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Thursday, 26 July 2007


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Legima Doh

152 parliamentary seats, 303 councils for the Cpdm, according to Marafa,then 23 parliamentary and 30 councils for the SDF according to Tamanjong.Assuming Marafa and Tamanjong to be right,what can the Sdf do with her results within La Republique.Its vain.The cpdm is more ruthless to tell the sdf that she got just 14 seats in the parliament.I want to thank Marafa and La Republique for using the Sdf to such an unskillful level of feymanism that even the greatest junkie will see.If the Sdf cannot realise this kind of sketching and still remain in it ,then something very wrong with the Sdf will have to be diagnosed.

Did you hear what the quarter heads did?They stood at the polling station entrances selecting Cpdm papers and giving to people to vote.They know there is no true opposition and that those set up are pro forma.We don't want be receiving perpetual insults from La republique,the kind of insult we receive here from Fokam and the rest.

Peace Upon our Land!

Legima Doh,


"The SDF SG said her party has already won 23 parliamentary seats as follows: Mezam constituency -3 seats; Donga Mantung - 2 seats; Bui -3 seats; Boyo - 2 seats; Momo - 2 seats; Mifi - 2 seats, Wouri - 2 seats; Meme -1 seat; Manyu -1 seat; Ndian - 3 seats"

I thought by now these prophets of doom will shut their mouths. Now they are telling the world how they have won 23 seats. These greedy people masquerading as politicians will go to parliament to colour the illegitimate democracy of Mr Biya and Co. Let wait to see what they will finally do. Classified evidence suggests that some are fighting to join the evil Biya regime. Lets wait and see.


I am no longer seeing Feli, Atangha, et al. in the postnewsline. After fooling the people to partake in this charade thereby colouring Mr Biyas inexistant democracy, they are now running behind demon Biya to collect their own share of the booty. Shame will drive you people to your grave.

Ma Mary

CPDM supermajority in the fake Camerounese institutions is a great opportunity for the struggle and cold water in the face of hypnotized Southern Cameroonians/


Tumanjong stop this big noise, opposition in Africa needs to have her own police force, the cpdm will understand nothing short of that, every year your party sends petition to the supreme court, a court which is controlled by Biya,havent u learnt lessons from that,,,, pick up arms and the cpdm will consider making concessions. For ur information Biya will twart the constitution and remain in power in 2011.


I am embarrassed and ashamed of being a Cameroonian. I love my country Cameroon but it hurts me to see things deteriorate to such magnitude. Where are we truly heading to?, please somebody tell me. Cameroon is just like Sodom and Gomorrah as described in the Holy Bible if not worst. I am afraid of the future of our beloved country. Cameroon which can boost of being a nation with the most intellectuals, with one of the highest literacy rate in Africa, Has produced Secretaries of States, one of the best medical doctors in the world, and so on. We have now become an embarrassment to the Africa and world. Other countries make jokes about us and our leaders. We are loosing our dignity and it is a shame. Countries like Senegal, Benin, Ghana and Kenya have organized free and fare elections with a quality similar to those in developed countries like France and Britain. Why not Cameroon?. Why don't we have an independent electoral commission. Why are DO's and SDO's still running elections in Cameroon. What is wrong with us?. Why has Biya and the CPDM gangs sold their souls to the devil and sacrifice the future of their children and grand children in exchange for blood money and worldly things.
It will take more than a man to bring Cameroon back to reasoning. Cameroon is so drenched in filth and mess that all the bleach in the world cannot clean her. It will take a miracle and that is what i am praying for, A Miracle. Fru Ndi and all have tried their best but at this point i think the work it too much for a human being to muster. We need God.

Bless be Cameroon.


Please read the article well before spreading confusion. What the SDF SG is saying is that inspite of the massive rigging, the votes the SDF finally struggled to defend show 23 parliamentary seats and over 30 councils. This is what the so-called official polls are showing. Marafa cannot even respect his own cooked-up figures.

Its a whole different thing when talking about the genuine votes the SDF was supposed to have without all the fraud. Here the SG talks of over 75 parliamentary seats.

I pity all those on this forum whose only mission is to critise the SDF without recognising the very difficult situation they are facing. Biya has the military, the guns and the money to bribe his way and falsify results. The SDF has only the voice of truth on its side and the conscience of the Cameroon people who are not fooled by this charade of an election.

If the SDF had not participated in these elections they would have still been condemned. Its a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

My suggestion is that the SDF boycotts parliament to make a strong point. After all Biya now has the power to change the consitution for a term beyond 2011 whether the SDF goes in or not.


I am not surprised that the likes of rexon and Legima Doh have commented on this story and are yapping, yapping and yapping all day about the shortcomings of SDF. I am not surprised because as laptop and computer fighters, that is the best they can do.Look at the people who are criticizing? a party with no agenda, no plan of action, no ally, no nothing. A party that it's own members do not even know the basic rules of the politics they are trying to get involved in.
The other day, rexon was criticizing Fru Ndi for shaking hands with Yar'adua of nigeria because Yar'adua was corruptly elected. According to Rexon, fru ndi should have ignored him. Just listen to such naivety. See SCNC amateurs, politics is a game in which we don't just foolishly open your mouth and say any thing that comes out. If you have studied the modalities of politics,you will know that it is of utmost importance for opposition parties to have a lot of foreign countries as their allies. This is because when they challenge the current regime, these allies will back them up.You can't just criticize foolishly, you need analyze first. Do you think the SCNC can suceed without prominent allies? keep fooling yourself. But I don't expect the SCNC to know the simple modalities of politics because they are not on the battlefield. They fight their own war from chinese laptops.
I would admit that the SDF has made mistakes but look at the party that is critizing: A confused, fragmented and power-fighting SCNC that has no knowledge of what they are trying to do? Mr. Legima and your friends, big and wrongly used words cannot mask your incompetency.


Reverend, the SDF has only the voice of truth on its side? Oh, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.............!
You might want to tell the SDF to check out the truth of how Southern Cameroon came to be ruled from Yaounde. Now, that's one truth the SDF could use to make sense of how they can never be allowed to win an election in La Republique du Cameroun.
However, I do realise that with the money which has been stuffed in the pockets of Fru Ndi and his goons over the last 15years, by France and Biya, that is one truth the SDF find extremely uncomfortable to have on it's side.
Reverend, give us a break about the SDF and the truth, will ya? This is no longer 1990. The days of empty slogans like, “power to the people” and “the SDF has only the voice of truth on its side”, are long gone. We are older and wiser. While the SDF might not mind picking up discarded crumbs at the foot of the table of LRC and crying over elections that they will never be permitted to win, the agenda of intelligent Southern Cameroonians have moved on. We just want our country back. You and the SDF want to stay as second class citizens in LRC fighting over a few seats in Biya’s kangaroo “parliament”, where you have no chance of legislating for or against anything against the background of a dictator’s presidential decrees, that’s you choice. The rest of us have already mentally left all that behind us, all we want to do is plan for our own country.


"I pity all those on this forum whose only mission is to critise the SDF without recognising the very difficult situation they are facing. Biya has the military, the guns and the money to bribe his way and falsify results. The SDF has only the voice of truth on its side and the conscience of the Cameroon people who are not fooled by this charade of an election.

If the SDF had not participated in these elections they would have still been condemned. Its a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't." -Reverend

Wise words of wisdom and I like the gentle approach you take in your writing. The bullies of SCNC should learn a thing or two from you.
I will support any party that stands for federalism in Cameroon as opposed to secession. I will support any party that stands for a united and liberal Africa because AFRICA MUST UNITE.


Reverend, that was a good analysis and vividly brings to light your level of maturity in understanding the political land scape.

SDF to contest the results of the elections?

A closed aide at the presidency who opted to remain anonymous has revealed as follows: That after a political bureau meeting at the presidency to work out a strategy to legitimise the results of what recently took place in Cameroon as elections, Paul Biya called the president of the surpreme court and instructed him as follows: that he the president of the surpreme court should welcome any petitions from the opposition especially from the SDF and then rule in favour of the SDF in 4 or 5 constituencies. This will appease / soothe the SDF and encourage them to take up their seats in parliament thereby legitizing their victory. He Paul Biya went further to explain to members of the potical bureau that if they pacify the SDF with 5 additional seats through the surpreme court, it will not affect the CPDM in any way as they will still have their comfortable majority in parliament.


Madam SG, Dr. Tamajong,
I had prepared a reaction after the 6th above but it went lost in cyberspace. That was before Reverend's contribution, which captures the esssence of my proposal here. This will not be the first time I want to make a serious proposal to the SDF. Once upon a time, there were two Conventions, and some of us thought we should advise the genuine Convention in Bamenda, and we did! Whether you heeded our advice or not remains to be seen.
This time, I am saying: forget about the 23 seats in the National hand-clapping Assembly or the 30 odd councils you seem to have won. The die is cast and the lion is going for your jogular vein. Do not volunteer to play along with him and his gang. If, as Fon says above, the gangsters will try to appease you with 3 to 5 harmless seats as a bait to get you in, do not fall for it. Anything short of 70 seats should be shunned immediately. I mean, anything that will not assure you of blocking any of their moves should not be approached even with a flagpole.
In short, I advocate and strongly propose that the SDF should adopt strict party discipline this time and make sure that none of the MPs takes their seat unless you have a workable number in the house. If the idea is to go in as last time and stage walk-outs and what not, I say no. These people are past educating. They will spare nothing to cheat and you know it. So the operative word is BOYCOTT the National Assembly if you have no way of influencing policy there. That way the kleptocratic government will be forced to take some of their crooked candidates to replace yours. That way too they will take the credit or blame for whatever they do in that evil house.
Please appeal to the Chairman of the SDF to resign quietly from the scene so that your opponent will be guessing what next. You can further confound your opponent by refusing to take the councils they think they are generously offering you. This will make the councils ungovernable, and if they like they can ferry some of their resource persons who were not voted by the local communities to come and run the councils. This will guarantee maximum chaos and perhaps a solution will be found for the deadlock. If not, they might well revert to the one-party system. This worked very well in 1988 when candidates from the same party campaigned on the same platform but under separate lists. That was less time-consuming and took up fewer resources.
Above all, do not accept to go to the Constitutional Council, alias the Supreme Court. That will be your burial ground and the lion predator will be rubbing his hands in glee. See Fon's comment above and try to be proactive. The Constitutional Council is a total waste of time and resources.
Please discuss this approach in higher quarters and see how you can convince your members who may want to insist on going for the bait. For Christ's sake, wake up now.



Thanks your brilliant and inciteful piece. I think we all see that we should be looking for strategies to fight forward rather than hang on worn-out SCNC slogans.

I support a total boycott of the house. The SDF should also lobby other opposition parties. Maybe the Ndam Njoya and Bello Bouba will finally see sense this time around. From the way things are showing Kodock may have lost all seats.

Its easy to spend internet time lashing out at Fru Ndi. Some people say th SDF has not brought development to Cameroon in their councils and MPS. My question is, can an MP tar roads, build bridges, schools, hospitals etc from micro project grants? Councils also have meagre budgets (Kumbo for instance has an annual budget of like 60 million frs). Whats that?

The blame is with Biya who controls the billions in the national treasury.

2ndly they blame Fru Ndi for not bringing about change. Know that you can only blame Fru Ndi for not bringing war to Cameroon because it now seems that is the only way to change Cameroon. Everything else has failed: elections, dialogue, international community, diplomatic pressure etc. Where is the loud-mouthed Neils Marquandt now?

Lastly I think the SDF should take the councils but reject those with government delegates at their head. This is because a mayor can do some little thing to help his people.

Please propose solutions rather engage in a blame game.

Legima Doh

Good information Fon.That is how the SDf is used by Mr Biya to market the credibility of his democracy abroad.He needs the SDf presence in his parliament and is also aware of the avaricious desires of the Sdf stalwarts to be there.We are shamed by the presence of our people in the house that spells doom for our future.

Let the propagator of a united state of africa say something about the statehood and independence of the Southern Cameroons.Reason and chronology put the restoration of our statehood in front of the quest for unity in africa as a whole in any scale of preference.There is an insatiable desire to drag Legima Doh, Rexon's and our comrades' names through the mire by the propagator of a united africa.I did not know that my words are big for him.Failure to demonstrate how the words are wrongly used is just an indication of lack of understanding and inability to contextualize meaning.Anyway I will make things easy for you so that you can understand us better.Maybe that is why you have been so unable to appreciate the knowledge in what we always opine in this forum.

You have escaped from answering almost all of the questions that we've asked you about the SCNC.You've got a perpetual question of what is her plan of action,agenda and goal.Its almost a week now that I gave a preamble to these questions to Fon.What kind of a man are you?I wonder!Just tell us how we the southern cameroonians can pursue the course for uniting africa with our identity and statehood at stake.An unbiased and wise critique criticizes and then proposes what ought to be done.You have never said what you thought the SCNC ought to do,never said what the SDf ought to do,all is criticizing the SCNC which you,I,everyone knows is the only true and legitimate course for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons.

Peace Shall Reign in our Land!

Legima Doh,


"You've got a perpetual question of what is her plan of action,agenda and goal"-Legima Doh
I ask the same questions because I haven't had an answer. Ok Legima Doh, let me ask you a single question. Without hiding under the umbrella of Rexon and the others, answer my question. Let us just pretend we were in a press conference and I was a journalist.

Q We all know the world has technologically advanced and the less developed countries are lagging behind. When Southern Cameroons suceeds to secede from La republique, it would need to ask for a lot of international aid in order to kickstart it's economy. As a newly-created country, it would need financial assistance to move forward. With the already indebted nature of Africa, how do you guys plan to pay back your debts? Also, we all know that when a country secedes, it needs to boasts its trades in order to make its currency strong enough to compete in the international. How do you guys intend to strengthen trade? how to do plan to tackle the problem of African goods being discriminated in the E.U and other international markets? how will you solve this problem that makes our farmers poorer and Western traders richer?

Thanks for your answer in advance. Please get back to me as soon as possible.I anxiously await your reply.


Mr United States of Africa,

Are you asking us how we are going to manage our debts as a reason for staying with La Republique in the current status quo?

La Republique have huge debts. We know. But the Southern Cameroons is not owing anybody as we have not borrowed much from anybody. Instead, we will be asking for ALOT of people to pay us the billions they stole from us including La Republique that used billions of our reserves to develop cities in La Republique like Douala.

mk the southerner

Untedstaes... how is Montenegro cooping? how is Latvia cooping? etc should we remain slaves because other salves where freed before us? I dont just understand anything u write. And mine u go to the dictionary look at the word secession and its meaning then come back and tell us if it can be used with SCNC. I think u are afraid of losing something.



Ma Mary

We shall bill la republique for plundering our country.

An Agenda?

The SCNC has only one objective: the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. This is nothing new.

The United Nations and the UK through their selfish, irresponsible and unprincipled acts of ommission and commission broke international covenants to which they were signatory to deny Southern Cameroons independence. Through the same international law, they WILL BOTH BE COMPELLED to be part of the process of restoring our institutions as we move into independence.

Maybe, brought up in the French dystopia you have no respect for law, but it is the most powerful instrument on earth and pays even centuries into the future. Maybe brought up in the French dystopia, you have been completely drained of native self confidence and self worth and have accepted subservient status as you birth right. Mark my words, we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER accept a position of subservient annexee.

The thing about freedom is that you do not fight for freedom because being free will bring you more food, or riches etcetera. Freedom is a desirable end by itself. After you are free, you will still struggle for survival and life's problems would still be there. People have sacrificed every thing for this freedom and a people who have a price for this freedom will remain slaves to other people. Freedom is priceless in that way. Do not fool the people with talk of an agenda. We have models, but that is not the point. When you place agendas above freedom itself, then foreign interests will come in to buy you off.

That is why the positions of people like UnitedStatesofAfrica are morally bankcrupt. They are spiritually and morally outgunned already, because they have not asked the fundamental questions. They are spiritual and moral nonentities, ready to be eaten for lunch.

This is not a political party trying to win votes.


"The SCNC has only one objective: the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. This is nothing new."-Ma Mary
So after the SCNC achieves it's goal of restoring Southern Cameroons, what will you guys do then? just sit, cross your legs and wait for this newly-created country to define and mold itself? You guys must be really kidding yourselves. Do you think a country just builds itself over night? in order for southern Cameroons to survive as a country on its own, plans need to be made now on how they will do it. Strategies need to be drafted now on how Southern Cameroons will survive on its own. You can't just ignore drafting an agenda for the survival of southern cameroon and only worry about it when liberation is restored. Bt then, it will be too late.


"So after the SCNC achieves it's goal of restoring Southern Cameroons, what will you guys do then? just sit, cross your legs and wait for this newly-created country to define and mold itself? "

We know what we need to do after achieving our independence. Right now, what is most important for us is our freedom. We have already drafted policies relating to how we are going to manage our economy, social and political life.

As a citizen of La Republique, ask your people to wake up. We have already woken up. La Republique have been sitting crossing thier arms while accepting their neocolonial status. We are not sitting and we will not sit even after our independence. We have sustained our economy over these years despite the plundering by not sitting. We have moved abroad, to far away places like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Australia, South Africa, just to name a few, to work hard and sustain our economy and social life. We know what we need in both the short and long run. The one thing that is hindering us back is traitors in our midst. That is why we are singling them out and driving them out, before the contaminate our place completely. Once we get the political will that will give us the freedom to change things, we will come home and help our brothers and sisters that we have been sustaining from abroad to also develop. We will be putting structures in place because our politics will give us a free hand to develop the place. We will build schools, hospitals, construct roads and you will see. We are not sitting sir, despite the plundering and we will not sit even after independence.


Reverend and others calling for the SDF to boycott parliament. This might put the final nail in the SDF coffin, not by the Biya and the CPDM but by the parliamentarians elect themselves. Donot forget that some of these guys have invested all of their life's savings and taken out loans for this purpose. There is this chap, I personally know who took out a loan here in the UK to finance the campaign of an SDF parliamentary hopeful, who has now won his seat in the NWP.
In turn, the Parliamentarian is to provide him with locrative contracts and deals in has constituency and get him the necessary contacts for deals in Cameroon.
Now if Fru Ndi ask them to boycott parliament, where do they get back the money and power to repay debts and honour deals. I challenge Fru ndi to call for a boycott, if he can wield enough influence and power over these guys. I bet you, many will tell him bullshit and match on to the Glass House. Those are the ones that are very vulnerable to Biya.
And please donot blame these chaps. You only need to look back to former SDF parliamentarians and see the fortunes they have amassed since getting into the Glass House. Its time for thses other guys too to go and chop. Its a chop a chop system. Its their time to chop. And they will do all they can to go and chop.
A Boycott will only work if the Parliamentarians have their constituencies and country at heart. Unfortunately, their stomachs and family comes first.
Hence a call of Boycott form Fru Ndi will signal the beginning of a huge infight that will tear the last fabrics holding the SDF together. Code me anytime.
The die is cast for the SDF.


you guys should porpose ideas and not attack one another.

Danny Boy

It was Harold Wilson who said " a week is a long time in politics". How true, especially today with modern technology. Been off the forum for a few days and it seems I have missed the boat!!!
The debate above has been very constructive. Reading from Rexon through Fon, Ma Mary, Dadiceman and others to Ernest above, it is clear that we all acknowledge that we have a problem to solve. How we go about solving this seems to be our major headache.
May I suggest that we who participate on this forum come up with our manifestos for that territory called Southern Cameroons or West Cameroon. We need to move the debate forwards with a plan of action.
Let battle commence in earnest.
Blessed be all those who care for their fatherland


Spako, You got it all wrong because you still do not know who owns power in the SDF.

"this might put the final nail in the SDF coffin,..." This statement in the first place is erroneons because it will mean that the SDF is aleady on its knees; circumstances are given you a false picture of the strenght of the SDF. The SDF remains a force to reckon with.

On the other hand,if someone invested in the campaign, it was a risky business; what about those who did not sail through the rigging put in place? If NEC takes a unanimous decision to boycott parliament, anybody who will go contrary to it will only have article 8.2 waiting him or her. Don´t tell me this will lead to the disintegration of the SDF because those who won, did it because they used the banner of the SDF and not because of their individual popularity. If they go against any NEC decision and are sanctioned, there will take an insignicant following with them. Ask yourself why so far no break away faction of the SDF has not survived the political storm in Cameroon. Those who will want to go against any NEC decision will have the case of Ben Muna and Soleman to reflect on.
SDF should boycott parliament.

Dany Boy,
As for Rexon and cohorts, their fight for an independent Southern Cameroons ends on this forum, therefore forget about any story of moving the debate forward with a plan of action.

Legima Doh

Fellow Comrades,
Thanks to Rexon,Ma Mary,Dadiceman,Mk the Southerner,Spako,Ernest,Danny Boy for commenting on the questioned that was posed to me.I am very glad the truth is more acknowledged now in this forum than before ,that the SCNC remains our only hope of liberation though amidsts worries and doubts on how the country shall be run to meet her socioeconomic and political challenges.

United State of africa,
As regards your questions,First and foremost,the Southern cameroons is not seceding from la Republique and I need not throw more light here on what i mean cos i suppose you understand it.From your questions,you considered the Southern cameroons after having its statehood and sovereignty restored under the aegis of the SCNC before proceeding to how its challenges as a young nation shall be solved.That was good.You said the Southern cameroons will need a lot of international aid to kickstart the economy and that as a newly created country it will need financial assistance to go on.That how shall we go on given the indebted nature of africa?How we intend to boast international trade,fight international market discrimination?How shall we solve the problem that makes our farmers poorer?
Before I proceed,I acknowledge the fact that these questions show a good concern for the welfare of the people and the economy but I hope they were asked for contructive purposes and not merely for criticism.OK.
About kickstarting the economy,we will have to claim La Republique and any other country that got involved in the illegal exploitation of our resources.France is likely than not to be implicated here.We are talking about substantial amounts on oil,rubber,minerals,timber and so.These resources have been exploited for decades to their exclusive use and we shall have to claim them sumptuous amounts of money.The Banjul case has this as one of the charges against La Republique.We may have to seek financial assistance from heavily industrialised democracies abroad.They are always willing and able to support emerging democracies.We have countries like the UK,US,Sweden,Netherland,Australia,Switzerland and so on.Given the fact that our country is blessed with lots of resources,the country shall be able to obtain loans if need arises to invest on businesses and projects.Bear in mind that talking about indebtedness,the Southern Cameroons is not indebted in any way to anybody.Her statehood has not been functioning and she has therefore got no liability anywhere.You should not consider the liabilities of La Republique to be any burden on the Southern cameroons economy.
About international trade,we shall reduce the taxes on foreign investors and grand them permit to operate in our economy under strict but fair and incorruptible conditions.La republique has used her corruptly punitive tax system to drive all foreign investors who have interest in our motherland.The last was about the investors from the US whom were asked an absurd amount of money by a la republican minister for them to be permitted to operate business in our motherland.They could not stand the amount and had to withdraw their plans.We also got a lot of goods to market internationally like oil,timber,electricity,banana,cocoa and coffee,and so on.We shall improve on tourism because we have magnificent touristic sites that La republique has done all to suppress,we shall improve on our national and international transport systems.We have natural seaports and airports that all got closed down by la republique the likes of the Limbe seaport,the Bali and Tiko airports not forgetting Mamfe airport.We shall vehemently revamp our anglosaxon educational system which has also been severely under attack and abuse by la Republique.We shall make our educational system quite international.We shall promote trade,commerce and industry.This sector has also not been promoted by la rep who have instead failed our brothers and sisters who got talents and wanted to market the talents abroad.EVen our sports and culture shall be marketed abroad.La Rep has also suppressed these.The national football team is an example and has no player from the Southern cameroons but I tell you players like Kalle,Cacko,jama Mbah,Mbaka Mulema,Batambu,and a whole lot could do better than the Etoo's and the rest had they been given the proper chance.My cousin beat all in the Karate Shotokan but when it was time to select who to participate in France,he was silenty kept aside.Everyone got their stories here but that was an aside.We shall implore most of our indegenes abroad who have escaped the la rep system to come back and invest at home and also compete abroad.Most of our learned and businessman abroad shall find it reasonable to invest back home in business,education and health.Our professors,doctors,masters,professionals etc shall we ready to come and impart knowledge in various institutions of learning.
For our farmers,we shall from above be able to grand them loans to mechanise their production so as to produce in large scale.This shall enable them not just to remain as peasant farmers but to produce and also market their produce nationally and internationally.We shall invest on research so to achieve new and or advanced species of goods.This shall help to market their goods abroad.About international market discrimination,we shall try to fight this by adhering to quality products,avoiding copying european products while producing,innovating and inventing our own quality products.I am sure if we produce quality goods we shall not be discriminated unless they are lacking in quality.We shall also tackle the discrimination by improving our international relationships with the various purchasing countries e.g through invitations for investment,treaties and so on.So I think,while acknowledging the fact that we shall have to contend daily with challenges,we shall also do our utmost to address them in a free society.Consider what Ma Mary said.
United state of africa,this is time for us to keep our heads together,bring our wise ideas into a consensus on how we shall aim to fashion the country to the good and benefit of the people.It doesnt matter,when these may come to manifest though we hope it shall ere long,the good thing is for us to have stood on the truth and made contributions to the course in our time.

Peace Shall Reign in our Land!

Legima Doh,


Netmates from both sides of the Divide:

UnitedStatesofAfrica equally writes on the Francophone press and his contributions there are just as prolific as they are here. I guess he has a specific agenda. I have not read many of his numerous postings, but I have a question for him here: USofAfrica, you seem to advocate a (con)federation of African States under one government. Why do you think that Southern Cameroons cannot join such a confederation as an independent sovereign country? Why must it join as a satellite of another country? Don't you trust that SCmroons is viable enough to stand on its own? Another thing, Libya, which is the proponent of the US of Africa option, had its sights on Chad some time in the past, Senegal on the Gambia, la République du Cameroun has already annexed Southern Cameroons by brute force and is running that country as all colonising powers and conquerors do, Nigeria wants Bakasi, and a host of other predator countries are doing their thing in many areas of the dark continent. When do you think African countries will do away with this colonising mentality before they embark on the concept of a true US of Africa? When you answer these questions for yourself, you may come to realise that your crusade against the SCmroons independence struggle is totally misguided, if not teleguided from the usual quarters of those who favour the status quo.


Opposition wins final Cameroonian parlimentary seat
Sat 28 Jul 2007, 10:31 GMT

[-] Text [+] By Tansa Musa

YAOUNDE (Reuters) - Cameroon's opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) won the last outstanding seat from Sunday's parliamentary election, officials said on Friday, but the result did not upset the ruling party's huge majority.

Opposition leaders had claimed President Paul Biya's Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) was trying to steal the election in the northwestern town of Santa. They had already denounced vote-rigging and intimidation across the central African country in Sunday's poll.

Several days after results for the rest of the central African country, electoral officials in Santa said on Friday the SDF had won the seat, ending a tense standoff.

"The vote counting commission ended its work on Thursday evening and it was very clear to everybody that the SDF won," said pastor Emmanuel Nfor, head of the divisional vote counting commission.

The final election result left the CPDM with 156 of the 180 parliamentary seats, versus 15 for the SDF and four each for the smaller CDU and UNDP parties. The Progressive Movement party won one seat.

Police had poured into Santa on Wednesday after some two thousand opposition supporters staged a peaceful protest at the electoral commission to demand the prompt publication of results.

"Finally, calm and serenity has returned to Santa," said SDF Mayor Clement Wanki Atanga. "People are drinking and dancing all over in celebration of our victory, which the ruling party tried to seize by force."

According to the Supreme Court, some 50 petitions challenging provisional election results published earlier this week by the Territorial Administration Ministry had already been filed ahead of a midnight deadline on Friday.

The court has up to 20 days after polling day to examine the petitions and proclaim final results.



The story is not whether NEC takes a decision or not. The issue here is the SDF is not different from the CPDM. People invest on it and your chairman knows that. Their objective is to participate in this charade and colour the evil democracy of Mr Biya. They do this to gain favours, contacts and contracts from thesame people managing that Kleptocracy. When i say elections whose results are dictated in hotel suits and presidencies abroad, you and i know what i mean. People sit in their villas in europe as kingmakers, invites other kingmakers from home, while dining and drinking champagnes, they makes decisions about a country. They ignore the people. We know that this is what has been happening. Fon, stop pretending that you dont want your uncles to go and chop their own in their chop and chop business. I know where you have been during these elections and your investments cannot be abandoned. So stop all these talk here. There is nothing in the SDF as NEC decisions. They are part of that organised kleptocracy that has been stealing our resources.

Concerning your jibe that my fights ends here at the internet. Rest assured, i did not take it to another level but today. It is and have always been bigger than the internet. So stop that your rhetorics. You know i am bigger than that.

Legima Doh

I had not read from Langai before but I am pleased with is questions.I have a voracious appetite to read the answers from unitedstateofafrica.More people coming to the truth day in day out.You see how honest the true Southern cameroonians are!

USAfrica you can now begin to see that it is not the mentality of Rexon,Legima Doh,Mk the Southerner,Ma Mary and the other comrades.Its the mentality of all the true southern cameroonians.Hurray Hurray SCNC,

Comrade Rexon,
You can see that just as we thought ,Biya decided to accord the last outstanding seats to SDf to allure them to his parlour.They will go there and continue hand clapping for him.Its a shame SDF.We are ourselves feel sorry for such despicable way by which you are used by Biya.

Peace ,Land of Peace!

Legima Doh,


Comrade Doh,

There is a common qualification by La Republique that we are anglo-fools, i think we are. You see, La Republique have proven beyond reasonable doubt that it does not want its colony again. But it appears the biggest problem we have are Southern Cameroonian traitors notably the intellectuals,chiefs, who for selfish reasons keep forcing this union. When La Republique selects its national football, handball, volleyball and athletics teams, it doesnt include any Southern Cameroonian. When it selects its ministers, it doesnt include Southern Cameroonians in strategic positions, even when it appoints a Southern Cameroonian to strategic positions like the prime ministerial position, it must appoint a vice prime minister to oversee that the slave toes the line. When it appoints its ambassadors, its diplomatic and cultural attache's, it excludes Southern Cameroonians. But on the contrary, when it is organising its charades in the name of elections, Southern Cameroonians would be fighting each other. It is really very important that we start qualifying these people fools. Because if we dont, they would be taking us all for fools. It is either we all are fools or we are not fools. If we are fools, then we all need to accept the current status quo, but if we are not fools, we need to distanced themselves from the current status quo. As long as Southern Cameroonians keep tolerating this charade on our land, then they would remain anglo-fools.


"We may have to seek financial assistance from heavily industrialised democracies abroad.They are always willing and able to support emerging democracies.We have countries like the UK,US,Sweden,Netherland,Australia,Switzerland and so on."-Legima Doh
Legima, I have got you right where I wanted you. So you really think countries like UK ans US are so genuinely good that they would like to help Southern Cameroons? go and look over the course of the history of Africa if the West has ever done someething to Africa out of goodwill. They only get involved due to self-interest so if you are counting on the US, you are wasting your time. Look at Liberia, they West gave weapons to rebels in exchnage of diamonds. Look at what france is doing to Cameroon. Look at what US is doing to Nigerian oil? look at how Italian companies are dumping toxic waste in Nigeria? Look at how the West are rapidly increasing the interest rates of the debts we owe. Africa is now in a cycle of unpayable debt because thanks to the shyrocketing interest rates, Africa owes more than they produce. Are these the people you are depending on Legima? From your answer, you justify what I have said about the SCNC from the very start. The shallowness of your answer exposes the incompetency of the SCNC.
Also, are these the ideas of your entire SCNC or just your own ideas?

Legima Doh

Is that all you had to say from what I wrote?Instead,there is absolute shallowness in your analysis.You have shown that,you had nothing really to contend from what I wrote.You said nothing positive but unfortunately you failed to adequately demonstrate the shallowness you supposed.The statement you capitalized on started with the words WE MAY,and the countries named were not just the US,UK.I was referring to a lot of them.The fact that some of these countries might have done things wrong is no reason to conclude that they cannot be of help because of course they are helping whether you agree or not.USA gives assistance to other emerging democracies that is second to non.The UK gives a lot of assistance too.10billion pounds was allocated for aids to africa last year by UK.I did not say that they are a perfect nation.Other countries were Sweden,Netherland,Switzerland and so on.And remember I said we may.consider the meaning of we may.
USAfrica you are merely a distraction but you have exploited all your tactics now.Your questions and analysis are becoming more faint as days go by.You want to stop being biased with a very negative attitude towards the course of the SCNC.I had asked you to say something constructive but your mind is set to destroy every positive thing about the SCNC.You remain a very Big Fool to us.

Peace shall Reign.

Legima Doh,


Legima Doh, TRUTH HURTS BUT IT MUST BE SPOKEN. Any educated person who is versatile with the international market and international politics will see your answer an shalllow.And thank you very much for calling me a BIG FOOL, I really appreciate it.


"USA gives assistance to other emerging democracies that is second to non.The UK gives a lot of assistance too.10billion pounds was allocated for aids to africa last year by UK"-Legima Doh
As an old man like you, I do not expect you to make these kinds of statements. You are a product of the West. So do you think America gives these benefits without something in return? Do you think UK is giving this 10 billion without expecting something in return? they give these money, increase the interest rates so that in the end, they will earn ten times more that what they owe. This clearly shows that you lack the necessary skills of international aid and debts but you are here calling everybody fools. Do you know why the West gives these aid? Do you think the West is really helping Iraq? The only reason they give aid is because they want these governments to loyal to them. They give them rules to follow once the aid has been given and if they do no abide, they withdraw their support. Which Western country has ever genuinely helped an African or third world country? which one? You sit in your castles in Europe and draft unworkable theories. THE TRUTH IS BITTER BUT IT MUST BE SPOKEN. You can call me a fool but my upper sixth history teacher, Mr Batey George, once told me that the problems facing Africa today is due to the fact that we do not ask questions. We blindly follow people without asking them questions. We didn't ask our Western colonizers questions when they signed bad treaties. After our colonizers left, we didn't ask our own leaders questions. If a fool is someone who askes questions, then so be it, I am a proud fool.

M Nje

You have just help answer the question you have been asking in this forum. You asked Rexon, myself and others to bring prove that Biya is using the SDF to color his democracy.

It is interesting to see that you have help to make the case for us. Your posting above (on Friday, 27 July 2007 at 12:24 PM) just made that point for us. That is another evidence to show you that Biya is using you and your party for his vested interest. I know you brought that information to this forum without realizing that you are shooting yourself on the foot. Indeed you and you camp in the SDF have failed to analyze how you have downgraded yourself. Biya has been playing that game for many years. when are you going to stand us and show some self dignity? How long are you in the SDF willing to let Biya use you for his democracy?

Legima Doh

We may remains the opening words of the statement you capitalized on.And mark you an Aid is not a Loan.Even in a loan situation,analysis is made,there is usually a cost benefit analysis made to determine whether the loan is worthwhile.Interest rate is considered,exchange rate is considered,inflation is considered etc and several tools can be used to remedy any future dangers of bayback like futures,options and hedges.This is what is done in the derivative market and the Southern cameroons is blessed with lots of international finance,business,management professionals to tackle such issues.If you ask questions without prejudice then you are not a fool.But when you ask questions the prejudices stored in your mind so as to corrupt any positive answers,then you remain a fool.It is good Bate George taught you to ask question in his history sessions but your questions are so redundant such that George would not agree he taught you that mannerism of asking questions.You want to ask constructive questions and not those configured to destroy a most true course.I would rather you started answering questions rather than asking forever.

Peace Shall Reign.

Legima Doh,


M Nje,
You will never get the point. What is the relationship between colonisation and democracy or dictatorship? Are you telling me that if the Biya´s regime is seen as dictatorial by the internationa community, then the colonisation of southern Cameroons becomes visible to the international community?
By saying that Biya needs the SDF´s participation in parliament to legitimize the out come of the elections, I have not contradicted myself in anyway as regards my position on the SDF-SCNC issue. Whether the Biya´s regime is seen as non democratic or democratic, it has nothing to do with the SCNC issue. If the International community sees the Biya´s regime as non democratic, it will mount pressure for democratic reforms and not for the independence of Southern Cameroon. Therefore any sing-song that SDF is "colouring democracy" and standing on the way of the SCNC is bullshit.

Legima Doh

The presence and participation of the SDF in La republique party politics colour her democracy and distract the people from the true course for total liberation,restoration of statehood ,sovereignty and total independence pursued by the SCNC.Such assistance in the misrepresentation of la republique democracy abroad and distraction of the Southern cameroonians is tantamount to standing on the way of the SCNC.
So it is the SDF involvement in la republique party politics that has proved at last to be bullshit.

Peace Shall Reign.

Legima Doh,

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