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Thursday, 26 July 2007


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Ma Mary

Nothing pleases the occupier more than Southern Cameroonians who would die for beer. The celebrate: on a gagne.


The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, in which the French royal dictatorship was overthrown, begins with an episode where a crate of wine was spilled in St. Antoine, one of the poorest districts of Paris and the hungry and starved people rushed to drink it up. Prophetic for Cameroon?

Ma Mary

No, Reverend, we are not interested in a Camerounese revolution, but in the liberation of the Southern Cameroons.


Reverend, you are a man of wisdom and noone can deny that. As for Ma Mary, if a "Camerounese revolution" brings change that would greatly benefit Southern Cameroons, what is the problem with that? if some wind of change swept over Cameroon that would enable restructuring out government in such a way that Southern Cameroonians would have their fair share of the national cake, what is wrong with that?
All the SCNC wants to hear is secession, secession and secession. They don't even have an agenda or working plan on how Southern Cameroons will stand after the secession. If you are fighting for the betterment of southern cameroonians, how then do you guys completely discard all other options like federalism that might benefit southern cameroonians? Personally,I think that Southern Cameroons has thrice the chance of suceeding if we have a federal system than if we secede.


I will like to ask United States of Africa the following questions:

1.) Do you know the definition of secession?
2.) When did la Republique du Cameroun become indepedent?
3.) What was her name upon becoming independent?
4.) Do they commemorate their date of independence? If they do, when? If they don't why not in your opinion?
5.) When the illegal federation came into being what was the country called? and what were the names of the component states of the federation?
6.) What is the country called today?
7.) Who secceded and returned to her independence name?
8.) Why do you suppose a federation will work today when it failed before?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Legima Doh

unitedstateofafrica's contribution here is solely the question what is the SCNC agenda.This question was originally asked by Fon and after answering,Fon did not resort to asking thesame question.unitestateofafrica you are becoming a boredom to us.We want more and different questions from you because the agenda question is now monotonous.You alsa want to answer Comrade Tagro's questions.Dont come again to say what is her agenda,she is nonsensical without answering the questions.Remember a question that has been answered is no more a question.So if you come again to ask about agenda,goals,plan of action,it means you have no questions.You want to appreciate truth with all honesty.Also bear in mind that talking about the uniting africa as a mysterious concept that cannot be understood by the southern cameroonians whose identity and statehood is under attack.The concept can only be demystified after the country's statehood and sovereignty must have been restored.Then shall we ,the people of the Southern cameroons consider investing our time and effort in it.It makes no sense to us now ok!

Thanks comrade Tagro.

Land of Promise,Land of Peace,It shall Be.

Legima Doh,


United States of Africa, I am patiently waiting for your responses. Once you have provided the forum with truthful answers, in honor of the name you have ditifully given yourself: United States of Africa, I will like you to take some time and review the CONSTITUTIVE ACT OF THE AFRICAN UNION.

I am doing this in response to your kind request that we should be contributive to this idea of a United Africa. And in the believe that such a union should be based on the respect of the current Constitutive Act of the Union you are such an enlightened proponent of.


I will now draw your attention to the "Principles" section of this Constitutive Act. ARTICLE 4, Part B of the CONSTITUTIVE ACT OF THE AFRICAN UNION calls for the:

"Respect of the borders existing on achievement of independence."

Mr. United States of Africa,

1. Is la Republique du Cameroun prepared to honor this principle?

2. Was the Southern Cameroons' territory within the existing borders of Republique du Cameroun when la Republique du Cameroun achieved independence?

3. Is there an international boundary between la Republique du Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons called the Simon-Milner line?

Thank you once more for your PROMPT responses.


United States of Africa, I still await your answers.
Please, this is an opportunity for you to market your concept and vision of a true African unity.


Targo, let me first thank you for arguing with me in a gentle manner. Unlike the likes of Legima Doh who use insults and bullying, you use wisdom and patience and I think that is very mature of you.
I have read all you said and I have reflected about it. Yes! I agree that there is an international boundary called the Simon-Milner line. But mind you, the simon-milner line was created by the West to faclitate their exploitative agenda. Before these western people came to Cameroon, we were 1 united country. La republique has maltreated us but that does not mean that we do not deserve a fair share of their own resources. We were once a united country and anglophones also deserve a fair share of the resources in la republique. That is why I advocate for federalism in Cameroon. With federalism, Southtern cameroons and La repubique will be on an equal stand and they will be able to fairly share the resources of our beloved motherland. This was how it use to be before the whiteman came to Africa so why not make things to be the way they use to be?
As an advocate for a united states of Africa, I am oppose the division of Africa into smaller units. The more divided we are, the more vulnerable we become. The more vulnerable we become, the more easy it is for our governments and the West to exploit us. To me, federalism is the best solution because we will be able to govern ourselves as a country while staying united with Africa for the sake of a better tomorrow.
In order for Africans to move into the next generation, Africans need to forgive each other and come together. Before the West came to our continent, we didn't kill and slaughther ourselves. The West has come, manipulated with us and they have sent our own brothers to kill us. I am not supporting La republique's action but for the sake of you children and your children's children, a federal and united Africa is the key to our solution.
With federalism, southern cameroons will govern itself. We will not be accountable to the corrupt regime of la republique. The SCNC wants freedom with less advantages. Federalism will give us freedom with more advantages. We can be free but at the same time, we will be capable of standing together with the rest of Africa for a better tomorrow. SCNC's proposal might give you freedom but it will isolate us from the rest of Africa. Isolation will send southern cameroons back into the chaos they are trying to run from. AFRICA OPEN YOUR EYES.


United States of Africa, I am not surprised that you avoided answering most of the questions I asked.

But your contention that there was one Cameroon before the coming of the whiteman, as you must know, is false. Before the whiteman came "njanga" or crayfish was not the name of a country. I really can not conitnue this discussion with you because you are an unwilling and insincere participant bent on avoiding historical facts and truths like the people you are an apologist for in Yaounde.

African unity will never see the day of light when countries like la Republique du Cameroun are clearly in violation of its Constitutive Act and hence international law.

But I promise you one thing, we of the Southern Cameroons will become free and in the process, we shall liberate the citizens of la Republique du Cameroun from the genocidal French masters and their surrogates in Yaounde and give them a chance to taste the fruits of freedom as well. We shall impose the respect of international law and order on the genocidal French puppets and the vassals in Yaounde and sub-vassals that emanate from the Southern Cameroons.

Legima Doh

To all you said,I say Amen!I had declared USAfrica excommunicated from our comments.We resorted to give him some chance so that he could get to the truth but as you rightly said,he is unwilling and insincere to himself and our motherland and is bent on avoiding historical facts and truths.I am seriously considering enforcement of the excommunication unless he makes some very positive progress towards to stand for the truth andbe of positive and valuable support to the course of the liberation of our motherland.

Peace shall Reign!

Legima Doh,


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