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Thursday, 12 July 2007


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Sob Fadil


It's such a shame to think that Njeuma Dorothy has a PhD from Boston University in the sixties. Since then, rather than research, reflect, and publish, she joined Ahidjo's bandwagon. But she was no Fonlon.

I'm not sure she's published any real academic paper since. It's all been politics and appointments and speeches, and the savaging of intellectuals and academics - as she's done to well-meaning colleagues and hundreds of young and tender students. Fonlon could both write, reflect, teach as well as contribute meaningfully to nation-building without going so low as to indulge in party-politics. Fonlon groomed - though disappointingly many young academics to succeed him. Njeuma cynically kicked out one of these from the Buea University corps.

Dipoko's case is even more odious. If his vision as a writer was profound, he would have, like Nuruddin Farah, been living off his creativity today. See in what halls you'd readily find him today, and what he does, says, and for whom. Any academic would think that Dipoko could have reckoned the diametrically opposing lives of Beti and Oyono, and their contribution to Literature and the struggle for emancipation, or that he could have taken a cue from Bate Besong. Dipoko would have made a prolific and brilliant romantic novelist like any writer anywhere, just as Njeuma could have made a world-renowned biologist or researcher, given the time she graduated from Boston.

It's amazing to behold the two as they dabble with political power within a stultifying regime that has little to offer humanity, and more critically, one that has lived - hoping against hope for so many ages. What will be their legacy, their contribution to history when they are eventually lowered down into their ancestral earth - at the foot of the Fako Mountain?

It's time that Cameroon Anglophone writers and academics should begin to reconsider their calling - and to take a cue not only from BB and Fonlon, but from their well-meaning counterparts the world over. They must never yield to short-sighted sycophants whose heads as Othello once said "grow beneath their shoulders".

Sob Fadil

Just to add to the above, I think Njeuma should have been better off planting pharmaceutical victories to help salvage the country from the scourge of AIDS, as a prerequisite to human development, not participate in "planting" a moribund party's chest-or belly-beating victories.


Danny boy what you call sexual preference here is a crime in Cameroun.Here there are options because they've 'arrived';and they didnt get here by condoning nonsense but by proscribing it.


The worst groups of people that we have ever produced from this system are what we habitually term intellectuals. They are the ones masterminding electoral frauds, corruption, bribery, theft of our resources, etc. They are always there to cripple our economy always using soft words to lure and lie to the masses who normally recognise them as role models. In the UK, they are spread all over. Most of them in their 40's and above were civil servants who are still under the payroll of the regime. Apart from not serving the system after their scholarships, they stayed behind and are always focused on doing a disservice to the poor and innocent citizens. They always go aroud colouring Mr Biya's inexistant democracy with their fake NGO's, CPDM meetings, etc telling the world always how our country is peaceful. I am not surprised when people like Njeuma, Dipoko, Ndeh, Abety, etc are lining up with the CPDM robes. Criminals, but they will have a price to pay.


I'm so ashame of Dr Dorothy Njeuma. Who does she thinks she is deceiving? fools? i wander. Nurses are triking in fako division because of not being paid for upto 15months and she is there telling people that biya has fako division at heart. Doctors and nurses are suppose to be the highest paid workers because they are lives saving people but i'm shock to see them in this condition. Poor you God will intervene for you people. Buea general hospital does not even have street lights, no constant water, no regular power supply and Njeuma and Dipoko are there telling people that Biya loves them. He loves them before he cannot even give them basics social amenities such as healthcare facilities. Please my dear brothers and sisters in fako, do not listen to them because they are there fighting for themselves and not for you.

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