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Friday, 27 July 2007


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I am embarrassed and ashamed of being a Cameroonian. I love my country Cameroon but it hurts me to see things deteriorate to such magnitude. Where are we truly heading to?, please somebody tell me. Cameroon is just like Sodom and Gomorrah as described in the Holy Bible if not worst. I am afraid of the future of our beloved country. Cameroon which can boost of being a nation with the most intellectuals, with one of the highest literacy rate in Africa, Has produced Secretaries of States, one of the best medical doctors in the world, and so on. We have now become an embarrassment to the Africa and world. Other countries make jokes about us and our leaders. We are loosing our dignity and it is a shame. Countries like Senegal, Benin, Ghana and Kenya have organized free and fare elections with a quality similar to those in developed countries like France and Britain. Why not Cameroon?. Why don't we have an independent electoral commission. Why are DO's and SDO's still running elections in Cameroon. What is wrong with us?. Why has Biya and the CPDM gangs sold their souls to the devil and sacrifice the future of their children and grand children in exchange for blood money and worldly things.
It will take more than a man to bring Cameroon back to reasoning. Cameroon is so drenched in filth and mess that all the bleach in the world cannot clean her. It will take a miracle and that is what i am praying for, A Miracle. Fru Ndi and all have tried their best but at this point i think the work it too much for a human being to muster. We need God.

Bless be Cameroon.


Fellow Cameroonians,
We all know the political evolution since 1990. The path to change has not been easy as many people because of little faith and hunger have resorted to changing camps and backstapping to get money or position from the regime.
A figure like John Fru Ndi should at any point in time should be doubted as he has stood firm to his opinion.
Ntemfac Ofege is saying Fru Ndi should stop pretending and keep quiet. Fru Ndi is the only one who can speak out what he thinks about the present regime. Cameroonians themselves are tired and want an individual to fight for them. That's not possible. Let anybody who feels Fru Ndi should back out of politics should come up and make himself known. You guys (Ntemfac ran from CRTV) leave the country and sit out there to write funny stories. Came home and organise rallies and manifestations. Its a pitty because very few Cameroonians read and you are the least heard.
For the fact that you talk much about Fru Ndi means you are envious of his charisma and ability to push things through.How many of you who is writing against Fru Ndi can confront military officers as he did in Santa.Even Biya is afraid of the guys in uniform.
Mr. Ntemfac of the SCNC come out and make noise as Fru Ndi has done. You just sit and hide somewhere talking about the SCNC.
The chiefs, ministers and top anglophones have been brainwashed by the regime. So you should match into the country and take action.


"Countries like Senegal, Benin, Ghana and Kenya have organized free and fare elections with a quality similar to those in developed countries like France and Britain"-7512wislon
7512wilson, I support most of what you are saying but I will have to disagree with you on this point. I hate the way you talk about this Western powers in a superior manner as if they are morally and intellectutally better than Africans. Mind you, they are the ones you give full support to these corrupt regimes so that they can use them to achieve their exploitative motives. They are just as corrupt as the Biya regimes and it's time everyone sees that. People always notices the bad things black people do but they will n ever notice the even worse things done by white people. Today, everybody is talking about the brutality of Africans in the Rwanda genocide, Darfur etc. Why is noone talking about the brutality of an Italian company that dumped toxic waste in Nigeria and poison many civilians? why is nobody talking about the evilness of the West?
Ottou, I was more than elated after I read your post.This is the same thing I have been telling this SCNC people, "actions speak louder than words". Their own advice is that people should run into their houses and not vote. As a political party fighting for change, what message has SCNC given to anglophnes about how to solve the problem of the rigged elections? what practical strategies have they proposed about tackling the whole election issue? all I hear are high-sounding words popping into this site from their fancy china-made laptops.


United States of Africa or what ever you call yourself, you have missed the point very badly. When Wilson talks of elections being held well in the West it is true, they are not organized by do's mintad whatever, people are not intimidated, proper identification is checked, may be you have never seen one. When the ruling party loses, they gracefully and peacefully hand over power. Look at Sarkosky in France. Secondly Africans are dying in droves trying to get to Europe or US, their roads, hospitals, schools, industries have been built, sure it is not paradise or perfection but they solve most of their problems. They see Africans as enemies that's why they exploit us with impunity, they have pshycologically created and enemy to unify their people. That's why Africa should do what Gadafi said, unite, see them as enemies, which will force us to be stronger and protect our natural resources from these thieves. Look at Pakistan, India, China they have the big stick, they can't be pushed around anymore as they do us. That is why it is imperative that we get rid of these imbeciles who rule Africa and don't even understand the damage they are doing especially in backward francophone Africa. Go to these countries, most of them with jackass leaders and you will find the french army roaming around, there is a whole naval academy in Dakar staffed fully with french soldiers, the same is true in CAR, DRC, Gabon, Tchad you saw what happenned in Ivory Coast.

Ma Mary

Tombele–46 years with the Francophones have taught us that we do not have the means to undo the psychology and sociopathy that the French education and culture has inflicted on them. It is not our duty to change them while they hold us in bondage. It is our duty to set ourselves free to pursue our destiny.

UnitedStatesofAfrica, please inform yourself before you write wrong things. The Southern Cameroons movement, and the SCNC in particular is not a political party. It has no interest in standing for political elections, especially not under the authority of an illegitimate and corrupt occupier.

You are still trying to criticize that which you have not bothered to study. Do your homework, sir.


Sorry for the blunder Ma Mary. So what really is the SCNC? A pressure group? some kind of movement? and are you telling me that if Southern Cameroons secedes, the SCNC will not be imterested in standing for elections in the new state of Southern Cameroons? if the answer is yes, then darling, you guys are a political party. If the answer is no, then i'll call you a liar. Stop confusing yourself as to what you guys are.


If you want to know what the SCNC is:

look at

mk the southerner

Unitedstatesofafrica no body is prepared to take u to class one now please just follow the link Raxon has given u. SCNC can be anything in a free Southern Cameroons that will be no problem.

mk the southerner

I forgot telling u to go and update ur brain as far as the history of Cameroon is concern then u may have something to say.

Ma Mary

UnitedStatesofAfrica, the SCNC is not a political party. It is an instrument created by the AAC2 (The Second All Anglophone Conference) later renamed The Southern Cameroons Peoples Conference to seek the independence of Southern Cameroons after a reasonable period of time, if la Republique did not join us to discuss and redress the grievances of the people hitherto known as Cameroon Anglophones. After a reasonable period of time (an entire decade) of writing, petitioning, demonstrating and so on and being ignored, the SCNC changed its focus from accomodation to seeking to seeking the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

Perhaps you missed all of that, because you were in school or had other interests, but Yaounde did not miss it.

The SCNC will seek political power in the manner of a political party in the Southern Cameroons. That said, at the right time, Southern Cameroonian parties will be formed to contest for elections. We are working on principle.

The SCNC did not emerge from empty air. It was mandated by a constituted and representative congress of Southern Cameroonians in Buea and Bamenda. We are principled people who respect law, custom and order in the manner of the Southern Cameroons of yore.

You may call me a liar if you wish, but those are the facts, and clearly you missed them either because you were interested in other things, you were too young or you were sick. Whatever it was, I am glad to inform you that there are now scores of resources on the web, which you may use to bring yourself up to date.

The only reason I am answering you now, instead of asking you to just do your homework, is because there are others who might read your posts and be misled.

We are winning hearts, one at a time, a day at a time and thank you for the opportunity.

Ma Mary

Correction: The SCNC will NOT seek power in the manner of political parties. Simple reason, it does not have the mandate to do that. It is also not a "pressure group" because that implies recognition of the occupation government, that just needs some nudging to make it do right. No, it is a vanguard of the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement. As I said, when the time is ripe, Southern Cameroons political parties will emerge to contest elections. SCAPO states that the time is now, and has already formed a political party.

We Southern Cameroonians are a people who respect charters and will not grant peace to those who disrespect them like your French golems who run la republique.


UnitedStatesofAfrica, is a typical product of today’s Cameroon education system. Lots of highfalutin aspirations, lots of arrogance, but little in the way of basic facts and moral principle. Interested in building a United States of Africa without the most basic knowledge of his own country’s recent political history. Certainly no interest in the gross historical injustices perpetuated in his own country. His type is Biya’s legacy to arrogant, vacuous, unprincipled generation.


SCNC is fighting for the restoration of southern cameroons. I want to ask the SCNC people what will happen after the restoration of southern cameroons, how would we survive?
I am still looking for someone to answer just a few questions i have for the SCNC

We all know the world has technologically advanced and the less developed countries are lagging behind. When Southern Cameroons suceeds to secede from La republique, it would need to ask for a lot of international aid in order to kickstart it's economy. As a newly-created country, it would need financial assistance to move forward.., with the already indebted nature of africahow do you guys plan to pay back your debts? Also, we all know that when a country secedes, it needs to boasts its trades in order to make its currency strong enough to compete in the international. How do you guys intend to strengthen trade? how to do plan to tackle the problem of African goods being discriminated in the E.U and other international markets? how will you solve this problem that makes our farmers poorer and Western traders richer?

Please I need answers.


Mr unitedstatesof africa it is very important that we think before we ask questions.To your opinion, you do not see the future of southern cameroon if they have to secede. well am not an SCNC activist but we must acknowledge that any journey begins with a single step. this section of cameroon is the most blessed area in the whole nation. rich in all the natural resources that you can think of. countries like guinea equator, which was nothing can boost it's standard of living with just a single refinary. my dear brother you should ask about the statistics of the petroleum reserve found at the bakassi penisular not commenting on those which biya has decided not to throw eyes on mamfe in particular, tiko the menchum fall jsut to name a few.we have more than alot that can strengthen our economy in no time. well we have to keep praying for cameroon one day God will award the long awaited victory.

Legima Doh

We are pleased to get people like you coming to this forum to stand for the truth.The game that USAfrica is trying to play as analysed by Dadiceman is very uninteresting to us.He has dodged all questions posed to him on how the southern cameroons plight ought to be resolved.As a propagator of a united state of africa,the question any southern cameroonian would ask is,how do you intend to restore the statehood and sovereignty of the motherland before making it a part of the united state of africa.Secondly,what would you do to the course of the SCNC as she remains the only true hope for a free southern cameroons?USAfrica has narrowly escaped all these and have resorted assorted wanton questions after receiving multifarious anwswers to his initial humdrum question of the SCNC agenda.It is neither sound nor safe to violate the moral obligation for a people ie to stand on the truth about them and their future.Falsehood may lead to some pro tempore benefits but the long lasting consequences often is a calamity.I remember when Fokam came in to pour vileness and idiocy,USAfrica said he was well pleased by them.We only get pleased by those who come here to make wise contributions and to stand for the truth with the rest of our comrades.I gree this set of people with all solemnity,comrades Rexon,MK the Southerner,Ma Mary,Tagro,M Nje,Shalom,Dadiceman,Simplis,Ernest,Tombele,Dingasen and the rest of our comrades.May God ( blessed be his name)grant you more wisdom and strength for the course of liberation of our motherland.Aman!

Peace Shall Reign in our Land!

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

Ottuo this is what u said "......You guys (Ntemfac ran from CRTV) leave the country and sit out there to write funny stories".

It seems like u know where Temfac is please can u tell us?. I dont know u guys get up from your dreams and start claiming where people are. In you next writ up just tell me where Temfac is because i have been trying to get in touch with him. But mine u i am not talking but about the Temfac who is your brother.


"Mr unitedstatesof africa it is very important that we think before we ask questions.To your opinion, you do not see the future of southern cameroon if they have to secede."-Dingasen
Dingasen, you greatly misunderstood me. The fact that I ask questions does not mean that I do not see any future for Southern Cameroons. Contrary to your accusation, I am bothered about the future of Southern Cameroons and that is why I am asking questions on what plans the SCNC has to ensure the survival of Southern Cameroons. You can't just come to my house and tell me to follow you without telling me where we are going. You can't just tell me to eat something I have never seen without expecting that I would not ask you what it is. Only someone who is blinded follows without questioning.


USAfrica you asked some questions how West Cameroon will survive if we secede from la republique, it sounds like a genuine question, let me add more meat to what others have said already. The number product we have going for us is BRAINS as you can see from this forum, after that every thing else is possible just as Japan and S Korea, Here is how we solve agricultural products, we produce bananas just as CDC, palm oil, avocados(pears) just like they did in Zimbabwe, meeting international standards, pineaples, mangoes, oranges, timber (mahogany can be grown in platations) for export and ship to Europe, US using cheaper labour and our scientists, they are every where in IRZ, Universities, Europe, USA will make sure these products meet the standards and fetch hard currency for these products, pay the farmers handsomely and encourage them to produce higher quality products for export. We can do this cheaper than Europe and US. If we only did this we could be a developed nation in no time. Then add the oil resources as described by MaMary, tourism, Limbe with its beautiful beaches, Kumba, the mountains and lakes, picturesque Mamfe with the best oranges and plums in the world then move to Bamenda, Banso, Wum, Nkambe with lakes and beautiful grasslands. We will even produce local crops for our consumption and even sell to la republique, Gabon, CAR, DRC, Congo, Nigeria, equatorial Guinea. Human resources, because of our English background, we can get CALL CENTRES to relocate to Cameroon like we have our sister who tried to set an IT centre in la republique ran into pure hell from the french gods. Electricity production will be a breeze we have the engineers and intelligent negotiators who will negotiate favourable deals for us unlike la repubique that has sold everything to the french for a penny. We can have a car assembly plant in Bamenda(Petit Japon) and textiles(for sewing jeans and western clothing), our women can sew and are very hard working and reliable. Mauritius is booming because of the textile industry. There is much more we can do, I can write a book but no time right now.


Yes,when I heard about the news though it is no more news that the CPDM has wone again, it did not suprise me in any way because all and sundary knew the outcome of the results before their votes were casted.
The only thing I will say here is that will Mr Biya escape death when it will one day come to take him to the land of the unknown.
We want peace in Cameroon and we only have to wait on that faithful day when Biya will die.

Legima Doh

That was good Tombele.It is only the myopic ones who see no future in our motherland.Afterall such people have no vision.

peace ,it shall Reign!

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

There is no point stressing over this if UAOAfrica doesn't want to read between the lines. We had ruled our selves before and we can still do it.
Dont forget that the first ever democratic change of power in a free and transparent elections in Africa started in the Southern Cameroons.

U should no that without the frogs Southern Cameroons would had long stood high amongst successful nations, and not amongst heavily indebted nations.

Dont forget that the first West African film industry started in the Southern Cameroons and was punctured by these frogs, during its second shooting. We started the film industry before Nigeria but look at it today.

There is a boy now in Kumbo who has electrified the whole of Ndawara. He started by connecting small streams together to produce current with his own locally produced turbine, for houses in Kumbo without electricity. Instate of this foolish government to protect him he was arrested by the gendarmes.

Look at the guy at T Junction called Fru Style, He produces his own amplifiers, Speakers, electronic gutters,alarms systems,generators etc. Has the government protected him? they had his placed sealed he could not pay the amount of taxes given to him.

Look at the amount of machines one man has buried in mile three Nkwen get into this industry u will cry, some of u who have been there will bare me wideness. Here u have machines to produced Paint, white wash, Coffee Muller, corn muller, turning gravel into cooper, infarct every thing iron can be produced here using the different kinks of machine he has which he also uses in producing other machines. But the moment one of these machines is tuned on he has a problem, all kines of taxes will come with French names that he dont even know about.
Not that i have only talked about those that i know go to the Southern Zone they will also name many of such brains to u.

Let me tell u it has come to a situation where any family in the Southern Cameroons that do not have a sister or brother who will be working slavery in Europe and USA to sustain them is a dead family and God alone knows how that family survives. With all these look at the development our children who are out in the diaspora are doing back home, then tell me if given the advantage to rule their country what icon of beauty Southern Cameroons will become.

Have u ever gone to the sea port to remove a vehicle and speak in English? infarct i was advice by a Southern Cameroonian working at the port not to speak English like i will have it difficult. My dear it happens every day yet Cameroon is one and indivisible.

God Bless Southern Cameroons.


That was a good working plan Tombele but I was just wondering, is that just your ideas or that of the entire SCNC? Thanks

M Nje

That was a great contribution. The information you present on your comments is what make some of us motivated every day for our independent. It partly what brings us time and time again to this forum. It is the reason we are not going to back-off from our struggle for a Southern Cameroonian state. It touches ones heart to the core when you imagine the resources that we have. Think about it. There are Southern Cameroonains abroad who are teaching English with just a GCE A' Level certificate. Most of them cannot even afford an apartment if there were still home. Some even earn more than a Lecturer in U.B. It just gives you an idea about how rich we are.

Someone said here that we are lazy compare to the Chinese. The truth is that we are not. The difference is that the Chinese government is out there opening up international market to its citizens. There are many grand mothers who ran their late husbands` coco and coffee farmers very well. With no formal education they were able to supervise and pay thier workers. Unfortunately they had to abandon those farmes because the government failed to secure or negociate good trade deals for them. Why is it that there is beef sold in the West especially in the US from China and Japan but we cannot have cow meat or goat meat from Bamenda and other places in Southern Cameroons sold in the US and other places. Why should we have plantains from Panama and other countries sold in the US and other places but we cannot see plantains from Muea, Muyuka and other places sold abroad especially in the US and Canada. The problem is not necessarily because the farmers in Japan, China, Panama or Mexico work harder than the farmer in Southern Cameroons. It is because the government of those countries through their embassies search for those market opportunities for their farmers. When President Bush recently went to India for example, he signed an agreement to buy Mangoes from India in exchange for Energy. Do we not grow mangoes in Southern Cameroons. Even the Ghania President had to negociate for agricultural market for his farmer went he came to the White House. We need a Southern Cameroonian government that can do that. A government of technocrats and not cronies and tribal friends.

Our G.C.E educational system remains a very valuable tool to our youth. Those who have had the chance to attend a University abroad especially in USA and Canada will tell you there had no problem moving on. Freshmen year is basically a repeat of G.C.E. A level. We will not have a problem sending our student abroad to student. As we speak, there are Chinese in top universities in the US, from Harvard to Berkeley doing PhDs. Some are sponsored by their government. Where are the students from La Republique. We continue to see children of C.P.D.M members on scholarship aborad, some with very poor performance inspire of the scholarships.

I will add the following to your contribution.
1) That will all the resources you maintained above we are just about 6 million. If you divide our resources to our population you will see our individual worth.

2) We have direct access to the sea. Limbe is a deep seaport compare to the river port in Douala. This is in itself a huge asset. There are many countries that will transport their goods through us. It will be greatly cheaper for them than the Douala port.

There truth is that there are other asset that we have that we may not ever know about.

The question is why should we continue to leave in desperation when we are very very bless? Why? It makes no sense to any rational mind. We must continue the struggle. The struggle for our legal right to our State; Southern Cameroons and the resource there in. This is the only land God gave to us through our parents and grand parents. We must defend it to the death.

Legima Doh

USAfrica is a perpetual wonderer.He said he was just wondering whether what Tombele wrote were just his own ideas or those of the SCNC.This is the same thing he said when I answered his questions about how the SCNC would face her socioeconomic and political challenges.This is just to tell you how rich the SCNC agenda is and how bankrupt any involvement with La republique is .USAfrica you should come to realize how rich our goals are for the southern cameroons.You want to go through comrade M Nje's latest posting.

Comrades Mk the Southerner,Ma Mary and M Nje, I am elated by your wise comments.Thanks.

Peace Shall Reign in our Motherland.

Legima Doh,


Legima Doh, you are the wanderer. You can not call your own ideas the SCNC ideas until they have been officially endorsed by the SCNC. You guys come here and paste your naive and coarse ideas and you call them SCNC ideas? does the SCNC have any official documents on which the above ideas have been written? you cannot call them SCNC ideas until the SCNC has it in their official documents. Please direct me to any official document which has the above ideas. If you guys really have them on official documents, then sorry for you because the ideas are childish, simple and show that you lack a knowledge of the international market and politics. Wow! it feels like I am arguing with a child. Don't you know these things? or am I suppose to tell your SCNC group( or whatever you call yourselves) how to run your party? and these are the people who want to liberate Southern Cameroons? Ha! what a joke.


Unitedstatesofafrica is a voyeur, a primitive man and someone that is stinkingly jealous and greedy and who does not want Southern Cameeroonians to have any sort of freedom they deserve in their own land. Like Mukete, we should shun this bullock.

Legima Doh

And USAfrica still refers to the SCNC as a party.You are a beef because all those answers we give you are already documented facts.You say it feels like you are arguing with a child.A child might sometimes have better ideas than their parents.And you know a chid to a parent is not merely a baby but could be man but remains a child no matter their age before a parent.I will liken you that kind of a corrupt primitive unlettered grandPa with archaic and stupid ideas who wants to stupidly make it overt that they are better than those of his learned,truthful and reasonable child who is not a baby but a man.
Arguing with you is like arguing with a pig on the caption Is a Pig Dirty or Not.It is like taking a mad man to judge him on whether his actions are correct.That is waste of time.Like comrade Rexon said, and in accordance with the excommunication placed on you,it is about time we shunned this bullock.

Peace Shall rEign.

Legima Doh,

Ma Mary

Cameroun is the sick man of Central Africa. Why?
Because she attempted to swallow a piece of West Africa.

Southern Cameroonians are WEST AFRICANS and not Central Africans.

Thinking they are insulting us, la Republique calls us Biafrans and Nigerians.
So true, we are more at home in Lagos, Abuja and Accra than in the alien francophone, backward
Central African capital city of Yaounde.

One thing Central Africans need to understand is that you cannot swallow a West African.

We shall be out of you by hook or by crook; by vomiting or by surgery. Be careful. If it needs surgery, you might die. We will do just fine.



"I will liken you that kind of a corrupt primitive unlettered grandPa with archaic and stupid ideas who wants to stupidly make it overt that they are better than those of his learned,truthful and reasonable child who is not a baby but a man.
Arguing with you is like arguing with a pig on the caption Is a Pig Dirty or Not.It is like taking a mad man to judge him on whether his actions are correct.That is waste of time"-LEGIMA DOH
Hahahahaha, oh my God! what childishness. Are these the people who want to govern Southern Cameroon? what a joke.

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