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Tuesday, 15 May 2007


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you noba see anything, it shall come to pass

Glenn Wilson

CPDM - Crooked Machine!

Election Rigging Flourishes in the US.

The CPDM would always be in power except as this juju is getting on all those who tricked elections. You people can see that Andze Tsoungui is gone. Let me just show you how crooked the CPDM machine is.

Permit the sojourner to narrate what happened from close sources in Atlanta and the US. The CPDM was reorganizing in North America and so they visited Atlanta. Two candidates for two subsections: Dan Esue (North West) and Ngalame (North East) were contesting for the elections of Sub-Section president. The winner of the Sub-Section would carry the day and only the executives of the sub sections would vote for the National chairman. During the elections; Ngalame’s team had ten executives present and Esue had eleven. Two members of Esue (Njenge) and Ashu crossed carpet and he is left with nine. Remember, though they crossed carpet they cannot vote. During the elections it was alleged that a member of Ngalame’s executive: Emile Kangue has tried to vote twice. His voted was removed in front of everyone and with one member absent both camps were now left with 9 people each. Surprisingly when the elections results were read, Ngalame’s section won 10-9. How? By defeating Esue they were defeating Dr Elonge who would have challenged the incumbent because Ngalame’s sub section were giving their votes to Joseph Mbu; Elonge’s opponent. Consequently, Elonge’s ticket was defeated in Georgia with the help of Ngolle Ngolle and the ambassador.

Perhaps this was not enough! When we went to Washington the minister told us that he had 6000 euro as kola nut money for us. But when he made the exchange of the 6000 euro, he said it was $5000 and some change. Meanwhile the euro is stronger than the dollar. Instead it would have been at least $10,000 US. How can that be? Then when Joseph Mbu took the money he shared it amongst the three of them, the CPDM section presidents and himself. How crooked again do you want the CPDM to be?

Continue reading...

Ma Mary


Ma Mary

Glenn: CPDM in America just as in the colony is a matter of belletics.


The CPDM is full of hudlums.They feel they are deceiving the nation, but they are deceiving themselves. All members and supporters of the CPDM party are useless people who bark but cannot bite.


The CPDM is full of hudlums.They feel they are deceiving the nation, but they are deceiving themselves. All members and supporters of the CPDM party are useless people who bark but cannot bite.

Glenn Wilson

Ma Mary,
Thanks for the laugh. That picture is exacly how I feel sometimes. You have made my morning. Thanks

Fritzane Kiki HK

Due to a survey carried out in other media outlets this week and also because of many calls from readers of this forum for a reform in the write-ups,there were calls for a bi-weekly or bi-monthly classification of the most outstanding and excellent contributors and their contributions in the forum.We deemed it necessary to put this unofficial classification of those contributors we want to encourage and continue in that line of precision,concision and accuracy writers.Commentaries should be full of investigative journalism.Thanks for your cooperation.
Our criteria varies from those who constantly write to those who write but not constantly and those who just write once in every article as follows;

4.Ma Mary
7.Che Sunday

We encourage the above members to continue in that spirit.
Those who write but not all the time falls in this order as follows;
9.Janvier Chateaux

Those who are newbies and contribute bi-monthly can be classified under the third class of writers as follows;
13.Tita Morfaw

We appreciate the above members for their fantastic job in the forum.As time unfolds we shall come out with more ideas as to how to encourage new members to write as much as possible to gain a place in this classification.As the general co-ordinator,and for transparency reasons and accuracy of the tabulation,I am not included.

In courtesy of forum members.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Jim Rybicki Public Information Officer Phone: (703) 842-4050 Fax: (703) 549-5202 E-Mail: Website:
Five Found Guilty in Black Money Scam Totaling Approximately $2.5 Million
(Alexandria, VA) – A federal jury today found Jermain Betea, a citizen of Cameroon, guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, to alter U.S. securities, and to cause victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce, as well as one count of altering U.S. securities, and two counts of causing victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce. Betea was also convicted of obstruction of justice. Chuck Rosenberg, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, made the announcement after a two day trial and two hours of jury deliberation. Four other defendants: Anne Tohotcheu; Moise Tohotcheu; Joel Happy Siwe; and, Hippolyte Kokoo, also all citizens of Cameroon, were found guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, to alter U.S. securities, and to cause victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce, as well as one count of altering U.S. securities, and two counts of causing victims of fraud to move in interstate commerce on February 9, 2007, following four days of trial. That jury was unable to reach a verdict as to Betea, and he was retried.
The charges arose from a scheme, which began in April 2003, and lasted through at least October of 2005, and which targeted victims in Connecticut, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Oklahoma, and involved a loss of approximately $2.5 million.
This case began as a kidnapping investigation in which the "victims" were deceived into flying to West Palm Beach, Florida. Only later did law enforcement officers learn that one of the kidnapers had been scammed by the kidnapping "victims" out of $125,000, and that the intention of the "victims" was to scam another of the kidnapers out of a further $250,000. When interviewed by law enforcement officers after the kidnapping, Betea lied to them about his reasons for traveling to Florida and about his knowledge of the black money scam. When the investigation of the "victims'" involvement in the black money scam got underway, investigators discovered a ring of Cameroonian scammers operating nation-wide, which led to charges being brought against seven defendants, five of whom have now been convicted. The other two are fugitives. All five of the kidnapers were convicted as well.
The scheme is called a “Black Money Scam” because in a typical variation, the scammer demonstrates how two legitimate $100 bills can be produced from one such bill provided by the victim. The victim’s $100 bill is placed between two pieces of identically sized white paper that
have been imprinted on a copier with images of $100 bills that fluoresce under a black light. The two pieces of white paper and the victim’s $100 bill are then covered with a mixture of iodine and starch, which turns the paper and currency black, placed in an envelope, and the victim is asked to step on it. After a few minutes the scammer opens the envelope, “washes” the bills in a solution that dissolves the coloring, and hands to the victim his original $100 bill and two other legitimate $100 bills. In reality, at some point in the demonstration, the scammer substitutes for the treated white paper, two of his own $100 bills that have been colored black.
According to the scammer, the white paper bills, which he supposedly obtained from Switzerland or a similar source, are actually legitimate $100 bills in all respects but for the absence of ink. The “chemical” is used to transfer some of the ink from the victim’s $100 bill to the white bills, thus producing legitimate currency.
Having demonstrated how the victim can double his money, the scammer induces the victim to provide a large amount of currency that is similarly processed and supposedly wrapped in aluminum foil. However, because of the volume of currency and paper, the scammer tells the victim that the process will take several hours to convert all the paper into legitimate currency. The scammer then departs promising to return later when the process is complete. He leaves the wrapped bundle with the victim as security. When the scammer fails to return, and the victim unwraps the bundle, he finds only black construction paper cut to the size of U.S. currency.
Kokoo is to be sentenced on May 11, 2007, by United States District Judge Claude M. Hilton. Moise Tohotcheu, Anne Tohotcheu, and Siwe will be sentenced on May 18, 2007, and Betea on July 27, 2007, also by United States District Judge Hilton. Each faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.
The United States Secret Service and police departments in Montgomery County, Maryland; Hamden, Connecticut; Santa Fe, New Mexico; West Palm Beach, Florida; and, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, investigated the case. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Michael E. Rich and James P. Gillis.

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