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Monday, 30 July 2007


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NJFN's call for the international community to annul the results of Mr Biya's charades should be an embarassment not only to himself but to all his supporters. Which international community does NJFN wants to intervene? This is a man whom a few days ago congratulated Yar'adua when he visited La Republique to legitimise his government after the charades in Nigeria. When we asked him and his supporters why he had to send messages of congratulations to a disputable election in Nigeria, we were told that elections in a country are purely an internal affair and that no country or organisation have the right to intervene in the sovereignty of a foreign nation. If he could not have respect for the Nigerian electorates, why does he want Mr Biya and other kleptocratic governments to organise a free and fair elections.

I expect NJFN should take a deep rest and stay out of politics, anything out of that, he would be embarassing himself and not only Southern Cameroonians. It is also very important that the SDF and other politicians romancing with La Republique francaise du Cameroun understands that, we are no longer ready to entertain the charades organised on our land by La Republique. Next time any political party is getting itself involved in La Republiques elections and sending candidates from the Southern Cameroons, we would consider that as a declaration of war and an act of treason on our land. All Southern Cameroonians coperating with the colonial regime whether as candidates leaders of political parties will be targeted by Southern Cameroonian activists. We are tired of all these lies to our people. Enough of all these nonsense on our land.

Legima Doh

Very pathetic comrade Rexon.I thought Ni John Fru would instead send a motion of congratulation to Mr Biya as was the Yar'Adua case and then stand down from politics in La republique.Instead,he is calling for cancellation with his everlasting hope of turning hell into heaven.Soon he will tell people to vote as a civil duty.It is an abuse of civil right to know that an election has been set to be a fraud and still participate in it.We all can see that ,all the corrupt elite of our land are super traitors.They are our stark enemies.Etame Masoma said SDF should not be voted in Nkongsamba because is it an anglophone party and has nothing to do with francophones.Is this not true?Does Ni Fru not know this and that the statement made by Inoni that SDF is a northwest party is an implementation of Biya's divide and rule policy?There is only one course in which our destiny cannot be divided unless by those who have been sold out to la Republique like the Inoni,Achidi,Nsalai,B Ndeh,Njeuma,Musonge and so on.We consider them as a target because they are badly standing in the way of our liberation.

peace shall Reign in our motherland.

legima Doh,


I now wont to believe The Post is slanting the news and not being objective and thorough in reporting on Mr. Fru Ndi's press conference.

Mr, Fru Ndi is reported to have said that "unification has failed," and that "we did not join la Republique to learn election rigging, corruption, homesexual acts etc." Why did The Post not report this?


Mr. Fru Ndi may now be drinking the same Chivas Regal that Biya enjoys so much. He freely acknowledges that "unification" has failed and then calls again for another election as the solution to that failure?

If anyone has the opportunity, including Mr. Yembe in Abakwa, tell Fru Ndi and/or his friends in this his brief moment, of say 2% clarity that:

1. His country, the Southern Cameroons remains under captive and brutal colonial rule by France masquerading as la Republique du Cameroun.

2. A vast majority of Southern Cameroonians applaud the efforts that the SDF of the "frontists" rather than those of the "politicians" deployed.

3. The people in Yaounde and Paris that he entered a deal with have not changed an iota from those his party called a boycott against and called them a people of bad faith. Why did he enter a deal with people of bad faith? How was he "compelled" to do so?

4. Those people in Yaounde are what the Hutu genocidaires of Rwanda would have become if their genocide had succeeded, because in la Republique du Cameroun, a genocide against the Camerounese patriots
did succeed!

5. Imagine if the Hutu extremists in Rwanda remained in power and became entrenched after the 1994 French genocide in Rwanda. In Mr. Biya's country, he represents the entrenched continuation of a junta that conducted France's first modern genocide in Africa. It was conducted under France's tutelage directed by the following French
Haute Commissaires: Messmer, Ramadier and Ahidjo. All the young cadres in the 1950s, 60s and 70s including Paul Biya were part of
that French contrived and tutored system that participated in this French genocide in Mr. Biya's country.

6.The actions of the DOs, SDOs, Southern Cameroonian elites TODAY are guided by
the logic of that genocide and very similar those used in Rwanda.

7. Remind them of what Max Bardet, a French helicopter pilot in French Cameroun (la Republique du Cameroun) between 1962 and 1964 testified to, that "in two years, the regular army took the Bamileke country, from the south to the north, and completely ravaged it. They massacred between 300,000 to 400,000 people. A true genocide."

8. Tell Fru Ndi and/or his friends(including Ben Muna with his AFP or is it APF party) that we have no business with colonial genocidaires and there should come home to good home cooking in a free Southern

mk the southerner

It is true lets wait till 2011 and this elections will be canceled.

A mentally deranged man in a psychiatric center who can distinguish between his left hand from his right hand is very intelligent than a man with a PhD who can not defend the truth or say do anything good for humanity.

Where u belong is your problem.

SCNC for ever.

mk the southerner

NFD if you see a wounded lion like the lion of La Rep eating its catch in its nest and u go there to fight with him in his nest over its catch what do u expect.

Ni come home and u will have your catch but not a greedy one dough.

M Nje

Well I think the post article included that message in just one sentence, "This is not the unification we voted for," he said. it is located just before the sub-headline "International Reactions"

Well i hope the post will not compromise any editorial ethics they may have.

That said, here is the question I have. According to Mr. Fru Ndi, if the SDF had been awarded 50 of 60 parliamentary seats or any number they may desire, will that mean the illegal union with La Republique is working. I don`t get it. Is the status of the illegal "Unification" determined by the performance of the SDF.

That just confirms what we have been saying here. When things get wrong with the SDF, when business is not doing well the "unification' is not working. When the SDF is doing well, "Unification" is working.

Whose interest is he protecting. It is a shame to hear this. A few days ago during a campaign rally he said Cameroun is a unitary state. After the election suddenly things have change. "Unification" is not working. GREED, GREED, GREED, and GREED is the driving force behind is double talk. He has start speaking from both sides of his mouth.

M Nje

Well I think the post article included that message in just one sentence, "This is not the unification we voted for," he said. it is located just before the sub-headline "International Reactions"

Well i hope the post will not compromise any editorial ethics they may have.

That said, here is the question I have. According to Mr. Fru Ndi, if the SDF had been awarded 50 of 60 parliamentary seats or any number they may desire, will that mean the illegal union with La Republique is working. I don`t get it. Is the status of the "Unification" determined by the performance of the SDF.

That just confirms what we have been saying here. When things get wrong with the SDF, when business is not doing well the "unification' is not working. When the SDF is doing well, "Unification" is working.

Whose interest is he protecting. It is a shame to hear this. A few days ago during a campaign rally he said Cameroun is a unitary state. After the election suddenly things have change. "Unification" is not working. GREED, GREED, GREED, and GREED is the driving force behind this double talk. He has started speaking from both sides of his mouth.


"He said Biya is using the twin elections as a smokescreen to blindfold the international community and financial donors. In so doing, Fru Ndi said, Biya thinks that the international community will be deceived to continue to pump money into Cameroon for his personal comfort and the comfort of members of his oligarchy."

What does Fon have to say about this statement from their chairman? Who have been helping this Biya and France color their inexistant democracy. Is it not the people in their parliament, the mayors, etc of the SDF that have been helping this government colour its inexistant democracy at the eyes of the international community? I had thought by now, these SDFers would understand that they cannot continue throwing waters on a decks back. Southern Cameroonians are not ready to listen to any of them. Tommorow, if PMUC reduces your rents and you have to throw them out, u will have another rhetoric for Southern Cameroonians.


Mr. John Fru Ndi, make sure you keep a copy of your current press release. You will need it when you are calling for cancellation of the presidential elections in 2011, because of fraud. Come to think of it, may be the current press release is the one you used in 1990! When will you ever learn? That is, if you have any ability to learn at all.


To all those on this forum who keep wondering about the need for the SCNC, this is why:

He revealed that, during the campaigns, Inoni openly instructed administrators in the Southwest Province "not to allow a Northwest party" (SDF) to win there."Another Minister, Etame Massoma, told Cameroonians in Nkongsamba that the SDF was an Anglophone party that had nothing to do with Francophones," Fru Ndi said.

Legima Doh

Unity is a failure.Thanks comrades Rexon,Mk the southerner,M Nje and Dadiceman.I am always elated reading your postings and those of our fellow comrades.The SDF is confused in its business strategy,she is outdated and outmoded.We want something that is a la mode for the liberation of our motherland.Hurray the SCNC.The consciousness of the SCNC is growing at an alarming rate in the psyches of the citizens of our motherland.Before we know it,it would have exploded.You know when a goat is pushed to the wall,it resorts to biting.

Peace,perfect Peace in our Land.

Legima Doh,

M Nje

That statement from Etame Massoma just adds to the list of statements from the members of La Republiques government. We had another from Mr. Ali, the Minster of justice, who refused to take questions in English during his press conference.

The truth is that these guys know we are not part of their country. They don`t just say it but act on it. Unfortunately some of us in the SDF and CPDM like Inoni, Agbortabi, Ni John Fru Ndi, etc, etc, have decided to be the JUDAS of Southern Cameroons or are completely blind. They are willing to be traitors for a few CFA francs. The truth will always come out.

This man, Etame Massoma, has been governor of South West. If the SDF is an anglophone party that has nothing to do with Francophones then he just making it clear to those who doubt it that we not part of them. Which leads one to the conclusion that while serving as Governor of South West, He knew very well he was in a few country. He was helping to fuster their ideology in their colony. Reason why he had no shame to address the people many times in French.

M Nje

Last buth third line

"foreign" country not "few" country


It is a very sound political move for Fru Ndi to call for the cancellation of the twin elections. Its very obvious that it was a charade, like the one in neighbouring Nigeria, which unfortunately he, Fru Ndi sent congratulatory messages to Yar'Adua.
Sure, I can bet my life that the elections will not be cancelled. Its therefore logical for the SDF NEC, to pass a resolution to boycott Parliament and the Councils. As to whether that can be done, with all the possible outfalls from the elected 'deputees' remains to be seen.
Anything short of that will confirm the chop-a-chop attitute of both the CPDM and SDF because apart from going to get their campaign moneys back, what can the SDF Parliamentarians do in Yaounde?
Generally, as a matter of principle and truth, the French and British Systems cannot and will never work as a political entity. My experinces, observations and the general feeling here in the UK where I live and work is that, France and Britain is like Water and Oil. They will never mix.
I got the feeling that no matter how long it takes, the two Cameroons will have to go their separate ways.
As to how that will happen without an Arms Struggle defeats my imagination.


It is a very sound political move for Fru Ndi to call for the cancellation of the twin elections. Its very obvious that it was a charade, like the one in neighbouring Nigeria, which unfortunately he, Fru Ndi sent congratulatory messages to Yar'Adua.
Sure, I can bet my life that the elections will not be cancelled. Its therefore logical for the SDF NEC, to pass a resolution to boycott Parliament and the Councils. As to whether that can be done, with all the possible outfalls from the elected 'deputees' remains to be seen.
Anything short of that will confirm the chop-a-chop attitute of both the CPDM and SDF because apart from going to get their campaign moneys back, what can the SDF Parliamentarians do in Yaounde?
Generally, as a matter of principle and truth, the French and British Systems cannot and will never work as a political entity. My experinces, observations and the general feeling here in the UK where I live and work is that, France and Britain is like Water and Oil. They will never mix.
I got the feeling that no matter how long it takes, the two Cameroons will have to go their separate ways.
As to how that will happen without an Arms Struggle defeats my imagination.


NJFN, Feli, Atangha, Fon, Tamanjong, Watesih, etc would be welcomed as brothers and sisters in the Southern Cameroonian course if they join us in good faith. But anyone coming from the SDF or any political party that has been romancing with La Republique to spy on us and stand against our way would not be tolerated. We have had enough from La Republique and we cannot allow the circle of killings, rappings, maiming to continue and NJFN and all SDFers knows that. We need our country back and we must be ready at all times to defend ourselves.


With all said and done like one of our comarades said i too can bet my life on this fact that the elections will never be cancelled Paul Biya Bi Mvondo the grand devil of all the devils has succeeded in rigging elections again which means another five years of hardship,Poverty, and you name the rest the folish Fru Ndi is there sleeping and dreaming that the results will be cancelled may be in his dreams but for sure we can only find peace and security in our own land where we have been left to die and suffer while we have big idiot and fouls like the what so called Inoni,Musunge,Ngole Ngole, and many others who say whole heartedly "am a diciple to Paul Biya" ofcourse its not strange dining with the devil automatically makes you a devil too. Lets all stand for our motherland.

Legima Doh

Thank you chief.We need honest chiefs to join the grand chief Ayamba who is a true chief of the Southern cameroons.You are southern cameroonian comrade.As you rightly said,lETS STAND FOR OUR MOTHERLAND!

Peace Shall Reign.

Legima Doh,


Mr Biya has to be tried for violating the conduct of democracy by using all means possible to win elections. Just so ashame to be a Cameroonian. No one is immortal



The laptop, computer and internet fighters of the SCNC are on the battlefront in their apartments in Europe. Click on your mouses an fire your weapons.


Another falsehood, another terrorist, this time, la republique is coming as united states of africa. No doubt its demonic president attended the last EU summit. La Republiquem will run this time around.

Ma Mary

The struggle continues apace on many fronts. Those keeping the heat on in the internet, should not relent because of provocation, because the internet is now a potent front in the struggle for liberation. Ignore them and redouble your efforts, Rexon, Legima Doh, DahDiceMan and other fighters. We have won many hearts and minds using the internet. Each person's contribution is meaningful. Due to decades of depradation and assault, many Southern Cameroonians feel powerless. Your voices raise the spirit of those.




Thanks alot UnitedStatesofAfrica. U just cut me short on what i was about to say. The SCNCs internet fighters are firing their weapons in their apartments in Europe. Some of whom can not even make a trip to Cameroon because of no documents. i wonder if this rexon and co guys are actually normal upstairs. U people want to crusify NJFD, atleast he has tried his best fighting with the CPDM head to head and not via internet as u guys. I strongly support the SCNC struggle too, but please let us be realistic. What have we done as an example. rexon please come on leave your mouse and computer in ur one room apartment in Europe and show up like NJFD. Show us an example and we will all follow as SCNCs and fight for our land. Show us an example as NJFD has shown to the SDF.Ass holes


That was brilliant Galabe, absoloutely brilliant.

M Nje

We have been reminded many of you in the SDF that your Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, is taking you to a death end. Yaounde is not a promise land. Many in your SDF got this message after the 1992 Presidential election and have been on the right fight, the fight to have a Southern Cameroons state, our owe state. Unfortunately many have continue to blindly follow him in a journey to nowhere.

Read want your owe Chairman said above. A few days ago, he preached about how La Republique Du Cameroun is a unitary state with many cultural diversity. That was before the elections. Now that the results are not favorable for him suddenly the unitary state is no long working. After the election he had this to say: “This is not the unification we voted for.” This is the same person who went to complain to Inoni (another shameless character) that La Republique is not hard enough on those supporting the Southern Cameroons course. This is the same person who called out people who should be arrested for supporting the course. Now he is talking from the other side of his mouth: Unification in his eyes has suddenly failed. Is this what you want us to seat and watch.

Well now reality is coming done on you. You and your chairman can fight any fight you want in La Republique`s politics. At the end of the day you will come to realized you were wasting your energy and exposing yourself to ridicule. It is like a married woman who says no and no to a man. I don`t need you, i don`t need you. I am happily married, but he just keeps on coming after her. As I said here blind support for a journey to nowhere will cause many to think about suicide.

No body has ownership of the struggle. If you support the course, then do what you can. Those who support it don`t question what others have done. They just put in their best effort. That is what has kept it going. We have only one sponsor. He is the LEGAL FACTS THAT SUPPORT OUR UNQUESTIONABLE RIGHT TO A SOUTHERN CAMEROONS STATE. That is were some of us get our satisfaction. As long as those facts exist, we feel obligated to support the course to the last breath.


Forum members, many thanks for your contributions. Please keep them short and explicit. Galabe and USA shouldn't be considered agents of the la Republique;in my opinion, they are the necessary impetus to keep this forum alive and all the more interesting.Theirs ideas should only help those on the other side to bring up more a more constructive and pragmatic agenda. USA and Galabe beleive in the Southern Cameroonian cause, nay their concern is the theoritical and virtual character of those forwarding it.With the consolation that, the "internet revolution" can make way to a "real revolution", keep the points coming.
And if the points were do satisfy some antagonistic aspirations, after criticing anybody, please let the critic in turn say;"I have done this or that as a way forward....". Stop this "we,we, we apologises". Criticise and correct by self examples:this is what Galabe,USA and Simplice and co are asking for. By so doing the debate will be more feasible. Anybody who critices NJFD shouldn't be angry when criticised. We understand Fru Ndi is learning a lesson of time:he's comptemplating if his last 17 years of political battle have not been waste of time. Nay, let the SCNC partisan criticise him and tell us what he has personally done. It's only then that we shall consider his critic sound, for it's far better to "try and fail" and NJFD than to "talk,talk and talk".
Your humble servant and student


second but last line: "as NJFD"



Truths and Truths and facts and facts. My concience does not permit me to hate anybody, but thesame concience tells me i have to support and defend the truth. I am nothing as far as the Southern Cameroonian course is concerned, but i am just a concerned Southern Cameroonian whose freedom can never be exchange or sold for the good life of the world. You might think i worry about the Southern Cameroons just to fend for myself. Like many activists of our course, that is not true. Some of our leaders like Akwanga, Ayaba, sacrificed their entire academic careers to lead the struggle. Despite the persecution from La Republique, they stood steadfast. God will reward them for standing for the truth. At the time, we did'nt follow them because we didnt know what our rights were. We are in our own way sacrificing whatever to defend our land. Most of us are not leaders of the course but mere activists and sympathisers. So dont mistake us for internet freedom fighters. Permit me inform you that, i have all it takes to be called a man in a worldly sense. But what i lack is my freedom. As i know the truth, the truth that La Republique have colonised the Southern Cameroons, i must stand for that truth. I just want to liberate my land. It will save me many worries. Worries that my children would live in a safe country they can call home. Where they would not be called anglo-fools, where they would not be discriminated upon, etc.

We dont hate NJFN, but he has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he hates our freedom. Moreso, most of his antics have been directly against the independence and freedom of the Southern Cameroons. As M Nje have reminded us all in this forum. This is a man whom a few weeks before elections, as he was struggling to befriend members of La Republiques corrupt junta to persuade them to avoid taking all seats of his party and to continue allowing him to colour their democracy, he was reminding the likes of Inoni how the SCNC is an illegal organisation, how Southern Cameroonian activists are criminals, how La Republiques government have been soo soft on us, etc. etc. This man said all sorts of evil things against us. Little did we know that, he will one day start accusing thesame Inoni for saying things against Northwesteners and his party, for rigging elections, etc. But we were not surprised, we just knew time will be the best judge. We have not accused NJFN for anything. He has been an enemy to himself. Whatever popularity he had, his fan base with with Southern Cameroonians whom he have led down. NJFN has really betrayed the Southern Cameroonian course. Any rightminded Southern Cameroonian need to join the course. United States of Africa is a hypocrite and is not a Southern Cameroonian. His articles are in some online french sites. He is surely La Republique coming with another colours.

Long live the Southern Cameroons.


Rexon, your last comment was quite brilliant, it goes a long to explain certain ambiguities:as regards your status.
As concerns USA, I don't think his having to contribute to french articles on certain sites confirms his "La Republique" nature.Please bring in more facts to justify and confirm that hypothesis. Waiting

M Nje

United States of Africa gave the impression he is out to defend justices and the interest of the entire African continent.

But he is willing to prescript injustics and annexation for Southern Cameroons in the name of federation. True advocates of justics will defend justics at all times provided the facts are there to back it up.

Do you see one evidence to support Rexon`s hypothesis that he is a hypocrite.

Galabe made a comment above which support the SDF and questions the Southern Cameroons course. He calls it "brillant". How is SDF politics related to his self-aclaimed mission to fight for a United States of Africa.

The truth is that there are many people from the Western Province of La Republique who are not Southern Cameroonians, communicate in English, support the SDF, and are against the Southern Cameroons course. United States of Africa has that profile.



The way forward is for us all to join hands and support the leadership of the Southern Cameroons in good faith. They need that support. We can criticise them constructively, that in itself would be a realistic support. But we all need to join the struggle. Others might argue that there are problems in other places in Africa and they might be afraid to abandon their brothers and cousins of La Republique. All of us have cousins in La Republique, but mature prepare organise their own families before organising that of their neighbours. La Republique can still learn from the way we are defending ourselves to liberate themselves also from their neocolonial status from France. So we can still help to advise them on how to fight and defend themselves from dictator Biya and we can still use our intellectual expertise to help them on a mutual basis if they invite us, but their country should be their country and our country should be our country. We all need to join hands and build this country as it belongs to us all. It is our country and the truth is, it has been colonised by La Republique francaise du Cameroun and we need to defend our territorial integrity.

Thanks brother.

Danny Boy

Subject: Re: [camnetwork] Re: S CNC admits illegality: SCNC's case dismissed without prejudice

Dr. Mbua,

Thank God that you have just indirectly accepted that colonialism was illegal thus the British had no right to disregard the separate Protectorate Agreements signed between the various Chiefs/Fons and their German counterparts in order to unpopularly create a moribond political Entity in the name of the Southern Cameroons which was in fact destined for dismantling. YOUR ANSWER IS CLEAR ACCEPTANCE THAT THE CREATION OF THE SOUTHERN CAMEROONS IN 1954 AS A SEPARATE POLITICAL ENTITY WAS ILLEGAL! So, if the creation of the defunct Southern Cameroons was ILLEGAL, is your SCNC struggling today to carry some Cameroonians back to that 1954 ILLEGALITY? Please, you guys should give Cameroonians a break with such unpopular political agenda that lack a sense of direction! You and your cronies should endeavour to start telling your fellow Cameroonians the truth for it is only through that that Cameroon,Our Beloved Country, will be saved from the lies of false prophets from your political camp.


Prince Akame,
Citizen Spokesman.
Houston, TX - USA.

On 7/30/07, Awasom Jonathan wrote:

SCNC admits illegality and their case should be dismissed without prejudice

I have not read your article ,which is copied all the time from some UNO documents about Southern Cameroon. When will SCNC stop copying unproductive and false history and pasting on our presence and future? Please ,release us from bondage of archaic history so that we will live in a new age that concentrates on reinventing on past productive things that made sense and improved on the lives of people like the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Your history is flawed and fraudulent because the English Leaders were selfish.

Besides, if you are stating that " the plebiscite of 1961 was itself illegal because it contravened: ...."

Then my question to you ,what was LEGAL ? Was there anything legal prior and after colonization? Was colonization Legal?

I thank you immensely for affirming exactly what CIRUC has been concerned against since I was opposed to your arguments.The fact that a lot of things went wrong in the first place, it is really foolish to rely on that type of questionable past as a source of inspiration for the present and future.There was too much illegality
Dictatorship and all what not never was in conformity with the universal values of human dignity.Thus , the arguments of SCNC under such illegalities are hereby DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

Cameroon deserves a fresh and new beginning and CIRUC is seeking that new order.

Thanks for your honesty and we welcome more SCNC people to step forward and make more mistakes like Louise Egbe so that we will see and know the truth. As I said, the moment of truth has come and SCNC ,one after the other will be making unconscious confessions because God has decided to expose the truth to the world.


Rev Jonathan Fru Awasom
CIRUC founder and Spokesperson

Mr. Akame Mbong,

The plebiscite of 1961 was itself illegal because it contravened:

1. The Trusteeship agreement of 1946 that specifically and clearly
stated the terms underlining the British Cameroons independence as
must be TOTAL and unconditional.

2. The 1948 UN Resolution for anti-annexation that clearly spelled
out any Union between Southern or Northern Cameroons to another
country as totally illegal without due process in the International
Court of Justice. The following is that only the International Court
of Justice had the Powers to authorise such a plebiscite of Union
with a foreign country namely LRC and the Federal Republic of
Nigeria. The United Nations, Nigeria, LRC and Britain will one day
answer before the ICJ on this gross violations of international law
to suit their various purposes rather than satisfy the inhabitants of
the British Cameroons by leading them to true independence; and that
they face the frightening prospect of paying huge compensations to
the peoples of Southern Cameroons for violating their human rights
for almost 50 years.

I would like to listen to your counter-argument on this very
imporatnt violation of human rights as underpinned in the UN Charter.


--- In camnetwork@yahoogro , "Akame Mbong"
> My People,
> To the best of my knowledge, the best way to put a stop to a "false
> is for self appointed seers to advance counter arguments which they
> described as "the force of argument" to really explain to their
audience how
> powerful their arguments are. I think Rev. Jonathan Awasom should
not be
> silenced by dictatoral means; just advance a forceful, if not
> counter argument to his...that will naturally stop his. But if not,
let him
> freely express his opinion without no witch-hunting.
> *By the way, those so-called Southern Cameroons' prophets of doom,
I will
> like you all to answer this questions for us. If the Union between
> Cameroonians is illegal even though there was a Plebiscite and a
> in Foumban to concretize it in 1961, what then makes the so-called
Entity of
> the defunct Southern Cameroons legal when there was no Plebiscite or
> Referendum, and say even a Conference between Bamenda and Cameroon
> to form it in 1954? Well, until you guys will advance a proper
answer to
> that One Billion Dollar question, I will patiently console myself
with the
> understanding that not all those who have eyes can see, neither can
all of
> them really understand.*
> By,
> Prince Akame.
> *Citizen Spokesman.*
> *Houston, TX - USA.*


"When will SCNC stop copying unproductive and false history and pasting on our presence and future? Please ,release us from bondage of archaic history so that we will live in a new age that concentrates on reinventing on past productive things that made sense and improved on the lives of people like the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT"

"Thank God that you have just indirectly accepted that colonialism was illegal thus the British had no right to disregard the separate Protectorate Agreements signed between the various Chiefs/Fons and their German counterparts in order to unpopularly create a moribond political Entity in the name of the Southern Cameroons which was in fact destined for dismantling"

"Thanks for your honesty and we welcome more SCNC people to step forward and make more mistakes like Louise Egbe so that we will see and know the truth. As I said, the moment of truth has come and SCNC ,one after the other will be making unconscious confessions because God has decided to expose the truth to the world."

What a brilliant article, absoloutely brilliant. It is time for us to ask questions.


I had found it necessary not to responds to any article on scnc but to carry my spirit of African Unity and a complete fight for African independence. The bottom line is the neo-colonial government together with their symbiotic host or parasite (scnc) and other fractional elements in africa need be completely wipe out by a Revolution. A Revolution which must be fierce, comparable to that of the fall of Bastille but one million times stronger in magnitude.
As for Ni John he has use his courage to wrestle neo-colonial regime, but courage as he must have realized is not enough. Careful planning, strategic thinking, leadership skills and the ability to forecast accurately are some of the important elements that didn't understand or under looked. I belief its time you admits to your shortcomings and steps down...........Perhaps a great one might emerge from your shattered hopes and lost aspirations

Ma Mary

Akame's argument is tantamount to reductio ad absurdum. That argument taken to its extremes would lead to reestablishment of France (Gaul) and Brittania as colonies of the Roman Empire. The only possible conclusion is that is not absurd is that the UK committed an illegal act by dividing the exBritish Cameroons to North and South for its own convenience. Keep your ear to the ground about that. There is no excuse for the annexation of the Southern Cameroons. We are simply asking to get the same treatment as French Cameroons, according to UN resolutions, and would be happy to go that road as Southern Cameroons or as the complete exBritish Cameroons. Why do you think Professor Ateh is being persecuted? The man has hit the nail on the head. The die is cast and it will lied inexorably to the liberation of the Southern Cameroons.

Beware of Chieves like Akame. They are quite adept at one thing: selling birthrights for a song.

M Nje


The fact that you felt into this falsehood from Awasom Jonathan who is a known destructor for our course and his friend Akame just confirms that you are a very BIG FOOL. Now I have every reason to address you as a BIG FOOL. You have become so disparate that you are willing to fall for anything anyone says against the Southern Cameroons course even falsehood. You call it " absolutely brilliant." Check the meaning of the word "brilliant"

Their statements are full of falsehood and grossly misleading.

Here are facts:
"Following the Treaty of Versailles, the German territory of Kamerun was formally divided on 28 June 1919 between a French and a British League of Nations Mandate, with the French, who had previously administered the whole occupied territory, getting the larger one. The French mandate was known as Cameroun. The British mandate comprised two geographically separate territories, Northern Cameroons and Southern Cameroons. They were administered from, but not joined to, the British territory of Nigeria, through the British Resident (although some incumbents had the rank of District Officer, Senior Resident or Deputy Resident) with headquarters in Buea."

Here is falsehood.
The statement from Akame that Southern Cameroons was created in 1954 is completely false.

2) Akame wrote:
By the way, those so-called Southern Cameroons' prophets of doom, I will like you all to answer this questions for us. If the Union between Cameroonians is illegal even though there was a Plebiscite and a Conference in Foumban to concretize it in 1961, what then makes the so-called
Entity of the defunct Southern Cameroons legal when there was no Plebiscite or Referendum, and say even a Conference between Bamenda and Cameroon Provinces to form it in 1954?.

Southern Cameroons was formerly recognized in 28 June 1919 9 ( with international boundaries) following the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

To say that for Southern Cameroons to be legal you needed a "Plebiscite or Referendum, and say even a Conference between Bamenda and Cameroon Provinces to form it in 1954?." as Akame said is a misleading and false statement. It had already been formed in 1919. He is trying to raise a false question and at the same time provide false answer to his own questions. What a shame. And you felt for this Mr. or Mrs "UnitedStatesofAfrica." You are really a FOOL.

The Union of Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Cameroons was illegal for the reason Dr. Mbua listed above. First it violated the UN Trustee Agreement which required that all trustee terrirtoy must be prepare self governanaces. Independent by "JOINING" was made up by the British in violation of the agreement. Go to this link
to see how the came up with it.

It is a shame to the British.

As for Awasom Jonathan he came up with a fancy headline: "SCNC admits illegality and their case should be dismissed without prejudice."

When you read beneath it you find no facts to support his headline. He has no facts to back his statments.

According to him colonisation was wrong because it give rise to Southern Cameroons, but it is not wrong when it gave rise to La Republique do Cameroun. If you want to talk about the illegality of colonisation then let us dissovle all the boundaries in Africa. When La Republique took Nigeria to the International Court of Justice, were they not defending colonial boundaries that Southern Cameroons inherited. Shame on to you.

"The fact that a lot of things went wrong in the first place, it is really foolish to rely on that type of questionable past as a source of inspiration for the present and future." Awasom Jonathan

What a shame Jonathan, many thinks went wrong because the British government was trying to deprive us of the right to full independent. They did not go wrong in the creation of Southern Cameroons as a trustee territory. Get you story straight.

The fact is that many of our enemies have come out claiming to talk for the Southern Cameroons. Some like Chif Oben have even claim to be dialoging with La Republique in the name of Southern Cameroons. But with time they have been proven to be some shameless characters. It does not suprise me that people like Jonathan can come out with deceptive headline like “SCNC admits illegality....”.

We have facts to support our case. We done need to admit to anything. We won the government of the Federial Republic Of Nigeria in the own court with those facts. Shame on to you.


Thanks Dr Tan for that inspirational piece. I have arrived at a point where i think Prayer is the only way to safe our belove country.
It disturbs me to see contributors on this forum resort to name bashing and calling Fru Ndi and others all kinds of ugly names in the books. The way a person expresses Himself or Herself tells a great deal about their character. I do not have a problem with anyone criticizing SDF, John Fru Ndi or who ever they choose to differ with. It is only when they resort to name bashing and use of ugly woods that their Character comes into question. Constructive criticism means you are objective and smart and wants to see positive change.

SCNC's course is a legitimate course and deserve a certain level of attention. However, i think they lack a clear agenda and they keep going back and forth about their objectives and how they intend to achieve those objectives. In my opinion, there is untold suffering all over Cameroon even in the francophone and Northern parts of Cameroon. We are all victims to the current dictatorial regime of Paul Biya. What if Southern Cameroon some day achieve their gold, then the Northerners i.e Adamawa, North and Far North decide they want to break way too and that they have had enough of the Beti Government, and then the Bamilikes, and then the Doualas and all decides they can't live together with the Betis and the trend continues. So the question remains, Is cessation the answer to the Southern Cameroon Problem?. What about a second option, federalism. I will go for the second option which is more realistic and attainable. Federalism will give more power to the people, people will have more say in their governance, there will be more accountability, more economic growth and you name the rest. Nowadays, every one is talking about globalism, nation building, border elimination and free trade. May be the SCNC needs to rethink its agenda and objectives to be in line with the rest of the world.


"It disturbs me to see contributors on this forum resort to name bashing and calling Fru Ndi and others all kinds of ugly names in the books. The way a person expresses Himself or Herself tells a great deal about their character."-7512Wilson
Wonderful 75122wislon, absolutely wonderful.Through the writings of these SCNC bullies, we can see them for who they really are. They are ruthless dictators, a copycat of the Biya they are criticizing everyday. The world is seeing their falsehood and they will be bitterly CRUSHED!!!!!!!!!

M Nje

No matter how many times it is brought up, federation between Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Camerounn is illegal.

Why did you not advocate for Chad or Central African Republique to form a federation with La Republique Du Cameroons. Why must it be Southern Cameroons. Federation was a deception, a violation of the right of Southern Cameroonians to a statehood by the British government.

Southern Cameroonians have no business in what goes on in La Republique Du Cameroun. Whether they decide to have a civil war is none of our business. These people have rightly said many times that we are not part of them, we are enemies in their house, etc etc etc. They same so because they know the truth. Unfortunately many of you continue to desperately beg to be recognized by them. You want to be in a country in which you have no legal right to be a citizen. You continue to worry about what will have to the people in the varies part of La Republique Du Cameroun: Adamawa, North, Far North, Beti, and Bamilikes. These same people have said you can go away. Your SDF chairman has carried you all to a death end, something that many of us have been warning. I have said suicide will be the next option for many of those who have been on the SDF blind journey to nowhere.

Did you really say "globalism, nation building, border elimination and free trade."

A few years ago, La Republique Du Cameroun was in court with Nigeria over the boundaries between Southern Cameroons and The Federal Republique of Nigeria. Did you remind them about your border elimination theory? You may want to take a trip to Yaounde to do so.

When they is no fact to advance against the Southern Cameroons case, we hear concepts like African Unity, Border Elimination, Federation, etc etc. The guarantor of international boundaries is the United Nations. If you have a problem with boarders, you may want to make a trip to New York and table you problems. Until then we will continue our journey for the truth. a journey to defend the boundaries of our own state, Southern Cameroons. There is no second option to independence. Either you have it or you don`t. We are not begging for it. It is our right. We have FACTS to prove it.


M Nje,

Your analysis above was succint. The soo called United States of Africa is a voyeur and very big fool and hypocrite. I have asked him many times why his united states of africa have endorsed the sovereignty of western Sahara and he cannot answer anything. That is where he differs from people like WILSON who rightly supports our course but needs some clarifications. He is a desperate person who have nothing to offer and can only collect bribes from La Republique to write thrash here. The good news is, even the most hardened SDFers and their sypatisers like Klemenceau, Kiki, Akoson, etc of china have swiftly moved strongly for the SCNC course since they have come to terms with the fact that NJFN was taking them to the wrong direction and a Southern Cameroonian cannot rule a foreign land. So, we are winning hearts, day after day, even La Republiques henchmen itself are making it clear that they dont want to have anything to do with the Southern Cameroons. But those romancing with them for selfish reasons are still the ones hanging on with their theory of "One country". La Republique itself have declared that it does not want anything to do with us. Lets just move on with our course, we are strongly on the winning side.

Ngembeni Wa Namaso

Why are Masoma and Inoni wrong?

Hi all, I am especially interested in the SCNC debate, but let me use two issues being raised in the wake of the 'twin elections' as my entry point. It is said that Masoma and Inoni said two things respectively: 1, that Nkongssamba people should not vote for the SDF because it is an 'Anglophone' Party and that South westerners should not vote for the same party because it is a Northwest party. These points have been raised by various persons, on this site, but none makes any solid arguements to underline their in-built insinuation why 'these declarations' are unwaranted. Please , some of us who believe we need sincerity in our future and depart from the betrayals of 'anglophone politics', into a new era for 'anglophone politics' would wish that the authors of those comments on this site especially, advance some 'arguements' regarding their premises for 'affirming' that these statements by Masoma and Inoni are 'unwaranted or without bases'. Remember well, I have NOT said they (masoma and inoni are right). I think we need to debate this matter further. For if Southwesterners and northwesterners are going to build a future together, it mus depart from the experiences of our west Cameroon days and acannot be based on the ideology of the SDF or that of the CPDM. I await your arguements.

Yours Truly


Siegfried David Etame Massoma is right because, we all know that La Republique is La Republique, their elections should be their elections and ours should be ours. Justifiably, we were not supposed to participate in their elections and the SDF created as a front for activists to liberate the Southern Cameroons was not supposed to participate in their elections. I will be coming with more details of why we are not supposed to participate in their elections and why Mr Massoma is right.


The debate is interesting. Keep your points coming. USA,please tell us concretely why you say nothing good about the SCNC. USA please do so in more diplomatic terms. And to those who react to USA's comments, please respect his opinion and avoid giving him qualifications not backed by evidence. I have a personal question to ask USA:Gentleman are you at odds with those forwarding the SCNC cause or the with the SCNC cause itself. I think this is where some misunderstanding still looms


Danny Boy,

You have pasted arguments from Camnetgroups, but you have not tell us what your opinion is about the colonisation of our land. I am waiting for your own opinion. I want to know if you are against the SCNC or for the SCNC. This is because as you know, we the youths look up to intellectuals like you to either teach us the truth or lead us to doom. More to follow.

mk the southerner

Simplice, that is a very good question which should be answered first by USOA and many other people. Some think that the SCNC is Raxon.


Jesus Christ!,
I have not had time to go over the contributions on these blogs since the farcical elections but what I gather from rushing through is that the place is still full of sterile sophism.
While Ni John Fru Ndi was spending sleepless nights fighting for his rights and the rights of his people in front of the DO's office in Santa, absconders with illusionary and vague ideologies have been having a field day with their usual arm-chair criticism.
Also, to fully anticipate the implications of an election whose official results have not been published is frivolity of the first order.
As to the position of the SDF, NEC will deliberate on the issue and publish its resolutions at the right time. We only hope that till then Marafat would not have driven the country in to severe civil strife.
I have to go now but know that the leadership of the SDF is not made of arbitrary adventurers. Diligent leadership requires that decisions are pondered upon and the repercussions fully taken into consideration, especially at moments of shameful provocation like the one expressed by Marafat.


Feli Wrote:

"to fully anticipate the implications of an election whose official results have not been published is frivolity of the first order."

If this statement of yours is true, then feli you and all SDFers are the most frivolous persons. You would have waited for the soo called "official" results to be published before you assess the implications Rather than running around and staying infront of santa’s DO’s office to defend your rights. By the way, read what Etame Massoma have just told you above and reflect on it. Maybe you have not heard it anywhere, but it is NJFN who told us that that is what etame Massoma said.

Feli, one more thing, we dont want that charade called elections again on our land. If you continue bringing your ballot boxes to the Southern Cameroons, then we would consider that as an act of treason and a declaration of war between the SDF and all Southern Cameroonian activists.


"It disturbs me to see contributors on this forum resort to name bashing and calling Fru Ndi and others all kinds of ugly names in the books. The way a person expresses Himself or Herself tells a great deal about their character."-7512Wilson

I think wilson should first of all ask all SDFers to stop calling the names of Biya and co. We have previously heard all sorts of stories about them from SDF people. We have even read here alot of times how Biya and co are an occultist, how he is the person who killed his wife etc. Is that not names bashing?

M Nje

Now it has become a fight to defend Santa. Interesting indeed.

Leadership is a visionary process not a reactive process. Great leaders are visionaries and proactive. I hate to go into you party politics but your comments are just shocking to any observer. You spend your time reacting to what Biya has to do. Biya understands that and is making good use of it. He decide the political agenda while you react. That is not LEADERSHIP my friend. He knows you are going to take the matter to courts and challenge a few results. You may have a few victories. His C.P.D.M probably already knows that will.. But by so doing you are validating that the results you did not challenge are valid. That is what any critical observer will interpret the results. Biya can now tell the world that the few irregularity in the elections were sorted out in his Supreme Court. Infact some of the results were in favor of the opposition. Hence the overall results in his country are okay. There is no dispute on the results.

Then it will be time for you to start another pipeline dream: preparation for the presidential elections in 2011. Elections in a foreign country. You will come up with all sort of reason why the SDF will win. After another failure in 2011, it will be time to prepare for another election with another set of reasons why the SDF will win and the circle continuous. After every election there is all sort of reasons why the next one will produce results, or maybe is the one after next.

One famous definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting another result.

Legima Doh

Fellow Comrades,
I want to thank Comrades Rexon,M Nje,MK the Southerner,Ma Mary etc for defending our course for liberation from our aliens and enemies.Akame is an alien enemy and everything he said that was fraught with false history and wishy washy facts instead should be dismissed without prejudice.He is a la republican corrupt son of a corrupt regime.All what he said is a takes a very big fool like pseudoUSAfrica to get elated by what he wrote.Akame proved beyond reasonable doubt his imbecility and lack of knowledge in the basic history of the Southern cameroons.He is not the kind of person one should listen to.He is an Anathema.

7612Wilson I was glad reading your comment but got embarrassed when you still opined that the SCNC has no solid agenda.This is something we have dwelled on several times.The SCNC's got an excellent organisational structure and a sturdy agenda,devoid of the likes of Chief Oben who is a traitor of the Southern cameroons.

The reason why Inoni said the sdf is a northwest party is because,he is sold out to La Republique,his conscience for the people is dead,he is a chief and our chiefs who are under the sway of la republic like him are thieves and so he is thief.He does so to get votes for the Cpdm in return to exclusive, egocentric and devilish benefits from the occupational regime.But the real fact is that,he is very foolish because he is doing so for people who can never recognize him as their citizen as confirmed by Masoma.The tactics has been employed by the regime to bring divide between the people of our motherland and involve them in her politics so as to distract them from their true quest for freedom and liberation so that they remain their slaves ,while their resources continue to be looted to her exclusive benefit.Anyone who sees any wisdom in Inoni and or any other Cpdm elite of southern cameroons descend is foolish,and this appliess to all those blindly behind the Sdf too.There is no divide and rule in the SCNC because it is impossible to implement such an idea there.In the SCNC struggle, south and north west people are united in one purpose and destiny unlike the case of SDF and Cpdm wherein there is division in purpose and destiny and absolute egotism.

I am very glad Akoson,Klemenceau,and Kiki finally came to the truth.When they used to argue against the truth,their arguments used to be cogent though were asymmetrical to the truth.Not like those of USAfrica which are both wanting in truth,cogency and strategy.

Peace Shall Reign in our Land.

I may be away for a while due to dire issues.


Ma Mary

Many Southern Cameroonians are like the patient who has been sick and bed ridden for a long time and is afraid to step out and walk because his legs are weak and his balance is off. We can do it folks. We can create the best little country in Africa. All the ingredients are there. Fear not. The prospects are getting better by the day.


M Nje,

Why do you waste your time to explain things to Feli. I have told you that these people have an agenda, a very secret one championed by their chairman. They are in business my friend: TO COLOUR AND INEXISTANT DEMOCRACY.

I pity just all the asylum seekers that would be deported after this charade and all the suffering people of our land whose freedom would be delayed because of the greed of a few people.

Legima Doh

USAfrica and all those who found solace in Akame's posting did not read Mola Njoh's article or if they did,they neglected the truth in it so as to continue in falsehood.I remember we implored them time without number to read the said article.

I am personally distraught by the falsehood that some of us are swayed by.Its a shame!It is also Unacceptable.

Peace,perfect Peace shall Reign.

Legima Doh,


"I have a personal question to ask USA:Gentleman are you at odds with those forwarding the SCNC cause or the with the SCNC cause itself"-Simplice
Good question simplice, by far the best and the most polite question anybody has ever asked me on this forum
I have nothing against the Southern Cameroons cause. It is legitimate for people to rebel against oppression. It is human to have the earnest desire to govern oneself. My problem is with these obnoxious, rude, and lopsided SCNC supporters on this site like the moaning Ma mary, the reckless rexon , the malicious MK the southerner and the lamenting Legima Doh. They come here, insult people, praise their selves and they have turned this website into My problem with them is that they have no strategy, no agenda and no plan of action. The other day, I asked a question on what strategies they have to make SOuthern Cameroons suceed as a country and their answers were pathetic. They said they will receive aid from the West, they will increase trade in products like coffee, cocoa etc. Listen to their answer? listen to such naivety? Listen to how basic and simple their answers are. Do you think the rest of Africa is so stupid that they cannot think of basic ideas like receiving international aid and exporting local products like cocoa? do you think they are so stupid that they can't think of these basic ideas? Africans had already thought of these ideas decades ago. If they had thought of these ideas, why are their economies not thriving? why can't you ask yourself that if the rest of Africa has already thought of these basic ideas, why are they not succeeding? From the way they talk, you clearly see that they have no idea of the politics they are trying to get into. They have knowledge of international politics and why Africa continuous remain poor but they want to govern a country. They come here with their arrogance, insult and call people all kinds of names. They fight for democracy but they try to crush other people's opinions. Then, I ask myself, what kind of people are these? A LIBERATOR COMES TO A SLAVE AND TELLS THE SLAVE THAT I WILL FREE YOU SO FOLLOW ME. THE SLAVE CANNOT BLINDLY FOLLOW THIS LIBERATOR INTO A BUSH WITHOUT ASKING HIM HOW TO YOU INTEND TO LIBERATE ME AND WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME TOO. YOU CANNOT COME INTO MY HOUSE AND SAY FOLLOW ME WITHOUT EXPECTING ME TO ASK YOU WHERE WE ARE GOING TO, THAT IS JUST PLAIN STUPID.
These SCNC people have called me all kinds of names like fools, citizen of la republique and they have even gone as far as saying La republique has bribed me to write on this site. From what they say, you can see the kind of people they are. They use blackmail, propaganda and false facts to try to defeat and crush people with other opinions. They have been writing here for days that I write for a La republique newspaper and I contribute articles to several La republique forums. They come up with false stories and use it to demonize people with other opinions. These are the people fighting for democracy? I wonder what kind of democracy. The idea of secession for Southern Cameroons is an enticing,and beautiful idea. It sounds so good and promising but i want Cameroonians to stop ans ask "wait! this is a good idea but how to we survive after we break away? Eritrea broke away from Ethiopia but they are still facing a lot of economic problems. What strategies do you, the SCNC, have to make sure that Southern Cameroonians will not fall into the same pit Eritrea fell into? what practical plans to you have? we don't just want simple answers like we will increase trade in cocoa. Ghana has more cocoa than we do but they are still in poverty. What practical solutions do you have?" Please, ask these SCNC people this questions and see their response. They will mumble, they will stutter, they will insult you, they will call you a fool, they will threaten you, they will say you an enemy to liberation, they will say you have been bribed by La Republique. They do this to cover up their incompetency Simplice. They do this to hide the fact that they have no agenda. They do this because they are cowards. All they know is to criticize. My teacher once told me that
"it is better for me to be the person who tried and failed than to be the worthless critic who crams textbooks by Karl Marx and uses his ineffective knowledge to criticize me. I am not saying that I do not deserve criticism but if you want to criticize me, me mature enough to advance solutions than were better and more effective than mine.Do you know how I see worthless critics? I see them as people who are jealous of me and they try every day just to be as talented as me".
Simplice, I hope I have answered your question. The usual SCNC people will reply and throw all kind of insults at me but thanks to my teacher, I know why they act the way they do so i'm not bothered. I am only willing to maturely discuss with people like you who are wise, diplomatic and polite. I await your reply. THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL


Why does everyone seem so bent on gaining points instead of making points. The suffering of a whole nation of people is not a trivial matter. Some of your naratives are so child-like, i have lost the will to live after reading them.
Isn't it a herendous crime to our fellow cameroonian that we that have made to a place were we enjoy liberty and freedom - and are enjoying the fruits of democracy -can do nothing but pay lip service to their plight.
Is this a forum for SCNC vs SDF? Or are there some conscious Cameroonians out there who truly wants what's best for our country? If that is the case then we are all going about it the wrong way. I am angry and utterly fed up everytime I visit this site only to read verbal garbage - people spewing wasteful vernom at each other week in week out.
Garbage in garbage out - but no substance. Anyone who feels disgruntled enough at what is going on in Cameroon should know where to take the fight.
I want to stand up and be counted. if anyone feels the same then it is time for action.
I would like to praise Dr Tan for his insights above. Obviously, a calm and collected mind is needed. But I am sure most will agree it is now time for action.
I know some hot head will reply to my write up in their usual idiotic manner. Anybody who agrees with me, lets galvanise and immobilise in a collected effort to destabilise Mr. Biya and is cronies.
(I couldn't care tupence for any negativity)


Brilliant Alpha2omega, absolutely brilliant


M Nje, rexon and co,
you guys think the biya government is affecting only southern cameroon? How stupid can you be? i am not sdf nor cpdm nor what have you. I am a southern cameroonian too and will be very glad to see that the sufferings of this part of the country comes to end. The only way southern cameroon can ever achieve its goal is by first of all getting rid of the biya government and instituting democracy in cameroon. Then after that, the SCNCs can come up with an agenda which may be will lead to a referandum. With a democratically ellected government in place, the voice of the people will be listen to - even the minority. take an example with canada. The main question is HOW DO WE GET RID OF THE BIYA RIGIME? Rexon, M Nje and co, can you please give a hint to this question? Give us some ideas. Mine is that we should all rally behind NJFD or if you guys think NJFD has failed us, then propose another person - maybe your beloved ben Muna? that we can follow so that we can get rid of the biya government. At least i am now using my mouse and computer weapon in a rational manner.



Telling us to rally behind Ben Muna or in another thing La Republique is another provocation on our political conciousness. i am coming.

M Nje

If I am not mistaking this Akame from Houston has been to this forum. He has been expose many times in his attempt to spread falsehood. He apparently took some time off to continue somewhere. We will continue to show how people can be so shameless to the point of communicating falsehood in public. So far as I can remember, he is from the West Province of La Republique.

Many like him have run because of the discomfort they get when we confront them with facts. The biggest shame is to those who fall for their propaganda without verifying their story. You are doing a good job. Keep is up. I told many of our friends here especially those in the SDF that the truth is our weapon, a very deadly want. We used it in Nigeria to defeat their own government in their own court. It is what we will use to free our land from foreign occupation.

The is a distinction that I have made in the pass between the SDF and the Southern Cameroons struggle. A Southern Cameroonian who wants immediate benefits to make life comfortable for them and their immediate family, who does not care about the future of our next generation should join Inoni, Ngole Ngole, Fru Ndi, etc etc or any of the political parties in La Republique. Join the SDF, the CPDM, CDU, etc etc.

But if you want a permanent solution to this nagging problem, if you have the long time interest of the next generation of Southern Cameroons at heart, if you want them to be in their own country, a country that was cheated in 1961, then join the struggle. We are in for as long as it takes. We want a permanent solution to this problem. We will do what ever it takes as long as the truth is on our side.

Who is talking about “North Westerner and South Westerner.” Let me repeat what some one said in the pass: North West and South West of WHAT?

Rexon, I got you very well. Many a time we have reminded our friends in the SDF that they are blindly following Ni John to a dead end. Many now see the dead end very close. Some have come to see that what we express here is not with malicious intend but rather a call to order. A call to stop wasting energy in the wrong direction. 1992 should have been an eye opener to anyone who doubt the fact that Yaounde is not the promise land.


always raed and understand what is written before you shoot your weapon of irrelevance. I did not asked you to rally around ben muna. i am comming too

M Nje

That was a good try. You made an effort. What about a NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, and NO.

You are about 15 years behind. I am a citizen of Southern Cameroons. I have never voted, campaigned, or donated to any political party in La Republique. That is illegal. I cannot interfere into their politics. If you are a Southern Cameroonian as you say you are, why do you want to get into their affairs.

We have an international border crisis with La Republque Du Cameroons. The presences of their forces and administrative agencies in our territory is illegal. That problem can only be solve through an international body. This is not an internal matter.

Your approach is exactly what supporters of the SDF have been preaching. After more that 15 years it has take them to a dead end, something we have been warning for years. Thanks for the effort but NO and NO again.

Our case has legal facts that can stand at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The case we won against the government of Nigeria required them to table our case before the ICJ. At the moment they have not done so. But we will continue to push forward with other avenues while putting pressure on them.

There are many options we can use to force the occupying forces of La Republique from our country. Getting involve in their politics is not an option.

Legima Doh

Comrades Rexon,M Nje,Ma Mary and Mk the Southerner,I congratulate you on your steadfastness and unrelenting effort in educating our people on the truth about the plight and ultimate solution of our motherland.Such patience is uncommon to man.M Nje I personally salute your last comments cos wisdom,much wisdom is found therein.Despite the presence of our detractors and the coming of new amateurs who are under the aegis of our detractors,you all are waxing strong and stronger.Its simple,we prevail because we are in the truth.

Instead, You must have noticed how much moaning,ruthlessness,malice and lamentation were in your latest comment.It was a dirge.For you to have stayed in this forum hitherto without being able to get some positive knowledge from us nor contribute any thing positive towards the course for liberation of our motherland means either you are a fool ie someone who doesn't know that he does not know or you have an extremely slow learning ability that departs from what is normal.You want to remain perpetually asking questions here.You said anyone learned in international politics and international trade would see our strategies as shallow.This means you are telling us that you are very learned in international trade and politics which is what makes you to be able to see that we are shallow.HaHa!All what you pitifully presented above are all thesame humdrum questions you have been asking.It beats my imagination for you not to have got anything from your questions to which a myriad answers have been given.There are two kinds of people those with positive attitude and thinking and those with a negative attitude and complex.The latter describes you to a lesser extent.Its not how sympathetic you sound that we are going to cease from standing on the truth or castigating you and any other amateur who comes to blindly support you to be heard.We are not interested in such amateurs.

I also wonder whether you realise that the ScNc is not solely an issue of Rexon,Legima Doh,MK the Southerner,M Nje and Ma Mary.It violates common sense to conclude that a struggle that defeated Nigeria in her high court,defeated La Rep in ACHPR in Banjul the Gambia,that has a seat in the UNPO is without an agenda .Reasoning just from this ,though we have always given you multifarious answers,qualifies your agenda question not to be worthy question.You remain a Big Fool including the new sheeplike amateurs behind you!

Peace Shall Reign in our Motherland.

Legima Doh,


"also wonder whether you realise that the ScNc is not solely an issue of Rexon,Legima Doh,MK the Southerner,M Nje and Ma Mary."-Legima
so you know that you, rexon, ma mary and the rest are poorly representing the SCNC? I am happy enough that you are man enough to admit the buffonery of you and the likes of rexon. Thanks for your honesty, it is the best policy.



What you might want to know is that, we are not interested in managing the affairs of La Republique or Yaounde. That is not our country. That would be trespassing and illegal under international law. We are interested in building an independent republic of Southern Cameroons as prescribed by the United nations charter that granted independence to all UN trust territories including the Southern Cameroons.

Secondly, NJFN have not failed us, Southern Cameroonians. Maybe he have failed citizens of la republique who might have wanted him to oust biya. But again, that was illegal under international law as as far as i know, he is not a citizen of la republique.

We have been rallying under chief Ayamba, Akwanga Ebenezer et al. who have been fighting for an independent statehood of the Southern Cameroons. They are not interested on the good life of the Southern Cameroons but have sacrificed all to stand for the truth. It is that truth that we want to defend. We are waiting for them to give us instructions for how to fight for the D-day. A day that all of us would celebrate as the day we were liberated and given our freedom.

United States of Africa,

We are not bothered about what La Republique thinks about us. We are solely interested in our freedom as prescribed by the UN charters which you have rightly read. Take your united states of africa to the african union.



Alpha2omega, you are tired of reading about the SCNC versus SDF debate? I suggest you visit the Cameroon Tribune website or google “Cameroon” or “Le Messager”, and you will get La Republique du Cameroun news not “contaminated” by Southern Cameroon debates. As a matter of fact, you will be lucky to read anything in English at all on those websites, because they are essentially French websites where the existence of English-speaking Cameroonians have been airbrushed! You might actually be forgiven for thinking we, English-speaking Cameroonians, don’t exist at all when you visit those websites. We might not exist as Southern Cameroonians on those websites, but my God do we exist on this one, and we don’t let anyone who visits here forget that! We would not be wished away. You don’t want to bump into our type? Simple, don’t visit this forum.


Ladies and Gentleman, I think there's been some misunderstanding hitherto. Some mismatch I'm permiting myself to expose. USA,Galabe and co, are not against the SCNC cause. Rexon,Dadiceman,Legima,Ma Mary, MK the Southerner et al,please understand this perfectly well. They love the end(liberation of the Southern Cameroons),what they're not buying on this forum is the "means" to that end. In other words, they're afraid the solution to the problem might be worse than the problem, should it not be carefully planned. I see with them in this respect. It's by criticing the means to the end that, a better way will be comptemplated. USA and Rexon for example want to serve thesame end and forge thesame destiny;they simply different means of getting there. And either side has the right to question the other on the "sustainability of his means". Such qualifications as fools,illitrates and you name it, are products of misunderstanding.Yes, misreading and misinterpretation has formented the war of words we've hitherto been witnessing on this forum. Please let's not betray our maturity and make this forum sound like an "internet war". Please write and back your statements with facts and evidences. The SCNC clan has provided us with much facts:great, but they've all failed to back qualifications of their oponents with these same facts.For example you can't qualify one to be an agent of La Republique for merely exposing his view.On the other hand, USA should avoid question facts, and focus on the plan of action. The fact have been prevented and are clear enough for everybody to really behind the SCNC, but what after?.That's the BIG QUESTION?.Would it be like the aftermath of the Russian Revolution?.Will poverty increase?.Can Federation be a better means to the Southern Cameroon statehood, thus paving the way for a bloodless revolution?.How long will the war last if it were to be immediate?.How shall the new country be administered?.How shall investment be invited?.....etc.
As I earlier said, some of us are here to learn. Please teach us how to debate diplomatically;teach us how to love your fellow man even if you disagree with what his says; in a sentence, let all your reactions to comments here epitomise Voltaires adage:"I wholly disagree with what you say, but will fight to dead for your right to say it". With this in mind, we shall be consoled that whether the means be a USA or the restoration of the Southern Cameroons statehood, the end of "democracy, freedom, and peace" will be justified by "Diplomatic Leaders".
Keep the comments coming.At this point, if I may remind you of where we are, USA and Galabe, don't accepts, simply truth,facts and law as the means to the common end. They will never follow blindly,please convince them with a "concrete road map", not with insults.
Peace be with you. Your humble servant and student.



Thanks for asking questions. I will like to delve into some of the answers. It is very easy to know if someone is an agent of La Republique or not. They ask questions for example, that they either know the answers or when given answers, they ignore them. They come to this forum just to propagate a particular idea that that it does not take even rocket science to prove that it is not workable or they know little or nothing about.

Take for example, the soo called United States of Africa. He writes on two forum, and postnewsline. When NJFN is abused and castigated there, he says nothing about it, he just ramble with little or no facts about the USA just to showcase his presence, but spends the whole day here abusing Southern Cameroonians from left to right. Secondly, he asked questions to rightminded Southern Cameroonians about the way forward after independence, but fail to ask and answer questions also about the status of African colonies in thesame United States of Africa. I have asked him a particular question repeatedly, that, why has the USA endorsed the sovereignty of western Sahara that have led to the withdrawal of Morocco from the African Union. He has soo far failed to answer this question and have always pretended as if he does not know it. That is a characteristics of an agent sir. My dear brother, i can go on and on but permit me end here.

There are other issues at stake relating to your contineous support of your NJFN that i will like to bring to your attention. You people always talk about the way forward. But let me remind you people that, there is no use talking economics, social sciences or even politics if the political will is not there. The truth is, a Southern Cameroonian or their ideas is of no use to La Republique and there is virtually no reason discussing how we would develop la Republique. Concerning the Southern Cameroon, i strongly believe we have the intellectual capability to develop our country. What we need now is the political will. By the political will, i mean a government that is truly representative of its people. That government would give its ministers and its people real power. the power to sanction anyone who does not perform their duties, the power to implement well articulated policies, the power to dictate economic problems and design strategies to confront them, etc. A few of us can single handedly change the economic landscape of the Southern Cameroons. What is most worrying is, La Republique's corrupt henchmen can never give us the power to do any good to our people. Ironically, they glorify corruption, live it and enjoy it. Even if we want to export our expertise to La Republique and help them develop their economy, it will never work.

To be continued.



He even comfirms there that NJFN cannot become the president of La Republique because he can never get the necessary support from the international community but comes here to tell us to vote for him. That is shame.

Ma Mary

DaDiceMan just hit on something important. From 1964 or so, la Republique extended its state of emergency into the Southern Cameroons, demanding travel papers to move within our country. People of a certain age will remember that there was a time when we enjoyed freedom of movement as much as Nigerians and Americans and Britons. Then, after 1971, when Ahidjo's annexation took hold, the nation of the Southern Cameroons was gagged like North Korea. We just dissappeared to the world under a pall of censorship, intimidation, BMM and threats of underground prisons. The only Southern Cameroonian who stood up and stared the monster down was that diminutive giant, the late Albert Mukong.

Suddenly in the age of the internet and the cell phone, Southern Cameroons has once more found its voice and it is unstoppable and dominant. Tellers of lies and fearers of shadows must pale and tremble. La republikans, used to shrinking anglofous come in here pretending to be us and of us, trying to ridicule us without any arguments, without any facts without any proofs; just sentiments which we spurn, because they are false. They do not feel brotherhood for us, although we came into this in all sincerity trying to nurture brotherhood. Instead we got jack boot treatment from fascist, stalinist thugs. We got provocation and disrespect from our inferiors. We got robbed to the bone by a french mafia, occultist, genocidal mob that calls itself a government. We call on Southern Cameroonians to feel their outrage, because we have earned the right to be furious, the right to twist the ankle of the demented monster that places its boot on our throat.

Do not ever be provoked into giving up your voice on the internet. Before the internet, it was almost complete silence. Our story was not being told and we were nothing subsumed into a french territory. Merde!

M Nje

I will suggest you read the last comments from Rexon two or three times. Then go back and read as much as you can the posting that USA has made here. You will see where Rexon is coming from. Rexon that was a good posting.

It hard to lie especially against facts.

When you come to this forum with an expressed goal to fight for justice for Africa, but demand that that justice can only come if Southern Cameroonians first accept injustice and sign on to an illegal federation with La Republique, then it does not take a scientist to understand you real agenda. As I said here before those who defend justice do so all the time provided the facts are there.

How is fighting for justice for Africa has to do with a demand that Southern Cameroonian must Federate with La Republique and demanding that La Republique withdraws it forces .

The case of Western Sahara is a perfect example to test those committed to justice in Africa.

Simplice, it is not hard to know those who support the Southern Cameroons case but doubt the implementation process. It is not also hard to catch a detractor and a desperate one indeed. One who is will to use any statement from anyone even false statements from the likes of Akame and Jonathan to defend his or her agenda.

M Nje

How is fighting for justice for Africa has to do with a demand that Southern Cameroonian must Federate with La Republique and STOP demanding that La Republique withdraws it forces .

M Nje

Ma Mary,
Consider it done. We will keep on exposing them. No matter how the come. They come in under all sort of identity. But are not hard to find.

Ma Mary

Jonathan Awasom. Not the same person as the Washington DC pastor, right?

M Nje

Ma Mary
The one who made the statements above. Reposted from camnetwork by Danny boy.

(Danny Boy | Tuesday, 31 July 2007 at 05:05 PM)

M Nje

Ma May,
The one who made the statments above reposted from Camnetwork by Danny Boy.

(Danny Boy | Tuesday, 31 July 2007 at 05:05 PM)

Ma Mary

Take courage, people. More fearsome Empires have rotted away and people have become free. What is la Republique francais du Cameroun? A mere french mafia empire. We will shake them off. Where is the Soviet Union? That was one bad mother. Where is it now? The British Empire? That was one efficient and far flung enterprise. Puff. Gone. Shaka Zulu? Hitler's Third Reich? Ottoman Empire? Ghana Empire? Songhai Empire? Mali Empire? Arab Empire? French Empire (fading fast)? Roman Empire? Austrohungarian Empire? Napoleonic Empire? Roman Empire? Mogul Empire? Japanese Empire in Asia–really brief event that was! Alexander the Great–one hell of a mass murderer like Attila and Genghis Khan. His empire ended after he died prematurely. Name anything that ends with Empire. It is likelier than not, defunct.

One thing is true about empires. They are built on a tissue of lies and so they do not last. They never last. History is on our side here. I love history because it shows all the minefields. What is funny, idiots do not study it and repeat the same goddamn mistakes. Kingdoms (hereditary dictatorships) are interesting. Every four or five kings, a capital idiot comes to the throne and messes everything up. Democracies, every 10-20 elected heads is an idiot and puts everything on fire. A strong democracy would toss the rascal out. What do you do with a nincompoop king? You silently hope his son comes from an extended gene pool, that reduces the likelihood of a Caligula emerging.

Why do some African and Arab countries like dynastic power. Do you think Biya of la republik francais do Kameroun wants to create a dynasty too? You see, he is living on borrowed time, even though he boasted the other time that he is going to live as long as Methuselah and the Camerounese people are just going to have to suck it up. After all, the french hatchet man in Lome, Eyadema passed it to his progeny. So did Assad of Syria, the moroccan king did the same thing and so on and so forth. BOkassa would have done the same, had he not spent everything on pink champaign and state coaches at his coronation as "Emperor". The only conquering that Bokassa did was as a French legionnaire in Vietnam, when he ambushed and stormed the beds of some Vietnamese women resulting in at least one daughter, maybe more.

En bas les crapauds such as that dodo in Texas, Riccardo.


An indication of how France and LRC have been successful in the colonisation of Southern Cameroons is the extent to which, worldwide, there is complete ignorance of the fact that there are Cameroonians whose first language is English; a significant minority at that. This for a territory which was once an independent political entity.........effectively disappeared from the eyes of the world, without a whimper!
I challenge any English-speaking Cameroonian who has travelled outside of LRC not to have had an encounter with a foreigner who is completely surprised that LRC is not wholly French! That is, a foreigner who is surprised that we exist. Yes, that is what we have been reduced to, the non-existent people; and some of us seem to be happy with that. Well, surprise, surprise, some of us are not happy with that. We exist and we have a history.......a proud democratic history; and we would not let the world forget that.
Except for Nigerians who know of our existence, because they educate us instead of our “government”, to the rest of the world we don’t exist. And we once had our own country, our own prime minister and a parliament in Buea! Well, that was before the age of the internet. We now exist, and we are making sure the world knows about it and about our history. There isn’t much LRC can do about that. Technology has caught up with LRC lies, and for once they can’t send gendarmes to cover the lies. God know what else will catch up with LRC lies.
For those of you on this forum who think they can justify, embellish and even defend the lies on which LRC is based on, the history of how the internet has helped to uncover these lies should be a salutary lesson to you..........the truth will always prevail in the end. Defend lies at your peril, just pray history does not expose you.


Thanks for pointing me to the other forums. You are very kind but be careful you don't misintreprete people's words, you might just end up falling on your own sword. That would defeat the purpose wouldn't it. In other words, look before you jump. Speaking of defeats, one is already defeated when one engages in pointless discussions. I am rather too long in the tooth and the effort evades me to partake...I refuse to humour you. Oops! Mia culpa maxi.


Alpha2Omega, could you please be more explicit in subsiquent comments. I don't understand thess riddles and adages you use. Please speak in the language of the mass. Be down to earth;for some of us never went beyond form five and hardly ever scored a passed mark in literature.
Your student.

M Nje

You brought up a very important point; the educational assistances that Southern Cameroonians got from Nigeria.

It is something that only a close relative can do for you. Most Southern Cameroonians owe their education to the government and people of Nigeria. Before our independent most of our people were educated in Nigeria. After independent, and following the invasion of our land by by La Republique, the demand to study in Nigeria only increase. Most of our people could not speak French hence could attend the lone university the occupying government ( La Republique) had in Yaounde.

Nigeria has and is still the place where most of them had to go. Most of the Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, University professors we have today from Southern Cameroons will remain grateful to the people of Nigeria. Some are now abroad but had at least their first degree from Nigeria.

Imagine if Nigeria was not there or was one of those french colonies: Gabon, Chad, or Central African Republique. Imagine if the people of Nigeria had refused to welcome us. We, Southern Cameroonians, will be one of the richest country in Africa with the least number of university graduates.

I know many have a negative view of Nigerians. I have always held the view that the people and government of Nigeria rescued Southern Cameroonians from illiteracy. And they have not stop doing so. I personally think we owe that much gratitude. The bottom line is that the people of Cross River State in Nigeria share a lot in common with the people of Ndian and Manyu in particular. From traditional values to native language. The bottom line is that whatever your view about the government and people of Nigeria, they remain the best friend, a close family to Southern Cameroons and Southern Cameroonians.

M Nje

ommision: Second Paragraph. Last sentence should read:

Most of our people could not speak French hence could NOT attend the lone university the occupying government ( La Republique) had in Yaounde.

Legima Doh

Rexon,Mk the Southerner,Ma Mary,M Nje and Dadiceman, thank you people so very much.Your comments are a job well done.I am sure Simplis has got more than enough therefrom in response to his questions.Where are the detractors?Please don't run out of points.

I am sure everybody read USAfrica's last comment in response to mine.I expected him to tell us how a struggle without an agenda could have made such achievements and successes in Nigeria,The Gambia,UNPO and so on.He shallowly escaped answering as usual but it is high time he started answering questions.USAfrica I know from the outset you have always proved not to understand my grammar.What I meant by that the SCNC is not solely an issue of Rexon,Legima Doh,Ma Mary,Mk the Southerner,Dadiceman ,M Nje to name but these means,it is something about the entire true southern cameroonians and that her agenda is not soley our ideas but represents those of the entire southern cameroonians.This is because you stupidly personalized it to ours.If you ask other honest southern cameroonians the monotonous question of an agenda,u will get thesame answers we give you.You may consider Chief Ayamba,Dr Nfor Ngala Nfor,Ebenezar A,Cho Ayaba,Humphrey Mbinglo and so on.

USAfrica has got a totally different objective in this forum as opposed to those of Rexon's and all the Southern cameroon comrades's.This is absolutely in contrast to what you suggested.If he is worried about how the state shall be run to counter challenges,why then has he not suggested what he think would better meet the challenges than the machinery we opine.First and foremost,this pseudoname man has never contributed anything positive towards the liberation process in this forum.He has also never said anything on how his US of Africa propaganda shall be effected.So how come he goes further to get worried about the eventual governance in the case of a sovereign Southern cameroons is a mystery to me.He asks thesame questions everyday with ready made answers in his mind.The readymade answers always being negative about the course.He has failed to demonstrate how our strategies are not good enough.Moreso,I wonder whether there is any reason that can be advanced to tell the Southern cameroonians that it is better to remain slaves to la republique.I gave him a succint response on how the Southern cameroons would meet all her socioeconomic and political challenges but his response was that he doubted whether those ideas were mine or of the SCNC.He repeated thesame response when he could not become any creative of his flimsy arguments to counter what M Nje wrote afterwards.Who make up the ScNC if I may ask?Is it not us?And shall we not all put our brains together to aim the destiny of our motherland where it would benefit us all?I once told him that as an honest critic,he is supposed to criticise and say what he thought ought to be done.You don't just take pride in downplaying all our positive plans without ever suggesting what you thought would be better.If he could say what ought to be done,we would also analyse it and compare with what we have after all we are always going in for the best for our motherland.His failure to do is reason enough to conclude that his motives are sinister. I tell you this USAfrica is uncompromisinly bent on distracting our struggle.It is common for us the comrades of the Southern cameroons in this forum to always salute eachother when thoughtful and wise comments are made but you want to rethink the kind of people and comments that USAfrica salutes.He salutes the cpdm e.g he felicitated Riccardo and Limbeson for writing in support for our enslavement,who are agents of la republique,he also salutes the SDF by always saluting Fon Watesih who is under the fetters of SDF sympathy indirectly hinder the progress of our liberation course,and yet by never giving any positive contribution to the SCNC but always being negative about her, he claims not to be against the SCNC.Can such a confused entity really be?He is utterly confused in his most mystical quest for US of Africa.The conclusion is that he is not an unbiased southern cameroonian who wants to get clarifications
on how the state shall be run to meet challenges.He is an outright distractor.
USAfrica is absolutely an anathema.

But as we all see,the wind of truth is blowing and carrying falsehood hither and thither until it shall completely be exterminated.Like Ma Mary said,no one can stop us from being heard thanks to history and technological advancement.

Peace Shall REign.

Legima Doh

Ma Mary

Cameroun is the sick man of Central Africa. Why?
Because she swallowed a piece of West Africa.

Southern Cameroonians are WEST AFRICANS and not Central Africans.

Thinking they are insulting us, la Republikans call us Biafrans and Nigerians.
So true, we are more at home in Lagos, Abuja and Accra than in the backward francophone
Central African capital city of Yaounde.

One thing you Central Africans need to understand is that you cannot successfully swallow and digest a West African.

We shall be out of you by hook or by crook; by vomiting or by surgery. Be careful. If it needs surgery, you might die. We will do just fine.



M Nje,Rexon, Legima Doh,Ma mary, and co
I am a very strong supporter of SCNC for your info and have never voted either since my stay in cameroon. Reason being that my vote will have no value because of the bad government in place not because of illigal occupation of the territory of southern cameroon. You argue very blindly and foolishly. These are your words "I can not interfer with their politics. that is illegal.. . . We have an international border crisis with la repulique. the presence of their forces and administrative agencies in our territory is illegal". waw, easy to say. For your information, the unification of the French and English speaking cameroon in 1962 was legally endorsed by all international legal bodies including the UN. If we are not happy with the french and want to seperate, it is a matter of diplomacy. Koffi annan once made a statement that "there is only one cameroon . . . and any misunderstanding should be solved via dialogue". Through dialogue, southern cameroon can one day become a territory of its own. What you dont understand is that this dialogue can only take place with a government that is democratically elected-a government that listen to the cry of its citizens. READ ONCE MORE THE ARTICLE POSTED BY SIMPLICE ABOVE. we all are fighting for thesame course but the route you guys are taking is very wrong. Your ideas are very backwords. Dont you understand that SCNC is illegal. "The case we won against the government of Nigeria required then to tabled our case before the ICJ. At the momment, they have not done so" (M Nje. Where do you get your facts? What case did southern cameroon win against Nigeria or are you confused with the oil rich bakassi peninsula? The struggle for SCNC has long been fowarded to the UN and the ICJ by Foncha, Muna, Ekotang Elad and the rest decades ago. You claim to fight for a course that you dont even understand. Theproblem is not that Southern cameroon is illegally occupied by la republique No No No and no again. the problem is that the English speaking cameroonians are being marginalised, and we (Southern cameroonians) have the full right to table ur case before the UN accompanied by facts not the icj. ICJ only deals with problems between states and not within states. Cameroon is still legally recognised by the ICJ as one country and not two. The case between cameroon and nigeria over the bakassi peninsula was not a case between Southern camerron and nigeria. Also, if the government of biya is not willing to listen to this demand of the English cameroonians, the ICJ nor the UN has no power to come and in and divide cameroon because of state sovereignty. If you dont no that cameroon is a soverign state and member of the UN. Such action by the ICJ will be illegal and heavilly sactioned by member states of the UN. The southern cameroon problem is not an easy task. It is something that has to be dealt with very carefully by international bodies in collaboration of the government of the present cameroon and with a clear agenda and strog facts. rexon, M Nje, Ma mery and the rest should have this in their heads.


the quoters are that of M Nje


sorry for the few errors too

M Nje

That was another good posting. You touch on must of the mis-conceptions and mis-information that is out there about our struggle.

I am coming with a respose.


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1. The avalanche of unbridled threats laced with
uncouth language dished out by the leadership of the
SCYL of late is both regrettable and unfortunate.
Regrettable because it undermines their credibility as
future leaders of the Cameroon Territory. Unfortunate
because it tramples underfoot the very fundamentals of
the respect for the dignity and worth of the human
person and his right under international law to
freedom of association. SCARM condemns in no uncertain
terms these intemperate outbursts. Call it youthful
bravado if you wish, but the fact remains that these
leaders have inadvertently been shooting themselves in
the foot.

2. SCARM, therefore, calls on the SCYL leadership to
tone down its rhetoric and abandon the culture of
threats, intimidation, and vicious campaigns of
vilification and cultivate instead a culture of
friendly yet determined persuasion to regain the
support, credibility and respect they have evidently
lost through these heated exchanges. Their ‘argument
of force’ remains a last resort. But SCARM assures
them that diplomacy, slow as it always is, is working
and will take them by surprise.

3. In this climate of the global war against
terrorism, DIPLOMACY is our best option: it is slow;
one cannot afford rush it because it takes time for
the various stakeholders to make the necessary
adjustments. The platform has already been set as
outlined in ‘SCARM’s Fresh Focus’ on the struggle to
the Dallas conference. And this is where SCARM comes
in again, to watchdog and co-ordinate a UNITED
LEADERSHIP for the Southern Cameroons Peoples Struggle
for their freedom and independence. The international
community is now well aware of the plight of the
English-speaking Peoples of the Southern Cameroons
under the brutal annexation and exploitation of la
Republique du Cameroun and France.

4. In this diplomatic effort the UN and the African
Union are well poised to bring about a peaceful
resolution of the unacceptable situation our peoples
find themselves in the evil bondage of la Republique
du Cameroun and France. The plans are geared towards
the rectification and regularisation of the
independence not only of the Southern Cameroons but
also of the entire Cameroon Territory, that is, the
former United Nations Trust Territory of the Cameroons
under United Kingdom Administration, of which the
Southern Cameroons is only a part. The former British
Southern Cameroons cannot, therefore, become
independent without the former British Northern
Cameroons: they are both parts of the Cameroon
Territory in the Trusteeship Agreement Britain
covenanted with the United Nations Organisation on 13
December 1946 and undertook “to promote the political,
economic, social, and educational advancement of the
inhabitants of the trust territory, and its
progressive development towards self-government or
independence” (Article 76.b. of the UN Charter).
Britain broke that covenant when the United Kingdom
signed an EDICT on 27/09/1961 ending its
administration of the Southern Cameroons Trust
Territory without ensuring that a Treaty of Union was
worked out between the Southern Cameroons and la
Republique du Cameroun in execution of both the
Trusteeship Agreement signed on 13 December 1946 with
the United Nations Organisation at New York and UNO
Resolution 1608 (XV) of 21 April 1961.

5. The multiplicity of liberation movements in the
Southern Cameroons is not helping our cause. Just take
a look at the line up: the Ambazonia Movement of Fon
Gorji Dinka, SCARM, the SCNC and its THREE factions,
the SCYL, and now SCAPO’s Ambazania – SEVEN of them in
all) each, with the exception of SCARM, claiming
supremacy of the leadership of the struggle! This
constitutes a veritable medium for breeding factional
war-lords. And this worries the international
community. SCARM reiterates her call to our liberation
movements and their factions to forge a united front
in the struggle. A high level official of the UN
wondered derisively on 30 May 2007 how SCAPO could
claim to form a political party. SCARM also reminds
the liberation movements to re-orientate their
liberation strategies to take into account the reality
of the entire Cameroon Territory.

6. It is equally a matter for regret that the Dallas
conference could not come up with the desired united
front among these liberation movements because the
conference had been programmed to project SCAPO as the
liberator. It was doomed to fail because it ignored
the imperative of bringing together under a legitimate
SCNC leadership the various liberation movements and
their factions. We came out of the Dallas conference
in exactly the same mould in which the American
Ambassador cast Southern Cameroons leaders in May
1959: “…Leadership in the Southern Cameroons is
inexperienced, untrained and naïve…”. SCARM believes
we can do better: she reminds Southern Cameroons
liberation movements that the SCNC is the only
authentic mouthpiece of the Peoples of the Southern
Cameroons for their statehood and independence. The
SCNC derives its legitimacy from the Two All
Anglophone Conferences, the missions to the United
Nations, the African Union, the Commonwealth, the
Signature Referendum and membership of the
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO).
The SCNC is thus recognised as such by the
international community.

7. It is being strongly articulated in some circles
that most liberation struggles have been fought and
won in factions. But the world has gone full circle
and learned some very hard lessons in the process.
What obtains in the Southern Cameroons today is not
what obtained in apartheid South Africa and East
Timor. We can forge a united front and still maintain
our individualities. In hind sight, and drawing from
the hard lessons of history of past and current
conflicts, the international community is in no mood
to tolerate yet another syndrome of having to send
peace-keepers to separate factional war-lords even in
the Southern Cameroons.

Listen, anyone who has ears!(Matt 13:43).

Dr. Arnold Boh Yongbang 31 July 2007.
SCARM Acting Chair.

Ma Mary

Galabe, bad government alone does not suffice for what we want. It is clear from what you are asserting about the court judgement in Nigeria that you have not kept up with events. You also do not have thorough knowledge about the facts of the Southern Cameroons. I suggest that you visit the following site often:


There is some material there now, and I have been assured that are going to continue updating and will eventually post theoriginal judgement from the Nigerian High Court.

Never mind the arguments here. Please read those with care.

mk the southerner


this is what u asked "What case did southern Cameroon win against Nigeria or are you confused with the oil rich bakassi peninsula?"

Boy do u live in the suburbs or are u just getting up from bed, go wash ur face follow up facts on SCNC and then come ask your question again. I think it will be better asked this time around.

Have u ever asked your self way the Southern Cameroons case was accepted and declared admissible by the African commission? Boy never too old to learn go to school.

SCNC for ever


so does this really mean that all the various groups fighting for the same gold are not united?can someone tell me more...



Legima Doh

It was nice reading your comment one thing because you attest to the plight of our motherland and the need for an ultimate solution.The problem is that,though your presentation sounds pathetic and alluring,it is fraught with typically misrepresented facts that would greatly mislead and misguide the Southern cameroonians.Firstly,you say the unification between la republique and the Southern cameroons was legal.This is abject falsehood.It was not legal because it did not meet the resolutions of the UN.It was supposed to be manned by Great Britain,and the copies of the treaty signed,endorsed and forwarded to the UN.Did these happen.If you say yes then I refer you to Mola Njoh Litumbe's article.No about the Bakassi case,we won Nigeria good you acknowledge that fact.Nigeria accepted that legitimate ownership of the land belongs to the Southern cameroons and that they shall hand it to a recognized government of the southern cameroons.Let me also ask you,why has Nigeria not also given the land to La Republique knowing that ,it is not her land despite countless number of dialogues with La Republique.Nigeria is aware of the fact that the rightful owners are a people who have been subjugated and no longer recognized.The UNPO should be foolish taking from your comment to give a seat to the Southern Cameroons.Like Nigeria waiting to give the land to a recognized southern cameroons government it means she knows that she got no recognised government,UNPO knows so too and has granted the Souhern cameroons a seat.When you talk of within,you are insinuating that we have been absorbed by La Republique and made an integral part of them.Just tell me any legal backing of the Southern cameroons becoming an integral part of La Republique.Remember we were getting independence by joining an erroneous concept as at now.That means,we had our independence first as a state before any unity with La republique.The ICJ is involved because,the Southern Cameroons is an entity on its own and was never meant and shall never be an integral part of La republique.The UN also is directly involved and stepically it is going through the UNPO.What Koffi Annan said was refering directly to the SCNC his statement finished saying a meaningful dialogue needed else the Southern Cameroons' case might become an uncrackable nut.Yes he said there is one Cameroon but what then can make the Southern cameroons'case to become an uncrackable nut is what I want to hear from you.Also tell me the people whom he was refering Biya to dialogue with.The ICJ and the UN is not coming to divide cameroon because it is not the case of division.There are two distinct states here and one has been colonized and its statehood killed.ICJ,UN,UNPO and the international community is instead to ask La Republique why she has violated the UN resolutions by neocolonising another state,the Southern cameroons.We had our independence likewise La Republique but today there is no independence.The fact is that we want it restored and fully have our sovereignty.So it is strictly not about dividing or secession.Its about restoration of what has been killed.
The Southern Cameroons case is truly not an easy task but we must keenly educate the people on the true historical facts and legal rights of the Southern cameroons and the Southern cameroonians.
It was a welcome comment to dwell on.Please read Mola Njoh's article.Ni I know you are stunch SCNC supporter but lets face the plain truth.It is our legitimate right to self determination no strings attached to la republique.Thanks.

Peace Shall Reign.

Legima Doh,


27 July 2007
UN Secretary general

Southern Cameroons Right to Self-determination under
the Terror of La Republique du Cameroun Judiciary

The former UN Trust territory of Southern Cameroons under UK Administration, consequent upon imperfect decolonization, has been annexed and occupied by la Republique du Cameroun, a former UN trust under French administration. Having been annexed and occupied it is subjected to obsolete Napoleonic constitutionalism in this third millennium.

Conscious and proud of their distinct identity Southern Cameroonians have rejected annexation and assimilation and to be treated as a colony of la Republique du Cameroun. Committed to non-violence they are determined to restore their statehood and attain perfect decolonisation within the ambit of Art. 76(b) of UN Charter and UNGA Resolution 1514 of 1960. This is their inalienable right in conformity with international laws and conventions governing the right to self determination and independence of all nations and peoples irrespective of size, culture and race.

But determined to maintain its colonial hegemony over Southern Cameroons, the expansionist Yaounde state uses its occupation forces to intimidate, harass, brutalise, arrest and detain, maim and even carry out extra-judicial execution of Southern Cameroonians in their torture chambers and on the streets. The purpose of such barbaric atrocities is to eliminate what they describe as subversive elements, drive others into self exile and instill permanent fear in the minds of a subjugated people and perpetually keep them subservient. While it is not a crime to wear a coat with USA Air Force boldly inscribed, one is subjected to brutal torture, arbitrary arrest and detention if found wearing a T-shirt with inscriptions "Southern Cameroons" or map of Southern Cameroons on. Southern Cameroonians as a distinct cultural, political and legal entity under international law cannot assemble as of right to discuss matters of common interest.

While self-determination is defended and promoted under international law, la Republique du Cameroun judiciary is an instrument used by the expansionist Yaounde colonial regime to bound Southern Cameroonians hand and foot in the concrete of annexation and assimilation. Yaounde pays lip service to democracy but it is a hard core dictatorship. All power is vested in the president the incarnation of the state, the commander-in- chief, the chief magistrate and chief legislator. Here both the legislature and judiciary are mere extensions and function like cells of the Presidency. When the President of the Supreme Court, Mr. Justice Mouelle in his ruling on the Presidential Election legal tussle of 1992 declared that his hands were tight and gave victory to incumbent President Paul Biya, he was only dancing to the rhythm of the status quo.

In addition to brutalisation, prolonged detention, maiming and extra-judiciary killings, SCNC leaders and activists who are charged to court are subjected to countless adjournments for failure of the prosecution witnesses (gendarmes, policemen, proconsuls) and sometimes the presiding Judge to appear in court. As physical repression is meant to weaken, disable, even eliminate the individual and instill fear so that men act and behave like toys in the hands of their oppressors, frequent adjournments frustrate, demoralise and even cripple the SCNC economically and psychologically.

Currently the SCNC has ten cases in different parts of Southern Cameroons, the long-standing being that of 2002 in Mamfe. Below is a list depicting the number of adjournments.

No Court No. of SCNC Activists Charged No. of Adjournments No. of Presiding Judges
1. Mamfe High Court 8 (Chief Ayamba, Nfor N. Nfor and 6 others. Initially 9 including late Albert W. Mukong) 28
Next hearing 27/08/07 Now under 2nd Presiding Judge
2. Mamfe High Court 31 (Agbaw Nfaw and others) 9
Next hearing 27/08/07 Same Presiding Judge
3. Kumbo High Court 12 (Mbinglo H. and eleven others) 16
Next hearing 20/08/07 Now under 3rd Presiding Magistrate
4. Jakiri Magistrate Court 2 (Pa Ishaku Wirdin and Njoka F. Barah) 20 Now under 4th Presiding Magistrate
5. Jakiri Magistrate Court 1 Njoka F. Barah (for wearing SCNC T-shirt) 20 Now under 5th Magistrate
6. Kumbo Magistrate Court 1Pa Denis Nkwemeka (for wearing SCNC T-shirt 12 Now under 3rd Magistrate
7. Bamenda Magistrate Court 5 Fidelis Chinkwo and 4 others (arrested in SCNC Secretariat 9 Same Magistrate
8. Bamenda High Court 1 (Ngewieh Asunkwain 7 Same Examining Magistrate
9. Bamenda High Court 10 (the famous Nfor Ngala Nfor and ten others - case of Simon Tanto tried separately and dismissed) 7 Same Examining Magistrate
10. Buea High Court 1(Kajang Anderson Ebai) 1 Same Judge

NB: No.1, secession charge was dropped.
Nos. 8, 9, and 10 charged for secession.

Though the number may seem high and number of adjournments bewildering it must be noted that many other SCNC activists are arbitrarily arrested, tortured and detained for days or weeks and with international intervention and efforts of our lawyers are released with stain warnings and threats of grave consequences if they again participate in SCNC activities.

Whether the charge be violating prefectoral Order, illegal assembly or secession, the truth is that the prosecution witnesses have no case against the SCNC that is pacifically fighting for the restoration of the Statehood and Sovereign independence of Southern Cameroons. The incontrovertible fact is not only that self-determination is a matter of international law but above all that in conformity with the Mandate Agreement after WWI, the Trusteeship Agreement which the UK Government signed with the UN in 1946 and the Anglo-French boundary treaties, the Southern Cameroons is as distinct from la Republique du Cameroun as Republic of Niger is from the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This explains why former French Cameroun attained independence on January 1, 1960 as la Republique du Cameroun and joined UN membership same year without British Southern Cameroons. It is equally remarkable that on attainment of independence and joining of UN membership it inherited its colonial boundaries as defined by international law. Most remarkable la Republique du Cameroun launched no complaint of part of its territory being outside its national borders. By 1960 British Southern Cameroons that had become self-governing since October 26, 1954 was enjoying full self-government as a distinct UN Trust territory marching towards sovereign independence thanks to its vibrant democratic and constitutional evolution.

The one billion-dollar question therefore is, by what instrument of international law has la Republique du Cameroun come to exercise its sovereignty over British Southern Cameroons? How does the UN interpret and promote the right to self-determination of all nations and peoples when its own trust territory has been annexed and occupied by another former trust.

Understanding that the wisdom that informed the founding of the UN is to end all wars and guarantee global peace through preventive diplomacy, should the attention that the UN gave to the UN Trust territory of South West Africa, now independent Namibia, under apartheid South Africa not be equally given to Southern Cameroons?

It is sad to note what Southern Cameroonians, with a proud democratic culture inherited from the British are going through, all this due to UN's failure to respect its own laws, obligations and founding mission. We therefore call democratic world attention to the fact that la Republique du Cameroun judiciary terrorism combined with organized military reign of terror imposed on Southern Cameroonians is provocative and a direct invitation to a war of liberation. No community of human beings, no people and no nation surrenders to foreign domination and alien rule. Is it not incredible that a people who by 1954 had well established democratic institutions and were ruled by a democratically elected government are in the third millennium subjugated to the most brutal colonial rule?

By drawing the attention of all lovers and defenders of human freedom and the democratic world, we call on the UN to take judicious notice of the early warning signs and act now as is the case in Kosovo for any further delay is preparing the ground for another Rwanda. One more apology from the UN consequent upon its prolonged culture of silence will be apology too many for mankind. Southern Cameroons must attain, enjoy and exercise sovereign independence.

For the Southern Cameroonian people.

National Vice Chairman, and
Chair, Foreign Affairs Commission


Mk the southener or what ever you call yourself,
you asked me to go to schoolyou quote me but you did not answer the question. Once again, what case did Southern cameroon win against the Nigeria? i will like to learn as you said. I am not arguing about admissibility to the african commission or not, i was clarifying one of your types,M Nje, who said the southern cameroon case has never been tabled some where and went forth by talking about the ICJ that has entirely nothing to do witin a recognized sovereign state like cameroon. Or maybe you yourself dont understand that. Read the article posted by prince kumba above.


Legima Doh,
you have tried your best, and your oppinion counts too. Thanks too for not abussing me like the others.
I have this question to ask you. The case between Nigeria and Cameroon was judged and concludded, and the bakassi peninsula handed over to Cameroon. Announced in BBC and CNN and in other Radio stations in Africa.The Biya government praised the Nigerian government for the peaceful resolution of the problem and vice versa. So nigeria still have authority over the bakassi peninsula dispite the verdict of the ICJ? or did i hear wrongly from the BBC?

Legima Doh

Actually,you are right about the announcement.It was that the land belongs to cameroon.Nigeria accepted that it belongs to cameroon but the question remains which cameroon.That is the reason why despite the announcement,Nigeria is still occupying the land.She was won in Abuja by the Southern cameroon,she accepted the land belongs to cameroons but mindful of the fact that it belongs to that camroon,the Southern cameroons that is not recognized,Nigeria decided to after accepting the verdict,to stay in the land until a recognised government of the Southern cameroons is in place.So in effect Nigeria has not handed over the land to la republique cos that would violate the verdict of the Abuja High Court which ruled that the land shall only be totally surrendered to a recognised government of the Southern Cameroons.

Peace Upon our Motherland.

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

Thanks for that.I am sure our forum members shall have much to learn from it.USAfrica is invited to read the posting.

Peace upon our Motherland.

Legima Doh,

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