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Tuesday, 15 May 2007


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Clarissa Rodriguez (USA)

Mr. Mbaku Tikum
Country: Turkey,
State: Ankara,
Zip Code: 090, Address: 330 Street A 644
Turket, Ankara,
Phone: + 35796514146/ + 905428721995/

He's a FRAUD/SCAM/THIEF He Steal money From American People I'm NOT the only Victim he committed Fraud w/ Little Childrens::

Show more results from
***BEWARE OF THE MINI TEACUP YORKIE SCAM*** Pets - puppies. WAP ...Apr 25, 2009 ... His name is Mbaku Tikum and the "vet" is Lisa Annaher e mail is PLEASE ANYONE INTERESTED, DON'T DO IT. ...

Clarissa Rodriguez (USA)

Don't Trust Mbaku Tikum, he's not a honest Man he Steal from American Citizen... BEWARE OF MINI TEACUP YORKIE SCAM

Daniel Anjeh

Ms. Clarissa Rodriguez,
you epitomise that which many hold in contempt of Americans! Your first posting states that this person is Turkish! Then what the heck are you doing posting on to this forum?
Can not believe that you lead such a miserable life for want of a dog! Why not go to Malawi and adopt a kid, like Madonna? Will empathise with you if that fails, but yapping for a dog!! I hope you get screwed every time.
I think you have got your facts wrong and I hope every Mbaku Tikum sues you. That is the American way, is it not?
Get a life in the meantime!

Clarissa Rodriguez (USA)

I have a Life I'm not going around stealing from Americans You get a life apparently you don't have one & for me to adopt a kid tell them sorry mothers stop having kids & depending on Americans to adopt please get a real life STOP STEALING FROM AMERICANS

Daniel Anjeh

what's the Matter Daniel Anjeh are you feeling a little guilty yourself you must be a part of the Scam as well mind your business & get yourself some business.

Daniel Anjeh

where ever his name appears which appears on this pathetic forum begging for money feeling sorry Get an Education & a real Job Mr. Mbaku Tikum stop stealing from Americans You need us we don't need this pathetic country

Daniel Anjeh

you epitomise that which many hold in contempt of Americans! Any person reading the last two diatribes will know I could not have posted them, but you!!
You are indeed dumb and deserve to be screwed! The truth is bitter, fact is you are dumb, dumb and dumb!
I tell you what, take a running jump into your nearest lake or river! It might help cleanse or provide food for the poor little fish in those waters.
You are an idiot! Post as Clarissa Rodriguez, if you have the balls, if not tell the world a strayed UFO took you into Neverland!!

Daniel Anjeh


Apparently you don't have a life you rather argue w/ a woman about her Money My Americans Dollars You Grow up & jump in the River your-self & feed your poor country..... Your Country it's about FRAUD/SCAM

Danny boy

you need to sign for your postings with your name!, not mine!!!. Are you so stupid to recognise this etiquette?

This is why I call you dumb and deserve to be screwed by any scammer or more appropriately the puppy you longed for! Which I think is the cause of your annoyance!
For your info. Africans do not sleep with pets of any kind!!!. I empathize with you. Go to the pound shop and you should find some gizmo to tickle your fancy!
Clarissa, you sound quite rich. Why not cross the Atlantic and we discuss the bees! I should be able to find a strayed Cameroonian puppy here to exercise your fancy!
If you can not, kiss good bye to your dollars and shut up.


Clifford Tikum mentionned in the article above is a respectable man.
Clarissa Rodriguez's scammer Mbaku Tikum is a different individual altogether. He's a Cameroonian criminal who's scamming out of Cyprus/Turkey. His name is MBAKU TIKUM KELLY AGWI - a.k.a. Haggai Tikum
Anti Fraud International has nailed him. Details at the following link

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