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Monday, 16 July 2007


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What we want to hear from Southern Cameroonian politicians is how they will guarantee the independence and freedom of the Southern Cameroons. And how in both the short and long run, they can improve the lives of the people they are claiming to defend. It is a bit embarassing that they have been participating in the legislative and executive arms of La Republique's government, without bringing any substantial benefits to the Southern Cameroons.

What these politicians must have realised before openly preaching theory theory of federalism might be the increasing sense of Southern Cameroons national identity that is quite distint from the one cameroon theory that was preached before. We are openly concerned that such preachings of federalism might be a bizarre twist to counter the national pride of a free Southern Cameroons that has been boffing up in the political conciousness of Southern Cameroonians. The recent killings of our brothers and sisters in Buea for fighting fraud and the imposition of the names of citizens of La Republique who did not even pass the medical exams was evidenced that La Republique have no respect for Southern Cameroonians. We have suffered under this union that never was with La Republique in such a way that, Southern Cameroons are not prepared to stand any loosely associated federation. We are happy to think of any union of the Cameroons only of its culturally unifying background, because we have intermarry and culturally related to each other, but we want to stand clear of any political unifying issue with La Republique. This ie because, as NJFN and all Southern Cameroonians know, we are an independent people and we cannot stand this daylight colonialism and robbing of our resources and cultural identity. Their elections should be their elections and they should vote and celebrate their independence in their own way. We should also vote and celebrate our independence, manage our affairs in our own way.

The role of politics in promoting the longitivity of these kleptocratic regime is becoming evident day after day. A clear majority of Southern Cameroonian do not take any pride in involving themselves in politics with La Republique and it is very important that Southern Cameroonians politicians romacing with La Republique understand that. We do not want to fight a war tommorow with citizens of La Republique who are becoming concerned that we are the ones hindering their ability to oust dictator Biya. They think anglofools are: Colouring their Inexistant democracy in the eyes of the international community. Their recent hatred of NJFN and Inoni is enough evidence to justify this. They have made repeated calls of this in their online chat lines like Camerooninfo net and we need to leave them alone.

Our concern is on how to improve the standards of living of our people, while fighting for our independence. As things stand, all those acting with La Republique are merely doing us a disservice since no substantial benefits will come to the majority of Southern Cameroonians.


John Fru Ndi, there must be a legitimate legal association between two countries (in this case, one that became independent on January 1, 1960 and conceals that fact, and another whose's independence on October 1 was aborted and their citizens get beaten, jailed and raped when they attempt to commemorate that date by those who do not acknowlwdge their own date of independence) before you can begin to talk of Federalism.

Federalism is alien to the francophonic culture, and especially to the African puppets of the French who have demonstrated an absolute willingness to de-humanize their own brothers and sisters for the whiteman. Please, John Fru Ndi have your legal experts show Southern Cameroonians the proof of any legal association between these two nations or else just chop your share of the French loot from your own people and chill out for the rest of your days. Your time is past Sir.

John Fru Ndi, you and your generation of Southern Cameroonians must muster the simple courage to acknowledge the truth; the truth is that the presence of la Republique Francaise du Cameroun in the Southern Cameroons is illegal and illegitimate and made only possible by the type of brute force and terrorism that the French taught them in carrying out a genocide in their own country.

John Fru Ndi, you and other Southern Cameroonians, all of you: Achidi Achu, Inoni, Ben Muna, Musonge, Yang and others must know that dealing with this junta borne of genocide is like a Jew dinning with Adolf Hitler. You must learn at your ripe old ages to temper your greed, lust and insensitivity and consider for one moment what you'll all bequeath future generations of Southern Cameroonians. You have already condemned them to fight for their own liberation, you can make it easier for them by standing for the simple truth. For as the good book says, the truth shall set thee free!

Sir, the Franco-Camerounese have displayed an absolute hatred for you and your fellow Southern Cameroonians. They repeatedly kill and rape your children who leave home to go get degrees and no one is ever held accountable. Two cycles of rapes and murder at the University of Buea in two years, not one of you stood up to speak up. I meam really speak up they way you are speaking today while participating in this charade called elections that has been played in advance and you know it. What type of parents are you when your children are killed and raped and you still insist on playing this game of death with the murderers from Paris and Yaounde. Even animals defend their young!

They insult you in their parliament and on their television and radio stations by calling you and your fellow Southern Cameroonians "Biafrans", "Anglofous" and "Enemies dans la maisons." You know Mr. Fru Ndi, it is very easy to kill some one who is called a "Biafran" and "Anglofou" and get away with it, because in tagging others as such, you de-humanize them, you strip them of what makes them whole, and Sir, that is exactly what is happening when for the past two years "Biafrans" and "Anglofous" have been killed and raped at the University of Buea and not one soul has been held accountable; not one in your generation posturing as "leaders" raised a finger, not even your so-called members of parliament in that God-forsaken foreign land.

Please Southern Cameroonians let us face reality and protest against la Republique Francaise du Cameroun by going to Church or July 22 coming back home catering to our young and old instead of taking part in this joke called an election.

If anyone of you meet any of the Fru Ndis, Ben Munas, Ngolles etc. of the Southern Cameroons, please share this with them.


Rexon and Tagro as you have probably been told before you castigate the opposition, they have made a big change in that country. Look at the the other francophone countries in Africa. We have heard this Southern Cameroon nonsense for a long time. Fru Ndi took a big jab fell down and got up and is still fighting, he knows fully well the constitution, anglophone problems, the false union with East Cameroon. Lets face it, he is fighting a problem where he is out gunned 1000 to 1. For him to produce what he has done so far is incredible, and history will prove he is a Krumah of West Cameroon. Again let me say to you anglophones there are so many ways to arrive at the final outcome don't criticize anybody,s method. Southern Cameroonians who whine and complain about everything, tell us what you are doing to end this regime, what contributions are you receiving and what is your real plan of action so you can be supported apart from complaining to the international community like cry babies without any focus. Look at Ivory Coast, Biafra, what happened, people suffered, lost lives, mainly the poor, infirmed, women and children.You are out gunned 1000 to 1. I just read Africa report they are over 200 french families doing business in Cameroon, we know the french have a cash cow in Cameroon and will not let it go, how are you going to solve this problem? If you look at the dynamics as I see it from Kumba, the frogs are gravitating big time to the anglophone system as evident in UB med school, this is compounding our problem because they know that if we leave they will rot like DRC, Tchad etc. The frogs are feeling the pinch too only a few are benefiting from the loot. That's why some of us Nigerian-Cameroonians have started applying pressure overseas with our JEWISH brothers and sisters to recover stolen African money in Europe and US. I gave you an address to write and apply pressure. Sarkozy is even talking of refusing refuge to these thieves especially the ones from Nigeria. If you Southern Cameroonians want immediate change then go the military way, it will only make matters worst, again ask Biafrans. First all these fighting factions should come together and mount one MASSIVE VERTICAL PRESSURE, the CAUSE IS THE SAME why these stupid divisions. Believe you me NJFN is doing it his own way, UB students doing it their own way, the elephant is about to crumble, it has been a slow and painful process but that is the best way. Apply pressure from your own angles and stop criticizing the ones who fighting for the same thing. This buffoon should not be allowed to change the constitution and run for the 20th time. He is scared, very scared, look at what happened to the Tchadian's son Udeh Hussein in france, they can run for now but they can not hide forever. AMEN!!!!!


I am very pleased about the fact that there are still some people who reason with realisms like Tombele. It is really sad that the likes of Rexon, TAGRO and the other dreamers having time without number for the past years preached , critisized and insulted others and constructive ideas in this forum and have never (even ones) proposed a plan of action on how they and their southern Cameroons can succeed in their untabled plan. John Fru Ndi is a man who has brought great change to this country. If not of the narrow mindedness and egoistic nature of Cameroonians, we would have been long gone up the ladder of development and prosperity. Biya after losing the elections in the early 90´s realised he was losing grip and needed to take drastic measures. SOhe started the devide and rule policy. Bribing his way through and using the state´s money for his party´s needs. Have a look of people like Odon Dong who embazzled more than 30million dollars and there are many more. Who cares???? Rexon and the others who are strongly behind the southern Cameroons, tell us your concrete plan of action now. YOu can´t even gather 1000 supporters and you think you can change a country? That just tels you that something is wrong with you. Give those your votes to the SDF and let´s together fight for the right course for you apparently have no agenda. G W Bush of the US might not necessarily have bad ideas but ne certainly has a bad approach to the solutions. In the same way, the Southers Cameroons have very brilliant ideas but definitely have a bad approach to the problem and consequently a bad approach and the explains why your leaders spend their lifes in jails around the country instead of building up successful agenda. My brothers, you can´t devide Cameroon not matter how had you work cos you got no agenda, no plan , no solution , no supporters and no future. We are speaking thesame language but with different tonations. Wake up my peope!!! Wake up!!! the time is limitted. Lets fight for our rights, our riches, our existence and our country. God bless the United Republic of Cameroon.


Sorry for a couple of typing errors in my post above. Next time i would preview before posting.Thanks

vally England

Oh goodness me! another election to make monies. Dictator Fru ndi is keeping quite with his 200 million his friend and thieves PaulBiya is handing to him for election participation.

Is Fru Ndi really very sincere of the out come of this election? One must presume more damaged is being done because he is legitimising mr BIYA. When SDO's declare what ever results they deem necessary , what will he do. Fight? do you fight with your hands. The man is really sick.

Vally England.


there is something wrong with you guys.I have been reading your comments here and it makes me sick. You make comments like somebody who have never been to school. I wonder what kind of education you have. Anyway, commom sense is not that common. Since you started expressing your stupidity here, what do you think we can do to save southern cameroon. Atleas even if your enemy, fru ndi, is a popet of la republic, he has tried his best since 1990. You can now run your mouth because of his efforts. Do something, come up with some solution and we will follow you. Ass holes.


A whirring sculpture that would stand silent in mind is what will be preaching through this charade called elections. Onstage, they have long tales and stories to tell about development, love and peace. But in their minds, they are monsters who know nothing, about the development they are supposed to be craving for. Flanked by unscrupulous individuals, they always attempt to stay jagged and imposing, even though they know they can only impose their will only on those with little understanding of them.

I try be be patient and receptive to the ideas that can bring good through politicis with La Republique. But day after day, i learn the contrary. In a bid to aver my frustration, i am forced to go back to my wry witty mood.

Just stay with your party and colour Mr Biya's inexistant democracy. You will be rewarded for doing a good job for them and you will be richer and richer day after day. Then u will soon realise as time passes by that you are alone with fools in a state of transient, panicking flux with no one to look at for support. As the poor and helpless will always have God by their side. Imagine our brothers and sisters shot at UB for fighting thesame fraud that these bandits claim they want to stop. Not even a single politician came to their rescue or publicly marched with them. The ones that tried to open their mouths described them as "AN ASSORTED GROUP OF ASSAILANTS ATTACKED THE POLICE STATION" to satisfy the etoudi beast. Now, they are going around the place with their charade called elections. preaching their long tale of rhetorics.

Your business with Biya will soon crumble. That i know.



you guys are making me laugh


vally i believe you don't have anything to say so is better for you to shutup. Rexon, i have been reading your comments and till date i don't even know which camp you belong. if you belong to scnc, i beg you to decamp and join the sdf b/c scnc has no agenda, no concret direction as to where they are going and above all does not even have 1/3 of anglophones behind them.


Rexon, you sound like a very intelligent man but you always use obsfucating words to mask the meaning of what you ar saying. Your verbosity gets me so confused, I can hardly can the message you are trying to pass across.
Anyways, as far as I am concerned, federalism is the way to go in Cameroon and for the rest of Africa. As an advocate for the United states of Africa, I think federalism is the only solution to our misery. With a federal system in Africa, there will be a constitution, a congress, house of assembly and supreme court similiar to the American system. With this, we are sure of a check and balances system that will curb excessive power.
Rexon you made a commment that striked me
"We have suffered under this union that never was with La Republique in such a way that, Southern Cameroons are not prepared to stand any loosely associated federation"
I don't know what made to think that Southern Cameroon cannot stand loosely n a federation. Note that before Ahidjo was able to manipulate Foncha and the rest of Cameroon to establiah a unitary state, Southern Cameroon stood loosely in a federation. We did not only stand loosely in a federation, we suceeded standing loosely in that federation. We maintained the British system with good education, streets had names, high sanitary conditions, equipped and strong police force and our per capita income was as high as that in South Africa.
Brekaing away like the SCNC wants is not always a solution to our problems. Africa needs to stand united so that we can fight the corrupt policies of the West and curb our ills. What if we break away form La republique and we are plunged in a devastating financial crisis? what if we have another darfur scenario? what if the Nfors and all the other SCNC supervisors keep up the corrupt practices of Biya? Nkrumah did it so how do you now that the Nfors will not do same?
Federalism is the way to go in Africa and in Cameroon. It will make us independent but united and we will fight the West. For example,the West does nothing but exploit us when we trade so with this united africa, we will be able to abandon them and trade freely among ourselves. We will have a single currency which we grow stronger as our trade links with each other expands. Long live Cameroon and Long live Africa.


Rexon, given that you have run dry of ideas, don´t you think it is better to take a break?

"Just stay with your party and colour Mr Biya's inexistant democracy." (Rexon)

Which course are you fighting for; Democracy in Cameroon or an independent southern Cameroon? Given that Cameroon is seen by the international community to be undemocratic, how does this bring to light the annexation of Southern Cameroons by la Republic du Cameroon? If the international community sees Cameroon to be undemocratic, will they be pressurizing Cameroon to undertake democratic reforms or force La republic du Cameroon to grand Southern Cameroons independent? I ask these questions because, with your shallow thinking, you want us to believe that if the SDF, boycott elections, the international community will see Cameroon as undemocratic; then force la republic du Cameroon to grand southern Cameroons independence. Is this kind of reasoning different from bullshit?
Before you come up with this kind of trash again, tell us the relationship between democracy and Southern Cameroons´annexation.

Legima Doh

Salutations to Comrades Rexon.You are doing a great job though amidst detractors.Ma Mary,Ashwell Molaba,Samleyin,Washow,Tayong,Akoson,Fritzane,accept fervent regards.I implore you all to come forth so that together we can make it a sturdy campaign for sensitizing all the Southern Cameroonians earth-wide.We also have to beware of our detractors.They say an enemy in the house is the most dangerous one.This enemy in the house include all Southern Cameroonians who have sold their consciences for egocentric and malignant purposes.They include the Njeumas, The Inoni,Achidi,John B Ndeh,Agbor Tabi,Musonge,Endeleys,Ntungfor Nico,Angwafors,Gah Gwanyin,Acha Mofor,and so on.For Fru Ndi,we all are appreciative of his struggle for true democracy in the failed Republic.Again,we are beginning to have a misgiving about his true purpose given that from the outset he knew and was told that La Republique can never become an abode of peace for the Southern Cameroonians.It is a matter of intuition for every right thinking Southern Cameroonian to start to view Ni JF Ndi as a stumbling block to the true course of peace in the land.By adhering to La Republique party politics, Ni JF Ndi is helping to deceive the world that there is democracy in La Republique du cameroun.

Mr UnitedStatesOfAfrica,
I don't know where you are coming from.It appears you are behind history and therefore coming from the future.I am taken aback by the fact that it is today that you come from nowhere to talk about federalism in Cameroon.Time has proven that such is not an option as far as the Southern Cameroons is concerned.If your idea is to fight the west then that is an unwelcome idea which will never take you nor your UnitedStatesOfAfrica any where.You ask how we know the Nfors will not continue the corrupt practices of Biya?You have to be aware that the Nfors are absolutely independent and not bound by the fetters of the Biya corrupt regime.Being a federated state will mean still having much ado with that corrupt regime which is what we don't want.Besides it is our legitimate right to self determination and sovereignty.
Peace upon the Land of the Southern Cameroons.
Legima Doh,


Rexon said "Then u will soon realise as time passes by that you are alone with fools in a state of transient, panicking flux with no one to look at for support."
I harp on this statement for 2 reasons. First, Rexon addresses people he intends to convince as fools and secondly, contrary to the article above he outrightly challenges the efforts of the SDF to bring true democracy to Cameroon.
People of Rexon' calibre who have much time to expend here on Post Online, would commit a political suicide when Ni John Fru Ndi retires from politics. Because day in day out, they are so infatuated with the man that one tends to think there may be some sorcery in the whole affair. They come here and announce the death of the SDF day after day , and when the SDF and its chairman act, everyone is taken by storm. Search the campaign trails from Ndop through Bafia , Yaounde , Kribi, through Douala up to Muyuka, Ekona and Kumba. Ni John Fru Ndi was glaringly the man of the day. Other parties hired buses and paid militants to attend hall meetings still failed to have an impact, but when the chairmen arrived his various destinations with just a convoy of 3 cars, circulation and business were brought to a standstill.
In 1997, when people had cursed SDF , claiming its death, Fru Ndi did a contact tour of Cameroon within 6 weeks. A francophone journalist who had been all the while very hostile to the SDF boarded a taxi I was riding in Bamenda and kept on nodding. When the other passengers asked what was wrong he whined " Ndi don hold mami water rally for Banganté!"
So do not take Cameroonians for fools.
It is highly suspected that people like Rexon were paid by Biya's cohort to intoxicate SDF sympathisers to abstain from elections so that Biya would assume his absolute majority and be president for life. During that time of hardship when the masses would be suffering in Cameroon, people like Rexon, MK the southerner, M Nje would be living in affluence in western capitals, jump in here once in a while and vilify Ni John Fru Ndi in the strongest terms. Very few people in the diaspora have understood the game some of these people play. But know that while some may be fooled, SDF militants can't be. If you like you go and tell your master.

M Nje

"He said if they succeed in obtaining a majority in parliament, they would amend the constitution "

Mr Fru Ndi,
Either you are very very ignorant about the constitution of La Republique Du Cameroun or this is hypocrisy at its best. A majority in parliament does not give your absolute power to amend the constitution.

It is sad to see how our people, Southern Cameroonians, (who are living in a state of hopelessness) are being used by your business corporation; the S.D.F. for personal gains. Your message of constitutional amendment is intellectually dishonest. Be it amendment to limit Mr. Biya`s mandate or bring federation to La Republique Du Cameroun; a country in which you are not a legal citizen

"you want us to believe that if the SDF, boycott elections, the international community will see Cameroon as undemocratic; then force la republic du Cameroon to grand southern Cameroons independence." Fon

First you got your facts wrong. Southern Cameroonians are not asking La Republique Du Camerouns to grand them independence. We are asking them to leave our land. We had independence on October 1 1961.

Secondly, the S.D.F. is helping to color the regime in Yaounde as a democracy. That helps it to gain international legitimacy and assistance that are tight to democracy. This assistance is used to sustain the regime which intend is helping to colonized Southern Cameroons. That is part of the relationship between democracy and Southern Cameroonśannexation. Do you need more?

There is a reason why La Republique Du Cameroun spend thousands if not millions of dollars to polish its imagine through foreign newspapers. Its understands the importance of having a good image abroad especially as a democracy. Sponsoring parties like the S.D.F. through campaign funds is party of that public relation campaign.

I see you are playing the blame game. Southern Cameroons advocate are responsible for your inability to win a majority in La Republique Du Cameroun. We are responsible for the lack of any S.D.F. victory in the Northern Provinces I guest. Your are unable or unwilling to hold your God; Fru Ndi and his inner circle accountable for your diminishing support. That is what will bring many in your camp to political suicide. When something goes wrong in an organization someone has to take the responsibility. Who have you held responsible for the diminishing support in your SD.F.?

When study strike in U.B., the C.P.D.M. blamed us. When your S.D.F. fails to make any gains in elections we are responsible. That alone is an indication that we are neither for the C.P.D.M. nor are we for the S.D.F. We are and will continue to advocate for justice for the legal right of 6 million Southern Cameroonians.



I have never acted in a macho way. It is very clear that the policies being pursued by the opposition in collaboration with the CPDM is complicating our independence issues, which are vitally relevant to our mutually exclusive right to be independent and prosperous. Above all Feli, it is hard to be optimistic, in this very complex world of politics with La Republique. What will the SDF do if it cannot secure majority in parliament?

Our intelligence officers have thwarted information that some elements of the opposition are sponsored by Mr Biya to colour his inexistent democracy. That is the truth and you cannot deny it. This has been corroborated by most of what politicians does and says. What have been the results of the democracy you have been involved in over these years? Who have benefited apart from those parliamentarians and councillors? The intention of the free minds of the Southern Cameroons is to contain the exploitation of the Southern Cameroons in the short run, while fighting for the independence of the Southern Cameroons in the long run. If these politicians don’t want to cooperate with us constructively in bringing independence in the Southern Cameroons, then we will have no other option but to destroy them. If they continue coercing our people into believing the unbelievable, then they should expect serious consequences.


This is what i stand for: (1) equality in every nation, people, tribes and cultures of the world (2) the independence of the Southern Cameroons and other UN trust territories. So don’t get confused if i am always writing about politics in La Republique. Even if La Republique is alone, i will still be involved as my children will still have to go there as a result of my family connections. Technically, i will always have a stake in that politics of la republique.

We live in a world where everyone deserves equal opportunities based on talent and hard work. My determination is to spread this message across as much as i can and to assist in providing opportunities and amenities to the poor and helpless. I see myself as being lucky and privilege enough to find myself where i am and i think i have a moral responsibility to defend those who are being handicapped as a result of the unscrupulous actions of a few politicians.

I look up to the future in whatever i do and the participation of the SDF and other political parties in this charade, is mocking every brilliant idea that has been geared on providing a true future for our poor and helpless relatives back home. That is my take on the issue. It is mocking our own struggle for freedom with the SCNC because, it is giving the impression that there is a democracy in the Southern Cameroons which Southern Cameroonians are leading.

Fon, Feli,
Is there a democracy in Cameroon?
If there is, what is the correlation between your democracy and development, granting that your SDF has been part of this democracy for the last ten years?
Why has there been a spiky decline in the standards of living since you started your so called democracy and what about the families that are dying as a result of the dictator Biya's evil actions?
Should we continue tolerating this charade while our people are dying of diseases, poverty, etc and the regime does not care?
What do you think is the net effects of the SDF participation in La Republique parliament?
How does that help the common man apart from your families?

If the SDF complains of rigging and go to parliament or councils, I will have no option than to turn my sword completely towards them. They will be hindering the ability of the international community to hear our cry for a free Southern Cameroons.

If you cannot answer my questions above, just answer this one: What will the SDF do if it cannot win majority seats or secure a coalition to oust Biya?

When you answer this question, I would be able to know what to do with this SDF.



Where were you when students were shot at UB. Not even in the postnewsline and not in Buea to defend the students. We will thwart all your business of colouring Mr Biya's inexistant democracy under rain or sun.


"Mr Fru Ndi,
Either you are very very ignorant about the constitution of La Republique Du Cameroun or this is hypocrisy at its best. A majority in parliament does not give your absolute power to amend the constitution.

Your message of constitutional amendment is intellectually dishonest" (M Nje)

M Nje, Can you throw more light on what you mean by the trash above?
Fru Ndi averred that for a constitutional amendment as provided by law, at least 2/3 of the house must support the move. How is Fru Ndi ignorant if he says to stop Biya from amending the constitution to become life president, the SDF needs at least 61 seats in parliament to stop the move? How is his message of constitutional amendment intellectually dishonest?

As Feli stated, it is obvious that you are out to blackmail Fru Ndi and the SDF to the advantange of the CPDM, that you have been paid to work for. To defend this allegation: 1.Can you tell us why you have never critized top Southern Cameroonians like Inoni working in Biya´s government as those blocking the so call fight for self determination? It is obvious that if one were to lobby international support for the plight of southern Cameroons, the respond from the international community will always be that: the prime minister and head of Government of Cameroon is a southern Cameroonian and therefore southern Cameroons does not have a problem. In this wise, who is ligitimizng the colonization of Sothern Cameroons? Is it Inoni and other top ranking Southern Cameroonians working in Biya´s government or Fru Ndi? 2. You choose to attack only the SDF, given that there are many political parties in that country and that are going in for the elections, what makes you think that it is only the participation of the SDF that will render Cameroon democratic in the eyes of the international community? Why do you not target other political parties taking part in the elections?

All these questions are geared to prove that your take on the SDF is to weaken a major player in the elections to the advantage of your employer, the CPDM. Defend it by telling us how Inoni and others are ligitimizing the annexation of southern Cameroons and not the sing song of "colouring la Republic`s democracy"
Your correlation of the issue of democracy and annexation is as stupid as your ideas.

Rexon, I have not stated any where that Cameroon is democratic. Cameroon is ruled by one of the worst dictators in Africa and cannot thereforé be a democratic society. The SDF is fighting to unseat the dictator and bring about democratic reforms.

"What will the SDF do if it cannot win majority seats or secure a coalition to oust Biya?"
Why are you interested in the answer to the above question? What role are you playing to see that the SDF emerge with majority seats? However, the SDF knows the consequences of a war and stands for non violence. If the SDF doesn´t get a majority in parliament because of rigging; the only reason that can stop them from victory, we will look for alternative means to bring pressure on the dictator.

Rexon, you can also answer to questions to M Nje: 1.Why do you think it is only the SDF that is colouring la Republic´s democracy?, given that you have already failed to bring out the relationship between democracy and colonization.
2. Who is ligitimizing the annexation of Southern Cameroons? Inoni and other Southern Cameroon ministers in Biya´s government or Fru Ndi?

mk the southerner


U only go out to vote every year forgetting that if not of this unfaithful married Southern Cameroons would have been one of the first countries in Africa talking of per capital income.

Legima and all SCNC activist i salute u all.
Feli with your resent post u presented me and Raxon as paid by the cpdm to be SCNC activist.

I am not only an internet politician like u but I am seen on the failed. 2004 the post commented on my arrest by the company commander for the north west. And how i told him point blanc at the commercial avenue in front of every body that he doesn't mean anything to me than that he is an occupational force. And pleaded with him to charge me under article 111.

On the 1 Oct 2005 I lead a delegation that hosted the SCNC flag at the Bamenda food market. In my interview with the post I gave my cell number and challenge any person who saw my action as secession to try me on that.

On the 7th of May 2006 was arrested at the public security old town when we asked the police release our leaders or take us too with them.

Feli was it the cpdm that paid me to be a patriot for my country. I dont no how old u are but i believe u never tested the torture during the formation of the ngo, sdf as i did. U who is not paid what have u ever done a

Just no that if nothing is known then nothing exist. And a pregnant woman must give birth.

mk the southerner

Can the sdf boost of 50 sits not to talk of 60
any way it is not my prayer but lets wait and see. Dont forget that we have been playing this game for long. And Biya keep changing the rules without the knowledge of Ni John who keeps playing the game and eating from it without the knowledge of the masses. God help us.

Legima Doh

When Fru Ndi came to power in the early 90's,it was a day spring for many hoping that true democracy would come to Cameroon.He won elections but was always frustrated by the regime in place which always had its results already made before people went to the polls for formality.Yes, but that cannot remain his life reason for clinging to the system which is obviously and advertently corrupt.The reason we choose to vehemently attack the sDF is because all the other influential political parties are from La Republique but together with the CPDM, would not yet be able to demonstrate a good image of democracy for the regime without some or at least one from the Southern Cameroons.This is the credit that the SDF has been offering Biya and if Biya pays them as is surmised,it is for this reason.The existence of SDF in la Republique politics is good news to Biya.We all know that it would have been something else had Fru Ndi relegated himself from la Republique's politics and grapple with the truth that any political party from the Southern Cameroons as far as La Republique is concerned, can never change the La Republique regime's modus operandi which is so determined to damage our citizenry and any eventual sovereignty.In fact the stories of Fru Ndi are just nothing new and should be boring to the hearing of any vigilant southern cameroonian.

Feli and Fon,

I wonder if our sovereignty were in place now Fru Ndi would move over to La Republique to continue with his party politics .We concentrate on him because he gives a glaring picture of existent and true democracy whereas such is defunct democracy in La Republique.The other parties sprouting from the southern cameroons like that of Nyamdi,Muna are a result of egocentric confusions.They are are mushroom types that cannot resist little sunlight.Its good they keep on sprouting so that we keep on identifying all our house enemies.
Feli what was the result of the mami water campaign that Fru Ndi held in Bangante in 1997?You have to come out of artfully contrieved illusions as well as host of others.He has held and shall continue to hold countless campaigns all to the credit of Mr Biya.At least Fru Ndi should be tired of monotony.Albeit he is confused as at now given the manner in which things have been handled in his personal party.Besides he has no new agenda.I call it personal because the illusive goal of the party is not representative of the wishes of the true citizens of the Southern Cameroons.

If there is any course that can give the southern cameroons a legitimate destiny of peace , harmony and fraternity, it that of the SCNC.Together with fellow comrades,we pledge on the struggle to remain loyal in spite of our detractors.

Legima Doh,


Do not misunderstand us. We have learnt to fish out true freedom fighters, the way SCNC would call such, from those agents who play double games. They use the SCNC to illicitly earn money from Biya. It is not the SCNC's fault as such, for every organisation against Biya's regime has been a victim of his vile and fraudulent tactics. I blame instead the greed and feymanism that Biya has thought his countrymen.
If you are a keen reader, you should be able decipher such fraudsters. They claim to be SCNC, when you challenge them to bring in the programme of action of the SCNC, they erroneously and foolishly copy and paste the manifesto of a political party here, clearly showing that they do not know why AAC I and II where convened. They confuse the SCNC for a political party, fumble with its aims, mislead its sympathisers and at the end of the day, they are compensated by Biya. If they post 100 contributions here or elsewhere, 1 would talk feebly about the SCNC, the rest of the 99 would harp on the lone living rival of Biya, systematically tarned to weaken him so that Biya can have his leeway to exploit our resources with impunity. On the other hand,you never see or hear them attend SCNC meetings or demonstrations. You never hear them propagate or devise innovative tactics to help the struggle. Their sole aim is to target the SDF and most especially the man Ni John Fru Ndi to the advantage of the CPDM. And all this in exchange for money. Big shame.
I have often said the SCNC has very legitimate goals and quite some talented and motivated persons. But those who make most of us dread away from SCNC activities are those who misuse it as a machinery to make quick money.One or two earn their living by writing here on this blog.
As to why Ni John Fru Ndi still continues to hold mami water rallies despite the working of these fraudsters, the answer is simple. The people are living in abject poverty and they see in Ni John Fru Ndi a honest and steadfast politician. If he were greedy and corrupt as it is become norm in Cameroon, he would have used the powers of his office to make himself mayor, parliamentarian, parliamentary Group leader and Vice president of the National Assembly. These positions combined have the possibilty of earning at least 5 millions Frs in monthly wages plus allowances and staff. as I am writing, he is not even a mere councillor.Instead he shunned big titles and salaries, and dwelled on working voluntarily for the party while investing part of his time in training youths in Menchum on agropastoral farming. Biya sent agents to come and cajole him into government, but the chairman stood firm and Cameroonians applauded. That is why when he is out, you read captions like "Fru Ndi takes SW by storm".
Now, some keep on insisting that the SDF should boycott elections because participation appeases the international community about Biya's willingness to heed to democratic reforms. I vehemently disagree with that. When the SDF boycotted the 1992 elections, the CPDM had its field day, and no one in the international community made any significant gesture to help the course. This boycott played to the disadvantage of the SDF a couple of months later when presidential elections were rigged.
In november 1993, the SDF was not in parliament when Ni John Fru Ndi's car was attacked by water-canon trucks, the screens imploded by the full pressure of the water, his person lampooned by Captain Obama in the heart of Yaounde, just beside the star building. Delegates from IMF and World Bank were there on the spot and watched everything live in Mr. Biya's democracy from in front of Hiton hotel.It is only thanks to the dexterity of his driver, that the Chairman's live was saved. The driver hid the pedestrian way at 150km/h swiftly driving Ni John Fru Ndi to the house of the Dutch Ambassador who gave him refuge for 1 week. The following year, Achidi Achu's government was still granted the initial phase of the structural adjustment programme by that same international community who were witnesses to all these aspects of Mr. Biya's democracy. Ni John Fru Ndi cried foul, made tours to foreign countries (diplomatic offensive). Their response was same. Go back and represent your people!.
Between 1990-1997,when the SDF was not in parliament, Ni John Fru Ndi met leaders like Clinton, Lionel Jospin, Jacques Foccart, Shimon Peres, Hans Eichel (The former German minister of Fiance who at that time was still Ministerpräsident of the state of Hessen), Nobel laureates Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II etc but that did not improve on the pressure of the international community on Biya's regime. On the contrary, Biya cheerfully recieved the financing of the World Bank for the SAP 1997-2000.
This suffices to show that whether SDF is in parliament or not makes little difference to the international community. So this silly sing-song of "being paid to colour this or that" is cheap rhetoric fanned by person who clearly do not master Cameroon's political history.
On the other hand, a reasonable representation in parliament saves us all the wrath of having Biya at the helm for the next 14 years plus and maybe the grooming of his son to continue abusing our resources. The SDF intends to hamper this plan and the CPDM in its strategy, pays people to distract others from being watchful so that Biya can stay they in order for them to continue looting our nation. God forbid.

Tainted Child

Greetings fellow cameroonians (from all 10 departments). Though an avid reader of all your contributions to this forum, I seldom part take in the discourse. However every now and again when shit gets live I raise my stubborn Bonaberi (Buea) head above the proverbial parapet of rants and raves.

For all her short-comings the SDF is effective in drawing attention to the ineffectiveness of the current regime and for that it would be short sited to criticise them. Advocating a federalist goal for Cameroon as outlined by their leader this week in his rallies, is the most effective tried and tested model that could fulfil the dreams and aspirations of all our peoples.

In a sense federalism is not too alien from what SCNC proposes, after all their fundamental desire is at the centre of all our hearts, self determination. To expand from this, I find it tough to fathom why SCNC shy away from a Cameroon circa 1884 when we were as we are now, a contiguous nation, albeit under German rule.

Would it really be such a paradigm shift for SCNC to embrace such a Cameroon? The challenge for the SCNC machinery is really then how to engage with SDF and the spirit of our martyrs, to take the fight to CPDM. Without trying to over simplify the cause, you gotta be in it to win it?

Too often we in the English speaking sector really get it so twisted and simply don't realise that our struggle is no different from the fight for liberty by communities in Mokolo, Tibati, Campo, Yabassi, et al.



Answer this question:

"What will the SDF do if it cannot win majority seats or secure a coalition to oust Biya?"

Concerning your jibe about people using the SCNC to benefit from Biya's largesse, i will call that "cheap talk". Comrade Legimah Doh knows very much what we stand for during our time in Sweden. We organised SCNC activities there and gained sympatisers and following which is still existant today not because we wanted to benefit anything financially from anyone. We are true Southern Cameroonian freedom fighters and we will remain steadfast and fight for the freedom of our land.

It is a bit complicated. In several of your write-ups, you said you are working in a democracy and that is why you are in parliament. In another one, you said there is no democracy in Cameroon and Biya rules by decrees. Then Feli, what are you up to? My opinion is that, it is nothing but business with Biya. This has been corroborated with most of what you have attempted to do and preached during this campaigns. You first of all were saying that you will register only for 70 seats which is little than a third of parliament. Financial reasons and lack of support and candidates in other regions was the official reason given for the SDF's decision. When we brought you to task, you and Atangha started flip-flopping. You, Feli claimed here that you are relying on friends of the SDF like Chief Milla Assoute and Garga Harman. In a bid to counter the frustration of the masses, you turn around and registered people even in places where the SDF have no support just to make up to the numbers. What is the SDF really up to?

A true freedom fighter, from Ben Muna, NJFN, Bonu, Bello Bouba, Ndam Njoya, Ekindi, etc would have joined the defence of the students at Buea shot by the regime for fighting fraud. None was there, but now that elections are coming up, most of you are coming here with your soo called blue-print for change. At the end of the day, the price paid is by the poor and helpless. Who are not in parliament, councils, etc and who do not have relative to lean to. I have made it clear time over time that i am not here to defend political parties but to defend my quest for a truly independent African mindset where our people are not coerced into believing what cannot be.

A depressing prospect is that we will still suffer under Biya's rule for the next years and the system will still look like a democracy. Cameroonians who have travelled abroad to win bread for their families would be deported that there is a democracy in Cameroon. I am strenously resisting a group of people making money at the expense of the masses. That include those of the SDF, other opposition and the CPDM with no result to the vast majority of Southern Cameroonians. If they earn salaries from the CPDM as councillors in councils controlled by government delegates, in a parliament where they are oblidged to sit and watch the CPDM manipulating them, then they would not be seen as doing any job for anybody apart from themselves.

Legima Doh

Greetings of Peace MK the Southerner and fellow Comrades of our land.


From what your latest treatise,it is intuitively clear that you are mindful of the fact that the ultimate solution of the plight of our motherland can only be achieved by the SCNC.Your foreboding is therefore the fact that there have arisen a handful of our brethren of treasonable character.Recall I talked about the rise of enemies inside the house.This does not only apply to those either directly in the CPDM or indirectly for the CPDM by parading behind the SDF which is indirectly for the CPDM.You have to not forget the fact that the roots of corruption of the Biya regime is so firmly planted in the psyches of a lot of our brethren.They manifest these either by being partisan of the CPDM, the SDF or by standing in the way of the SCNC.The latter represents our area of interest.
Bear in mind that there is the true and legitmate SCNC which may appear to have factions.They have a thoughtful agenda,the hold public meetings, have respect for human life and act in accordance to the wish of the populace and their impact is highly felt.Here we have the mother SCNC,the SCYL,Ambazonia and so on.All of these have a unique goal as determined by the mother SCNC.You want to find out about the stance of the SCNC as far as the UN,ICJ,UNPO,African Court of Human Rights in the Gambia and so on are concerned.You will come to realise that the body is well organized and made up of trusthworthy citizens whose ethics, professionalism and educational background are not questionable.

We also have the enemies in the house.
MK the Southerner wondered aloud about your age.This is because, with a reasonable age and having been involved in the truth about our nation's future, it behoveth you to have known that the course, like any other is usually beset by traitors.I personally know Chief Oben.I attended SCNC meetings in Mutengene with this man, including Chief Ayamba Ette,Pa James Sabum and so on.Oben became bought by the Biya regime and when the Southern Cameroons case was brought before the African Court of Human Rights in Banjul, the Gambia,he was on the corridors trying to allure the court to withdraw the case on grounds that La Republique was on the course of a meaningful dialogue with the SCNC.Of a sudden, his own branch came to be created which has always attempted to dismember the mother SCNC in many cases versus la Republique.

Saying that Fru Ndi refused to collect huge salaries and bribes from the Biya regime rings no bell to us.It is rock water clear that his wanton and uncompromising involvement in party politics is of a great personal benefit to him at this juncture.When chief Ayamba, Pa James and the others were incarcerated in the Kondengui maximum security gaol,Biya sent his aides many times to allure Pa James to receive sumptuous amount of money,luxorious cars and an eddifice so as to frustrate the course but the response was that,Pa James wanted money that would suffice the needs of, cars that would transport and houses that would contain all the citizens of the Southern Cameroons to time infinite.
When it is said that Fru Ndi is on a thunderous campaign, it is a vexation to me instead.The reason is that , that is the way the International Community is going to look at the situation in cameroon.It is going to send the image of a true democracy wherein there is robust opposition to the leading party.Sadly, the opposition is just pro forma.

Talking about federalism, it vexes me manifold again for Fru Ndi to only start talking about that now.Its like saying that the citizens of the Southern Cameroons should be taken back from 2007 to 1960.That was the way the failed marriage between the Southern Cameroons was to be conducted.This was annulled and the marriage aborted from the very outset by La Republique antique regime and the present one has been working relentlessly to destroy every vestige of it.Fru Ndi is helping them to destroy our identity by clinging to them and falsefully saying we are their fathers, they are our sons and so on.He said Okalia in Limbe is his son and he loves him.Fru Ndi how can you be identifying our enemies to be our friends.Infact he should know that instead, Okalia hates him so badly.
We all want to be sincere.The La Republique regime with all its sympathizers and machinations is our stark enemy.When you know someone is your enemy and you want to smile befor him saying he is not, he will finally kill you while both of you are smiling.
Even all those behind Fru Ndi knows that the story remains thesame as has always been.Its a boredom and treason to me, to comrades Rexon, MK the Southern Cameroonian,Washow,Watesih and a host of our true citizens.

Peace Upon our Land.

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

Thanks Comrade Rexon, let every wise person get the caption in your sage epitome.The fact that Fru Ndi's SDF is helping Biya regime by deceiving the citizens of the Southern Cameroons to believe in what can never be.The SDF is educating our laity to believe in artfully contrieved unachievable false promises.

Some of us have passed through almost utopia democracy state like Sweden and probably see things differently.Thats why you see a lot of objectivity, steadfastness and truth in Comrade Rexon alongside MK,and others.Comrade Rexon did more than our applause could venerate to see that SCNC Sweden is firmly established.It was and we are looking forward to making it sprout and flourish by our resolute campaigns even while in the United Kingdom.

Please fellow compatriots lets not be carried hither and thither by every wind of the false doctrine of the la republique party politics.It is all a sham.Our only true hope is our total sovereignty.

Peace Upon OUr Land.

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

Tainted Child. though this name is questionable to me as to how u can be a Southern Cameroonian patriot. aether it was a French Cameroonian who thought u history or u never did history at all. U SAID SCNC should be happy with this Cameroon that was like this during the German times ie 1884. Read well and see if this is hoe the territory known at that time as the German Cameroon looked like
U WILL NEVER HAVE THE German Kamerun again.
Do ur home work.


Just came to my notice that as long as we, loyal southern Cameroonians want to fish more people to think in our line, we have to be tactful in our approach. As determined to our ideology as we are is same as the Fru Ndi loyalist are to his Ideologies. As long as we are out to fish Cameroonians to join us in the fight put by the SCNC, We are also very sincere to acknowledge these people we are looking up to are not from the La republic. We are therefore left with no choice than fishing from the net of Fru Ndi.

This is somebody who has people ready to die for him and it makes me wonder if this is the manner we will take to pull such people away from him if actually that’s what we are out for.
At this stand point, I suggest that we rather not throw insults at them or especially on their grand master, but try to lay down our plan and how we hope to accomplish this plan. We should put a convincing plan of action as Fru did early in the 90s before getting this enormous crowd that swells each time he shows up at any platform. We should ask what he did to earn this type of popularity even though it is not as much as it used to be in the late 90s.I don’t think Fru Ndi used insults and such mean wards as we do to his comrades or loyalist that we hope to bring over. We have transformed the issue of SDF and SCNC to be that between Fru ndi and Nfors or what ever.
We have proven enough of our frustration to these guys and they have asked us simply to show them how we intend to make these dreams come true but we have failed to tell them, instead we shy away from the questions to different things. I think we all know the story behind reunification from primary school civics and that’s not enough plan put in place that will liberate us from that bondage. Why not tell them the plan so that they can see with us and follow us rather than playing old tapes or uncovering achieves which lead to the reunification in the first place ect. Vomiting insults to them and the grand master makes them laugh rather than bringing them to think on the same table as we do.
Paysans like inflicting more pain on injuries and that’s what the Fru ndi loyalist are doing to us.

Go and make a plan on how the SCNC is planning to win this war and bring and lets all talk about it.


Dear All,
When some of us don't contribute regularly, some people should not take us for granted. We're busy on the field canvassing for votes. SDF has her road map which she's pursuing & have less time peeping into the activities of the SCNC. Moreover, SDF has never stood on the way of the SCNC. Do we want to fight the SDF or the liberation of Southern Cameroons? For those who have heads and ears, no Tom, Dick or Harry can defeat the SDF. Muna & Co. have tried severally albeit unsuccessfully. Who then is Rexon & the others?

I can assure you with an article of faith that change will be effected in Cameroon on July 22, 2007. Even the likes of The Herald are now appreciating the message & the enthusiastic reception being accorded the Chairman. In Edea, the Chairman had one of the best rallies ever. The Bassas promised to vote for the SDF because the see SDF continuing the struggle started by Um Nyobe. According to them those passing as Upcists today are worst than the criminal Rdpcists.

Rexon & co., please concentrate on your goals, which is achieving indepedence of SC. You people can succeed without SDF & Fru Ndi. We in the SDF believe in what we want. No matter how long it takes, we will certainly reach the promise land.

God bless both struggles,


Legima Doh


At least there was some sagacity in you epitome.What I want to surmise to you is that the SCNC has well defined objectives and plans.The problem is that they are being trampled upon by deception on the part of those who have murdered their consciences to the Biya corrupt regime.Why would we not be infuriated at Fru Ndi?He has adamantly decided to get clung to illicit and deceptive,unattainable and even wanton hope.The hope of democracy in La Republque in union with the Southern Cameroons.There has never been any union and the latter i.e Southern Cameroons is not an integral part of the former and has never been.If everyone is lettered on primary school civics as Atangha claims, then probably Fru Ndi and his loyalties are wanting in it and need to be inculcated on.We seem sarcastic but we are just being resolute and steadfast.The truth is often bitter,regarded as desrepect,disloyalty and so by those who adhere to falsehood.We therefore hold a host of them in scorn.The likes of Nico Halle,Angwafor and all the North West fons,B Ndeh,Achidi Achu,Musonge,Inoni,Njeuma,Agbor Tabi,Abunaw,Nfon Mukete,Muna,Dion Ngute,Ngolle Ngolle,Fon Doh,Acha Morfaw,Nocko Mbelle,and so on.So we are not just on Fru Ndi alone.


You got the point mixed up.Nobody ever said Ni John Fru has been a nihility from the very beginning.Our problem is the illusion in which you and the others are living in.It is your right to decide to live in illusion but it is despicable for you to invite others to the illusion.I challenge you to read the article published by Mola Njoh Litumbe on the 2007 American Independence Day captioned A Ravaging Political Storm Over the Independence of the Former British Cameroons.It appears you are not aware of the fact that there is no legal union between La Republique and the Southern Cameroons and it is therefore a waste of time building houses that are founded on no foundations in La Republique party politics.If you think it is a challenge to say let us succeed in the SCNC without Fru Ndi and his loyalists,then I would rather you rethought before saying that.That statement just goes forth to support the fact that Fru Ndi with his ideology is only helping to obscure the true struggle of the motherland by diverting real focus on what is vain.Its like insinuating that if Fru Ndi persists,then the SCNC should look at him just the way she looks at Biya.What do you and the SDF want to achieve in La Republique?There is no promise land in La Republique that you are dreaming to reach.There, it is the Devil Land instead.

Peace Upon the Land!

Legima Doh,


Feli and Atangha,

Hope you are still consuming the succint analysis of why the politics with La Republique is a stumbling block to our struggle as presented by comrade legimah Doh. If you really love the SCNC as you claim, then dont bring your ballot boxes to the Southern Cameroons. At least, we will applaud you for that. We do not want this charade in our territory. It is not only a harm to our political conciousness and independence, but morally, it is frightful to train our children to adore such charades masterminded by gangsters. We cannot morally welcome thieves into our land under the guise of a democracy. It is just like those of us who grew up in and around mutengene who did'nt adore feymen. If we did that, our lives would have ended in prison.

It is naive when u guys always associate what we have to say here to hatred for NJFN. In fact, you take it as your personal business when we talk against any politically unifying issue with La Republique because your SDF is always the biggest beneficiary of La Republiques charade. On the contrary, it might be NJFN who hates us and our freedom due to his constant failure to defend our legitimate right for an independent statehood. It is a god given right for everybody to live freely from tyrannical rule and you should not deny the children of the Southern Cameroons that. Imagine all the evils that La Republique have done to us, yet enemies are springing up to defend them masquerading as democrats. We only hear of these Southern Cameroonians coming up when their charade called elections are in the corner. They would be begging for votes from left to right, telling our poor and helpless people their long tale of rhetorics.

As far as Southern Cameroonians are concerned, we cannot compromise our legitimate right for an independent statehood to anybody. Not even to our father NJFN or any of our biological parents. We are very happy that most of our parents who made a mistake to consider liberating us from La Republques politics have withdrawn. Mola Njoh Litumbe, Feko, etc are prominent Southern Cameroonian statesmen who never dined with La Republique even when they were working with them to liberate the Southern Cameroons from within the confines of La Republiques politics. If these very intelligent Southern Cameroonian statesmen can distanced themselves from that charade, why are others still there? There is a conspiracy here. It is business. For ten years of handclapping what has an average Southern Cameroonian gained from all these charades called elections? Like a Son, i might not agree with my father NJFN. He remains my father, but i have every right to defend myself.

Long live the Southern Cameroons and all true freedom fighters.


When one eschews scientific logic for the dogma of voodoo logic like the CPDM, SDF and their supporters do and indeed a whole generation of our people have been doing, they invite an intensification the failure that has become what we have in SC and LRC. A failure recognized by the fact that the offsprings of all these impostors are tugged away abroad while the deceive others with voodoo politics and promises.

Because most African states have opted for the dogma of voodoo politics, voodoo economics and voodoo relationships with their white masters (who take advantage of the African voodoo mindset), nothing works in their states. All these voodoo priests, from Biya to Fru Ndi to Inoni, Muna, Musonge and the rest know that the voodoo system does not work, so they have sent their children to other lands where the scientific approach to issues instead of voodoo practices is the norm. Their unpardonable crime is that they go around deceiving others, and you see them, like the poor Atanghas of the world who now come here to proselytize this voodoo logic.

Scientific logic and the scientific processes defined in physical and man-made laws says that la Repubublique Francaise du Cameroun became independent on January 1, 1960. The scientific logic of legality states that their boundaries inherited on that date remains immutable. Southern Cameroons was not, is not, and never will be part of la Republique Francaise du Cameroun. Any legitimate or legal association between the two states is to be determined by a scientific process that ends up being enshrined in a treaty. That is international law, based on logic, on process, on the scientific process. That is not the case between the Southern Cameroons and la Republique Francaise du Cameroun. All the voodoo rituals they have concocted, 11th February (Plesbiscite Day), 20 May (so-called National Day), periodic election masquerades that involves the participation of all these voodoo priests as comic actors are lies and an insult to human intelligence.

Where the scientific process is honored, the truth is revealed. For science is the only path to the truth, the truth that works, the truth that make planes fly and build bridges and skyscrappers. Galileo was excommunicated by the Church because he choosed the scientific process and logic over dogma, faith, voodoo, over lies and told the mighty Catholic church that the world was not flat but round.

The day we in both the Southern Cameroons and la Republique du Cameroun shall have the courage to stop believing in this voodoo by these voodoo priests, la Republique Francaise du Cameroun will withdraw from the Southern Cameroons, concentrate on getting their real independence from France and their puppets like Paul Biya, and both countries, independent and sovereign, will concentrate on building a bright future based on the scientific process and not voodoo logic that promotes lies over truth and evil over good.

The Rexons, Legima Dohs, MK the Southerners of our world are the Galileos of the Southern Cameroons. They stand for the truth, the scientific truth, the scientific process; it can be a lonely place as Galileo must have experienced, but never concede an inch, not one inch to the voodoo priets and their dogma that promotes lies, deceit, hopelessness and suffering of the innocent and ignorant. Fru Ndi can amass even 1 million people (of the 5 million "registered" to vote in a population of 16 million) as his worshippers may want us to believe in his so-called rallies sponsored by the French and their puppet, it means nothing. For before the light comes the dark.

I'm sure these comic actors will soon be lining the halls of the Ministry of Finance in la Republique Francaise du Cameroun to get paid for the hilarious roles they've played in this masquerade of an election. To get paid from money that belongs to the people of both the Southern Cameroons and la Republique du Cameroun that has been hijacked by France and her negroid collaborotors. The Atanghas of the make-belief world of voodoo politics make sure you get you deserved share.

M Nje

I don`t need to be paid to tell the truth. Go through my postings in this forum. You will find many that were critical of the C.P.D.M. If you cannot find one, then you surely decided not to . Espoir and many others who have tried to support the ills of this regime in this forum can attest to that.

The is one different between the C.P.D.M. and the S.D.F. when it comes to the issue of Southern Cameroons and many others. We now very well that those who support the C.P.D.M. do so for financial benefits. They are all criminals and no one can doubt that. They don`t hid it. We know their stand on the Southern Cameroons issue.

But that is not the case with your S.D.F. You try to speak from both sides of your mouth concerning our struggle and many other issues. On one had you pay lib service to our people during campaign period with empty and unrealistic promises. You preach about corruption and wastage but are still willing to get money from the same corrupt government. That is hypocrisy. Why do your parliamentarians keep on working in and out of parliament. What is the incentive for them to work in after staging a work out. GREED,GREED, GREED. GREED

Fon, Inoni, Fru Ndi, Ben Muna, and all other politicians from Southern Cameroons are all helping to bring illegal ballot boxes from La Republique to Southern Cameroons. There are all partly responsible for the annexation of southern Cameroons. I have made that point may times.

I have said here many times that I am not interesting in S.D.F. politics or what it does in La Republique. But when your chairman and may of you (sympathizers of the S.D.F.) keep on preaching to our people about the illegal Union of Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Cameroun, you are inviting us to re-examine your party. We will not seat and watch you preach that falsehood to our people

Concerning the constitutional amendment comments from your chairman. You tried but failed to put a positive spin on what he said.

Here is his statement:

“He said if they succeed in obtaining a majority in parliament, they would amend the constitution and let Cameroon have a single constitution, "but not two."”

This statement is made to suggest that with a majority in parliament, the S.D.F can conduct constitutional amendments regardless of the view of Biya.

First before a bill becomes law, it must be sign by Biya.. So to suggest that you can make a constitutional amendments ( with a 2/3 majority as you suggested of a ‘majority’ as your chairman suggested) without Biya`s signature is a misrepresentation of facts. A bill does not become law until the president signs it
Secondly according to Part XI article 63 (2) of the constitution of La Republique you need an absolute majority not a simple majority to pass such a bill without a second reading from Biya.

This same message of constitutional amendment is used to promise an illegal federation to Southern Cameroonian it is clear such amendments cannot be passed without Biya`s signature.

You may want to know that if Biya wants to run for another team, part xi article 63 (4) gives him the power to propose such amendments to the people through a referendum. He needs to win a referendum by just 1 vote.

If you want to talk about stopping him from a third team bid, make sure you remind your audience that there is another route; through a referendum.

Tainted Child

Hey MK thanks for the "His Story" lesson, however you would find to your amazement, if you care to investigate Kamerun c. 1884, that safe for large areas of territories ceded to neighbouring countries the map of our beloved land had remained intact until the defeat of Germany in world war one.

In response to you questioning my patriotism: How on earth can you deduce the level of a man's patriotism, by their name? Such uninformed conclusion suggest you are prone to rush to judge without evidence. This forum will only remain rich and dynamic when contributors substantiates their input.

You've reminded me of just how far away we as Cameroonians are, from grasping the the fundamental issues that holds us back from achieving our potential.


What sense would it make if the SDF is disolved and it followers continue thier political aspirations with the SCNC and the various groups of the Southern CAMEROONS.
A host of them,"SDF" members, have taken the real course, and i believe more would think again, and again,and follow the real path which is the SCNC.Let's not pretend, i mean my fellow SDF members and sympathisers,the real thing is SCNC, if for real you are of the Southern Cameroons.
It's clear and concise,Why is the SDF only able to succeed in the North west and South west?Forget about what the SDF things they got or will get from the other Provences.Without the North and south west, they would not be an SDF, song or heard any where in the world.
So brothers, with one leg in the Southern CAMEROONS and one in La Republique, think again and make the right decision that would bring you lots of happiness through out your life's Span.
Come rain come thunder the SCNC and the Southern Cameroons would succeed,but the SDF, in La Republique i doubt,in Southern cameroons they might be able to,but they would have to change alot of thier ideologies.
So brothers and siters, speak the language that suits you most not the one you would never know or have the time to learn and know.
Atleast i am proud to say SCNC which would forever remain in me just like the ANC of South Africa,but SDFwould never be the SDF that existed before Southern Cameroons independence except they would have to turn around and become one of the groups advocating for our complete indenpendence.
Remember this song from Brown,"say it loud,i am black,i am proud.
Brothers you've got to belong to some thing that's reasonable,SCNC,AMBAZONIA,etc forget about this SDF thing and sing aloud and loud,i am proud,I am SCNC,Ambazonia,i am proud to come from the Southern CAMEROONS.Freedom is the key.
We'll prevail, we'll prevail,we are Southern cameroons.

Legima Doh

Fellow Comrades,

My salutations go to Rexon,MK The Southerner,Ma Mary,and the others.We are always ready to vehemently and reasonably defend the course of the SCNC.It should be noted that we defend our motherland from illegal occupation by La Republique and from falsehood.We now place SDF in the category of falsehood.Like Martin Luther, unless we be convicted by plain reason,legal documentation against our right to self determination and sovereignty,and probably a divine decree from God,recanting our course will be violating our consciences.God forbid that.

Comrade Tagro

Accept my fervent felicitations.In fact you are the William Tyndale of the SCNC course.William Tyndale stood for the truth and more so, he had a mastery of English language in addition to eloquence that surpassed that of Shakespeare.You have x rayed a peculiar aspect of La Republique du Cameroun.The fact that the regime is founded in evil voodoo.Let our detractors come to dispute this fact.I challenge them to the floor if they want us to pour the venom of exposure of the voodoo foundation of the Biya regime on them.

Comrade Casara,

Felicitations standing on the truth.You know the truth sets people free.The illusioned SDF sympathizers are not free in the sense that they are living in the deception and false hope that SDF will bring democracy in la Republique.Honest Southern cameroonian patriots as mentioned by comrade Rexon have been and are grappling with this reality.The likes of Prof Anyangwe Carlson, Mola Njoh,Prof Chia Ateh of the University of Missouri,Dr Mathias Forbin who is a generous financial and moral supporter of the SCNC.

Peace Upon the People and the Land!

Legima Doh,


Hi there fellow cameroonians. I hope everyone has come to the conclusion that these dreamers strongly behind the SCNC have absolutely no agenda.They simply can´t present a plan of action. It´s a pity. Please stop waisting our time posting thesame thrash. You were given a simple task: Present your plan of action or solution to our problems. All you do is critisize. What a shame. It´s very disappointing. Do you really expect to gain new followers? If yes then you are jokes. Ha ha ha ha. You make me laugh. You want an Independent Southern Cameroons: how do you do to get it? Definitely not by insulting prospective followers but by convincing them with a plan. Please you all need rest. Just get busy and stop dreaming.

mk the southerner


by Nga Adolph

The atmosphere was rife with a fanfare of songs and grandiloquent chanting as SCNC activists, thronged the vicinity of the British Embassy in Brussels last Thursday 12th July 2007. They came in all their psychedelic colours from the four cardinal corners of Belgium brandishing posters and banners as if Her Majesty ‘s sanctimonious itinerary hinged on them.

Messages such as: “We call on the Queen to enforce the secret trust signed with the United Nations in respect of the British Southern Cameroons” could be read on billboards. Passers-by and bystanders at first awe stricken by the coterie of demonstrators relaxed into a comatose attentiveness as they were lectured by various speakers on the Southern Cameroons via a megaphone that boomed and echoed, perturbing the stillness of that diplomatic neighborhood.

Leaflets and handouts graced the hands and fed the hungry eyes that eagered to question the raison d’être of all the hullabaloo. Even the haziness and grey clouds that threatened to make nonsense of the occasion was not sufficient enough to deter the animated and high-spirited activists. In a strongly-worded three page petition, read by the proficient Chairman of SCNC Belgium, Mr Réné Morfaw and counter-signed by the ever green Secretary General, Mr Lawrence Ewane, Her Majesty the Queen was taken down memory lane, demonstrating the role Britain played towards the Southern Cameroons by abandoning her Trust Territory at the mercy of France and La République du Cameroun.

The consequences of this has been the total annihilation of the vestiges of our anglosaxon heritage. As if this is not enough, Her Majesty’s government has remained adamant and nonchalant to the genocidal situation prevailing in the former British Southern Cameroons. Persistent calls by the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) and other liberation movements to successive British governments to intervene to right the wrongs of history have all fallen on deaf ears. Queen Elizabeth II, who became the reigning monarch of the UK in 1953, should be in a position to better understand the historic behind the Southern Cameroons and the plight of its six (6) million citizens who are gnashing out their teeth under La République’s predatory and repressive system.

The petition was ceremoniously handed over to the British Embassy authorities for immediate dispatching to London. The presence at the premises of the British Embassy of the police and security agents testified to the grandiose nature of the occasion.

The British Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edingburg were on an official tour to the western Belgian town Zonnebeke. This was to commemorate the 90th celebration of the Battle of Passendale during the First World War in which the highest casualties were registered during the war. More than 500 000 soldiers lost their lives, mostly British soldiers. After a church ceremony, she placed a wreath on the tombs of the fallen soldiers at the Tyne Cot graveyard.

Report by Nga Adolph

View and Sign My Guestbook.


mk the southerner, why did you not post the above article under the news item "Professor To Be Docked For Supporting SCNC, a related story? What is the relationship of of the article above and Fru Ndi taking the SouthWest by storm?

Why is the trial of Professor Ateh, an SCNC activist, a non event to you and cohorts? Non of you cares to make a comment under:"Professor To Be Docked For Supporting SCNC"
Is it not obvious that you guys have a different agenda here other than the SCNC?

Francis, these fellows are really day dreamers.


Feli, Fon, Atangha, Francis:
I want to join you in insisting that Rexon and his group have an agenda here, namely to denigrate Ni John and his party and so discourage his following, thus making Mr. Biya's fraud machine more confident and comfortable in their rigging plans for 22 July. Our task in the last few hours before polling is made more difficult because these SDF detractors spread their poison far and wide, pretending to be fighting for SC sovreignty. Is it only Ni John who is preventing them from achieving this? Does Rexon and his group not see Muna campaigning like the CPDM in SC territory, making promises left and right? Are they not also going to colour Mr. Biya's assembly as a democracy? The beast known as the international community, has it ever lifted a finger to help when it is not in its best interests? The point is: even if Ni John and his party stay away from Ngoa Ekelle, others will go and from SC territory. Sovereignty will not come today or tomorrow on a platter of gold through those beautiful western countries, Sweden and the rest. They have nothing at stake there. So all those covertly campaigning for Mr. Biya and co in the name of SCNC should know that a day of reckoning will come, and we who have chosen another path to overcome all the hurdles kept on our path by the kleptocratic regime in Yaounde want to make a last-minute appeal to you covert agents of the Yaounde regime to think of future generations of SCians. The crumbs you are receivng now to betray a whole country and a worthy cause are worth nothing next to what you and yours will have if we join hands and voices and wills to oust the looters of the public purse, of our natural resources and the rest of the good things awaiting us or future generations, if we do not see better days in our own lifetime. Please back off and let us finish our campaigning for change. As I told my dad when he said some young man was not entitled to be selling a piece of land, whether he was entitled to or not, he was still selling and you had better bought the land or someone else will buy it right to your doorstep. Same with the CPDM government: do not stop your SC brothers and sisters from voting for a party of their choice because even if they do not vote, elections will go on and someone will come to lord it over them, someone not of their choice. A word to the wise...


Fon, Atangha,Feli Vs Rexon,Doh ,Njie etc

Gentlemen sometimes we need realism than jab throwing and ostentatious rhetorics. What's wrong in Cameroon isn't the political outfits SDF or CPDM or whatetever names come to your mind first.

Even the CPDM has one of the outstanding manifesto. Take "rigour and Moralisation" of Mr Paul Biya which he started when he took office. Had he insitututed this agenda ,today Cameroon would've been the Eldorado of Central Africa. The wasn't any political will do inforce it and within years it became "rigorous immoralisation".

Banks went off in flames, public corporations became private equities paying huge dividends to its shareholders(Ministers etc ),accountability which was one of the epitomes of Biya's moralisation theory got swept under the carpet and anyone who dared challenge it got a lesson of his life(Ayissi Mvondo etc etc).Southern Cameroonians complaints' within the Unions of The Cameroons felt on deaf ears giving way to the brouhaha of today.

Today its the SDF that seems to be showing off as the New Messiah. They've got some rough and tangle but much remains to be seen and those who critize them have their points to make. But then they propose Federalism which by itself is fair to beginwith but the 1000 dollar question remains.Is the will power there? How far can the Cameroonian popolace trust them(forget the euphoria out there)? Isn't there greed somewhere with some money mongering than fighting for the people? Thats the worry of their critics for now.

Then to those of the SCNC in here.I hear someone saying the SCNC is for zero option. That again is a child's joke diplomatically speaking.You cant be calling for a dog while holding a stick. Lets be realistic.They've been a Unions of the Cameroons with the archives saying how we got there.Had it not been for the Oligarchy's nefarious divorce and stubborn refusal to heed the calls ACC I ans II there wouldn't have been any SCNC today so denial of any ever existence of a union with East Cameroon doesnt make any sense.

I would advice all at Sundry to read Endeley's speech before making some pronoucements. He warned Foncha of the consequences of our Union with East Cameroon.He foretold of the mess that would emsue in trying to get out should trouble emanate from such Union. Now am I saying Southern Cameroonians shouldnt ask for their right to self determination? Absolutely not but a bird in a net is worth two on the tree.Objectivity will do us more good than harm.

Cheers Countrymen.

Legima Doh

Comrade MK the Southerner,

Thanks for the wonderful up date about the demonstration in Belgium.It sounds good because the effect of SCNC is felt home and abroad,far and wide.


I am awe struck by the level of imbecility that is depicted in your treatise.Your first question was to ask comrade Rexon if Ni John Fru is the only person who is preventing the SCNC from succeeding.This question is a paradox.That means prima facie, you admit that Ni Fru is preventing the SCNC from achieving her goals but according to you should not be castigated because there are a hand full of others like the Munas.You are an unmeticulous reader in this forum because all your incogent questions have been answered by comrade Rexon,myself,MK,Tagro,Ma Mary and the others.Maverick it sounds wanting in reasoning for you to say that for SDF to unleash herself from falsehood and come to the truth with the SCNC would make Biya's corrupt machinery more confident.You have unimaginably been brainwashed.Such reasoning is against real reasoning.If the SDF were to come to the truth and set her captives free,Mr Biya would have no sturdy proof of a real opposition party,his democracy will no longer be well marketed abroad,and more so, all the captives under the SDF illusion would be in the truth and then, the Southern Cameroonians home and abroad shall together as one in purpose and reasoning, take the course to an unprecedented level of success.So by Ni Fru Ndi of today,you and the entire SDF,the ultimate solution to the plight of the country is being slowed down and in fact betrayed.Your ideas are a calumny.Talking about day of reckoning,you are already spelled the doom unless the truth we are preaching here saves you.There are no two truths about our motherland and not your wishy-washy expressions of falsehood will taka a hair off our head.Remember what Tayong wrote in his last chapters the Southern Cameroons complaint within the union felt on deaf ears.It is Ni John Fru presence in La Republique party politics that is chiefly responsible for some people giving deaf ears to the true plight and ultimate solution of the motherland.He is held accountable for that together with his false apostles like you.

Comrade Tayong,

Thanks for using sagacity in your analysis.I would also implore you to read the article by Mola Njoh Litumbe captioned the ravaging storm over the independence of the former British Cameroons written on the 2007 American Independence Day.

About the union,there was never any legal union between La Republique and the Southern Cameroons.This was supposed to be done under the supervision of Great Britain, documented and forwarded to the UN.Of course this was never done in the Foumban comference.The Foumban Conference as described by Mola Njoh was like a situation in which someone comes and makes a business arrangement with a child in the absence of the child's father.Such an arrangement is non and void without the express presence of the father.The relationship between la Republique and the Southern Cameroons is that of concubinage and not marriage cos there is legal documentation of marriage, there is a vow of fidelity and love and so on.The case above had nothing do with marriage and you know in a concubine relationship, you come we stay as it is said in pidgin.When you think things are not moving rightly,you pack your bag and leave.So we are simply telling La Rep that we are leaving but she doesn't want that and so resorts to violence,stealing,raping,murder and all the vices because of her zeal in exploiting us ad infinitum.There is therefore no case of seceding because we have never been an integral part of them.You secede when you are breaking up from a legally conducted and constituted union.Please Read Mola Njoh'a article and you will find it unputdownable.

Peace Upon OUR Land!

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

FON may be u read and dont understand go to the article of the professor and look well u will see that MK the Southerner has a postage there. Professor Martin Chia I know very well and have attended almost all of the workshops for which he was arrested. Only I asked him some few questions that till his arrest he has not answered though.

My reason for posting this any where is because i want Southern Cameroonians like u to see and read well.

Some of u say SCNC has know plan of action. SCNC is a redemptive movement that wants to reinstall the independence of the Southern Cameroons, that our fathers enjoyed
before the coming of the frogs.
So do not compare or think that their plan of actions will be like that of sdf a political ngo under the frogs. With the SCNC the best way to know about it is to first of all know the truth and go nearer them. Dont forget that we all defended the sdf one time just like u do now.
Boy see better.


I took the pains to debate with you because I thought you were a moderate "Freedom Fighter". But you have betrayed your naivity by adopting what some paid agents here have been propagating. When you tamper with the future of a people, never hope for any sort of following.
You spend your time online saying the same thing over and over, dwelling on petty gossips and vague concepts. How you intend to achieve your goals, which was supposed to be your prime concern, no tongue can tell.
On the other hand, I and millions of Southern CDameroonians are very comfortable with the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi because they have a goal and have outlined their methods of achieving it. We have settled for a federation; proposing an equal distribution of resources using the RGR 30/40/30 model (Region/Government/Rest), as Chairman outlined above. To achieve this, we intend to make strides in parliament and lay the ground work for political and administrative reforms that would ensure free and fair presidential elections. These reforms would enormously help boost voter anxiety and would propell democratic change by 2011. With that, we shall be able to attain the goals above within 6 years from now.
Copy this example. Reiterate the goals of the SCNC. Tell us how you intend to achieve these and within what time frame; with which leadership and structure.
There is no use spending hours repeating the same stories about plebiscite and Foumban over and over since 12 years ago. It clearly is not working for if it did, we should have been commenting here on "Ayamba takes SW by storm" not "Fru Ndi takes SW by storm".


Legima Doh,
if there's anybody who is ignorant in this forum, then it is you and your pathetic SCNC lot. legima said
"Talking about federalism, it vexes me manifold again for Fru Ndi to only start talking about that now.Its like saying that the citizens of the Southern Cameroons should be taken back from 2007 to 1960.That was the way the failed marriage between the Southern Cameroons was to be conducted."
Do you really know what caused federalism to fail? Federalism failed because of Southern Cameroonians like Foncha. Ahidjo wanted a unitary state so he bribed people like Muna and Fonccha to help him. Federalism didn't fail because it was a bad system, it failed because some of our greedy anglophone brothers wanted more.
Did you know how the Southern Cameroons economy thrived during the federalism? go and do your research. Our per capita income was as high as that in South Africa. Do you know how organized and effective our governments were? go and do your research. Endeley who was a big statesman lived in a "carabot" house. We had an effective court, that tried corrupt officials and gave them their due punishment. Go do your research Legima and stop using big words and flashy sentences to mislead people.
As far as I am concerned, SCNC is made up of verbose political aspirers who run their mouths like a running tap but have no practical solutions to the problems facing Cameroon. Do you SCNC people think that breaking away will automatically bring riches and happiness? what about the economic difficulties that come after secessions? how will you handle that? what about international debts? what about the corrupt policies the West uses to exploit Africa and strip us of our resources? how will you SCNC people handle that? What about the fact that African goods are discriminated upon in the E.U market and other international markets? how will you solve that? What about the new Southern Cameroons currency that will be enforced if we secede? what plans to you have to make it strong enough compete in an international market?
SCNC people will never talk about these pertinent questions. All they will say is Biya is evil, Biya is a dictator, Fru Ndi is this, Biya is that, SDF is this, ministers are that...yapping yapping is all you do. You dig into dictioanries and take out all sort of words to color you superficial campaign for secession but what about the real questions you never answer? You always bark but you can't bite. Rexon, tell your people that it takes more than history, a dictionary and supporters to rule a country.
I am not willing to let my anglophone brothers and sisters be ruled by a bunch of inexperienced garrulous politicians who think ruling an entire country is as easy as reading a dictionary.


Cameroon set to vote
20/07/2007 08:47 - (SA)

Cameroon polls 'will be a sham'

Cameroon votes after delays Francesco Fontemaggi

Yaounde - Cameroon goes to the ballot on Sunday for legislative polls, which the opposition says are aimed at perpetuating President Paul Biya's 25-year-old stranglehold over the west African country.

Cameroon's oil wealth had not trickled down to the millions of teeming poor, graft was rampant with the country regularly being listed as among Africa's most corrupt nations by Transparency International, and Biya was accused by critics of trampling upon democracy and human rights.

Five million of the country's 16 million people were eligible to cast their vote on Sunday to pick 180 members to the national assembly and 359 municipal councillors.

The elections had already been given the thumbs down by the opposition, but others said they were far better planned than in 2002, when they had to be deferred due to poor organisation.

Electoral process computerised

Father Pierre Titi Nwel from the Roman Catholic church's peace and justice commission said: "There has been an improvement in terms of organisation and transparency." The church was fairly close to the opposition.

He said: "The electoral process have been computerised and made public, but we still find multiple voters' cards and children listed on the voters' rolls."

Cameroon's opposition leader John Fru Ndi had accused veteran ruler Biya - who was both head of state and government - of planning widespread fraud.

The leader of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) said: "The organisation of the elections has not changed. It has even worsened."

He added: "The elections will be unfair and won't be transparent. And Biya is the architect." Biya was appointed prime minister in 1975 and had been president since 1982.

Govt 'planning widespread fraud'

Fru Ndi, who finished a poor second to the president in the last elections in 2004, said the government was planning widespread fraud.

He said: "Some people have two, three or five voting cards. Minors have some, but some other people don't even have one."

Fru Ndi's party had 22 members in the current parliament against 149 for the ruling Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC).

He said his group was contesting the elections because "it wouldn't change anything if we boycott them." He said: "Biya would say he has won anyway. We participate to point out irregularities."

A diplomat based in Yaounde said that although the ruling party's return to power was an accomplished fact, the key thing to watch would be whether it gains a two-thirds parliamentary majority to "push through Biya's plan for a constitutional amendment so that he can seek a new mandate in 2011".

The yawning chasm between the haves and have-nots apart, Cameroon was also divided between the economically richer and Christian-dominated south and the Muslim-majority arid north.


Feli ,Fon,
How interesting is it to see how dirty money takes hold of people. When intellectuals sell their souls for things of the flesh,where can we turn to for wisdom.Several weeks ago we were told here by some whistleblowers that they were not going to attack the SDF inorder not to interfere with the elections.But the temptation has been irresistible.By making these claims they forgot that they cannot longer extricate themselves from the dictates of the CPDM.To conceal their active militancy ,and campaigning for the Cpdm, they resort to distorting public opinion by fruitlessly trying to whip up sentiments about the Southern Cameroons course.Why is it that the Southern Cameroons course becomes so important, and people try to trust it to the forefront only when the SDF is on the move? Why has the SDF been going from strength to strength despite endless backstabbing ,and online utopists cannot boast of a single breakthrough to bring about the new state the are dreaming of? Imagine the disappointment of all Southern Cameroonians,who waited for the fallouts of the Conference in Dallas late last year,only to be told that our struggle is going to be peaceful.Since when has a freedom movement resorted to armchair criticisms in its quest for autonomy? No wonder the Southern Cameroons struggle has been hijacked by unscrupulous individuals on this forum , and uses it as political capital to colour their sympathies for the Cpdm.Why would somebody not talk the SDF day in day out when he has these type of ideas: ¡° Taking cognisance of the fact Southern Cameroonians do not have arms, or ammunitions to fight, Chief Ayamba cautions that Southern Cameroonians are equipped with the intellectual ,and moral arguments which have sustained them over the years,as stated in their motto: ¡®The force of argument,not argument of force¡± (REXON, Monday ,22 Jan 2007). This gives us an insight into the minds of people who are only working towards sustainance, and know they cannot deliver.This could not be said better,when the one who is supposed to fire up the emotions of his people,only joins the world of apologists they have all become:¡± Proud and courageous people of Southern Cameroons the only obstacle delaying the timely accomplishment of our mission is our lack of unity of purpose,and clearly defined road map to galvanise synergy for success¡±( Justice Frederick Alobwede Ebong Jan 13th 2007). How would southern Cameroonians even know what these people are fighting for when they themselves don`t know where they are going?
The Rexons of the world have continued to use Cpdm tactics here to take away the minds of Southern Cameroonians on the real issues.You can`t say the SDF is fooling Southern Cameroonians ,yet these same people keep voting for the party for 17 years.You can`t say the Cpdm is evil,yet you see no evil on those who militate in this party,be they your family members or not: ¡° My own brother is a Cpdm hardline one, but that does not make him my enemy¡±( Rexon, Tues 28 Nov 2006). By having no results to show with the SCNC,by pitifully trying to tarnish the image of the SDF,all point to the fact that you are actually fighting for your brother,and his Cpdm.
Even the Earlyman practiced Federation,by trying to feigning for himself.He assembled rock particles together,and tried to make fire singlehandedly.He did not wait for people to discover a lighter or match for him. Any modern day leader who is still advocating an ultra centralized administration, is living in another world.Mnay people applauded Fru Ndi for taking a firm stand on this issue several weeks ago, but today they want to second guess him by pretending it waters down the very idea of having an autonomous state.In the contrary, this is the only way to start driving home the idea of people oriented development in the heads of the oligarchs in Yaounde. From this idea can be born the more thorny issue of cutting away completely,and taking your fate into your hands.
It is absolutely ridiculous, when people like Rexon who had called for the SDF to be dissolved crave to hear ideas of their choice from the SDF leaders:¡± To be honest ,I think the SDF should be dissolved ,and a new political party created by Ni John ,and Co.( if they want)¡±( Rexon Jan 16 2007). One wonders whether this condition has been met ,and whether Fru Ndi is now the leader of that new party Rexon will want to hear from: ¡°What we want to hear from Southern Cameroonian Politicians is how they will guarantee the Independence and freedom of Southern Cameroonians.And how in both the short and long run,they can improve the lives of the people they are claiming to defend¡±. Mr Rexon, Fru Ndi is not a Southern Cameroonian politician,he is a National politician. How would you want to hear from the politicians that have been legitimizing the rule of La Republique ?
Nothing has been building up in the minds of Southern Cameroonians as far as the SCNC is concerned.The limited political consciousness of the Southern Cameroons course is the presumptuousness that it exists,and this is manifested on this forum. Southern Cameroons leaders have time and again been arrested in the streets of Bamenda, and Buea, but the ordinary people will huddle to enjoy the show. We should stop telling lies to Southern Cameroonians that we are independent. If our independent was aborted on October 1st,how independent are we now? Switching from one gear to another is not going to help. If our weak bones cannot take us anyway,lets tell the people of the Southern Cameroons.


Legima Doh


Preamble:The SCNC is the only legitimate course for the Southern Cameroonians.
Its motto is the Force OF Argument and Not the Argument of Force.
Its goal is the ultimate, irrevocable and unequivocal restoration of the statehood and Sovereignty of the Southern Cameroons.
Plan of Action:Sensitization of the fellow Southern Cameroonians on the nitty gritty of the course home and abroad,Demonstrations home and abroad,Making Use of Local and International Human Right Bodies for enforcement,Making Use of Local and International Law Bodies for enforcement,Pertitioning of Great Britain to assume her failed responsibility,Gaining Recognition as an Unrepresented People,and then gaining full fledged recognition as a sovereign state .All the activities of the fellow comrades are circumscribed by the above.
Method:Peaceful and diplomatic but it should be noted here that, the love of peace should not be construed to mean the inability to handle harm.
Acknowledgement.Case of Ngwang Gumne vs La Republique in the ACHPR in Banjul the Gambia, i.e case of Admissibility.
Establishment:The SCNC is firmly established back home in the Southern Cameroons motherland wherein there are 13 counties,in the United States,In the United Kingdom,In Germany,In Sweden under the tutelage of Comrade Rexon and Legima Doh,in Belgium,In Denmark,South Africa and so on.Its earthwide as you all can see.
Recognition:So far The Southern Cameroons is recognized with a flag by the UNPO as an unrepresented nation.The UNPO's sole function is the recognition and follow up of unrepresented nations with full legal,ecomic and political potentials to achieve statehood and sovereignty.That means its just a leg away from getting a seat in the UN.It does not matter what effort, time and or resource it may take to finally get there .All we know is the steadfastness of the true comrades.
IF this Feli is not myopic,he would realise from our motto that we are very candid with every argument we make.Its the force of this argument that we stand on.I would rather you
read Mola Njoh's article and see for yourself.Its not just Rexon,Legima Doh,MK the Southerner speaking.You are wanting in the knowledge of the nature of the supposed unity of Cameroon and the issue of federation.If you understand the former,then the latter is uncalled for.Had I not explicated it in my other epitomes,I would do so here but I did that severally before.So you look before you leap.The SDF issue has been reduced to a handclapper in the local communities.The arena of the SCNC is earthwide and her competence surpasses the local.Thats why the Mezam high Court,Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court are not competent enough to try Prof Chia Ateh on the seccession case.


If you needed a dictionary to wit the content of my treatise,then I don't consider it to be a problem.The Force OF Argument implicitly means it takes a strong language to stand by it.We are seen as the Galileos,the William Tyndales and so forth.
All the rubbish you made mention of are nothing new.Nobody told you that Southern Cameroons will eventually become an El Dorado or a utopia or a nation without challenges.Every nation has socioeconomic and political challenges.So the gibberish you said are wanton.Its a shame on you if these are the reasons why you want to stand on the way of the SCNC.

May God Save our Land and Cleanse it of the SDF myth.Now is not the time of myth.Its the era of reasoning.

Peace UPon OUr Land!
Legima Doh


Doh Legima

I lived in Buea while back home and even here in the West I had occasions of learning from the Great Molar Njoh Litumbe. Thats a man whose shoelace I cant even untie nontheless I have my difference with Molar.

True they were thousands of ramifications and unconstitutional issues that marred the Foumban conference.There is a legal argument for its annulation but the mere fact that based on that same constitution we the Southern Cameroonians accepted to vote thereon carries tons of undeniable implications.

Thats why Endeley suggested that both his own Cameroon People's National Congress (CPNC) and the KNDP abandon the plebiscite and their separate programmes and request the UN to grant Southern Cameroons independence in its own right. For his part, the Commissioner for the Cameroons advised the leaders of the political parties to meet with Ahidjo as a team and discuss the terms of Reunification before deciding whether or not they accepted the plebiscite. Foncha, however, ignored Endeley's suggestion and the Commissioner's advice and decided to negotiate the terms of Reunification alone with Ahidjo.

The first negotiations took place in Yaoundé in early 1960 when Foncha advocated a loose form of federation which Ahidjo 'turned down out of hand' .Foncha then returned home to face the CPNC charge that, in the event of Reunification, the new state would become a member of the French Community. This was repugnant to the Southern Cameroonians including the diehard supporters of Reunification.

Indeed the only unflinching advocate of Reunification in the territory, the One Kamerun (OK) party, declared that it favoured a Republic which would be entirely cut off from any political association with the Colonial powers.So at that time both Southern Cameroons and East Cameroon were more interested in freedom from the West and not from each other.

Howbeit, we accepted the terms of that Constitution. Had we rejected it intoto according to Endeley we wouldnt be where we're today so denial of any ever existent Unions of The Cameroons to me is foolhardy.
We must face reality and not idealism.

Thats the way forward, Doh

Legima Doh

Comrade Tayong,

Your sage explication is commendable.Well,I still have a point in that connection.I understand and agree with you that there was a kind of union between the Southern Cameroons and La Republique.The issue here is the nature of the union.This was a concubinage and not marriage.It would have qualified to be a marriage had it fulfilled all the UN requirements (Re Mola Njoh's article).You know when somebody is your concubine, you have the right to get out of the relationship whenever you see it appropriate.You only call for attention when the one with whom you are in concubinage doesn't want you to call off the relationship.That is when legal instruments set it and so forth.This is remotely the situation of the Southern Cameroons.We all acknowledge the shortsightedness of the Foncha's but that was just likely.A child entering a deal with somebody in the absence of their father is just likely to fumble.
Any way thanks for your wise analysis.

Peace shall Reign in the Land!

Legima Doh,


Chinua Achebe writes that "...abuse is not sanctified by its duration or abundance; it must remain susceptible to question and challenge, no matter how long it takes."

The abuse of the Southern Cameroons will be forever challenged, no matter who or what circumstances contrived to bring it about.


Legima Doh

Comrade Legima Doh salutes Fellow Comrades

Rexon,MK the Southerner,Tagro,Tayong,Ma Mary,and the rest.I have gone through all the illusions replete with confusion of the Maverick,Watesih Fon, and so on.We the true comrades have answered their imbecile questions time without number in the simpliest terms but it seems we need to break their heads for them to understand us.They are just so misguided and prejudiced by some myth,that of the SDF such that their reasoning is benumbed.We understand it takes time for people to come out of myth but we shall also continue to inculcate reason in them in a spirit of maturity.We understand it took time for them to become that illusioned and we therefere need time and effort to bing them out.

God save our Land and defend our Course!

Legima Doh,



You cannot stand the debate here and u have been forced to bring in your mentor "Watesih" from China. Anyway, i wish you people good luck with your party.


Mr Doh
I definitely understand what West Cameroonians find themselves in and the various theories purported to carve a legal claim for complete separation but these arguments fail to hold ground within the international circles because of their unconvincing natures.

"Concubinage" which is the french appelation of cohabitation exist where two people live together and are sexual partners but are not married. This would only be the case had the leaders not signed that Ahidjo concocted piece of constitution. The leaders of the Souther Cameroon signed it, they verified it, we voted in favour of it, we lived by it, the plebiscite came out of it, the referendum came out of it, the unitary state took off from it, in short that was the straw that broke the Carmels back.

We must accept there was a mess.Can we undo and we clean the mess? Billion dollar question!Can we ask the powers that be to respect the terms under which we came together? Some say yes but your likes say no.

So we "all" must face reality and tackle this issue with objectivity instead of craving for imaginable idealism. Doh, in an ideal world the zero option is the way forward but unfortunately we dont live in such a world. Reality stares us on the face.

Lets face it
Cheers ,countryman


"Plan of Action:Sensitization of the fellow Southern Cameroonians on the nitty gritty of the course home and abroad,Demonstrations home and abroad,Making Use of Local and International Human Right Bodies for enforcement,Making Use of Local and International Law Bodies for enforcement,Pertitioning of Great Britain to assume her failed responsibility,Gaining Recognition as an Unrepresented People,and then gaining full fledged recognition as a sovereign " (Legima Doh)

This is the first time I am reading about this kind of plan of action. Did you forget to mention the sole plan of action, the crusade against the SDF and Fru Ndi, that is obvious here or genuinely you have a plan of action but is executing a diferrent one, the crusade against the SDF?

Rexon,Which debate are you talking about, which you claim is more than me? If you think you are in a debate, remind readers of the topic of debate.

Do you have anything to offer here apart of your daily song that the SDF is an NGO sponsored to colour Cameroon as a democracy?
I asked you amd M Nje pertinents questions, why did you shy away?


My dear Brother Fon,

You know that we have always castigated all collaboraters of La Republiques charades masquerading as democrats and we have never focused on NJFN alone. So i dont know why you always focus on that sing-song that we are paid agents. We have made it clear here over and over that we dont need to be paid to speak the truth. That truth is what worries you most. But as you and I know, the SDF, APF, UNDP, CDU are in business with La Republiques kleptocratic government, my friend.

mk the southerner

Tayong please if u have ever said ur eyes on any document signed by the Southern Cameroons parliament or Foncha please give it to la republique so that they can have something to show at the African commission or at least something they will use in trying us for secession.

May be u started politicking but yesterday , did u attain AAC2 in Bamenda when Foncha may his soul rest in peace said we have signed know document with la republic. where u got that ur document please go and give it back and tell them u want the original.


Fon and the rest of those SDF scribes,
Have in mind that the SCNC is above Partisan politics.We have more important things to stand up for.
If for real y'all have the SDF at heart, don't run away after the twin election.Cos' it's only after the twin election that we'll see those real SDF scribes.
Make sure you are not called anglofool when you find yourself in La Repblique's territory.
People think again and follow the right course, if for real you are from the Southern Cameroons.
The SCNC should be what you wear every day.
We'll prevail,we'll prevail,we are Southern Cameroons


Casara, If you and cohorts think that the SCNC will prevail by fighting the SDF, then you must be kidding. Is it not absolute stupidity to think that by blackmailing the SDF and bringing her to her knees will lead to an independent Southern Cameroon? How?

We of the SDF do not preach against the SCNC; we have nothing against them. Our enemy is the CPDM regime that is responsible for the misery in the country. We know that for the SDF to overpower the CPDM, we need the votes of SCNC sympathizers. On the contray, a few misguided individuals on this forum with ulterior motives think they don´t need the support of SDF sympathizers to propel the SCNC. To them, dissolving the SDF will lead to an independent Southern Cameroon. This is above me to discern.

We are calling on all who have the opportunity to cast a vote tomorrow to vote the SDF, the only hope for our country. SCNC sympathizers, cast your votes for the SDF tomorrow; the SDF will be a better partner to negotiate with than the CPDM regime.

Legima Doh

Comrade Tayong,

We are facing the truth and reality.It appears you are still of the notion that the relationship was a marriage and not a concubinage.Please I remenisce having referred you to Mola Njoh's article several times.I wonder if you went through it.It would be of help if you read it.The situation of today in the Southern Cameroons is a result of the evil manipulation of our patriots by the antique La Republique regime and the consequential inherited evil plan of action by the present evil regime.

Fon Watesih,

You are a set of confused incognito in this forum.You saw our plan of action but effeminately went on to consider our stance on the truth about the SDF involvement in la Republique party politics as a major plan of action.From our plan of action,everyone sees how we operate,what we have done and how far we have gone.You hear of worldwide demonstrations,you hear of international lawsuits in which Biya's agents only become corridor men in a bid to corrupt our patriots,you hear of the sprouting of branches in continents, within nations and so on.Your SDF has been reduced to a local people's party.Thats why you hear people including Southern Cameroonians calling it the Bamenda party.To me this is true..Most of the SDF sympathisers are the highly illusioned bamenda people.I am 100per cent from bamenda but I acknowledge the fact that a lot of people there have been so illusioned so much so that they fail to realise the fact that involvement in La Republique party politics through SDF is tantamount to supporting and giving credit to La Republique.What is the agenda of the SDF Watesih?I challenge you to tell me her plan of action and agenda.The SDF is obscuring the true vision of our motherland.She is obsolete.Tell us what the SDF is,if not a major instrument that markets Biya's regime home and abroad as a democratic one.Its a shame people can claim to be wise whereas they are that unreasonable.Watesih Fon did you hear what Dr Tamanjong said?That SDF sympathisers should sleep in the polling stations.They shall sleep there,keep on dreaming and wake up to see that they have been heading to nowhere.We say,the SDF issue is uninteresting anymore.It is also Unacceptable.Fon says people should turn out in their numbers to vote for SDF,the only hope for the country,the SDF will be a bette r partner to negotiate with than the CPDM.What negotiation are u talking about here?There is no negotiation to be made with either of the above.Their ambition is one,that of enabling La Republique's to annihilate the statehood of our motherland.The CPDm does it directly while the SDf does it the other way,indirectly.Anyone going to vote for SDF is merely in other way voting for La Republique's political victory.Its a shame on any right thinking person to get involved.

We are aware of the in-house enemies or enemies in the house.Its not just your Fru Ndi though his ideology makes him the chief of these,we also have the Watesih's,the unitedstatesofafrica,the Munas,the Nyamdi's and all who form deceitful mushroom parties to colour Biya's democracy.The Fons and chief thieves,the Nico Halle,Nsalai's,B Ndeh's ,Achidi's,Fon Doh's,the Muketes,the Inoni's,the Njeuma's,the Agbor Tabi's,the Musonge's,the Abunaw's,the Meoto's,the Tabetandong's,the Ngolle's,the myriad rest.This is an unexhaustive list of our enemies in the house.

Peace and Freedom Shall Reign when Reasoning takes over Myth.

Legima Doh,


If you decide to call your indegenes of Bali as locals just because you live in western luxury, then I weep for the course you claim to be fighting for.
In the SDF, we are called grassroot militants, if we ask the party to boycott, it shall boycott, if we ask the party to dissolve, it shall dissolve. It pleases me to hear indeed to hear you say "Your SDF has been reduced to a local people's party." because these local people you seem to abhor are fundamentally what the SDF is about. It is a strong community built on socialist solidarity. When John Kohtem, a cripple, was murdered, Ni John Fru Ndi led the party to march under torrential rains through the streets of Bamenda for justice to be done to the murderers of this "local". This solidarity is being depicted on a regular basis, and the "local" people do appreciate it. That is why when the Chairman visits them, you read captions like "Fru Ndi takes SW by storm".
I want to remind you that you are wasting your time when you persistently dwell on vague concepts which do not belie the mission statement of the SCNC you outlined above. It shall not bulge us one bit. Instead, I see plenty of amatuerism in your actions and lack of substance. Most of what you state as the SCNCs goal are methods that have been tried before by the SDF to varying extent. The SDF had massive sensitisation programmes with the Chairman touring every village in Cameroon at least 13 times. The party also had popular demonstrations and instituted one of the most significant cases of civil disobedience in modern African history by implementing the Operation Ghost towns. The party marched in Yaounde, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Kumba, Limbe, Douala and in foreign countries bringing the national economy almost to a standstill and ecumbering with the international image of Cameroon. International Human rights organisations were kept abreast and their reports depicted an appauling state of affairs in Cameroon.
So ALL of these things you outlined as the plan of action of the SCNC have been tried by the SDF. On the contrary,for 12 years of its existence, I am still to hear of an SCNC contact tour, I am still to experience a peaceful demonstration march in Cameroon, I am still to read of a "nationwide" sensitisation campaign against corruption , AIDS or any other ills plaguing the people. All I hear of is empty noise of Ni John Fru Ndi here, Ni John Fru Ndi there. The man still enjoys an unrivalled popularity because he exposed himself several times to Biya's bullets and teargas, spent hours on turbulent roads, trekked on foot for several days to Akwaya, Furu Awa etc, spent nights trapped in mosquito-infested jungles in the outskirts of Mouloundou, Yokadouma, has been attacked several times by drugged CPDM thugs etc. So when Internet Freedom Fighters talk of sensitisation and demonstrations some of us just nod our heads at their naivety.

Legima Doh

I dont give a damn about your hyperbolic misinterpretation of what I wrote.You definitely dont know the contextual meaning of the word local .Its shame you think you can use your stupidity and lack of understanding to calumnate me to be the type who has contempt for his people.I have my people so dearly that I dont want to mislead them like you are doing.Everything I do,I have them in the front of my mind.When I talk about local,it refers to the word around,nearby ok.That means Ni Fru and your types have been able to obscure the minds of the local,you care u miscontrue me again by all the stories you just made mention of.You do so by trying to play with the passion of this local people by presenting the kinds of stories you wrote in your latest treatise.Unfortunately,this is not the era of acting on passion but now we act on reasoning.

You have joined the group of unmeticulous readers like the Maverick,Riccardo and so on.We the freedom fighter here have always given some credit to Ni John for some of his past works.Never did we say he has been a nihility from the outset.Our problem which you have consistently been failing to address is the reason why he has decided to cling to illusion,the involvement in La Republique party politics,whereas he knows that ,that is not the true course of liberalisation for the Southern Cameroonians.He tried to keep a concubine relationship going as if a marriage but time and every circumstance proved it a reduction ad asbsurdum.This is the truth that he knows but has decided to try to keep his so called popularity by not recanting his former stance.It does not matter trecking the whole la Republique,sleeping in lion dundgeons,jungles,and so on,so long as it is within the whims and caprices of La Republique,Ni and you people are self inflicting for nothing.Come out of your daydreaming.You say our plan of action looks like the SDF's.I am sure you have the SDF in the UNPO,I am sure people hear of worldwide campaigns and demonstrations of the SDF abroad,I am sure people hear of SDF branches sprouting home and abroad.In all the above the SDF is regressive because more and more people are coming to light at a break neck speed.SDF is cold,its branches are instead closing down at home,its reasonable bigwigs are standing down,it is unheard of any more abroad,it has finally been relegated to the local,ie the immediate neighbourhood of Ni John Fru.Its a pity for you daydreamer.Talk about the SDF abroad to any person and you will see it is just as boring as talking about the CPDDM,talk about Ni Fru,he is no more regarded with such good faith,because people are becoming more suspicious about him,but talk about the SCNC I tell you ,you get awestruck by the salutation given it,by the zeal and enthusiam for its course.Then you come to realise that the SDF is paralysed both in purpose,in recognition and in strength unless for the local who out of ignorance give him vague applause when he tells them futile dreams.They shall all come to light through the honest freedom fighters like our fellow comrades.

Peace Upon our Land,

Legima Doh,


Comrade Doh,

You are soo succint in your analysis. In fact, Bate Bissong and most true Southern Cameroonians really taught us to speak the truth and i am very glad you are taking that stand. Feli knows that he in business with La Republique. Those are people working and benefitting from the system like Osih et al. They want the system to stay like that in their ghost democracy so they can continue plundering our resources. But we will not give them that chance to continue lying to our people. We will fight and neutralise them.


Legima Doh,
Do you know why the SDF is popular at home (with the locals) and the SCNC song popular abroad as you claim? The reason is simply; the locals see the SDF as their last hope and will want to die with it, while those who propagate the SCNC course abroad are either using the SCNC to ask for asylum papers or are benefiting from the SCNC by issuing documents to asylum seekers and getting huge sums of money in return. Hence they must keep the SCNC flag abroad flying to ensure their business does not collapse. You talked of SCNC demonstration abroad; why are the demontrations only carried out abroad and never at home?

The locals have nothing to benefit from the SCNC and all look upon the SDF.
Go to the streets of former Southern Cameroon and conduct an opinion poll, come back here and tell us how many people know about the SCNC. AS for the SDF, you don´t even need to go in for an opinion poll before you can testify her popularity in former Southern Cameroons.



You are lying. You are mainly looking for ways of lying to yourself. The SCNC has been suppressed by La Republique and he/she who comes out will be shot and killed. So when they run abroad, they use the freedom they have to say what they cannot say at home under the tyrannical regime of president Paul Biya. On the other hand, the SDF is legal and has been reduced to a subsection of the SDF. Mr Biya does not worry about them because: "La Bouche qui mange ne parle pas". That is why even the things they used to say, they are not saying them anymore because they are chopping, even though they are free to speak in La Republique.Akoson and most of your comrades have all embraced the struggle for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons full time. He wrote to me that he enjoys to ideologies of comrade Ntemfac Ofege. Come out of your slumber and stop dining with the enemy and join the legitimate struggle.

Secondly, Fon, we are tired of all your sing-song that people use the SCNC to seek political asylum. The Rexon that writes here is an affluent academic cum investment consultant. So there is no news telling people how we use SCNC to gain asylum. I dont need to be an asylee to gain residence status and have never been one. So that your sing-song that people are seeking asylum or signing papers is all vague. Doh is also a finance professional. Though a young man, he has achieved enough for his age and is still working hard. Wait in the next two years and see where he will be. God rewards the honest people and all of you dining with Mr Biya will be rewarded by thesame sword that Mr Biya uses to kill our people.

Legima Doh

Thanks Comrade Rexon,just like you and the rest of our comrades we want to stand on the truth.You have personally demonstrated an insurmounble quantum of truth in this forum as well as MK the southerner,Ma Mary,Tagro,Casara and the rest.We have learned the truth and it has set us free from deception,illusion and confusion that is inherent in the SDF of today.


You had nothing to offer in your last treatise.Just like a dog whose tail has gone between its legs,you're just barking and running away cos you have losed your ability to bite.You too dont know the meaning of the word local.I thought that is an easy word until you and the other have made me to see how difficult it is.For your information,everyone knows about the SCNC as well as you do also (shame on you).They are being tired of and conseqently being bored by your SDF.Going to the polls by these local people you claim you've got has been a matter of insignificant number.Where are they?For your information,given the situation in La Republique,it is legitimate for anyone to seek for asylum abroad.We know opportunists often want to explore such avenues for corrupt purposes.You are very likely to be among this group concluding from your corrupt involvement in la republique party politics.
I refer you to articles published by comrades Rexon,MK the Southerner,Ndiks,Dadiceman where Dr Tamanjong said SDf sympathiser would sleep in polling stations and then tell me the outcome.After the stormy campaigns,trecking the whole la republique,sleeping in lions dens and wild forests,the end remains an inevitable result of illusion.The popularity of the SCNC is unquestionable and the coldness of the SDF is visible in all ramifications home and abroad unless by the myopic watesihs,fons,unitedstateofafrica,and so on.

SCNC demonstrations are multifarious home and abroad.Fon fails to know about them because he is blinded by the SDf.I took part in marchpasts,meetings,flag hoistings and so on.I remember SCNC flag being hoisted right in the gendermarie office in Tiko some years ago.MK the Southerner also took part in several demonstrations in Bamenda years ago,Rexon did a lot in Mutengene.Today,the demonstrations,sensitisations are highly felt more than ever.SDF doesnt appeal even at home unless for Fru Ndi's illusioned neighbours and talking about abroad the SDf story is a dirge ie die house song.Nobody wants to hear it cos it is so boring and inspires sorrow and thats why it not even spoken about.Chanting of SCNC and Chief Ayamba's name in the streets of Mutengene.Hurray,Hurray,Hurray!You will hear this in Kumba,Bamenda which are the major cities of the Southern Cameroons and from Mutengene,the city that hosts the most courageous and daring citizens of the Southern Cameroons.You want to understand why the Rexons and the legima Dohs are uncompromisingly daringl when it comes to standing on the truth.Like George Bush's texas heart,our Mutengene heart.

I implore Washow,Ashwell Molaba,Fritzane,Akoson,Squinty,and the others to come on stage.We need your wise contributions in our bid to annihilate all illusion and deception in the motherland.

Peace shall Reign,when the Land rigged of all Illusion and Deception.

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

Fon and the rest

If you care to know the Rexon you see here writing is one of the genuine intellectuals of our land.He is a an academic giant and a professional,a Doctor of Accounting(something rare) and the Doh,is an International Human Resource and Financial Accountant.Rexon was my senior in the Graduate Business school,school of Business economics and Law,an outstanding student he has been.He is a genuine professor.We are not asylum seekers Fon,Watesih and Ernest in netherland.

So bear in mind the SCNC is not fraughted with impostors.

God save our Land!


You misunderstood me on the issue of asylum seekers. I have nothing against those seeking asylum abroad; it is not their fault that there are seeking asylum abroad. Circumstances back home have forced them to be asylum seekers. I have all the respect for them.

My point was that, to make their case easy, the use the SCNC to back it. That is why you hear about the SCNC out of Cameroon. Those who hide behind the SCNC to blackmail the SDF, like Rexon who are not asylum seekers are disgruntled members of this frontline opposition party.

You lie to yourselves if you claim that the SDF is not popular. The problem of the SDF is not popularity but how elections are organised in Cameroon. The SDF will continue to fight until the situation is reversed.

If you go ahead with your over statement that the SDF is not popular, tell me which party your are comparing her popularity with.
When will former Southern Cameroonians start benefiting from the SCNC that is known only for hoisting flags in October each year?

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