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Thursday, 31 May 2007


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A. A. Simplice

May this wind of change bear some substance

Y. Maurice Martin

My Reegards to Mr Garga Harman Adji,

May God bless you recover fast.

There is great need for Anti-Corruption agenciesto be form in Cameroonand I think you have enough to offer.

God/Alah Bless and protect
Yuh Mamrice Martin
Tiko CAmeroon


National Anti Corruption Commision. Hmmmmm.

The Biya regime knows how to outsmart and fool its people. Now that elections are coming up, they have designed another strategy to fool their people and the international community. A few months ago, students were shot at UB sanctioned by the minister of Education and other henchmen of the corrupt junta. At the time there was no NACC.

Cameroonians, dont be fooled. This seems to be one of those tactics to blindfooled the international commmunity and win votes due to the upcoming elections. Even though we know the regime will rig elections, any person who wants to vote should vote for any genuine opposition to satisfy his councience. This regime must not be supported in anyway.


Fritzane Kiki HK

Biya's musclar vetos in his usual decrees in appointing his henchmen and those who always pay him allegiance,is already a corrupt idea.These old brooms and former corrupt ministers are appointed to high posts of responsibilities,eventhough their ages and credibility leaves much to be desired.Any perceptive observer will agree with me that,true power corrupts, and that power attracts the corruptible,but in Biya's case,we are emotionally traumatised with his re-appointments of same-faces different-porfolios syndrome.

How can we ascertain their competence, if these bunch appointed to give check-and-balances of corruption,are also contaminated with that pandemic.A syndrome that has eaten deep into the nooks and crannies of civil servants in the whole regime.Ondo Ndong,one time FEICOM's general manager,is presently trapped in Biya's hook for claiming to implicate Chantal in one of their dubious financial irregularities and embezzlements scandals.Yet he is given a deaf ear in his claims and faces a heavy sentence.However,this should sound a depondent note to those appointed to scrutinise Biya's corrupt civil servants.The staunch CPDM symparthizers will always go scot-free even if they are prosecuted for murder( Fon Doh's case)or corrupt practices(Mendo Ze,Kontchou,and a host of CPDM heavyweights).Why then should there be any National Anti-Corruption Commission, made up sorely of CPDM bandwagon and henchmen, who will always favor Pro-CPDM currupt officials and hang Anti-CPDM scape-goats?There is no doubt therefore that in the Biya's regime,since the whole state is corrupt,the laws are all corrupt.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Frtizane Kiki,

I honestly think you are the most objective thinking mind this forum has ever produced. To be candid, i have much respect for your ideas. You never use flattering words to satisfy the conflicting expectations of a diverse groups of people and you always analyse the facts as they are supposed to be. In every topic you have addressed over the years in this forum, CPDM, SDF, corruption, etc. you have always presented very objective ideas. Keep up. You are truly great.

Cheers Brother.

Danny Boy

Dear Netters, been thinking of commenting on how we flit from one news story to the next like butterflies, only for this numbskull in China to dump his half baked ideas under every worthy topic of discussion on this forum!!! Can somebody advise him to desist from spoiling the pleasures of others?
Some of us do not give a hoot on anything Chinese. Do you mind?


Danny Boy,
You are one of the smartest guys around here.Don`t put any blemish on your personality by branding people numbskull online.I think Fritzane kiki gave a befitting answer to the gentleman that has been pasting those ideas.If Cameroonians want to carry over the life of debauchery they lead back home to impose it on people in their fief,they should know the price to pay.Telling the world that you camp out in nightclubs every weekend,and expecting compassion when you run into those things that come withal is ridiculous.

M Nje

You cannot fight corruption in a society where the judiciary is not fully independent, the government is run in secret, and the administration is centralized in the hands of one person.

All through the course of history, it has been shown that, when you have a dictator in power corruption is a MUST. The two go together.

What a country. When your international donors request that you decentralize your government, a ministry in charge of decentralization is created. When you are asked to fight corruption, a National Anti-Corruption Commission is created. What is next, a National Anti- Election Rigging commission?

La Republique is a country like no other in the world. It is a big shame for lack of a better expression. What happen to the minster in charge of Superior State Control. Was that minster not supposed to fight corruption? All these flaw entities will only continue to increase the size of your bureaucracy and encourage corruption.

Until the is an independent judiciary and openness in government record, it is nothing but window dressing to secure more loans from your international donor. Those who accept to seat in such commissions or any other scheme, aim at providing a false impression able La Republique, are as guilty as Paul Biya, if not worst


A National Anti Corruption Commission! hemmm!! What for?This Commission should start its work in the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroun.A tip. Let them book for audience any time Mr Biya returns from his endless journeys and ask Mr Biya all the questions.He has all the answers and all the names.Why continue this ostrich game?What happened to the Anti corruption Commissions in the ministries?Cameroon does not lack men of integrity.It lacks leadership to give effect to good will.This Commission is just another goose chase.Nkumbe, San Jose


Rexon, you have said it perfectly well.I don't know how long we will keep falling for the same tricks over and over again.


Rexon, you have said it perfectly well.I don't know how long we will keep falling for the same tricks over and over again.

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