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Thursday, 26 July 2007


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Ma Mary

The secret is in taking action that does not depend on the consent of the oppressor. Party politics a la SDF is dependent on the assent of the oppressor. That is why I abandoned that more than 12 years ago, immediately an organized Southern Cameroons movement appeared. Playing games with the frogs in their marsh only makes one muddy and dirty. Change the terms of the game to our own terms.


Ma Mary,
It is a pity that you and your friends(e.g Rexon) come here and write politics.I have asked so many times that you from SCNC tell us who your leaders are, what they achieved before and the political plan of action when they come to power.
Where in the world did
Some of you sit on your laptops and cry for change in cameroon?Who are you sponsors(Most probably some group of asylum seekers somewhere in Europe or USA):It is very funny because just like those who are in political posts today in cameroon,your leaders are the same


Well done Limbeson, well done. I am clapping right now with so much joy. Well done, well done.


Limbeson, we need more people like you on this site...bravo.



I have never been an asylee and have never been one. Maybe some of u think because we are living in Europe, we have forgotten our birthright. No No No. If your father is Inoni, Musonge, Achidi, Forjindam, etc. I can confront him even if i meet them in the Southern Cameroons or La Republique. So i am not afraid of confrontation. So spare us the talk that we are living in Europe and hiding behind computers.


rexon, Mandela did not free south africa by washing plates in Europe. He brought democracy in south africa by serving time in jail. Go back to Cameroon and fight. Stop fighting a war from your chinese-made laptops.



Thabo Mbeki, fought from London and Moscow and returned home only when Mandela was about to be released. DeGaulle also rallied his troops from London and Liberated France. Even Lumumba started from a foreign land and the list is long. The plan to liberate Ireland from its economic woes was developed by Irish expatriates abroad. We am using our time here to build the network of friends and contacts we need to fight on the ground. Dont worry, we would be coming home soon. Fighting from outside is not new. As an individual, my concern my concern has always been to develop strategies and spirits that improves my knowledge and dedication to the struggle.

During my time abroad, i have realised that the Europeans dont compromise their sovereignty, liberty and human rights with anyone. France has never accepted that anyone walks into its territory to ensalve its people. Why should we tolerate La Republique to ensalve us? We need our freedom.

Ma Mary

La republique and its remote controller France has succeeded into turning our homeland into an impoverished gulag. Then, its surrogates like the fake UnitedStatesofAfrica try to taunt us with "why dont you come home and fight." Let it be known that without the powerful searchlights that we have trained upon the darkness of that evil governments using our skills in telecommunications, it would have created a Darfur or Rwanda against the inconvenient people of the Southern Cameroons. Inconvenient, because we are sitting on so much wealth that they want for themselves and would have no problem obliterating our people if no one was watching. We shall never let it happen.

No one should make any apologies for being present online and shedding the light and demystifying the tall tales of the occupiers.



UnitedStatesofAfrica, you see what I mean by your generation’s vacuity? You, the youths who are the product of Biya’s rule in Cameroon, exist in a moral vacuum. It all comes from the top, I suppose. Probably coming of age in a society where there are no honest people at the top, makes thievery normal and good honest work something to be sneered at. You are more inclined to respect the corrupt rich elite in your country, the Ondo Ndongs, than the honest poor. That is Biya’s legacy. You really think it is an insult to wash plates in Europe for a living? Well, it is certainly a more honest way of earning a living than you will ever know in the kleptocracy called La Republique du Cameroun; but, honesty is probably for you a dubious concept you have not had the misfortune of getting to know in your life.


"No one should make any apologies for being present online and shedding the light and demystifying the tall tales of the occupiers.

Nincompoops!"-Ma Mary
I think you are loosing your cool. Ha ha ha ha aha ha. DaDiceman,you say i exist in a moral vacuum? ha ha ha ha. SCNC, please we are not acting a movie. This is real life. Dadiceman and your group of bullies, I consider you guys to be existing in moral vacuum because you are leading the people of southern cameroons into a slaughterhouse. You are undertaking a mission you know nothing about. I ask a simple question what plans you guys have to be southern cameroons a stable and economically powerful nation when they broke away but no one answered. All they did was insult me. After all, what do I know? am i Just a nincompoop? well my humble dictators, I apologize for asking questions. I apologize for trying to make sure that SOuthern cameroons does not fall into the same pit Eritrea fell into when they broke away from Ethiopia. Dictators, I am sorry if I offended you.

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