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Monday, 04 June 2007


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Sooner or later, the true colours of many Southern Cameroonian hypocrites masquerading as politicians in La Republique would be revealed.

Danny Boy

In a mature democracy, it is not uncommon seeing husbands and wives holding different ideologies and belonging to different political parties. Mr. Tabali has no case to answer should his wife decide to join any party of her choice. What more of his other relations?
Mr. Rexon, I keep elevating your status on this forum as somebody who knows better but you keep shooting yourself in the foot! Why?
How is this man a hypocrite? You know what? Visit other e-groups and find out what is said of the North Westerner. People with a herd mentality or lemmings!!!
I see you are cagey in your comment above, not wanting to come out and condemn as usual, but permit me ask you, "Are you a sheep?"
Blessed be.


Sorry Danny Boy,

My response does not relate to whoever you called the man, but on his relatives who crossed over to the CPDM. We should not question Tabali, but we have the moral responsibility to question his relatives who pretended to be SDF only to cross over to the CPDM when Tabali was defeated. If you are disgruntled with a party, the best solution is not to cross over to an opponent essp. the CPDM when elections are coming up. The implications of such type of actions are many. It leaves the electorates in Limbo what our politicians are up to and creates an atmosphere of lack of trust on political ideologies. When Nkemgu did it, we lambasted him and that created an impact. so lets not protect the others.


Danny Boy,

did i read something like this from you:

"Visit other e-groups and find out what is said of the North Westerner"

You cannot lecture me about North Westeners, because i have Ngemba of course in me.


what is the different between sdf and cpdm?they are the same people in diferent t-shirts.just like water head watersih and feli are.
raxon just forget that there anything good ever to come from this party of fey men.i know them better than some of you.even those going in for elections now just want to earn some money for themselves.they know sdf is not a political party.

Danny Boy

Hi Rexon,
Thanks for the responses above. I will not dare lecture you on your ethnicity, that will be stupid.

Please read these sentences together;

"Visit other e-groups and find out what is said of the North Westerner. People with a herd mentality or lemmings!!!"

When you do, then perhaps you will appreciate the point I am making above.
As for the timing of these mal-contents jumping ship, we have seen this before. Most of us belonged to the CNU, later CPDM and now we are SDF, CDU etc. Should I go into the dynamics of such political shifts, I will be guilty of lecturing.
In summary, all I wanted anyone to understand is that the actions of Mr. Tabali's family demonstrate clearly that we in the North West do not suffer from this so called "herd mentality" nor are we lemmings!!
Have a good day.


Hypocrites in the name of party militants. when they realise their umblical cords have been severed, they start looking for new ones. All your masks will soon fall off. Kibarankohs!!!!


I'm a southwestener. I'm lost in your arguiment "mr Raxon and mr Danny". Are we now talking about norwesteners or about sdf? Someone should clearify me on this. If Mr Tabali's relatives crossed to the cpdm, then that is a very dangerous thing for them to have done because they are trying to deviates the minds of some people who stood on the fence not knowing which party they should vote during the forthcoming elections. It is Mr Tabali position to try and persuade his relatives to come back to the sdf if he himself is a real sdf militant. Those people that crossed to the cpdm from the sdf, joined the party with a secondary intention " to gain positions if their son "mr tabali is voted into the glass house". You can see from their actions. As for me, I'm a die-heart supporter of the sdf and i will ever remain one. Mr MULUM, you wrote something very stupid above quoting sdf not to be a political party. What is sdf then? an NGO or a tribal group? tell me big man.

Fritzane Kiki HK

It doubts me how Tabali could defeat a grand bagainer like Hon Yoyo in the party.In party politics there are those heavyweights that can cost the party alot, if they loose them.Yoyo is not an exception in the SDF.Tabali's heinous act of cross-carpeting at this juncture of election fever, will be staunchly opposed by both sympathizers and the party ranks.He falls under majority of those self-interested political victims preparing for their last neminis within their period of cross-pollination.

However, we understand the concept of reflex action in politics where choice and self-interest over-shadows achievements and concern for the electorates.All he would say is that Fru Ndi also cross-carpeted from the CPDM to create the SDF at this same time in 1988,as he claims "in a democratic society, which the SDF is out to build, people have the right to militate in political parties of their choice".

Having this in mind there is all evidence that the SDF needs to mobilise to challenge the ruling party in the upcoming elections and to wipe out that self-defeating values from it rank-and file members and aspirants.Their boisterous reputation to proudly commit and go against the party's laws,makes the party increasingly unlikely to suffer enormously;making their election debacle with the CPDM, a tug-of-war to win upto 50% of the 70 seats and councils they are vying for.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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