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Thursday, 26 July 2007


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Reaction to the July 22 heavily-rigged Elections

“I leave Cameroon with the impression that there is only one Cameroon, multilingual and multi-ethnic. I encourage dialogue of these stakeholders. In every country, there are problems of marginalisation. The way it has to be solved is by dialogue and not by walking away.” Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, on the Anglophone Problem. .2000AD

“It’s time to walk away”

Ntemfac A.N. Ofege

Chronicle: Mr. Ntemfac A.N. Ofege, two years ago you prophesized that the CPDM will gerrymander, rig the elections and collect 7-10 seats from the SDF. You also said that the CPDM would take at least 15 councils room the SDF. You must be pleased with yourself now that everything you said has come to pass.
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Pleased? No, not at all, Mr. Motomu, it gives me no pleasure at all. Rather I’m truly saddened by what is happening. You may see only the gerrymandering aspect of the rigging, but the CPDM did more than that. Once again, Mr. Biya’s government and party used all election-fraud strategies known to man to give themselves another moonslide victory. They ethnically cleansed English-speaking Cameroonians from the voter’s register; they created fake registers; they registered themselves in hideouts; they refused to give English-speaking Cameroonians especially voting cards; they created a fake Election Observatory, so fake that it could do nothing when it had evidence of rigging; they registered foreigners; they refused to publish voter’s registers; they stuffed ballot boxes; they asked known or suspected opposition hands to produce birth certificate, bank statements, driving licenses, residence permits, ID cards before voting; they sent the voting cards and registers of known opposition hands to wrong polling stations; they ferried themselves to vote left, right and center; they cause children to vote; they gave CPDM cards to militants days ahead of the election, they refused to produce indelible ink; they voted many times; they confiscated ballot boxes; they corrupted voters, even the prime minister bought and sold votes; the decreed shortage of opposition ballot papers; they bought votes; they sold votes; they used state resources to campaign; they hijacked the public media; they disqualified the lists of opponents; they created ghost polling stations; they declared fake results; they created fake result sheets; they cancelled votes; they announced the result of past fake results; etc. They gerrymandered and invented fake constituencies. Like Mr. Biya and his regime did every time they won the World Corruption Trophy, “They bribed, they threatened, they issues veiled and real threats, they looted, they embezzled ballot papers and boxes, they ransacked polling stations, they exploited, they pilfered, they shook down, they play bikutsi tunes on ballot boxes, they brought in muscle, , etc.” In fact, they did everything a president and his party had to do to be world champions in election fraud. The purpose of this exercise was to eternalize the system by giving themselves the means (vast majority) to maintain the chairman of the board for life. I’ve heard that some so-called international observers have issued reports saying that the elections were “peaceful, calm, free and fair.” Rubbish. These observers are operating in the blind. All elections in Cameroon are rigged even before they happen.

Chronicle: Was there any new method of fraud I these elections?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: There was and this one is most devilish. The CPDM gave its militants CPDM ballot papers three days ahead of the election. All CPDM militants had to do was walk into the polling stations with hundreds of ballot papers into their pockets to stuff the envelopes and then the ballot box. Who knows Mr. Biya probably had some ballot papers hidden away in his coat pocket under his bulletproof vest. This poses a new problem for the future independent election commission. Like they search for “cartouches” in the University of Yaounde, ELECAM would have to search handbags, pockets and private parts of voters for ballot papers in every election. Did the so-called international observers, who were fed, lodged and brown-enveloped by the CPDM, know that?

Chronicle: Before these elections, the American Ambassador said any elections with less than 8.000.000 registered voters would not be credible. The observation is that the turnout was very low. Given this low turnout can these elections be credible?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Take it from me. The Minister of Territorial Administration is even now doctoring the books to up the turnout. You will hear that 80% of the fake 5.000.000 figure that the minister announced turned out to. The truth is that there are less than three million Cameroonians actually registered and out of this figure, there were less than 1.5oo.000 who actually voted. The actual valid votes are less than 1.000.000. Ethnic cleansing of known opposition names from the voter’s register is a parameter of election fraud in Cameroon. Take the figures. By every extrapolation, Cameroon has a population of circa 17.000.000. By African standards, at least 70 percent of that population should be registered since Africa countries tend to have a young population which is easily mobilized for elections. There should be at least 10.000.000 Cameroonians on that register; the best-case scenario is 11.900.000. Our voters register has less than 3.000.000 and less than 1.000.000 Cameroonians actually voted. There were less than 500.000 Southern Cameroonians out of 6.000.000. What this means concretely is that 90% of Cameroonians are excluded from the electoral process. Since 1992, Mr. Biya’s score, on the average for every seriously flawed (massively rigged) presidential election, has never been beyond 1.500.000 votes. This is less than 10% of the population and less than less than 15% of the potential electorate of 10.000.000. You see, we are dealing with some unrepresentative governance created by a fraudulent and hence unrepresentative and illegitimate process.
Chronicle: The SDF has 14 seats, barely enough to form a parliamentary group. What do you think the SDF and its Chairman should do now?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: There is no point giving any advice to people who are very hard of hearing. Or rather people who are blinded by the vast sums the have been collecting from the regime for themselves. I told you that Mr. Fru Ndi is now the CPDM sub-section president of Ntarikon. The SDF that he runs is no longer the SDF that children died for and that people gave their sweat, time and energy for. The good people have since left the SDF because the principles are no longer there. It is saddening that very old and retired men like Pa Nicholas Ade Ngwa and Lucas Tandap should be the ones doggedly manning are trenches and fighting the enemy…with bayonets when the enemy has bazookas, computers and cruise missiles. The fault is in the miss-leader ship of one man – Mr. John of Ntarikon. You see Mr. Motomu, there is a definition of leaders and leadership that I want to share with your readers. Pastor Myles Munroe defines leadership as “The ability to influence others through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, produced by a conviction, birth by a purpose.” To agree with Munroe, most characters passing around for leaders in Africa fall short of all of the above terms of reference. Mr. Fru Ndi never had any vision for a political party, let alone a vision to be president. The only conviction Fru Ndi now has, like the Baforchu businessman he is, is how to use this position to make money and wheel and deal. This man is the victim of circumstances – opportunity miss road. Fru Ndi sees the SDF as a limited liability company, a tool to use for wheeling and dealing. Unfortunately. This is now a business, an NGO with Fru Ndi as chairman of the board. He has been acting out his role in full; pretending to oppose the government so that more money should come. Give me one good reason why those that Fru Ndi has been misleading for 17 years should not now brand him a traitor and then do what they do to all traitors. Give me one good reason why the any of those who actually founded and believe in the SDF should not string Fru Ndi up.
Mr. Fru Ndi is not even a manager. Managers maintain. Leaders lead. Managers are concerned about keeping the status quo. Leaders innovate. Mr. Biya has proven that he is a neither a leader nor a manager. Same for Mr. Fru Ndi who confuses the maintenance of his own stomach and personal provision store with that of the SDF. That is why the SDF capital has been depleting since 1992.
Mr. Fru Ndi and his party continue to show an ignorance of the Cameroonian reality that is bewildering and mortifying. In 1997, I painstakingly explained that reality to Fru Ndi and his NEC members. That was when they had 43 parliamentarians and were excited about going to parliament to “change Cameroon.” The SDF trump card is that it is an Anglophone party. On the day, the SDF had to decide whether to go to parliament or not, I told Fru Ndi to take that NEC meeting to Buea and hold it there. The argument was that it sent the right signal to Biya. The man said something about not wanting to bring bloodshed to Cameroon. Rubbish. He held the meeting at his Tower Restaurant in Bamenda. Biya sent helicopters and Alpha jets to fly over the building to intimidate Mr. John. The Francophone spies in the meeting came in with warlike–talkies to report to proceedings to their paymasters. The long and short of it was that Pa John panicked as sent unprincipled characters like Mbah Ndam Yoyo and Akonteh to parliament. My friend and brother, Fai Emmanuel Visha, has just reminded me that when we pointed out to Fru Ndi the stupidity of not anchoring on the Angophone base and that of going to parliament he called us “blind radicals.” Now the blind radicals are laughing all the way to the bank. Let me shout it out: change via parliament/elections is impossible! Article 9 of the current constituent says that the head of state – Mr. Paul Biya defines all policies in Cameroon. Even if the SDF had 100 seats in parliament, the head of state will still define policies because of the constitution and the fact that he is also elected by universal suffrage. The standing orders of the National Assembly make it quasi impossible for any opposition or private member to table a bill in parliament. Only government bills are allowed. Mbah Ndam and the rest of the dishonest people in the SDF know this very well. Anyway, they are hunting dogs, you see. They spend their time arm-twisting Gregoire Owona and others for money for themselves and their chairman. Fru Ndi now has 14 fresh, starving (ravenous!) hunting dogs - German Shepherds. These new boys will charge into parliament with gusto and then collect some more money for their own vast stomachs and for their chairman. Let them not pretend to represent anybody because they do not. I was most amused to hear my elder brother, Simon Nchinda Fobi, now MP for Bamenda-Bali, tell Bafreng (Nkwen) people that Fru Ndi was sending him to parliament to vote the budget and change laws. I laugh. How will he do that? With 14 Mps? Fru Ndi is a pretender. He is paid to pretend: The Great Pretender. He knows that change will not come through the ballot box. He knows that change can never come through parliament. Well you must know Fru Ndi’s methods by now. He waits until election money comes from Biya, then he does a grand safari around the country and like a stuck gramophone, he comes singing this dirge about suffering natives in Bertoua, Garoua. Then he pockets the rest of the money and goes into real estate (houses), caterpillars, 40-wheelers, farming, etc, while waiting for the next elections to bring more loot. This is no longer politics, this is no longer the art of the possible, and this is armed robbery. This is a scam. These con artists should not deceive people, especially Anglophones, again. Fru Ndi failed in 1992, not so much because of the rigging but because he failed to listen to sound advice. In 1997, Fru Ndi, some Anglophone prisoners of hope, gave Fru Ndi another chance. 2002 and now 2007. What song does he have to sing now? You fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me. You fool me three times; I must be Jack the Ass himself.

Chronicle: Should the SDF now join the government?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Interesting question. Mr. Biya opened the door to that eventuality when he told CRTV on Election Day that he expected other Cameroonians (of the opposition) to join his administration. There is a problem here. This is what Mr. Biya stands for. The regime in Yaounde is identified with fraud, tyranny, dictatorship, trickery, thievery, pilfering, hegemony, Pedes, nepotism, Freemasonry, occultism, witchcraft, kleptocracy, tribalism, oligarchy, corruption, extortion, election-fraud, subterfuge, graft, tribalism, colonization, annexation, incompetence, confusion, underachievement, subterfuge, grand larceny, autocracy, violence, etc., etc. In 1990, the SDF claimed to be different. How different? The current SDF has been identified with some of the above, no? Your newspaper has exposed the negatives in Fru Ndi and the SDF for one year, no? Today the SDF baboons look very much like the CPDM chimpanzees. Seen in this light the SDF baboon should join its twin brother, the CPDM chimpanzee to continue stealing. Speedily. Birds of a feather flock together. Fru Ndi should officially merge into the CPDM and stop pretending that he is only asking for a salary. He should do that fast and stop distracting Anglophones from the real issue. The SDF is already part of the government machinery anyway i.e. in councils and in parliament. I would be most interesting to see how exactly Mr. Biya builds a government of national unity out of all these CPDM clowns who have rigged the elections and want instant gratification and then some so-called opposition folks. We may have a 200 member cabinet with Bernard Muna being Minister of Lawyers and Simon Fobi being Minister of Architecture. Don’t laugh, the French say le ridicule ne tue pas. Greed.
Chronicle: You are a known sympathizer of the Anglophone independentist movement the SCNC. What will happen now that it is proven that the regime in Yaounde does not want Anglophones?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: The question warms my heart. When he visited Cameroon in 1996, the then Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan said. “I leave Cameroon with the impression that there is only one Cameroon, multilingual and multi-ethnic. I encourage dialogue of these stakeholders. In every country, there are problems of marginalisation. The way it has to be solved is by dialogue and not by walking away.” Mr. Biya is not interested in dialogue. I mean the kind of normal, consensual dialogue is normal in a consociational, fragmented and multi-national (multicultural and multiethnic) state. In such a contraption, all parties agree on an innovative power-sharing mechanism to suit their situation. Mr. Biya is not interested in that. You see, Mr. Motomu, elections are by nature divisive, especially in a fragmented state. Rigged elections are even more divisive. In the absence of a genuine power-sharing mechanism and in the absence o dialogue to establish one, the time had come to walk away. Walking away is an imperative. It is a must. It is a matter of survival. It is a matter of fleeing ethnic and economic genocide and cleansing. It is a matter of fleeing the deaf, dumb and blind subjugation of Anglophones.

Chronicle: You seem to simply the entire issue to the conflict between the Anglophones and Francophones.
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Absolutely. The entire Cameroonian tragedy is solidly grounded on this conflict and the manner in which it is resolved or not resolved. I just told you that Mr. Biya is not interested in dialogue. Before him, Ahidjo was not interested in dialogue. Let me explain the gravity of the situation to your readers, especially the Anglophones among them. I hope they understand it once and for all. There are 6.000.000 Anglophones. There are circa 6-7 million Bamilekes. That is about 13 million. An Anglophone-Bamileke axis will win every election in Cameroon, all things being equal. That scares Biya just as it scared Ahidjo. Ahidjo never wanted Southern Cameroons to join La Republique because of this threat. He wanted Northern Cameroon, which he could use to counter the Anglophone-Bamilke-Bassa-Ewondo threat presented by Andre-Marie Mbida. Biya is also scared of the threat. In any free and fair elections, the Anglo-Bami candidate will always win because, unfortunately, Polyarchy (Lincolnian democracy) is a game of numbers. All Francophone presidents will always see Anglophones as threats eve those from the North. They must be kept out of the system. The only way to keep them out is disenfranchise them – ethnically cleanse them out of the voters’ registers. Secondly, Anglophones stand for everything that Francophone-led regimes do not stand for. I have told you that the system over which Mr. Biya presides is a corrupt, kleptocratic, visionless, barbarian, incompetent, underachieving governance that can only survive through massive election fraud. Since he knows that he will always be beaten in any free and fair elections he gets the administration to rig the thing. What is happening is a facet of majority-minority interaction. The majority French-speaking is afraid of the minority but it cannot let the minority go because that minority has the oil. So the majority must keep the minority down as slaves. In minority-majority interaction, prejudice is an attitudinal phenomenon and often involves an intense emotional component. The dominant group goes forward to elaborate mechanisms to keep “the troublesome presence” in subservience. The dominant group operates on the foundation that what unsettles culture is “matter out of place”– the breaking of our unwritten rules and codes.
Name-calling, ethnic and economic cleansing, economic genocide, election fraud, intellectual and actual terrorism and violence are just some of the methods used by the dominant group to maintain its illicit position of prestige, privilege and power. For example, a Southern Cameroonian must never hold the position of any of the “ministries of sovereignty” – finance, home affairs, foreign affairs and defense. They must always be relegated to symbolic and inconsequential (faire valoir) positions. Even when they have been prime ministers, they have been only in name. The system also creates other structures and positions to water down the powers of a prime minister when a native Southern Cameroonian is involved. In the early 1990s, Sardou Hayatou benefited from the full plenitude of prime ministerial power and prerogatives in Cameroon. When a native of Southern Cameroons (Achidi Achu) came into the job, Mr. Biya created a Vice Prime Minister and an omnipotent secretary general to hem in the prime minister. Ditto for the current Southern Cameroonian native, Inoni Ephraim, who has to contend with the minister of justice, Amadou Ali, as vice prime minister.

Chronicle: Can a government of national unity work. Could this save Cameroon?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Mr. Biya should have thought of that before he started this blind, deaf and dumb rigging of the elections. I’ve told you that elections are by nature divisive. More so when they are rigged. It does not suffice to appoint a few un-representative Anglophones into government. Only a genuine authentic representation and sharing of the national cake and power would do. There are 6 million Anglophones, right. This is about 35% of the population. Let’s just take 30% as the working base. Whether Mr. Biya knows it or not, Cameroon is a consociational state, one in which only a consensual application of consociational paradigms would do. When Kofi Annan suggested dialogue rather than walking away as a solution to the Cameroonian drama, he meant a one-on-one discussion on an equal sharing of power, positions, prestige, privileges and resources. No taxation without representation. The minimum representation in the National Assembly that should pacify Anglophones is 54. This will guarantee that laws passed by the National Assembly have some Anglophone flavour. Anglophones must also get 30% of the councils…even councils in Diaspora areas like Bonaberi and Obili-Biyemassi. Reading meaning in the fact that the lone SDF seat in the Diaspora is the seat in Bonaberi Douala i.e. where Anglophones live. The local people, not the un-elected Divisional Officers and Senior Divisional Officers, must define policies within these councils. Then 30 percent of the budget must be invested in Anglophone Cameroon and 30 percent of the cabinet positions (including the so-called sovereign ministries) must come to Anglophones. This is even minimalist agenda. Also an Affirmative Action program should be established to make up for years and years of marginalisation an un-equal sharing. Then a Federal Character must be established to permit, the South West, for example, use part of its revenue from CDC and the oil for its own development. Anglophones gave Mr. Biya the Buea Peace Initiative (BPI) ages ago. The man continues to ignore it. Showing a few obscure Anglophone obscurantists into obscure assistant to the assistant positions will not do.

Chronicle: Do you see Mr. Biya accepting sharing?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: He has no choice. The alterative is that Southern Cameroons nationalism will be pushed to the logical conclusion – armed conflict. You see, Mr. Motomu, the Cameroon drama is anchored on one reality. That reality is how to deal with the Anglophones be they in the SDF or in the SCNC. Nfor Susungi once wrote that this situation will inevitable build up to an armed conflict. That armed conflict, he said, would be triggered by the SDF trying to fight its way out of the antechamber of the republic to the core (center of the republic) or the SCNC trying to fight its way out of the republic and all it stands for. The Anglophone leadership of the SDF has manoeuvred itself into the position of losers. So we now know who exactly will trigger the armed conflict. I say, walk away. Unfortunately, where there is no vision and inspiration, manipulation sets in. Mr. Paul Biya, president of La Republique du Cameroun, is a professional manipulator. Mr. Biya continues to believe that he can keep Anglophones be they in the SDF or the SCNC under by rigging elections, and state-sponsored terrorism. It will not work. The situation needs vision and innovation because the price is implosion. Unfortunately, Mr. Biya can only manipulate elections, manipulate people, divide and rule, and preside over corruption. Development is not his thing. He cannot innovate. When Mr. Biya was asked what his vision for Cameroun is, the man says, “I have Grand Ambitions for Cameroon.” When asked to translate “Grand Ambitions” into bread, the man remains vague and boot faced. The man’s disciples have used their own blindness to attempt putting flesh to Mr. Biya’s dry bones. In vain. When Mr. Biya was asked what he expected from the elections (which he has rigged), the man said he expected his party to garner a give him a vast majority to continue the policies he has commenced. Which policies? The artistic miasma of corruption, election-fraud, incompetence and Grand Ambitions, naturally. Blind man leading the blind. So goes the leader, so goes the organization. Rather than inspire people, a man anchored on miasma and fumes of “Grand Ambitions” can only be a manipulator. He can and will always rig elections to survive. Grand Ambition is out a vision, neither is it an inspiration. Instead, the slogan comes from the profound darkness of a hollow mind and a dark spirit. Would you submit your time, energy, life to a thing called “Grand Ambitions?”

Chronicle: What about the CPDM Anglophones or Anglophone CPDM. Don’t they represent Anglophones?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Ntumfor Nico Halle, ONEL representative for the North West province, repeated this statement again and again during the campaigns for the just ended elections for the benefit of Mr. Biya and his ilk. “When you rig elections everything else is rigged; appointments are rigged, contract-awards are rigged, etc.” Would you want to be represented by a fraud? A man who rigs elections or who benefits from rigged elections is worst than a thief. So goes a leader who rigs elections so goes the entire administration. Should anyone be surprised that corruption reeks at all levels of this Francophone-invented and led system? A leader can only move a people from where they are to where he has been. Mr. Biya condones, he lives in and he thrives in corruption and election fraud. He can only lead people into corruption. Does Inoni Ephraim represent you? Is he speaking or you? Does he know you problem? Can he address you r problem. The CPDM was maybe born in Bamenda but it is a foreign party. The CPDM can and will never speak for you and me. In sociology and political science, we say that there are real and symbolic boundaries between Anglophones and Francophones, between the SDF and the CPDM. Mr. Biya represents continuity and the externalization of a mindset and system, which mindset and system believe that real and symbolic boundaries could be obliterated by shouting “National Unity and Integration” from every rooftop. In 1984, in a fit of maladroitness, Mr. Biya signed a law ending the tie between Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun by re-creating La Republique du Cameroun. The symbolism of this act is clear: The real and symbolic boundaries between the founding components of the Federal and the United Republic no longer exist. Southern Cameroons now has every right to restore its independence, preferably under a new name. For one thing, the difference is clear. Real and symbolic boundaries are eternal.

Chronicle: Do you mean there is no way Anglophones and Francophones can live together?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: I just told you. By an application of a genuine, innovative and consociational power-sharing mechanism. That is just one step. The next step would be to revolutionize the system. A forceful application of the system that worked in Southern Cameroon on the Francophones. That, unfortunately, is not as easy as it seems. Mr. Motomu, I’m always scared of these luminaries who think that they can foist their own beliefs or pattern of values on others. The SDF thought that it had a mandate to liberate Cameroon by forcing Southern Cameroonian system and values of the Franco pones. George Bush thought that he had a mandate to impose the American system and values on Iraq. Who send you? What if the Francophones believe in and massively support their CPDM, its president and all that they stand for. Mr. Motomu, since the biblical Tower of Babel, boundaries (be they symbolic or real) have been very powerful in maintaining separation between nations and individuals. Boundaries between individuals and nations can be either real or symbolic. Boundaries are those frontier points recognized, legalized and legitimized by national and/or International law, attitudes, behaviour, customs and mores. Boundaries often have their own history and anthropology some of which are contentious. Often a ten-kilometer drive leads into the next nation, the next ethnia, the next tribe with their own real and symbolic boundaries. In the specific context of Africa, symbolic and real borders became an issue once seemingly disparate peoples were lumped together by colonization into dubious territories called states. The colonial masters expected the peoples forced into these heathen wedlock to forge nations out of the states. It will not work.
A real boundary is that recognized national/international frontier post separating individuals and groups. A symbolic boundary is that moral code, that spiritual thing, that convention that makes of its adherents the “we” versus the “them” non-adherents and unbelievers on the other side.
‘Symbolic boundaries are central to all culture. Marking “difference” leads us, symbolically, to close ranks, shore up culture and to stigmatize and expel anything which is defined as impure, strangely attractive precisely because it is forbidden, taboo, threatening to cultural order’
Whenever the heathen culture starts reaching out for freedom and independence, the symbolic or boundary marking “difference” leads the majority, to close ranks, shore up culture and to stigmatize and expel anything that is defined as impure, taboo, forbidden or whatever it is that threatens the cultural order.
This process of purification legitimizes exclusion, intolerance, tribalism and racism. It also allocates marginal identities to individuals who do not conform to the values and perception of the norm – the majoritarian view. Southern Cameroonians a have been called Anglofous, Anglo-fools, Biafrans, Anglos, l’enemie dans la maison, etc. In fact, a francophone CPDM parliamentarian once called Paulinus Jua, a Southern Cameroonians representative of the opposition SDF Party, a Biafran. As a last resort, the majority culture resorts to state-sponsored economic cleansing and other genocidal practices to get rid of the unwelcome and troublesome presence. And violence (war) is used to keep the slaves in their proper place of subservience. In extreme cases (and the Cameroonian scenario is extreme by all definitions) genocidal practices (ethnic and economic cleansing, intellectual terrorism, violence) against the troublesome presence starts at the initial level of conflict. The most intense conflicts between majority and minority have resulted when “the subordinate minority group has attempted to disrupt the accommodative pattern or when the super ordinate group has defined the situation as one in which such an attempt is being made.” You see that in this case an application of consociationalism (consensual power sharing) is a stopgap measure. The system is now caught between a rock and a very haaard place. In the long run, the differences will tear the thing apart. Nations and people live together by desire, not by force.

Chronicle: The attitude of the Francophones in this thing is interesting. Why do they seem to support Biya and his regime?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: It is their system. They created it. They support it; they glorify it; they thrive in it and they live in it. A frog can only live in the swamps, the mud and the muck. Frogs can only croak (die) in the swamps, the mud and the muck. Remove a frog from its natural habitat and it will no longer croak. French-speaking Cameroonians, (East Cameroonians) may disagree strenuously with the severity of one, or all, of the items that symbolize their side of the symbolic boundary, but facts are facts and truths are truths. Francophones dare not quarrel with this depiction after all the socio-political system in Cameroon is created and sustained by the majority. Robert Bierstedt says, “Within every polity, it is the majority, which sets the cultural pattern and sustains it, which is in fact responsible for whatever pattern or configuration there is in a culture. It is the majority, which confers upon folkways, mores, customs, and laws the status of norms and gives the coercive power. It is the majority, which guarantees the stability of a society. It is the majority which requires conformity to customs and which penalizes deviation…“except in ways in which the majority sanctions and approves. It is the majority which is the custodian of the mores and which defends them against innovation. And it is the inertia of the majorities, finally, which retards the processes of social change.” The best case scenario is that Francophones support their corrupt system because they have never known better. They are also afraid of the unknown.

Chronicle: What role will the South West play? The SDF has zero parliamentarian and zero councils in the South West.
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Do not be deceived. Politicization of ethnicity (Divide and Rule) a strategy for every manipulator. Mr. Biya is a manipulator. Mr. Biya operates by divide and rule or politicized ethnicity. He gets the elites in the South Westerner to believe that a good score will eternalize the post of prime minister. Then he gets the North westerner to believe the same thing. These poor devils go about outsmarting each other in rigging. The elites of the South West are so desperate to be in the good books of the regime that they get the SDOs and DOs to disenfranchise North Westerners or SDFers (Cam-no-go) from the voters register. The orders even from the office of the prime minister. It is a pity how low the Anglophone elites and the intelligentsia would stoop to collect crumbs from the slave master’s table. The DOs, SDOs, directors, ministers and prime ministers rigging elections are fathers and grandfathers who are supposed to be role models. Now they have transformed into petty thieves. Some years ago, Mr. Inoni was chased by ob in Victoria. He was ferry a ballot box. Politics is a game of numbers. Reality is that 55-60% of the South West province is made up of North Westerners. The regime may disenfranchise the voters but it does not mean the mumbers are not there. Add the 55-60% North Wsterners born in SW to the die-hard independentists, SCNC militants, like those in Meme, Ndian, Lebialem, Manyu and you get the picture. Shared values, the values that are shares by Anglophones go deeper than politicized ethnicity. Those who think the post of prime minister could mean anything to them are just a misguided handful of tribesmen and elite and even then. Even then…

Chronicle: You say Anglophones should walk away. How?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: The first thing is to accept is that Fru Ndi should just shut up and keep quiet for now. Or else we string him up. He should enjoy the money he has gotten out of Biya and get the hell out of the way. He has failed. Woefully. The SDF is not Fru Ndi. Vice versa. We all created the SDF. By the way, Mr. Fru Ndi and his generation are on their way out. Our generation must take over. The time is now. We have a better plan. Not the Muna plan though (laughs). We have the trump card. The time has come for our creation to work for us. What do we have in hand? What is the rod of Moses? We have a very good starting point. We now have Biya and Fru Ndi just where we want them – by their arrangements. Now we squeeze tight. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The rest of the strategies are unprintable. Our generation, my generation, must now deal with the problem directly. There will not be another chance.

Chronicle: The last word?
Ntemfac A. N. Ofege: Anglophones have no business being part of this mess. Fraud we abhor. The hegemonistic paranoia of the Francophone led, invented sustained regime in Yaounde must be halted for a very good reason. Allowing Francophones and their regime to be rampant would only mean the acceptation and the spread of slavery, corruption, fraud, thievery as well as other intoxicating, viral and hence catching tares and more. We are different. We are not grounded within the internationally defined and recognized real and symbolic boundaries. We have a different anchored on the same pattern of norms, customs and values. For 25 years, Mr. Biya has proven that he has neither the capacity nor the will to dialogue. Why then should people having different knowledge base, people trained in a different perception of public life and people with a different set of values continue along this path to the precipice? Therefore, an unknown quantity is leading you to an unknown place called “Grand Ambitions?” And another unknown quantity called Fru Ndi is pretending to lead you to a promise land that he has not seen? And you are trundling behind him like a goat to the market? God forbid. Myles Munroe says it is illegal (a sin) to lead people to nowhere. The leader you follow will determine your destination.
Since 1972, the date of a contentious referendum, rather than knuckling under, our “difference” values, nationalism are rather on the ascendancy. It is just a matter of time before that buoyancy translates into implosion.

Legima Doh

That was painstaking comrade Rexon.Thanks

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,


Another day, another "chief" implicated in fraud. What's new?

Ma Mary

Chieve, go shave, I implore you. Frankly you look terrible in that shaggy beard. Is that meant to be a distraction from your chievery?


That was wonderful.I really like this posting.I just hope that those "fools" calling themselves La Republique's sympathisers, read this posting.Those so call SDF group should think twice and stay out of our way cos' that awaited time has come.
Rexon, i read that posting with lots of tiers running down my cheeks.I feel so sorry for us Southern Cameroonians,especailly those that are following the SDF in a blind manner.I hope this sends a message to them.


Surely, with the money Chief Mbanda is receiving from CPDM he can afford a haircut and blades to shave!


Casara, please watch your language. Calling somone a fool for simply expressing his opinion is an eloquent testimony, you'll be a dictator if giving a chance to rule. Please stop calliing others illiterates, unlettered , you name it, in this forum. Respecting their ideas be of more help that thinking their fools. Why do you expect fools to follow you if at all they are. You yourself must be a leader of fools to ask fools to follow the SCNC. If you call us fools and ask us to follow you, then you're nothing but the "leader of fools and advocating foolishness". I don't think the SCNC cause is a foolish one. it's a just cause indeed;so call me not a fool and ask me to follow you. Thank you


fOOLS in quotes young man.
If you consider yourself a fool then you are one.
Watch your language too old boy.

Legima Doh

OK Simplis we acknowledge you are not a fool and would recant had we irritated you.I know that is not literally what comrade Casara meant to insult you.The fact is that,when some of us in this forum claim to know much by propagating very big ambitions while blindly ignoring or maybe uninformed about the basic truths of a most serious issue at stake,we are tempted to conclude that such a person is unlettered in those basic facts or so.Come to think about a person propagating a united state of africa,wherein he claims states shall have their independence maintained but yet has nothing positive to ever offer as regards the restoration of the statehood a people,talk less about the maintenance of it as he claims.AS such we are wont to think that he is surely excited after reading on how a united africa might look like while demonstrating lack of knowledge in the plight and ultimate solution of a statehood at stake.This is the case of our motherland.

Please it will be more honourable for you to come to this truth.You would surely be of great contribution with your ideas.Look around and you will see that most Sdf propaganda scribes have disappeared into thin air in this forum.Its bleak for them,no way forward,lots of confusion and frustration.That is what always result from involvement in la republique party politics.

We know you are not a fool but there is a saying that the most troublesome in a civilised society are those who are educational giants but moral dwarfs.They use their intelligence to defend falsehood in all possible means.Here we are referring not just to your intelligence cos u are not foolish but to your morality too ,to advocate the truth about our motherland.

Peace Shall Reign in our Land!

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

Fellow Comrades,
We all do not know Paul Biya.I wonder whether he is well known by Fru Ndi and the sdf disciples.This is an absentee president of a republique.He rules in absentia,has no respect for the lives of our brethren.Former british premier Anthony L Blair walked the streets of Manchester after a series of gunshots killed two lads but Biya did not even bother to send condolence message to the bereaved students and family when armless students were shot at by armed men of the occupational forces of his.

We dont want to have anything in common with such a man and his regime.

Peace Upon our Land!

Legima Doh,


Comrade Doh,

It is not wrong to call someone a fool if he deserves to be call so and have clearly proven that he is a fool. It will also be right to call someone a fool if he is struggling to identify you with fools. You see, some people chopping with the CPDM always rush over here to tell us stories, thinking we are fools. We would be fools like them if we one day bow to their unscrupulous doctrine. But we all have to stand steadfast, to prove that we are not fools. Don’t you see how I played with the psychology of all the SDFers in this forum before and after elections? They are foolish, and we have proven to them that they need to go and sleep. It is either they are chopping or ignorant of what they are following and that clearly, qualifies them as fools.

Some of the actions and people that can be classified as fools include:

1-Paul Biya: He is the biggest fool in this world. He sits in Castles in Europe, dine with Europeans, Enjoy the beauty of Europe, yet, he fails to understand that, it would have been better for him to help build his own country, so that his people can have a better life like the Europeans.

2-Musonge, Inoni, Achidi, Ndeh, Forjindam, Chief Mukete, Most of our chiefs, Company directors of most state parastatals, most of their children, etc-They are the second group of fools. They are busy fighting each other to gain favour from the grand master of fools, dictator Biya. Biya sets them up, from left to right, promise them position, etc. That if they defeat the SDF through fraud in their respective regions, they will be promoted to higher ranks in the group of kleptocrats (Prime minister and other positions). Because of such mundane promises, they can kill, rape and maim their brothers and sisters, these are the second group of fools. They have sponsored and send spies all over the world to defend their kleptocratic regime. What do they gain from all these crimes against humanity? When they kill our brothers and sisters of UB, rape and maim them, these people will never sit and feel for those families. They never share the pain we felt from these marvellous loss for these families. Instead they defined those poor children as “An assorted group of assailants attacked the police station”. Where the students shot at the police station? Did they found arms with them? Does Musonge or Inoni knows how it feels seeing your children being killed in cold blood like that for doing nothing? These people don’t have a human conscience, either they are animals and do not quality as human beings or they are fools and mentally not ok.

3- SDFers including the NJFN, Watesih, Feli, Mbah Ndam, etc and other politicians colouring Mr Biyas inexistent democracy. These are the next generation of fools that Biya have been using to colour his inexistent democracy. For peanuts, they prefer to sell their people for positions in the administrative and executive arms of La Republiques corrupt junta (councillor, mayors, members of parliament, etc). They sit in their comforts, collects bribes from the same regime they have been criticising, go out, force innocent people to risk their lives in the name of a political party, the same party they have been dining with, etc. These are another group of fools. When students were shot at UB, we did not see this group coming for the defence of the students. They did not go to the battlefield, but they can go for campaigns all over the place with their mundane promises that they want to change Cameroon overnight. This group has been a complete failure and cannot lie to us that politics under the current dispensation with La Republique can do us any good.

4-The fourth group of fools are all the chauvinists and blind followers, including, Fon, Danny Boy, and all other innocent Cameroonians who have been risking their lives to defend these bandits. They have seen enough from these bandits since 2002 that they needed to have distanced themselves from these charades. Yet they stay with them, help them colour their democracy, etc.

4-The wise group are those who have distanced themselves from all these charades. They are the Chief Ayamba's, Nfor Ngalla's, Rexons, Comrade Doh, M Nje, Casara, Dadiceman, Ma Mary, MK the Southener, Emah, And all other Southern Cameroonians who have always worked hard to distance themselves from these charades. They might have been fools before, but they cannot be fooled twice or thrice, so they have graduated from being fools. These are the group of people we need to commend and listen to.

If anyone belongs to the first three groups, then he needs to be ashamed. That is the truth and we cannot deny it.

mk the southerner

Simplis my apologies for what your brother has done if you directed that on you.
Abuse is not a very good thing to do. My experience, when Mr Temfac Ofege the man who has just made me reading and crying now left the sdf. That time i was a die heart sdf just like some of my brothers in this forum. I made with Ofege and we picked a quarrel and i had to give him insults that are hunting me today. Little did i know that he will make me weep today.

Raxon thank u very much for that postage. I begged on my brothers and sisters to read it not because of Raxon Mk the southerner, Doh, Casara, Ma Mary etc but because they really are intelligent men who wish to grasp something.

I told u long ago that the appetites Ni John has for money is a very vicious one. If u doubt me ask him what happened to the food money from CAMWIDCO. So many women in kombu are frustrated today because Ni and his wife (whom if u ask me her soul will never rest in peace until the last franc is paid) took food storv from them worth over 17 million frs cfa and we looked for trucks upon trucks that carried the food to Bamenda never to be heard about again. As a coordinator for this project i have suffered a lot from the hands of the Nso women couple with the misery, i saw an old woman dieing coursing Ni John and the wife. U only need to see the situation then u know what i mean.

All the same Ni John has done his own part but lets now open our eyes to realities. God bless Southern Cameroons.


well simplice, you can see my problem with these SCNC propagandists.They think anything who is not for them is a "fool"(in quotes as casara earlier said). Look at people who are fighting for democracy in Southern Cameroons but they violently crush other people's opinions and call them "fools'. Then I begin to wonder what kind of democracy you fighting for.

"Paul Biya: He is the biggest fool in this world. He sits in Castles in Europe, dine with Europeans, Enjoy the beauty of Europe, yet, he fails to understand that, it would have been better for him to help build his own country, so that his people can have a better life like the Europeans."- Rexon
Hahahahahaha Rexon, you guys always make a laugh. Wait a minute, aren't all of you SCNC supporters in Europe , enjoying the European castles,sitting in London offices and wining and dining with Europeans? Why don't you come to the battlefield in Cameroon and fight Biya face to face? why don't you come to Cameroon and implement strategies better than that of the SDF? You instead sit and fart on European couches as you fight a war from your laptop. Are you and Biya not the same? CPDM+SCNC=1

Legima Doh

I hope everyone read the last epitome by Comrade Rexon.This is someone who has been so true to himself and our motherland ab initio,and will be ad infinitum.
I declare him the John Wycliffe of the true course of liberation of the Southern Cameroons in this forum.

United Africa,What we and specifically comrade Rexon does for the struggle is unabashed and is felt far and wide.You dont want us to start enumerating all what we have been doing for the ScNc because we haven't got time to be doing that.Tell us something on how to restore our statehood and sovereignty is the unanswered question.When that is done,the quest for uniting africa would make sense to the southern cameroonians.If you want to try,go home and talk about uniting africa,as the solution of the plight of our motherland and let some other person talk about restoring the statehood and sovereignty through the ScNc as the solution.The result will be the obvious.Nobody will listen to you nor take you seriously but everybody has always been yearning for independence.The grand SCNC remains the undisputable hope of our people.You want to put it first and uniting africa may come thereafter!


Legima Doh,


"The wise group are those who have distanced themselves from all these charades. They are the Chief Ayamba's, Nfor Ngalla's, Rexons...These are the group of people we need to commend and listen to"-Rexon

Wow Mr. Rexon, some nerve you have to be openly praising yourself like that. Where is your humility? you are not even ashamed of saying that you are better than everyone. As if that was not enough, you place yourself in the same ranks as people like Chief Ayamba. You must be really full of yourself. But let me tell you that "PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL"
So according to Rexon, anyone who is not a blind follower of the SCNC is a fool. According to Rexon again, Cameroonians should only listen to wise people like him and nobody else. Well Rexon, I slowly see the characteristics of a dictator in you. You call yourself wise, you call other fools and you think that only the opinion of your party is valid. Yes! you are a ruthless dictator.You are fighting for democracy but look at how you violently crush other people's perspectives? Just like Nkrumah, you and your people deceive cameroonians with sweet words only to show your true colors after you have taken power. Your attitude is that of a Biya-in-the-making and we will not tolerate another dictator masking himself as a liberator "John Wycliffe"...please, don't make me laugh.

And as for that verbose Legima, your big and wrongly-used will not scare us.
"I hope everyone read the last epitome by Comrade Rexon"-Legima Doh
What do you mean by the last epitome Rexon wrote? What Rexon wrote was not an epitome. Please check up the word "epitome" in your dictionary and next time use it correctly.
These SCNC people come here with wrongly-used words and big grammar, speaking nonsense and trying to confuse eveerybody. After speaking trash, they then call their selves intellectuals and call every other person a fool.
My new goal is to prove to the clear-thinking Cameroonians that they are a party without an agenda. They are like sheep without a sherperd trying to sheepishly cross a forest with meant-hungry lions. I will use your own words to trap and expose your incompetency. As long as I don't see a pragmatic and concise SCNC agenda, the SCNC is nonsensical to me.


Rexon, many thanks for your brilliant display of English "know how" and mastery of facts. You have every right to qualify us as fools. Qualifying one a fool for asking questions,classifting one a traitor for not siding with you...etc.Yet there's no reaction of yours in this forum without this infamous sentence:"colouring an inexistent democracy".Do you preach democracy Rexon?.Do you favour freedom of expression Rexon?.Do do you want to be a leader?. Can you lead the Southern Cameroons to restore their statehood?. If your answers to this questions is yes,yes,yes and yes, then we demand apologies.
Nay more, I await your answer to united states question on how you reconcile your criticism of Biya as a "FOOL" and yet is a bird of his feather.
Ladies and gentlemen, the respect of ideas is the basis for this forum.
Thank you


Bravo USA(United States of Afica).I think your last comment should MR WISE REXON some "thinking time".

Legima Doh

A party without agenda.As long as I dont see a pragmatic and concise agenda,the SCNC is nonsensical to me.What comrade Rexon wrote is not an epitome.Refer to the dictionary.

The SCNC is not a political party,not a party of la republique.The pragmatic and concise agenda of the SCNC is seen in her fruits.It takes a blind person not to see the manifestations of the sturdy agenda of the SCNC.The ScNc can be nonsensical only to an idiotic fellow who concludes without any iota of reasoning that, the rulings in favour of the Southern cameroon in the case of the Southern Cameroons vs Nigeria in Abuja and that of the Southern cameroons vs la republique in banjul the Gambia,the full membership of the Southern Cameroons in the UNPO are not the pragmatic results of her agenda and modus operandi.Do well to read the response i gave to Fon when he asked the question that has become your greatest and daily contribution to the postnewsline.The word epitome means a condensed account,a person or thing that possesses to a high degree the features of a whole.What Comrade Rexon wrote possessed to a high degree the features of foolishness.It did not expound on foolishness as a whole but did so to a greater degree as far as the Southern cameroons is concerned.So what Comrade Rexon wrote is an Epitome of the foolishness of yours and the others'.

Grammar is very difficult to understand I know.But before criticizing due to lack of understanding,I would rather you thought twice.You are continually telling me and the forum members that my grammar is beyond your understanding.Take heart ok.Fingers are not thesame!If I were not to understand Ma Mary,Mk the Southerner,Casara,M Nje,Dadiceman and or comrade Rexon,I would just implore them to learn from them.We are honest academics and professionals ready to learn from each other ok.

I advise you to always put the dictionary by ur side whenever you are reading my comments.That will help you understand me better and not expose your premature knowledge of vocabulary.

Peace upon our Land.

Legima Doh,


MrUnited States of Africa,

Are you for the United States of Africa or you are against the SCNC and all other Southern Cameroons course. The united States of Africa is a very big thing that emcopasses unity between La Republique and the Southern Cameroons. I thought you will shift and ask the United States of Africa to Unite Western Sahara with their colony Morocco. As far as i know, thesame United States of Africa have endorsed the sovereignty of Western Sahara. That is why Morocco is not a member of the United States of Africa.

Simplice came with something like this sometime before and was driven away when no one bought his idea. Dont you think it is La Republique moving with many colours? Surely, shame will take La Republique to their grave. Poor you, dont die early. Just live long and see the Southern Cameroons as a sovereign state.



Addressing the Press in Bamenda, Thursday July 26,
2006, Mr. Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the ailing SDF
declared that” We did not get into this Unification
business to learn election rigging, fraud,
embezzlement, corruption, homosexual acts etc.”
He was reacting to the catastrophic results his SDF
party was accorded at the just ended July 22 Twin
Elections in La Republique du Cameroun.
According to Ni John Fru Ndi, his SDF party won
50 seats at the Legislative and not 14 as MINAT-D was
giving the world to believe. He finally called for the
total cancellation of those elections , and that they
be repeated to be supervised by a neutral electoral
body-like ELECAM- whose members will still be named by
Mr. Biya!!


Correction: Colony should read colonial masters.

morocco is not a member of the african union.

Ma Mary

Instant gratification aka chop-broke-potism is a serious character flaw, a kind of childishness that is fatal longterm to an individual and definitely to a nation. Some of our learned friends are asking the Southern Cameroons cause, as advanced by the Way Forward Network (Ambazonia, SCARM, SCAPO, SCNC, SCYL) to provide promises of instant gratification like a mere political party eg more food, better salaries, roads, to cure the corruption of la republique instantly and so on.

No, our goal is something much more lofty, demanding sacrifice and participation. Do not stand askance, at akimbo, thinking that the Southern Cameroons cause belongs to some special people. No, it belongs to us all and our children and even more generations ad infinitum. Our goal is total liberation and independence of the Southern Cameroons. It is a long term project. If you see faults and deficiencies, come into the house and try to fix it. It is not about victory in this cause, but we do not expect it to fall into our lap without a struggle.

Think about this. Jumping into the mud to wrestle and compete with a grown pig over food is a big mistake. The pig will win, you will be covered from foot to toe in mud and you will go away hungry. You might even be hurt and eaten by that big pig. That is the story of Southern Cameroonians getting involved in la Republique politics via the SDF. Some of us recognized this problem long ago. That is why we quickly recognized this flaw with the SDF strategy and got involved in the Southern Cameroons cause when it got articulated by Anyangwe, Munzu and Elad as well as Dinka (Ambazonia). Over time, many thinkers in the SDF have joined the cause.

The cause might look like it is floundering sometimes, but you do not give up a good cause because it looks weak at a point in time. You get involved and give it focus and strength. It is a truism that 20% of people are leaders and 80% are followers, who do not act out of principle, but follow what is hot or popular. Are you a follower or are you a leader. You ask yourself. Engaging a good cause its is own value and reward.

Ma Mary

A few errors above, but I am sure you would understand.

Ma Mary

Check out/Download Ntemfac's Article Here

Ndi O

Brother Rexon, Mk, Doh etc,
I commend u guys but i need some clarifications from you.
1) Do u guys really know these fellows Musonge, Inoni, Achidi, Ndeh, Forjindam, Chief Mukete, Ngole, Tamfu, Nsahlai, etc?
2) Do u really know the current attitudes of common Southern Cameroonians, and did you hear many voted for C?
3) With the present circumstance in Cameroon, and considering a Referandum were to be organised, do u guys think 51% of our 6 million Southern Cameroonians can vote in favour of our sovereignty?
Pls, i need a genuine answer because i have been closed to the people u are fighting for.I dont want to embarrass them by calling them fools. They may be complex. Also remember that ur people are highly sensitive to "La Rep Coins", beginning from 500 and above as the case may be. The aforementioned are always ready to response.
What therefore is the way forward? Dont tell me u know the Southern Cameroonians much better. Thanks

Legima Doh

Rexon and Ma Mary,you got a lot of knowledge with wisdom.Casara and MK the Southerner,you got a lot of knowledge with wisdom.Together with Dadiceman,M Nje,Tagro,7512wilson,Shalom,and Legima Doh,who also got a lot of knowleddge with with wisdom, part of the 20per cent in the leadership side is constituted.The rest of our patriots and comrades makes the 20per cent complete.We are talking about the Grand Chief Ayambas, the Dr Nfor NFors,the Prof Chia Ateh, the Mr Ntemfacs, the honest comrade Ernests who just came to the truth and so on.

Peace Shall Reign in our Land

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

O Ndi,
Thank you very much for such questions.We know those whose names you gave above.They represent those we consider as felons to the Southern cameroons.They are our traitors and have betrayed us to our alien enemy la republique.They have outrightly sold their consciences to la republique for egocentric purposes.They are the elite type that Mr Biya has used to propel his divide and rule policy in our motherland,and to market his democracy abroad.They take part in all vile practices in the Southern cameroons.They are guilty of election rigging, of theft,of torture,corruption,witchcraft and so on.
The attitude of the Southern cameroonians is that,they are fed up with the party politics in La Republique.Elections in la Republique together with her corrupt governance ring no bell to them,because system is designed never to lead to any liberation for them.Everyone knows this and has seen this manifest in several ways,several occasions over time.
About voting in favour of sovereignty,I tell you the only people who may stand against the sovereignty of our motherland are those you listed ie the Inoni,Achidis,and so on.This people together with those sold out to them and to La Republique may make up 5per cent of the Southern cameroons if I am to grossly overstate.In an interview granted to the ScNc Fako zonal coordinator,he was questioned on who are the supporters of the ScNc and where do they get finance for their trips abroad, production of tracts,leaflets,T shirts,meetings,and so on.He said supporters of the ScNc are all honest Southern cameroonians and that they all contribute to the course.And that is true.If you talk about voting in a true and fair system on Sovereignty or no Sovereignty for the southern cameroons, it is most likely to be close to 100 per cent in favour of the sovereignty.
The way forward is to accept the truth,work on it steadfastly and success will come.The truth is the fact that our liberation can never come from within La Republique.In Comrade Casara's last posting,you see Ni John acknowledging the fact that the supposed concubinage unity is an absolute failure.We must come out of it,and it is legal and legitimate to do so.After coming to terms with this truth,we are working on the plan of actions and modus operandi that have an ultimate end which the restoration of our statehood,sovereignty and complete independence.For more questions about our plans of action and modus operandi ie how we carry out our plans,we all are ready to expound.The ScNc is earthwide,she is has achieved a lot for us,and she is looking forward to the final phase of the struggle.I refer you to the article of MOla Njoh litumbe written on the 2007 american independence day and that written by Ntemfac Ofege.You may find some interesting facts therein.I am sure you will get other responses from the fellow comrades.

Peace Shall Reign.

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

Just to add more to what my brother Doh has just said. Dont be surprise that if federation comes today and a ballot box is in Achidi or Inoni's house it will come out 100% for Southern Cameroons. During the time when the African Court asked us for substantial evidences to prove are case. We worked night and day looking for some evidence. To tell u the truth we had 15 documents from some ministries in Yde. Sent to us with quoted names till today we dont know who those 15 people are, so for now accuse know one.The one that vexed me much was the one concerning the military, telling Biya the criteria of promoting anglophones to top positions in the military. If u see it u will be sorry and understand why Southern Cameroonians in the military stay with One yellow straight on their shoulders may be till retirement. It will not be proper for all of us to move away totally from the Biya government we need people insight who will say yes let arrest them tomorrow, and then call us 30 seconds after to tell us they are coming tomorrow.

We Southern Cameroonians are not stupid u might think u are using an anglophone but u will only come to realize that that English blood, of care and concern for one another that a French man dont have, u can not change. What i mean here is that a Southern Cameroonian can not be assimilated. Get a privet interview with some of them u think are cpdm my brothers they will talk to u and weep.

If some Southern Cameroonians voted for C it does not mean that putting C and the Southern Cameroons they will vote for C. Some of them will tell u the saw the same fire that is in Paul's eyes in NI's eyes an d since Paul offers money with his own fire they voted for him. But if truly the Southern Zone voted for C why then was the demonstration in the Southern Zone.

Putting a referendum today I am confident. we did it once you know.


Ndi O,

You Asked:

"1) Do u guys really know these fellows Musonge, Inoni, Achidi, Ndeh, Forjindam, Chief Mukete, Ngole, Tamfu, Nsahlai, etc?"

I dont know them, but the only thing i know about them is that, these people are all animals. I mean they are not human beings but animals. For the human race to see anything better, they need to repent or go quickly to their graves (Sorry about that, but only God knows why they are amongst human beings).

The first time i confronted Inoni, i was not even 18 years old. That was at CBC school Limbe road Mutengene. If i can remember very well, it was sometime in 1992 when he was preaching his rhetoric to CPDM fools in their soo called campaign rally. When i asked him if he knows what he is really talking about, he asked for the colonial gerndarmes to arrest me. That was when i was not even 18. To be honest, i have confronted most of those people or their agents and know them more as animals. I can only describe them as the most demonic groups of feymen that the human race has ever produced. There is no use talking more about them and their ilk. Dont you hear what Inoni said for the slained students of UB "AN ASSORTED GROUP OF ASSAILANTS, ATTACKED THE POLICE STATION" and Ndi, We are talking about human blood here. The blood of poor children slained. Dont you see how even before the blood was spilled, people like Lambi who never like bloodshed trembled? Lambi could not withstand the evil regime, because he is not as evil as they are, so he was trembling, so too was all of us. We could not imagine the blood of people spilled because of heartlessness and selfishness.

Comrade Doh,MK the Southener,

Succint and brilliant analysis of the situation. The truth will remain the truth and it cannot be written off. La Republique and frances kleptocratic regime can pass through soo many colours, but it cannot hide the truth. Ahh, does the French man even speaks english? They dont want to be colonised but they want to enslave and colonise the Southern Cameroons.


Comrade Simplice, these SCNC people have eluded our questions just as we suspected. It is clear to see that Rexon and Legima are using this site as their personal property. They have slef-proclaimed themselves as moderators and they trample on anybody with an opinion different from theirs. You can clearly see that they bear all the characteristics of a ruthless dictator who likes to give orders but never listen.
I personally have nothing against the SCNC.My problem with them is that they have never given any practical solution to the Current problems in Cameroon. They only talk about secession, secession as if after we secede, that will be the end of our problems.
Rexon and Legima are doing a terrible job in advertizing the SCNC. Southern cameroonians need a common and humble man they can relate too and not political airheads who have inflated themselves and think that they are more intelligent than everyone because of their ability of wrongly use the word "epitome". Good leaders are humble men Rexon and your clan. Instead of boasting about your knowledge, try to humble yourself and listen once in a while. I really don't expect you guys to know this because you are clearly lack the basic modalities of the political field you are rushing into.
If the SCNC is made up of proud rexons and legimas, then that is why they are failing. If the SCNC continues to support buffoons like th rexons and legimas, then they will continue to fail and FAIL TO THE VERY END.



How humble do you want us to be? we begged you people, not to bring your ballot boxes to the Southern Cameroons, you ignored us, we begged you people not to participate in La Republiques charade imported into our land as it is not good for our childrens upbringing, you ignored.

What i want to tell you is that, there are limits to everyones himility. There are enough evidences that we have tolerated this nonsense for long. Since our brothers and sisters were shot at UB and we were instead mocked at, i have come to the understanding that, i need to fight these bandits will all i have. If you are for the Unity with La Republique, then dont tell me about humility except you are focused on learning the truth. But as long as you refuse to recognise the truth, rest assured that i am also ready to share blows with you.

Cheers brother.


Rexon, you are good with spinning tactics. You always spin arguments and bring them into a totally different and unrelated dimension. What I was talking about was not humility towards La republique. I was not saying that you should be submissive towards la republique. Go and read it again. I was asking you and your SCNC bullies to be humble and respect other people's opinions instead of calling them fools. You have just confirmed to me that you are confused, illogical and impulsive. I was talking about your behaviour towards people in this site, but you tried to change my words and make it sound like I was saying you should be submissive to the La republique. You have confirmed that arguing with someone like you is a waste of my time. You force words into people's mouth, you tamper with facts but you proclaim yourself to be an intellectual king. If the SCNC is mad eup of people like you and your comrade "Legima is done", then the SCNC will continue to fail.


...and as for the blows you are ready to share with me Rexon, I am more than ready. Just as David defeated the giant Goliath, I will show you that a "fool" like me can defeat an "intellectual giant" like you.

Ma Mary

UnitedStatesofAfrica, you asked about us

"Solving Cameroun's problems?"

We are not interested in solving Cameroun's problem's, neither should any Southern Cameroonian be.

Southern Cameroonians have governed their country as a succesful and just democracy, and we shall do that again and strategies are under consideration for a smooth transition.

Southern Cameroons and French Cameroons were legal entities above all, under the United Nations. They got a form of neocolonial independence; we did not. Instead, we were annexed illegally at the instance of the UN and the UK. Independence is not a matter for voting. It is a human right. La Republique did not have to vote for independence, neither did Nigeria or India or anyone else. It was simply a human right for the people of those territories, and we Southern Cameroonians DEMAND that consideration.

The matter of forming a confederation with la Republique was an aberration, because we were forced by UK in conspiracy with the UN to engage in a fake exercising to vote to join before achieving our independence. Our independence is a sine qua non for any such exercise at confederation. This we can prove in any fair court of law. There is no treaty of union between us and la republique. Some of these people here are not reading. They are acting and talking out of emotion.

I have not met a single Southern Cameroonian who believes that association with la Republique is a beneficial thing. Their problems are lack of faith in the possibility that we can pull it off. Luckily, we have more than our share of stout and fearless hearts who do not entertain the word "impossible" in their personal dictionaries.

Dismissive people like UnitedStatesofAfrica are not really Southern Cameroonians and he (or she) could fall into one of several categories of people who are not Southern Cameroonians, but have interests in the Southern Cameroons and are afraid of losing those interests WHEN the Southern Cameroons gains back its human right of independence. I warn that the worst thing that this category of people could do is to resist the striving of Southern Cameroonians to achieve their right and thus be counted as one of our enemies. Southern Cameroons was and will be a nation of laws and will protect the Human Rights of all individuals within its domain. But, you do not want to be identified as an enemy of the Southern Cameroons people, by adhering to evil and backwards positions that denigrate our humanity and prolong our agony. That IS a crime.

If you read that as a threat, IT IS.


"We are not interested in solving Cameroun's problem's, neither should any Southern Cameroonian be."- Ma mary
really Ma Mary? what about the hardworking Southern Cameroonians who are trapped in La republique's system? What about the ones who are working for La republique in order to send their children to school, buy their wives'wigs and put food on the table? you are not interested in them? These anglophones are your people and if you say you are fighting for the liberation of Southern Cameroons, you should get involved and try to help them solve the problems they are facing in La republique's system. The only advice you guys give to them is that they should stay away for voting and denounce the Biya regime. When they obey you and they are persecuted, how do you plan to put food on their table? how do you plan to send their children to school? how do you plan to release them from jails? You sit and fart on European couches while fighting a battle from your laptop. And what nerve you have to open you naive mouth and threaten me. You theorists who sit in your house all day and draft all kinds of theorists about Cameroon. Go into Cameroon and practice them.Let us see if you really as smart as you think. You give impossible orders from Europe and expect people who are suffering in Cameroon to follow. You criticize and criticize Cameroonians for doing this and that while you fail the understand the circumstances that the Biya regime has placed them into. Go to Cameroon and fight. Live by example and stop being a laptop and computer fighter. By saying that you don't care for the problems in Cameroon, shows us that you guys don't even care for your suffering anglophones. And then you have to audacity to threaten me for asking questions. The dictatorship that these SCNC bullies are trying to establish on the site will be severely and fiercely crushed. We are not entitled to blindly follow you without asking questions. If the SCNC is made up of bullies and dictators like Ma Mary, Rexon and Legima, then the SCNC will continue to fail and fail to the very END. Amateurs!!!!!!


Ok let´s get some different opinion from the usual names we know.

i begin with these questions
howmany cameroonians are elegible to vote?
how many did take part in sunday's elections?
consider for example that they all voted for

i just have a few more remarks to make
In 2002 legislative elections
on the night after votes were cast
at about midnight marafa amidou yaya
read out on national radio what he claimed
were the results of the elections held a few
hours earlier...many pple were not wise enough
to realise the kind of Psychological game the
government was playing and so cameroonians awoke
the following day with disbelieve and unable
digest what CRTV was singing....since the devil had
done his work at midnight when most pple were sleeping.
This year thesame minister repeated the same thing
but unfortunately for him, many pple have
stood their grounds in some constituencies
One good example is in Douala, where he claimed the CPDM
had won all parlamentary and councils seats
but today the story is different as it has been revealed that
of the five parliamentay seats in Douala central, the CPDM
LOST atleast THREE
Thats just one example from the lot i have here before me
How on earth can the minister proclaim results in favour
of the CPDM from some areas (especially those from the hinterlands...
so remote that it takes several days of treking to get to the divisional head quarters) long before counting of votes is over?
In Bokuva, Bova (former prime minister's village) and other tinny villages around Buea, i am one of those who was sent on their heels when CPDM tugs came out with cutlasses and spears saying there were not ready to receive any other party representatives nor election monitors. The police excort we had were the first to take on their heels.
Maybe u all dont know yet thet gun shots and tears gas was fired at the voters both at polling stations and at the D. O 's office in buea just like it was the case in many places around the country...
Again and again, they refused to publish the census results but went ahead to create special constituencience on the eve of the elections...we have never been told the parameters they used to make such carvings on the the map of cameroon
Yet many pple were allowed to vote several times since the ink was indelible using multiple voter's card......

to be continued

pafrundeh wrote:

Dear FEN aka Divine Rhyme,

Here is what you wrote:

[[ I just said it was misleading because a neutral
[[ person reading what you wrote will conclude that
[[ the SDF on a level playing field has lost popularity
[[ to the ruling party. That is absolutely false. If you
[[ take a look at real reporting, writers always qualify
[[ the facts they put down. So if you say

The above sentence is filled with IF's and how things
OUGHT to be. That is what triggered the rejoinder from
me. Your submittal was littered with IF there was a
level playing field. Isn't that the continuous bullshit
we hear too often from the opposition? Well, the field
has never been level and perhaps never will be. Election
after election we always and are too sure to hear the
same thing from the opposition. Is that news to anyone?
Who in Cameroon does not know that the Cameroon Gov't
organizes electoral consultations and not democratic elections?
That is not news to anyone. So quit repeating yourself
and singing to the choir about IF there was a level playing
field. The opposition SDF is so dear to your heart that you
see one tree, Fru Ndi, and fail woefully again because the
porridge has blocked your nose, to see the forests.

You can chose to zero in on one or two sentences from my
post as far as a neutral observer goes. What does it matter?
Neutral or biased observer? Who really cares? Does that change
the facts at hand? We have been given a deck of cards and that
is what we have to play with.

If you fail to see the essence/thrust of my message, what should
I do. Okay, here it is one more time:
"Cameroonians, therefore cannot change their leaders via
democratic means. It is therefore imperative that other
means be sought, diligently followed through and implemented
with practical certainty to change their leaders."

Have you ever thought for once that after all is said and
done, some people in the SDF could actually be a liability to
that party at this point? The founding fathers should rescue
the party from the bottomless pit that it is in as a matter
of urgency!!!

For me, I have chose my own battle. And that is to have an
Aboriginal Anglophone of West Cameroon Extraction ascend to
the Supreme Magistracy of Cameroon on or before 2011.

Blessed Be Cameroon
Pa Fru Ndeh

--- In [email protected], Divine Rhyme wrote:
> My dear Pa Fru Ndeh,
> " And if real democratic elections cannot remove them from
> their respective parties other means be sought that they
> be removed?"
> I can now see where you stand on issues concerning Cameroon. When
I first got interested in contributing to this forum I immediately
appreciated your frequent, and I won't hesitate to say it, kind
and determined efforts to feed Cameroonians and possibly others with
information. I still do because most of the time, as I see it when
anything of interest comes your way, whether about Cameroon or not
you never hesitate to share it with others. With such appreciative
response to your postings I blinded myself from the emptiness in
most of your political analysis especially on issues about Cameroon.
It is in this last response of yours to me that I was jolted back
into reality and decided to read the posting more than once and
compare it with the topic we were discussing. It seems you have a
prefabricated response to everything I write and so the content of
my response becomes irrelevant to what you will eventually post. If
not so where do "IF this, IF that, IF, OUGHT TO
> HERE, OUGHT TO There" come from in our exchanges? I don't see or
remember making conjectures or wishful thinking anywhere.
> Also it seems you like using invectives on people.but I don't
think your frequency in using whatever adjectives you choose on
people never makes them what you think they are. What I now see in
your posting is just immaturity and a complete misunderstanding of
the political atmosphere in Cameroon. Please do not think the volume
of information you might possess about Cameroon makes you understand
what is going on there
> As for me.all I am doing is trying to provide a logical analysis
of the situation in Cameroon politics.. In politics you must be able
to assess, and predict the type of response you will get from the
population if any move is to be taken. You simply do not decide to
do just anything because it sounds or looks correct. In different
countries, there are different interpretations of political
correctness. In the USA the American people have decided that eight
years is the maximum for someone to hold the office of the
president. When I took political science in UMass, Lowell in the
late 80s I never came across any study empirical or scientific
anywhere in the world that even remotely suggested that a limit be
put in any political leadership position. I have never ever
suggested that any political leader be left indefinitely in place.
Every political organisation needs popular support. Whenever they
conclude that it is their leadership that is the problem nobody will
> advise them to take steps to correct that situation - . let alone
an outsider. Know that what you see standing outside is not what
they see sitting inside. You might be correct but until they see
what you are seeing and you also see what they are seeing nothing
will change.
> Anyway, there is a mentally deranged man roaming the streets of
Bamenda fondly called Fon Kamerun. You just need to give him a cup
of Mbuh and tickle him about what Foncha and Jua "are up to". He
still thinks they are around. If you are not careful to distinguish
the rantings of such a person and real information, you will think
this man is an invaluable asset to Cameroon political history. I
hope you do all you can to distinguish yourself from Fon Kamerun.
> Have a nice day
> pafrundeh wrote:
> Divine Rhyme,
> You still miss the picture.
> IF this, IF that, IF, OUGHT TO HERE, OUGHT TO There.
> For how many years have you been repeating the same cry over
> and over and over again? We have a saying here in the USA that
> someone who repeats the same thing over and over again is in
> deed a fool. I know I will annoy many by saying this, but I
> really do not care either way - SDF is being foolish, in many
> Think about this:
> Paul Biya - CPDM Chairman 23 Years.
> Fru Ndi - SDF Chairman 17 Years.
> Don't you think these two Chairpersons need to quit the
> Cameroon political scene honorably?
> And if real democratic elections cannot remove them from
> their respective parties other means be sought that they
> be removed?
> Blessed Be Cameroon
> Pa Fru Ndeh
> _____________________________
> --- In [email protected], Divine Rhyme wrote:
> >
> > Dear Pa Fru Nde,
> >
> > "For the umpteenth time, I insist that you spell my names
> > correctly. The spelling is: Pa Fru Ndeh. Thank You.
> > The next time you spell my name incorrectly, I promise
> > you that I will insult you.
> >
> > I do not lend credence to anything.
> > I am just an observer marking remarks far removed from the
> > realities in Cameroon. That's all".
> >
> > Go ahead and insult me all you want. I don't give a damn about
> your name is spelt. When I happen to hit the right keys next
time I
> might come up with the correct spelling. I am sure you have been
> dying to do that for some time now and I would not want you to
> suffocate with such a burden in you. After you have relieved
> yourself kindly look at the facts below.This is what you wrote
> >
> > "15 years later in 2007, right in his own backyard
> > of Santa, Ni John Fru Ndi, is struggling for his
> > very own SDF victory in what was otherwise an
> > SDF turf. Ni John Fru Ndi has been given a major
> > headache by the CPDM Section President of Santa
> > aka Mezam II. Dwindling political fortunes for the SDF.
> > How time changes things.
> > The SDF apparently can no longer pull the sort of
> > crowds they once pulled in 1992. Fall-outs within
> > the ranks of the SDF. From Mr. Ben Muna of AFP, to
> > others." Pa Fru Nde.
> > My objection to your posting was not based on the fact that you
> did anything wrong. I just said it was misleading because a
> person reading what you wrote will conclude that the SDF on a
> playing field has lost popularity to the ruling party. That is
> absolutely false. If you take a look at real reporting, writers
> always qualify the facts they put down. So if you say the SDF has
> lost political grounds in Santa to the CPDM you just balance this
> with the fact that it is common knowledge that special effort and
> tactics are employed by the ruling party to make that happen. For
> example vote buying, police /gendarme harrasment of opposition
> supporters and the charges of ferrying ambulant voters to Santa
> the CPDM. It does not neccessarily mean these accusations are
> but it balances the story and the reader is left to make an
> decision on the validity of the report.
> > That is all
> > Have a nice day
> > FEN
> >
> > pafrundeh wrote:
> > FEN aka Divine Rhyme,
> >
> > For the umpteenth time, I insist that you spell my names
> > correctly. The spelling is: Pa Fru Ndeh. Thank You.
> > The next time you spell my name incorrectly, I promise
> > you that I will insult you.
> >
> > I do not lend credence to anything.
> > I am just an observer marking remarks far removed from the
> > realities in Cameroon. That's all.
> >
> > And if you care enough, you will notice that just about
> > everything that I have written, or communicated with you
> > in particular is coming to pass.
> >
> > The people in Cameroon are the Big People. Not Me.
> > All the Opposition Political Parties lent Credence to
> > the elections by agreeing to participate. What difference
> > did my observations make well after the fact?
> >
> > Like I told you before in 1992, the Gov't promised salary
> > cuts of 70% to people and did exactly that.
> >
> > This time around again, in 2007, they have won in their
> > "electoral consultations". Cameroon does NOT conduct
> > democratic elections if that is what you ever thought.
> > Cameroon is governed under a liberal autocracy, and every
> > five years or seven years, Cameroon engages in "electoral
> > consultations" very like Egypt which engages in "referendums".
> > That is why other than Omar Bongo Ondimba of Gabon the longest
> > serving African leaders are Hosni Moubarak of Egypt and
> > Paul Biya of Cameroon.
> >
> > Again, like I had written and told you before, power in
> > has never changed hands via the ballot box, and it certainly
> > will not be the case in the next five years. Power will change
> > hands to an aboriginal anglophone of west cameroon extraction.
> > But not through the ballot box. And with your myopic viewlens,
> > blocked by the porridge on your nose, you cannot see this.
> >
> > Tell you what, I am happy to hear that a lady I know is now
> > Mayor of Santa, Dr. Lucy Mbangwana. I am not even sure of
> > the party that she is running under. Maybe CPDM or is it SDF?
> >
> > Blessed Be Cameroon
> > Pa Fru Ndeh
> > _____________________________________
> >
> > --- In [email protected], Divine Rhyme
> > >
> > > Dear Pa Fru Nde
> > > "15 years later in 2007, right in his own backyard
> > > of Santa, Ni John Fru Ndi, is struggling for his
> > > very own SDF victory in what was otherwise an
> > > SDF turf. Ni John Fru Ndi has been given a major
> > > headache by the CPDM Section President of Santa
> > > aka Mezam II. Dwindling political fortunes for the SDF.
> > > How time changes things.
> > >
> > > The SDF apparently can no longer pull the sort of
> > > crowds they once pulled in 1992. Fall-outs within
> > > the ranks of the SDF. From Mr. Ben Muna of AFP, to
> > > others." Pa Fru Nde.
> > > I just copied this from your posting. Your analysis is
> misleading.
> > If anything, and you probably did not see it this way, you are
> > indirectly granting credibility to the government's electoral
> > process. If you have to use the "dwindling political fortunes"
> > the SDF - and other parties for that matter - as a yard stick
> > determine popularity of political parties in Cameroon, then
> are
> > confirming that we have a fair electoral system, transparent
> > government etc What then should Cameroonians be complaining
> > > You are wrong and dead wrong. I agree that the SDF does not
> pull
> > the crowds anymore as it used to. Cameroonians are just like
> > everybody elseall over the world . They get tired at one
> They
> > are not just toys or electronic equipment you manipulate by
> remote
> > control. They see and understand the obstacles in front of
> > There are very few Cameroonians who could believe that the
> western
> > democracies will not rally behind them to flush this regime
> of
> > power. Call such hope anything you want I will agree with
> Even
> > when it came to observer missions during elections in Cameroon
> many
> > Cameroonians felt these missions will without the shadow of a
> doubt
> > find the government wanting on all counts. It is now that most
> > Cameroonians have firmly grasped the idea that western
> do
> > not really care what to change dictatorships rich in Natural
> > resources like Cameroon so far as they can have the means of
> > extracting the raw materials they need. Cameroonians
> > > thought these western nations meant what they said when
> > promised to support democratic movements to replace Biya type
> > dictatorships.Apart from some feeble taps on the wrists, no
> western
> > country has bothered and the dictators have succeeded to fake
> > sorts of elections and won all of them. Give credit to the
> Cameroon
> > people that they are reasonable enough to know when there is
> in
> > futility. They too can be weary of a situation. They are human
> too.
> > > Secondly the internal squabbles in opposition parties should
> > examined with common sense too. I find it hard to understand
> > people should wonder why in an organisation there are greedy,
> > corrupt, and dishonest people within its ranks. Is it humanly
> > possible to create a whole administering organ in any
> organisation
> > where everybody there is honest - be it the government,
> > party, corporation, social groups etc? The selection of people
> > run a political or revolutionary organisation is more
> > since faced with a hostile and brutal regime people are
> to
> > run organisations not based .on their positive administrative
> > attributes but mostly on their bravery. Do you honestly think
> these
> > organosation have a choice to do better? I read somewhere in
> French
> > history during the 1789 revolution that in a period of anarchy
> > people are reminded not of their rights but of their duties.
> > government also leaves no opportunity to distabilize any
> > organisation
> > > considered a threat to its existence. Most important too is
> the
> > fact that as much as the judicial system is sadly flawed in
> > country in general, these parties do not have any legal
> to
> > use in correcting unwanted behaviour.Look at this situation.
> > elected mayor of a municipality is from an opposition party.
> is
> > accused of fraud and corruption. There is no recall electoral
> system
> > in Cameroon. The judicial system is corrupt and works to the
> corrupt
> > offcials advantage even if the matter reaches it - and it
> > does. What do you expect the political party to do to this
> > disgraceful mayor. But the government is just too happy to
> to
> > that mayor in the end using him to discredit he whole party.
> > political organisations are incapable to sanction their own
> members
> > even for internal misconduct Before you blame the SDF or
> well
> > structured political parties kindly look into what they can
> > cannot do. Even if a member embezzles money in the party,
> > > they find it so hard to bring that person to book. I would
> agree
> > that thee could be improvement in many areas for them to
> as
> > perfect and accountable organisations. The general legal
> environment
> > is hostile to them and even ordinary Cameroonians, and does
> > permit them to operate smoothly.
> > >
> > > Making statements that because they no longer pull such and
> such a
> > crowd, they did not win this and that election etc are simply
> > misguided conclusions because the odds against them are
> monumental
> > and the Cameroonian people are not sheep or robots that will
> on
> > responding in the same manner all the time.Give the Cameroon
> people
> > some credit that they too can think and understand that there
> a
> > bigger force outside Cameroon that is impeding their struggle
> > equality and justice.When the struggle began it responded to
> > socio-political variables of those days.The political parties
> > operated on those lines too.Thing might not have worked out
> the
> > better but thank God there are still some people willing to
> the
> > flame alive because we have not seen any improvement yet. If
> > anything things have degenerated instead. Time will come when
> > another tactic will be employed. It might work. It took the
> current
> > president of Senegal decades to win over the presidency. It
> > > took late Khabila decades to unseat Mobutu. It is not easy
> win
> > against an entrenched tyrant backed by a huge array of natural
> > resources. I will instead just encourage these people to at
> least
> > keep the flames burning. They have not lost the war yet -a
> > battle? maybe.
> > > Have a nice day
> > > FEN
> > >
> > > Pa Fru Ndeh
> > wrote:
> > > Politics: How Time Changes Things
> > >
> > > By 1982, when Ahmadou Ahidjo was leaving power,
> > > even though officially referred to as the
> > > "illustrious predecessor" fact is that he
> > > was a huge annoyance to Cameroonians. Once
> > > he left power, it was as if a huge dark
> > > nimbus cloud had left the skies of the
> > > nation. Paul Biya who took over in November 1982
> > > was very gladly welcomed by the masses. He drew
> > > thousands wherever he visited during his national
> > > tours. Women thronged to the streets to get a
> > > glimpse of a handsome President. That was the
> > > new deal. The cold coup of 1983 and the actual
> > > coup d'etat of April 1984 created a wedge in the
> > > mindset of Paul Biya & Cameroon would never be
> > > the same. The late 1980's saw a once buoyant &
> > > opulent economy deteriorate into the doldrums. By
> > > 1990, Paul Biya lost favor completely with
> > > Cameroonians. He became taboo, then. The SDF
> > > was born in May 1990 under struggle and the bravery
> > > of Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, formerly a CNU party
> > > member. Cameroonians thronged to see Ni John Fru
> > > Ndi wherever he went. He pulled crowds similar
> > > or at least comparable to the crowds Paul Biya
> > > had when he just took over the Supreme Magistracy
> > > in 1982. From Yagoua, Fotocol, Garoua, Ngaoundere,
> > > Tibati, Abong Mbang, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Yaounde,
> > > Sangmelima, Douala, Bertoua and Ambam huge crowds
> > > thronged to welcome Ni John Fru Ndi.
> > >
> > > By 1992 when Presidential elections were organized,
> > > even in Quartier Generale in Yaounde, the army voted
> > > for Ni John Fru Ndi. When a state of emergency was
> > > declared in the NW Province, the army who were sent
> > > to put him under house arrest, instead protected
> > > him. In turn, the same army which was ill-fed by
> > > the Gov't which sent them, Ni John Fru Ndi gave
> > > them food and they were one happy family.
> > > The incumbent President Paul Biya declared victory
> > > with the help of the elite army Generals. To thwart
> > > Ni John Fru Ndi, he(Paul Biya) appointed an
> > > Aboriginal Anglophone of West Cameroon extraction
> > > from the same Santa region as Ni John Fru Ndi,
> > > Mr. Achidi Achu as his Prime Minister with two
> > > Assistant Vice-Prime Ministers.
> > >
> > > 15 years later in 2007, right in his own backyard
> > > of Santa, Ni John Fru Ndi, is struggling for his
> > > very own SDF victory in what was otherwise an
> > > SDF turf. Ni John Fru Ndi has been given a major
> > > headache by the CPDM Section President of Santa
> > > aka Mezam II. Dwindling political fortunes for the SDF.
> > > How time changes things.
> > >
> > > The SDF apparently can no longer pull the sort of
> > > crowds they once pulled in 1992. Fall-outs within
> > > the ranks of the SDF. From Mr. Ben Muna of AFP, to
> > > others.
> > >
> > > Augustin Frederick Kodock of UPC seems to be losing
> > > in his native Nyong et Kelle. At such an advanced
> > > age of about 80, it comes as no surprise. Besides,
> > > Mami Moumie had stated clearly that her husband Mr.
> > > Felix Moumie had warned against Kodock and that he
> > > was not a genuine UPC militant. Oh, UPC!! I cry for
> > > UPC. This is the party of old, the original party
> > > of which Paul Biya himself was a member during his
> > > school boy days in France. The Party that Nelson
> > > Mandela's ANC learned from. It is in Nelson
> > > Mandela's memoirs.
> > >
> > > Bello Bouba Maigari's UNDP is gaining some ground
> > > again in the North. The UNDP is a party which after
> > > the 1992 elections had 68 seats in parliament forcing
> > > the CPDM to form a Presidential majority with Dakole
> > > Daissala's MDR. UNDP even though had 68 seats for 5
> > > years did absolutely little or nothing. That in itself
> > > was a very unfortunate situation because when you talk
> > > about laws being passed which need an absolute(2/3)
> > > majority, in a parliament of 180, that is 120.
> > > UNDP could block all maneouvres by CPDM because at
> > > the number 68, CPDM could never attain 120. The UNDP
> > > parliamentarians were however lull in their approach,
> > > showed their political amateurism or immaturity if you
> > > prefer, and never introduced a private member's bill.
> > > Bello Bouba Maigari, a one time Prime Minister in 1982's
> > > focus was rather to be and maybe even continues to be
> > > President of the nation. Obviously, by 1997 they were
> > > clearly voted out.
> > >
> > > MDR seems to be gaining some ground in the Far North.
> > > Mr. Dakole Daissala had in the past been properly maltreated
> > > by General Asso'o Emane Benoit. The Kirdi are again
> > > voting for their brother. It is unclear whether CPDM
> > > will win in Kolofata; Mr. Amadou Ali who hails from
> > > Kolofata has been in gov't since 1983, and even though
> > > has said that his power comes from the far north, he has
> > > also said he is not running for President b/c he has
> > > no degree. I am sure he would like to see an Aboriginal
> > > Anglophone of West Cameroon extraction be the next
> > > President of Cameroon on or before 2011.
> > >
> > > Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya's intellectually inclined CDU
> > > still remains a party concentrated in the Noun Valley
> > > in the Western Province and nowhere else. Hence it
> > > should come as no surprise if he maintains his seats.
> > >
> > > Voter apathy is rife throughout the national territory.
> > > People are not voting at all, because as far as they
> > > know it, their vote will not mean a thing since the
> > > level of fraud beats the human imagination. Cameroonians
> > > view voting as an exercise in futility.
> > > Cameroonians abroad do not vote, and such a pitiful
> > > circumstances even if we were nomads of sorts, plays
> > > out as normal, with no one uttering a word.
> > > When people refuse to vote, it is clearly a salient
> > > form of protest, which in turn would mean that
> > > whichever leaders are "elected" lack legitimacy in
> > > the eyes of the people. Cameroonians, therefore
> > > cannot change their leaders via democratic means.
> > > It is therefore imperative that other means be
> > > sought, diligently followed through and implemented
> > > with practical certainty to change their leader.
> > >
> > > Politics, how time changes things.
> > >
> > > Blessed Be Cameroon
> > > Pa Fru Ndeh
> > >
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mk the southerner

Untedstesofafrica forgive me but there is some thing wrong with u. U dont even know what SCNC stands for, u just pest things here because u see others pestting not because u try to understand their points before counter.

How on earth will u say SCNC solving or looking at the problems of Cameroun, did we or have we ever told u in this forum that we come from Cameroun? that we will be interested in their problems? U asked what will happen to Southern Cameroonians working with the frogs. Right now are there not Southern Cameroonians working in Nigeria,USA,Canada and so on.They will be free to work any where sofa as they agree to the immigration laws of the countries they fine themselves in.

I dont even see any Southern Cameroonian working with the frogs in a free Southern Cameroons instate the frogs will berg to marry our daughters for papers. For we will need people for odd jobs. The prob with u is that u are not arguing to learn u would have read the Southern Cameroons history.

Ma Mary

You are losing your cool, UnitedStatesofAfrica. FYI, that is the first mark of an amateur and what you call dictatorship is commonsense. You would be my enemy if you adamantly stand in my way to regain my freedom.

To answer your point, you have no idea what I and we are doing to relieve the suffering of those whom you call "anglophones". Our connections to those efforts will not be made public for now, to minimise the possibility that they would be blocked by the occupier and wasted. We are behind so many things that you cannot even guess what they are. I shall leave it at that.

I would just hint that any consideration that our people get from the frog occupiers now, is partially in response to our pressure. They want to be seen in a better light by Southern Cameroonians, because really, they would care less if we were not putting their feet to the fire and threatening to walk out with our people.

That does not mean it is a mere threat. We "SHALL walk away" with our people, to paraphrase Ntemfac Ofege.


Rexon and followers;We demand apologises for qualifying us as fools. Failure to do this may cost you a great deal.You have until Monday to formally present apologises. Be wise, show some sense of leadership,political consciousness and diplomatic maturity.
In this forum every mind is great for great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and little minds people. This forum has taken a different turn. I have observed we no longer agrue on logical basis. The SCNC clan headed by Rexonn hadly ever see anything good cooming from their ideological oponents headed by USA. Let SCNC members understand diversity of opinion is the basis of this forum.
I understand USA at times may react angrily to this unhealthy qualifications and respond in like manner. We're not talking here about illitrates and the educated, about SDF and SCNC,about Rexon and USA; we're talking about Cameroon. How can we improve the institutions in place?.Some have choosen the SDF, some the SCNC, all are roads that may lead us somewhere.God alone knows when. In convincing your fellow man on the short comings of his viewpoint, please abstain from using insults and disqualifications:such is the nature of the SCNC clan. We're in this forum to learn, not to learn that, we're fools; for we already know we are: as the only thing we know is that we know nothing.Nontheless our teachers should humble themselves and teach with humility for if they continue to remind us of our foolishness every now and then,they may end up loosing the fight:any wise that fights with a fool looses.
Your humble servant

Ma Mary

Simplice, that was very deep and touching. I agree that it is possible to disagree without becoming thoroughly unpleasant. It is in order to ask for a truce, but it is in poor form to attribute blame in what was an equitable scuffle.

This is the rub, buddy. We do not think the SDF is being honest. As presently contituted it does not represent the interests of the Southern Cameroons. Its business is taking power in Yaounde and perhaps improving on the institutions of la Republique du Cameroun. That is a perfectly noble and legitimate goal, which we would normally regard with the same intensity we would regard politics in say Kenya: interesting but nothing we can do about it. The problem is that we think you are a distraction from Southern Cameroonians focusing their energies on liberation like a laser.

We think that the FrancoCamerounese cabal in power gives you just enough political space to afford them some credibility, but will NEVER allow you anywhere near the levers of power in Yaounde. That was the meaning of last election. What do you want to do? Play their game on their rules again and again and again? To do that, would not be learning. It would indeed be foolish (no offense intended).

It is our duty to ensure that Southern Cameroonians not be led down that road again. In 1993, I was about to continue down this path, when I had the good fortune to meet Sam Elad and Carlson Anyangwe, the founders of what later came to be called the SCNC. They had the prescience to foresee that the SDF would be led down the road to the desolate cul-de-sac where it finds itself today. The Southern Cameroons question could never be effectively asked by a political party structured like SDF as PanCamerounese Party. The SDF is not a Parti Quebequois and a Parti Quebecois for the Southern Cameroons is not a bad idea, but that is not what the SCNC is to answer a question.

Boniface Forbin's Party is not a Parti Quebecois because it is not advocating for the independence of the Southern Cameroons the way PQ is strongly advocating for the independence of Quebec.

SDFers like to claim that SDF and Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement as represented by SCNC, SCARM, SCYL, SCAPO, Ambazonia etc are fighting for the same thing. They are very different, and it is dishonest to make that claim. It rankles true Southern Cameroons advocates and is at the bottom of the hot exchanges here. It is also disconcerting when individuals like USAFrica do not read the record, and ignore the issues and flouting of the law that led to our predicament and begin to sound like a broken record Riccardo.

This is an unusual weekend for me to have the time to put so much into this debate, but I hope the people are reading and listen.


SCNC is fighting for the restoration of southern cameroons. I want to ask the SCNC people what will happen after the restoration of southern cameroons, how would we survive?
I am still looking for someone to answer just a few questions i have for the SCNC

We all know the world has technologically advanced and the less developed countries are lagging behind. When Southern Cameroons suceeds to secede from La republique, it would need to ask for a lot of international aid in order to kickstart it's economy. As a newly-created country, it would need financial assistance to move forward.., with the already indebted nature of africahow do you guys plan to pay back your debts? Also, we all know that when a country secedes, it needs to boasts its trades in order to make its currency strong enough to compete in the international. How do you guys intend to strengthen trade? how to do plan to tackle the problem of African goods being discriminated in the E.U and other international markets? how will you solve this problem that makes our farmers poorer and Western traders richer?

Please I need answers.



Truths are truths and facts are facts. It would be wrong for me to attempt to twist the truth simply because i have some egoistic objective. What is most worrying is that, Southern Cameroonias are constantly being taken down the path of destruction. By unscrupulous people who want to twist the truth. And when we struggle to tell them the truth, they tend to think we are the fools. They lie to us, kill us, etc. and want us to accept the current status quo.

There are several issues at stake here if any Southern Cameroonian accept the current status quo with La Republique. It is either the Southern Cameroonian is ignorant of the facts and issues at stake here or is following fools making him foolish. No offense indeed. Those who came during campaign time lying to us, they took us for fools. Those who listened are fools. I have not said so, but by listening, they said they are fools. And by them coming to lie to themselves pretending to be lying to the Cameroonian people, they are fools. Then what is wrong in that? See here, someone struggling to defend a United States of Africa, when thesame United States of Africa have endorsed the sovereignty of Western Sahara. Thats la Republique, coming through another colour. Should we listen to him? We just have to ask him questions, and questions. We are talking about people here,and not animals. People who have survived several generations living on falsehood. People who have been raped, maimed and killed by colonial agents. People whose whole life have been enslaved.

Can you celebrate and participate in antics by your slave masters to continue the enslavement of your people. The honest answers might be no. During slavery, there were the classes of people who stood for the truth and died for the truth. There were those who wanted to gain favours from their masters and failed to recognise the truth. If you people want to rule foreign land, then you are claiming humility simply because you want to satisfy the antics of your master. I am sorry sir, i cannot pretend to stay humble to my enemy. If i want to stay humble, i must have some ulterior motives and that cannot be for long. Permit me sir, inform you that, i have met prominent citizens of La Republique who are also for us. That is because, they have recognised these truths and very much ready to help us. Ironically, they are seldom giving the possibility.

USA, you appears to be a novice and that is why you ask many questions that in my opinion either does not make sense or you are an agent of La Republique. You ask for policies, after struggling to misinform others about us.

What you have failed to understand is that on strictly moral grounds, you owe Southern Cameroonians proponents an apology here for several reasons as listed below:

1-You are deliberately misdirecting their true course and motives and arguing that they are fighting for Cameroun. That is surely la Republique coming in many colours.

Correction: We are fighting for the restoration of the independent statehood of the Southern Cameroons.

2-You are misinforming readers here that the SCNC is a political party. That is surely la Republique in another colour coming like a snail. Since they have succeeded in manipulating all their political parties including our own SDF, they want to use that to tell our people that all Southern Cameroonians are hungry people.

Correction: The SCNC is not a political party.

3-Many of you of the SDF are forcing us to celebrate the day we were enslaved (20th may), to partake in the different charades on our land orchestrated by la republique, they are struggling to legitimise the crimes against humanity that la republique has committed on our land, etc.

Once you accept that you have learnt some truths that, the SCNC is not a political party, that a slave should not on strictly moral grounds celebrate the day he was enslaved, i will have answers on your policies.


United States of Africa wrote:

"As a political party fighting for change, what message has SCNC given to anglophnes about how to solve the problem of the rigged elections?"

This man must surely be an agent of La Republique paid here by the likes of the Ondo Ndongs to counter our quest for independence as he knows not a thing about the SCNC and her objectives. Plain ignorance.


I am comforted when I can still find that there are Cameroonians who understand the political terrain in Cameroon and can reason like FEN aka Divine Rhyme; one can grasp sense in what he writes.
Princekumba, I hope the empty vessels on the forum will learn something from that posting.

Ma Mary

USAfrica, those are minor questions, secondary considerations. Debts?

At the end of any rupture between states, such as Czechoslovakia breaking up, there will be dialogue. There is always dialogue, whether people get there peacefully or through conflict. There will be allocation of assets and debts as in any divorce. The truth of the matter is that there has been a net flow of resources from Southern Cameroons to la Republique and not in the other direction, so la republique owes us. In the matter of international debts, only a minute percentage of the debts incurred by la republique came to develop Southern Cameroons, so la republique should be the one worrying about how it would pay its debts and not us. FEAR OF DEBTS SHOULD NOT BE A REASON TO REMAIN A SLAVE. We shall be more capable of satisfying creditors than la republique. We have resources and brains. We shall find a way. We are optimistic and have a long historical view. We are not intimidated by minor things like you are. Perhaps there will be some difficult times initially, but we have and abundance of food and we have oil. We shall make it through the initial difficulties just fine. Stop mongering fear.

Innovation is not one of the strengths of la republique, whose government is primarily interested in raiding the public coffers for personal ends. USAfrica, will shall innovate and prevail. You are raising up straw men. Rwanda started as ashes. It was burned to the ground by the same forces that hold us prisoner in la Republique. Something interesting is happening in Rwanda now 13 years after the French sponsored genocide there. Check out this report by one of our brothers:

The most important resource is human will, human dreams, human desire. La republique has stunted and restricted our freedom to dream and to accomplish that dream. You, UnitedStatesofAfrica are a product of that conditioning, raising little strawmen of fear as a distraction. I am sure that there were slaves in the American South who despaired about the end to slavery, because it might mean more responsibility over one's own destiny and more uncertainty. But, freedom is better than slavery under any circumstances, even when it is harder than slavery. Make your choice. Stay with la republique if you must, but we must have our country back, regardless of the difficulties.

A certain disease ate up the American body politic over the past half century. The advertisers convinced opinion and souls that it was more important to be a consumer (an economic entity of importance to corporations) than to be a citizen (a free human agent interested in the common good of his or her country). Citizenship is risky and more difficult but in my opinion much preferrable. In a sense, UnitedStatesofAfrica is singing the sirene song of consumerism. Citizenship has to take precedence over consumerism. At this time, Southern Cameroonians are really not citizens of anything.

Even the mercenary Southern Cameroonian prime ministers of la Republique, Achu, Mosonge, Inoni do not have the keys to the inner sanctum, the unholy of unholies of Camerounese pseudopower (pseudopower, because the real power is still Paris). They are a mask designed to control the Southern Cameroons colony and to steal their riches. SDF politicking since 1992 has only served to confirm and to reinforce that fact, which was already very obvious.

We have no interest in playing their game. If SDF reconstitutes itself into a Parti Quebecois type entity or if such an entity arose, we would support it; a party within la republique with a clear and uncompromising Southern Cameroons agenda, focused on Southern Cameroons issues and using its representatives to work the Southern Cameroons agenda, we shall support it as part of the Southern Cameroons struggle. The chimera called SDF DOES NOT represent us and we are here to inform our people so they stop being used.

This is Ma Mary signing out for now. Have a pleasant rest of weekend.

Ma Mary

May I add one thing before I go. If you have a special insight and knowlege about international debts, join the struggle so that the movement learns something, but we intend to keep pushing regardless.


UnitedStatesofAfrican, instead of just mockingly asking questions, why don’t you help find answers? And if you are not interested in finding answers, because you are content with the status quo, why not just keep quiet and stop distracting those looking for answers?

Legima Doh

USAfrica if you are truly a southern cameroonian,then something is obnoxiously wrong with you unless you make us see plainly how sound you are.We are seeing you to be an enigma and you have proved to be so beyond any iota of reasonable doubt.

I went through the comments posted by Comrades,Simplice, Rexon,Ma Mary,Mk the Southerner and Dadiceman and they were all unputdownable.We all can testify from their comments that there is real wisdom and virtue in the truth.Are we learning?oh Yes,the wise learns even from the foolishness of the foolish ones but the foolish ones don't learn even from the wisdom of the wise ones.

Peace Shall Reign.

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

Simplice this is one of the reasons why some people call others fools.

You said this to SCNC activist ".... we're talking about Cameroon. How can we improve the institutions in place?"

You and who are talking about Cameroon, who told u we are interested with Cameroon's institutions. The earlier u know that we have are country called Southern Cameroons the better. When u are talking to sdf vanguards, yes u can call that your Cameroon. To us that your Cameroon is not different from Nigeria, Togo, Chad, UK. USA etc. They are all foreigns to us.

I am waiting for that time when you will fine some of us to give us a hand check.


There are so many interesting guys in this forum.In fact,their comments are so amusing.Just hear one of them...... "You and who are talking about Cameroon, who told u we are interested with Cameroon's institutions. The earlier u know that we have are country called Southern Cameroons the better. When u are talking to sdf vanguards, yes u can call that your Cameroon. To us that your Cameroon is not different from Nigeria, Togo, Chad, UK. USA etc. They are all foreigns to us.Mr mk the southerner,if i might asked,are u presently located in that cameroon administered by the same Biya and agents or somewhere else?what about your families?So how can u say that u are not interested in the wellbeing of them.

We really need to some time watch out over what we write here.I understand the way some of you guys might be feeling after over 25 years with this coward called biya,but pointing fingers or insults to your fellow brother in the same shoe just because his opinion differs from yours is not a solution,rather it´s a way of scaring him from joining you in the struggle.

I´ll also want to make reference to the fact that not all that glitter is gold.By this i mean,when biya first came to power,everybody was so happy thinking that he will create opportunities for everyone,but instead he succeeded in driving cameroonians away from their fatherland to languish in europe and America as refugees or asylum seekers.When NJF came around 1990,even the frogs joint him in the fight thinking that all will change suddenly,but with biya strong machinery,military,money and strong european allied,he succeeded in stealing out our victories.And today,it could be recount that it´s 17 good years gone since the sdf emerge,and nothing solid has happen.

Well,just like the sdf has wasted some 17 good years in vein, the scnc has also wasted over 10 good years in the struggle,but yet we still come here and writes as if the scnc is like a year or two old.

My greatest worries now are;when will this sdf or scnc make life better for us?I am personally tired with this slogan or sying that "when we will take over our country and bla bla bla".when will all this happen?Is there no time frame?Haven´t u discovered that the life of a common man is worst that hell now in cameroon than it was before?Please there should be some action rather than words here.THANKS



You had some insightful comments. But before you ask questions, think about a couple of issues.

What are the SCNC and SDF's objectives.

I ask this question because, if you understand these two organisations well, you can form an impression of why the SDF crumbled quicly and why the SCNC needs more dedication, time and determination that may span through several generations.

The SDF was fighting to oust Biya and improve the institutions of La Republique. That was a modest objective that, given the terrain and the administrative and political records of the kleptocratic Biya regime, two years is enough to achieve her objectives. But the SCNC is more than that. We are struggling to free and provide sovereignty to a people who have been enslaved for more than 4 decades by La Republique Francaise du Cameroun. Giving this, we need to be much more tactical in our approach. We first of all have to educate our people on the true contents and nature of their history, we need to build a network of sympatisers and friends, we need to lobby international organisations to understand our plight, etc. All these takes time and it is not a win game for one generation. It is a win game for many generations to come. So, we might not achieve our objectives now, but we know that we have left a legacy of steadfastness towards La Republiques colonial regime and our children will have to take it from where we left it. I understand we live in a generation where people are respected in terms of the amount of wealth they have, but we of the SCNC, we are not respecting wealth, but the ability to stand for the truth.

Permit me inform you that, the SDF is our enemy, giving its objectives.

mk the southerner

Pricekumba my every thing is in the Southern Cameroons. If u think I am not protecting my family from this wolf then u are not correct and does not no truly what SCNC mean to any right thinking Southern Cameroonian. My reason for fighting now is my family's interest and to those other families who has know one to fight for them.

I do not respect the institution of frogs because i am not one. And i still stand to tell u their institutions mean nothing to me
Paul can rule his country for the next 35 years again that is and will never be my concern. I am not fighting to move Biya out of his presidency because that is not any of my interest, my family and Southern Cameroonians will gain nothing even if he is kicked out.

Yes all that glitters is not gold, mr man we are not following the glittering of this our gold we are following but the gold for we know it and we had held it once.

Danny Boy

Brothers and Sisters of the Forum,
a few days ago I suggested that we move this debate forwards with a plan of action. Been rumminating on this subject since and it dawned on me that Rexons' postings, however annoying to SDF sympathisers, contain in them, the seeds of possible change in Cameroon. When he repeatedly talks of "the SDF colouring a non-existent democracy in Cameroon". This sentence or phrase alone bugs me and I have been thinking of a response suitable.
Brother Rexon, the SDF is not your enemy, nor should it be held responsible for what is politically wrong in our country. I tell you those who are responsible. All Cameroonians, especially those who are employed by the State, are responsible for this mess. Do not tell me I am talking economies, for you know that failed economies have tripped a good number of Western governments. I do not need to give you examples.
What am I talking about? Civil Strife is my action plan, that is what. A few weeks ago, the nurses went on strike. I am curious to know whether their demands were met for them to go back to work. Apart from the nurses, the other thousands who work for months without salaries!!! Why do they do it? These are the persons who are keeping Biya in power, not the SDF or any opposition parties.
Brothers and Sisters, look at Italy, the most politically corrupt country in Europe. I was pleasantly amused when I read on this forum of their Ambassador in Cameroon lecturing our politicians on transparency! I told myself, look who is calling the kettle black. That aside, the important point I would want to make here is this. Italian politicians may be the most corrupt in Europe, but Italy belongs to the G7. A strong economy that caters for their well-being and they are happy. Very few give a hoot to the political machinations of the Berlusconis and his Cosa Nostra brotherhood-lums! They are fine.
Given our failed attempts to advance the political process in our country, it is surely time to attack the economic front. A workers revolution, I say. Not striking for a day or two, but downing tools until whenever necessary. That should cripple Biya's government.
Some of you might have heard of "the winter of discontent" here in Britain in 1978. That is what brought down Callaghan's government. Simply put, this was a strike by the dustmen or refuse collectors. The streets of London were knee deep in rubbish. The army was brought in but they could not do a good job. Other unions joined in, Callaghan called for an election and lost to Thatcher.
Civil Strife, Civil Strife, my brothers and sisters. (to be continued.)


Brother Danny Boy,

I had wanted to ring you to discuss some practical policy issues with you as requested. When i come back from a trip abroad, i will try to get in touch.

Concerning your write-up above, i just have some simple questions for you. When u talk of our country, which country are you referring to? My own country is under foreign occuption and some of those things you cited above are not under our control. So what we of the Southern Cameroons need to do is to first of all fight for our freedom.

Truly, La Republique can employ those tactics above but we would surely have a different path to change. Our leaders have prepared some interested policy proposals for our future state and we would implement them in the appropriate time.

Brother Danny Boy, the SDF is truly my enemy as they have been helping La Republique to bring bandits into our land and enslave our people. Even its chairman conspired and brought a French gambling company into the heart of Bamenda. Not only them but even our parents some of which are my uncles, brothers and sisters supporting La Republique are enemies to not only me but all true Southern Cameroonians. To be honest, i really dislike the SDF because they also dislike my freedom. When i talk of colouring an inexistant democracy, i mean just many things. I can elaborate if you want, but for now, do have a pleasant day.



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I am not surprised that these dictators o fthe SCNC are attacking me simply for asking questions. What is wrong with the questions I asked? I don't have answers and that is why I was making sure that the people who are claiming to fight for liberation have the answers. Look at Eritrea; they broke away from Ethiopia but are they better off? are they not facing severe economic problems too? so what is wrong to ask these questions to make sure that Southern Cameroons does not fall into the same trap? Ma Mary said that the fear of debt should not make us remain a slave. True, BUT IT SHOULD NOT ALSO MAKE A SLAVE FOLLOW SOMEONE WHO PROMISES TO LIBERATE HIM WITHOUT ASKING THE LIBERATOR HOW HE PLANS TO LIBERATE THIS LIBERATOR MIGHT EVEN TURN OUT TO BE WORSE THAN THE SLAVE'S CURRENT MASTER IF QUESTIONS ARE NOT ASKED.I would not buy into flashy sentences, threats, petty insults and lofty promises until I see a working plan. Period.



When Eric Motomu of the infamous tabloid Chronicle, sought to know from Mr Ntemfac Ofege whether he was pleased with the highhandedness of the Cpdm,which in order to survive continues to disenfranchise Cameroonians, Mr Ofege as a political communicator failed to grasp all the contours of this question. The question can be put to him again: that having served as a Cpdm spin-doctor prior to these elections,moonlighting from his hide ¨Cout in self-exile on how the party could carve out special constituencies in order to floor the SDF,how happy is he for being such a strategist? Before Mr Ofege answers this question ,it is worth noting that Cameroonians are looking on with disbelief, surprised that this man becomes so estatic,inundating the columns of tabloids with an inventory of Biya`s defrauding antics. Wouldn`t it have been better for him to start off by telling the worl that his advice to the Cpdm was decisive in bringing about the poor show of the SDF he loathes so much? If today he is so scared to tell the Cameroonian people that his ideas contributed in their disenfranchisement, it is only natural for him to fruitlessly try to place himself on a high moral pedestal.
Mr Ofege has come clear why Cameroonians only hear him, either when he is coaching the Cpdm ,or when he is throwing rocks at the SDF,and its leader.His problem is that he advised Fru Ndi in 1997 to preferably hold a NEC meeting in Buea,but he refused ,and subsequently sent unprincipled characters like Mbah Ndam, and Akonteh to parliament.The underlying message here is that by accepting to hold the NEC meeting in Buea,and sendindg principled characters like him to parliament, Biya would never have rigged elections thereafter. Petit wits! We are 10 years past 1997 , how has Mr Ofege used this vision of his to bring about a strategic set back for Biya.Has he not reduced himself to a fratricidal war ?
Mr Ofege has suddenly become omniscient ,and it has just dawned on him that it is the Head of State that has the privilege to define policies.But how could these ideas have slipped Mr Ofege`s mind just a year ago,when he failed to use his skills as a political communicator to advise his peers not to send a Memo to this same Head of State requesting Independent Candidates in elections.This is a man who has crafted the doom of the SDF,but shortsightedly boasts of the party`s Anglophone blueprint ,as compared to what he calls French sponsored Cpdm thievery. Without the SDF, we wouldn`t have been hearing from Ofege since he slipped away from his Cpdm mentors in Yaounde. If today Mr Ofege conjures up the thoughts of seeing Mr Biya going in to vote with his jacket pockets stuffed with ballot papers, it is because Fru Ndi, not Bello Bouba, not Ndam Njoya has constantly put him under enormous pressure.Fru Ndi ,and the SDF are the best things Cameroonians, and Southern Cameroonians in particular have had.This party ,and its leader have pushed Biya and his cronies into one of the worst political clowns of all times.
It is myopic for Mr Ofege to think Anglo/Bamis would constitute a formidable political force,but at the same time trying to lay a lot of emphasis on the Francophone /Anglophone dichotomy. Bamilekes are Francophones , and ordinary francophones, not the wolves around Biya have voted for the SDF since 1990.When asked whether the bottom line is the francophone, and Anglophone way of life,he says yes,only to contradict himself later claiming Southern Cameroonians have no problem with the Francophones,but with the UN. What type of Political Communication has this guy been studying out there?
If the whole Cameroonian situation is grounded on the Francophone /Anglophone divide, the simple fact that Anglophones constituted themselves into a political party,and wished to compete Francophones on their own terrain is laughable.The people of Southern Cameroons are tired seeing their sons, and brothers keep playing with words ,and marking time. Hear Mr Ofege, ¡° The SDF is not Fru Ndi. Vice versa. We all created the SDF. By the way , Mr Fru Ndi and his generation are on their way out. Our generation must take over¡±.So all the coaching for the enemy Cpdm, all the verbal dysentery against Fru Ndi , are just to pray that Fru Ndi`s generation gets out of the way, and allow that of Ofege in? Where does Mr Ntemfac Ofege stand? Walk away , or keep immersing in National politics,disputing the fact that the SDF is not Fru Ndi?
It is shameful that today Mr Ofege tells the world that the Cpdm was born in Bamenda ,but that it is a foreign party. How comes it that he celebrates ,and points out the flaws of his own regional party, playing directly into the hands of the foreign Cpdm. Does he know that the constituencies he asked the Cpdm to carve out in order to beat the SDF, are his fall-back position if the Southern Cameroons were to confront Biya?Anyone will come away with the idea that by working for the Cpdm lords in Yaounde, Ntemfac Ofege was groomed to think like them.To feed fat the same grudge the Cpdm bears the SDF, he does everything to weaken the SDF.
Ntemfac Ofege is one of thoe Southern Cameroonian sons who pay lip service on newspaper columns ,while living comfortably abroad. When he is reminded that Anglophones do not have a leader, he starts brandishing congratulatory notes from members of what can be loosely termed ¡°International community¡±.Though he knows our problem cannot be solved by counting on diplomacy, and the UN, he ends up hoping that these channels become effective ,though they are slow.When we are not waiting for the courts in Banjul, we are waiting for the UN.
Today,if the world is aware of the fact that Anglophons are discriminated upon,it is thanks to the efforts of Fru Ndi,who has incessantly forced Biya into defrauding elections, and excluding us, not because people who run away from debts, and fear for their security are hiding in the West ,and denigrating their brothers.No single Anglophone leader has enjoyed estem of the people of the Southern Cameroons like Fru Ndi. Running him down is not going to turn back the hand of the clock,and make parliamentarians of people like MR Ofege.The History of the Southern Cameroons should be written with Fru Ndi as a major player.
Watesih, Friday, August 3rd 2007.

Danny Boy

who is this Ntemfac Ofege? Whilst in Cameroon in the late 80s early 90s, there was an autocue reader for CRTV, and the programme was Tam-Tam week-end. Is that the person-cum-politician?
It is a long time ago, but I will suppose he is just another turncoat of La Republique, like Ngalla Nfor Ngalla, who want us to believe now that they did not know what they were doing.
I know some wag would point to the fact that NJFN was for a long time a member of the CNU and later CPDM. True, but he still believes in the country Cameroon, unlike these upstarts who want separation.
Rexon asked me what I thought of colonisation. I abhor subjagation in whatever form, but colonisation? I can not come up with an example of any colonised people in the world today. Maybe you, Rexon would have to help me out there.
You see friends of this forum, this debate is far reaching and my reason for posting the culled piece above from [email protected] was for you to have a taster of our differing points of view. I have on several occasions mentioned camnetwork on this forum. Be ready when you get on it. There, no quarters given, nor prisoners taken.
Blessed be Cameroon.



Danny Boy,
Ntemfac Ofege is that journalist turned a frustrated politician. He joined the SDF from CRTV and bears a grudge against Fru Ndi since 1997 claiming that Fru Ndi did not pushed him to go to parliament.

Danny Boy, those debates on camnetwork are quite mature; let me know how to subscribe there.
I am tired of the childish rambling here. How can a noise maker consider ballot boxes in "Southern Cameroon" a provocation and open declaration of war if only the SDF is taking part in elections? To him the presence of ballot boxes in "southern Cameroons without the SDF participating is not a provocation. My question to these internet tigers is: What happens if a Francophone is elected to head the SDF?


"internet tigers"-Fon
haahahahaha,that was a good one..hahahaha


Unitedstatesofafrica alias Andre Fonkam,

The danny Boys, Fons, NJFN are the kind of southern Cameroonian sell-outs that can help you with your colonialism. You Bamilikies think that we must remain slaves to your economic exploitation of our land. It will never work.

I am coming.

mk the southerner

There are some Southern Cameroonians in this forum that will only see when they are blind. Except they are just the frogs in Southern Cameroonian names.

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