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Thursday, 28 June 2007


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Abesong John

BIYA & his regime will laugh out loud at this prayer. But they fail to know God is above them and can disgrace them on broad daylight. Lets keep our finger crossed and see how far this regime will keep destroying

Y. Maurice Martin

Hope you start by demostrating it your self.
We have heard more prayers even more fiecefully like this before.

God bless you sir


Ntumfor Nico Halle, CPDM stalwart and praying for elections not to be rigged. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Why is evil the order of the day in societies that claim to know God? I say so because if I take case of a country like Germany and many other European countries, they talk very little about God or very few citizens believe in God, yet they practice about 70% of what the Bible requires. Most important, they have human feelings and wouldn´t want to see one another live in pain; this is completely lacking in societies like Cameroon that claim to know God.

Why is Nico Halle mocking God? How much did he fight for an independent electoral commission that can organise free and fair elections? How much have Cameroonians done to ensure free and fair elections, then failed before they are calling on Gods intervention? Do societies that organise free and fair elections depend on prayers?

Ma Mary

God, presumably gave us brains, muscles, wills, consciences. Let us use those to the max before asking for supernatural intervention. Nico Halle, sanctimonious.


Ma Mary and Fon,

When i first looked at this mans soo called prayers and the words he used, i just laughed. Everybody call Gods name, but only few really act or behave like they have ever known God. As Ma Mary rightly said, he God gave us brains, if we use it wrongly, we shall have a personal and collective price to pay. It is left on us as a people to outsmart evil in our society. That includes the colonialist, the CPDM, the Kleptocrats, the demons, the plutocrats, etc. The CPDM has defeated us even here in the UK. They have succesfully exported their evil here and high ranking members of the regime always comes over here to hide their cash assisted by their tribesmen. What good thing can an average Cameroonian think apart from Evil?

I hope one day, we shall be able to collectively rejoice. Having defeated the CPDM and all colonialist and restore our independent statehood of the Southern Cameroons.


Praying and calling the omniscient one to sanction and bless the upcoming theatrical, amusing flapdoodle,cum decadence in a few weeks time,that will be buzzed Elections is interesting,much more because a REDE is doing it while professional prayer deliverers take the back seat.Contrivance?If we will have REDE's to do same for wanted socio-convulsion and Hoo-ha for restoration, then one might be less atwitter with this play.

- That, ...., those who win should win clean and those who lose should lose clean;

Troth indeed!But,somewhere,some alien brutes have lose a legal tussle but would not want to lose clean.
Ma mary,your's was a fantabulous piece,and Fon's too.Not yet over !


I keep asking myself why dark skinned people all over the world are so self destructive. In the Carribeans, they blame the effects of the Slave trade. In Europe and America, we blame Racism. Can someone tell me what is to blame the for this sickening world image of AFRICA. Why is there such endemic, pathological wickedness amongst the dark skin people? Why is it so so difficult for an African to lead his people and bow out respectfully? Why is there so much chaos amongst us? Is it too much of some kind of negative energy or something to do with genes. What is really WRONG?
Take the case of the UK and the Metropolitan City of London; while Africans are busy opening mushroom con houses, in the name of Evangelical Churches, mostly by Nigerians, Ghanaians and Kenyans, the Asians on the other hand are opening up new businesses and consolidating their economic prowess.
While Carribean Africans are mostly interested in Marijuana + other drugs, guns, knives and big flashy cars, Asians are going to colleges, opening Pharmacies,running GP surgeries, building property portfolios, etc.
Black neighbourhoods are synanymous with poverty and strife both in Europe and America. Even in Cameroon, look at neighbourhoods dominated by Europeans.
And yet, we dominate in Church going on Sundays and still dominate in witchcraft and wickedness from Monday to Saturday.
So Ntumfor Halle Nico, donot tell me about prayers. Tell me about human empowerment and a change of MENTALITY by us Africans.
Even if Biya suddenly drops dead by the time i send this posting, we shall still have another devil to take over and continue to wreck havoc to Cameroonians.
Let Africans, and Cameroonians in particular change their mentality, empower themselves and build economic, social and political systems that are transparent and can be perpertuated. Until such time, you can PRAYING, even in your dialects.
Europeans and Americans donot pray before elections. They make choices that are good for mankind and their LEADERS respect the decision of the people. If not, the people make them respect it.
So Cameroonians should do the same and their leaders should respect the will of their people. If not, you better force them to. Otherwise, you can fold your arms, drink more beer and keep praying.
Biya and his cohorts too know how to pray.
So gimme a break with your prayres!

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