population has been very critical of the way the government has handled the aftermath of the crash.

Many, he says, are still asking why the country's transport minister has not yet visited the scene when his Kenyan counterpart was so quick to do so.

Kenya held a national day of mourning on Monday.

The Boeing 737-800, en route to Nairobi, was carrying passengers and crew from at least 23 countries when it crashed.

Only a few bodies have been formally identified.

Many are still believed to be partially buried in the muddy swamp where the plane came down.


Che Sunday,

I understand you and i know where you are coming from. One mistake you have made is to assume that Nigerians are not complaining. I dont know what you mean because you are seemingly not in Nigeria. But as far as i know, Nigerians call it a charade and many have led marches though peaceful to defend their democracy. Every Nigerian i have spoken to have laughed at what went there. It was shocking than what most African leaders used to do as far as election malpractices are concerned. So lets at least show respect for their own democracy.

I will like to bring certains issues to your attention. Our problem is our interpretation of politics and man's role in politics.

Generally, there are lots of things we need to know:
1-Each of us in our own lives have to take some responsibility in what is happening in our fatherland.
2- That a crucial role that awaits us is, if we can identify where we went wrong and how we can change things, and accept some responsibilities, then we can find any tyrant or group of tyrants in the form of any government and bring change to our fatherland.
3-In the face of tyranny, oppression, depression, we should stand strong, help each other, stay united, etc. to be able to defeat the tyrant in power. I have used this both at my personal and political life and have suceeded and i have found that, that is the best way to conquer.
4-We should ignore all those who are like the tyrants in power, because they would sell us out for cheap. That includes the likes of Yar'Adua.
5-It should be about what we can do together, not what politicians tell us to do. Because, they can never tell us the truth.
6-Beneath all these, we should not give preference to particular individuals as a result of their race, religion, ethnic origin, etc.

Anyway, thanks for your ideas. We would have more to share in the near future.



Che Sunday,

Just to contradict your comments that the Nigerians have not protested their flawed elections, read Below:

Poll protest shuts Nigeria courts

Emeka Obegolu says the elections were not run properly
Courts in Nigeria have remained shut, following a call by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) for a boycott to protest over last month's elections.
A team of lawyers was seen going from court to court trying to ensure compliance with the boycott order.

The strike was effective in the capital, Abuja, as court rooms were kept shut during business hours.

"The boycott is symbolic; to show the masses of Nigeria that we share their frustrations," an NBA leader said.

"By our action, we are saying that elections were not properly conducted in Nigeria in 2007," Emeka Obegolu told the BBC News website in Abuja.

A similar strike called yesterday by civil society groups was not as successful as most Nigerians ignored it and went about their businesses.

But another strike is being planned by the central labour union to coincide with the 29 May inauguration of the governing party's Umaru Yar'Adua on 29 May.


Mr Yar'Adua won by a landslide, the Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) says.

The results were rejected by the opposition parties, whose attempts to start mass protests were defeated by the police.

Local election monitors condemned the polls as a "charade."

Both the umbrella blue collar union, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and its white collar counterpart, the Trade Union Congress have called on their members to stay at home and hold neighbourhood rallies on 28 and 29 May.


Fritzane Kiki,
I view your classification from a different perspective.What matters to me is not the frequency of our postings but the substance and the weight of what we post.From my observation and that of many, some people think that at any moment they must post an article even if such an article does not have any substantial information.Professor, do you sincerely think that it makes sense for someone to mount the computer and tell the world how someone who died in a plane crashed was travelling with his brothers passport? Does it it really make any sense? This to my knowledge represent gross irresponsility and a lack proper reflection.Such a posting can provoke the wrath of a family that has lost a dear one. This was an unfortunate predicament and anyone in his right senses would think before reaching out to the public in whatever form. We should not write and post before reflecting. We need to always reflect on what we post on the forum for public consumption.This forum is an international one and has readers from Cameroon and other areas of the world.Additionally,professor, we must display maturity,objectivity and respect for our leaders at home and abroad. Destructive criticism kills while constructive criticism builds.Viewing everthing wrong in a political leader is in itself useless and irresponsible criticisms.Wring without proper reflection is absolute stupidity.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Late Ngwa was a personal friend of mine and I never knew he was one of the victim in that crash.I instead thought of one 'Ambe' which was his junior man's name that was posted on all the media outlets.It was another friend who later informed me that the name Ambe was my man Ngwa, who was on his way to China for his usual business trips.Maybe you are thinking I took the tragic incident for granted.You missed the point.Late Ngwa met with me on yahoo messenger chat room,until our friendship and business transactions became really strong,since we realised we were in China and working together too.So no matter our word battles here,we shall meet one day and share one or two bottles together.Don't take it personal.It is not something that needs violent reproaches,I was trying to inform the people maybe one of his friends too must have been misled by the name Ambe instead of his real name Ngwa.I am going home this summer vacation,so I have the obligation to pay my last respect for my friend.

May His Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

Fritzane kiki
Hong Kong


Fritzane Kiki,

Thanks for the clarifications. I had always believed you did what you did with good intentions though i knew that your detractors would pick unto it and call you names. But i am very happy you have intelligent explained that you were mainly trying to inform most of his friends who might have been misled by the name posted.

Thats very genuine of you as you always are.

May his sould rest in peace.



Sorry: Intelligent.


My reaction to Akoson´s posting above from PICAM.

Fru Ndi is still truly a man who feels tenderness and compassion for his people.He remains the only political leader who has stood the test of time in Cameroon and has remained focus all along without wavering from his original mission, to see Paul Biya out of power. Those who joined him in the nineteen-nineties like Belo Boba in the fight to bring change in Cameroon abandoned him along the line. Even within the SDF, we have the Munas who because of egoism, wanted to force Fru Ndi to abandon the struggle and enter the Government of Biya. However, Fru Ndi reamains focus and unwavering as his message to Cameroonians has not changed. This has paid off a lot as he remains a leader who still enjoy the support of the SDF family and majority of SDF militants still have hopes in him. Proof of this is the fact that during the recent crisis that rocked the party, Fru Ndi still emerged victorious at the helm of the party. Muna and Ngwasiri surrendered the fight because they saw that no one was behind them. If Fru was a problem, the other faction would have survive.

Those (Muna/Ngwasiri)who attempted to hijack the party and auction to Biya for a ministerial position failed because majority of SDF militants remain loyal to their unwavering Chairman.

The question now is this: If the people are still loyal to Fru Ndi, why is the pouparity of the party on a decline? The answer is very simple. The major problem facing the SDF is that, many who stood tall behind the SDF thought change was going to come like good morning. They never new the road was going to be very long and needs a lot of sacrifice.

Businessmen who supported the party saw their taxes increased and the only solution for them to escape high taxes was to join the CPDM. Contractors who sympathize with the SDF were no longer awarded contracts and the only solution to get contracts was to join the the CPDM. Individuals with high profile cases who were sympathizers of the SDF, were tormented in the courts becase there were SDF militants; a typical example is that of Amity Bank between Tasha Lawrence (Bank manager) and Bodgam. Tasha Lawrence was forced to decamp from the SDF to the CPDM when a bad judgement was ready against him. The same story goes with one Mr. Forben in Bamenda popularly known as Progressive modern furniture, he was forced to resign from the SDF to join the CPDM because he had a case in court.
Civil servants who sympathize with the SDF were either demoted or transfered to remote areas. One could not be made principal of a school if he or she was not in the CPDM. Even right down to primary schools, a headteacher must be a CPDM member. Who knew that Mr. Azong Wara Andrew could turned to the CPDM? He never new the road will be long.

This shows that as the road to change became long, circumstances forced many to decamp from the SDF to the CPDM, not because Fru Ndi became a bad leader, but because they wanted to survive. The categories of persons mentioned above, did not only decamp alone but encouged their dependents to do same, since to become principal of a school, you must prove that you are an active CPDM militant.
Now, from the above analysis, tell me whether the decline in popularity of the party is due to Fru Ndi. I bet you, given the circumstance prevailing in the country, the SDF would have been completely dead like the other parties if Fru Ndi is still not in control.
The suffering Cameroonians who have completely nothing to benefit even if they turn to the CPDM still see Fru Ndi as their last hope because his message has not changed

The issue of building structures that will simulate Western style democracies like the United States that set party platforms and encourage people to vote for such platforms rather than personal, is a complicated one. First we can´t say these party structures do not exist. They do exist, but one can´t compare the situation with that in the united states. We have quite a different problem; the non independent of the judiciary and a lack of an election organising body. In addition, Cameroonians are poor and most people still vote for who ever supplies bags of salts and rice during campaign unlike in the United States where the electorates raise money to support the campaigns of their candidates; here they vote ideas and not who gave them bags of salts.

To answer the question raised:
Is the SDF in need for revival? The problem is not revival, but we need a change in mentality. Cameroonians should be ready to sacrifice and take responsibility of their destiny.

Is it time for a change in leadership in the SDF party? Yes if necessary, but then who changes the leadership of the party? The militants of the party decide. If the militants continue to vote Fru Ndi whom they think is still the best alternative, who has the right to force him to resign and for what reason? The situation is not like in the CPDM where you are not allow to challenge the chairman of the party and where Biya is considered a natural leader who must imposed himself. Jua was given the chance to compete with Fru Ndi and we all know the out come.

Is it time for a change in leadership in the SDF party? The party remains the only hope for the country else tell me where we should turn to now.

Can the SDF continue to exist without Ni John Fru Ndi? why not? For now the party still need Fru Ndi´s services as he is still in control. It doesn´t mean without him the party will collapse.

My opinion is that the party should put aside internal struggle, who to lead the party and focus on their goal which is to oust Biya. they can start fighting for position when they are in power.

Danny Boy

Mr. Morfaw, I am puzzled that nobody has unmasked this baby-sitter from Hong Kong. This guy, from what he writes, has not got a pass in English at the O/L.
Take this phrase for example,

Our criteria varies from those who constantly write to those who write but not constantly and those who just write once in every article as follows;!!!!

Fritzane, criterion(singular), criteria(plural). Does this help with your conjugation above? As for the twisted logic implied, I am not going to bother pointing out how stupid this sounds.
Kiki, if this was an e-group, I would simply open my spam to anything you write.


Hmmmmmmm Danny Boy, do you wanna know more about Fritzane? If you give me concrete reasons I'll tell the forum who he is. But for now I don't think it is really an issue.

I told you all who Mukete and BenF were and they took to their hills.

Any way that's not important. Let's talk about issues at stake.


Fon, many many thanks for your response. I respect your opinion. It counts!

Fritzane Kiki HK

Danny Boy,
Thanks for that correction.I was very reluctant to spell-check.I thought you would have said 'vary' not 'varies' since we drew our classification from different perspectives and criteria.

Our maturity,steadfastness and self-lessness should not be taken for granted.I owe you your due respect no matter what happens in this forum.I am not Mukete nor BenF,who due to one reason or the other unceremoniously left the forum.It doesn't mean somebody should by obligation be part of your ideological train,to be loved or welcomed.I repsect your choice of sympathy with the SDF,but being me and what I am for myself,I guess I love the life I live;that of anti-partisanship.As a Christian and a believer,I know my place is in heaven.That's why treachery and other socio-economic happenings in my country tend to vex me.If our politicians were first of all undergoing some kind of episcopal scrutiny and test, then I think most politicians would have been leaving a immemorable deplomatic career and legacy.

Ideas are not people but try and know that here we are sensitising the masses,so those obscene talks and accusations,levied on others will not help us.That's why objectivity and verility will be the only proper tool for a master-piece of investigative reporting.I always try to refrain from or ponder about what does not concern me.I know those are the works of the FBI or CIA not a journalist like myself.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Fritzane Kiki,
Do you think there is a difference between you and Mukete -BenF? The difference may only exist in the method/style and not in the objective. You will not know that you are not different from them since you don´t yet know why Mukete and BenF left the forum. They left the forum because the shame which you pretend to bear was unbearable for them.
Can you throw some light on what you mean of being "anti-partisanship"? I am very convince the you don´t know what you are talking about.


Danny Boy
Permit me react to your bashing of Kiki. I dont know Kiki niether do I know what he's up to but I think nation building needs all and sundry.

You amy put him to task with his ideas and then graciously and tackfully point him to his grammatical weaknesses. He may not have a good command of the Queen's language but he has a say on the way forward in nation building. Intellectual bullying is a cheap jab Danny.Lets avoid it. It isn't a substitute for ideoligical debates .

What am I saying? Lets allow the weak, the downtrodden, the uneducated , the buyam sellams, etc etc even the baby-sitters as you called him to express themselves without fear of being cowed down on account of their non mastery of English.

This isn't a pad on the back of medicocrity ,dont get me wrong but rather some caution to those of us on the higher rung of the academic ladder gentleman.

Cheers from your countryman,Tayong.


Thanks for coming in again to get one of yours out of hot water.You see,it is normal to allow chalatans to write on international fora,but the most important thing is that ego boosting has become sickening with most of these people.When you know yourself,you tone down your language,write in good plain English
rather than always trying to sound elitist for nothing.When you become too expansive,and tell lies,then people have to call you to order.You have been writing here with many people,and you will not recall an instance where they said they can pilot an airplane.That is modesty.On like some who tell lies that they are Professors even when we know them,and yet do not want to disgrace them.You yourself Tayong are fond of this type of behaviour.You are prone to coming in here trying to boost the image of your friend Rexon in an attempt to influence people's perception about him .I think this is cheap publicity on an international forum like this one.If you want to play a moralist
,then make sure the people you defend everytime are morally upright.Instead of fruitlessly trying to cow those who are sick of lies telling ,and hubris,just spend the time to explain to these your men what it means writing for public consumption.It means forgetting about "I", "My".Forget about the intellectual part of it.Imagine somebody who tells people he is a Professor going international to tell people his friend travelled using his younger brother's documents.This is more than irresponsibility
.This is dragging the whole situation here to the buyam sellam level.This are the same people who use words here that Politicians have suffered in many countries for having used them to describe others.Just imagine somebody reacting to an article about the SDF,and just goes head long into using words like " you are a group of faggotted....".
You know this word forgot brought problems to somebody in a big country,but since that day,our man here has adopted it ,and uses it to his hearts feeling.That is simply gropping in darkness.


...neither ....may put him to task


Point of correction gentleman. Neither Rexon nor Kiki is "one of mine" as you put it. In the case of Rexon , I know him at least and could rightfully point out to BenF et co,if my memory doesn't fail me that, he isn't a bone idle as he was wrongly accused. That had nothing to do with his credentials per se.

Then talking of people claiming to pilot planes that isn't my point. If you know Kiki thats good and fine to challenge his claims whatsoever they are. Whats my point?

Cameroon is a country where the academia thinks it has the opium to every problem while the rest belong to "yes sir" group.Thats where I disagree intoto. Everyone has a say. I dont want to go into the ramifications of puff-talks and egomaniacs. Thats another issue altogether.

Anyway , have a good weekend.


What kills a majority of us Cameroonians and of course commentators here is the inability to focus and as a result they put up a written maze without substance.


Fritzane Kiki,
I appreciate your reaction.However,permit me,to still point out that I am a hundred percent convinced that the revelation you made on the forum regarding the late young man was wrong.It was very very wrong.By announcing to the world that he was using his brother's passport to travel,you placed the life his living brother in a very dangerous situation.That was an illegal act that resulted in that unfortunate tragedy.At moment we do not know what might happen to the late man's brother given your revelation.The authorities in Cameroon reserve the right to investigate the matter.Please, acknowledge the mistake and apologise for the error.Have a wonderful weekend.


There is no issue of bashing from Danny Boy. Recall that it is your man Kiki who announced to this forum that he is an English professor. How then do you question somebody who sees the English an an English professor terribly wanting? your man must be a feyman.

"He may not have a good command of the Queen's language but he has a say on the way forward in nation building"
How can an English professor not have a good command of the Queen´s language? In addition, which nation building are you talking of? You seem to claim that you are not current with the trash this fellow has been pouring here. How does someone who has constantly claimed to be apolitical participate in nation building?

When he declared that his friend did not have a passport, it left no one with doubts who he is. Isn´t it said?, and I quote "tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are"

My friend, Tayong, be careful else those you often come here to rescue rob you in mud.

Fritzane Kiki HK

I accept that though I had no strings attached as to call for any investigation into the change of name.At that time of the incident it was very vital for the easier identification of the names of some victims.I was really just overtaken by that sudden shock as I heard the news.Maybe my manner of approach was not appropriate but I was just single-handedly passing out the news that the name on the list 'Ambe' was 'Ngwa',a business guy whom I knew personally.

My point is stating the strength of my non-alignment or directly involving in party politics,but I think antipartisanship got to do with the pragmatic functions of much antiparty spirit which offers intriguing insights and realities to a political atmosphere.My evidence can also open a new phase for the understanding of the forces underlying major political re-alignment between Biya-Fru,which confirms the low level of popular engagement in politics in the recent years and at such moments of a twin elections come July.

I however,always re-emphasizes the power of the partisan imperative,who should be the driving force to the know-nothings anti-party majority.They have the bread and the knife but they should cut it to reach the Know Nothings.All along in my arguments in my last postings,I usually try to give the interpretation of the Know Nothings and the world they are trying to win.A world of their own without any hold of both ends of political spectrum.These lots only hope for manners to come from heaven.

I hold my own view points that's all.I have never overstated the strength of my academia or educability,but most forumnites try to use it as a sabotage to my write-ups.That not withstanding,I always give my own opinion and as you said everyone's opinion and comments counts.We are not in a high profile contest here,but we try to make sure our people at home and abroad who have access to the internet can read something susceptible of consumption.They will therefore have a clue of what is going on in the socio-economic and political events in our beloved country as true patriots should do.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Fellow Southern Cameroonians
Ladies and Gentlemen

We cannot so soon forget President Ahidjo's rumbling voice "J'ai decidé …" when in May 1972 he unilaterally completed the annexation and occupation of the state of Southern Cameroons.

With the stroke of the pen he reduced Southern Cameroons to two provinces of la République du Cameroun, brought Southern Cameroons under Napoleonic constitutionalism and by Presidential decree appointed two francophone proconsuls to lord it over a people nurtured under constitutional parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.

By violating the international boundary established by colonial treaties, the foundation of modern African nation states, Yaoundé declared itself an expansionist and aggressor state with Southern Cameroons being the first victim. But we know annexation and acquisition of foreign territory by use or threat of force; the UN has declared illegal, a crime against humanity and threat to world peace.

It is for this reason we have solemnly been observing May 20 as DAY OF NATIONAL MOURNING in Southern Cameroons and by all Southern Cameroonians wherever they may be on this planet earth.

It is a Day of National Mourning because:
- On May 20th the final nail was put on the coffin of annexation and la République du Cameroun posted its colonial proconsuls and brutal forces to occupy our land.
- By Presidential decree the democratically elected government (Prime Minister and Cabinet, House of Assembly, and House of Chiefs) Civil Service, the Police Force, among others, were all abolished.
- The Southern Cameroons nation as a distinct entity in international law was made to cease being.
- All Southern Cameroons state institutions - political, economic, judicial and cultural - were either nationalized and headquarters transferred to la République du Cameroun territory or simply closed.

As no slave celebrates the day on which he was captured and made a slave, no nation and no people celebrate the day they were annexed and dehumanized.

No people willfully surrender to annexation, foreign domination and alien rule. The brutality with which we are ruled, the frequent extra-judicial executions and the blood of our youths that regularly stain our dusty roads, the mass poverty which Southern Cameroonians suffer, the mass unemployment our youths are subjected to, the barbaric plunder of our natural resources, the total neglect of our towns, which yesterday were booming commercial centers, among others, are a regular reminder that Yaoundé treats Southern Cameroonians as a conquered people, an endangered specie.

It is for the reason that no people surrender to foreign domination and alien rule that the SCNC was formed to restore the statehood and sovereign independence of Southern Cameroons. Sovereign independence is sacred to a nation as life is to a human being.

No people are free until their nation is sovereign.

No people control and shape their destiny and no people under brutal foreign occupation and alien rule progress. Southern Cameroons is grossly underdeveloped and Southern Cameroonians generally poorer than citizens of la République du Cameroun because Southern Cameroons has become the farm and gold mine of la République du Cameroun to be exploited for the exclusive benefit of its foreign masters.

Our struggle for freedom, justice, equality through sovereign independence is backed by history, international law and legitimacy. We are wining. Victory is on our side. Let us unite, mobilize, remain consistently vigilant and stand firm on our inalienable right to SELF-DETERMINATION, FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.

The right to self-determination is unstoppable. Southern Cameroonians should be encouraged and inspired by positive developments in the Saharawi Republic (Western Sahara), Kosovo and most recently in Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The first two fought wars but seeing that the wars were not leading them to their ultimate goal they stopped the wars and embarked upon aggressive diplomacy for mediation and dialogue. This peaceful approach is yielding positive results.

To doubting Thomases and agents of la République du Cameroun who want to bring genocide on our people, destablise Nigeria and West Africa in general that is still bleeding from wars, we assure you the SCNC non-violent struggle for Southern Cameroons freedom and independence is firmly on the rail and sailing to victory. We are members of the UNPO that preaches non-violence and right to self-determination of all nations and peoples. We have attended and addressed the UN Human Rights Council, In our case in the African Court of Justice, we have already won la République du Cameroun on the crucial stage of Admissibility. The international community is becoming more and more aware of the annexation and occupation of Southern Cameroons by la République du Cameroun and the pacific struggle of the SCNC for Southern Cameroons freedom and independence.

In the year 2006 Southern Cameroonian people suffered many atrocities in the hand of the occupier of our land. We equally succeeded in internationalizing the struggle for freedom. Aggressive diplomatic offensive was intensified. The echoes of our positive efforts were registered when on January 20, 2007 the National Vice Chairman and ten others, were arbitrarily arrested, tortured and illegally detained for some two months without a charge. The pressure from the international community leading to their release on bail was remarkable.

We thank all who raised their voices in defense of the right to self-determination. We call on the UN, all democratic nations and organizations and human rights organizations to act now to avoid any war of liberation between the two former UN Trust territories. La République du Cameroun wants to provoke a war to prolong its colonial occupation of our land and naked pillage of our resources.

While congratulating all SCNC Units, home and Diaspora, and all Southern Cameroonians and friends in general for their support, I call on all of you to double your effort to expedite victory.

On this Solemn Day of National Mourning, Non-violence should remain your watchword. In solemnity 20th May should be spent in somber reflection and prayers for the Lord to hasten our restoration. At 12 noon prompt all Southern Cameroonians dressed in black should in humility before the Lord rise for a minute of silence in memory of all Southern Cameroonians - the UB Students, Ndu Tea Estate workers and those before murdered in cold blood by the bullets of la République and all Southern Cameroons nationalists who are watching us from the great beyond.

Southern Cameroons will be FREE. Support the legitimate struggle and be counted with the heroes.

Long Live the right to SELF-DETERMINATION
Long Live world peace based on FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all.




Frankly speaking all these addresses end up in online newspaper comment sections. The common man on the streets no NOTHING, I mean the SCNC addresses them but they don't get the message. I think we're building castles in the air if we don't get to prompt actions.

We've got our consciences to judge us in remaining adamant to the sufferings of the Southern Cameroonian people. After all one SDO reminded us sometime ago that 'the SCNC is lucrative business' and 'involves nothing more than leisure trips abroad'.

Have a splendid weekend.

The Son.


The Son,
We only know the SCNC exists either when major dates like October 1st,20th May come up ,or when its leaders are arrested during their once-a-year press conference.
After talking about the SDF for the whole year,they come and post history here about 20th May.If this is what the SCNC came out with in the US,then lets continue reading the same stale Historical sing-song.


Great writeup Mr Fon. Your article was one of the best i have read on this forum. You are very correct about Cameroonians. Who would have thought that a person like Asong Wara would jump to the CPDM Boat. I predict that the end of the Biya regime will spell the end of the CPDM Party in practical terms. For now CPDM exist in theory as a Party of opportunity for the opportunist, the greedy and the selfish. The only true Party of change and for change in Cameroon is the SDF.


I know some people in this forum has been spending sleepless nights struggling to sell an image and opinion about people here with their sweet lies and rhetoric simply because they dont share thesame opinion. Everytime Tayong writes anything in this forum, they look for ways of linking it to Rexon. While Rexon admits that he might not be the perfect human being, Rexon thinks it is becoming unecessary for them to write thrash here everytime about him esspecially the numerous lies. If you accuse others of lying, you should not lie yourself as that does not make you better. So lets learn to respect each other as time goes on. We might not have been better yesterday, but as time goes on, i think we need to learn from each other. There is no point struggling to create an impression about people through when you tell readers about them when you truly know you are lying. Even if your impression goes through, it would only be for a short while as readers would learn the truth in due course.

Have a nice weekend.



Sorry for the errors.

Danny Boy

Forumites, I do not know whether we have moderators for this forum to weed out what can be clearly defined as nonsensical. That will perhaps stop some of us taking offence at what is plainly ridiculous posting. Take Kiki's survey as an example.
Who gave him the right to count and tell us how many times A or B has posted some comment onto this forum? What indeed is the aim of his survey? Information gathering for a third party? or what? He can not co-erce any of us to write if we do not feel like doing so. This is what bothers me. He must have brains the size of a pea!!
Yesterday, Professor of English, today Investigative Journalist!! A chameleon of sorts.
Of course I believe in the individual's right to express his/her ideas freely, but I do reserve the right to dismiss these as crackpot if these are against popular custom.
As for the serious political matters at hand, I am a hands-on-person but thousands of miles away from the fray and no amount of writing on this forum is going to help my beloved SDF. Any suggestions on how we can muster our help to this cause?
A few weeks ago, we read that the Party could only file candidates in 70 seats. The problem being lack of funds. If supporters of this party, who write on this forum were that serious, one would have seen some of them put their monies where their mouths are. Now that is the sort of politics that interests me.
Until the time comes when we can discuss serious politics, I will delight myself in bashing the likes of Kiki for crimes committed against the Queens English.
It is a wonderful world, "vivons simplement."


Danny Boy,

If you've been very frequent here these days you should have understood by now that one of the most important reasons why the SDF is not going for all seats doesn't only lie in 'lack of funds'. From what I've learnt the party is trying to concentrate on SDF strongholds. In that light, I for one, wouldn't be motivated to sponsor a parliamentarian representing the party say in the Far North cos I know that since the party has not been working well in such places, then it is a LOST battle. From the revelations the Communications Officer made we all understood that the party doesn't put in much time to garner support from the Far North, North, South, Center and East provinces.

The Son.


If people want to come down from the position of force they had placed themselves,and discuss things here like brothers we will dance to that tune.If they now think respect is cherished by everybody then that is a good thing.Any cosmetic surgery on the way they want to attack others will not yield fruits.We have never come out here ,and said somebody shop-lifted in London.When they involve themselves in character assassination,we use their words to remind them that it is evil.When they denigarate most notable Southern Cameroonians,and at the same time push their friends to write here that they are 800 pounds gorillas,we will kick against such filthy ego-boosting.There's no need involving oneself in a fight against your own people.This has been done through tribalistic undertones,character assassination,hubris.It is certainly a difficult thing to win a war against your people.It also a good thing to always point out the numerous lies people write about you.When we vote in other places ,and tell our people that it is not a good thing for them to do same,that is lies telling,so why accuse others of telling lies.This is not an impression,it is truth that will haunt those who do such things for our people for a long time to come.

Fritzane Kiki HK

The SCNC movement will succeed in it struggle if they look for means to gain the SDF's support in a win-win cooperation.However,those of the SDF consider the SCNC struggle as a naked aggression of self-interested individuals,and not for the benefit of the Anglophone community as a whole.Generally all the Anglophones suffer from this repression.Those of the SDF believe any act of seccession will only discredit the 'peace' already reigning in La Republique.A mainstream of the people see a quiet revolution burning in the minds of majority Anglophones as a whole.If the SDF claim to be fighing from within while the SCNC holds a radicalist position from without it will be a troubling reality in champioing the liberation course.While the SDF rely on the ruling power for it glory the SCNC rely on human rights initiatives to fascinate its cause.That not withstanding it will be only this two to come to a compromise to win the popular support from the general Anglophone populace.

Don't forget that Fru Ndi also cross-carpetted from trhe CPDM to create the SDF with other Founding Fathers.I think it got to do with a political will and not a total hate or contempt.If someone leaves one party to another he has his reasons and is not a treason or a crime against the state or people.

Danny Boy,
You cannot change my status or level of understanding so far as you spend time pondering on how I can be a professor and a Journalist at thesame time.This is what Africans are out for.They never appreciate someone than to castigate him and say he cannot be what he claims.He cannot demonstrate more dignity than he claims.Go on wondering in the wilderness about my self-esteem.The only immutable truth about me can be known by my opinion and nothing else.Fuggedaboutit!! Have a good day.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


REXON has a case here when he castigates Fru Ndi for apraising the winner of a fraudulent election. Fru Ndi is a presidential hopeful, so too is Hilary Clinton of the U.S. Hear Clinton and make your own comments.

Wife of former American President, Senator Hillary Clinton, has expressed disappointment at the turn of last month controversial elections in Nigeria regretting that the latest test of the country’s democratic institutions failed the citizens.

But, she advised against losers and other stakeholders resorting to self help, commending the decision of them to take their complaints to the law courts for redress.

Clinton, in a statement issued in Washington Tuesday, however, urged expeditious disposal of the court cases, so the country could move forward in the effort to fully institutionalise the hallmarks of democratic governance in the country.

She stressed that Nigeria was a country of great importance to the United States, adding: “I hope that as Nigeria’s democracy strengthens, so two will our bilateral relationship.”

The full text of the statement reads:

“In the wake of the April Nigerian elections, which international and domestic observers have judged to be deeply flawed, opposition leaders have wisely decided to take their complaints to the courts, rather than to the streets. I urge both Nigerians and the greater international community to allow the legal process to continue to its conclusion, peacefully and patiently. I, along with many of my colleagues in the United States Congress, was disappointed that the most recent test of Nigeria’s democratic institutions—national elections—failed that country’s citizens.

It is my hope that the judicial decisions regarding the outcome of these elections will be made expeditiously so that Nigerians from all political persuasions can move forward in their efforts to fully institutionalize the hallmarks of democratic governance, progress which I welcome and encourage. Nigeria is a country of great importance to the United States, and I hope that as Nigeria’s democracy strengthens, so too will our bilateral relationship.”

Courtesy of

The Son.

M Nje

“I do not subscribe to any of the political parties in Cameroon.”

Danny Boy | Tuesday, 15 May 2007 at 09:28 AM

“As for the serious political matters at hand, I am a hands-on-person but thousands of miles away from the fray and no amount of writing on this forum is going to help my beloved SDF.”

Danny Boy | Saturday, 19 May 2007 at 08:04 PM

Danny Boy,
How do you reconcile those statements?

The first statement on Tuesday and this phrase: “ amount of writing on this forum is going to help my beloved SDF” are not coherent by any interpretation.


I think the chairman was wrongly advised. He might have had good intentions but I don't think it was correct for him to ignore the fact that the election was rigged. What happened in Nigeria is just what Biya has been doing and congratulating the handpicked Nigerian supposed president is not different from when different leaders of the world were congratulating Biya after he rigged elections and proclaimed himself winner. As Akoson said, Rexon had a point.
The SDF leadership in my opinion erred and should learn from this.
I understand many will want to hang on what the chairman did to crucify him. I and am sure many SDF militants will see this as a big mistake but I think the party hierarchy can learn from such mistakes and think twice next time before acting.
The SDF has and will always welcome positive and constructive criticisms. Let's put our heads together and mobilize our efforts to see into it that the Etoudi Lion and his gang members are tamed humbled and then chased away.




The Electoral commission declared Alhadji Musa Umaru Yar'Adua winner of the elections,the international community recognises him as president of the federation,Paul Biya received him as president-elect implying The Republic of Cameroun recognises him as such and so should NJFN.If tomorrow the courts annul the pronouncements of the electoral commission and declare General Buhari president,NJFN and the rest of the international community will send messages of congratulations.That's elementary diplomacy and Mrs.Clinton is no novice in the art.If tomorrow she's voted president she most definitely will welcome Mr.Yar'Adua and why not visit Nigeria especially as she recognises Nigeria's strategic primacy vis a vis US interests in Africa.No nation can ignore Nigeria.By the the way the flawed 2004 elections in the US didnt stop Mrs Clinton from recognising Mr.Bush as president did it?NJFN sir, you were right.God bless


Hallo guys before i comment on this forum today, i will like to thank those of you who have been making constructive criticisms and lash out on those who are out to crucify Ni John and the SDF. This guy so call Fritzane kiki is a disgrace to himself. Has he forgotten that this place is a forum where people meet and talk important matters and not theirselves. Whether you are a proffessor, a lawyer or a doctor, is your own cup of tea. Who cares. Stop making fool of yourself. This other guy whether they call him Rexon, should just come out plain and tell us that you a sympathizer of the cpdm instead of beating around the bush pretending to belong to no camp whereas. I did not see anything Ni John did that you so call Rexon has to order him to shut up.criticizing the head of state for his laxity during the crash was perfectly correct.PoPo as the call him rule Cameroon by degree. He has no human feeling for others. Fru di also did the right thing by congratulating Nigerian president elect. If the Nigerians have accepted him as their president then who is Ni John to refused him. We do not have any right to interfered into Nigerian's affairs. As neighboring countries, we ought to live in peace and not interferring into the political situation in another country. Whatsoever is happening in Nigeria is their internal affair.
I will be back.


Your comment on the SCNC is perfectly correct.The question the SCNC activists should ask themselves is wether the great question of the Southern Cameroons will be resolved by speeches and resolutions alone? or else, What has the SCNC achieved so far? Does the SCNC has a direction? Are the so-called SCNC leaders serious? Does the SCNC has any strategy? Does the Southern Cameroons struggle end with internet activisim? Why should the likes of REXON spend 90 percent of their time bashing the SDF instead of mapping out strategies that would be useful in the struggle? Have the so-called leaders of this movement transform it into lucreative business? Is there a way forward? These and many more questions should call for reflection by all and sundry.It is now time for the movement to fire the mercenaries that have invaded it both at home and abroad? A vibrant, reasonable, and serious leadership should be put in place.A nationalist movement without a vision is doom to fail,for as the saying goes where there is no vision a people perish.It is time to reconcile all the factions in the movement and put in place a credible leadership.A leadership that is accountable,serious,nationalistic,transparent and well focused.These retired fellows have betrayed the course for money.The situation is not different for those who pretend to speak for the organisation out of Cameroon.Those of them in countires like the United States who pretend to speak for the organisation are worst than the colonial forces that have occupied our dear fatherlnad.Since they make a lot of money from the organisation , most of them do not work.They spend sleepless nights in the secretariat waiting for customers.They quarrel among themselves, refused to handover power, blackmail,harrass young women who require help, they gossip and deceive almost everyone.In short political witch hunting is their watch word.These guys are worst than feymen or the so-callled 419s in Nigeria.They are so corrupt that the word acoountability does not mean anything to them.The question is where do they keep the millions of dollars collected from Southern Cameroonians every day? Are these businessmen, wolves or leaders of a liberation movement? How on earth can an SCNC membership card be sold anywhere in the world at 100.000frscfa? If you doubt me go down to Kumba or even Bamenda and pretend to buy a membership card.The struggle for liberation must begin with the liberation of the movement from the hands of thieves. Long live credible leadership.I love transparency, credible and well focused meaningful


Kenneth Nganjo,

OK, this is how it started, SDF chairman and others attacking the SCNC with lies and when we attack them, they claim we are struggling to attack Cameroon. I am on my way out, but will be coming with detail informations about how the SDF operates. The business dealings of people like Yoyo with the regime, etc. That is how we must operate. If you guys want to bring sabotage and lies here, then we shall not leave your SDF alone.

Lets fight the fight amongst ourselves.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Don't bother yourself to go into the historical facts in this forum.Some of us are one-leg-in one-leg-out.Some are still in an ecstacy of fumbling,as to where to go or who to cast their support.Quite a handful of others hope after a major electoral campaign,there will be some degree of broader societal changes in their favor.Maybe this is an overstatment of the strength of its reliability.The pendulum is swinging towards the North West and South West provinces respectively.

The twin state sponsored elections,might be seen as the only major political turning point for the opposition parties to come out en masses to convince the general populace of their prevailing prowess and existence.Sympartizers of the various opposition parties,however, have been claiming to pin their hopes for their beloved,even though the high rate of bureaucracy of most parties, have made them to lack credence and cast doubts for their readiness of any possible political take-over.

One Government already told them there are people who want to hurt them, and they are willing to torture anyone who they say might frighten them, and damn the cost.When you own dogs, you always have to be on the watch for any signs of friction. Dogs, of course, can get into bloody and sometimes fatal fights over anything from a female in heat to a discussion over who gets first shot at the food bowl.Having a bowl for each dog rarely solves the problem, the dogs will all congregate at one bowl and argue over pecking order.And the females will go into heat anyway.

Every comment is copied,pasted and saved in the website's achives for further references.Behave yourself and be mature to contribute something that will be fit for journalistic cumsumption.Mar your words a little.If you need to know me personally we can exchange e-mails and numbers and know each other well.

Whenever I neglect spell-checking some words,forumites spend sleepless nights only to help me do spell-check.The want me to copy and paste all the time in MS Words to grammar check and spell-check all the time.They can continue to correct the spellings and grammar as usual.Many people here see my educational status as unbelievable and impossible,but my moral relativism and self-esteem,will tell it all.Why if we decry Cameroon's vulnerability in party politics and other societal ills plaguing Cameroon back home, most forumites get mad with a loud condemnation.The reality is in the field back home.I frequent the country so I have much to offer our Know-Nothings vast majority at home and abroad.Have a nice time.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



If we accept the fact that congratulating someone who rigged elections is right, why did we criticize Chirac and other leaders who congratulated Biya after rigged presidential election?
If we are not supposed to interfere in the internal affairs of a country, then why were we calling on the international community after Biya did his thing? Or did we make an error at that time by calling on the international community to sanction Biya?
After reading your write up, I asked my self if Mrs. Clinton would have spoken the way she did if she was already elected the President of the U.S.
As it is said, politics is a "dirty game" and I see the various politicians just playing the game to suit their interest.
But if I were to give my opinion, I would say it is wrong to congratulate someone who stole another's victory or who doesn't deserve victory.




Five citizen of Cameroon Found Guilty in Black Money Scam Totaling Approximately $2.5 Million
[Alexandria - ] - 19-05-2007 (ALEXANDRIA NEWPORT)

A federal jury today found Jermain Betea, a citizen of Cameroon, guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, to alter U.S. securities, and to cause victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce, as well as one count of altering U.S. securities, and two counts of causing victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce. Betea was also convicted of obstruction of justice. Chuck Rosenberg, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, made the announcement after a two day trial and two hours of jury deliberation. Four other defendants: Anne Tohotcheu; Moise Tohotcheu; Joel Happy Siwe; and, Hippolyte Kokoo, also all citizens of Cameroon, were found guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, to alter U.S.

securities, and to cause victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce, as well as one count of altering U.S. securities, and two counts of causing victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce on February 9, 2007, following four days of trial. That jury was unable to reach a verdict as to Betea, and he was retried.

The charges arose from a scheme, which began in April 2003, and lasted through at least October of 2005, and which targeted victims in Connecticut, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Oklahoma, and involved a loss of approximately $2.5 million.

This case began as a kidnapping investigation in which the "victims" were deceived into flying to West Palm Beach, Florida. Only later did law enforcement officers learn that one of the kidnapers had been scammed by the kidnapping "victims" out of $125,000, and that the intention of the "victims" was to scam another of the kidnapers out of a further $250,000. When interviewed by law enforcement officers after the kidnapping, Betea lied to them about his reasons for traveling to Florida and about his knowledge of the black money scam. When the investigation of the "victims'" involvement in the black money scam got underway, investigators discovered a ring of Cameroonian scammers operating nation-wide, which led to charges being brought against seven defendants, five of whom have now been convicted. The other two are fugitives. All five of the kidnapers were convicted as well.

The scheme is called a "Black Money Scam" because in a typical variation, the scammer demonstrates how two legitimate $100 bills can be produced from one such bill provided by the victim. The victim’s $100 bill is placed between two pieces of identically sized white paper that

have been imprinted on a copier with images of $100 bills that fluoresce under a black light. The two pieces of white paper and the victim’s $100 bill are then covered with a mixture of iodine and starch, which turns the paper and currency black, placed in an envelope, and the victim is asked to step on it. After a few minutes the scammer opens the envelope, "washes" the bills in a solution that dissolves the coloring, and hands to the victim his original $100 bill and two other legitimate $100 bills. In reality, at some point in the demonstration, the scammer substitutes for the treated white paper, two of his own $100 bills that have been colored black.

According to the scammer, the white paper bills, which he supposedly obtained from Switzerland or a similar source, are actually legitimate $100 bills in all respects but for the absence of ink. The "chemical" is used to transfer some of the ink from the victim’s $100 bill to the white bills, thus producing legitimate currency.

Having demonstrated how the victim can double his money, the scammer induces the victim to provide a large amount of currency that is similarly processed and supposedly wrapped in aluminum foil. However, because of the volume of currency and paper, the scammer tells the victim that the process will take several hours to convert all the paper into legitimate currency. The scammer then departs promising to return later when the process is complete. He leaves the wrapped bundle with the victim as security. When the scammer fails to return, and the victim unwraps the bundle, he finds only black construction paper cut to the size of U.S. currency.

Kokoo is to be sentenced on May 11, 2007, by United States District Judge Claude M. Hilton. Moise Tohotcheu, Anne Tohotcheu, and Siwe will be sentenced on May 18, 2007, and Betea on July 27, 2007, also by United States District Judge Hilton. Each faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The United States Secret Service and police departments in Montgomery County, Maryland; Hamden, Connecticut; Santa Fe, New Mexico; West Palm Beach, Florida; and, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, investigated the case. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Michael E. Rich and James P. Gillis.

Jim Rybicki Public Information Officer Phone: (703) 842-4050 Fax: (703) 549-5202 E-Mail: Website:

M Nje

I don`t speak for Mrs Clinton, but I have reason to believe that if she was the President of the United State, she would have made the same statement.

Her statement reflects the official position of the government of the United States concerning the elections. I have posted the message from the state department below to support that.

Any person or politician who congratulate someone, who is widely said to have won a rigged election, is wrong my any standard.

It is unexpected especially from someone who claim he was cheat in a similar elections in 1992. His usually blind followers as expected will jump to his support. As usually, they do not look at the facts of the case. Because the "Lord" Chairman said it, it must be so. It is blindness at its pick. Read the reasons they gave above to support their "lord" Chairman, from we should not interfere in the internal affair of Nigeria,to “It would be political stupidity for Fru Ndi to criticize the outcome of elections in Nigeria, must especially not being there in person.” Che Sunday Tuesday, 15 May 2007 at 06:15 PM

Mr. Che Sunday,
If Mr. Fru Ndi cannot criticize the outcome of an election because he was not there, how can he congratulate one side as the winner? Where is the logic? How did he get his information.

We may not share political ideologies but I will like to give you credit for your last comment on Sunday, 20 May 2007 at 12:26 PM .

You showed a sense of independent judgement in this case. At least, you see something wrong in supporting one side in a contested election even though the “Lord” Chairman sees it otherwise.

Here is the press release fro the State Department:

Press Statement
Tom Casey, Deputy Spokesman
Washington, DC
April 27, 2007

Nigeria’s Elections
The United States regrets that Nigeria has missed an opportunity to strengthen an element of its democracy through a sound electoral process. Analysis of the process by most international observers does not conform to what Nigeria's national electoral commission has reported. There are credible reports of malfeasance and vote rigging in some constituencies. The scope of violence that occurred also was regrettable. Overall, the process was seriously flawed. In spite of these significant shortcomings, the commitment of ordinary Nigerians to democracy remains noteworthy: We praise those Nigerians who adhered to the democratic process by exercising their right to vote.
The United States urges all Nigerians to eschew violence or any other extra-constitutional actions that would foster insecurity and hamper political dialogue. We commend those political party leaders who are urging their supporters to remain calm and peaceful notwithstanding disappointment with the conduct of the election. A peaceful, constitutional, and civilian-controlled resolution of challenges to the electoral results is vital for the growth of democracy in Nigeria. Whatever the outcome of legal challenges to the electoral results, we are encouraged that on May 29 Nigeria will experience its first civilian-to-civilian transfer of power.
The United States is prepared to work with Nigeria's next administration in building upon our excellent bilateral relations and to continue promotion peace and security throughout Africa. We also look forward to helping it implement international recommendations for improving the preparation, administration, and conduct of future elections in Nigeria.
Released on April 27, 2007


Eventhough the United State has a huge interest in Nigeria, expecially in its oil export, she could still recognise that the election was "seriously flawed." That alone is an indication of the gravity of the problem.

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