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Thursday, 07 June 2007


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Danny Boy

It is rumoured that as far back as 1976, Cameroon was selling oil on the Dutch market and the receipts were going into an account owned by this our First Lady. This it is explained, was a ruse concocted by her husband, so that Cameroonians do not forget what held the economy-agriculture, and start dreaming of the wealth " black gold" brings, to the detriment of his economic policies for the country. It would have been nice for the interviewer to ask her if this rumour is/was true. Ah well may be the interviewer has never heard of this.
Personally, I think Ahidjo had the interests of Cameroon at heart. I am one of his guinea pigs and I believe whatever experiments he and his government conducted, these have stood me in good stead.
For the sake of brevity, I think history will judge him more favourably than it would our incumbent.
Blessed be Cameroon.


I do not know whether to blame Ahidjo for his short sightedness to have appointed a nonchalant political chalatant like Paul Biya to rule over the Cameroonian people or whether he saw in Paul Buya a puppet that he could control by the blow of the whistle.

This piece is touching but good as an item of intellectual attainment and alludes the stringent need for transparency in the political landscape. In all circumstances, let majority rule choose the person a people want to boss over them. In that sense, it will always be the responsibility of the masses to take the blame when things run into the bleak side. Paul Biya was imposed onto us and he proved to be a fatal and disdainful horror.

Over the years his ardent inability to venture and sort out burning political and social issues, his laxitude and nice boy flamboyant style instilled a sense of inertia into the Cameroonian people!



Germaine is a hypocrite. She is a hypocrite because in all her discourse, she has failed to identify her husbands leadership flaws and the problems he created. In my opinion, her discourse is satirist and reflects the opinion of a frustrated optimist. It not only reflects an amalgation of her own complex identity of where the truth lies but is a metaphor of a more prevailing moral ambivalence. She needs to ask for the Southern Cameroonian people to forgive her husband who buttressed the roots of this terrifying conflict. For example, her husband manipulated Southern Cameroonian politicians to satisfy the selfish interest of La Republique power brokers. He singlehandedly changed the constitution in a fake 1972 referendum to creat what he defined as a unitary state that closed our Southern Cameroonians parliament and reduced us to slaves in the current set-up under La Republique francaise du Cameroun. He started the closure, transfer of power to La Republique and imminent destruction of several Southern Cameroonian institutions vis Tiko port, Limbe Port, Powercam, marketing board, etc. his idea of governance and development was a novel for La Republiques imminent decline. All what his predecessor Biya did was to continue his network of destruction he planted.

Germaines husband was also responsible for the mass killing of the marquissas who were mostly of Bamilkie heritage. The marquis like Ricardos, Zandre, Fonkam, parents had to flee for safe heavens in the Southern Cameroons. All this because Ahidjo conspired with French mercenaries and was bent on eliminating all of them.

He got entangled and masterminded a mafia controlled underground economy led by french mercenaries where everything was run in secret. Unlike people like Tomas Sankara, Sekou Toure, etc. he never attempted to install a truely independent country or connect such a philosophy to his people before any imminent failure. I bracingly rebukes all her discourse above as red herring and i find her husbands leadership as one of the most paranoid dictatorship that existed in Sub Saharan Africa in the last century. Hypocricy, theocracy, baseless bureaucracy that we all find today in our political and social conciousness is grounded on his failed leadership. In his last days of office, his government was secretely doctrined by oil plutocrats whose actions were primarily nefarious that were responsible for installing terrifying dictatorships all over Africa. As far as i am concerned, he did little or nothing good and was like the unquestionable psychopaths we have now managing our affairs. How people like them came to acquire the leadership of our affairs, i dont know.

We want our freedom but from the ilk of the Ahidjo's. western imperialist, and all elements of evil including the current CPDM and other political mercenaries operating in the Southern Cameroons.

Danny Boy

only a fool will volunteer answers to questions that have not been asked. In the interview above, one notes she has not prevaricated, evaded or been economical with the truth to questions posed.
Secondly, experience teaches me that only in divorce courts would/do spouses dish out dirt on each other. In other matters especially those relating to the good name of the family, members are expected and seen to close ranks! Germaine and her remaining family are just doing same, if at all.
Dead men do not talk. Such angst ridden diatribe will not further the liberation struggle of any enslaved people in Cameroon one iota. Germaine was no politician and why should she apologise to any persons for her late husbands' flaws?
I hope when I precede my wife and children in death( that being the natural order of things) they will not on any account have to apologise for my actions or inaction. Would you wish that on your family?
Let us be realistic sometimes.
Blessed be Cameroon

Ma Mary

Danny Boy, she condescended to a political interview. Therefore, she is fair game. If like Mrs Marcos, she partook of the loot, she is culpable.

Che Sunday

The oil account did exist, and would have stayed secret had France not wanted a share of the spoils. The account became known when Ahidjo refused to include its value into Cameroon's foreign reserves. Had Cameroon done that, by law or statute creating the CFA, we would have had to hold 66% of that money in the French Treasury in French francs. This began the rift between Ahidjo and France. Another issue that vexed France at the time was also the awarding of the contract to build CRTV to a German company instead of a French. So pissed by the French that they actually sent a delegation to Yaounde to complain.There was an edition of Africa Confidential, the British News Letter put out by the British intelligence on African affairs that chronicled these defferences between France and Cameroon.
When Paul came into office, this money formed part of what he expanded the millitary with, going from a squadron of para-military airbone personnel to a full-fledged air force. And from a single general (Semenge) to ten. Some of it went to purchase a few villas in France and a lot more to support a cocaine habit. This was what led to Biya's plane being detained at Atlanta international and being search by federal drug agents. Shame isn't it?

Ma Mary

Just the wife of another la republique gangster. Those who now lionize that tyrant Ahidjo were either beneficiaries or too young to remember his reign of fear. It is really a false choice between la republique and la republique. Anybody thinks Sarkozy will make a difference? Then you have no idea the amount of profit that France makes by keeping Africans in chains.

Ma Mary

Mr Riccardium, you and your type failed in your bid to make your country independent, so Southern Cameroons was suckered into associating with an entity that was not really independent, just an illusion of independence. We have nothing in common fellas. Nothing.

Danny Boy

Ma Mary,
the brevity of your response to my comments above, speaks volumes. You and I know she can not be held to account for her late husbands' flaws(sic). If like Emelda, she hoarded thousands of pairs of shoes amongst other ostentatious fineries, bought with money from our treasury, then let the case be made. Until then we should not presume her guilty by association!
As for her being "fair game", true. I only wish she had learned from the experiences of Hilary Clinton and Cherie Blair.
Have a nice day.


It's not Germaine Adhidjo to tell the world how much the late husband loved Cameroonians. The late president is actually doing that with his own mouth to the gods of Cameroon and to those who really loved Cameroon but were hated and silenced by Ahidjo.

Danny Boy

Mr. Che Sunday,
thanks for your rejoinder above. I am sure many reading it will learn a thing or two on the nature of Cameroons' relations with France in the late seventies-early eighties.
Have a wonderful day.


She knew so much about what her tyrant husband was reading, how he decided on selecting this buffoon. She knowingly does not think there was a problem with the anglophones. If she thinks she is and was the mother of Cameroon, why didn't she tell him to chose a West Cameroonian as was in the original agreement or constitution. When her husband was building those palaces in every division which he ounce a year if ever lived in them, what did she think. People needed laissez passer to move from one region to the other. On a positive note I can say he was a slightly benevolent dictator, possibly due to the fact that he was a Moslim and they turn to share more than capitalistic corrupt christians.

Fritzane Kiki HK

As young as I was at the time,I still remember the pressures,tensions and we underwent in Ahidjo's rule.He actually killed all legislative priorities to create a Unitary State in a 1972 referendum, riddled with misconceptions.After his era there were little chances of his successor to funadamnetally change the status of La Republique than to continue punching the guts of Anglophones.His successor's failed objectives for 25 years in power,has only wittingly aided his predicessor in their senister aims of suppressing and exploitating the Anglophones.

Mrs Ahidjo can courageously explain his husbands achievements,patriotism and love for his citizens, but will always avoid rechkless personal criticisms that might further tarnish the husband's political legacy and image.She will always maintain that presumption of innocence for any disastrous mismanagement, that was plaguing the country in her husband's tenure as president.When her husband arrived the apex of his political career,he took a wrong benchmark to single-handedly resigned power to an unenlighten political despot (Biya), which exposed their 'camaraderie' links and long held alliances at that time.If we closely scrutinise Ahidjo's political career, we realise he was a handsome charmer who united all the countrymen together in ambivalence.Biya is still continuing this heritage of lynching against the Anglophones.

At present,the government in Yaounde is breatlessly unconfortable about Germaine's periodic media purges and manifestations, as she is seen as another Hillary Clinton in disguise.However,she faces a funadamental challenge in her claims as the wife of a dogooder pioneer president, to tackle and cleanse that myth surrounding her husband's rule as an inconsequential dictator.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


I believe Ahidjo is the better of the two evils. Even our mothers in the village are still nolstalgic about his reign. They are unanimous that things were far better under Ahidjo's reign than there are today. Keep in mind that there are no leaders without flaws.

Ma Mary

Danny Boy, I do not buy the notion that First Ladies are passive pieces of decor. That is a condescending notion. They are often their husbands' most significant and trusted advisors, like an alternative cabinet and the best of them wield considerable power in their own right. You talk about Hilary Clinton; it is an open secret that Nancy Reagan was the power behind her doddering husband, and quite a few people in very high positions were hired or fired because of her and she exercised significant control and influence over her husband's personal appearances. Germaine has the right, indeed is expected to whitewash he husband's record, but she will be forcefully contradicted. I can say one thing to her benefit: she affected a modest and dignified public presence during her heyday unlike the brassy and ostentatious displays of the two wives of King Paul Biya the Plunderer.

This is Camerounese politics, just fit to be dumped as far as I am concerned


Under all legal context, she is suppose to be held accountable for the political deeds during the reign of late President Amadou Ahijo. Being the First lady and Mother of the Nation, she became automatically politically responsible for certain issues affecting the well being of the nation. She chaired and carried out certain national responsibilities, both at home and abroad.
She wasn't supposed to be the sec.Gen. of the CNU party for us to associate her with Ahijos blunders.

The Bible tells us that two become one through the union of marriage, and so where the Ahijos. It is no secret today, that world statesmen like Reggan and Schroeder poitical decisions were more in accordance with their spouse views, than that of their collegues.

It's regreatble that she didn't comment on her late husband views on the Anglophone question or a fair United Cameroon.
Fair because he wouldn't have sightlined only Eastern Cameroonians as his possible hire to the Presidency of United Republic of Cameroon. Being an archictect of the reunification policy,one will not be far from concluding that, Ahijos' view and policies towards the Anglophones gave birth to the policy of marginalisation continued by the present regime in Cameroon.

On the context of politics and policyies, Ahijo was not a better leader,because he suppressed part of his subject (Anglo and Bamilikes)and fell short to defined a clear vision for his country.
He was a brutal dictator. May his soul rest in Peace.


I think we focus too much on the negative in this site. A foreigner who goes through this site will picture Cameroon as a bleak pool of evil and hopelessness. Bad things happen in Cameroon but I have also seen a lot of good things in my beloved Country. Ahidjo was not a perfect president, definitely not, but atleast he did a lot of good things. He gave full-time scholarships to students who performed well in the G.C.E to go and abroad and went they were done, he brought them back to come and help the country. It is thanks to Ahidjo that some of our parents and people like Peter Musonge and Elizabeth Tamajong had quality education and were able to secure lucrative jobs.During his reign, Cameroon had one of the best per capita incomes in Africa, after South Africa. Whether you hate Ahidjo or you love him, the truth is that the economy was better off back then. Biya has not accomplished in 20 years, the things Ahidjo accomplished in 5 years. I am not an Ahidjo fanatic. He died when I was 2 years old. My point is, even though he is not a "the-nelson-mandela-calibre-leader" everybody wants these days, he handled the country far better than Biya did or ever will. We should not just come to this site only for a bitter tirade of words. Our gross negativivty is overshadowing all the good in Cameroon. Always look at both sides of the equation. Don't capitalize on one side and completely disregard the other side. If you do that, you are no more or less a hypocrite than all the politicians you are accusing


"brassy and ostentatious displays of the two wives of King Paul Biya..."-Ma Mary
Are you calling Irem Biya brassy and ostentatious? wasn't she one of our most dignified first ladies or I didn't do my History homework quite well?

Danny Boy

Ma Mary, be fair please. Telling your husband which tie goes with that suit or your husband telling you which hand bag suits that dress, is apolitical, sweet and affectionate. How this can become a reason for First Ladies and First Husbands to be held accountable for their other halves deeds, political or otherwise, beats my brains! This must be an affront to commonsense.
Doddering Reagan, so Nancy dressed him up and advised him too on the STAR WARS programme? Yes, I mentioned Hilary Clinton and of course Cherie Blair. All powerful women in their own right. What is it I wanted you to understand? These women ill-advisedly gave interviews to the press in which they ventured into political discourse. They had their fingers burnt of course, for the simple reason that they did not have any mandate and were only there because their husbands were leaders of their countries.
I am sure you knew this. The problem here as I have come to understand is this, forget when it does not suit you.
Vive le Cameroun
Long live Cameroon.

Charles F.

I think she believes what she was told by her husband. I do not believe she knew much about how Cameroon was run nor could she influence the course of events.
She is a pawn in the anahilation of Anglophone Cameroon and nothing she is saying is new or matters.
This was her opportunity to chastise this rogue regime, not for their bad behaviour but for how they treated her husband. He would have done the same.
--charles forkwa


There are Southern Cameroonians who amassed wealth, got scholarships through their relatives largess in Ahidjo and Biya's government, they will always have good things to say about their government. They have been brainwashed to think those who failed during Ahidjo or Biya's era were not good enough. They should say their good things or ask rhetorical questions that they know the answers to keep the readers fumbling as to what the truth was like, and allow others who think Ahidjo's actions has placed an unimaginable scar on their identity to tell the world what they believe is the truth.

Long live the Southern Cameroons.

Danny Boy

Sourpuss Rexon, just shot yourself in the foot again. There are hundreds of Cameroonians( anglophones), who will be offended by this insinuation.
What became of your pic-nickers stranded in Ghana? LOL. Can not even manage a freebie to Ghana and you want to manage Cameroon!! Wonders will never end!!
Blessed be Cameroon.


Danny Boy,

Giving the current stalemate, Southern Cameroons or Cameroon will never change if we dont go by the facts. If you think ingratiating those dictators and using sweet words will change them, then go for it. They know like we all know that you are backing dogs that never bites because you are always scared.

Cheers Brother.


In response to an earlier comment by some one who thinks that good things should be said about Cameroon because foreigners may read it and think we are a basket case, I would like to ask you if you have been living under a rock. Read the CIA fact book on Cameroon, read the Lake Nyos aid corruption, look at the deplorable state of roads,accidents,soccer, health, declining education standards, booming AIDS epidemic coming out of a country so rich in natural resources. Every country is always graded like an exam and given pass or fail marks. Look at the west their leaders are always been criticized, that's what makes them stay honest. As Anderson Cooper says "Keeping them honest" I would like to say so many good things about Cameroon, good food, intelligent hard working people, breath taking sceneries and beaches. How do I tell foreigners or my friends to go there and experience, stinky Douala airport, bureaucratic nightmare in any single transaction. Let's rate our dictators, Ahidjo D--- What's his name F++++. Can you imagine what would have happened if the SDF was formed during Ahidjo, freedom of speech??? It's only happening now because WEST CAMEROONIANS have been jabbing this evil elephant since Ahidjo days, continue jabbing he is about to collapse. Also to finally remind you that this forum is for us to speak freely and criticize constructively, future leaders may be reading this, and know suppression of speech is no longer possible with the INTERNET and many more future technologies. You can direct your foreigners to the CPDM website for propaganda good news.

Ma Mary

Danny Boy, if you still think that women are just passive spectators, like many African men, you will be in for a rude awakening sooner or later for you, as soon as tomorrow. That is my jinx on you.


There is no doubt Ahidjo was a dictator and all the pains, miseries and sufferings he went through towards the end of his time on earth was truly deserved for the evils he did. He was quickly forgotten, no books were written about his reign, no biographies, no nothing. He died a miserable man and deservedly so. He was hated and despised and his tragic end was unavoidable.
Same thing will happen to Paul Biya. Paul Biya will die a pianful and miserable death, his reign will be quickly forgotten, no books and or biographies will be written about him, His name will cease to exist. The end always justifies the means. Yes, Paul Biya is and has been a ruthless dictator and no matter what he does, his miserable and tragic end is unavoidable.
Former leaders like Martin Luther King, Kenyatta, Gandhi, Nkrumah, J.F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton etc are all still being honored, praised and remembered today for their leadership and their achievements. Books have been and are still being written about them, people still remember them, some of them have national holidays in their honor, streets are named after them, monuments and the list goes on.
Ahidjo created the path that led to his waterloo. Paul Biya has been and is continuing to create his path to his waterloo. Who ever takes over from Paul Biya will eider choose good leadership or dig his own path to his waterloo, and thats how life is. 'The end always justifies the means'.


Late Ahidjo and present Biya have tried and have proven unqualified to rule a nation and as i have said, Germaine can't dare judge her late husband's rule of Cameroon because she knew a conjugal Ahidjo and was completely ignorant of a president Ahidjo. There is nothing new or sensational in what she has said. She was in effect trying to polish up the image of the man she loved and which is not an anomaly. She interpreted Ahidjo's love for her to mean a love for Cameroon and here again we have a similar situation. What do we think Chantal will say of Paul tomorrow?


There is no doubt Ahidjo was a dictator and all the pains, miseries and sufferings he went through towards the end of his time on earth was truly deserved for the evils he did. He was quickly forgotten, no books were written about his reign, no biographies, no nothing. He died a miserable man and deservedly so. He was hated and despised and his tragic end was unavoidable.
Same thing will happen to Paul Biya. Paul Biya will die a pianful and miserable death, his reign will be quickly forgotten, no books and or biographies will be written about him, His name will cease to exist. The end always justifies the means. Yes, Paul Biya is and has been a ruthless dictator and no matter what he does, his miserable and tragic end is unavoidable.
Former leaders like Martin Luther King, Kenyatta, Gandhi, Nkrumah, J.F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton etc are all still being honored, praised and remembered today for their leadership and their achievements. Books have been and are still being written about them, people still remember them, some of them have national holidays in their honor, streets are named after them, monuments and the list goes on.
Ahidjo created the path that led to his waterloo. Paul Biya has been and is continuing to create his path to his waterloo. Who ever takes over from Paul Biya will eider choose good leadership or dig his own path to his waterloo, and thats how life is. 'The end always justifies the means'.


Ma Mary,
Who is a First Lady? What does she represent? What is her intrinsic value? As a woman i know you may have a complete idea of what this special lady should be.I`m asking these questions ,because Germaine Ahidjo's take on the burning issues of the day in the country brings to the fore the attention,the media frenzy,and the love and hate relationship that has always surrounded these women.One thing seems to characterise the personalities of these special women-controversy.Whether this comes as a result of too much expectation from the public,or as a result of their very characters is still open to debate.But most of the first ladies i have grown to see seem to be some man-made toys that are pulled by the strings.Today these ladies give the impression that they have continued to play the role court jesters played hundreds of years ago.Two important aspects of public life have characterised these beings;dressing up outragiously ,and partying.Their love for material things have completely dwarfed the compassion they pretend to show to the ordinary folk.Most first ladies have mismanaged public reforms,
putting a big question mark on their intellectual baggage.Even the most notorious of them all, Hilary Clinton mismanaged the Public Health Reform when her husband was in office.She has become the flip-flopper of the century about the Iraq war,and also carted away some China the day she left the White House to show her love for things of the flesh.In the our context ,all we can remember about Jeanne Irene Biya is that she helped crumble the SCB.Germaine Ahidjo can`t be remember for anything,apart from her beauty.Chantal can be remembered for her many children ,and fanciful hairstyle.So should the public really expect anything from these women?

Fritzane Kiki HK

The mistake a lot of politicians make is in forgetting they've been appointed and thinking they've been anointed.They are generally wonderful people as long as they stay away from things they don't understand, such as working for a living.However,politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always regret your failed objectives.Going to stricter accountability of their criminal background check, the first ladies will always have a hand in the corrutpion going on in their countries, since they play a more greater role in their husbands decision-making and they are always in one way or the other related to the whole system.

Ahidjo was made to pay his political price by being buried abroad.As compared to him,his successor, has been worst in all walks of life;he imposes inefficiencies that has been impeding the nation's education system,government,work place,economic growth,law enforcement and miltiary.He has hijacked everything together with his proteges.As compared to Ahidjo, Biya is not a statesman, he's a dead politician. We need more statesmen in the future government, not these two dictotators we have had since independence.

That not withstanding,Germaine can still influence the present political statusquo if she is given a desirable environment,except she undermines her role in the political stalemate.Hillary Clinton and Cherie are prominent examples and at present Chantal Biya is leaving no stone unturn in her CERAC activities.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Ma Mary

Watesih–for the record, Mrs Clinton did not mismanage health care reform. Insurance companies at the time, who had the most to gain from the chaos that is the American health system organised a very effective smear campaign that brought the whole thing to a halt. Mrs Clinton is an example of a very powerful, intelligent first lady, an invisible copresident with Bill Clinton. That is why she has been the target of so many smears, and it appears that you buy them, since these things are mostly carried by the sector of the press owned by your Australian, Murdoch.

First ladies are important even when they are airheads who move around shopping, grabbing stuff and settling scores. Abacha's wife Miriam was engaging in foreign exchange arbitrage in such a massive scale that she wrecked the Nigerian economy. The character of a first lady is an indelible part of the image of a president, even if she does nothing more than be there. Choice of spouse tells a whole lot about a person, especially a president. Clinton is married to his law school classmate, an intellectual powerhouse who fueled his ambition to be president. Biya is married to someone who could be his daughter, from what background I dont know. Passivity is influence too, of a kind.

Why am I even bothered? Should the public expect anything from these women? Yes, at a minimum a good image. Good positive influence on their spouses. To the extent that they have power, and many of them would and do accumulate power–proper use of that power.


People people people...... chill. Leave this lady alone. This lady was reminiscing and as such mostly good memories is possible to be re-counted. I am not going to fault this lady one iota cos I believe she carried herself with a lot of dignity and style. As for criticising alhidjo about the way he ran the country is plainly naive. I was a kid at the time of his resignation or to put it most appropriately, his gesture of commonsense and a smooth and orderly handing over of power. It is very easy to cement and concretise alhidjo's legacy just by taking a little look back at Africans history from the late fifties up until now. Most people would say that he got dupe to had over power. No matter the means by which it was achieved my broader point is that it was done and it was peaceful and orderly. Why am I making this point? I just wanted to look at his peers who came to power at the same period of time. Take a look at Gabon, bongo is still there. Houphouet Boigny had to be in nappies before he released that the end was approaching but by then it was too late and the consequences is still felt till this date. The guy in Equatorial Guinea is still there. Mobutu had to be driven kicking and screaming until he met his demise, the country is also facing the same fate as Ivory Coast but worst. So, alhidjo handing over power to this imposter and chancer now ruining Cameroon at the time he did, when the institutions for a better and accountable democracy were still in its infancy in Africa is a legacy that cannot be easily overlook. That is why I am taking issue with one forumite who suggested that alhidjo reign would be easily airbrushed out of history. I am quite shock that a well learnded individual can come onto this forum and write such drivel. Take a look at Cameroon today and compare the twenty years that we have endured with biya and the twenty five that his predecessor presided over and tell me whether there has been any progress. There was a welfare state at the time, students used to be given grant to get into universities but now they have to pay extortionate amount of money. Because of corruption and incompetent cowboy economic strategies or policies, inflation is running at almost 300%. Wages have been cut several times that its become almost unbearable to think how people survive in such a climate. I must say thank god for our land of riches.
Alhidjo placed Cameroon on a great footing that needed somebody to continue from where he left off but unfortunately for him, his successor was a pretty boy imposter who was probably sucking the dicks of some of his French masters who had the leverage to the future of our country at the time. Alhidjo did build Cameroon but biya destroyed it. we had everything in our capacity at the time to be a major player in Africa by now. BUT????????????????

Danny Boy

Ma Mary, I had stopped worrying about jinxes a few decades back. You are just another silly cow who thinks peddling that cliche of "Africans are chauvinists" would work on this erudite person. You are very wrong Madam. Get a grip of yourself and re-examine my postings above. My argument has been, no first Lady or Husband should be called to account for the political flaws of their spouse!
Where did you get it in your airhead that I said women should be seen and not heard? Are you nuts or just plain silly?
From your references to Germaine, I can only surmise that you have that green monster in your eyes. Shame on you. Silly, old COW. Did Ahidjo leave you in the aisle?


For anybbody who was somebody then,the interview would best be described as "nonsense".Why would any right thinking journalist grant a personality like Mrs.Ahidjo 26 mins of airtime?What can anyone say in 26minutes?And that's including time the journalist uses to ask the questions.Yes its either they failed or something transpired somewhere between the government and the media house.I call for a truce,please.Let's keep the debate civil.


Ma Mary,
I expected the answer to be good,and it turned out to be,but do you really mean the American health system expected good reforms from Hilary,and at the same time organised a smear campaign? Next time i hope you are not going to tell us that the American political system forced her to vote for the war in Iraq.Hey! Seems we are on a campaign trail! Anyway i completely buy your idea that the choice of spouse tells a lot about a person.

Danny Boy,
This is the second yellow card i`m giving you.The third will be a red one.


Watesih, that's 'patcha'!Be be fair and call both parties to order if you really must.Why a yellow card to the one and not to the other?Cheers though.
Ps/There's nothing like a 'second' yellow card;or isnt it the same match?

Ma Mary

Watesih– I hope not to go down the road of American politics. Personally, I do not care very much about Hilary today as a presidential candidate. However, I happened to have lived in the United States for over three decades and follow the politics keenly.I was witness to the campaign to destroy everything Clinton by all means fair and foul, during the Presidency of Bill Clinton. If significant reforms are made to the health care system here, the insurance companies are likely to make less profit. That is what the smear was all about, not whether they were good or bad for the public. The process was not given the chance to even present a report. You have no idea about how a population can be manipulated and swayed by well financed special interests until you have lived here.

The American Health Care system is not one constituency, but several with varying and sometimes antagonistic interests. You have the patients or the public (the weakest and least organised); then you have the hospitals and the doctors, who have similar interests but not identical; then you have the drug and equipment manufacturers and the insurance companies. The Insurance companies and the drug and equipment manufacturers are the ones making beaucoup dollars. There is no reform that will favour the ordinary person that would not result in less profits for them. So when there is any talk of reform, they move in to destroy it. If it were not Hilary, it could have been somebody else in the way of a juggernaut, which bought hours and hours of television ad time and created all kinds of fake organisations to preach against reform. I can go on. As somebody advancing in years, these kinds of things interest me.

All but a small number of politicians are willing to take on the health care reform issue, but the day of reckoning is fast approaching when health care costs would become unsustainable.

Ma Mary

Danny Boy–the jinx must have worked for you to have lost control of your sphincters so publicly. This old bovine takes it back and blesses you.


Mrs Ahidjo has never and certainly will never influence the political landscape in Cameroon. Why waste so much time on a non-event like this?
Let us remember that peace, even though not necessarily the absence of war, is more precious.


Danny Boy,
is this the kind of forum you've been seeking to create... trading researched insults? I wonder how you mix the intelligence in your write up with such lowliness.
Last time you called some others something I wouldn't like to repeat. Every individual sets a purpose for converging here.
They are not able to read the minds of the rude elitist class commentators.
Don't fail to apologize even in your prayers.

Danny Boy

Mr. Mbu. B,
I apologise unreservedly to the Lady and to the many others I have offended. Will keep my tongue/fingers in check next time.
Blessed be Cameroon.


As a pupil at the government primary school Bamenda upstation three decades ago, I can recollect vividly visiting the army camp field to witness the coming of Ahidjo to Bamenda. That was then around 1974 or possibly 75 or 76. The army camp field was just at the foot of the black forest that stretch all the way to Mendangkwe.

The news of the coming and the curiosity of watching a helicopter for the very first time in our lives was a powerful magnet for us kids. The sheer beauty and mystery of watching and witnessing this flying " Whiteman " marvel was a thing which we could not resist. So we left our school in droves early in the day to go watch this helicopter which was flying to Bamenda with the " President ".

A cousin had brought along a very old plastic camera, which I unwittingly took along with me. We arrived at the field in time and waited for the helicopter to appear. Unfortunately for me on that fateful day as soon as the helicopter came hovering over the giant kolanut trees which were around the field, and descending towards the camp to land, I began pointing the camera at the flying marvel.
Before I could even savour the sensation of holding a camera and pointing it at this mysterious and unworldly creature which we had never seen before, there was a sudden explosion of bright lights, searing pain on the head and swift blackout...!!!! I was momentarily unconscious.

A gendarme had stealthily and swiftly ran behind me and planted several savage blows on my head and yang the camera from my hands.
It was a spontaneous and terrifying sequel of events...!!!!. I could not fathom what was wrong or amiss, I could only recollect afterwards being dragged along the fields to be taken to the Gendamarie legion, a kilometer away opposite the old skyline hotel.
I had not the logic nor the mental capacity to fathom my crime nor what was amiss, I was terrified and trembling, a great wave of fear washed over my being and the thought of going over to the Gendamarie camp, which was close to our school, had me wetting the pants...!!!!!. I began wailing and crying, pleading for my life...!!!
We had often heard the cries, wailing and moaning in pain of men and young people coming from that camp on several occasions in the middle of the day, and also from the secret police unit which was on the other side of our school somewhere along the road going towards Mendangnkwe via the upstation prison.

As kids we could not even fathom what was amiss with those folks, but those unworldly cries and the terrifying atmosphere which we associated with the Gendamarie camp was sufficient enough to have my mind tottering with fright and a great sense of dread and apprehension.

Fortunately for me, a young Gendamarie officer came along to inquire what was the matter. After a lengthy explanation in French, which I could not understand at all, the gendarme gave the officer the camera. He immediately open the back cover to investigate and lo.. there was no film inside...!!!!!. I was let off and given five brutal slaps to emphasize the point of my folly and asked never to come near the army camp again. This was being done to an 8 year old...!!!!.

As funny or trivial an incidence as it may seem, this little event and experience explains a whole lot of things with regards to the Ahidjo era. For one thing, the merciless authority of Gendarmes and police officers, the obsessive pursuit and cultivation of the religion of personality cults that we have in Cameroon, [The president, or the leader, the symbols of his/their power and the/their institutions are godly, no man can desecrate them lightly, for example taking pictures of those symbols !!! ] .

Rather than make a lengthy analysis, perhaps the reader can make their own inferences, my main point in sharing this little experience is to point out the fact that, we are a people who have been collectively terrorized, tortured and maimed at all levels of our psyche, in one way or the other through daily contacts with the institutions in place. We have been conditioned in many ways with senseless, thoughtless and brutal values, belief systems that have no bearing with regards to the fundamental pursuits of human life and existence; which is the search of happiness, freedom and peace.

What would an 8 year old do with the picture of a helicopter..?? if at all the camera was functioning..?? should the curiosity of a child, a capacity which should be encouraged at all cost, be brutalized and perverted because the picture of a president and his inanimate objects are more important...!!!!!

Ma Mary

Why did the French peasants decide to decapitate Marie-Antoinette? Afterall, she was really a foreigner, an Austrian princess. She had to have been innocent surely. That is a complex question.

Those who are literary students would recall Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth. Outwardly, she must have been the ornament that some of you think women are. Away from public view, she was the driver and supplier of her husband's drive to power=at=all=costs. For many couples, the ability to go that extra mile is fueled by the wife. It only appears as if the husband is the stronger, because that is what society wants to see.

Mrs Ahidjo, reasonably, cannot be as culpable as her husband in his crimes, however she cannot stand unopposed when she comes out trying to whitewash and idealize that genocidal tyrant's record. As countryfowl is pointing out indirectly, some people have very short memories.


It would be very disrestpectful to the multitude of poor families who are in pains today as a result of Mr Biya's unscrupulous actions to listen to Mrs Chantal Biya or any of his co-consipirators say good things about Biya when he dies. Because we all know who Biya is. Whatever are those things that Ahidjo did, i find it unecessary to discuss because he was being paid to do a job that he needed to do so well. If i am the president of Cameroon today, i must execute my duty judiciously. If i dont, then i am rendering a disservice to those who employed me and they have a moral responsibility to criticise my actions. Some say he gave scholarships to people, as if he was using his own money to pay for the scholarships, etecera. We must learn to understand that our leaders must be held responsible for their actions. If they kill people, kill our economy, mismanage our resources we must hold them into account. The pain goes down to a whole generation who have to suffer as a result. We must imagine what is the welfare of many families who dont have the connections or who dont have relatives abroad. How do they survive their day to day activities, what future do they have, etc. Who is responsible for their demise? I lay the blame squarly on all our actions that has been creating this dictators. That includes the actions of all those who come to this forum to defend dictators like Biya, Ahidjo et al. who have worked endlessly for themselves thereby leaving our economy in shambles. Take your scholarship, positions, etc but leave us alone, lets criticise them and their hopeless families. Afterall, the CPDM and all organisations of darkness in La Republique has a well organised group of militants in several cities in the UK like London and Manchester and i hear some unscrupulous people are spreading their network of lies and false rhetoric to the Scandinavia. They hate us when they meet us because they dont like what we write. who cares? As they organise themselves, i am also busy organising my SCNC and other freedom fighting movements to tell the world the truth. It is the battle and we also have the right to defend ourselves.

Bootlickers should not think we dont know them. What does the CPDM and all organisations of darkeness including the CNU and all their conspirators has to offer?

Danny Boy

Watesih & Vito, I ackowledge your cautions as well. Will do well to keep my spleen in check.
We have covered so much column inches on this topic as if marriage was a pre-condition to becoming leader of your country. Edward Heath, Prime Minister of the UK in the 70's was never married! So Britian had no first Lady whilst he ruled and I do not think the country suffered because of this absence.
First Ladies and first Husbands are there because their their spouses had this calling to serve their countries. Though it is an axiom that "man" is a political animal, I can confidently state here, how some of these first Ladies and first husbands actually hated their elevated status. Harold Wilson's wife hated it, so too did Denis Thatcher. They never gave interviews! They looked after the children whilst their spouses were burning midnight oil discussing affairs of the State.
Today we can equally say the same of Barbara Bush. Maybe she loves it, I wonder, given the disastrous turn of events in Iraq. Do we suppose that she egged her husband on and pillory her, or do we give her the benefit of doubt?
Blessed be Cameroon.

M Nje

Mrs Ahidjo,
You deserved more than what you are getting. Your husband is responsible for the endless nightmare that 6 million Southern Cameroonians are experiencing today. He had a naive impression he was invisible but he ended up in a shameful manner. Who says authority does not deny a dying king.

In your attempt to deviate blame to another dictator, Paul Biya, you must have forgotten that it was your husband who singlehandedly selected him. He is partly responsible for his performance.

Some of us seem to have forgotten who Ahidjo was. Check his record if your memory is not fresh. Look at what happened at the Fomban Conference. He had the members of Southern Cameroonian delegation meet with him one after another. A clear attempt to terrorized them to accept his predisposition. This was a dictator than ever before. This was a man who wanted all powers centralized around him. He or his family deserved no amount of sympathy. I mean none. Don`t tell me his wife is not responsible for his action. She came out to make a political statement. If she wants to embrace Ahidjo`s record, she should be willing to accept the negative aspects of that record.

Ma Mary

It is interesting that the Riccardos never make statements on these. He must be among those Bamis whose parents went out at the behest of Ahidjo to torture and murder other Bamis. There was briefly a movie on the internet about Dr Moumie. They only looks for opportunities to lecture Southern Cameroonians about one sided unity with their dirty country, one sided because they are always taking, while we always give.


I strongly propose that the webmaster of this forum should make it impossible for one person to post more than 3 times on thesame issue. You people make this forum boring with personal attacks and childish posts. We are here to share ideas dealing with thread in question and not showering insults on one another. The posts get too long and one easily loses focus. I propose that you create a free yahoo group where you can meet and insult each other. I strongly believe that he who post more than 3 times , has a personal score to settle. I try to be logical and that´s why i proposed 3 times and not one. Thanks


Thanks guys,

I have enjoyed reading every single post on this topic. This has been a fantastic history class and given some valuable insight on Cameroon under Ahidjo (remember the 'Cameroon history' books they rammed down our throats in primary and secondary school make no mention of Ahidjo).

Thanks again and keep them coming. Nothing better than old folks reminiscing on good/bad old days.

Danny Boy

Mr. M. Nje,
however much you hate Ahidjo and his government, you can not visit his widow with the sins he committed to you or any other Cameroonian. Like many others you assume that she is guilty of something. But what? State what she is guilty of and make an indictment.
Without that, one can only suppose that you are grasping at straws and one would like to know what is the hidden agenda here.
So Iam married to some Mafiaso, means I am privy to his murderous activities?
Come on guy.

M Nje

Danny Boy,

You don`t seem to have read the last two sentences in my comment above. Take some time to do so. I stand by want I said.

She came out to make a political statement. If she wants to embrace Ahidjo`s record as President, she should be willing to accept the negative aspects of that record.

I don`t have enough time for hidden agenda with her. She is really irrelevant. But as a Southern Cameroonian, I hold his husband responsible for our current situation. If she wants to defined his record as president., she should be ready to hear descending opinions.

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