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Monday, 23 July 2007


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Mbella Moki is, and has always been, a crafty and shrewd fox.At a time like this, where are all the Western friends of Cameroon? where are all the France and Belgiums and Chinas and Neils Marquats who claim to support democracy in Cameroon? where are they? this should tell all Cameroonians and Africans something about their relationship with the West. We cannot wait forever for the UN, it is us who have to change our own destiny and we should start NOW.


United States of Africa. No, No, No, u do not need your western friends. Your chairman congratulated Yar'adua when he visited Cameroon after the orchestrated charades in Nigeria similar to that of Mr Biya. When we castigated him for congratulating someone who came to power through fraud, his supporters (Atangha, Feli, Watesih, Fon, Che sunday, etc) told us that elections of a country are purely an internal affair. So this one is an internal affair and i do not expect you people to complain. Besides, you went to the games knowing the rules. You knew who was the referee and you accepted it, so spare us the complain.

mk the southerner

This will only be strange to idiots.


Rexon please, your spinning tactics do not scare me. Don't try to spin my words into a whole new argument about Yar'adua in Nigeria. All I was trying to do is to show how Africa's relationship with the West is based on hypocrisy so don't try to use your big words and lopsided analysis to change the direction of my argument. Also, I am not a member of the SDF party. I stand for a United states of Africa and nothing else. However, I am a realist so I would applaud the SDF for at least trying. Idealists like you memorize textbooks by KarL Marx and speeches by Martin Luther King. You then gather all you isolated knowledge, go on laptops in foreign countries and do nothing but criticize and criticize. All you guys do is to demonize your own fellow Cameroonians while you might have been doing the same things if you were in their positions. Criticisms is a very good tool for change but after you are done, provide practical solutions.


United States of Africa,

Those who criticised us are those who wanted to go in for the charade. They criticised us for abstaining and for asking for the illegal ballot boxes to be out of our land. They wanted to do their illegal business and all we said was, please, give us a break, that should not be in our land. Then they said they have a right to do anything as it is family land. So it is hypocrites bringing criticisms and complains into our land. Have you seen me complaining? Because i dont have any stake in this charade. But this is my time to ask why people who could have stayed out decided to colour an inexistant democracy. It is business my friend. Business to colour a democracy in the eyes of the international community.
Spare the Southern Cameroonian people the complains.



Danny Boy

Breaking News: Mbella FLOORS Endeley.
As in Ali floors Frazier with an uppercut or a right hook.

Legima Doh

Dear comrades and proud people of the Southern Cameroons of this
forum,I want to cease this opportunity to state that,the person under the pseudoname unitedstatesofafrica has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is an alien enemy of the successful statehood of the Southern Cameroons.In accordance with the counsel of comrade Casara, he is declared excommunicated from our consideration and comments.He is concluded to be a nincompoop.

In accordance with the counsel of comrade Rexon,we send an august invitation to Fon and Watesih and our other brethren to our congregation for the total liberation of the Southern Cameroons and restoration of her statehood and sovereignty through the aegis of the grand Southern Cameroons National Council.


Legima Doh,


Dear UnitedStatesofAfrica,
If I had your email address I would have sent you a little present.I read all you wrote with pleasure.this was the same thing I said about these lap top experts, who have rexon,I believe as their leader.They sit on the net all day and fuel issues back home at the expense of those on the war front.He has his followers on this forum who are so blind that they can´t see.I wish him and his apostles further crammings of Martin Luther and others.


This seems to be the Real Breaking news from BBC.
Big win for Cameroon ruling party
The small country of Africa Cameroon will now get the statue of a kingdom with Biya as the absolute Monarch (Fon of fons) for life.The final plans have been put to finished democratically with technical assistance from Fru Ndi.

Silent killer

Hey guys in the house...check this article from

Cameroon: CPDM Heading For Landslide Victory

Cameroon Tribune (Yaoundé)

24 July 2007
Posted to the web 24 July 2007

Emmanuel Kendemeh

The Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, last evening granted a press briefing in Yaounde during which he gave available statistics on the trends of the results of the 22 July council and legislative elections.

The statistics given province by province revealed that the ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM), has made remarkable in roots especially in the North West Province and remains the biggest party in the country in terms of implantation. It also emerged that the Social Democratic Front (SDF) maintained its position as the second party in the country, although the number of parliamentary seats and councils has reduced when compared with the expiring mandate.

The official results for Parliamentary election will only be given by the Supreme Court sitting in for the Constitutional Council while those for the council elections are being published by the council commissions. Minister of State, Marafa presented the results as follows:


In the legislative election, eight political parties competed for 10 seats. Projections reveal that the CPDM has nine seats while the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) has one seat. For council elections, seven political parties went in for the 21 councils. The CPDM won 16 of the councils especially those of Tibati, Tignere, Meiganga and Ngaoundere III. The NUDP won five councils notably that of Banyo, Ngaoundere I and II.

Centre Province

In the Centre Province, 17 political parties competed for 28 parliamentary seats. The CPDM won all the 28 seats. In the council election, 12 political parties went in for the 70 municipal councils. The CPDM won 68 councils and the Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC), won two councils notably that of Eseka.

East Province

Four political parties were in the race for the 11 parliamentary seats in the East Province. The ruling CPDM won all the 11 seats. For council elections, three political parties went in for the 33 municipal councils and the CPDM won all the councils.

Far North

Eight political parties went in for the 29 parliamentary seats in the province. Partial results show that the CPDM won 28 seats and NUDP won one seat. Concerning municipal elections, eight political parties were in the race for the control of 47 councils. The ruling CPDM won 40 of the councils, NUDP two and the MDR won five councils.


For the legislative elections, 22 political parties went in for the 19 parliamentary seats. The CPDM won 17 seats, SDF one and the MP one seat. Seven political parties went in for the race to control 37 municipal councils in the province. The CPDM won 33 councils, notably that of Nkongsamba I and II, Yabassi, Edea I and II, Douala I, II, III, V and VI. The SDF won Douala IV Council.

North Province

Six political parties competed for the 12 parliamentary seats in the Province. Partial results show that the CPDM has won 8 parliamentary seats. The results of the legislative election for Mayo Louti Division are still awaited. For the municipal election, seven political parties went in for the 21 councils. The CPDM has won 13 councils among which those of Garoua I and III, Poli,. The NUDP has won six councils including that of Garoua II and Guidere. The results of two councils were still awaited.

North West

For the legislative election, seven political parties went in for the 20 seats. Partial results show that the CPDM has won six seats, SDF 11 seats. Results for three parliamentary seats are being awaited. Concerning council election, seven political parties competed for the 34 municipal councils. The CPDM has won 12 of the councils notably those of Ndop, Wum, Bamenda I. The SDF has won in 17 councils notably those of Kumbo, Fundong, Nkambe and Bamenda II and III. The results of five municipal councils are still awaited.


Concerning the legislative election, 13 political parties competed for 25 seats. The CPDM has won 19 seats, SDF two, CDU four seats. With regard to municipal election, 15 political parties battled to control the 40 municipal councils. The CPDM won 29 councils, SDF won all the three councils in Bafoussam I, II, and III. CDU won eight councils notably that of Foumban.


For legislative elections, five political parties competed for the 11 seats. The ruling CPDM won all the 11 seats. Five political parties also went in for the 29 municipal councils. The CPDM equally won all the 29 councils.

Relevant Links

Central Africa

South West

Eight political parties went in for the 15 parliamentary seats. Partial results show that the CPDM has won all the 15 seats. For municipal elections, six political parties went in for the 31 councils. The CPDM has won 30 councils. The results of Kumba II Council are still being awaited.

According to the Minister of State Marafa, statistics of partial results show that there was a total participation of 62 percent nationwide. Besides the cities of Yaounde and Douala, participation throughout the country ranged from 80 to 100 percent. In Yaounde for example, participation in legislative election has been estimated at 49, 71 percent, while that of municipal election stood at 49, 96 percent.


Tyson, I am more than elated to see that there are still sane people on this site. We need more people like you to come on this forum and expose the hypocrisy behind the SCNC's scandalous propaganda of Utopia propagated by the likes rexon and Legima Doh. They are as bad as the BIYA they are criticizing everyday.

Danny Boy

Country People, the fact of the matter is that despite the huge loses of the SDF judging from the exit polls, the party remains the only true opposition to the CPDM. It has not been wiped out. Therefore there is still hope. Ours is a revived Democracy, still young and as an optimist, I believe that we will get there someday.
The SDF needs to look now at a change of leadership. Ni JFN has done his bit and it must be time for another firebrand to carry our hopes and aspirations forwards.
The time is now or the SDF might as well start writng their obituary.
As a Cameroonian who believes in Democracy, I can only congratulate the CPDM on their victory.
God bless Cameroon.

Legima Doh

Congrats Mr Biya and the Cpdm.I cannot be angry with you and your leading party for winning the twin election in your own country.I loathe you but for the fact that you have lllegally occupied our motherland,abused its statehood and sovereignty.You have done by implementing your corrupt devices on some of our people.Bear in mind that your tactics of presenting a false picture of democracy by using some of our parents and brothers as puppets is unearthed in the minds of all the right thinking Southern Cameroonians.Not before long,they shall get disillusioned and disentangled from your sway and justice shall prevail on nature and legitimacy of your involvement in our country.

Peace Upon OUr Land!

Legima Doh,


Danny Boy,

Such talk commending Biya for his unscrupulous actions and the charades orchestreted on our land is shameful. If you have children or families back home, you will not want them to witness that corruption, robbery and fraud in broad daylight orchestrated by unscrupulous people. It is not very good training and it should not be appreciated in anyway. Imagine people like Achidi Achu, Ndeh, Forjindam, etc forcing our brothers and sisters back home to travel in buses several kilometers to vote for the regime or loose their jobs. Sending thugs to kill, wound or harass anyone who goes against their wish, etc. Is that something proper for the next generation to witness? I am wondering what you really stand for and even what most SDF prophets stand for. Do you really understand yourself? Some of your comments are unbearable. It appears you dont care about the welfare of the common man on the streets, what they learn and what they would be in the future. Almost every youth that have written to me have wept for their future, given that, Biya and co will still be there for the next few years. If young people can be shedding tears like that, then someone like you with three square meals, a job, pretending to be fighting to defend your country comes up and make such statements, then there is something really wrong with you. If elderly people like you can make such statements disguising as democrats, then i wonder where we are going.


SCNC Bull shit
Someone made a good statement a time ago requesting Raxon and his sheep battalion on this forum aim to at uniting the North and South West provinces before talking of any division. If I remember very well, the southern Cameroons they are talking of will be made up of these two provinces and how will we do that when the devil has eaten deep into our hearts.

I wonder why you guys are focusing on the SDF mean while more than ¾ of the true inhabitants of southern Cameroons are giving 100% victory to the CPDM. There is clear evidence that the two provinces have divided Ideas. How can you explain the 100% victory of the twin elections from the south west? Participating could be a stronger reason for the exposure of the inefficiency of democracy in cameroon. Therefore don’t concentrate on sabotaging the SDF, but try to pull the southern Cameroonians from the CPDM to join the struggle.
I think I better be with the opposition than with these bandits. I am forced to think that the people perpetrating this SCNC bull shit are connivers with the bandits to disrupt the functioning of the opposition system in that fatherland. I wonder what would happen if the elections where boycotted, it would simple give 100% of the votes from the whole country to the CPDM. Electoral fraud has been a talk of the day for decades, the international community has heard all that crap, and they know there is no democracy in Cameroon. What have they done? It is not boycotting elections that will mean something to them or that will change anything.

You have read already how the international media are acknowledging electoral fraud. What do you think they will do? Cameroon has already been declared a monarch regardless of whether the SDF participated in the elections or not.

Take note that there are more than a 100 parties in Cameroon and SDF taking part or not does not keep the other parties out from taking part. When you vomit nasty wards about the SDF taking part in the elections and promoting Biya’s in existing democracy, you should also ask why the other parties are taking part. The people you need to convince in joining this aimless ambition of yours are not found in the SDF now. They have all moved to the CPDM. Please chase them there and live the SDF alone
Wake up


All of us have seen how the SDF have crumbled, after being used by La Republique to color its democracy over the years in the eyes of the international community. While most of us will want to distance ourselves from all her activities, we might have things to learn from their recent demise. The SDF was created by us in a bid to influence the same struggle we are engaged in now. So the failure and embarrassment of the SDF has something in the closure that seems constricting rather than enabling. It is possible that it infiltrates into our organization, because as far as I know, remnants of the SDF are now lining up to engage into our struggle. While some will come in good faith to work with us, others would either import the bad habits they learnt during their days with La Republique and the SDF or would be spies and agents sent by La Republique.

My opinion is that, Mr. Biya’s next strategy would be clearly on how to influence public perception on our struggle and weaken us. As things stand, the SCNC now remains La Republique biggest worry. They would surely be making plans to do the following.

1: invest huge sums of money to national and international media to soil our reputation.
2: immobilize fear, cause petty problems, bickering days, where we would spend time arguing rather than designing proper strategies to oust the regime, etc.
3: Finally, they will try to create factions of the Southern Cameroons cause either within its current leadership or in new groups that might end up betraying us.

So what do we do? My feeling is that, good people can still create a bad organization and bad administration. Maybe because they might have failed to take advantage of opportunities presented to them and gets rid of greedy decisions. I understand the secrets of success of an organization like ours are many, but let’s sometimes understand that, we must be fundamentally compatible in that, we are all fighting in good faith for the freedom of our land. We must struggle to create a good working relationship in the outset with the different units working for the common good, before constructively criticizing their plan of actions. We must at times be tolerant with each others views and foibles, avoid embarrassing ourselves with unrealistic comments and arguments, etc. By tolerance I mean, each and every unit fighting for the course should not underestimate the activities of the other. But should struggle to guide and direct them in good faith.

Although many might not like to hear this, I believe the biggest problem we have in our struggle is the thought that many are using this struggle to gain political asylum for themselves and their families without any commitment to our course. And on the other hand, because of greed, some members of our administration prefer to issue affidavits rather than carefully scrutinizing them to understand if they are genuine followers of the course. I don’t want to elaborate on this topic as it might bring a whole new debate, but let’s reflect upon it as I am afraid, that might be where our downfall might come.

Unfortunately there are limits to all these and what we can actually do. Above all, let’s be prayerful and hope the almighty God guides us.

More to follow.


After reading through all that Rexon and co have to offer I believe that what MINAT D set out to do has been accomplished. How can the international media (ref BBC) give such concise (if at all) results of elections barely a day after the elections? This is simply because these results were prefabricated and carefully maneuvred to set an effect on the international Community which from the interview above the chairman is already making reference to. The truth is these results were made to ensure that no party other than the Yde junta gets a parliamentary group! In that case they can not be in the bureau or be of any major consequence in parliament! A group is formed with 15 parliamentarians! Thus they want the results to be as such, which I can tell you will not be so!!
Secondly from the results and the early announcement, the regime has set out to convince the international community and those out here that it is a lost case and then the opposition will recieve nothing but negative energy from the diaspora and that is just what is happening. When the post was posting of possible opposition victories and how the SDF was scathing through so much electoral malpractices, no SCNC coward was seen to be supportive; but the minute they announce what has not been officially confirmed and that which is very disputable, you have the sultans of djinn rushing in to claim their prophesies!! All this cowardice needs to stop especially from the SCNC which has not in their personal strength and might, been able to be of major significance where the battle matters, either in Cameroon, Banjul or the Hague!! All they do is seek solace in the fact that the SDF is a distraction!! This prefabricated results was the reason why Chirac immediately sent congratulatory messages to Biya after the 2004 presidential elections, making the possibility of a reversal near impossible!! If the international community reacts in a much expected way then it spells even more doom for us! Look my dear friends this is not the time instead to go lambasting and being very naive and amateur in the politics of Cameroon! Our frustration should not push to loose our sense of reasoning and composure! At some stage before the elections, rexon was begining to gain a proper political consciousness, but of late I fear he is loosing it. Well my brother, I dont want to get in to a war of words with you, but please let us read between the lines and realize that the issue here is not with the way the SDF carried itself, but rather and inherent problem which is passing down into the societal fabrique. Because even tommorow if there is ever a Southern Cameroons, our very own brothers who are been well formed in this practice of election rigging will still be there to continue behaving this way! How would you stop them. If ever someone in the like of Achidi Achu (paradoxically) found himself in power it means we will never be set free!! I will be Back...I have come to stay!!


Mr Rexon, do you think people really have all the time to be reading these many/long stories you write here each day? Write less and you will see yourself writing meaningful things.

Jimmy Stan

Hi people, i am really afraid, it seems Ben Muna has won nothing. I thought he was coming in to challenge NJFN

M Nje

Danny Boy,
Hope is the best thing. Just keeping on hoping. After this the will be another election and then another election, then another, the another, then another, then we will get to the year 4007; 2000 years from now. They will be another election again in 4007, then another, then another, then another. Just keep hoping in all this years even after 4007, keep hope, the SDF will win one day.

Make sure you past on the message to the Chairman. He should congratulate the C.P.D.M as you did. After all they provide the funding for his party.

No, the chairman cannot leave the party. He has not done any thing wrongs. Thinks are just fine. The party is doing great. It is just a matter of time before he becomes the president of La Republique Du Cameroon. The year 2011 is very close. The result of the current elections just show that he and his party are on the way to victory in 2011. Just wait for 4 years. Remember you said " there is still hope." Even if he and the parth do not win in 2011, there are many more elections to come. Hope is the best think.

M Nje

line 1: just "keep on" not Just "keeping on"
line 11: "wrong" not "wrongs"


Danny Boy,

You are a member of the Labour party here in the UK, U have sent congratulatory messages to Biya. But let me remind you of what happened recently here in the UK.

When Jack Straw mistakenly shocked hands with Mugabe in a private party at New York.

What happened in the UK? The whole UK criticised him for doing so. The media, the populace, everybody expressed surprise that their foreign secretary could shake hands with Mugabe. It was just a handshake and nothing else. We are talking of politics in an advanced democracy.

What was his response? He said he did not know it was Mugabe sitting there and he would not have shocked his hands. He said the room was dark and there were many black Africa leaders in that hall.

Why did they criticise him? They argued that Mugabe is a dictator who habitually rigs elections in his country, is a dictator who have crumbled his economy, etc.

Where did all these happened? In an advanced democracy where you and me are living.

Biya is a ruthless dictator and i can never trusts him and befriend any of his supporters. Except they are ignorant of all what they are doing to the poor and helpless people, they are all very bad people.


I will stand my by word that the SCNC is nonsensical. Africa is dying today because we are dividing ourselves into small units that are impossible to surivive on their own. If Southern Cameroons secede, the cycle of corruption and poverty will still continue.There will always be corrupt leaders and the western countries will still support, bribe and finance corrupt leaders to help them achieve their imperialistic aims. They will use the debts we owe them as a greenlight to get into the country and control everything.They will still discriminate against our goods when they arrive at the E.U and other international markets and there's nothing we can do about it.They will work with our corrupt leaders to keep us continuously poor. It is high time for Africans to open their eyes and see that this division is not helping. The more we divide, the weaker we become and the easier it is for the international community to manipulate over us.
Right now, Africa needs brave men and women who are willing to advocate for federalism. We need people who are determined to advocate for a united and federal Africa that would have a model system similar to that in the US. When they talk of United states of Africa, people think of one country under one president. That is not the case; all countries and regions will maintain their sovereignty and indepedence but we will have a powerful congress comprising of members of all African countries that would enforce checks and balances in order to avoid excessive power.The congress votes on which decisions should take effect and they make sure that all presidents follow the constitution.
With a united and federal Africa, we do not need the exploitative West. We can demolish all trade barriers between African countries and trade freely among ourselves. This would make our farmers rich as their goods will no longer be discrimanted against in international markets.
We will also be able to have a single currency which will grow stronger as we trade more. Take Romania for example, their currecny was so low that they had no hope. With the formation of the single E.U currency, the E.U has become so strong that it is even stronger than the U.S dollar. Now, Romania can boast of a currency stronger than the U.S dollar. This can also happen in Africa if we stand together. With a federal system, we can still govern ourselves but stand united at the same time. But the SCNC is telling us to govern oursleves and stay isolated from the rest of Africa. To me, this is nonsensical because no Africa country can survive on it's own. Histroy has proven and you can check the facts over and over again. Africa MUST unite. Before the Europeans divided us, we are united and suceeding.
Peace Upon the land and not just the land of Southern Cameroons. Peace upon the land of Kenya, Southern Cameroons, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, our brothers in La republique who can still reconcile with, Namibia, South Africa, Bostwana and the rest of Africa.
Peace UPON Africa; WE MUST UNITE!!!!!!!!


My fellow Africans, to know more about our cause for a united and federal Africa, go to

Danny Boy

Mr. Rexon,
I had been crying in my drink. That is the reason for that posting.
Seen your other two postings. We are on the same side, but the difference is how do we get to our desired goal. Put your thinking cap on and suggest something truly radical. Maybe I will buy into your thesis.
There is hope still.

Danny Boy

Mr. Nje,
I acknowledge your posting as well. I was simply stating the obvious. Any elected leader of a party who loses an election so dismally, has to go.
That is the sort of politics I know. If Ni JFN is still there by 2011, expect another trouncing. The guy is past his sell by date.
I do not know Feli, but he speaks sense to me, so too is that guy in France who wants to take over. I only hope, out of this chaos, somebody will emerge to take over the mantle.
The party needs some proper re-organisation, whether we like it or not.


Danny Boy,

"The party needs some proper re-organisation, whether we like it or not"

What will they reorganise? NJFN or any other Southern Cameroonian can never become the president of a foreign land. If you people are contented with the status quo, i am not and will never be. I need my freedom and cannot live as a second class citizen under the current dispensation. With or without Biya, a Southern Cameroonian cannot be the president of a foreign land. That i know. Brother danny, stop dreaming, join the right struggle. We are not pessimist as you used to say, but realist and optimist. What ever you call reorganisation should be within the confines of our politics of the Southern Cameroons. For me, let them join us and fight with SCAPO or ambazonian liberation movement, except they too are afraid of true democracy.

andre fokam

Are Cameroonian cursed (or blessed)?
while the Ukrainian restored democracy in their land on the street of kiev,
while the Malian went to the street for days to topple their dictator,
while the Ivorian filled the street of Abidjan and Bouake to chase the french away,
while the Georgian held their capital T'bilisi to a stand still for days until their dictator resigned,
My brothers Cameroonian are TYPING on the net, with a Beer by their side, talking of revolution, seccession, whatever,whatever...

i don't know who said it but he was surely right: "chaque peuple merite son leader" (each country deserve its leader).

I personally despise the scnc, that is my opinion, i believe the way forward for Africa is through UNITY. But i am tired of these cowards of scnc on this website that keep on posting the same stupidity on this website year in year out. they havn't said anything new since 2003. If the post mistakenly publish comments that were made here in 2003, a new comer will think it was posted yesterday.
If you really believe in your imaginary banana republic, please be MAN ENOUGH (sorry ma mary)to put your foot were your mouth is, at least do something to be taken seriously. my guess is you havn't done nothing bcos you have no support. period. you leave in total utopia and dreams.
As for the result of these recent elections, i think they reflect the will of the people. Cameroonian are disenchanted by politic, it has not brought anything good yet as far as they are concerned. there is no viable opposition, period. Only cameroonian can be faulted for this situation, no one else.
this situation is what we deserve, what we intrinsically want. May be it is a curse or may be a blessing.
time will tell.

Andre Fokam


sorry for all those who spend they time to think that by words they could bring change to Cameroon.CPDM is still there and it will prevail.Long live CPDM.


Andre Fokam,

Thanks for your comments.I am fed up with all these funny guys who think writing big words and abusing people on this forum will bring change to Cameroon. I am actually disturbed by some of the comments left in this forum.PEOPLE write about SCNC.What is this all about?You have a minority group of people who don't have an agenda, who are self-centered and just want to fill their own stomach.For the past years I have not heard of an SCNC rally where they try to explain what they are upto,not to mension them using modern media such as Internet,TV debates or radio to explain their cause.All I know is that some small ignorant fools come here and sing about something they themselves don't know about.Before Some one speaks about SCNC, I will be glad to know what they are up to,who their leaders and what their achievements are.It is also funny to find out that most of these people recieve salaries or pension from the government they abuse.Some of them don't even go to work but recieve salaries.Why are some people so naive?

Legima Doh

You are a disciple of Andre Fokam and ipso facto not part of us.You are not a Southern cameroonian.In your last statemen,you said some of them don't go to work but receive salaries from the government they abuse.I suppose you are talking about the la republique government here.For your information,earning salary without working is a product of la republique's corrupt regime and is only perpetrated by those who have been corrupted and who have sold their consciences for avarice and egotism.We are not spotted in corruption okay.You can cry rivers whenever you hear about the scnc.The Scnc needs not the approval or appraisal of dullards like you and Fokam.Being an alien enemy of our land,you are not worthy of our agenda,plan of action,goals and achievement.It suffice you to assume that it is nonsensical so to derive some comfort for yourself and the rest of you.You want to quench the fear that your chop basket would be no more by relying on assumption.That is good for you.An imbecile who jumps into a forum to pour mediocricy,gaffe,and illiteracy on basic history and civics cannot fully describe the kind of person you are.Keep on Assumin,Shwine!

Peace Upon OUr Land!

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

Can some one tell me way must francophone who are die heated SDF militanc voted for for Biya? it is not because they love Biya but because SDF talked of federation. Let me tell u francophones i am sorry to say this are more intelligent than some of us. They know that after federation there will be something els and that will mean losing their farm.

But u see for sure not many Southern Cameroonians participated in this madness. Some did and i know those who did and voted for Paul are those who are prepared to sale even their father's graves for 500frs cfa.

Yes that is what the frogs have reduced us to, poor so much so that we see 500frs like a village man sees a hummer jeep for the first time. We have been rendered useless.

United state of Africa u dont even know the difference between ur left hand from ur right hand. How can u unit a house when the members of the house are not united. If truly u are for the united state of Africa u will first of all solve all the problems in Africa and then unit them as one Africa within their respective boundaries.Uniting Africa does not mean people should accept slavery for that purpose. U think that u love the Unity of Africa more than who in here? U go on carrying a name u can not defend. U have to define unity for me then i know what to tell u.

The one dollar question is if this country is one way just way then our the frogs not charging us for secession?

mk the southerner

h my God why cant some Southern Cameroonians see the truth. A man with an English back grown has never been stupid before any body with a French back terms of diplomacy yes we are the best, what the French can pass us with is corruption, nepotism,embeselment, swindling etc. If you doubt me ask some body who lived the days of West Cameroon if they new these evil words named above.

OH even in the Bible it is said some have eyes but they can not see, ears but they can not hear. Ask yourselves people of Southern Cameroons if u belong to this group, then please do something and join the Southern Cameroons Liberation train with chief Ayamba ,Dr Nfor, Dr Keven, as train conductors.

I pray God for my able brothers of the sdf most have come back from the field now very tired, pleas have some water, but while drinking be thinking. SDF can wind the presidency in a free Southern Cameroons.

Have a nice rest MK the Southerner.
God bless Southern Cameroons.


Andre Fokam and Limbeson, it fills me with utmost joy to see what people like you have written. I am overwhelmed by the fact that there are intelligent Cameroonians like you whoa are not buying into the SCNC propaganda. A major problem I have with these SCNC people is that they think they are intellectually above everyone. They think they know everything so they brutally insult anyone with a different opinion.They believe that no other opinion should be expressed but theirs. Listen to what his "Majesty" Legima Doh writes.
"An imbecile who jumps into a forum to pour mediocricy,gaffe,and illiteracy on basic history and civics cannot fully describe the kind of person you are.Keep on Assumin,Shwine!"-Legima Doh
Mr. Legima, in a democratic world, like the type you are struggling that Southern Cameroons should have, people are free to express their opinions. Last time I checked, this website was open to everyone and not just to the opinions of one-sided SCNC members. So Mr. Legima, you are the Shwine! sorry.


Motto: Creating Awareness
Communiqué No. 3
July 22nd Twin – Elections:
Fru Ndi Played Biya’s game

On April 14, 2007, the Directorate of Global
Information Network, GLOBINET, meeting in Bamenda,
issued a communiqué stating that the
“Forth-Coming Elections will be a farce”. GLOBINET
called on the citizenry to be fully convinced that
these elections will be expedient, credible and that
the voter’s decision will count, before venturing out
on July 22nd to cast their votes. GLOBINET observed
that the very foundation of the so-called nation,
Cameroon, was contrived with foul play right from the
beginning. We warned that Mr. Biya needed people like
Mr. Fru Ndi (a son of the Southern Cameroons ) to
finalize his plans of total annexation of our land-
the beautiful Southern Cameroons.
Today, those elections have come and gone. It is thus
expedient and incumbent for us to make a few
In the morning of July 22nd, we heard Mr. Fru Ndi
already crying wolf, declaring that the elections had
been marred with irregularities. That evening, he
rushed to his backyard, Santa,to safe face by grabbing
the lone seat there, not minding what was happening
with those in Jakiri, Wum, Nwa, Kumba, Buea etc.
Almost a week later, we see him and hear him swearing
in the name of Santa, Santa and only Santa. He has
been caught up by the mafia …. The Santa mafia. But,
what strikes us most is the fact that Mr. Fru Ndi, Mr.
Mbah Ndam and Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Tamanjong (the
dynamic S.D.F. lady S.G.) are all declaring that “the
July 22nd election was a farce, a masquerade, and the
crucifixion and murder of democracy”, .Is that not
In his characteristic hysteric manner, Mr. Fru Ndi
was overheard calling the Executive Director of
GLOBINET names for pointing out that “the forth-coming
elections will be a farce”. He remarked that the
GLOBINET boss was frustrated after stepping down as
SDF Chairman for NW! Today, he is crying wolf,
whipping sentiments and playing to the gallery. Who
will be fooled again? Not me, not you! A wolf, in this
case, is a voracious or fiercely cruel person. A wolf
that is 25 years and another that is seventeen years
are all wolves. Both are voracious and predators. The
difference is that the older wolf is smarter enough to
manipulate the younger one to assist it catch many
preys, and gives only the bones to the less
experienced/ naive one. Going by Fru Ndi’s recent
cries, he is a sheep, and Biya is a wolf. If that is
so, then we can only say it is a foolish sheep that
makes the wolf its bed fellow.

b). Fru Ndi is floating, not Swimming
When in 1989, some eminent citizens of the Southern
Cameroons conceived the idea of coming up with a new
political voice, what guided them was the zeal to put
up a Front, not a party for politicians. They had
concluded that Mr. Biya was not the target; that
France, and its neocolonialist tendencies, was the
main target to be crushed. The plight of the Southern
Cameroonian was the guiding force that gave them
vision and direction. That accounts for why Mr. Biya
was being made to be reacting to what the S.D.F.
ignited. Thus, S.D.F. then was swimming while Mr. Biya
was floating. Remember the 1990 Liberty laws?
Remember, the 1991 Tripartite! Remember Biya’s
numerous addresses to the nation then! Etc etc.
But, the tides changed when Mr. Fru Ndi turned the
S.D.F into the S.D.P. (that is a political party).
Boom! Politicians flooded the ship; fighters were
kicked over board. In 2002, when Biya cut S.D.F’s
seats in Parliament from 43 to 22, the fighters stood
firm that S.D.F. should not take those, but fight it
out. Fru Ndi reluctantly yielded and signed the NEC
Resolutions of July 6, 2002. Two days later, Colonel
Ateba Nkoa( now General) met him in Bamenda and he
reversed the decision single-handedly, and instructed
Ngwasiri and others to meet Gov. Kuoambo Adrien to
sign the infamous Peace Pact. The fighters cried foul,
and Fru Ndi showed them the door.
From thence, Fru Ndi lost control at the steering
wheel. He is now running with the hare and hunting
with the hounds. He is now seen reacting to whatever
Mr. Biya ignites. Thus, instead of swimming, he is
floating and the danger here is that the current can
dash his boat against any rock! God forbid.


Global information Network will not hesitate in
congratulating Mr. Biya. He is a true politician! A
real French politician at that. He should be smiling
and sipping his Chivas in his palace while Fru Ndi
barks at the passing convoy. “Le chien abboit, la
caravan passé!”. Mr. Fru Ndi and his cohorts are
suffering and choking from the miasma of
vindictiveness. He is suffering from lack of vision
and direction and when these are absent, manipulation
thrives. Whom do they think they are fooling by making
empty noises all over? We know that in a few weeks’
time, Mr. Mbah Ndam will be seen at the Ngoa Ekele
Glass House, still making noise. Time has come to tell
Mr. Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam the naked truth. They are
leading S.D.F. and the people to nowhere and,
according to Myles Monroe, this is a big sin. Let Mr.
Fru Ndi resign NOW.
Done in Bamenda, July 26, 2007

Martin Fon YEMBE
Executive Director GLOBINET
E-mail: /

mk the southerner

Mr Yembe u made a mistake
infarct u should have ended
by saying Dr Martin Fon Yembe.

This how u see an intelligent man from his words and actions.That was a good analysis of the situation. But i know some people will still write to ague these facts that some of know.

mk the southerner

sorry i mean to say these facts that some of us know

Legima Doh

We would be glad to share the joy in what Fokam and limbeson wrote.light should also be thrown on what makes the writings of limbeson on the SCNC case not lacking in the basic history and civics facts of the Southern cameroons.That is were the real insult lies,on mediocricy and gaffe and not on the word shwine .Its automatically an insult on you when you cannot substantiate facts.Just stating that you are being insulted is worthless.I would rather you explained how your lack of knowledge,inability to make a strategy for the Southern cameroonians course other than by propagating a most mysterious united africa,misjudgments, and outright hatred for for a true course all against your supposed leadership skill in a united states of africa are not an insult on you.You should be shamed by these facts.They could not answer for themselves and you just came in to say nothing and further expose your faint ability to analyse and understand facts.You have got very inept literary appreciation skills and cannot contextualize simple epitomes.

Peace uPon our Land!

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

Unitestateofafrica supports the Cpdm by supporting Andre Fokam and Limbeson who are agents of the Cpdm.He also supports the Sdf.As if not enough he also claims not to be against the SCNC.He is for everything is and is everywhere.He is the most confused person I have come across in this forum.I verily wonder where and what he stands for clearly.All his confusion is due to the fact the he has been attempting to defend falsehood by using the issue of uniting africa as a propaganda and by asking monotonous and negative attitude questions.You want to come to the truth unitedstateofafrica.

Land of Peace,Land of Promise,it shall be!

Legima Doh,

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