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Thursday, 14 June 2007


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Law breakers flourish in an atmosphere of impunity. Failure to settle this matter in Yaounde would lead to escalation and U.S. law provides several remedies targeted at rogue officials. Lawlessness stiffles development and keeps out foreign investment.

What is Gilbert Tsimi Evouna's qualification to be Govt Delegate ?

Answer: Same ethnic group with the president.


Mary this is a precedent breaking case.Those of us abroad willing to go home and develop the country with hard earned money should not be subject to this buffoonery. I have Fillipino friends and Asians and Mexicans who send tons of money back home and is even calculated as part of their GNP.They are revered and well respected when they return home to do these projects (hiring citizens). You economists on this forum should write and give figures as to what Cameroon benefits from these contributions. These frogs we are forced to live with did not know what a budget was when we joined them. Let the population know and support those coming or sending money to help create jobs and badly needed foreign exchange. Mary give us an email address or site, we will support you till victory. I am sure it is because you an anglophone.Let the world see what these corrupt frogs are up to. Another jab in the side of this corrupt elephant, he is ready to crumble!!!!!!!


Mary this is a precedent breaking case.Those of us abroad willing to go home and develop the country with hard earned money should not be subject to this buffoonery. I have Fillipino friends and Asians and Mexicans who send tons of money back home and is even calculated as part of their GNP.They are revered and well respected when they return home to do these projects (hiring citizens). You economists on this forum should write and give figures as to what Cameroon benefits from these contributions. These frogs we are forced to live with did not know what a budget was when we joined them. Let the population know and support those coming or sending money to help create jobs and badly needed foreign exchange. Mary give us an email address or site, we will support you till victory. I am sure it is because you an anglophone.Let the world see what these corrupt frogs are up to. Another jab in the side of this corrupt elephant, he is ready to crumble!!!!!!!


Hi all, I'm an Anglophone by culture and also live abroad. I neither vindicate policies of the regime in place nor cherish lawlessness .When appreciating a point, we should show ctritical acknowledge realities. The USA and other Western Societies yet breed such lawlessness, nay at meagre extends. The demolition of that house might have been due to some administrative misunderstanding and reasons yet to be fournished. It should in no case lead question to the government delegates administrative capacity or qualification, nor should we be so negative, short sighted and narrow minded as to think the initiative of demolition hasn't any positive effects. In fact,if I should derail, I may futher say, SCNC partisans are using this forum for hidden agendas. What solutions are we bringing up?.Will talking and criticising lead to anywhere?.Howmany lies have some critics told on the Biya regime to gain asylum in the US and co?. We formulate the lies, taint the image of our country abroad and keep on criticising, bringing up no solutions.Hey, I don't misunderstand the purpose of the SCNC,their political ideology is quite hounorable, nay, it's better to deal with the devil you know than an angel you don't master.What sort of an angel is the SCNC?. Sorry if I offended you, but I just called "a spade a spade".


I wish this urban bully was going to pay this money from his pocket, next time he will think twice if not thrice


Simplice, from your comment i can undoubtedly ascertain that you are a novice in the law. If u carefully perused the letter from the victims lawyer u will find out that all the administrative procudres we met and there was visit to the site several times, so what reason can the government delegate give for the demolition if it is not politcally motivated. Some paragraphs of the lawyers letter reveals that at one point because of subtantial delay in producing one of this lady's document ,the government delegate himself had to intervene for a particular document to be produced for this lady.
If the delegate was a reasonable prudent man he would have taken the neccessary safe guards to prevent or mitigate his liability but he failed to, therefore bringing his qualification in to issue by one of the forum participants is not errorneous.
if i may ask you Mr simplice, what do u think is the compelling governmental interest to demolish this house? and even if there is one, are the means adopted rationally tailored to further this interest?. Further more don't u think there can be a facial challenge of the order of demolition, don't you think the order is fake, fraudulent and just made up to deceive people like you who can't or don't want to reason out of the box or don't want to call a spade a spade. What authority do u think the delegate has to demolish the house. How can he act contrary to his own authority. Himself or his agent whom he has delegated authority to act issued all the documents for Mary,then thesame government delegate and his same agents turn around and act against the authority they have exhibited. What does that tell you MR simplice. Atleast if this order came from a higher authority though it will not take away the liability because of the government agency relationship but it might invoke some rebuttable presumption of innoscence on the government delegate and his agents but this is not the case here before us.
I humbly submit that the standard to be applied by the courts should be the most heightened scrutiny and if that is used the government delegate will be liable because he acted in ruthless disregard of the law violating his own authority. Mary fulfilled all the legal requirements and most of these requirements were fulfilled in the government delegates office thus he ought to have rejected the application of this lady but he went ahead to authenticate her applications so the law will estopp him from bring pain and severe hardship to this lawful cameroonian.
Mr Simplice ignorance of the law is no excuse.

M Nje

You made many good points in your comments. Mr. Simplice is surely not only ignorant of the law. He surely a desperate person.

How is the S.C.N.C. connected to this case Mr. Simplice? When students are killed in U.B, the SCNC is responsible, when a hand picked government officer undertakes such a questionable act, the S.C.N.C. is responsible. What a shame. You may be an Anglophone but not a Southern Cameroonian. Keep on defending a blood tasty regime that is preying on its own people. Keep on defending your country, La Republique Du Cameroun. History is the best judge.

If what this layer is saying is correct, then it is disgraceful for a council to demolish a structure it has previously approved. You don`t seem to see anything wrong with that. That tells a lot about your judgement.

M Nje

"Lawyer" not "layer"


I appreciate the legal approach of Abeck Akwa.If all the above documents were actually obtained by her before embaking on the contsruction,then the Government Delegate has flawed in his administration.

However the cost of the indemnity demanded by her advocates is a little exagerated.
We hope for a peaceful settlement though.

Fritzane Kiki HK

The reason the Government Delegate ordered for Mrs Abeck Akwa's home to demolished was simply becuae it is face-to-face that of the 1st Lady Chantal Biya.Nothing else was put forward other than that.

But they might have neglected her capacity and capabilities taking her for a mere local civil servant around Yaounde.But they will face the judicial wrath for their act.This concerns Bush versus Biya.An American citizen for that matter.Let's see how the Government Delegate will pay the 1.8 Billion.He might finally commit suicide,since he will be left to face the court wranglings alone.Biya and Chantal who sent him will be innocent and give a damn.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Fritzane,Mini and Nshom many thanks for the clarity.

Danny Boy

My People,
what a misleading headline!! This is a matter for the courts to decide and should this Lady win her case, it is for the courts to decide what indemnities she gets, NOT HER LAWYERS! Her lawyers are simply calling bluff here, which is what they are good at!!
This matter is already with the courts, let us wait and see what happens. As for Cameroon Post, please avoid such tabloid headlines. There are many who can read between the lines and suss the rat.Not good for a paper and an editor who want to be taken seriously!
Blessed be Cameroon.


Nshom, Fritzane and Mimi many thanks for the clarity.


The Post

This is irresponsible titling to say the least. The title is misleading ,suggestive of a court ruling but reading down you find a simple legal claim. This is a case whole outcome we all hope will set precedence for others with intentions of home investments should justice prevail. I would advice the Post to hold on,on this matter than giving misleading titles. At a glance I quipped halleluyah only to discover it was her lawyers claim not a court ruling .Oh la la!


Simplice, you are no different from Gilbert Tsimi Evouna. In the adult world, you cure for mistakes injurous to other parties. Mary Akwa acted wisely to initiate a lawsuit against the Government Delegate and by default the Government of Cameroon. They are not above the law. Failure to cure in Cameroon will only transfer the matter to a US Court. About 6 years ago, Paul Biya paid 600 million FCFA to Albert Mukong for gross violations of his human right.

Gilbert Tsimi Evouna committed an administractive infraction of the law. How many such cronies of Paul Biya can the country sustain?

What is this got to do with the SCNC?


This is a legal issue and we should treat it legally, i'm not an expert in the law but i'm a scholar so when you guys raising issues about American citizen then the question presented will now be whether a U.S citzen is eligible to buy and owned land in Cameroon. This is my view will be a two way issue. we can also argue that why did the city sell land to a U.S citizen if she was not eligible for one. Nevertheless whether the city acted ultra vires will not change the position of the law. I'm just rambling as i said i'm not an expert in the law so the best person to answer this question for us will Maitre Eric-Denzel who studied law in Unibu and later attached at a law firm for few years and thereafter attended an American law school so he is well position to give us a concised answer. I hope he shows up to give us the legal position.
I think through this forum we can learn about some legal issues, that is how i get my legal knowledge.

Fritzane Kiki HK

The Government Delegate to the Yaounde City Council, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna,has no right whatsoever to demolish Mrs Mary's Abeck's resident after already issuing an authorisation thereafter;the Governemt Delegate has no credible claims as report and observers hold than that,Mrs. Chantal Biya,orders for the demolition of the building.It is said other houses around the area were not demolished.Given that the demolished mansion was to stand face to face with a villa said to belong to the First Lady, Mrs. Chantal Biya, some observers hold that orders for the demolition of the building might have come from higher above in Mvomeka possibly Chantal Biya.

Also,others simply claimed that the hidden reason for the demolition of the building is because Mrs. Mary Abeck is an Anglophone from the Northwest Province who acquired US citizenship 12 years ago.

Since she had vowed to use all judicial measures to see the end of her FCFA 180-million suit against the Government Delegate successful, we are now seeing the prosecution gaining grounds,for demolishing her house near Rond Point Bastos in Yaounde.Mary Abeck Akwa Taminang,claims she had invested huge sums in the project to a total of FCFA 130 million.A sad story indeed for some of us who have already invested huge sums back home.It also discourages prominent aspiring Cameroonians to carry out such huge projects back home.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Your doubt does not need a legal expert. The Cameroon constitution does not prohibit the sale of land to non citizens. There are countless Nigerian citizens who have bought land and built in Cameroon.




Those who hold that our first lady might have conspired for the demolition are overstretching this issue.An to insunuate the idea of demolition might have emanated from the Unity Palace is an overstatement. Worse still, to think this demolition was carried-out because the supposed owner is an Anglophone isn't a plausible hypothesis.Such rumours should be kept under our pillows.The gov't delegates act may not discourage investment as much as your propagation of such rumours Kiki Fritzane. I think our head of state and first lady aren't so foolish.Let all faults not be directed at the Unity Palace please

Ma Mary

Simplice accuses the SCNC of an agenda here. Of course, the SCNC has one agenda, and it is no secret. You are revealing yours already.

Readers may want to know that this is not the first nor second nor third case of the illegal destruction of Southern Cameroonian property in the capital of the colonizer. This one just happened to make it here. I hope that those who have details about the other bulldozings would report on those events.



Of course your head of state might not be that foolish because fools in La Republique can't differentiate between different levels of comprehension. We of the Southern Cameroons think we are the ones who are stupid in struggling to identify with a union that does not recognise us, a union that places us as slaves in the current set-up in la republique. A union that uses a few southern cameroonians who have been brainwashed in La Republiques colonial capitals (yaounde and economic capital, douala) to manipulate us. Yes simplice, it is like a black man would live in a white neighbourhood for a long time and start thinking he/she has become white. All the Southern Cameroonians making statements like yours or romancing with the colonialist at different levels share your philosophy. But let me assure you, every true Southern Cameroon suffers from thesame problem. In the eyes of citizens of La Republique, you are the fools. Because a majority of us dont want to accept the truth and still prefer hanging for peanuts in the current set-up with the colonialist. But thats not strange. Not strange because even some black people here in Europe who have become citizens sometimes fail to understand that they were asylum seekers before gaining EU passports, etc. They fail to understand that an average white man would not promote you without brainwashing you to start thinking white. Even after brainwashing you, he does not see you as a European, but as a fool who has been brainwashed. Simplice, no matter how i move on, i wont be brainwashed to reason like you or the ilks involved in la Republiques politicians from the Southern Cameroons who want to sell us for cheap.

Let me ask you the following question:

When students are shot at UB for fighting to defend the fraudulent inclusion of the names of citizens of La Republique who did not take an entrance exams, where was your very intelligent head of state?

What happened that the law purporting regional equilibrium was only brought forward by your minister Fame Ndongo only when the UB list is concerned?

Why was this law not imposed in the numerous entrance examinations that have taken place in the current set-up over the years and why did'nt your head of state intervened?

Why has no Southern Cameroonian even been your minister of finance, territorial administration, education, defence, and all other strategic positions in your country La Republique?

Simplice, answer these questions.

Danny Boy

This forum is read mostly by Cameroonians. If at all any foreigners do tumble on it, we are yet to see their constructive criticisms. Until then, anybody peddling SCNC or movie making here, to paraphrase that bad boy of tennis, Mr. John McEnroe, " you are not serious". If you were, you will know where to go, to find that much needed. Here is but a rabble having fun on cyberspace!! Myself included, before any smart arse takes a dig at me!! This forum is not "the corridors of power", in the US or in Britain. To those in the UK, engaged in liberation struggles, get your MP to put a private member's bill on the floor in Westminster, not petitioning Tony!! Get lobbyists to advance your case wherever. Maybe, just maybe, somebody somewhere will come to your assistance. Not here on the post online!!!!


Danny Boy,
That was so reasonable what you've written but i doubt whether we'll read and understand the wisdom in what you've written. We've only read the plaintiff's complaint, but not yet the defendant's defence and some form of judgement is already passed.


Let me come in here.To be candid i think it will be foolhardy to doubt the blood of a hangman that runs through the veins of Biya ,and his cronies,and their love for that which is arbitrary.I lived in Yaounde long enough to witness how political capital is used as a lethal weapon against the weak.This has always been played out in different forms;closing down business premises,taxing non indigenes out of business,selectivejustice,landseizure, ethnic cleasing,and you name them.I was there when Emah Basile selectively demolished the business premises of Bamileke businessmen, in the name of cleaning up the streets.I had the privilege to get upclose with Beti classmates,friends,and colleagues,
and got a complete insight into their behavioural patterns.People of English expression even enjoy some semblance of respect from the Betis,than the Bamilekes.
This because the Betis admire our integrity,
but they think the Bamilekes are sly,and want to benefit from our steadfastness to accede to power.They have therefore lumped the two groups of people together ,and treat them as aliens.Even if Ms Abeck were not an American citizen,get it clear that an ordinary Cameroonian citizen,especially of English expression will never be allowed to be the first lady's closest neighbour,never!
Imagine Ben Laden building a high rise building in Manhattan,and living there comfortably! Simplice don`t doubt the orders that always come from Unity Palace.At times the orders have even been handed out to the hearing of everyone.It is their land!


Dear All,
Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
I must begin by informing Ma Mary I have no hidden agenda whatsoever,neither do I side with the Biya regime.I believe in "Biya's Blood Lotion"( I'm simply a patriot who loves:"Action ; not words".Ma Mary,as an SCNC partisan,what have you done "action-wise" for the Anglophone problem?.I beleive in the Anglophone problem, but "blah-blah in the post" is no "road-map" to the promise land:save in utopia.
Danny Boy,your last intervention confirms my hypothesis.Thank you dear.
Rexon, your questions are a fair challenge;to them I shall fairly answer;Mr Rexon my answer to your questions is that;"I have no answer", because, I too believe in your cause;indeed,I'm seeing through your spectrum; we have thesame identity;in a sentence "Southern Cameroonians are being Marginalised".Rexon,I'm sorry if you got me wrong.
Watesih,to your comment I maintain that;"talk-talk" and "blah-blah" shall lead us no where. Everyone is the fruit of his past.You might have been victim of some discrimation, or witnessed some stark discriminations in Yaoundé and consiquently think the idea came from the Unity Palace.It's a possibility, but how rational is it?.How rational is this idea of demolition on the pretext,it sides the first lady's mansion?.Has our head of state not some modicom of wisdom?.Is he just a "Bush-man" with no sense of development?.Must all administrative mismanagement and irresponsibility be attributed to him?.This is what I call:"objective criticism".The existence of an Anglophone problem doesn't mean, any administrative imbalance should be concocted to suit our cause.Did I hear Ma Mary say Amen?.
Thank you


There are times that rambling,and trying to be too smart only make us look funny.By drawing the conclusion that the Head of state is not wanting when it comes to wisdom,makes the rest of your argument weak.If the Head of state were that full of wisdom,why is therefore an Anglophone problem? Discrimination against Anglophones is the heart of the Anglophone problem,and here is a palpable example of how the President`s cronies fight us.But you would like to call it an administrative imbalance,
and think we are concocting it to suit our whims,and caprices.Are we concocting the fact that all administrative procedures had been undertaken to allow this industrious lady build a home for herself? Lets forget for a moment that the house were adjacent that of the first lady.Just consider the simple fact that the Government Delegate personally oversaw the administrative,and practical modalities that ushered in the construction of this house, but all of a sudden the same man sends out his men to raze the building to the ground.The simple question i want to ask you is whether Mr Biya's Government delegate is a Bushman, and
whether he has not got any modicum of wisdom.I earlier gave you instances of the President's men abusing power.This was to show you that it is a pattern of behaviour,
but you said it is a possibilty,and contradicted yourself by asking the question how rational it is.If there is the possibility that Emah Basile destroyed the houses of prominent Bamileke businessmen, if there is the possibility that the Government
Delegate to the Yaounde City council ordered
the demolition of Mrs Abeck's house,what rationality would you expect from this type of primitive behaviour? You idea about 'blah blah' is ok,but here we are talking about discrimination,and we are not inventing anything.Finally, on this forum we are not afraid to make our positions clear,especially if we believe in what we are saying.I would not get into your shoes,
if i were to argue like you that the Anglophones are marginalised,but at the same time see a lot of wisdom in the person who has been marginalising them.How can you prove to the world that Biya is not a bushman from Mvomeka'a ,who does not only lack a sense of development, but a devil in the flesh?


Watesih, I appreciate your talents of persuasion and respect your opinion. I now understand from your last comment the wisdom of your approach and the nonentity in my last conclusion.Thank you for the wonderful display of "gentlemanism" in your persuasive approach.I think you live abroad as I and believe you ought to be figuring-out a road-map to the "Anglophone Solution" since you understand the "Anglophone Problem"it only too well. To all in this forum I put forward this question.What is the "Anglophone Solution"?.Is it seperation?. Is it presenting our problem in a demoncratic matter at Etoudi?.What is the bloodless solution?.How feasible is the present approach to the problem?. This question isn't intended to Watesih, but to all in whose veins flow the blood of our Southern Cameroonian ancestral patriots.


I just read something Simplice wrote and will have to jump in at this point. Well Simplice, you asked a question and i will quote you,
"Has our head of state not some modicom of wisdom?.Is he just a "Bush-man" with no sense of development?.Must all administrative mismanagement and irresponsibility be attributed to him?"
The answer to your question is yes, yes and yes. In my opinion, Paul Biya does not fit the description of a 'Head of State'. He is a Ruler or better yet a ruthless dictator. Yes he has no Modicum of wisdon, yes he is just a 'Bush-man', and yes he is in my opinion responsible for the decadent state of affairs in Cameroon and i attribute all the malice and the unfortunate actions of the Government delegate to the precedence set forth by The Ruler of Cameroon and his name is Paul Biya.
This is how the Government of Cameroon runs. Think about a football game with no referee and no linesman. There is no order, no organization, very low standards, misuse of government funds, fraud, election riggings, corruption, bribery, embezzlements, Voodoo justice, and you name the rest. Until recently Cameroon was even named next to Iraq and Somalia as the most Ungovernable Nations in the world. Yes and all this under the Umbrella of Mr Paul Biya. It is that Bad. It is ridiculous that anybody will even think of giving Paul Biya and his administration any shred of credit for anything good in Cameroon. I do maintain my stands that all what is going on in Cameroon falls right at the door step of "our head of state". He has set the precedence.


When a black man lives in white neighbourhoods for soo long, he start thinking that he has become a white man. And that the problems of our fatherland can be solved in the whitemans own way. Some talk about democracy, bla, bla, bla. As if chairman NJFN did not win the 1992 elections. I remember Dr Agbormbai used to say it was wishful thinking and that NJFN never won the 1992 elections. But when the CPDM refused to appoint him a minister or give him any meaningful position, he went into hiding. Many people use this forum to lobby and prepare for their retirement home, and those people always militate in the CPDM in Europe essp. here in the UK. But when they see that many are not buying thier ideas, they hide behind rhetorics or some sort of political parties like the SDF and start giving them false advise, in a bid to colour Mr Biya's democracy, so that they can continue plundering our resources, while the international community still remains brainwashed that there is a democracy in Cameroon. You should be fooling yourself. We know the truth.

Danny Boy,

I will ring you and advise you to lead the course. You can table a private query for your MP to forward to Westminster. Westminster would therefore be expected to assist in creating an independent electoral commision for your forthcoming elections. Rather than coming here to complain about electoral malpractices, bla, bla, bla. You have been living in this country for more than 2 decades. So if you would have got your MP involved before 1992, we would have had our tribesman NJFN accede to the presidency. Nonetheless, it is better to be late than never, so, start by yourself. As a member of Labour as i know you and someone who habitually campaigns for them, get your MP to table a bill in Westminster criticising the regime for all its malpractices, rather than helping Biya and his CPDM in colouring his inexistant democracy.

I know there are also many well organised CPDM groups in London, Birmingham, Manchester, etc. The CPDM militants in London and other places of the UK are first and second generations of those unscrupulous people who have embezzled our resources and bought properties in the UK, etc. They dont work and go to school. So they have enormous time to organise their CPDM meetings and visit those MP's to tell lies about how things are in Cameroon. If they want to go to school, their education would be paid for from home or from fake scholarships that only they and their ilk know when and where it was advertised. They always come here to present thesame rhetoric you are insinuating here. When they meet those MP's or the likes of baroness Amos who has been very concerned about changes in Africa, esspecially when they are masquerading with their fake NGO'S claiming to be raising money to help the poor in Cameroon, they say things are fine, bla, bla, bla. When we meet those MP's,we talk about the SCNC and nothing else. Rest assured that, you can also inform those MP's that there are problems in Cameroon, rather than wasting the time you can prepare those private bills in an unserious place called the postnewsline. When my spies go to those their fake fund raising ceremonies, i always advise them to bring as much informations as they can like flyers, those there, etc. In those flyers, u would find messages of congratulations to people like Charles Ndongo, Chantal Biya foundation, Musonge, Inoni, Frank Biya, etc. In those their flyers, you will never read names like NJFN, Mola Njoh Litumbe, etc. You will find the colonial ambassador of London pretending to be just a guest, but in reality he is the sponsor of that illegal ceremony. That shows what their organisation is always up to. Always struggling to colour an inexistant democracy and passing around as NGO's, Charities, Political parties, etc. at home and abroad. In London, those people pretend to be doing things at home and in UK, they go around sabotaging people like us for writing what they call thrash in the postnewsline. Why should they worry if people wont take us serious? They are the enemies to themselves, as they dont want to accept the truth. So Danny Boy, you can go ahead preaching the truth on the streets of London. It is not difficult to meet those MP's, so i doubt why you have not been able to table all your problems of the SDF through them. At least you are in London, the colonial capital. You can take the lead rather than allowing those people to dominate you.


Which democracy as you talking about? The democracy of the Southern Cameroons or that illegal democracy of Etoudi? I hope you made a mistake. If not, i can only assume that, you are one of those unscrupulous individuals from the Southern Cameroons or a second generation from those families paid to colour the Etoudi's democracy. If you come here to provoke us, your demons would hunt you forever. Simplice, i am sorry to say that, you have surely been brainwashed. You are like those blackmen who will live in white neighbourhoods and starts thinking they are white, and that the common problems of black people does not mean anything to them.

Fritzane Kiki HK

You have said it all.Simplice must realise his waterloo and put his criticisms in the bag.Anglophones at this juncture are capable to have a government of their own without those big mouth and dope politicians in Yaounde.

There is no Anglophone problem.Why is it that the Anglophone problem only comes now when majority of the Anglophones need a self-government and sessession from the exploitation and suppression from the Biya's regime?The entire Anglophones see Etoudi as an armpit for them for decades now and many inner vioces of the Anglophone side, are opting to bow out to create seperate state from the Francophone.They are fedup and exhausted with the neglect and discrimination reigning in the country against them.

Even the SDF have started buying a fragile compromise from the SCNC idea, but they coin it in the form of a Federation.Until the Anglophones realise their neminis and engagement with the La Republique,can they leave peacefully win the battle.Biya has brainwashed most of them and they are politically blind to see and they have no potential to weaken or combat the cankerworm.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Rexon and Fritzane,I respect your comments and your right to them. Rexon your exposé was quite elaborate and answered most of my questions between the lignes.Fritzane your's was another version of Rexon's theory.Any name you call me is acceptable.Any qualification you give me is acceptable.I understand your preoccupations.Convince me with a concrete road-map to an "Anglophone Solution".What is there to be done by the SCNC,what is being done and how doable is what is being done?.I'm not a coward,but dislike the "Iraq Syndrome".I think federation might serve than Seperation.Is the SCNC upto Federation or Seperation?. If the latter is the goal , after all these years of marking-time with no prospect, if it's not achievable, why not get into Cameroonian politics and stop fighting a lost battle. I think there are better solutions than seperation. Infiltrate the CPDM with hidden agendas and have bills passed that favour Southern Cameroons. I appreciate an anglophone CPDM partisan who is presently working disguisedly for the well of the Southern Cameroons that an SCNC partisan who uses the his position to establish fake documents for asylum seekers, enrich himself and then take "blah, blah" for his daily creed and "Currupt Cameroon" as the first article of his social faith. Let's stop this talking, return to our fatherland and be examples of democracy, examples of patroits. If we fail in our venture, we shall be memorial aids to others who wish to serve thesame end and forge the common destiny. Call me a "Brain washed Cameroonian" and tell me what you have done for Cameroon.Let your words match action.
Don't tell me you've been talking for 20 years, don't tell me you've been propagandising in the forum for 5 years... etc. I'm ready to follow you but only your actions shall pull me, not your qualifications of me,not your mastery of facts and good command of English language...etc.


Tell me what sort of an angel are you in particular and the SCNC in general, if not I'll always prefer the Devil good anglophone CPDM patriots I know who are working quite well in the service the Southern Cameroons.



Can you outline the good anglophones who have been working well in the CPDM and their achievements so far. It is only after you might have outlined these your good people in the CPDM that i can be able to respond to yours.


M Nje

That was a good comment above (rexon | Sunday, 17 June 2007 at 10:17 AM). Those same people you talked about in London are in the US, Canada, and other places. The share the same goal like the so call chief Oben who went to Ghana to do to us what JUDAS death to Jesus. They have no shame.

I can assure you that the TRUTH shall alway prevail. That has been the course of history. So long as our struggle for, the restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons, is based on FACT, we shall prevail.

Our struggle is not for position in government of La Republique or the C.P.D.M. What ever you call an 'Anglophone Problem" goes beyond marginalisation. The issue of the day is that Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique Du Cameroun. These are two different countries. We were cheated in 1961 in a scheme organized and lead my the UK. Our struggle at the moment is to correct that injustices.

The choice is not between Federation or Separation. We have never been a legal part of La Republique. You cannot separated from an entity that you have never been a part of.

The choice is between Coloniation or Independence. At the moment, our territory is being colonized my France through La Republique. We are either willing to continue to accept that colonization or get our full Independence.

You may want to know that our strong is not only about the S.C.N.C. There are other Southern Cameroons advocacy groups that are leading the fight in different directions.

If you think the struggle has not made any advancement, then you have a lot of home work to do.
Firstly, La Republique is feeling the heat at the moment. That is why they keep on sending people to spy at us.

Secondly, you don`t understand what the struggle is about. The current struggle at the moment is for the United Nations to correct the injustices that was done to us in 1961. This was done in violation of U.N. trustee agreement. We are not requesting to have Inoni as Prime Minister or to have position of responsible in La Republique's government let alone the Presidency of La Republique. It is about our right under U.N. Law to have full Independence.

So you cannot grade the progress of a struggle you don`t understand.


Rexon our current Prime minister is an eloquent testimony:a good case in point. I think Enoni is doing a wonderful job.Others are entitled to my confidence and public disclosure of their identities might be of some detrimental outcome to the Southern Cameroons.


Mr Nje, when Koffi Anan's visited Cameroon some years back his stance was clear:"the UN favours dialogue and not Seperation or Independence as you call it."That's the out-dated information I have about the UN's opinion of the issue. So if I may conclude from your exposé,we're marching forward to the promise land.May I have some knowledge about the most recent UN's comment on the issue?. This will atleast satisfy my curousity in part.

M Nje

Koffi Anan was trying to deviate attend. The United Nation is responsible for our problem. We will continue to expose their short comings. The U.N. failed to follow its own Trustee Agreement with the U.K. Koffi Anan was trying to push the focus to La Republique.

The focus is on the U.N. The plebiscite questions that were present to our people violated the U.N.s own charter. That is the issue. We are not begging the U.N. for Independence. We are demanding our right to Independence. We will continue to do so until the U.N. steps up to correct the injustices its perpetuated on us.

This is a struggle between the United Nations and Great Britain, (with La Republique as accomplice) on one hand and Southern Cameroons on the other hand. It is not solely a problem between La Republique and Southern Cameroons.

Simplice from your comments I can see you do not have an idea about what a struggle for independent entitles. It is long and requires hard work. The Palestinians, Eritreans, and many others can tell you better. If you want immediate results, you can join the any of those political parties in La Republique. There are brain watching Southern Cameroonians with peanuts.

We are not struggling just for our self, but also for the future of our children. We want to see them have their own nation; a nation in which they will not be called Nigerians or enemies.

You want to know the recent comments from the U.N. related to our struggle. You may want to know that the U.N. is a defendant in our struggle. Until it yields to the truth that we have been presenting to them and accept our right to Independence, any comments from the U.N. including those made by Koffi Anan are viewed as those of any defendant in any case.

Simplice did you say Inoni is doing a “wonderful job”? Really! I guest an example of that “wonderful job” will surely be his response to the last killing in the University of Buea. Oh I forgot his contribution or lack thereof and that of his friend Musonge in the privatization of C.D.C. What happened to the indigenous land occupied by C.D.C?


Southern Cameroon is not fighting but complaining of being marginalized in the affairs of the government of the Republic of Cameroon and so the UN under Koffi Anan asked the pasrties concerned for dialogue. If there was a fight the UN will step in to make peace and it will be up to them to decide the nature of the peace. But there hasn't been any such fight to call in the UN, only complaints which i believe the UN has provided an appropriate answer: dialogue. If Southern Cameroon is not satisfied with this answer, they should revise their struggle to suit an aspect that will compell the UN to give them the deserved answer. When East Timor was fighting for independence the UN never asked them to dialogue with Indonesia, but granted their demand. It is illogical for the UN to grant independence to Sounthern Cameroon which has a complaint and not a fight.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Point of correction.I am not an SDF or SCNC activist.I am a Southern Cameroonian who will hopes to see our people liberated from the bondage they are in.Good enough you said;
'I think federation might serve than Seperation'.If the SDF is claiming to fight from within while the SCNC decides to go the sessessionist way, then cool.Show me in your work, home life or civic activities how you have handled a crisis or problem in a way that gives me confidence that you will be a prominent leader, who takes the right action when major challenges occur like the Anglophone problem you always put forward. Will you wilt under pressure, or will you be a leader who will calmly and professionally lead the country through a crisis?We are yet to have leaders in both La Republique and the Southern Cameroons to lead us not to rule us.Anglophones politicians claim they are interested in their constituency. This is not a virtue, since most of them are barely power-hungry self-centered politicians.They are failing and they have been failing.

If you are telling me the Anglophone problem is their lack for a dynamic and charismatic leader then fine.This is because the Anglophone citizenry wants the real deal, leaders that know the difference between being a politician and being a statesman.Our Cameroon politicians are only concerned about the next election;we lack statesmen who can be concerned about the next generations.Sadly, that quality probably doesn't exist,locally or nationally.Most of them are living in afluence in their Yaounde bungaloos and drive in Humvees.They are 'fine' with large guts while the country is behind.How can Cameroon be sideline with Iraq and Somalia for poor governance and abuse of power?

I think that the Biya government have failed the Anglophones in all walks of life;in our churches, our schools and our judiciary,our government.What have we gained from them after we got married to them some decades ago?Maybe you will tell me we are bilingual!

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Mr Jje, Ted and Fritzane,your comments are satisfactory and go a long way to inform some ignorant fellows like myself of the fundermentals of issue. As much as I was ignorant, mojority of Southern Cameroons remain today.They're thought history,but it's pedagogical content doesn't present the problem as such.In my opinion, the greatest problem at present is ignorance on the part of many;myself included. If I'm not so ignorant,as child, during the apartheid struggle in South Africa, the Chrurch was playing it's role(with Desmon Tutu and co), the musicians were playing their part(with Luky Dube and co),the writers were playing their part(one I cannot recall),before the politician were out on the international arena trying to diplomatically call for attention. To this day,nothing is being done with reference to this success story to sensitise the youth.How many best selling nouvels have been written on our issue(please tell me and I'll buy and read:if not start writing one),for those of you who have lived abroad and have strong financial muscles;can't you sponsor good musicians that will sing our cause and our song of freedom will vibrate from west to east and north to south and touch the lay man in my village who cannot afford a radio set and not a computer-with internet connection?.I must remind you, Pétit Pays music was band from public exposure for over 8 years, yet it remained the "Numéro Un"-and during this interval and to date, he sings much obscenes things than Jesus or Mohamed or Buhda could ever concieve in their darkest immagination. Tumi as a religious is doing his best;his last publication on the Biya regime an eloquent testimony.The south African struggle was known world wide.In parallel, the South Cameroons struggles is sang between the corridors and only heard in wispers.
You talk of a leader, Justice Fred Ebong did a wonderful job.That's the only SCNC activist I know who quit his lucrative job for our cause, others only threw away the shackles of illusion when they were booted from the government. I need not mention their names, you know most of them.And their so called disciples who gain asylum abroad on frudenlent and fake basis don't even have a birth certificate;let alone spell their names.Almost all asylum seekers on SCNC grounds are hungry beggers who have no good for this cause:they few exceptions, one of whom you are only prove the rule or hypothesis.
You propose the language of war as I solution. I hate the "Iraq or Biafran Syndrome". I think when the world is sufficiently informed any up-raising will be the work of an invisible hand. Our youth who are strong and can fight are mostly ignorant of the cause. Get fund raised and let this funds be used for diplomatic propaganda as elaborated above, water will start filling the cup, the last drop will spill the "hostile version " of propaganda.Then will people identify themselves with the SCNC and fight the battle of victory with enough motivation:"that they have nothing to loose but their chain;that they have their original fatherland to win". This is what Simplice with his limited knowledge on the issue qualifies a "road-map".That's what I recommend as a leader, if I should be answering Fritzane's question.


Hello all,
Iguess we are begining to go out of line in this matter.Do not get me wrong, the SCNC,CPDM,SDF,REPUBLICANS OR DEMOCRATIC parties might be important but it is not as important as you are trying to make it seem.The most important things here are
1) Ahuman beings rights have been grossly violated
2)It does not matter where you come from violation of human rihgts is a serious offense
3)Cameroon, the world is looking at you to see what you will do
4)How is this gross violation going to be handled so it does not happen again
5)Is th city hall goning to get away with this?
Ithink we should put our heads together and use this to fight this good cause that this lady has started

M Nje


I can assure you that you are not the only one who might not be well informed about our history.

Part of the problem lies in the history that is being taught to our people today. La Republique deliberately designs a curriculum that teaches false history to our kids. La Republique is the only country that does not celebrate its independent day (January 1 1960). The question is why? Why are they doing that.

I can only guest that they know if we get to know the truth about our history, the can be a revolt. It has been said many times that Ahidjo was particularly on alert about Southern Cameroonians. People like Dr. Bate Besong were always on constant watch.

But that is changing today. Must of the internal deliberation before our independents from the UN, countries like UK and US are now being declassified. It is becoming clear that the UK in particular opposed any effort at the UN to have a option on the plebiscite question for full independent for our people. That in violation of the UN charter. I can assure you that the current apparent silence from UK about our problem cannot be dissociate from their previous action. I have the feeling they could not imagine that any generation of Southern Cameroonians will ever stand out to challenge their action. They have been cut by surprise. What was their motivation? Should we always such injustices to be passed to our next generation or do we correct this problem now? That I think is the choice we have. What kind of future do we want for our children. Do we want them to continue to be minority in a foreign country (La Republique Du Cameroun) for the rest of time? Do we want them to be refer to as Nigerians or enemies?

I can assure you that the path you identify above is what must people have talk about. Mass education before any up-rising. It takes a while to convince many of our people that there is hope out there. Many of them are going through a lot of emotional distress. They are hopeless and confused about the future. But I am convince we will get there. We will get to a point where good will overcome evil, a point where the truth will prevail over mis-information and deception.

Ted brought up the example of East Timor. Well I can assure that before East Timor had to that the major revolt, they had to lobby many countries to support them behind the sense and at the UN. I can assure you that there is atleast one major power that can support us. But they will not do so until we should that we are committed and ready to govern ourself.

Simplice, you can make a different in the struggle. Make any contribution you think you can.


M Nje,

I believe like you that we would get there. The problem we have now is how to deal with the ever increasing number of traitors from the Southern Cameroons. What they are doing is strongly a disservice against our struggle. Imagine Southern Cameroonians constantly clapping hands in Camerounese parliament and legitimising their inexistant democracy. They are not only helping Biya remain in power, they are legitimising his inexistant democracy. The net effects are that, we would be seen as traitors not only within the international community but by La Republiques citizens who think we are interferring in their affairs and disturbing their ability to oust Biya. And those citizens of La Republique have infiltrated our land. Now, they are intermarrying our sisters, brothers and children. Then, if in the long run, they find that we have worked hard to educate our Southern Cameroonian people about their political conciousness, they can start fighting against us for legitimising their inexistant democracy, at a time that we were supposed to be fighting for our own independence. Now, we will have a fight between the true Southern Cameroonians and others like Ricardo, Fonkam, etc. So, i think we really have to be exposing these traitors romancing with Camerounese politics so that everybody can understand that their actions does not reflect the will of a majority of Southern Cameroonians.

Danny Boy

Hi Rexon, still waiting for your call mate, but please, before you do, look at what I wrote again. All I did was suggest how those who bombard us on this forum with all sorts of agenda/problems can go about addressing these in a meaningful way. Take these wannabe movie makers in China. If they are really serious, they should go to the banks in China and borrower money, produce a hit and then try to float their company. I will buy shares then, knowing this is a worthwhile investment. How do we know these are not some amateurish feymen trying to part us from our monies?
As for liberation struggles, I would suggest again that those involved take their problems too, to the proper quarters. I do not want to lead anything!!!
Blessed be..

M Nje

There is no doubt that to fight a traitor, you must be ready to expose their dealings. The will always be those who are weak and can be easily convince at cheap. It is the nature of mankind. It dates back to the stone age.

But you cannot let such people set the agenda for you. Once you believe in your course, put your energy in it. History is always the best judge. Recently in the USA, people who are allege to be members of white supremacy groups in the 1950s and 60s are facing trial in court. Some in their 70s and 80s are facing charges for crimes committed agains blacks some 40 to 50 years ago.

So keep doing what you are doing. Time will tell.


M Nje and Rexon,

I thought the Dallas conference was held to rethink and possibly change the SCNC strategy. We need to change the language. We're chasing the wind if keep leaning on the courts. And whether you like to acknowledge or not WE WILL NEVER EVER have our independence on a plater of gold. The SCNC strategy and delayance is a pain in the neck.

Simplice, the idea of aggressive sensitisation should serve as a springboard for a huge success. Your opinions about sponsoring musicians, civil rights groups etc is fine but the reaction from the Beti-clique will be catasrophic...musicians will tell you they don't wanna live in exile and what not??? However, the message aggressive publicity of the entire the church, through singers, civil rights groups, writers etc. If Southern Cameroonians are unwilling to DIE for their RIGHTS then I'm afraid fighting for independence is just an UNREACHABLE DREAM.

Danny Boy, CamMovie in China doesn't need a loan from the bank. It needs fine coordination and preparation. The idea is not to establish a movie industry but the idea is to shoot a decent movie come Nov. 2008. We may eye the idea of forming an indusrty...but to be frank with you we've not started thinking about that. I assure you that CamMovie in China would break all records. Trust me!

The son



Danny Boy

The Son, Cameroonians willing to die for their rights? Now that is the most crass statement I have ever heard people make. Without going into the logic of this being ANTI-DARWINIAN, what is the use dying for your rights, when you will not be there to enjoy, exercise them?
As for CamMovie, since you have explained that it is not funding you require, may I ask if your puported hit is to be acted by participants to this forum?
I am past my sell-by date!!! Will not be your leading man, and who says I want to spend a sepond in CHINA?
Blssed be


Mami, progress maens making life easy!!! This is not the situation to some of those our 5 sensory external power human beings in Cameroon.Bravoooooo. The world is sopposed to be that of multisensory power where each an every one is to exist by the exercabation of multisory and or autentic power which to hurt no one.Mr Government delegate, do you now see where your abuse of personality has landed you? You sholud have known long ago that the poison from a snake's fang has nothing to do with the back of a torties. You have to pay this money; believe it or not. The USA and not this lady alone is to see that this is effected with no abuse of power. Should you attempt, I say sorry for you Mr delegate;a common delegate who does not think he is there to serve and not to be served. Well, Biya will know where to keep you after this. Ma Mary, Ashiah, God has head your cry. God knows the cry of a woman. Give thanks to God all the time and take God care of your life especially as those predators have been sampled.

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