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Monday, 30 July 2007


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What then can be done to mitigate this calamity? Great sanctions should meted on Biya regime else other countries will turn to copy the bad example democracy Advancee which is peculiar only in Cameroon.



Democracy in Cameroon: A phase or a farce?

It will soon be a full quarter of a century since Ahidjo bequeathed power undemocratically to Paul Biya. Biya’s ascension to power witnessed lofty promises of rigor and moralization and an unprecedented political manifesto in the history of Cameroon: Communal Liberalism. However, 25 years after has democracy in Cameroon been a phase in the country’s political history or a just the execution of a well plotted and highly rehearsed drama?

The history of democracy in the Cameroons portrays divergent trends that mapped the path towards independence. In the Cameroons under French administration democracy was translated as the will of the colonial master and his western allies who saw in the UPC led nationalist movement what seemed to be Bolshevik-style socialism. As a consequence the 1958 elections that led to the formation of the legislative assembly sowed the seeds of present day democratic protocol in Cameroon. Intimidations, bribery, corruption, stuffing of ballot boxes, harassments and a massive election rigging machinery were tested for the first time. What ensued was massive blood shed: a civil war that some historians have refused to call by its name.

Contrary to what obtained in the Cameroons east of the Mongo, democracy in British Southern and Northern Cameroons followed a different route. A bi-cameral legislature existed in the Southern Cameroons- the assembly and the house of chiefs. The one was the house of Commons and the other the house of lords or the congress and the senate. Which ever name you prepare. The years and months that led to the 11th February 1961 plebiscites witnessed a series of bilateral and multi lateral conferences involving various political parties in the Southern Cameroon. Without bloodshed and intimidations southern Cameroonians portrayed true democratic maturity even where the agreed to disagree. What happened was a free and fair plebiscite with citizens exercising their rights to vote without fear or favor.

However when british trusteeship ended on 1st October 1961, the Southern Cameroons joint the republic of Cameroon to form the Federal republic of Cameroon. the Republic of Cameroon was dissolved and a new federal state was created called east Cameroon. So too was the southern Cameroon dissolved and a new federal state called west Cameroon created. The democratic asymmetries that characterized the political evolution of these states as trust territories has been at the centre of the today’s divergent democratic and political cultures in Cameroon.

Successive governments from East Cameroon have followed the same path that saw the emergence of the first post independent government in that country. Ahidjo became president after a bloody civil war which followed rigged elections. Biya’s appointment as president followed a dubious plot hatched by French mercenaries. His consolidation of poltical power in Cameroon followed a bloody coup in 1984. His stay in power has followed a series of openly rigged elections.

Far from being a phase in progress in the political history of Cameroon democracy seems to be a mockery of the people’s right to choose their representatives.

Improtants facts:

1st January 1960: french Cameroon had its independence with a green red yellow flag

11th February 1961: British southern cameroons voted to reunite with French Cameroon

1st October 1961: bristh trusteeship over southern cameroons ended. Southern cameroons joint the republic of Cameroon to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon. southern Cameroons was dissolved so too was la republic du cameroun.

20th May 1972 a referendum changed the name of the country to the United Republic of Cameroon.

1984 (exact date unavailable at the moment) Biya dissolved the United republic of Cameroon by reverting to the pre 1st October 1961 name of La republic du Cameroun.

The ultimate question: what becomes of the state of West Cameroon pre 1st October 1961 called Southern Cameroon? Does it automatically become a part of the pre 1st October 1961 La republic du Cameroun? Has it a right to decide whether to be integrated into La Republic du cameroun? Has la republic the historical right or legal right to extend it frontiers and engulf the southern Cameroons?

Your suggestions are welcome

Stifty Williams

It is no only regretable but also a big pity that even with the dawn of civilization officials in Cameroon still lead the country in a way that is hugely primitive.
We sit and wait for the west to do something but we must understand that there is nothing in cameroon that will attract the western countries to invest in a good political system in cameroon.
What is more lamentable is the fact that young cameroonians without jobs or any future at all in the country because of the regime will actually go out and vote for fraudulently for the very regime because of a mere 500frscfa shared to them on the election day. Do they ever think where they are putting their own future? Well they should better do before it gets too late. The rate at which the country is falling it might be deficult to rescue it even with devine intervention.
Young people beware when you cheat elections that affect your very future.

Stifty Williams

Can someone with a bigger voice tell Biya that instead of him wasting government funds to run campaign for such elections he should invest that money in paying workers and the country will do better without elections?



That was a very good one. We the youths have the keys to our future but we are blowing it up.


M Nje

Read "Cry The Beloved Country Cry" by Mola Litumbe. (my exact wording of the title may be wrong).


false prophets at it again, shooting weapons from laptops. No surprise there.


At times it beats my imagination that some people cant see any thing wrong in what BIYA is doing. Honestly, it leaves me very disturbed.
That man's system of government defiles my basic understanding of public administration.
Some body will have to explain to me.
Even if he got assurance from God that he will live forever, which i doubt, he will not subject his own people to this kind of poverty and suffering. Is it for the fun of it or is it out of ignorance or is it a break down of communication from his hierarchy of Government?
Any way. We will wait and see.

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