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Monday, 25 June 2007


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I think is very wrong for an opposition party to campaign against another opposition party as this will give the real enemy the power to secure many more votes afterall the oppositions are not even in unity. This is parliamentaries and councils elections and not presidential and to the best of my knowledge, political parties are suppose to support one another where they are not putting up candidates and where they are not very strong and not where they have very strong support. As you know, sdf is very strong in Duoala and there is no way the sdf can give up it votes for Ekindi. Adam Njoya knew definitely that he can never wins in Duoala that is why he decided to support Ekindi orderwise he wouldn't had done that.

Y. Maurice Martin

Jean Jaque should not think that it is the insults that her is throwing to the SDF that will enable millitants of other parties to rally behind. We are more interested on Party leader who go on convincing and telling their millitants on how and the type of development that they will bring if they are ginvern a vote of success.

mk the southerner

HaHAAHAHAHA this man is not talking politics any more. There is something in his mine that he is afraid to unlish.
This makes me remember the day we went to lay late John Kontem killed by the tyrant of Balikumbat to rest. In the church Ni John was introducing the various delegations present. He started with Ndam Njoya, Boba Belou etc and the church clapped for them. Then Ni said i her by have the honor to introduce most especially the national chair man of the SCNC Chief Ayamba and his strong delegation. The clapping this time around went on much harder and u could see old mothers coming and greeting the national chairman of the SCNC. Ni John without knowing only discovered that Adomu Ndam Njoya, Boba belo and co had left the church in protest.
This is to let u know that these guys know that even a mad anglophone can never be truly deceived or assimilated foolishly like a francophone. So he is only afraid that Ni might make them lost their farm.


Please see the comment from mk the southerner. What he says about JFN and Chief Ayamba should serve as an eye-opener for us all. In the past, we have exchanged harsh words about the interaction between the SDF and SCNC. From the above contribution, I see that there are many ways of belling a cat. It could be through a political party or some other outfit. I have always held the view that if you have a target and find an obstacle in your way, you do not just stand there and complain. You either jump over the obstacle or go round it to the next phase of your quest. La Republique has so many tricks up its sleeve and it takes approaches from all conceivable angles to bring it to reason. You will notice that in the forthcoming elections, the Minat fellow seems to be speaking against the RDPC for misleading him about the candidate from Balikumbat. But that is not the reality. He is playing their game. That is a fellow who thinks it is all right to break the law on elections. He promised in an interview elsewhere to continue to release voting trends (in favour of his party in power) once elections have ended, but before the vote counting commissions have done their job and handed in the final results.
That is why I have all along advocated the use of mobile phones to broadcast the results from all areas. Once these are in the public domain, there will be fewer chances of tampering with them. I can foresee the ruling clique doing all in their power to disable communication on polling day. They have always borrowed a leaf from China when it comes to screwing up the population. Imagine China which supplied the machetes used in Rwanda to kill hundreds of thousands of people in the 1994 genocide there. It is the same China which is standing behind Sudan now and helping it to stand up to the international community. It is the same China that I learn has scrambled access to news online in the past few days, maybe weeks. The band leader of Cameroun has been to China a few times and learnt some of the tactics from them. I am really scared that he may unleash tragedy in Cameroun before his 20 years are up as he promised in 2004.
About Ekindi the lion hunter of 92, I think it is mad to fire a gun in the house. The harm that could result from such behaviour would be enormous. He should focus his attacks at the RDPC and its acolytes. But if he thinks he will succeed by turning against an opposition party like his, then good luck to him. I doubt, however, that he can rally enough support for his views. He may be perceived as a turncoat now playing the RDPC game of dissipating the efforts of the people at having a change of regime. So much for today.


A must Read
Capitalist Nigger.
Dr. Chika Onyeani, the author of the book called “CAPITALIST NIGGER – The Road To Success”. Dr. Chika Onyeani is A Man for All Seasons. An international diplomat, a pace-setting journalist, and a distinguished author, for over three decades he has been both pioneer and path-finder, beacon and trail-blazer, commander and mighty warrior.
In his acclaimed book, “Capitalist Nigger,” Onyeani forcefully argues the point that the Black Race is a non-productive race, producing nothing that others need, but depending on other races - Caucasians and Asians - for all their needs. Africa is the birth of mankind, the craddle of civilization, the continent with the largest amount of natural resources, yet after allowing the Caucasians to acquire Black civilization, the Black Race allowed itself to be conquered economically,
culturally, historically and linguistically.
Dr. Onyeani accuses the African educated and intellectual elite of being the greatest obstacle to Africa’s progress, calling them “intellectually dishonest, disdaining all attempts to make Africans independent by their preference for all products non-African. By their action, we are today still ‘economic slaves’ despite years of independence.”
Dr. Onyeani believes that the Black Race has the capacity and the will to become a major force in the global market, through authentic African leaders. To do so, “the Black Race must abandon its victim-mentality, and develop the same ‘killer instinct’ and ‘devil-may-care attitude’ of the Caucasian and the ‘Spider-Web Economic Mentality’ of the Asian.”
The Black Race has the Capacity to Become a Major Global Economic Force But......”
In his landmark publication - Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success - he issues an angry, but compassionate, cry for Black people around the world - especially African leaders - to wake up to the reality of their own enormous potential and become economic warriors in the world. He has penned an historic and ground-breaking economic, political and cultural treatise that, according to one critic, is the "definitive book on the Black race that every Black person would like to have written, but didn't have the courage [to write]."

He has been a courageous and forthright advocate of excellence and achievement for peoples of African descent around the world, and he issued this year a stentorian call for Black people to rise above being dependent and complacent consumers and become independent, reformed producers - of culture, language, food, clothing, values and economies.


mk the southerner,

I was present at the burial of
late John Kontem and wish to draw your attention to the fact that Boba Belou was not present at that burial. Only Ndam Njoya was present; remember this unfortunate incident happened during the count down to the 2004 presidential election. Ndam Njoya was visible present as he was nursing hopes to be the unique candidate of the opposition. Boba Belo who has long decided to work with the CPDM never showed interest to join the alliance and was never closed to the SDF to have attended that burial.
As concern any protest after the introduction of SCNC chair man, I reserve my comment.



Why do you reserve your comments? Tell us what happened. We need to know.



I said so because Belo Boba was not present in the first place and if there was any protest from Ndam Njoya because of the recognition of SCNC dignitaries, it was never noticed visibly. It was never discussed anywhere nor did it make any news.

Ndi O

Thanks for the web site u provided wrt the Buea incidence. U guys are doing just great. Good enough we have those evidence in store. We gonna use it on those criminals and their agents sooner or later. I hope Oben Peter Ashu and Martin visit this site. They can sleep at ease now. Time alone will tell.The Blood of the six killed in Donga Mantung{Ndu} will hurt them.
As for those in China who can't get to the postnewsline, Rexon, kindly tell them to download "Mozilla Firefox". They can then get the postnewsline on that window without any hindrance. Hope this helps them.
Gentlemen, do continue with your good comments and with Love.


Brothers, lets not querrele here. It is not easy for Ekindi and that is why he has dicided to backfire. Instead of taggeting the tyran, he instead turn round to fire on to opposition. Let Ekindi use a different strategy to lobby for votes and he will make it but not this way as he will be lying to his very self.
thanks all

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