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Thursday, 31 May 2007


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The Buea CPDM run council, and their parliamentarians did not meet up with our expected desires. Nothing much in concrete terms have been realised in the past five years in Buea. No account rendered. So, is but natural that CPDM should give CHANGE a chance. The SDF had provened her abilities when she controlled the Buea council...There was good management, projects realised, and accountability. Please, let us throw our support behind the SDF and vote for the party comes July 22 twin elections.


That's an excellent idea. Buea please vote for a change, let's mount the pressure on this corrupt mafia crab shoot of a gov't. I know others will say we tried this before, don't give up, this time may be the chance. If not no reason to stop jabbing at the ugly elephant, one of these times he will succumb to his many wounds.

Fritzane Kiki HK

In Cameroon today,political promises are easier to make than keep.Whenever an election campaign comes, one reality keeps it interesting: election promises.And it does not matter whether it is a presidential,parliamentary or council election. The situation is the same. Candidates treat the electorate to a host of promises.

As the campaign progresses we are waiting day in day out for what will be the next promise the politicians will launch to further their campaign.Because this is the case in Cameroon, it is not difficult to see that election promises are the currency that keeps politics going. Voters listen to what a political party says it will do if elected. Sometimes they like or dislike what they hear. Come election time in July, a decision has to be made whether to support a party.Some voters listen to politicians lay out government platforms like they are watching a river flow or the water fall. They could care less what their future government plans to do with this country. Others get agitated by the endless rhetoric and glib talk of some politicians. Still others listen carefully and weigh every word the politicians say.To many voters, a promise is not just a promise. It is something sacred. It is the ultimate test of credibility, integrity and honesty. If a party leader promised to cut taxes, create more jobs, provide more public services and eliminate the deficit, he or she will be judged come re-election time.

A promise is not an empty word. It is a form of a social contract entered into by the electorate and the candidates. It is a commitment to be delivered and fulfilled in the future in exchange for a nod from the voters on election day.If that is the case, why do politicians break their promises so often? And more importantly why do they get away with it? Does a promise still have a value for the people?Perhaps honour no longer means much. Perhaps this is one major reason why some people choose not to vote.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


We have heard these promises year-in year-out. But no one has asked why we keep voting these guys when we know we will never get what they promise. Many will say it is because we have to make a choice on the election day. I will not agree with this, I will rather say it is because of selfish motives. Cameroonian have been made too poor to the externt that we have become too selfish ("belle politics"). The will never be any change in this country so long as we and our leaders maintain this attitude. We can all change this regime when we decide to be selfless. Only by being selfless can we be able to raise a vigourious and unified fight against this brutal regime. If we have to get any change, whether through the SDF or SCNC etc, selflessness will be our guiding principle to make the best choice and decision. So long as we are far from this, Sorry, Bi Mvondo will continue raining hell on us all.

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