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Monday, 07 May 2007


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Maybe I didn't read well. Did the communication officer say the SDF has only 70 seats out of 180 to contest for the parliamentary elections? If this is the case, the SDF should better forget about this election stuff. I don't see the essence of going for elections when there are no people to contest for the available seats. I think the reason for going to parliament is to fight against Biya and his evil policies. If the party can’t even make half of the required number of contestants for the 180 available tickets, then the reason for the election is already out of place.
Someone help me please. I seem not to understand.




PPlease I need an answer. How can a part that is out to gain power can’t even contest for half the number of parliamentary seats. Let’s say the SDF won all the 70 seats it is vying for that will be just 38.9% far away from 66.7% that is needed for any change in parliament. What a shame to the SDF and Fru Ndi. This is clear evident that the SDF is now a regional party of the North West Province. Instead of Fru Ndi changing his policies to gain more militants he should continue with his tribal tendencies. By next elections the SDF will only be in Tarikon.
Cameroon is not only South West and more especially my dear FAKO for the SDF to win. My dear South Westerners if at all you have to vote just put aside the Tribal SDF and for any other party that you personally think will bring progress to your region. How Many South Westerners are holding post in the NEC?
lease I need an answer. How can a part that is


Is now becoming clear to many that SDF is a NorthWest Party period. Fru Ndi has made so many references in the recent times to highlight these fact.

Well is good we all are alive to witness this in the forum.


"According to the SDF communication officer, Annembom Monju, the party is running only for 70 seats in the National Assembly of 180"

Let them colour La Republique's democracy with their 70 Seats out of the 180. At least, they have done their job.

political wizard

hey,what is it i am getting hear.the ntarikon party is going just for 7o seats?they can see that the lossed the trust of their funraisers.let them think again.we prefer biya,a known evil, to this ntarikon guy and his party who is ready to cry foul all time.not the sdf will change cameroon.not fru ndi.the younger genration should be ready!!!!!!!!!!!


NJFN Said:

"He said if Biya ignores his advice, he would have sown the seeds of civil unrest because the SDF will not tolerate any fraud especially in the Northwest Province."

At least the SDF would not tolerate fraud in the North West but can tolerate it in other provinces. Hope the civil unrest too ends in the North West. By now, only fools would be unable to realise how this party has been reduced to a Bamenda affair. Instead of them fighting to defeat the CPDM, they are instead fighting Southern Cameroonians who are trying to restore an independent statehood. This shows that they are agents of the CPDM and want to use our North West as a scapegoat for their politics of lies with La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun.


Cameroonians should now be aware of who SDF AND FRU are.I think the annoucement from SDF communication officer that the SDF is vying only for 70 seats is a testimony that SDF is not out to oppose the rigime in power but is aimed at the micro project money.For Christ sake what type of opposition is SDF who are already defeated before the election.The power of nature is working on SDF.People have died,lost thier jobs and are handicapped today cos of SDF and a few conmen with thier leader Fru ndi are living at the expense of them.He is not even ashame that the SDF is going in only for 70 seats.You people should better boycot the election cos it is not going to help the country but instead helping the dubious government of the CPDM to deceive the world that there is democracy in the Cameroons.Mr Fru Ndi i will advise you not to go in for the election cos you are more of a regional party leader that is not going to have any impact in the cameroons.
The Hague



Last week, Yoyo told us that they are strugging to go to parliament for their pensions and not for the masses. So they are not only going for the micro-grants but also they have to stay there for long to benefit from their large pensions from the regime. Its a shame.

mk the southerner

My brothers why do you worry your selves I Mk the southerner already told you the future of sdf. If any Southern Cameroonian is not southern like some of us are,they are surely going to collapse one day because of over heat emitted by their so called sdf.

I told you that sdf got finished the very day they joined the frogs in government. Biya is an intelligent man, he let sdf inside so as to gradually be reducing them untill when they will have nothing to remember. Look at it each year that is how their quaramemterians are dropping now only 70 can contest and i think only 40 might be able to go in to fight for their pensions, what a shame

Please Fru Ndi before sdf crumbles don't forget to pay all the money you and your wife eat from CAMWIDCO. This money belong to poor farmers in Kumbo. You and your wife took food stuff from them worth over 12 million sold the food and never gave the money.Hop you still remember that, since i was one of the coordinators, i still have the case file with me and weather your wife who signed those documents is death or not you will have to pay one day. Dont forgat thank you.

Mk the southerner


"...According to the SDF communication officer, Annembom Monju, the party is running only for 70 seats in the National Assembly of 180..." (SIC). What a betrayal!

When the minister of special duties at the presidency whispers this to Biya's ears, the Etoudi beast (lion man) will laugh aloud and drink champagne...'we defeated them before the elections'. What can the SDF or any party do with just 70 seat (presume they get all)? May be that is a typing error of the Post. They ommitted a '1' infront of 70. If by the end of the day its not a typing error I'll rather prefer to be called CPDM than hide in a party that has 'only short term and not long term goals'.

One expected die-hards SDF like Watesih and Feli to clear this doubt.

The Son.


The Son,
You are as diehearted as any other SDF militant.Don`t get anxious yet.The SDF has always gone in for most of the seats.It would be good for the party to pay for the candidates,who can pay it back whenever they can afford, than entering for 70 seats.Details will come later.


I am very very sad to hear that SDF is going in for only 70 seats.It is a terrible news.Let us not blame the sdf very much bc this problem is caused by Paul Biya.the time he gave was very small.the best thing for the sdf and cameroon is to boycot this election.Biya will only leeave power throught force.Anybody thinking that he or she will remove biya from power throught election is a day dreamer.We need a resistant movement,if not biya is going to die in power and after that there are going to be many malitary coups and civil war bc by then the whole country will be bankcrupt.Even if the sdf wins all the 70 seats,it will still be useless.

We All

Hello Rexon, Mk the S, Akoson,Joe,Wizard, Shalom and others still to write.

I feel bad reading what you have written above.Why con`t we see how bad the situation in cameroon is. Don`t you see that the gov`t has taken power from the people(The Poor). Do we think it is easy to have 500,000 or 100,000 CFA in cameroon? Is it the SDF to pay these money or the individual from the Poor Masses?.
History tells us that the voting power of Europeans, years back were in the hands of those who had wealth. Is this not the case in Cameroon. Should NJFN and the SDF pay for the Poor who are suffering and want a change? Or do you think the masses have refused to run for the post due to NJFN?
Why can we NOT see that Mrs Monjo is just telling us the reality of the state of things in cameroon as far as the level of poverty is?
The gov`t has made it very hard for the poor masses to get in to places that, Chenge could be made.
Some will say NJFN has sent way all able peopl in the SDF. Why can those people that are able not pay the money since it is at the grassroot level? Will NJFD sent them too a way?
Wait and see the voting power of Powerless Cameroon come presidential election.At this level not much money is needed per say and fewer people are invole, then can we talk of NJFN and SDF.
Please can we see the state of poverty on us from Mrs Monju`s statistics?
From the above information,the North west is doing well if we can still have many people that are able to have the needed amout. Poor cameroonians.Can we stop and think for a moment? Thanks to all.

We All

Powerless poor cameroonians



I am anxiously waiting to hear the good news from the party hierarchy. The SDF should better boycott the election than going in for 70 seats. This news is really disheartening. Going in for election with only 70 seats out of the 180 seats will only go to confirm what the SDF critics have been saying here.
I still can't believe what I read above. I am not pessimistic though.



Fritzane Kiki HK

It never rained but it pours on the SDF hierarchy and sympatizers.I am awaiting breathlessly for that change to come from these 70 seats.Cameroonians are emotionally traumatised on the political stalemate and possible failure of the opposition parties including the most prominent the SDF,in the country.Some inner voices and critics have foreseen a prevailing danger in this political situation.The opposition parties have mostly helped their CPDM counterpart to achieve its goals rather winning any concrete victories in their constituencies councils.There is a widespread opinion that if the SDF continue with its widespread propaganda victory without seeking for external high profile advice, then they are only preparing for their nemenis in the upcoming twin elections and why not their political roots.

The Chairman's rulership has without doubt inflicted a davestating effect and widespread criticisms where most of the former dismissed and resigned members only tell of their nightmarish horror experiences in their tenures at the helm of the party.Names like Akonteh,Asonghanyi,Ngwasiri,and host of other influencial members can be remebered.Without much ado about nothing,the SDF party with its defeatist policies has been reduced to a North-West affair.It has lost its grounds to command a national support due to its authoritarian government from Ntarikon.

Despite these discrepancies and division of opinions within the party, the Chairman is still optimistic that "the SDF will win the Special constituencies".A disturbing reality not only for the Anglophones but for the die-hearted SDF sympatizers whose dreams of championing the political scene in La Republique has been a fiasco.Most of those who are optimistic can see glory in comforting themselves that some prominent and popular council and parliamentary hopefuls like 'Lapiro De Mbanga' alias 'Ndinga man' is vying for postion in Mbanga.But popular opinion see a beginning of the end of the political limelight and vanishing importance of the SDF party as a whole.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


There is just one conclusion here: SDF is dead. Lets sit back reflect and concentrate our efforts to other avenues that can bring our Liberation from the Etudi Spell.


Anything created in falsehood can never prosper, never ever. The problem with the SDF that will keep chasing them for the rest of their lives is that they stole Albert Mukong and Co Vision for the Southern Cameroons. Which was to creat an independent statehood for the Southern Cameroons. They did not only steal this vision, they started making money from it and drove all those who struggled to initiate MUKONG's vision away. That is the Karma that will chased SDF untill the Party is completely wiped out from not only La Republique's political concience but from the world map of politics.


I think the blame for this situation goes to Biya and MINAT for imposing such prohibitive conditions on parliamentary aspirants. They know fully well that CPDM candidates (most of whom are top civil servants, business men, managers of state companies or sponsored by such) have always diverted state funds for private purposes and have been able to build up stockpiles of corrupt wealth..

On the other hand, opposition candidates are invariably people of limited means and indeed those with government jobs or in business would have been victimised for their political views. How can an everyday teacher in a government school raise 500,000 FCFA from his salary of like 150,000 F CFA a month. And this is in addition to funds he/she have to put aside for campaign.

Also if the SDF had to pay for their candidates, they would need 90 million CFA to register for all the 180 seats.

This is a diabolical plan of the Biya regime.

I think the whole opposition (I believe not only the SDF is suffering) should raise an outcry and threaten a boycott.

They did this for the short registration deadline issue and got it extended.


"We All",

I understand your concerns but they were rather passionate. We're not talking about passion here. We're talkig about fooling around with our people, 18 million in number, by a group of fellows. The SDF is the strongest oppostion party in Cameroon, and if they shouldn't be prepared for elections like this they should be talking of at least 150 seats and NOT mere 70. Frankly speaking if I were to form a political party tomorrow to go for anything less than 140 seats I'd rather not do it. I buy Klemenceau's idea of not going in for the elections at all than to gun for MERE 70 seats. I really am dumpfounded!

Our common enemy is the Etoudi beast. Therefore our SOLE OBJECTIVE is to oust him come what may. It is really sickening and disheartening that the SDF of all parties is gunning only 70 seats in parliament. Yet from all the insiders of the party (I'm referring to very close men to the party's hierachy), I talk to they calim that this would be the most important elections for the SDF and an election they claim will serve as a springboard for SDF to 'seize' government. I was even thinking of going back home soon on calls from close friends at the party hierachy to actively participate (campaigning in the field not on ma computer) in the elections. I'll do no such thing and will shred my support from the party if it goes in for anything less than 170 seats.

What is the meaning of lack of money here? As a great party organising a 10 days nationwide and international fund raising would provide money for all 180 seats. Even if it means that the party should empty its coffers for this very decisive elections then what's wrong about that?

I'm really more than disappointed in this whole 70 seats nonsense!

We're calling on more information from people like Feli, Atangha and Watesih.

The son.


70 Seats In Parliament is all the SDF can affort given the circumstances. I will not sit back and lament or call Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF Names. Biya is succeeding in his games and has pushed SDF into an inescapable alley. I want to help the SDF Party in what little way that i can but i donot know who to go to. I also want to call on all the SDF supporters and contributors on this forum to reach out and lets help our darling party SDF instead of calling people names and levying blames here and there.
We have one common enemy, and his name is Paul Biya. So lets ask ourselves this question, "what can i do to help the SDF succeed". Biya's games will soon turn around on him. It is only a matter of time.
"GOD no di sleep". Never Say Never is my Motor. God Bless Cameroon and God save the SDF Party.

I will be back.


"Our common enemy is the Etoudi beast"

Akoson, you and who? Even the Etoudi Beast has followers.



"We're calling on more information from people like Feli, Atangha and Watesih"

Akoson, are you about to promote lies telling, politiking and falsehood in this forum? The communication secretary has spoken frankly, now you are calling on people to exchange emails, and design a lie to tell us here with their sweet words?

We all know the politics of the postnewsline and i dont expect someone like you to fall into it. So when next the communication officer rushes to Biya and collects money and give to other SDF candidates to register because we have expressed our concerns in the postnewsline, you will fall into it. HMMMMMMMMMMM. We shall never learn.


Did I hear some shout out here that the SDF is dead? If the SDF is dead, tell me this which party is living? Muna's AFP which can not even man Momo Division for the elections? UNDP which can not even man the Grand North? UPC which can only field in Wouri, parts of Mungo and Sanaga? UDC which is limited to Noun?
Or is it the CPDM which is filled with egoistic, elitist and corrupt parliamentary aspirants like the murderer Fon Doh and the thief Mbotoo a Ngon charged of embezzling 13 billion from Credit Foncier?.
So the question is, is the SDF dead? We have had this question repeatedly since 1993. And every time after elections, people are shocked to see the masses of people Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF can move.
News from Cameroon indicate clearly that the CPDM is panicking intensively. That is why their Primaries and reorganisation were failures, with serious and brutal in-fighting here and there.On the contrary, the population is seeing with what efficiency SDF organised its primaries with limited resources and completed the exercise within 2 weeks!. Seeing this, it is no secret to the CPDM, that the SDF with much caution and vigilance would sweep the Grand-west , that is NW,SW, Littoral and West. This would give SDF the upper-hand in regional councils and senate.Friend of SDF, like Garga Haman Adji's party have gone to work in the North. Chief Mila Asoute is mobilising for the Grand South.So it is all strategy geared at cornering the CPDM from different angles. During the last twin elections when Biya realised that the SDF was already winning in these 70 constituencies, as partial results finally showed, he canceled the elections and postponed it. The SDF learnt from that.In dealing with a dictator, you have to be ready to change tactics and improve on efficiency.
If the opposition gets say just 100 parliamentary seats, then the SDF would definitely lead a coalition government with other opposition parties in a case called co-habitation. Then Biya's days would be numbered because decentralisation and devolution of powers would finally come to fruition, an Independent Electoral commission created. And why not, the Southern Cameroons question solved once and for all in a kind of "Good Friday agreement".



With an honest mind, i will like to respond to some issues raised above. You might have given some realistic explanations on what you think might happen if the SDF and all their allies win in their respective constituencies. What you have not told us is what will happen if the Strategy you specified above does not succeed. Lets say the SDF wins only in the North West, what will happen to the party?

1-Lets say the SDF wins all its 70 parliamentary seats it has registered for and the other parties they are relying on do not, what will they do?

2-What about SDF militants that are not aware of these strategy and might decide not to vote for any candidate, how do you think that would help the democratic process?

3-How would politics of La Republique solve the Southern Cameroons question.




I can honestly see a lot of discrepancies with what you are saying with what the communication secretary has just told us above. I know we are here playing politics with the postnewsline as Internet freedom fighters but i dont joke with the plight of the masses.

How can we reconcile the facts of the communication secretary which you suggested is the person who has legal authority to speak for the SDF and what you have just written above? Hear some of what she just said:

"According to the SDF communication officer, Annembom Monju, the party is running only for 70 seats in the National Assembly of 180.

She told The Post that the party was not financially viable enough to field candidates for all the 180 parliamentary seats. She said the amount of FCFA 500.000. paid by each candidate, is causing the party sleepless nights because not many aspirants are viable."

Can U Comprehend this statement by NJFN to me, please, since as we have all agreed, my problem is always with comprehension of the english Language which i could not even pass at the O levels.

"He said if Biya ignores his advice, he would have sown the seeds of civil unrest because the SDF will not tolerate any fraud especially in the Northwest Province."


Feli and co

Pragmatic and optimistic you sound gentlemen but realism and history teach us the contrary. To beginwith, the SDF failures of late hasn't been due to lack of electoral mandate but due to political disenfranchising of the people and worst still inability to vote for those willing to do so.

I have personally interviewed potential voters mostly from those areas you guys consider your fief,the reasons for their nonchalant attitude towards elections most of whom had a common response: "What will change ,whether I vote or not?" Then others simply said they made "some" attempts to register but faileed so gave up.

That's where the game is played gentlemen. Before you start counting your chickens from unhatched eggs go to MINATD website and make a dry count of registered voters, compare that to the population of that area, then make some estimates of how many were possibly CPDM (mindful that they oversaw the registration exercise).

Without being a prophet of doom Im afraid you guys might be in for the worst this time around. Now let's go by your second school of thought. SDF wins its purported 70 seats(which is still a dream),how many will UDC ,UNPD,UPC etc win and whoever told you they're ready for an alliance with the SDF if history has something to teach you and me?

You talked about the senate and other lofty ideas and finally talked about the resolution of the Southern Cameroon delima should the SDF control the assemly,I wish wishes were horses!
Personally I think Biya's unstoppable intention is to hold absolute power in the parliament from where he may change the constitution to run for office again, then reduce the SDF to a NW party.These elections have been conducted already, dont fool yourself guys. In any case goodluck with the party.


The SDF is supposed to be national opposition party. Its a pity that they can only aspire for 70 seats into the Glass house.
Whatever reason they are trying to give for this turn of events will not only be a shocker to Cameroonians but might probable be spelling the end of the SDF. Time is a wonderful judge that we can hardly escape from. In the 90's, it was the sauveteurs, buyam sellams, you and I who were ready to sacrifice our last franc for the SDF. Is it not a shame that after all these years in Parliament and running councils, the SDF is unable to raise money to register hard up parliamentary aspirants? Just a few years ago, this could not have been a problem at all for the party. A $100.000 cheque from Dr Mal Fobi could have done the trick.
Donot forget the people who help you up the mountain for you may need them again on your way down. This is the nemesis of the SDF. Now, its time for the 'nouveau rich' like Mbah Ndam and Yoyo to fill the gaps.
Then you will know how difficuly it is to give. There are many who have made millions just by being SDF adherents. Now is the time for them to pay back. Except the word, philantropy doesnot exist in their dictionaries. Its not too late for a 'coup de coeur'. I am ready to pay for the registration for one hardup aspirant if the coup de coeur goes ahead.
What will 70 seats do anyway in a house of 180 seats. 38.8%. Real embarassment!!!



There are two type of politicians - the sincere and the cunning type. The sincere type accepts reality and confesses their shortcomigs. On the other hand the cunning type talks 'Politics'. From what you write you're a cunning politician. I understand that it is hard for a cunning politician to admit a fault, thus they don't want to show weakness before their opponent. Your backings for the SDF above simply goes to cofirm what I'm saying. Dear gentleman, your backings are all based on chances...knowing who we are dealing with, 'Biya the Maradona'(in the description of veteran journalist Peterson Manyong), all what you're saying (placing the future of Cameroonians they surrendered to you on chances) sums up to nought. I'll tell you how.

First of all you talked about leaving more populated areas to other 'paper political parties' to fight Biya? And you expect them to win? By the way even if they win how sure are you that they'll be prepared to form an alliance with the SDF? Did the SDF have any meeting with these 'paper political parties' and surrendered this responsibility to them? Those parties can NEVER EVER win in those constituencies. It is a pity that a party that once commanded respect nationwide ends only in certain places.

I don't think that money alone is the problem hindering the party to go in for seats in all parts of the country. Money is not the problem at all. The communications officer should be frank in telling us next time that the party has not been working. Rather people like Yoyo have been busy carving out strategies on how to cling to their CONSTITUENCIES and enjoy pension thereafter. They've been playing around with Cameroonian's emotions and not working to gain militants in those constituencies they're avoding. Just for them to come in the 'dying minute' and tell blatant lies that 'there's no money'. The fact is there's money but cos they've not been working to wind minds and souls in those constituencies, they're rather scared wasting the money cos a well prepared CPDM will pick most of the votes. Well they've proven beyond reasonable doubts that the CPDM has won them even before the elections. What a shame!

The SDF had better not contest for this election than receive this embarrassment. By the way the communications officer made a fatal mistake proclaiming that reality on air. Well God works marvels in many ways.

The worried son!


The SDF had rather boycot this elections on the pretext of 'NO ELECAM, NO ELECTIONS'. If they insist gunning for a mere 38% in parliament of which winning half is a nightmare, THEY'LL NEVER RECEIVE our sympathy.

Imagine the SDF leaving other mushroom parties to wrestle with Biya in CPDM strongholds. What a contradiction! My heart truly bleeds, gentlemen!


Quite matured reactions Gentlemen. That is what I call constructive criticism not contributions filled with lies and fictitious statements with the sole purpose of misleading ignorant readers. So there has been some development in this aspect here.
That said, I and many in the SDF are always careful not mince words when it comes to party politics. The simple reason being I can and will always want to identify my statements even 10 years after. To achieve this, I invest in contacting the right persons and inform myself as genuinely and accurately as possible. The same can not be said of many of us who frequent these blogs. When I seek information, I also transmit my opinion and/or criticisms to the persons concerned especially to those in the national secreteriat.

What I wrote above does not contradict the statements of Mrs. Monju in any way. She talked of lack of money and I talked of efficiency in the use of such; thus it boils down to the one and the same thing.
Now, some of us erroneously believe that the job is done when the party files in with the 500,000 FCFA. Wrong, it is far from that. Campaign trails through these hinterland constituencies costed the party more than 200 million FCFA in 2002. Also in 2002, the party sponsored candidates in these constituencies who received funding but failed to or only insufficiently campaigned for the party; and in some cases totally abandoned the party.Learning from this, NEC made it clear that the SDF is not a money-making machinery, those who want to make money should do business or join the CPDM and sing "Sango, sango Paul Biya" to get promoted to positions where they can comfortably embezzle.
Furthermore,training election monitors for and providing for their stipends in all of the 23000 polling stations nationwide would need a further 60 million plus.Now after that, you shall have to calculate litigation costs since the CPDM in its desperate attempt to rig and cheat, will overtly or covertly break the rules of the game especially in areas where it thinks the SDF ideology and mentality is still elementary.The consequence would be thousands of petitions on disenfranchisment, multiple voting, stuffed ballot boxes, lack of ballot papers,fictitious adminstrative results etc being constested at the Supreme court sitting for the Constitutional council. Now, give about 8000 petitions to an SDF legal team that has just about 10 highly experienced lawyers plus legal aids to challenge at the supreme court within 2 weeks after the proclamation of results and you will see what task we all have in our hands.
So how do you solve the problem? In answering this question NEC and NAC looked deep into the party's strengths and weaknesses. They identified at least 70 constituencies, where even after the massive fraud in 2002, the SDF scored at least 30% and areas where the party also has several councillors. These constituencies were thus given a priority in terms of the time and resources, election monitors to be dispatched. That is what the Communication secretary presented above which is basically :we should not try to play everywhere and win nowhere.
That does not mean that the SDF would abandon all other constituencies to the CPDM or other poltical parties. No. The SDF has councillors in the Far North and thus would fully participate in trying to increase the number and maybe gain some councils there. So the participation in the municipal elections with the bearable fee of 100,000 FCFA would be more far-reaching, if not absolute.Remember NEC deployed teams to all provinces to conduct primaries. After this exercise some hopefuls in the Grand south and Grand North have gone back to intensify their field-work. So the final number of constituencies would definitely exceed this 70 by the time the official presentation is done at the end of this month. Also as I said earlier, some friendly political parties are willing to cooperate with the SDF at the level of the legislatives. I want to spare the details here for strategic reasons. Definitely, the SDF can always work on such modalities. Who could ever think that the Unionists and Sinn Fein would sit down in the same cabinet in Northern Ireland?
So we need a reasonable number of parliamentarians to put us in a situation where with the cooperation of other opposition parties, we shall have substantial control of the Assembly and at last start implimenting the essentials of SDF's manifesto.
Already, the stakes are very high and the chances are fairly good for the SDF at moment.I knowingly avoid absolutism here. That is my opinion.
I also respect the opinion of those who call for boycott. But my question is, what next after boycott? Are you going to boycott just the legislatives or both? So what would the party say to militants and to the population of areas who have very hard-working SDF mayors like in Kumbo, Santa, Dschang etc??? What will be the party's programme for the next 5 years without participation in local government and in the NA? Don't tell me civil disobedience, for even if it would be successful it shall mainly affect only the population of those 70 constituencies the party is concentrating on. So in such a case (boycott),we shall find ourself in a vicious circle. And in politics once you find yourself in a vicious circle, it is almost always the beginning of the END.



Still some discrepancies and unanswered questions gentleman. Let go the polemics before specifying the specifics with the SDF's mentality and operations that needs some moderation.

A breakdown of the polemics through:

You wrote;

"She talked of lack of money and I talked of efficiency in the use of such; thus it boils down to the one and the same thing"

Lack of money can still boils down to lack of support. the SDF cannot know that it can win in Bertoua and refuses to send a candidate? The problem is lack of support not lack of money gentleman.

"Don't tell me civil disobedience, for even if it would be successful it shall mainly affect only the population of those 70 constituencies the party is concentrating on"

At least, it would be succesful in seventy, but the SDF can NEVER win seventy seats in parliament as you and i know. Instead, those who will go to parliament would at the end be waiting for their pensions while others are languishing in poverty. Truly, if the SDF is not involved in the legislative and administrative arms of Biya's government, the international commmunity might be concerned. If not, then they are helping Biya colouring his democracy.

"What will be the party's programme for the next 5 years without participation in local government and in the NA?"

What has been the party's success in the past years while participating in local government? Have standards of living improved? Is there an Independent electoral commision? etc.

More to follow................



Good write up there. Your write up is really logical but I think it will be useless to go to the glass house when the CPDM will always dictate the pace. The CPDM has all the means to win the elections. They have the money and they have put in place all the rigging mechanisms.
I just want to see the SDF standing up to the task.
Until I read and hear that the SDF is going for more seats, I won't stop being worried.




So far there's no evidence the CPDM is going in for more than seventy seats so lets no assume things and abuse the transparency and honesty of the SDF.By the way there aren't only two political parties in Cameroun,niether is the SDF the only political party with headquarters in West Cameroon.Thanks

Fritzane Kiki HK

You are making me laughing out my lungs here.You rigthly said the party's hopefuls and those vying for positions' lacking of financial backings, is due to the loose of popularity and support.Ofcourse true!It needs something else to tackle this problem not the present SDF's hierarchy who have put the party into an NGO struggling to win only 30%(70 seats) of the 180 seats.Some sympatizers like Feli,Watesih,Fon, hopes other smaller NGOs will come to their rescue in a coalition.It might be the end of the road for the SDF.Since when did SDF started hunting for coalition opposition parties?Little doubt they are just there helping Biya to achieve his camouflaged propaganda of a supposed multi party system.

Your question is very triggering; "what will be the party's program in the next 5 years" ,without participating in the twin elections?With their base political strategies and defeatist policies,their selfish,ambtions to amass wealth their agendas definately of a seculists dogma.What outcome do you expect?They will only hope to cling on power.

Like their Chairman who claims to leave power and arrive his apex of political legacy,only when 'he has achieved his diplomatic career' by taking over the CPDM ruling government.When is that going to happen?Not now,maybe after 20 more years.A disturbing revelation for those who need a modern democratic change.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


It is but normal for people who are far-away from the realities in the field to be worried. Sincerely, I am worried too. But not about the participation of the SDF, I am more worried about the poverty and state of people. I have talked to people like Ipoua Patrice who is a NAC member from Biya's fief, he told me even in the South, SDF would beat the CPDM if voters had a strong conviction and a vigilant mentality. So to achieve the final victory, we have to move gradually and efficiently. We shall one day get there.
I do not understand this statement "..Let go the polemics before specifying the specifics with the SDF's mentality and operations that needs some moderation" Can someone help me here? What is this man trying to say for Christ sake?

You attempt to say the problem is lack of support. This is not true. The SDF has very solid structures in the East, South and Centre with an active executive. These provinces sent more than 400 delegates to the Convention in Bamenda last year and they also have councillors in local government working on the banner of the SDF. So by extrapolation, the problem is not support. The problem as I see it is that SDF's ideology appeals to people who are not financially fanciful; as Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya would put it the SDF story of Fru Ndi and his "Class C citizens"! This is true of any party that bases its ideology on social democracy. The CPDM had this in mind that is why the ushered in that law just in time to increase the fees and make politics more elitist; thus just for them and their ilk.

Now Rexon, when I pose questions you dodge from them but when you pose, I always show you where your limits are. You want to ask me what the SDF has achieved in parliament? Who sent Monchipou to jail? who caused the arrest and trial of Fon Doh? When Ni John Fru Ndi marched under the rains in Bamenda to call for the arrest and trial of Fon Doh, some laughed and said that the SDF is dreaming and that the tyrannt of Balikumbat is a CPDM untouchable. SDF Parliamentarians fought hard and the man was tried and sentenced. Today, the fact that the Cameroon judicial system has been proven beyond doubt to be a mockery is thanks to the SDF. Even the CPDM is really embarassed. On the other hand, when the Late Lamido of Rey Bouba butchered a UNDP parliamentarian, President Bello never said a word eventhough he had about 68 parliamentarians at that time. This subservient attitude made Biya to reward "mon cher" Bello with the post of Minister of State since 1997. This should suffice to vividly portray the way SDF functions in parliament : a mixture of actionism and reactionism. The role of true opposition.


Dear ALL,
I will start by thanking everybody who has been constructively criticising the SDF. When people proffer constructive suggestions, the move the party forward. Those who wanted to destroy the SDF like Muna, have rather destroy themselves. That's why Muna is boycotting the elections. He tried to put a list in one of the councils in D'la but no one identified with him - he had no choice but to call for a boycot.

That said, Ms Annembom was badly quoted by Mr. Kini Nsom. She said, SDF will win at least 70 seats not participating only in 70 constituencies. Right now NEC teams are in the field compiling and depositing our files all over the national territory.

I would have written more, but I'm busy compiling my own file.

Once more my regards to all.



Mr Atangha
That news may sound good to SDF party adherents but may not sound good for a professional journalist of the likes of Kini Nsom. The explanations given so far by Feli who probably works in the party Secretariat dont in anyway suggest Kini Nsom misquoted.

The party might have listened to the worries of their numerous supporters and militants and decided to put hands on deck to avoid the mess. And rightly so given the extension of the deadline for deposition of aspirants, the party might have decided to use that opportunity to hussle the base.

The reason I say this is because actually this pulls a credibility stunt on Kini Nsom by this declations of yours mindful of the fact Kini hasn't offered any rejoinder to that effect.

You all are journalist and unecessary jabs can be avoided. Just trying to avoid another Eric Motume scenario from occuring.In any case goodluck with the party.


Atangha, Feli, Watesih, Yoyo, etc.

Lets address your ramblings, Polemics, flip-flopping and lies telling, all with the objective of colouring La Republiques democracy.

Just quotes, quotes from thesame people who are now saying others have been misquoted:


"He said if Biya ignores his advice, he would have sown the seeds of civil unrest because the SDF will not tolerate any fraud especially in the Northwest Province."

Communication secretary:

"According to the SDF communication officer, Annembom Monju, the party is running only for 70 seats in the National Assembly of 180"


"-----Friend of SDF, like Garga Haman Adji's party have gone to work in the North. Chief Mila Asoute is mobilising for the Grand South.So it is all strategy geared at cornering the CPDM from different angles. ------"


"---Ms Annembom was badly quoted by Mr. Kini Nsom. She said, SDF will win at least 70 seats not participating only in 70 constituencies---"

NJFN at January 2007 On Elecam:

"The National Executive Committee, NEC, of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, on Saturday January 27, took a stance not to go in for any elections not organised by the newly formed organ, Elections Cameroon, ELECAM"

"There will be no elections in Cameroon without an independent body to manage them."

"Asked why the SDF went in for the 2004 elections that were handled by NEO and today it has discarded NEO, Fru Ndi said that it is because ELECAM embodies "some of the elements, which the SDF proposed" for the formation of an independent electoral body"

"Conducting primaries now, means that we have accepted NEO," Fru Ndi said. He stated that the SDF outrightly condemns NEO and has urged the Head of State to respect his promises to the international community, to ensure that an independent body handles the next elections"


"First of all, let me state that the SDF has never at any time criticised the CPDM MPs for having gone in for many terms. The text of the National Assembly even provides that a Parliamentarian can only receive pension after he or she has done at least three terms. Otherwise, if the SDF would not allow its militants to do up to three terms in Parliament, it means that none of its MPs will ever have the opportunity to receive such a pension."

"The CPDM regime rigs the Presidential elections, rigs the Legislative elections, rigs the Municipal elections. In short, it rigs all the elections it organises. That is why the regime has persistently resisted calls from democratic and good intentioned minds over the years that elections should be handed over to an Independent Electoral Commission"

"The party hierarchy always tries to draw the attention of the party's MPs to the fact that the money for micro projects is meant for the interest of the people and not for the pockets or private bank accounts of MPs"

Read yourself guys and tell this forum what you guys meant.

Tchouteu Janvier

My wish had been to be away for a while, perhaps a long while, but I am tempted to comment on this.


It appears you have no parameters when advocating your case. Because of that, what comes out of your write up is a passion to discredit all those who have ever stood up against Fru Ndi and in a subtle way portray him as a persecuted saint, a meek Christ-like figure. In that blind attempt of painting everything black and while, you even denigrate those who have gone through their pilgrimage in life with a clean record of having taken upon themselves the colossal task of showing the people the true path to the future by living and putting the struggle far above themselves and their personal considerations, and sacrificing enormously for that. Having the Fru Ndi-like mindset that advocates “eating money from the government because it is the people’s money”, you see nothing wrong in the corrupting influence of that concept.

Young man, let me make it simple for you what the struggle within the SDF is all about and how.

Firstly is that group that considered or came to consider the SDF’s creation as a bargaining chip to use to get a bigger stake in the government/or system. There you have the Muna, kamdoum, Asanga etc (whether they had the ultimate interest of the people or their personal interest in mind, we cannot tell). They never succeeded. And I consider them as political vermin. One sees logic in your write up against them.

You have this second group that originally shared the first camp’s perception, got drunk by the unexpected popularity of the SDF, looked forward to controlling the stakes by taking power but lacked the stamina to fight a struggle of attrition. But then with the control of the party in their hands, they in their unscrupulous ways figured out that they could still use their positions to eat from struggling masses they are purporting to be leading, as well as from the system. They are the biggest traitors to the exponents of change because the people gave their trust to them. That is Fru Ndi and his men. They are the ones who made fortunes from the SDF.

The third group are those who partially or fully believed in the revolutionary objectives of the struggle, sacrificed or lost enormously and thought it was okay or not too bad until they observed or understood the extent of the money-making ring of the Fru Ndi mafia group (The second group) and decided to make a bargain too with the regime and system in power. I identify Souleyman etc in that camp.

Then you have the fourth group of those who thought they were politicking and went about business in the SDF devoid of the all embracing ideals or principles either because they were tacitly for personal interests, an ethnic group, linguistic entity or region. Though against the system, these so-called moderates or liberals and some political clowns failed to confront the entrenched Fru Ndi camp in 2002 at a time when the SDF could have been saved (by siding with the last camp). That they are making the move now is belated and that their intentions are something to die for is like playing the Russian Rolette. Here we find Asonganyi, Ngwasirri, Nyo Wakai Nkemngu etc. You can determine for yourself the liberals, moderates and clowns from this group.

Our fifth group fully or partially believed in the revolutionary objectives of the struggle, sacrificed or lost enormously and thought it was okay or not too bad until 2002. They openly or tacitly sided with the revolutionaries or genuine exponents of change in the party. In this camp are two categories. Those who stayed in the SDF and decided to act like the FRU Ndi camp and make or recover their money spent, and those who quit in 2002 and decided to return to get their so-called rewards for the so-called sacrifices made to the SDF. I say so-called sacrifice because there is no price for a sacrifice that is for an all-embracing struggle that involved the loss of purposeful, righteous and virtues lives.

As Ntemfac Ofege wrote, there are those who “left in a grand style” from Fru-Ndi’s trapped SDF in 2002. This sixth group are the figures we can look up to as the legends of the generation that led the struggle, either because they never betrayed/or because they confronted the malady of the Fru Ndi mafia in an effort to save the SDF and the Cameroonian struggle. These revolutionaries and/or nationalists who had rejected the system all their lives and/or who stood for the cause to realize a total complete change sincerely believed in the virtues of a selfless cause for the benefit of future generations. The late Dr Tchwenko, Albert Mukong etc belong to that group. Maidadi to the best of my knowledge also thought revolutionary as a nationalist. The ideas, especially of the tested ones in this group who have already gone through their pilgrimage in life without having been found to be wanting in the all-embracing struggle for the future new kamerun are the figures to emulate.

Strangely enough, Godwill Tachi bundled the sixth group with all the others. It shows incomprehension on his part or dishonesty in his soul. Simply the conflict today in the SDF is mostly between two opposing camps of scoundrels. On the one hand is the second group above (The Fru Ndi group and figures in the fifth group as well as those suffering from incomprehension), and on the other hand is the first group (Muna-led group) backed by the third group and those suffering from incomprehension as well as elements in the fourth

I hope this clarifies the haziness many have about the futile ongoing in the SDF.

Posted by: Janvier Tchouteu | Thursday, 04 May 2006 at 11:49 PM

Tchouteu Janvier

When did the internal problems in the SDF begin?

It started back in 1993-1994 with the Muna-kamdoum-Asanga led faction that advocated a union government with the CPDM and were vehemently opposed by the so-called hardliners (revolutionaries and nationalists). At the time, Fru Ndi (from a position of moderation) sided with the hardliners. These union-government advocates were found in all the provinces and in the South West province, they were championed by Ndoki Mukete (the 1993-1994 provincial chairman) who was kicked out in midterm reorganization in December 1994 by Tabe-Nyang who himself was bought out by the CPDM in 1997. Even my closest friend (politically) Babilla Frederick with whom I spent two months in detention in 1991 got lured by the wealth and power promised, became a darling of Ben Muna and blatantly betrayed all his family-like political friends.

That, prospects of winning power became dimmer in the mid 1990s and that the moderates without the revolutionary zeal, concept of the national idea and integrity as friends of the people, started compromising became evident following the 1996 council and 1997 parliamentary elections . Those wavering characters with positions of power and influence in the party used those positions to gain wealth. After all, the chairman was doing the same. And strangely enough, the so-called hardliners were despised for dissociating themselves from the malady going on in the party. When they called on Fru Ndi and his clique to account for their actions through an internal debate in 2002, they were branded as enemies of the chairman by the clique.

I would have respected or trusted Asonganyi if he had been overtly critical back in 2002 and sided with the genuine exponents of change who quit the party in despair of Fru-Ndi’s betrayal, revolutionaries and nationalists whose despairs Asonganyi and co seem to be sharing today.

Can the once great SDF be salvaged? No, it cannot. It went down hill for more than a decade to its present terminal stage. Like the historic UPC that was hijacked in 1990 by the renegades, it would also take eternity to salvage the betrayed SDF. That would be in the era of our distant progenies who would likely be having no idea of the purpose of SDF’s creation. That is the harsh reality which those close to me and who have loved me selflessly, even tell me I have not fully come to terms with.

Janvier Tchouteu

Posted by: Janvier Tchouteu | Monday, 28 November 2005 at 04:13 PM


Tchouteu Janvier,
Thanks for being such a political guru.In your categorisation above you have strangely omitted the names of those who had a lot of stakes in the SDF;the Kandoums, Mme wandji,Fopoussi, Tabetsing,
Zamboue.You should know Historians don`t have selective memory of events,and people.Your statement above that the SDF can`t be salvaged has been heard for about 16 years now,and each time naysayers have always had to withdraw into darkness,and lick their wounds.We have also said here time and again that the SDF is not the Upc.
The Upc was involved in arm conflict with the authorities,so this gruesome legacy will hunt it for ever.The SDF was founded to bring about change through the institutions of the country,and has been following this democratic path.You have named all those you think betrayed the party,but you don`t tell us about those you call genuine exponents of change who called for internal debate in 2002.I remember when political spin doctors jumped out of their moleholes more than a year ago,coaching Muna ,and even the Cpdm on how to floor the SDF.Today they are still talking about the same SDF.I want to repeat what i said before,that the SDF did not have 150 seats when they saw Mounchipou,Fon Doh off to prison.The SDF will live,and those who came to the party to quickly accede to power should continue withdrawing.We have disgruntled members of the party like Tabetsing who founded their own party,but we never hear about them.When Presidentials will come,they will come home ,and call those who have been trying to keep the party together names.But the sanctions from the people has never changed.


Janvier Tchouteu,
Your old news is full of contradictions.
If Fru Ndi supported the hardliners, how then did he betrayed? What fortunes could Fru Ndi have made from the SDF that were going to be more than accepting ministerial positions?

"They are the biggest traitors to the exponents of change because the people gave their trust to them. That is Fru Ndi and his men. They are the ones who made fortunes from the SDF." What facts exist to back such an illed thought over statement?

To the best of my knowledge, the traitors of the SDF are those who thought the SDF was going to take over power in a very short time; they were therefore not willing to sacrifice since they put their interest first. When the party did not accede to power,most of them left for the very CPDM that they had censured all along. What could justify their decamp to the CPDM apart of egoism? How has Fru Ndi become a traitor over this group?
Just the fact that you are already celebrating the "end" of the SDF,which will never be,tells us who you are.
How will the situation in Cameroon change or how will the suffering masses in Cameroon benefit as you celebrate that the SDF has come to a "terminal stage"? Disgruntled fellow.


hello members


hello members


hello members



Your wrote:

"Now Rexon, when I pose questions you dodge from them but when you pose, I always show you where your limits are. You want to ask me what the SDF has achieved in parliament? Who sent Monchipou to jail? who caused the arrest and trial of Fon Doh? When Ni John Fru Ndi marched under the rains in Bamenda to call for the arrest and trial of Fon Doh, some laughed and said that the SDF is dreaming and that the tyrannt of Balikumbat is a CPDM untouchable. SDF Parliamentarians fought hard and the man was tried and sentenced. Today, the fact that the Cameroon judicial system has been proven beyond doubt to be a mockery is thanks to the SDF. "

Some reflections on what you called success for a political party,

On Mounchipou- we are not interested in seeing anyone going to jail without our money being returned.

On Fon Doh-At least he has been issued a certificate of Non-Conviction meaning, all what we rambled here was useless. At least u should applaud me instead, for telling you long ago that Fon Doh would be freed and declared innocent. The Non-conviction certificate justifies this.

On the Judiciary- I think Glenn William Wilson had earlier proved that the Cameroonian judiciary is worthless and he was not helped by the SDF in anyway. So spare us the talk that the Cameroonian judiciary has been proven to be a mockery thanks to the SDF.

For details of how he did this, see:

Now Feli,

We can still send Mounchipou to jail, fight for Fon Doh to be jailed without necessarily going to parliament. That is a fact and we cannot deny it.

The reason why we go to parliament are to:

1-colour Biya's illegitimate democracy (Rexon, 2006).
2-Benefit financially from the regime at the expense of the masses. At least, stay there for as long as they can for their pensions (Yoyo, 1997).
3-Market ourselves as the most important opposition party in Camerounese politics (Mbah Ndam, 1996).

4-Justify our existance (Not dead) through participation in Camerounese politics.


Dont you think if the SDF stay out of Camerounese politics, they can at least concentrate and engage the masses of the Southern Cameroons and win back the hearts of all those who once supported them? Then we can focus our fight on the creation of our independent statehood? We can still for example recreat the SDF as a Southern Cameroonian party and campaign for the party to fight to full devolution of powers or something of the kind (if feasible).

What is the rationale of engaging in Camerounese politics of lies and deceit and not achieving anything? It is clear that the SDF can never govern La Republique because they know it is a Southern Cameroonian party. Since we all know the purpose which this party was created (to fight for the partial or full independence of the Southern Cameroons), it is very important that you guys engage in this full-time. I know it is difficult, giving the importance of maitre Mbami and other citizens of La Republique in the SDF, but if they are true freedom fighters, i think they are bound to understand you and people like NJFN if you decide to openly declare for the Southern Cameroonian course. At least, you guys should tell them frankly that you have not achieved anything from engaging in Camerounese politics and you think it is better to go for the actual purpose for which this SDF party was created, which is the liberation of the Southern Cameroons. Though u always argue to the contrary, at least you and i know the very purpose for which the party was created.

Just my suggestions to help the party from being wiped out brother. No offense.


Corrections. you wrote


No offense indeed. I only become stern when you base your presumptions on falsehood or on irrelevant statements made by politicians with doubtful curricula like Prof. Hogbe Nlend.
I have told you time and again that the fact that we adhere to the SDF does not mean that we are aloof to the problems in Southern Cameroons. Indeed, I can say without fear of contradiction that the course and voice of Southern Cameroonians have been propagated in recent years more by the SDF than the SCNC and all other pressure groups combined. I have seen SDF militants finance foreign trips of Nfor and late Mukong for example. I have also said several times here that SDF was the only institution that openly provided professional legal aid to suspected SCNC arsonists otherwise those young people would have been summarily tried by the military tribunal and executed by firing squad.Ask Barrister Charles Taku, Ebenezer Akwanga and the others.
This is to show that in principle we agree that the Anglophone issue must be addressed with priority. But to make misleading statements that the Founding Fathers of the SDF intended to form a party that will carve out an independent Southern Cameroons is equal to falsehood. If it were so, it would be fraud because the key documents of the party from the manifesto, to the proposal for devolution of powers, the proposed Federal Constituion, the launching and policy speeches which most of us have studied over and over do not have a single word on the "independence partial or full of former British S. Cameroons"!

Mind you also that this is not the first time I have engaged myself in debates with the SCNC. As far back as 1996, I used to enjoy very high quality debates on Camnet with the likes of Dr. Ngenge the philosopher, Dr. Emil Mondoa, alongside Sarli, Dr. Susungi, Prof. Anyangwe etc. Back then, there was much mutual respect and cooperation on both sides. We debated without offence and there were no hostilities derived from falsehood. Prof. Anyangwe as a Founding Father of the SDF never said they intended to gain total independence of Southern Cameroons when they formed Study Group 89.In his debates, he used to dwell much on the legal obligations of Southern Cameroons, through that most of us learnt a great deal about our heritage. So what you offer on these blogs still leaves very much to be desired.

However, your intervention is very welcomed. I talked to the staff of the SDF secreteriat who informed me that the webmasters of the SDF website have been contacted often by diasporans who have learnt much about the party on what we write here on the Post Online. These people are keen to help the party in one way or the other or to gain membership. I would thus like to thank them here informally if they read this piece. Our detractors may eventually call us names, how we are cousins and nephews of Ni John Fru Ndi, how we "chop" from parliamentarians, how we are private secretaries of this or that person etc. well, the SDF as I know it has its priority. If it can not afford to pay its Chairman for months, or to file in the candidates of hard-working militants, I do not think anybody in his right minds would pay people to engage in sterile polemics. The task ahead may appear long but we need persistence, hard-work and vigilance if we intend to change Cameroon.


Hello guys, i'm just joining this discussion forum today and i will like first of all to introduce myself to you guys. I'm a concern cameroon like you, base in the netherlands. I'm known here by the dutch government as a political refugee just because my country has pushed me away in search of greener pasture abroad. I'm from the SWP specifically kumba and since the creation of the sdf in 1990 when i was still in form two in ccas kumba, i have always loves the party and its leadership. Please do welcome me to this forum.
Before i joined this forum, i have been reading the comments and suggestions made by you guys for quite sometime and i deem it neccessary to contribute my own ideas for the betterment of our darling party.
Please guys, when critizing the party or its leadership, we should be careful not to deviate the minds of those who might want to join the party for the first time. When we critized, we should give suggestions how we think things should have been done. Remember together we stand, divided we fall. No one can say that the sdf has done nothing good for the country or for the english cameroon to be specific. Have you forgotten that UB is a full flesh university today thanks to the sdf, the GCE board even though Azong Wara fought for its creation but the freedom of speech came because of the sdf. Today the government is talking about fighting corruptions isn't the sdf that brought that awareness?. Please guys, we should stop critizing instead think of away to make the party much more stronger because Biya is fighting to bring cameroon back to a one party system. You can see for yourself where is UNDP today where are the rest of the oppositions?You talked about boycotting the election. I do agree with you but what next? Remember in 1990, the we boycotted the ledislatives election but where did we end? Boycotting is given Biya easy victory since not all the opposition parties will agree to boycott. The international community will do nothing because the have never done anything to any country. I quote examples; look at Zimbabwe, look at Sudan just to mention a few. So guys, we should learn to solve our problems ourselves and not to wait indefinately for the UN or european unions etc. We are not going to go to war with Biya but God will remove him from power for us. That you have to have in mind that one day is going to go.
Have a nice time guys. God bless you people.



Thanks for the clarifications. I always do things on belief. I do what i think is right because i read the ecographies and biographies of great leaders that i admire and i know, they do what they think is right and they are not always right and sometimes make mistakes. That is why i always make it clear here that my philosophy does not necessarily reflect the philosophy of all SCNC members. You would also consent with me that it is not everytime that the SDF has done the right thing. There are lots of inconsistencies in what they say and do sometimes and it is sometimes an embarassment to us Southern Cameroonians.

One thing that i have realised is that, we are always quick to blame leaders when they make mistakes, but that is not always good. But when leaders engage in polemics, then we blame them, they have to rethink their strategy. I say so because, when we quote things like, NJFN rented his house to PMUC, he collected money from the CPDM to treat his sick and ailing wife, others think we are trying to anti-campaign the party for the benefit of the CPDM. That might not necessarily be true. In politics, you take advantage of everything and you dont allow your enemy to score political goals. Almost every Bamilikie person i have spoken to here in Europe have reminded me that they cannot support NJFN for this purpose. To me, that reflects the public opinion and truly, it was not a good thing for the chairman to do. NJFN=SDF as things stand.

Politics is about numbers Feli. In one way or the other, this party would always be part and parcel of the lives and political conciousness of Southern Cameroonians. If the SDF fails woefully, then in one way or the other, we have all failed. That's why i have always believed that burrying the party in La Republique's politics is not as good as taking the few militants we have most of whom are Southern Cameroonians to the SCNC. I know and believe that not every question asked here is supposed to be answered but i will want this party to succeed in one way or the other. Even if it means them taking their militants to the Southern Cameroons course, that would be a great achievement.

If you people dont heed to this call, then you people will never learn.

One last group of questions:

Do you think our criticism of the SDF in this forum has helped the party or the CPDM?

Secondly, do you think the SDF can ever provide a solution to the Southern Cameroonian problem?

Do you really believe that a Southern Cameroonian can ever become the president of La Republique which we mostly see as a foreign land? I repetedly ask this question because, i can never ever play second fiddle to citizens of La Republique and since i know i can never become their president for one reason or the other, why struggling to identify with them?


your approach was quite matured. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time to give my opinion on your queries point for point.
1- It is false to say that Ni John Fru Ndi is equal to the SDF. I say so because Ni John Fru Ndi himself has said over and over again that his struggle is to see a strong social democratic party that will thrive long after he leaves the political scene. In doing this, I think the Chairman's legacy is bent on training politicians who have a special touch to the grassroots. Those who succeed in this domain are always called Ni John Fru Ndi's men like Joshua Osih, Ferdinand Asapngu, Maitre Augustin Mbami, Hon. Mbah Ndam. On the other hand, those who fail in this domain are always very quick to put the blame of their shortcomings on the Chairman. The examples are plentiful but they begin with Souleyman,Akonteh,Maidadi, Asonganyi. Not that these persons are not good politicians, they mostly are; but when it comes to grassroot politics which is the base of SDF's ideology, they have all shown weaknesses. If the party were to go this path, then we would be copying the CPDM where elites come in with plenty of money to spend only before elections and during their tenure no one hears anything of or from them.
I have never said the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi are infallible.Far from that. The party makes mistakes often but what I like about the system is that when mistakes are made, meetings are held regularly to analyse and may be revise the situation.We must not forget that the whole thing is a learning process. No one joined the SDF as a veteran or experienced politician so it is a kind of learning institution with abundant anglo-saxon values.
2- The class of people you talk to are people who have proven beyond doubt that they intended to use the SDF for selfish reasons. Can you imagine Brice Nitcheu taxing young Bamilieke boys hundreds of pounds for SDF affidavits?When they realised the party can not tolerate such behaviour they start telling you how medical evacuation of a loved one means selling your conscience or how renting 2 rooms to a company means one has dealings with the French. So for me what people say to you about the SDF can only be consequential if it comes from persons who have the interest of the party at heart. I say so because Brice Nitcheu's brother is the Provincial Chairman of Littoral; if you hear him describe Brice's character, you shall only nod your head in disarray.
3- You asked me whether criticism helps. Yes it does, if it is constructive. If it isn't, then people quickly start deciphering the motives of such, since we are fighting a very cunning dictatorial regime.
4- The SDF is the ONLY political party that has given the Southern Cameroons question a special priority. But questions of such importance can only be solved when the SDF controls the supreme office of the land. This leads me to your last question on whether a Southern Cameroonian can ever be president of Cameroon. Of course yes but no impression should be given that Ni John Fru Ndi is the eternal presidential candidate of the SDF. Meaning a militant of say Bamilieke origin can still become president of the Republic under the banner of the SDF and the Southern Cameroons question will still have the same priority under his rule.
But to get there, we need to work very hard.Very.


Ernest welcome. Only active participation will helps us change the country.
Below is an interview by Mrs Monju

Beatrice Annembom Monju, National Secretary for Communication, SDF

The SDF set female participation in parliament and other senior decision-making bodies at about 40%. Was this respected during the just-ended primaries?

Unfortunately, not. After the primaries, we have observed that the level of female participation remained dismally low. We observed that many women did not show interest. And even those who showed interest were not very enthusiastic. That is why many came second. So many of our women will be going in for the parliamentary elections as alternates. But many did a lot better with the primaries for the municipal elections.

What is the problem, then?

I think the women still have to really get used to the field; to grassroots politics. The women have not been educated enough to vote for other women. Moreover, the men also pit women against other women and come out victorious. At the level of NEC, efforts will be made to sensitise women. We'll also go towards the men to let them get more women involved in standing for elections. At the end of the day, the women should not only be there to vote for others but also to get voted themselves.

So far, only one woman is really known to have scaled through the primaries. Is NEC going to step in to correct matters?

I suppose the lone woman you are talking about is Esther Ngala who won in Donga/Mantung in the North West. That has been one of the most mediatised cases. But there are about two other women who won the primaries in the Littoral Province.

You ask me if NEC will introduce some other women as a way of improving the parity situation. This is difficult in the SDF because our desire is generally to see to it that any candidate representing the party in an election is designated on the basis of popular will; that is, through elections. We regret this situation where very few women will be running on the SDF platform. All we will do is to improve the situation with other elections.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Janvier Tchouteu,
History will never repeat itself.You have given us a good narration there from your article written back in September 2006,which still have momentum to say everything all in the present situation.That was history anyway but Fru Ndi don't want to learn from these past events.The turbulence that occassionally threatened the influence of the party, no doubt still exist though it has little effect to their present statusquo.Fru Ndi has been without friends now for his claim of supremacy and superiority at the expense of the more moderate SDF sympatizers.

The situation on the ground now is that those camps of scoundrels have left a dramatic shift and a power vacuum in the party, which has brought more heat and challenges for Fru Ndi.A large proportion of the party's members are now left in an ecstacy of fumbling.There is a national division of opinion,disaggreement and discontent within the party's units and sovereignty.Their bi-partisan attitude with the CPDM has exposed their frustration.At the end we can only see a shadow cabinet of a monolithic class of people, who have turned the party into a belittle NGO with only 70 seats to fight for.It is the beginning of the end.

These are good GCE essay questions for this year's GCE.I guess Fru can register this year's GCE A/Level.

1.Do you think our criticism of the SDF in this forum has helped the party or the CPDM?

They will never accept the contribution of criticisms in this forum, since their partisanship and fanatism has betrayed them.They don't see it as an investigative reporting rather than 'hate' or 'envy' of their party.They are now living in a world of their own.

2 Do you think the SDF can ever provide a solution to the Southern Cameroonian problem?

The mainstream of political discourse in Cameroon know that the SDF has no doubt become a party of elections year-in-year-out.They have ripped and misguided their supporters of a true sense of political struggle.Right now there is a collective guilt within the party,since every member has in one way or the other contributed to the party's failure and degrading image.No plan of actions for 16 years.They still hope to 'win some special constituencies'.Not under Biya maybe under Fon Angwafor or Inoni.A nightmare yet to be achieved.

Mr Ernest
Welcome to the open forum.Thanks for your self-introduction.When we give opinions here we don't take sides though we try to correect those whims and caprices that have led the party to its present state of delemma.Fru Ndi to the best of my knowledge is a power-hungry self-interested individual, who has misuse the power bestowed on him by the Founding Fathers of the party at the time of its creation.Again to him sitting as chairman, means his the apex of his political legacy and the end of the world.He has silenced every positive thinkers(he calls them opponents)and those who try to challenge his leadership and the legitimacy of his decisions within the party.All those who were dismissed like Akonteh,Ngwasiri,Muna,Asonghanyi and host of others who also helped championed the cause of the party, give a very negative impression about the chairman;his dictatorship and his unchallengeable divine authority is always in their oratories and stories.The outcome is very dramatic for all the sympatizers who hoped to see glory in the party.What's next?

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


"he collected money from the CPDM to treat his sick and ailing wife,"

Point of order; this was government money and not CPDM money, eventhough, the CPDM illegally mixed the two accounts.

It is the responsibility of every government to safeguard the lifes of her citizens. We should learn from want obtains in order parts of the globe. Recently a 3 year old Bristish girl has been kinapped in Portugal, the Bristish government has dispatched the police to follow up the investigation. We can´t say how much this investigation will cause Bristish tax payers. The Bristish government has not said that it is the sole responsibility of the parents of the girl.
Why should the government of Cameroon´s assistance to one of her citizens, Fru Ndi´s wife, given the circumtances of her situation at the time, be considered illegal?



Given the honesty with which you have present your facts here in this forum, permit me say that the party might have some good values that we dont know, but lets hope it works for the better. If what we write here is working instead for the interest of the CPDM, then it is better some of us stand clear of commenting on anything about the SDF. I say so because, i work on beliefs. I strongly believe in one way or the other, some of us who have been criticising the SDF are there to help them. But since its militants always think we are struggling to destroy the party, then we have to stand clear of SDF politics.

Concerning Brice Nitcheu. Honestly, i dont know this guy. But i have read and heard a lot about him and people like Dr Agbormbai who have been championing CPDM affairs here in the UK. I have met Dr Agbormbai and when he spoke, i just challenged him and he went far away, very far. There is also a very strong CPDM community in London and most of their members are from the Southern Cameroons. If you see how they behave there, u would NEVER ever want to identify with them. They always pretend to have faith in the CPDM regime and when you ask them to give you on idea of what the CPDM is up to, they turn to NJFN this or that. They have created fake businesses and NGO's here claiming to be helping Cameroon and doing things, when in reality, they are mainly working for and being sponsored by the Biya regime. So dont you think it would be an embarassment for someone like myself to identify with such groups of unscrupulous people.

Honestly, there are other people i have spoken to during my days as a youth in the Southern Cameroons that shaped my philosophy. For example, i have had the opportunity to listen to Pa Luma in 1994 and 1997 because his son was my friend and classmate. That is where i first heard about the SCNC and other Southern Cameroonian movements. So, i still hold to my believe that in one way or the other, the SDF was created, i mean created in one way or the other to liberate the Southern Cameroons. Moreover, Feko's seminal postnewsline article completely shaped my thinking and Butressed Late Pa Luma's ideology. I read it as a bible.

Any political party can stand on platforms and include values that embody social democractic philosophies but might not necessarily practice the lot. I dont really believe in the politics of SDF as a social democracy. I say so because i spent the early parts of my life in europe in a social democracy. I learnt a lot and there, criticisms is always taken in good faith. But see how your party have been attacking dissidents from left to right and vandalising them for criticising the party or its chairman. Have you seen where a minister is dismissed from power for using taxpayers money to buy chewing gums? I mean chewing gums. I think a lot of parties and politicians preach this soo called social democracy but they dont know what it is all about. Of course i cant compare the Swedish social democracy with that of African politics but i dont also believe the SDF understands what social democracy is all about. I think they have to learn and i will call on the growing Southern Cameroonian population in Sweden to help you people in these regards. At least networking can be good for the party. Let them contact their militants and sympatisers in the scandinavia like Tayong, Squinty, Samuel, to teach them some of the values of a social democracy.

I took this from the socialist international website and i hope you and your party reflect and learn something from it:

"The SI emphasizes the following principles: First, freedom—not only individual liberties, but also freedom from discrimination and freedom from dependence on either the owners of the means of production or the holders of abusive political power. Second, equality and social justice—not only before the law but also economic and socio-cultural equality as well, and equal opportunities for all including those with physical, mental, or social disabilities. Finally, solidarity—unity and a sense of compassion for the victims of injustice and inequality."

Finally Feli, there is a big problem with most of us Southern Cameroonians. We are always exposed to a sensual but dislocated prose that reflects our fragmented perception of our identity. I tell you what, 99.99 percent of Southern Cameroons dont believe they can ever become president of La Republique. They are always negotiating to get a new status of equals either within La Republiques politics or out in the Southern Cameroons. I say so because MOST of us dont believe we can EVER become president of La Republique and we are not interested in giving La Republiques citizens the upper hand to dictate our status and position.

I can't negotiate my heritage with La Republique and i respect anyone who wants to do so. Shifty accross time and memory, this wry, witty idea of an independent statehood of the Southern Cameroons might make sense to you if you are honest. Invoking myth and dream fragments might feel like a substitute for a reality, but rest assured Feli, a Southern Cameroonian can never become president of La Republique and i am not prepared and have never been prepared to play second fiddle to anyone in this world. But a brisk little and zestful feeling might be to avoid you and your party and to wish you good luck to all you do.

Cheers and good Luck with the party.


Fon Wrote:

"Why should the government of Cameroon´s assistance to one of her citizens, Fru Ndi´s wife, given the circumtances of her situation at the time, be considered illegal?"

Well Fon. Cameroonians are dying all over the world and they have never been rescued by their government. Maybe i dont know how much their government have helped them but ALL i have talked to dont believe they have any government. My good friend died in Germany and another Cameroonian died in Stockholm and even documents to transport their corpse to Cameroon was taken from the embassy after serious begging because of bereaucratic policies to receive bribes. In Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, UK, etc. Aspiring Cameroonians are dying in thousands, students are struggling in fee paying nations, they dont know of any government. But they see ministers and politicians children living the high life. So lets dont talk about any government. As it stands, it is a group of criminals managing a junta and if NJFN took money from them, he made a mistake and they have scored a political goal gentleman. Lets accept your chairman's fault and maybe lay the blame on those who could'nt advise him in such a difficult time.

Cheers brother.


What do you mean when say the SDF does not understand the concept of social democracy? That to me sounds very rediculous.The worst thing you have done is to publish an excerpt from the website of Socialist International.Well, for your information the SDF is a member of Socialist International.It is the only party in Cameroon that belongs to this prestigious body.It took the SDF years and also a hard struggle to be admitted as member.If the SDF was finally admitted it was because members were convinced that the Sdf AGENDA reflected the wishes of the organization. We probably need to do more research before certain baseless pronouncements can be made public.
Also, permit me say here that no one views criticisms as something bad.However, when you tend to see everything bad in every move an organization like the SDF takes then you have what I may call a hidden agenda.I do not think I have ever read any constructive article on the forum from you about the SDF.We would be doing our darling SCNC a lot of good if we were to come out openly and deplore the mercenaries who have hijacked the movement and are gradually taking it to the guillotine.Do you know the scnc has a lot flaws and is viewed by many as movement without a vision? We need to be more persuasive,convincing and constructive in all our analyses about either the SCNC or the SDF.Looking at everthing SDF to wrong will not help in the SCNC's STRUGGLE towards the emancipation of our dear fatherland.You will only help to chase away those who genuinely believe in the SDF from the SCNC.


Rexon´s greatest problem,among his many short comings is ignorant.

You can´t be talking of him having a hidden agenda when he has said it here many times that his objective is to destroy the SDF. His agenda is therefore very clear eventhough it is one that he will never accomplish.
I am startled when he asked a foolish question:"Do you think our criticism of the SDF in this forum has helped the party or the CPDM?" This is someone who has said it many times here that the CPDM is better than the SDF yet he claims that he is not campaigning for the CPDM.

Mr. Rexon,on the eve of elections, what do you expect from a citizen of Cameroon who reads from you that the CPDM is better than the SDF or that you are working hard to wipe off the SDF? In your articles, have you ever condomned the CPDM?

If Cameroonians are dying all over and have not been rescued by the Government, does the rescued of one become an illegal act? If your critism is that the Government should have also rescued other Cameroons who have also been once found in a precarious situation, one will understand. But not that the government should not just extend assistance to her citizens when their lifes are in danger. What is your opinion about the decision of the UK government to use tax money to send police to Portugal to investigate the 3 years old girl that is kinapped?



My ideologies is my own business, my shortcomings are my own business and i feel that you should not see anything constructive in it in as much as you dont want to see it. Whatever i have said or done before, i did it in good faith with the objective of serving my darling people and not allowing them taken hostage by a group of political opportunists. But after having constructive dialogue with some past and present members of the SDF, i feel oblidged to take a break from this SDF stuff and come back with another strategy.

You are lying when you write things like this here:

"This is someone who has said it many times here that the CPDM is better than the SDF "

You and I know i have never said so and if you can provide at least one evidence, then that would be fine. I dont like lies telling and i dont expect you to write such thrash here.

You also wrote:

"In your articles, have you ever condomned the CPDM?"

Well i dont know if you meant condemned or condone but as the spelling error goes, i can assume you are insinuating condemned. If you argue that i have NEVER condemned the CPDM. Then you are also lying. I will call on your friends of the SDF here (Klemenceau, Akoson, Tayong, etc) to support you in proving that i have never condemned the CPDM.

Fon, i have made up my mind to take time off since elections is close to review my approach to the SDF and take a different position. This is solely because i dont want to act like someone who is campaigning for the CPDM. I will get my advisers to review some classified informations from the SDF and cameroons political arena and comments here and take an approach that is better and based on my beliefs. So i dont want to talk much about the SDF except i am provoked by the type of lies politicians write that is counter productive.

My primary loyalty lies with the Southern Cameroonian people and there is no way i can attempt to fail them. My objective is for the SDF in as much as they are still alive to do as much as possible to implement the objectives for which this party was created. I would have understood if the party was dead, but if it is alive, i think i have a moral responsibility to fight for this. We all know it is to provide the partial or full independence of the Southern Cameroons. As things stand, i dont know how i can engage the SDF into this.


There are politicians who need to be told that their best work is behind them and need to come out with new and interesting ideas. They need to be told to recreat themselves and come up with new ideas. That is why i am asking on the SDF leadership to rescue themselves in running to our politics of the Southern Cameroons. There is also competition there, but i have always believe that is where they belong. There are many other things they can do, like pressing for constitutional change from within Camerounese politics that can help their devolution of powers.

Concerning social democracy, you are entitled to your opinion, but i feel the need to redress your emotive and incorrect criticisms of my write-ups. Firstly, there is no where that i said the SDF is not a member of the socialist international. I said their manifesto and other documents embody social democratic values but in practice, they are not doing anything closer to this lot. It is just like their preaching of devolution of powers, which to me means something else. That was my take on the issue and permit me say that i dont want to elaborate, because as you know elections are coming up and i dont want to campaign for the CPDM. When elections are over, then get back to me gentleman.




Hello gentleman. I didn't have to say this here but all attempts to reach your office failed. Im still scratching my hair over this new twist of yours labelling people SDF , SCNC and stuff. We're first and foremost Cameroonians seeking for the common good of our fatherland. We dont have personal stakes at least not Tayong. SDF or SCNC isn't the problem Cameroon is facing.

I have said it and will say it that our real problem is an oligarchy that isn't representative of the people and one which is ready to fight tooth and nail to remain there. Let me clarify some issues here Rexon. Defending the rights of a people doesnt make you one of theirs. This isn't distancing myself from the SCNC nor the SDF but making is clear to that one doesn't need to belong to these organisations to speak up his mind.You can be a voice to the voiceless without being voiceless yourself.If you start that SDF ,SCNC demarcation Im afraid its unhealthy. Where for example will you place a critic like Christian Cardinal Tumi? SDF or SCNC?

Well maybe some clarifications may help here. Pa Mukong , considered the father of Southern Cameroon struggle( Fon Dinka of course the igniter) worked hand in globe with Yondo Black at the onset of democracy. He knew very well that if they could force the repressive regime out of office a gentlemanly agreement could be reached on the Southern Cameroon issue.Im not talkig about SDF here , dont get me wrong.

You dont necessarily always catch the rat by that tail.This isn't to downplay your stance gentleman but caution and diplomacy works magic ,believe me.

That said, I think we should strive to build and not to mar. I understand your position very well Rexon and you have the utmost right to that person, no contradiction. Thats a good philosophy to build on, no doubt about that,and one that can sweep the base to swear allegeance to your course, excellent,build on it. Avoid your detractors and remain focused. Honestly your charisma if well tapped can pull down mountains but avoid your detractors.

If you have time look for Pa Mukong's book titled "My Stewardship in The Cameroon Struggle", Tactical Title, remember he did title it ....Southern Cameroon struggle".Amazing isn't it Rex? Then read his comments about his relationship with Marcel Yondo Black, very smart politician,Mukong I mean.

He dabbled but he knew where we was going to.What am I rambling about? Here is it in a nutshell. Dont jump into the river to fish ,use your hook or net and stay afloat.
Hope you got me my good friend. Anyway I will still call your office again to see.

Good weekend and cheers


...didnt title not "did title" .... where he was going not "we was going .."



Thanks. I like your frank response above. I am definitely reviewing my approach to certain issues and will be getting back hard to the forum after elections. I have had frank talk with many members interested in the La Republique's political set-up including dissents and loyalist of the SDF party and SCNC/SCYL. I thank all those who have shown an interest in what i write here and helped shaped certain philosophies mostly in our private discourse like Washow, Akoson, Feli, Tayong, Klemenceau, Teforlack, etc.

I will be back after a careful reflection, most probably after elections. Nonetheless, i will still from time to time chip in articles esspecially when politicians come up here with lies with the hope of WINNING votes.

I also know Watesih is planning a tactical comeback, so i wont leave completely if he contradicts Rexon in any of his write-up.



That was a brilliant write from your end.I hope Rexon learns as he seem to be professing now on the forum.Having succeeded in helping to destroy the SCNC by chasing away its die heart supporters who happen to be members of the SDF Rexon should go back to school and learn how liberation movements operates.When people go hunting and found a lion in the forest they can attack from every angle.Someone might use a spear to catch the lion,another a gun and still another his or her hands.What would matter at the end is that the lion should be caught.It doesn't matter to me and I think to many Southern Cameroonians how the independence of the Southern Cameroons is achieved.It might be through the SDF or the SCNC.The most important thing to me and to many is the independence of the Southern Cameroons.What matters to many is not the begining but the end.Rexon through this medium has not been helpful to the struggle of the SOTHERN Cameroons.He has spent close to 95 percent of his time denigrading the SDF and campaigning for the corrupt CPDM.He has told blatant lies to many and to the international community about the original intentions of the SDF.He has misinformed and misled many.He sees everything wrong in the SDF and nothing wrong with the SCNC he claims to be representing.He has told lies more than a million times about the SDF.He has been biased, Subjective,tactless, visionless,and completely unpragmatic.Pragmatic realism is the watch word and motto of every liberation movement.Self examination of a liberation movement shows the way forward.How much help does Rexon give the SCNC when more than 95 percent of his write ups are telling the world how bad the SDF has become.Any reasonable SCNC activist at least understands that more than 90 percent of English speaking Cameroonians who militates in the SDF sympathize with the SCNC.How do you get them to allow the SDF and devout themselves to the struggle for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons? Denigrade and tell lies about the SDF? Wrong.Misinform them about the original intentions of the SDF because of the pronouncements of a corrupt SCNC official on a newspaper? Wrong.Bully them to support the SCNC ? Wrong. What then is the way forward.Again, pragmatic realism and adoption of convincing diplomatic tactics is the solution. We need to educate, convinced,and demostrate seriousness in the struggle.If Rexon has advisers as he claims then all of them need to go back to school.Their approach has completely ruin the SCNC.


I`m pretty much around,and i`m not planning any tactical comeback,because my presence here has always been tactical.Sir i`m afraid you have done much harm to yourself ,before coming to terms with what we have been preaching to you for years.That we would have gone the Palestinian way a long time ago.If the SCNC has anything,we should have exchange courriers a la Ben Laden.The SDF would have been encouraged to be in the war front,and bring back whatever crumbs to fuel the fight.You turned down all these pleas,and you come out today giving the names of theTayongs,Klemenceaus,Akosons.
What magic have these small guys you have scorned for so long played on you.What Tayong says today is what he said yesterday,
what Klemenceau says today is what he has been saying for four years.One thing that readers will go away with is that,after having declared that you wanted to destroy the SDF,you were very estatic when it was said the party could only register 70 aspirants.For a whole week you did the best,
to drown the party.Your claim to be leaving ,and come back only after elections,can be interpreted in many ways.First it can be said that you attempt to run down the SDF met with fire,and your tactics have reached a dead end.It can also be said that you are rejoicing for having done a good job,because you want to leave at a moment you think the party is in difficulties.But i must tell you that i don`t like people who surrender.I told you a long time ago that the SDF is not a man,but a social phenomenon .Today,you tell me you want to take advise from SDF militants.Mukete thought he was more devilish,and ran into speadbreaks.Today you are the one who has run out of steam.If your advice came from more important sources,i would have called you a man,but because it came from SDF militants,you are only a shortsighted man suffering from bigotry.


Hello Guys & Cheeks,

It is amazing to read the comments on the SDF predicament. What stands out is the selfishness that is communicated in almost all of the comments. It paints a clear picture of the Cameroon mentally that is destroying us as a people. Some waste time pointing out other's typos as if that is so important; a clear indication that they are new comers to the world of blogging. Some are playing the Northwest/Southwest-divid card which is typical of people on the receiving end of things. Others are saying they have been waiting for this to happen to the SDF for a long time. To them I say, Congratulations! Some even had plans for $100,000 of someone else's money. How daring is that? I would have prefered suggestions on what can be done to make things better.

My understanding is that the candidates cound't afford to meet the financial conditions. You can do something about that by contributing money. May I remind you that this rules are they to eliminate viable opposition since those running with the CPDM will not have such a problem.

You can throwh your hands in the air and say "to hell with the opposition." I will like to know what you are proposing as an alternative.

I am not a member of the SDF. I just don't like our thinking when it comes to these issues because that is the real source of our problems.

Lov y'all


You said "I will be back after a careful reflection, most probably after elections." Please do not go. I said a while ago that the party needs your criticism so that in case of any debate, observers can learn more and more about the party.
I have been very pleased that your initial determination to "destroy the SDF" has instead helped the SDF. Your crticisms also pushed me to be vigilant and thoughtful. It is partially thanks to it that I was more than motivated to channel my opinion and contributions to the National Secretariat and of last night, the number of constituencies where the SDF would definitely by filing in candidates has grown above 95 and is still growing. So you too might have helped the SDF though it was not your intention.
My own little advise is use the time and motivation you seemingly have in abundance to help the SCNC the same way. Spur the activists, coordinate actions and please STICK to one ideology. The moment people realise you are incoherent and vague, that is when you loose much clout and your contributions do not get much high quality attention.
Like I said, we are not afraid of constructive criticism be it before or after elections. You too being a critic, should not be afraid of crticism. He who gives should always be prepared to take. At all times.


That was really gray-hair and matured sober reaction to Rexon. This is what I call mature politics. Roland Regan once said" ....We are not always right and the other party is not always wrong" Politics of confrontation doesn't help but a debate of ideas does a thousand.

You guys might not know Rexon's political history. Among all of us in this Forum whom I know , Rexon is the most viable political activist of us all.Talk of SDF or multipartism and now SCNC. He as everyone else has his weak points.Everyone does!

So guys lets continue to keep it cool. Take a punch(not coup) , get up ,wipe your eyes and continue.Thats politics and nation building.
Cheers and good weekend


It is with great interest that i watch and read the recent issues arising in the politics of Cameroon. Mr. Biya is playing very well, because he knows the SDF is full of empty vessels. Empty threats and just noise. How many meaningful bills have the SDF parliamentarians succeeded to pass in the parliament all this years? They can put up reasonable arguements to convince the other political parties to vote their proposals. All the do is stage walk outs and shout abuses to ministers and Mr. Biya. Biya will finally bury the SDF, in the coming elections, the SDF can now become "SDF-Fru Ndi Plc".


CORRECTION: "They can't put up ................". All they do is .........



Your last comment about Rexon goes to confirm my observation about him in one of my postings. I said here that I admire Rexon's courage and I noticed from his comments that he is a dynamic person. We all have our weaknesses. Reflecting on what we do/say and trying to change our views is commendable. Rexon, as you rightly said has a political history that shapes his thoughts. He holds strong to his views and doesn't give in to opposing views until he is convinced. Good he has decided to review his approach to vital issues.


It is good news to hear that the number of seats for the elections is increasing. This gives me a little hope. If the SDF can go in for more seats, and the people protect their votes, we will be sure to make Mr Biya and his gang members have sleepless nights more than we have been doing.
I believe the SDF will come out stronger after these elections if the people stand up against any frauds and rigging.
Feli I believe that some of those who were defeated during the primaries will soon start trying to run the party and the chairman's name in mud as is always the case. Signs of this are already in the air as some of them boycotted the last NEC meeting. The party hierarchy and militants should watch out some of those disgruntled MPs and others who were defeated in primaries. Some of them are potential threats as I mentioned above. Just my view, I might be wrong.





Your last comment about Rexon goes to confirm my observation about him in one of my postings. I said here that I admire Rexon's courage and I noticed from his comments that he is a dynamic person. We all have our weaknesses. Reflecting on what we do/say and trying to change our views is commendable. Rexon, as you rightly said has a political history that shapes his thoughts. He holds strong to his views and doesn't give in to opposing views until he is convinced. Good he has decided to review his approach to vital issues.


It is good news to hear that the number of seats for the elections is increasing. This gives me a little hope. If the SDF can go in for more seats, and the people protect their votes, we will be sure to make Mr Biya and his gang members have sleepless nights more than we have been doing.
I believe the SDF will come out stronger after these elections if the people stand up against any frauds and rigging.
Feli I believe that some of those who were defeated during the primaries will soon start trying to run the party and the chairman's name in mud as is always the case. Signs of this are already in the air as some of them boycotted the last NEC meeting. The party hierarchy and militants should watch out some of those disgruntled MPs and others who were defeated in primaries. Some of them are potential threats as I mentioned above. Just my view, I might be wrong.





It has been your prayer that the SDF be destroyed. But you will be dismayed and shocked when the SDF will come out stronger than ever after these elections.
After a long time your come again with your old singsong of SDF/Fru Ndi. You seem not to see what the SDF has done in parliament. Which other political parties do you want the SDF parliamentarians to convince when Biya has made them stooges? Have you forgotten of the presidential majority made up of the parties you want the SDF to convince? You will soon bury your head in shame as others have done.




Dear ALL,
It's worthwhile reading from all and sundry here. My fear is that some of us want to replace the Muketes, the BenFs,etc. He/she who wants to associate with a devil will be worse than the devil itself. So, my message to those who don't like SDF is to better what SDF has failed to do. The Chairman made this statement in Victoria to all those who claimed that he & the SDF have failed. Before and since then no one has come up with an alternative to better the SDF. Furthermore, SCNC has all it takes to achieve its objectives. Pseudo-activists on the post web page won't move this noble cause ahead - they talk more about the SDF that the SCNC? Let's be honest to ourselves: freedom is not fought on postnewsline , but in the streets and neighbourhoods of Southern Cameroons. If you're paid to spend time condemning, hoping and praying that the SDF should fail, you won't succeed for SDF is bent on achieving her objectives; it's just a matter of time.

Concerning the article above, the Chairman was invited to take part in CRTV programme, CRTV Club. After the programme, some journalists(plus Kini) followed him to his residence in Yaounde. He granted more interviews to Radio Siantou, the BBC and The Post. Mr. Kini later cornered Ms Annenbom for more. She told him that SDF will win at least 70 seats. It embarasses me when I read from Kini that SDF will only participate in 70 constituencies. To me, this is no news; may be most people get news only via newspapers. After the May 14, we will be able to tell all and sundry how many parliamentary seats we are gunning for.

I remember this same man writing in 2006, "SDF breaks Up!" Today, if you ask him about this story of less than a year old, he will say Muna is an empty man - that's exactly what he told me. This said, I don't believe in our Anglophone journalists. They love sensational and teleguided journalism. That's why people don't buy their newspapers.

Cheers & a nicer weekend to all!



Knganjo, Feli, Watesih, Klemenceau, Atangha,

Your write-up exposes some hypocrisy on your part, that has been typical of most pseudo-SDF pundits. You seem to insinuate that i came here to write only about the SDF. I started writing here since 2002 and has always been a fan of the SDF+NJFN and criticising the Biya regime. You fail to understand that it was the SDF that started attacking the SCNC and when we started retaliating here, they started calling us names. NJFN instead of fighting La Republique started telling the world how SCNC activists are causing trouble, starting telling the world how we are an illegal organisation, we should be arrested, started telling Limbe populace how the government is linient with us, etc. If they continue telling the world that their problem is the SCNC, then i will tell the world the truth about this party. We all know why this party was created.


Congrats for having registered more than expected. I will want to suggest that you and atangha review your lies well before coming here to comment. What we are still to hear is what the SDF would do if it does not win majority seats in Camerounese parliament and how the Southern Cameroonian problem would be solved through Camerounese parliament. I know we cant discuss these things now, Since Camerounese elections are coming up. Good luck with your party.


I think you should count your success on the new militants you are getting, the number of seats you are winning in parliament, councils won, etc. Not on having defeated people on the postnewsline. Did i hear you say freedom is not won on the postnewsline? Then why do you spend sleepless nights analysing and writing counter comments here? You and Mr Biya can own BBC, CNN, CRTV, etc but can't own cyberspace. Gleen told me it is owned by the people.

Good luck with your party.




Sorry for your name above. I wanted to write something else to you-


Fritzane Kiki HK

The only alternative is to hold a concensus between the Southern Cameroons and the SDF.And call for a bi-partisan congress.SDF sympatizers see any meeting with those they dismissed or those who resigned as blackleggers and blackmailers,yet those people have left the party in a state of diminishing returns.On the other hand, the Southern Cameroonians have been very pessimistic from the start for the fact that the SDF is taking a wrong benchmark, since they have been rubbing shoulders to a fault with the CPDM.A major setback to the fear,respect and esteem confered to the party in the last decade.

Presently,there is no pressure from the party to the CPDM.The CPDM is in a 'laiser -fair' political sphere, where the SDF has become more of a by-stander and an on-looker than a custodian or watch-dog, to the misuse of power Biya is exercising.

When someone use rhetorics that some people dislike the SDF or those who feel they can do better should go and create their own party.It startled critics like myself.It all bounds back to the major cause of the party's present delemma and why they cannot command a national support.We realised that if the party's present form of authoritarian government persists, then the party's leadership will suffer a collective guilt and become victims of this failure.The party should by no means neglect those who were at its inscription in the 90's.The power vacuum caused by those who left the party unceremoniously has a far-reaching effect to the SDF course and the major cause to the nationwide negative critical stance on the party today.

The final peace between the nail and the anvil, will be to gather these opposing camps and call for a peaceful resolution in a congress and settle the disputes.These people should be technical and special advicers to the party and given a 'l'ordre de valeurs' within the party.Everyone will generally acknowledge the fact that the SDF party, can only see its glory hitherto ushered to her, by calling for a nationwide truce with the supposed 'enemies of peace' within and without the party(Ngwasiri,Akonteh,Asonganyi,Muna, and host of others)to come to a compromise.

Without which,the SDF will be faced with the challenge to overcome the stress,at the end of its unsuccessful venture and adventure with the CPDM sponsored twin elections.Recently they have started asking for collision with smaller opposition parties to fill their already declining level of candidatures in both the councils and parliament,which will be of no use since its declining popularity is blamed on the Chairman's unquestioned authority and suppression of opponents.His tragic flaw that has cost him his possible failed diplomatic career.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Long before the SDF communications officer, Ms. Annembom was wrongfully quoted by Mr. Kini Nsom, Mr. Atangha had given me more than enough hope and reasons why we should together get actively involved in this very decisive elections for the SDF. He like re-inkindled hope in me.

Guys you know those back home are in the field and are better placed translating the minds of the people to us. Actually, I'm like confirming what Atangha told me in one of our recent chats (before Kini Nsom interviewed Ms. Annembom). He and one Felix(one seasoned SDF politician also gunning for the glass House) told me that the SDF would win not less than 87 seats. And that taking error margins into consideration professional findings predict that the SDF wouldn't have anything less than 70 seats. His present backings here are absolutely consistent with the chat I'd with him ages before Kini's interview.

I hope that the Postnewsline management is reading what we're writing. We expect a rejoinder to this article.

Feli, Tayong and Watesih,

I'm a close pal to Rexon. I talk to him almost every minute. Thus I totally understand him and his worries. To be frank with you all, he hails the party privately but lambastes the party's hierachy in public. From every indication Rexon loves the SDF party and internally recognises that the party is viable enough to emerge victorious and solve 'his' Southern Cameroons problem. He sees this as something that can never happen but he awaits a MIRACLE so that he could join in and celebrate victory. Why I'm saying this is cos, when Rexon talks of withdrawing for the moment he prefers abstaining soiling the minds of one or two SDF sympathisers who may stumble on this site and withhold the lil donation or whatever support they'd earmacked for the party prior to the upcoming elections.

Rexon, if you've taken a decision that truly reflects your mind stick to it. However, do not hesitate to promote the SCNC philosophies once articles concerning it (the SCNC) are posted. Like I always tell you point blanc do more work for the SCNC and pay lil attention to whatever is going in the SDF. Leave the SDF for the die-hards. Remember I tried, though fruitlessly, to convince you that the solution to the entire anglophone palavar is akin to a double-edge sword where the SDF and the SCNC are on opposite (not opposing sides) of this sword. Just play your own role quietly. Who ever wins the race redeems the other and saves the other's energy of running to the end.

The son.


You amaze me. What has the SDF parliamentarians done to the common man in Cameroon? Perhaps we live in different countries, do you call their short visits to their constituencies giving 5000 frs to village heroes, as doing good for the masses? Can you give me an SDF controlled area where a parliamentarian has provided portal drinking water, or electricity or to say the least improve on roads. Many Cameroonians expect to see long lasting legacies of the SDF and it's parliamentarians not the drinks and food most of you will die for when a parliamentarian comes visiting. Playing the CPDM game. I have no bone with Mr Ndi, but for the fact he has messed up the hope of many young Cameroonians like myself who risked everything to support him, and his SDF in the early days .Trivial things makes news in the SDF not Cameroon. I conclude by saying the SDF doesn't have Cameroon and Cameroonains at heart. Its going to be a while for someone to convince many of us to the usefulness of the SDF in Cameroon. We should look for other alternatives.


The Son,
I`m that type who believes in honestyand steadfastness to the ideals you hold dear.Secondly i abhor using one's position to achieve cheap ,and badly needed publicity.It is ridiculously contradictory to hail the SDF in darkness,and lambasts the person who has been responsible for the survival of the party for so long.When you come out in public ,and condemn the party for not abide by the rules of Social democracy,as stipulated by Socialist International,how does that translate you admiration for the party indarkness.Akoson,i cannot hold back myself when i hear such sophistery,about two sympathisers who will stumble on this forum and hold back their contributions for the party.Rexon has been throwing mud on this party for years ,it is not only today that the sympathisers will discover what he has been writing.Those are petty wits that he is peddling around.He is looking for an exit strategy that will take off some of the feaces he has smeared himself with.I Watesih ,wants to say it clearly that he has run into seepbreaks,and should go into hiding.There's nothing he can do to the SDF,now and in the future.Akoson we have shared this double-edge sword policy here for .I respect you for that.Its just like Barrack Obama standing against the war in Iraq from the beginning,and not flip-flopping.

If you have taken a decision to go in to hiding,just do that.You are desperately looking for justifications of your poor show against the SDF over the years.It will be shameful for you to say Fru Ndi first started attacking the SDF. This incident came up last year ,when your fellow villager SN Tita started calling on people to stone Fru Ndi to death.Fru Ndi reminded him that when he hoisted the SCNC flag and strangely disappeared to Nigeria,he did not meddle in his business with the authorities.You jumped out ,and tried to pit the SDF,against the SCNC,but we still beat down your attempt.You can even bring in all your friends to soften your failed attempt against the SDF,but you have awoken to discover how character assassination has never paid off.

Why do you want the SDF to hold a consensus with the SCNC.The two movements havn`t got any problem.The attempt by some online witchhunters like you and Rexon to pit these two bodies against each other have all been foiled.The SDF needs the SCNC,and is the reverse true.There's absolutely no contradiction about that. If you guys started using words like the Southern Cameroons fight is embedded in the SDF,it is because you finally discovered what many have been preaching here.



Let me clarify certain fads you are trying to insinuate in this forum. Firstly, my decision to stand clear of SDF politics has been as a result of frank dialogue i have had with friends in the past week and secondly because i believe i have finished my job. I decided to heed to their call for one simple reason: upcoming elections. Since i am not participating in the elections, at least i can take this time to read and reflect on the new turn i need to take. If the party thinks it is winning, then it should win Biya and take more seats from him. I think that would help you people more than celebrating how Rexon, Kiki, et al has been defeated in the postnewsline. If you dont know Rexon very well, i dont fear defeat and i have NEVER been defeated. If the CPDM could'nt defeat me, i dont think the SDF has the resources to.

Secondly, i believe i have finished my job. My message has been passed to the appropriate authorities and i want to concentrate on a new focus. Remember i said, i did what i did and what i thought was necessary at the time. I pay unquestionable loyalty to the suffering masses of the Southern Cameroons and i did what i think was right for them and i am still doing it. Now, i want to take a new lease and go with a new focus. That needs time, financial resources and reading. I found that the upcoming elections might be a good time since i am not participating in anyway to focus and take a new twist. So dont start celebrating yet and claiming victory.

You should not fool yourself that your ability to run dowm on my personality has helped you in anyway. Frankly, i didn't want to tell you guys in this forum, but i think some of you are more naive than even the people you are criticising. You spend sleepless nights sending emails, faxes from here and there because u want to sabotage Rexon and kill his family. My family is not new to this. They started suffering gerndarmes and police harrassment as a result of my political and social activism even when i was less than 16. I also started sleeping in bushes and forest as a result of my political activism when very young. Do you people think you can ever run down the career and reputation of Rexon? Everywhere i have worked in Europe, people know me as a very respectable and honest person. I mean the bosses and foreigners who are always there to testify the truth. I dont care what bigots say, but among foreigners in europe, my reputation can never be runned down. When i started criticising the SDF here, people started sending death threats to my family, sending faxes, emails to my job, etc. I have some of the emails sent to my bosses and i can show them to you. They can only come from SDF sympathisers or the hierarchy of the party. But i hold no grudge with anybody, i just wanted to prove that i am a rock and they have stopped without achieving anything. How has that helped the SDF. If you try to attack me, i would do thesame. We can go ahead when i am back on my break and see how it goes. Sabotage is a thing i sufferred from the CPDM and i still made life out of that, do you think sabotaging me would help the SDF course? Its a shame. When Vally was attacking NJFN here, thesame was done to him and he had to contact the metropolitan police. Tribalist and bigots should not think every graffi man must support this party as some of their documents was trying to force me to. Shameful.



Shame is driving you to your grave,for having given up along the way.We can not celebrate any victory ,because the SDF is out to fight for all the people.I repeat that the advice you are now happing about was given to you by the same SDF militants who have tried to advise you for years to no avail.Your family ! Your family! Threats were made to your family ,how many of them have been killed? Your brother dines with the Cpdm,and people don`t make threats .They will make threats because you criticise the SDF! You wanted to prove that you are a rock,why have you not also fought the SDF to the end? You will always play your tribal game,but that has been checked also.
No graffiman has been found forcing people to militate in the SDF,and no graffiman is also going to succeed to kill this party.
That is the bitter truth you have learnt.Those who were counting on you thinking you could do a better job ,because you are from the NW should forget!Your attempt has been checked.Your reputation can even soar in Europe,but that is not where you were born.Europeans will always pull people like you by the nose.That is why you went voting there,while calling on Southern Cameroonians not to vote.How can you explain this dubious attitude? You held a grudge against the SDF ,and its leaders,but your many years of sleepless nights have ended with simple advise from SDF militants,not the death of the SDF.Vally of England told a lie here that he was attack,but when Kumbaboy sought to know more,he started calling him come no go.That is the verbal dysentery those of you who have carreers,and eat British beef are suffering from.How many elections has the SDF gone in for since you started writing here that it is only these ones that you want to respect? Remember the SDF,and the SCNC are not people.If you take your gossiping over to the SCNC,we will follow you there,and our bid to cure you of witchhunting will continue."If you want to tread on the wing,you should have wings to fly"



"Remember the SDF,and the SCNC are not people"

Why then is Muna, Paul Biya a problem to you. Is their party about people? Or only the SDF people are untouchable?


Atagha SDF secretary wrote:

"That's why Muna is boycotting the elections. He tried to put a list in one of the councils in D'la but no one identified with him - he had no choice but to call for a boycot."

With all due respect to your person, i want to believe that you should be ashamed of having made statements like this. Did i hear you people say politics is not about names calling? Then why Muna and Biya's name all over the place? Bonu Innocent, a respectable Southern Cameroonian lawyer who has his chambers at Tiko Road Mutengene and who used to be an SDF executive is his provincial coordinator. So i dont know what you meant by "NO ONE".


You keeping wasting time with the trash that Rexon writes here, probably because you seem to undermine readers ability to rate what they read. All those that I have discussed privately concerning Rexon unproductive rambling, call him a disgrace.

Others absconded and went into hiding, but either Rexon is courageous or shameless to anounce before going into hiding.

Mr. Rexon says the CPDM could not defeat him; it means he defeated the CPDM-interesting to hear that.

Because lawyer Bonu has joined Muna to later form an alliance with the CPDM, he is a respectable southern Cameroonian lawyer. When did Muna declare for SCNC before Rexon is lauding his supporters?

Watesih, do you think there are still readers here except of KIKI who think that Rexon does not have an ulterior motive? which he dream to realise under the pretext of preaching SCNC.



The ones you have talked to necessarily are the tribalist and bigots who support people but not their ideas. They belong to thesame camp and class of jealoused beings and gossipers like you. You spend time gossiping Rexon from left to right and telling people how they should not support my ideas simply because i have made clear my multi-cultural perspective of life from the onset in this forum. People who spend their time instead of seeing the truth but supporting their tribesman simply because he has come up with a political fad are useless. I have asked you how many of you people talking thrash here are from another province? Stop rambling with fads here. I am not and will never be a monocultural person. I cannot support things primarily because of my monocultural conception about how it should be led by my tribesmen. Such a focus contrast habitually with 21st century responses to socio-political discourse that are focused on liberalism and multi-cultural supremacy. I have asked and will keep asking, how many of you ever supported Mola Njoh Litumbe, a man of high integrity? Wasn't it because he is Bakwerian? Whilst intensifying your exclusivist policies, you should know that it has negative repercussion on your tribesmen political conciousness. Your hierarchical tribalism is articulated in your defense of all what belongs to you and your seemingly deconstructive discourse focused on butressing this in the postnewsline. Check yourself, you will see that 99.99 percent of you come from one area of the Southern Cameroons. I hope this time you will heed to your call not to call Rexon's name in this forum. You started promising to do so more than a year ago and you have not respected yourself. Sir, if you do that, then the forum would be yours forever, if you call and gossip my name "WRONGLY" sir, i would retaliate as that is my style.


The Son,
Rexon is an ordained hypocrite,a confused activist and a sellout out of unmeasurable magnitude.It it shamefully wrong to make the world believe that this man who has been sponsored by the CPDM to destroy the SDF professes and admires that party in secret.This is rediculous.This to me is the Cameroonian styled nationalism or do we call it the Rexon styled democracy? Wonders will never end.It is equally embarrassing to hear that Rexon Believes the SDF is a solution to the plight of Southern Cameroons.I sincerely thank you,Klemanceau and Tayong for letting millions of Southern Cameroonians who are readers of the forum know what this guy is up to.I can assure you that one of these days someone or Rexon himself will reveal to the forum that he is a CENER envoy dispatched by Biya's special agents to destroy the SCNC en passant par le SDF.It is very dangerous to play with a chameleon.Rexon seems to be playing the chameleon game here.How on earth can ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL be a supporter of the SCNC, CPDM and the SDF.To some of us one of these organisations represents evil and so belonging to it means representing evil.The job Rexon has done on the forum by overtly supporting the CPDM and fruitlessly attempting to denigrade,blakmail and destroy the leadership of the SDF is evil.He has even committed what I may call sacrilage against the SCNC.He needs to know this, repent and then ask for forgiveness.Instead of Rexon pretending to be on a brief vacation he should go down on his knees pray, fast and ask God to forgive him.In a forum like this one you cannot be operating with a double edged sword.Publicly blackmailing the SDF and professing it in hiding is an unpardonable act.It is awesome and disgraceful.Does he know the number of people he has misled? I am afraid the Hong Professor one of his misled disciples might have been taking him serious.

Do not worry about Fon.Remember you have also promised to to suspend participation for the moment but the sins you and the CPDM have committed against the people of Cameroon keep bringing you back.Fon has the moral responsibility to tell the world the truth, so why do you want him to stay quiet.


Never ignore people like Rexon.When you confront evil,then you will have good results ,because it only lasts for a short time.All along Rexon has always doubted his origin.He has always emphaisized on the idea of his mother being from the SW.He has never forgotten to articulate ethnic discripancies between the two provinces,insisting he is Southwesterner in spirit.He thinkssupporting
Fru Ndi from our province of origine is a bad thing,but he thinks it would have been a good thing if this support would have been given to Njoh Litumbe,who is from his mother's province of origine.Initially he erroneously thought that since 99.9% percent of us come from the same province ,he was going to be used by the Cpdm to destroy the SDF.But the 99.9% has said no to French sponsored hitmen.When SN Tita was got a boomerang efect here for trying to use violence to solve political dispute,Rexon came out and said he was supporting him because he is from Mbatu,but when he fails to kill the SDF,he says it is because 99.9 percent of us are from the NW.Knowing this fully well,why did he engage himself in this futile adventure? The same SDF militants he scorned on this forum have brought him to the end he deserves.Things will never be the same again,because we now know that he pretends to admire,and support the SDF when he is talking to his friends,but when they leave him,he will sit behind his keyboard,
and summon the devil in him to kill the party.After the elections we will see how he is going to propagate his SCNC ideas here! Now we can only tolerate people like Akoson,
Ma Mary to handle the tough issues that surround the SCNC here.A gossip who even doubts his origin cannot talk for us!


When SN Tita got a boomerang effect here....



Can you give your quote to justify this sir:

"When SN Tita was got a boomerang efect here for trying to use violence to solve political dispute,Rexon came out and said he was supporting him because he is from Mbatu,"

Sir, i dont need the SCNC to survive in life. So i would not loose anything if the SCNC says it does not need me. Sir, you spend sleeepless nights struggling to know who i am. Calling people from left to right in China to ask one or two things about me and my family. Sir, i dont pretend to support the SDF. I tell my friends when i speak to them the good and bad side of the SDF.

My challenge to you is that you should defeat the CPDM here sir. If you can't then you would have to shamefully hide with all those you have listed above. I dont live on dirty and occultic money and will never do.


Thanks for elevating me to the ranks of NJFN, Muna, etc all CENER Agents. In our meetings, we discuss how to colour Biya's democracy in return for bribes. So you see, we are all birds of thesame feather.



Patriotism and Courage: Cardinal Tumi's Legacy to


When the Interview-biography of General Semengue by

Charles Ateba Eyene was published in 2002, the author

compared the origins of General Semengue to that of

Jesus, with poor parents that tilled the soil to feed

their children, like Joseph and Mary, parents of

Jesus! We recall this here because he is at the centre

of the “attempts to involve (the Cardinal) in a Coup

d’état”, as described in the Cardinal’s recent book.

We know Cardinal Tumi, born in Kikaikelaki, a small

village in Bui Division, came from such a poor, rural

background too, but even in a complete memoir (we are

told the book is only part!), he would never allow

such sacrilegious comparisons! There is no need to go

back to Jesus’s time to describe the conditions of

growing up for a Cameroonian child. There is no doubt

that this poor, rural background that nearly all

Cameroonians of over 50 years of age have, sensitised

some of them to the meaning of daily hardship and

suffering. Cardinal Tumi through his book shows

clearly that he was one of those who were fully


Staying on General Semengue, Cardinal Tumi’s book

confirms that he had information that “Bulu Generals

and ministers order(ed) the death of Cardinal Tumi” if

the rumour concerning the death of President Paul Biya

in Switzerland proved true. Violence and bloodshed

were promised over and over again by stalwarts of the

regime when there was the prospect of the opposition

taking over through the ballot box in 1992. Later,

General Semengue’s revelations in his

interview-biography book mentioned here indicated that

there would have been a military coup d’état if the

Sovereign National Conference took place! All this

leads to the conclusion that free and fair elections

in Cameroon can lead to violence and bloodshed if the

grip of the ruling clan on power is threatened!

Cardinal Tumi can pride himself of his independence,

and of being a person whose sense of self rests partly

on questioning authority, and on making up his own

mind about public issues and private standards. It is

usually said that the men who exercise power can make

an indispensable contribution to the greatness of

society; but the men who question power make a

contribution just as indispensable, especially when

that questioning is disinterested, for they determine

whether we use power or power uses us. Cardinal Tumi

criticised the regimes not because he was influenced

by anybody to do so, but because he felt that it was

absolutely necessary to do so.

The regimes (Ahidjo’s and Biya’s) he criticised

developed the tactic of attacking him to see if they

would get away with it. This book is testimony to the

fact that they never got away with it. He laughed over

attacks, discussed politely with his attackers and

never got into a fight. He rose above his attackers,

and had much fun educating them on the nature of the

power they wield(ed), and the thought that he was

gunning for “their” power.

The Cardinal teaches us a lot about criticism and

truth. We learn that the foundation of criticism is

love, not hatred; respect, not disrespect! One may

disagree with the manner of stating the truth, but not

with the truth! We only criticise those we love,

because in so doing, we call their attention to the

faults in their lives. Unfortunately, political

partisans often find it hard to understand the concept

of neutrality or even that there is more than one way

of seeing a speech, interpreting a report, or

analysing a set of events. If they do not share your

point of view, you are considered to be against them.

The teachings on criticism and truth in this book

paint the Cardinal as a deeply patriotic man. It is to

the credit of Cameroonians that when the Prime

Minister carried out one of his diversionary

consultations with political parties and civil society

following the creation of NEO, Cardinal Tumi came top

of the list of those who were suggested as

non-partisan, neutral and respectable personalities

who would best steer the ship of NEO.

It is usually said that Christianity has emptied the

heavens, the groves, the streams and the rulers of the

earth of claims of divinity, thus setting the world

free to be itself. In spite of this, the great enemy

of the truth is most often not the lie but the

myth…the dogged attachment to rulers because they are

said to be God-sent; the thought that there can be

ruling tribes superior to others; the comfort of

opinion without the discomfort of thought. The truth

is hard to find for such peddlers of myths. Senseless

attachment to such sterile myths is recurrent in the


It is President Kennedy who once said: “when at some

future date the high court of history sits in

judgement of each of us, it will ask: were we truly

men of courage – with the courage to stand up to one’s

enemies – and the courage to stand up, when necessary,

to one’s associates...”. Although the judgement of

history hardly ever coincides with the tempers of the

moment, we have no doubt that in such a court,

Cardinal Tumi will receive a judgement of acquittal,

based on the experiences he bares in his book.

In principle, icons are people who, rightly or

wrongly, attract real veneration. They are hard for

public relations advisers to create; and they are too

strong to suppress, either by enemies or misguided

friends. Icons are the preserve of people with strong

character and substantial records. The book puts

Cardinal Tumi in the class of icons. Putting together

for the public in a book, incidents of his courage in

the face of the repressive regimes of Ahidjo and Biya,

is an effort to nurture these values in other

Cameroonians through examples. There is need to

promote such acts of courage and patriotism in order

to provide points of focus and role models for

emulation by our children. Cameroonian youths

desperately need role models that embolden them to

face the challenge of providing a strong identity for

our country in this age of a fast changing world.

In the “commotion over an interview”, government uses

one of its diatribes to advise Cardinal Tumi to have

the “reserve that is called for by his position as a

priest”. It is this confusion of thought that pushes

the writer of the Foreword - His Grace Paul Verdzekov

- to pose the question, “Does the Church take part in

politics?” An appropriate answer to the question is

provided in the book. In addition, we think that

Religion is not so much a private matter as the agents

of government described in the book may think; it is a

public good, vital to the public welfare. Although the

Church should never seek to overthrow the government,

it should always rise above it, judge it and serve as

a beacon of proper moral conduct. In order to ensure

freedom of choice, complete tolerance of religion

should be allowed, and the church and the state should

remain separate institutions; the state being for

earthly matters and the Church for heavenly ones. From

its position, the church becomes the supreme moral

judge and critic of government. This is the message

Cardinal Tumi has brought home forcefully to the

vendors of myths in the regimes.

One of the surrogates in the book is said to have

asked the Cardinal: “Are you Anglophone?” To an

affirmative answer he exclaimed: “but you should have

said so earlier!” Further, in one of his responses to

a Minister who had attacked him in the hope of getting

away with it, the Cardinal stated: “There are

‘rumours’ that there are certain administrative

responsibilities that cannot be assigned to

Cameroonians from the northwest and the southwest

provinces...” All this is to show that the psychology

of francophone leaders who rule us has not equipped

them to understand the true nature of the Anglophones.

Probably, since the results of the 1972 referendum

cannot be taken for reality because it was held during

the reign of the law of exception, there is always an

atmosphere of suspicion that hangs over relationships

in Cameroon... In politics as in ordinary life, there

is a point when suspicion ceases to be beneficial;

when eternal vigilance starts to look like paranoia.

The Cardinal states: “The structures in place

marginalise the law”. Human society and the component

individuals are by nature pluralistic. Therefore,

society has to always have good laws to guide

everyone’s conduct without discrimination.

Unfortunately, there are always those whose ambitions

go beyond the wellbeing of society. Such people abhor

good laws because they are an obstacle to their

ambitions. Laws in our country carry seeds of chaos

because no one wants them to work in the first place.

See the electoral laws! See who has been treated as a

“bandit” since 1990 when the law on the maintenance of

law and order was enacted. See who is applying the

constitution of 1996. The chaos and disorder in our

country is due to the absence of good and just laws

that are binding on all members of the society, no

matter their station in life. The individual must lie

at the heart of the judicial system so as to allow all

the values of the law to be founded upon the value of

the individual and individual freedom and development.

The Cardinal’s book is testimony to the acts of jungle

justice many Cameroonians live through on a daily

basis. The book show the extent to which

marginalisation of the law can breed selfishness,

cultivate unpatriotic acts, and stifle society’s

progress, to the benefit of a few short-sighted


The reader of the book is left with the feeling that

bad governance breeds politicians with a thin skin - a

most debilitating and incurable career “disease”. The

patients always feel ridiculed by real and imagined

“enemies”! They fly at perceptions, and open their

flanks for all to see their real nature. They have

nightmares about their imagined enemies, and read

nasty messages even in innocent, patriotic acts. All

the characters painted in the book suffer from this


Patriotism is usually defined as the act of rising

above ourselves and striving for more than individual

goals. This book is testimony to the fact that

Cardinal Tumi is a true patriot. Through the book, he

has told those who wield power in our country, and all

of us, that as people with one destiny, we should

never be satisfied with seeking personal salvation

through our evil acts of corruption, repression and

plundering the state, because it will mean destroying

the very salvation we seek! After all, if a soldier

thinks only of how to save himself in war, he will

wind up destroying himself and his comrades. A

dedicated soldier who fights for others and with

others saves himself as well. So with patriots and

patriotism, as presented to us in the book, “The

political regimes of Ahmadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya, and

Christian Tumi” by Christian Wiyghansai Shaaghan

Cardinal Tumi!

Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi



"You spend time gossiping Rexon from left to right and telling people how they should not support my ideas simply because i have made clear my multi-cultural perspective of life from the onset in this forum."
I don´t gossip, espeacilly someone like you who has nothing to offer and spend time thinking only of evil. Mr man, can you quote one person,except the other confused fellow called Kiki,who has not asked you to change approach? How many times have the others who propagate SCNC ideology here asked you to have a break? How many times have you promised to consult your so called advisers when you have been critized by members of your camp? Who are really the ones whom you claim support the nonsense that you write here? If there are any, don´t you think they are misleading you because they don´t do same?

The SDF and the LDP, which of the parties is older? Why do you expect me to have abandoned to SDF to go for LDP? How much support did you give Njoh Litumbe as a South Westerner? Do you want to destroy the SDF simply because you don´t have your own party in the South West?

We should not be misled. Rexon is a distraction at this particular moment. Elections are at the corner, so lets devot this time to expose the evils of the CPDM regime. Lets X-ray those areas that the evil regime in power has killed our country. Our target is the CPDM. The SDF will never be competing with a small agent like Rexon.



Your advise to Watesih is commendable. That is what i expect from you.

I have asked you to show me one quote to justify where i said the CPDM is better than SDF and you cannot. So i can only take you for a liar. Big liar. Anyway, that is not new of those involved in Camerounese politics as you are always more focused on votes than people sir. I have always made it clear that i believe and i am very much convinced that i am here to help the SDF in one way or the other.

There are times i have made mistakes in one way or the other. I owe an apology only to my God and no one else. And if you are also honest to yourself, you cannot claim you have not made any mistake in your comments in this forum. I suppose you should advise your friend Watesih that there is nothing wrong in taking advise from even your enemy. So he should not be ashamed to take advise even from CPDM militants as quoting cardinal Tumi "NOT ALL CPDM IS BAD". I listen and take advise from my SDF friends, but that does not mean we are equals in terms of what we know. I have told u elections and their results are dictated in hotel suits and presidencies in europe. That i know and have an idea from what the next generations of presidents would come from sir. Just like i have an idea of the elite class that are supposed to manage La Republique and everything in it, the banks, ministries, parastatals, etc. NJFN as i know is not one of them who is qualified for the post of president as he is a Southern Cameroonian.

Permit me tell you frankly that i dont believe and have never followed the majority. That does not mean that the objectives of the majority is never taken into consideration. What i know about politics, man and the concept of democracy and all its alien words is not what the majority know and believe. Those are jewish invention like Human rights, privatisation, communism, bogus asylum, etc meant at exploiting others mentally and hence financially. It is a word that is inherited to turn everyone into a common mould of a series of carbon copies of someones misplaced version of the word. Didn't you see how George Bush employed the words "weapons of mass destruction" to go for iraqi petrol? To add, NJFN can NEVER become the president of La Republique Francaise as that is not his country. So all you his followers are either making a mistake or doing so for selfish reasons as this my wry witty idea is insinuating. So i can never follow the majority because i believe the majority is mostly wrong.

The leader of multipartism is not NJFN and his SDF founding fathers my brother. It is Yondo Black sir and if you want to support but who went first to the streets, then you can still support him.

Above all, i wish you well. You remain a brother and friend even though i dont know you and no matter our ideological differences.



It is unfortunate that I have not been able to retrive your declaration that the CPDM was better than the SDF. I can still remember very vividly that you made such a comment and I reacted to it. If you did not say it, then I apologize for that.

As you have said, I don´t also know you. It will be absolute nonsense for us to be enemies when we don´t even know ourselves. I count my riches in terms of friends that I make and not enemies.

I have been very bitter with you because I consider all that you write here to be to the advantage of the evil regime in power. I expected you to know that the problems of our country are not caused by the SDF; instead the SDF is out to redress them.
I am sure that we all have a common interest, the plight of our country. Why should we continue to querrel among ourselves to the advantage of our enemy? Have you ever read from me any derogatory remarks about the SCNC as you do for the SDF? Don´t you know that CPDM pundits celebrate when they see us at each others throat?

let me also remind you that the most disturbing aspect in your writings is you continuous ignition of the NW/SW divide. This is in sharp contrast to your idea of an independent Southern Cameroons.



There are times we make mistakes and there are times we misunderstand people. I have always said here that whatever i have done, i did it in good faith. Most of the things i have said, i believe i said them in good faith. Though some might be divisive rather than uniting. It depends on interpretation which might be different from one person to person. The only thing i would have been guilty of is if i ever supported the CPDM or did anything to win support for them. As far as i know, i never did anything for them even at the most tempting state of my life and will never do. I am also dissapointed with the kind of discourse i have been lured to engaging myself into in this forum. I have said here times and again that the failure of the SDF is in one way or the other, the failure of us all. Because, we all created this party. So calling for its leadership to dissolve the party and carry its remaining militants has been my choice. I can remember how i fought and risked my life on the streets to defend this party. Watesih rightly pointed out to me that it is a social phenomena. Before him, Dr Henry Kum has pointed to me in Cambridge that it needs to be taken like a religion that is above its leaders. Just like the CPDM and any movement can be a social phenomena. So i have to leave those who believe in it continue without offense and reconsider how to tackle our Southern Cameroonian problem. I still see all those politiking with La Republique as hindering my progress. I say my progress because i am talking here as an individual and not the SCNC. The NW/SW divide is just one of the issues i have brought here for discourse. I bring it here as a way of helping those with stereotypical views to assess themselves. Again, i think i have been of help to somebody and that has always been my intention. Tribalist and bigots should understand that those of us of the minority should also be protected.

Permit me tell you that above all, i have learnt alot from this forum. And when i would be busy and leave this forum, i would always have fun memories of my time here. It has been a pleasure exchanging comments with you and i am not and will never be ashamed to say pardon me if i have ever annoyed you or wrote what you consider derogatory in this forum.

Cheers brother.


Good write ups there Fon and Rexon. The devil must be angry when brothers like you aggree to disaggree and embrace each other.




Dear Rexon,
I accept your pardon in good faith, and if I did also hurt you in the exchanges, do same for me. Lets unit against our enemy,the CPDM, that has rendered life unbearable for our people.
Have a nice sunday

Fritzane Kiki HK

If only the Southern Cameroons can accept their common ethic inheritage and be in a completely monolithic society,then we shall succeed to win the battle of freedom from the CPDM.The more we have divergent ideologies and remain uncommitted while dodging from reality, there shall never be any change in the political situation.Anti-partisan politics has become on the rise in the country simply due to the way the political situation is managed.If we all accept that the SDF and the SCNC can have a common ground to combat the CPDM then that would be better for us all.

We should first of all accept the major causes of the failure of both parties,then further look how this can be amended to foster future cooperation.We have generally accepted that the SDF was created to liberate the people and so is the SCNC.We have finally come to the conclusion that if the SDF party want to stay aloof the SCNC then they will be less powerful and will lost support from the majority of the Anglophone community.It therefore means they must look for a means to merge their ideas and stance in one way or the other with that of the SCNC.There we shall be rest-assured of some kind of concrete victories to liberate our people from bondage.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Good piece, prof Asonganyi! My commendation.


The SDF calls it an 'anglophone' problem. The SCNC plus her sister organisations such as the SCYL, Ambazonia etc call it the 'Southern Cameroons' problem. Each of these organisations be them political parties or pressure groups have a singular and consistent purpose but not approach. The SDF works from within La Republique while the other organisations work from outside it. May I just remind us that the singular and consistent obligation of all these organisations have the interest of the 'anglophone minority'. The SDF has carved out a four state federation. I'm a member of the party but I don't like the way this was carved out, I mean merging the Southwest and Littoral, and then Northwest and the West. This in a way still mixes La Republique's politics and Southern Cameroons'. I would've prefered Southwest and Northwest to represent a state so that in that way we would vote for our governors and have our own parliament or senate that solves our problems. A Yaounde man cannot come to our area and vie for governorship or denies that our roads shouldn't be tarred. Whatever the case, I think the way the SDF carved out the federation is politically undermine questions which could erupt as to why SW/NW state from La Reupblicans. However, once the SDF takes control of parliament things could happen as our people so wish.

Let me not derail so much from the raison d'etre as to why I decided to address you. Truly, politics is a game of numbers. The SDF has its followers, so too is the SCNC, SCLY and Ambazonia (all clamouring for the wellbeing of the Southern Cameroonian people). May I state here categorically clear that the logic behind your idea of merging these organisations is terribly weak and misleading. Like I've been re-iterating here I consider the entire struggle as a 'double edge sword'. Since you strongly believe in the game of numbers, I see it as best for all the political parties at home to merge. While all the pressure groups do same. Let's fight Biya and France from within and out of the system. By the way, your game of numbers will only be helpful after the war must have been fought (bear with me that full independence of Southern Cameroons can never ever be peacefully given, except we want to be too patient like the Scots who waited for 300 years), and the United Nations intervention for a vote.

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