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Friday, 20 July 2007


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Feli ,Fon,
How interesting is it to see how dirty money takes hold of people. When intellectuals sell their souls for things of the flesh,where can we turn to for wisdom.Several weeks ago we were told here by some whistleblowers that they were not going to attack the SDF inorder not to interfere with the elections.But the temptation has been irresistible.By making these claims they forgot that they cannot longer extricate themselves from the dictates of the CPDM.To conceal their active militancy ,and campaigning for the Cpdm, they resort to distorting public opinion by fruitlessly trying to whip up sentiments about the Southern Cameroons course.Why is it that the Southern Cameroons course becomes so important, and people try to trust it to the forefront only when the SDF is on the move? Why has the SDF been going from strength to strength despite endless backstabbing ,and online utopists cannot boast of a single breakthrough to bring about the new state the are dreaming of? Imagine the disappointment of all Southern Cameroonians,who waited for the fallouts of the Conference in Dallas late last year,only to be told that our struggle is going to be peaceful.Since when has a freedom movement resorted to armchair criticisms in its quest for autonomy? No wonder the Southern Cameroons struggle has been hijacked by unscrupulous individuals on this forum , and uses it as political capital to colour their sympathies for the Cpdm.Why would somebody not talk the SDF day in day out when he has these type of ideas: ¡° Taking cognisance of the fact Southern Cameroonians do not have arms, or ammunitions to fight, Chief Ayamba cautions that Southern Cameroonians are equipped with the intellectual ,and moral arguments which have sustained them over the years,as stated in their motto: ¡®The force of argument,not argument of force¡± (REXON, Monday ,22 Jan 2007). This gives us an insight into the minds of people who are only working towards sustainance, and know they cannot deliver.This could not be said better,when the one who is supposed to fire up the emotions of his people,only joins the world of apologists they have all become:¡± Proud and courageous people of Southern Cameroons the only obstacle delaying the timely accomplishment of our mission is our lack of unity of purpose,and clearly defined road map to galvanise synergy for success¡±( Justice Frederick Alobwede Ebong Jan 13th 2007). How would southern Cameroonians even know what these people are fighting for when they themselves don`t know where they are going?
The Rexons of the world have continued to use Cpdm tactics here to take away the minds of Southern Cameroonians on the real issues.You can`t say the SDF is fooling Southern Cameroonians ,yet these same people keep voting for the party for 17 years.You can`t say the Cpdm is evil,yet you see no evil on those who militate in this party,be they your family members or not: ¡° My own brother is a Cpdm hardline one, but that does not make him my enemy¡±( Rexon, Tues 28 Nov 2006). By having no results to show with the SCNC,by pitifully trying to tarnish the image of the SDF,all point to the fact that you are actually fighting for your brother,and his Cpdm.
Even the Earlyman practiced Federation,by trying to feigning for himself.He assembled rock particles together,and tried to make fire singlehandedly.He did not wait for people to discover a lighter or match for him. Any modern day leader who is still advocating an ultra centralized administration, is living in another world.Mnay people applauded Fru Ndi for taking a firm stand on this issue several weeks ago, but today they want to second guess him by pretending it waters down the very idea of having an autonomous state.In the contrary, this is the only way to start driving home the idea of people oriented development in the heads of the oligarchs in Yaounde. From this idea can be born the more thorny issue of cutting away completely,and taking your fate into your hands.
It is absolutely ridiculous, when people like Rexon who had called for the SDF to be dissolved crave to hear ideas of their choice from the SDF leaders:¡± To be honest ,I think the SDF should be dissolved ,and a new political party created by Ni John ,and Co.( if they want)¡±( Rexon Jan 16 2007). One wonders whether this condition has been met ,and whether Fru Ndi is now the leader of that new party Rexon will want to hear from: ¡°What we want to hear from Southern Cameroonian Politicians is how they will guarantee the Independence and freedom of Southern Cameroonians.And how in both the short and long run,they can improve the lives of the people they are claiming to defend¡±. Mr Rexon, Fru Ndi is not a Southern Cameroonian politician,he is a National politician. How would you want to hear from the politicians that have been legitimizing the rule of La Republique ?
Nothing has been building up in the minds of Southern Cameroonians as far as the SCNC is concerned.The limited political consciousness of the Southern Cameroons course is the presumptuousness that it exists,and this is manifested on this forum. Southern Cameroons leaders have time and again been arrested in the streets of Bamenda, and Buea, but the ordinary people will huddle to enjoy the show. We should stop telling lies to Southern Cameroonians that we are independent. If our independent was aborted on October 1st,how independent are we now? Switching from one gear to another is not going to help. If our weak bones cannot take us anyway,lets tell the people of the Southern Cameroons.


Ma Mary

What does the SDF do for Southern Cameroonians if the CPDM again "wins" overwhelmingly using all the resources of the Camerounese government? The difference between the SDF and the SCNC or Southern Cameroons movement is simple one which the stalwarts of the SDF like you have not been honest to acknowledge.


SCNC is a waiste of time!

Cameroun will remain united now and forever!



Responding to Reccardo's response. Look young man, if you are lost, then you should remain lost forever. When there is life, there is hope. SCNC is not a waste of time. I know how nervous you are when ever you hear the name Southern Cameroon or SCNC because it is a threat to your La Republic. Not too long from now, the seperatio would come.


The issues of federalism has been echoing in Cameroon for a long time now. If the SDF chieftain is just NOW taking a firm stand on it several weeks now,then I hope is a reawakening indeed.Could it be a strategy, or just campiagn talks?

Will he one day be the 'father' of federalism in Cameroon?

We await elections results!!!!!

Legima Doh

Ma Mary's question is unanswered.Answer it and elucidate on your honesty about the involvement of SDF in La Republique party politics.

Somebody of the type of Riccardo only comes to the stage when an iota of thought about the SCNC strikes him.He is very comfortable when he hears SDF doing this or that in la Republique politics.He knows very well that within the whims and caprice of La Republique,it is the SDF that is a waste of time.Take heart Riccardo.In other words you are advocating for SDF which you know is a reductio ad absordum in your country La Republique.The SCNC flag is loftily flying in the UNPO and your dunderheadedness tells you it is a waste of time.You can cry rivers because of the awareness that you shall no longer be able to live on looting our resources.So NKeng don't bother about this ninny of a Riccardo.He is just mourning now before the rife time is due.


The SDF strategy of federalism is a dayspring of her frustration.Let the SDF make herself an integral part of la Republique and then talk about federalism with her and not about federalism involving the Southern Cameroons.We are a distinct people from La Republique and all her political parties.

Peace Upon the Land!

Legima Doh,


Lets wait for their cry of electoral fraud after the elections. When they stay quiet and start clapping hands in Camerounese parliament thereby colouring their democracy, we will have questions to ask them.


Legima Doh, rexon and Nkengeh, i have told you guys to forget completely about scnc because there will never be gegregation in cameroon. We are one and indivisible cameroon so get that into your heads and stop trying to sabotage sdf. Whether we win or loose, all i know is that the days of mr Biya are numbers. tell mukete that i'm waiting for him on this forum because he has been writing nonscense about fru ndi and sdf as a whole. Who does not know that mukete's family is cpdm in kumba.

Legima Doh

Who is this Ernest of a man?Where are you coming from.Your write up is so vague that one has no comment to make on.Some of the other illusioned countrymen at least write something that one can read from and enjoy the mythology.Yours is that of a completely uninformed ninny,void of any sense and absolutely uninteresting.You want to imbibe more knowledge before coming to contribute here.We have got no time to entertain mediocricy here.You come here to impart knowledge and not idiocy and lack of knowledge.

Fellow Comrades,

Today is another day of illusion for some of our brethren who are under the sway of the SDF dream.I declare it a dare of Mourning,a day of Darkness and promise that we shall use the day as yet another reason to bring our people out of the darkness of the La Republique party politics.

Peace is the divine will of God for us.It shall Reign on our land!


You don't need to know me man the hand writing is clear scnc is going no where because 3/4 of anglophones are not with them. a clue about me, i'm a kumba guy base in the netherlands for more, ask for my email or my number.


Slow start to Cameroon elections

The president's supporters wear garments adorned with his face
Voters in Cameroon are going to the polls to elect a new parliament amid opposition claims of widespread fraud.
Initial reports suggested a low turnout was likely and no queues were seen at most booths in the capital, Yaounde.

Opposition to President Paul Biya, who has been in power for 25 years, is limited and only 5.5m of the 18m population has signed up to vote.

Mr Biya's Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People party holds 149 of the 180 seats in parliament.

Indelible ink

President Biya's term in office is due to come to an end in 2011.

BBC correspondents say there are reports he wants to maintain his big majority to enact reforms allowing an extension of his rule.

The opposition says indelible ink used to mark those who have already voted easily washes off and that some people have been refused ballot papers.

"These are all indications that the election is being rigged already," John Fru Ndi, chairman of the main opposition SDF party, told the Reuters news agency.

He added: "We have learnt that Biya wants to modify the constitution to run for a third term. This we cannot allow to happen."

Mr Biya's critics say he has presided over a repressive system. They say there was also widespread fraud in the ballots in 2002 and 1997.

But his supporters say he has held Cameroon together and in peace.

Cameroon's borders have been closed and businesses shut for the election.



CPDM Shipyard Workers Ferried to Santa

CPDM Shipyard Workers Ferried to Santa

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21 Jul 2007, 12:56 AM

The premises of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Company known as Chantier Naval in French, is virtually dry as its workers have been reportedly ferried to Santa, home constituency of the company’s Director General, Zacheus Fonjindam to vote there on Sunday, July 22. The Sun has been reliably informed that about twenty 60-seater buses have already left for Santa with the workers who are to be ticked present at work everyday.

An angry worker complained to The Sun they had no choice but to go to Santa since they did not want to lose their jobs. Fonjindam, it is alleged has given firm instructions for SDF ballot papers to be presented after voting. A lot of money The Sun has learnt has been disbursed to ensure that the "ghost" voters are comfortable. They are said to have been registered in well controlled rooms, most of them at the Roch Hill Farms of former Prime Minister, Simon Achidi Achu to ensure a thorough check. When The Sun visited the premises of the Chantier Naval on Monday July 16, most of the services were empty.

We were told that the Santa CPDM is planning to offer Paul Biya its one parliamentary seat to wrest the post of currently occupied by Chief Ephraim Inoni, a Southwesterner. SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi told a weekend rally in Douala that he was aware of the situation and promised to end his campaign tour in Santa on the eve of the elections and stay there on polling day to ensure that the diabolic plan is not executed. It should be noted that the Northwest Coordinator of the National Elections Observatory, NEO, Ntumfor Nico Halle, recently asked that the polling stations at the Achidi Achu farms to be dislodged. But the CPDM in Santa has refused, describing the NEO official as an opposition supporter.

By Donald Dingue in Douala


Opposition cries foul in Cameroon parliament polls
Sun 22 Jul 2007, 10:47 GMT

[-] Text [+] (Adds comments from President Paul Biya, paragraphs 3-4)

By Tansa Musa

YAOUNDE, July 22 (Reuters) - Cameroon held parliamentary polls on Sunday but turnout was low and the opposition denounced what it called widespread fraud, including polling stations in private homes and a lack of opposition ballot papers.

The polls are expected to strengthen President Paul Biya's 25-year grip on power in the central African country, but the opposition has already said the vote is rigged, international observers are boycotting it and few voters have registered.

"The campaign took place in a calm, serene and peaceful atmosphere. I hope things will continue in this manner throughout the electoral process and people will accept the verdict of the polls," Biya said after voting in Yaounde.

"I want Cameroonians to be fully aware that we are in a democratic process that will be long lasting. What I expect right now is a comfortable majority which will enable me to continue to build and modernise the country."

A Reuters correspondent saw voting taking place in the private Yaounde home of a local chief, in contravention of electoral laws, while some opposition supporters said they had been refused ballot papers.

Ink marking the fingers of those who had already voted -- which was supposed to be indelible -- was easily washed off, meaning people could vote several times, the opposition said.

"These are all indications that the election is being rigged already," John Fru Ndi, chairman of the main opposition SDF party, told Reuters.

He said he had reports from other parts of the country that opposition polling officers had been chased from polling stations and that SDF ballot papers were missing in some booths.

Officials from Biya's Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) were not immediately available for comment while election officials said the low turnout was because it was Sunday.

"I think for now most people have gone to church and will only come to vote after church services," one polling station official said, asking not to be named.


With many disillusioned Cameroonians convinced the CPDM will romp to victory, just 5 million of Cameroon's 18 million population have registered to vote -- well below the 8 million voters needed to make the elections credible, diplomats say.

The CPDM is seeking to increase its 149 seats in the 180-member parliament, amid opposition claims the president -- one of Africa's longest serving leaders -- wants a landslide to push through constitutional reforms to allow him a new term.

Biya took power as the hand-picked successor of ex-President Ahmadou Ahidjo in 1982.

He introduced multiparty elections in 1992 and reformed the constitution in 1996 to limit the presidential mandate to a maximum of two terms, extending each period to seven years.

With his second term due to expire in 2011, the opposition has said it can not afford to boycott Sunday's polls for fear he will change the constitution again and run for a third term.

Opposition parties have denounced the multiple registration of voters and the appearance of dead or under-aged people on the electoral roll, plus the CPDM's monopoly over the state media.

Opinion polls have been banned and the media prohibited from publishing results from individual polling stations. International observers boycotted the polls after the government ignored their calls to create an independent electoral watchdog.

Ma Mary

Why ask a pig to behave, when you have the option walk away.

Ma Mary

Why ask a pig to behave like a human being, when you have the option to walk away.


Breaking news:

Reports from home suggests that most Southern Cameroonians boycotted this charade orchestrated by gangsters of La Republique masquerading as democrats. In the streets of Mutengene, youths were chanting long live Ayamba, Long live the SCNC and were calling on people not to waste their time to go and vote. They were chased by colonial gerndarmes and most are still in hiding. More to follow.


Culled from MERCURY -TASMANIA,22884,22117916-5007063,00.html

Cameroon votes amid fraud charges
Article from: Agence France-Presse
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From correspondents in Yaounde
July 23, 2007 05:10am
ALLEGATIONS of fraud marred legislative elections in Cameroon overnight amid opposition claims President Paul Biya was trying to preserve his stranglehold over the west African nation at any cost.
Disputes broke out at polling stations in an area where the opposition traditionally finds support, with some claiming ballots were cast under different identities.
"That's not my signature! You're preventing me from voting!" one man said at a voting station in Yaounde, claiming someone had voted in his place.
The voting bureau chief, however, said the man may have been attempting to vote twice.
A representative of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) accused authorities of distributing electoral cards that had not been collected by residents and paying people to vote for the governing party.
"I even asked a boy his name and he was unable to tell me the name that was marked on his electoral card," said Pierre Ndongmo.
While the elections have already been given the thumbs down by the opposition, others said they were far better planned than in 2002, when they had to be deferred due to poor organisation.
Jacob Beide, coordinator for a group of election observers from African non-governmental organisations, said: "Fraud attempts and fraud have been reported - at least one case of ballot box stuffing and the majority of people are voting without identity cards."
Graft is rampant in oil-rich Cameroon, with the country regularly listed as among Africa's most corrupt by Transparency International, and Mr Biya is accused by critics of trampling on democracy and human rights.
Oil wealth has not trickled down to the millions of poor.
Polling booths started opening around the scheduled time of 8am local time in the two main cities - the capital Yaounde and the economic hub of Douala.
Voting stations closed at 6pm local time as scheduled, and turnout in Yaounde and Douala appeared low.
Five million of the country's 16 million people were eligible to cast their votes to pick 180 members to the National Assembly and 359 municipal councillors.
Opposition leader John Fru Ndi has accused Mr Biya - who is both head of state and government - of planning widespread fraud to garner a huge victory for the ruling Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC).
"The organisation of the elections has not changed. It has even worsened," the leader of the SDF said.
"The elections will be unfair and won't be transparent. And Biya is the architect," he said.
Mr Biya's party already holds 149 of 180 seats in parliament. He was appointed prime minister in 1975 and has been president since 1982.
Mr Fru Ndi, who finished a poor second to the president in the last elections in 2004, said the government was planning widespread fraud.
"Some people have two, three or five voting cards. Minors have some but some other people don't even have one," he said.

mk the southerner

Fru Ndi shut your mouth. U cry as if it is the first time.Are u not the one who said the cpdm has started fraud mechanism. But u went ahead to participate. Who ever told u a slave can be the hair of his masters throne with his surviving sons watching fulled u.

I have no problem just like all SCNC activist because may be we see better than u guys. Any way the elections results are not yet out lets wait and see.

If u think that what we are telling u is a lie give the chairman ship of the sdf to a francophone and see if he will not be the next president of their country.

Pa accept my condolences.


It is very important that we tell all these bandits to stop complaining. Southern Cameroonians are overwhelmingly of the opinion that it is greed that is pushing these people to go in for these charades orchestrated by La Republique. They are clearly in a business relationship with France and La Republique to colour their democracy.


Another "election" another opportunity for the SDF to shed crocodile tears. Any Cameroonian with 1% of his/her brain intact could have told the SDF, for no fee, that this was going to be the outcome of this so-called election.

Fru Ndi and his closest goons in the SDF are not my concern, they have done materially well out of this joke called multiparty democracy in La Republique du Cameroun (LRC). Their jobs are guaranteed because Biya needs a toothless opposition, and they are filling that role perfectly, according to Biya's written script. No chance of Fru Ndi and his closest goons going without a pay check or a meal, that's for sure. My concern is the average Joe on the street in Cameroon, who once again, has been shafted by "opposition" politicians who by taking part in this charade called an election are legitimising Biya's corrupt tyranny.

The SDF has been very useful for Biya to be left off the hook, by the international community, as having a functioning democracy in LRC, and hiding his credentials as a bloodthirsty tyrant. I am quite sure Biya intends to keep it that way, thank you very much! That the SDF have been willing participants in this conspiracy against the Cameroonian people in general, and Southern Cameroonians in particular, makes me want to puke when I hear them cry foul. SDF, you have decided to dine with the devil......enjoy the meal without shading crocodile tears!

I suggest the following SDF party slogan for Fru Ndi and his blind sycophantic followers: "Fool me once, shame on Biya. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, call me an SDF militant."

Legima Doh


Fellow Comrades,
On behalf of the southern cameroonians home and abroad,I want to salute comrades Rexon,Ma Mary,Mk the Southerner,Ndiks,Katakata,and Dadiceman for the up date on the involvement of the Sdf on la republique party politics.Its a shame on the Fru Ndis,the Achidi Achus,the Nico Halles,the Forjindams,The Watesihs,The Fons,The Ernests in netherland.

Fru Ndi its a shame on you.Just look at the way you re used as a dye to colour la Republique's reputation of democracy.You said people should turn out in their numbers to vote but they didn't this time.Can't you for God's sake retreat from this falsehood?You are becoming more of a national felon that a liberator.You and your cohorts all knew about the outcome beforehand.You deliberately chose to engage so as to take the campaign money and feed on.

Its wonderful to hear the chanting of SCNC and Chief Ayamba's name in Mutengene.That sends a good signal to SDF and Cpdm.Watesih u talked about Fru Ndi carrying on his campaign by storm.What has happened after the stormy campaigns?Why was his name not heard to be chanted somewhere?Look at the number of people who turned out to vote.About 5.5million out of 18.Chantier naval workers leaving Douala to vote in santa.This means less than 5per cent of southern cameroon citizens went to the polls.This represents those illusioned sympathizers.Soon the SDF will reduce to Fru Ndi's family and friends when all must have disillusioned except the Maverick, the Fon Watesihs,the Ernests and so on.

Fellow comrades,I am still presiding over the case SDF vs cpdm in La Republique party politics but my judgment is most likely a Death Sentence on the SDF party.She is guilty of direct involvement in the murder of the statehood of the Southern Cameroons.

Peace Shall Reign Over OUr Land!

Legima Doh,
Great Britain.

mk the southerner

When u play a rulers game knowing that it is a rulers game, do not complain of fowl play. Let some one take this Fru.


I am very pleased with the fact that most of the normal thinking Cameroonians in the forum have realised that the detractors hiding under the umbrella of the SCNC have no Agenda, plan of action or any solution.Their only goal is to retard and eventually hinder progress. But I am proud of the maturity we have used to answer them:IGNORE THEM. They would get tired of posting thrash and may come to reason. Ones more i congratulate all those who are fighting for a better very united Cameroon.Lets go out and vote massively for change,for our children and future generation.One thing is clear, Biya can´t rule forever and change will come.Division is not an option and would never be. Thanks

Ma Mary

Francis, quit the charade. YOU ARE A FROG masquerading around here. Southern Cameroonian SDFers do not use your language, even when they disagree with the Southern Cameroons movement over details. Total denial of history is a FROG trait or of complete Southern Cameroonian mutants in the CPDM. Mouthing nonsense about "Division". What a load of crock! What does division mean when there has never been unity? The most repugnant thing on earth is sycophantic hypocricy. Go to la Republique and unite your country. The SDF is a gift of the Southern Cameroons to la Republique ie a chance to develop a democracy. We would have no problem reconstituting ours.


Francis/Germany, I am pleased by the fact that most normal Cameroonians did not bother to, in your own words, "go out massively and vote for change". It is reported that only 5.5 million people out of 18 million eligible voters actually bothered with the process. Which means a whopping 12.5 million eligible voters refused to be conned!! That is the most positive thing to come out of this swindle you and your faux unity brigade called an election. That is, Cameroonians are politically sophisticated enough and intelligent enough to spot a swindle when they see one. More importantly, they refuse to be part of the swindle.

Whoever wins, and it doesn't take Einstein to know who the winner will be, cannot say they have the support of the majority of Cameroonians. How many of the quoted figure of 5.5 million people are actually human beings is another matter. I suggest to you that, if the truth be told, not more than a million people genuinely had anything to do with this fraud. But then again, people of your type wouldn't recognise truth even if it slapped you on the face. Your whole existence is based on lies.

If this is what you people in LRC call elections, you can keep your elections. We in Southern Cameroon want out of this fraud.



You and I knows the truth. That a Southern Cameroonian is not eligible to be president of a foreign country. You tremble each time you read the truth in this forum. But you can preach all your lies to our people, but you cannot force us to abandon cyberspace that our only forum to tell the world the truth. So all those helping to colour your fake democracy are paid agents and are not patriotic Southern Cameroonians. As far as i am concerned, i have no stake in your charades called elections, as long as you dont bring your ballot boxes to the Southern Cameroons.

Good luck with your country and your elections.

Ma Mary

In case we are not clear, whether la republique is ruled by Biya, Monkam or Abdulrahman or even a Southern Cameroonian mercenary, we don't care. Let us go in peace, or you shall regret it.

mk the southerner

If u listened to the question posed to Fru Ndi by the BBC juornalist, it is not different from what i have been asking.

Ndi was ask why do u participate on an election u knew was fraudulent. For this is a pregnant question because Fru started shouting fraud one month before the elections and that sdf will boycott if measures are not taken. I told this same forum that the parliamentarians will be called to Yde where they will return with new jeeps and u and I will not hear anything again about boycotting elections.

Tell me if i was far from the truth. Hear there some arrest in the Southern Zone one sdf district chair and some wounded or shot upon on Jakiri Northern Zone. Ask me what they were doing i cant tell.


MK the Southerner,

It is just one thing that has been pushing these hypocrites to go La Republiques parliament: GREED. These NGO that has been helping Mr Biya colour his inexistant democracy will soon crumble.

Their relatives (Fon, Watesih, Francis, etc) can kill us for speaking the truth, just like Biya and all ministers can kill us for exposing their diabolic plans. They are just there for the money and cannot do without the bribes they take from Mr Biya to colour his democracy. So all the talk that NJFN was complaining of fraud is vague. He NJFN was the very person who first sent a message of congratulations to Yaradua. Despite the way he ascended to power. His supporters argued that elections in Nigeria was purely a Nigerian internal affair and no one had the right to criticise the conduct of their elections. Now i am hoping they will also shut up and stop expecting others to complain about the conduct of La Republiques elections, since her citizens would accept the verdict. There is big business going on here disguise as a democracy. The true colours of these hypocrites have finally been exposed and henceforth, no true Southern Cameroonian would ever doubt their mission that we have been singing in this forum: TO COLOUR MR BIYA'S INEXISTANT DEMOCRACY.


SCNC is a catalyst for chaos. SCNC will mean more trouble for anglophones. All the SCNC does is to criticize and criticize. They deceive ordinary Cameroonians to beleive that if anglophones secede, life will be sugar and honey. They never answer the real questions that will determine the lives of anglophones if they secede. If Southern Cameroons secede, what economic strategies will the SCNC take to make the Southern Cameroon currency stronger? what trade links have they established to ensure effective exchange that will strengthen the economy? what about the millions of unpayable international debt we still owe the West? As a new country, we will need to borrow more money to kickstart our economy bu building an international airoprt, seaport etc. How does the SCNC plan to deal with all these debts? what allies do we have? which countries are supporting our cause? you can never suceed before and after secession, if you don't have allies to back and aid the new country's weak economy. What about the fact that our goods are discrimanted against in the E.U and other international markets? how does the SCNC paln the tackle that? How does the SCNC plan to kick out of the Western imperialists from our top companies like CDC? What about employment opportunites. the constitution, tribal differences and the list goes on.
The SCNC have never told the anglophone civilians how they will deal with these issues. Ruling a country, especially an African country, takes more than just flashy sentences of criticisms. You need practical solutions and allies that are willing to support you. All what the SCNC is doing right now is paving the way for another darfur scenario for Anglophones.
SCNC, do your research.Rexon, Ma Mary and the others,It takes more than a political dream to do what you are trying to do.

Legima Doh

Thanks Comrades Rexon,Ma Mary,Mk the Southerner,Dadiceman.

Ma Mary from Francis Germany's write up,he is an impostor.His slanting depicts a high level of mediocricy.He is lacking in basic primary school civics,he is also an unmeticulous reader here,probably is incapable of understanding the constructive comments here posted by fellow comrades and so forth.Franis Germany you want to consider basic education before coming here to dump the products of a dunderhead.

Peace Shall Reign in OUr Land.

Legima Doh,


typical of the SCNC to escape answering the questions that really matter. I am not surprised.

Legima Doh

Unitedstatesofafrica,Fon Watesih,Feli

Secession is the case wherein you break from a people to whom you are legally and constitutionally united and to whom you are an integral part.This is not the case here with the SCNC.You care to know that the Southern Cameroons has never,is not and shall never be an integral part of La republique.For lack of understanding here do some research in basic civics because I and the others haven't got time to be educating you on simple facts time without number.It appears now you are more concerned about how the county will be run as a reason to stand on the way of the liberation process.Where are you standing actually?How confused you are.You supposed to cling to your impious ideology that the Southern Cameroons has no right to self determination ,sovereignty and statehood.How can you be going to the details of a nation ,how it shall be run when you stand on the fact that it should be exterminated.It suffices you not to bother about that because you believe its a dream.But nevertheless,I tell you dreams come true and shall be the case with our motherland.Our dream here is not an illusion like that of the Sdf,it is a tangible ambition.
So when you talk about dreaming,it is the SDf that is dreaming illusions,confusions,deception and so on.Have you heard what your Ni John Fru said about the elections.He said he knew the elections would be a fraud.Yes he did but decided to dream a utopia together with some of you.

Its redundant for you to say that the SCNC is paving another scenario for a darfur.You stupidly believe that you can keep on deceiving people by playing with their passion by using such threatening statements.You think you will instill fear in them by such statements.That is not the situation now ok.People no longer act on passion but on reason.SCNC is a very peaceful freedom movement like I said last time.OUr motto is the force of argument and not the argument of force.I went further to say this should not be miscontrued to mean the love of peace is the inability to handle harm.I also made mention of the fact that the SCNC is made up of a mass of intellectual giants who are and shall be capable of handling all the socioeconomic and political challenges that are inherent in every nation.Its not the Sdf whose intellectual giants and big wigs have stood down from its illusion.Only unresourceful persons of your calibre and the remaining illusioned ones are held sway by the falsehood that is preached.

Its a shame on You!SDf involvement in La Republique party politics re:result of the last election.The chairman know before hand that it would be frauded.He still went to the polls with such knowledge also amounts to fraud.In business this can be likened to fraudulent accounting ie when a manager has information that indicates the company is in an insolvent situation but presents a faulty information to give a good image of the company and hope of future profits to shareholders.Its a serious crime in which the manager's possessions are ceased,auctioned by a chartered auctioneer for shareholders'money to be reclaimed in addition to a jail term.As a leader,this is what Ni Fru went forth to say he did without knowing the implication . Unitestateofrica,Fon Watesih,if you were wise you would subpoena Ni Fru before a law suit for such a charge but unfortunately you all are myopic idiotic fellows who have been corrupted by la republique.Fru Ndi has told the world that he is not a good steward by so doing.Its again more shame

Peace Shall Reign in OUr Land.

Legima Doh,

Ma Mary

USA come aboard and learn. The Southern Cameroons struggle is not just an internet exercise on the Post Newsline. It is much more than that. If you are a Southern Cameroonian, welcome. If you are detractor from la Republique, nice try.

We are not anglophones. We are Southern Cameroonians. Do not forget that. Southern Cameroons is a place, with people and a history. Some of us have mastery of English, most do not–they speak other African languages, but we all have equal stake in our country. When you call us anglophones, it is an insult.

It you think we have not thought through what it takes to be an independent country, you are mistaken and you are just trying to frighten people. Why did your country la republique du Cameroun not remain a nominal colony of France and chose to become a de facto colony instead?


"It appears now you are more concerned about how the county will be run as a reason to stand on the way of the liberation process.Where are you standing actually?How confused you are."-Legima
Only a foolish woman buys meat when she does not know how to cook it.Have I ever said anything like Southern Cameroons does not have a right to self-determination? my problem with the SCNC is that you never provide solutions to problems, all you do is criticize, you are ill-prepared and you do not have what it takes to govern a country. From the way you talk Legima, you are the confused person here. You have only proved my point that SCNC is a catalyst for chaos.
The fact that you group all the opinions of Fon, watesih and me into one shows how unprofessional you arguments can be. Go back and read what we have written and then discover for yourself that we do not share the same opinions. It is useless for me to argue with people like you who see everybody who is not an SCNC supporter as a supporter for La Republique.


USA, are you familiar with the aborted Constitutional Conference in 1991 wherein Anyangwe, Elad and Itoe brought to the table solid proposals to reconstitute a genuine state between SC & LRC? Do you remember the concrete solutions that were offered? What did you do, you sent Joseph Owona to a hotle in Switzerland to have the French write you a constitution which you still are unable to implememt.

Do you recall the ACC 1 & 2 propositions to our brothers in LRC? That was providing solutions to problems, trying to avoid what you follishly strain to call another Darfur. If you people think you will implement another Darfur in the Southern Cameroons with your French masters as you did in the Bamileke country, Rwanda and Congo-Brazza, you got something else coming.

If you believe the Southern Cameroons has a right to self-determination, what do you call our various efforts at providing solutions to this problem?

We are not here criticizing, we are exposing the hypocrisy and of people like you.

We can govern a country. We were the most robust and advanced democratic country in Africa. From 1954 to 1972 we had 3 different elected constitutional leaders: Endeley, Foncha and Jua, something he people in the country you want us to remain a colony of is unable to do almost half a century later. We had foreign reserves, clean streets, clean hospitals, dignified politics, honest public service.


USA, are you familiar with the aborted Constitutional Conference in 1991 wherein Anyangwe, Elad and Itoe brought to the table solid proposals to reconstitute a genuine state between SC & LRC? Do you remember the concrete solutions that were offered? What did you do, you sent Joseph Owona to a hotle in Switzerland to have the French write you a constitution which you still are unable to implememt.

Do you recall the ACC 1 & 2 propositions to our brothers in LRC? That was providing solutions to problems, trying to avoid what you follishly strain to call another Darfur. If you people think you will implement another Darfur in the Southern Cameroons with your French masters as you did in the Bamileke country, Rwanda and Congo-Brazza, you got something else coming.

If you believe the Southern Cameroons has a right to self-determination, what do you call our various efforts at providing solutions to this problem?

We are not here criticizing, we are exposing the hypocrisy and of people like you.

We can govern a country. We were the most robust and advanced democratic country in Africa. From 1954 to 1972 we had 3 different elected constitutional leaders: Endeley, Foncha and Jua, something he people in the country you want us to remain a colony of is unable to do almost half a century later. We had foreign reserves, clean streets, clean hospitals, dignified politics, honest public service.


"We can govern a country. We were the most robust and advanced democratic country in Africa. From 1954 to 1972 we had 3 different elected constitutional leaders: Endeley, Foncha and Jua, something he people in the country you want us to remain a colony of is unable to do almost half a century later. We had foreign reserves, clean streets, clean hospitals, dignified politics, honest public service"- Targo
Isn't this exactly the same statement I made last week? i made the exact same statements you made and I clearly stated that I support federalism in Cameroon and not secession. I fully support federalism in Cameroon and in Africa. It is the only way for su to respect our ethnic, religous, cultural differences but at the same time standing united in order to advance. Go back and read what I said last weak before you make accusations




USA, then why do you write of the people of the Southern Cameroons that "you are ill-prepared and you do not have what it takes to govern a country"? We a colony and you know it, and we want our independence, peroid!


Our only hope is the SCNC and Ambazonia of Chief Ayamba and Fon Ngorji and all other freedom movements. They have never betrayed us. Anyone who does has always been avoided.


Landslide win for ruling party in Cameroon

July 24 2007 at 01:46AM

Yaounde - President Paul Biya's Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People's (RDPC) party won a landslide victory in Sunday's legislative and municipal elections, according to provisional results issued late on Monday.

It grabbed at least 152 of the 180 seats in the National Assembly, compared with 149 in the outgoing parliament, the government's minister for territorial administration, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, told the press.

The main opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) headed by John Fru Ndi was down from 22 to 14 deputies in the chamber while Adamou Ndam Njoya's Cameroonian Democratic Union won four seats, against five previously, and the Progressive Movement entered parliament with one seat.
The pro-government National Union for Democracy and Progress doubled its presence in the assembly with two seats. Seven seats must still be decided.

Seven seats must still be decided
In the municipal elections the presidential party won 303 out of 363 communes.

Cameroon's opposition earlier on Monday said "massive fraud" had marred the elections and vowed to challenge the results in court even as votes were still being counted.

Even before Sunday's vote, the opposition claimed Biya was trying to preserve his stranglehold over the west African nation at any cost.

Others, however, said the elections were far better planned than in 2002, when they had to be deferred due to poor organisation.

Jacob Beide, coordinator for a group of election observers from African non-governmental organisations, said Sunday: "Fraud attempts and fraud have been reported - at least one case of ballot box stuffing and the majority of people are voting without identity cards."

Graft is rampant in oil-rich Cameroon, with the country regularly listed as among Africa's most corrupt by Transparency International, and Biya is accused by critics of trampling on democracy and human rights.

Oil wealth has not trickled down to the millions of poor.

Biya was appointed prime minister in 1975 and has been president since 1982.

Legima Doh

Anyone who says the SCNC is nonsensical should tell us something about
The statement made by Koffi Annan calling for a meaningful dialogue between La Republique and the forerunners of the SCNC when he lastly visited Cameroon,how nonsensical it was?
The case of Gwang Gumne vs la Republique in the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Banjul,the Gambia,how nonsensical it was,
The ruling in favour of the Southern Cameroon in the Abuja high court for legitimate boundary with Nigeria and ownership of the Bakassi peninsular during the reign of Former minister for Justice,Chief Prince Bola Ajibola, how nonsensical it was
The recognition of the Southern Cameroons in the UNPO,how nonsensical it is,
The call by the Chairman of the UNPO for a free and fair trial on Nfor Nfor when he was detained,how nonsensical it was,
The demand of the UNPO chairman of a visa to come to Cameroon so to see things for himself ,how nonsensical it was,
The refusal of the cameroon embassy to issue him a visa to Cameroon,how without sense it was to the Biya regime.

Let our detractors tell us they know absolutely nothing worthwhile in the SCNC.They claim that our motive in this forum is mere criticism.Some of them want to counteract our meaningful critics by being sophistic.Just arguing and arguing completely swallowed by negative thinking and bias.If they were to make us see that freedom cannot come to our motherland through the ScnC,that would have commanded our interest.They waiste their time boring us with questions that are misplaced.Concentrating on challenges that are inherent in any free nation as a reason to reduce our true freedom fight to a futile attempt serves no purpose.Within La Republique ,we would never gain freedom talk less about thinking of meeting the challenges of a free nation.
Unfortunately,I don't even know where some people stand in this forum.Some say they are not for the Sdf but blatantly stand against the SCNC.They should consider taking a side and stop arguing from no foundations.I would rather they joined the Muna or Nyamdi kind party than being nowhere.I am truly lamenting the plight of our nation,the idiocy of some of our supposed detractors in this forum,and the effect of La Republique's corruption on some of our fellow countrymen.

Peace UPon the Land!

Legima Doh,


I will stand my by word that the SCNC is nonsensical. Africa is dying today because we are dividing ourselves into small units that are impossible to surivive on their own. If Southern Cameroons secede, the cycle of corruption and poverty will still continue.There will always be corrupt leaders and the western countries will still support, bribe and finance corrupt leaders to help them achieve their imperialistic aims. They will use the debts we owe them as a greenlight to get into the country and control everything.They will still discriminate against our goods when they arrive at the E.U and other international markets and there's nothing we can do about it.They will work with our corrupt leaders to keep us continuously poor. It is high time for Africans to open their eyes and see that this division is not helping. The more we divide, the weaker we become and the easier it is for the international community to manipulate over us.
Right now, Africa needs brave men and women who are willing to advocate for federalism. We need people who are determined to advocate for a united and federal Africa that would have a model system similar to that in the US. When they talk of United states of Africa, people think of one country under one president. That is not the case; all countries and regions will maintain their sovereignty and indepedence but we will have a powerful congress comprising of members of all African countries that would enforce checks and balances in order to avoid excessive power.The congress votes on which decisions should take effect and they make sure that all presidents follow the constitution.
With a united and federal Africa, we do not need the exploitative West. We can demolish all trade barriers between African countries and trade freely among ourselves. This would make our farmers rich as their goods will no longer be discrimanted against in international markets.
We will also be able to have a single currency which will grow stronger as we trade more. Take Romania for example, their currecny was so low that they had no hope. With the formation of the single E.U currency, the E.U has become so strong that it is even stronger than the U.S dollar. Now, Romania can boast of a currency stronger than the U.S dollar. This can also happen in Africa if we stand together. With a federal system, we can still govern ourselves but stand united at the same time. But the SCNC is telling us to govern oursleves and stay isolated from the rest of Africa. To me, this is nonsensical because no Africa country can survive on it's own. Histroy has proven and you can check the facts over and over again. Africa MUST unite. Before the Europeans divided us, we are united and suceeding.
Peace Upon the land and not just the land of Southern Cameroons. Peace upon the land of Kenya, Southern Cameroons, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, our brothers in La republique who can still reconcile with, Namibia, South Africa, Bostwana and the rest of Africa.
Peace UPON Africa; WE MUST UNITE!!!!!!!!


My fellow Africans, to know more about our cause for a united and federal Africa, go to


United States of Africa,

You have fine ideas, but what you have not understood is, we of the SCNC will always support that which unites Africa. But not under La Republique. As an independent nation on the negotiation table to unite Africa and have a federation of our own in the United States of Africa, we can do. But to stay as underdogs under the current dispensation of La Republique, we cannot do. Take for example, if in your united states of Africa, development funds are partitioned for La Republique to manage the development of the Southern Cameroons, then rest assured that we will never had any development. That in itself would create another problem. I am not against any United States of Africa. I have lived and married an African from a very distinct ethnic background and i have never had any problem identifying myself with them. I have also made friends, lived with and does business with other Africans. But i dont disrestpect them because they are from different cultural heritage. We of the Southern Cameroons treat people based on the content of their character and if any United States does not guarantee the human rights and Freedom of Southern Cameroonians and other ethnic minorities of Africa, i will not be in support of it.

Permit me conclude by telling you frankly that, if you are honest to yourself, La Republique recognised the divide by its manipulation of its own constitution to enslave Southern Cameroons. That is when we started struggling to understand what was going on. Why can a country that claims to be united move from La Republique to La Republique? So spare us the blame please. Blame La Republique for it opened our eyes and we thank them for that.

Legima Doh

I am still to get answers to the questions on how the SCNC is nonsensical.It should be conceived that the SCNC is not against unity in Africa.If someone stands for unity in Africa and sees the quest for freedom of the Southern Cameroons as a hinderance to unity in Africa,then I am awestruck by such a misjudgment.I doubt how an established statehood of the Southern Cameroons can magically become a bane of unity in Africa.What is the connection here?Definitely,its a nice aspiration for Africa to become united but honestly speaking,Africans cannot be united when people have no freedom within Africa,when there is neocolonisation,when there is illicit and illegal occupation by alien forces on other people's land.Untill all the peoples of Africa have freedom,then can the issue of uniting Africa be deemed as something worth investing in else it is another dream likened to the dream of the Sdf ever ruling La Republique.I really dont understand this ,how we the Southern Cameroonians can be thinkng about uniting Africa as primal to restoring our statehood.Which one comes first.It violates common sense to say that a people whose state is not identified should work on uniting Africa with the other identified states before fighting to have its state identity.We want to achieve our freedom,our identity before thinking about uniting with the rest.How can we the Southern Cameroonians unite with the rest of Africa when our identity is under the process of extermination.I really wonder where such stupid strategies spring from.It will be a very stupid and futile plan of action to put uniting Africa in front of fighting for our statehood as a Southern cameroonian unless you are not a Southern cameroonian.I now see how some of detractors whose contribution here is to ask us thesame question of plan of action and agenda,have no idea of setting a strategy ie clever plan of action.They put two before one,b before a and call it chronology.I want to believe here that some of these detractors are not really Southern Cameroonians.I was cautioned by comrade Casara on this.

So let all thesame questions that I have been asked about the plan of action ,goals,and so on of the SCNC,to which I provided clean and clear answers be answered by anyone who puts Africa Unity before freedom of the Sothern cameroons in a scale of preference.The person must be a southern cameroon as as to be able to verily understand the situation at stake before answering or if alien, be well abreast with the stake of the Southern cameroons.Mediocricy and gaffe is unwelcome because the situation at stake is not an isssue to consider playfully.

Comrade Rexon I rang your home today but unfortuntely you were still in your office.I will get in touch later.I will be delighted to get the contacts of comrades MK the Southerner,Ma Mary,Tagro,Ernest,Dadiceman,Shalom,Shiningstar,Casara,7512Wilson and the rest of the comrades.For confidentiality,you may want to send them to all should accept my eulogy for standing on the truth!

Peace shall Reign on our Land!

Legima Doh,


Excellent commentaries comrade Doh,

It is better to ring me sometime after 9 PM or early in the morning. Alternatively, u have my office number and u can always get me from there if i am not at home.


Ma Mary

Proponents of the annexation describe Southern Cameroons and la Republique as "brothers", although in my heart I long ago disowned such unworthy "brothers" and I urge all Southern Cameroonians to do the same.

Would there be unity in your family if your brother locks you up in the house, prevents you from meeting strangers or earning money, dictates that you should not marry or go to school to improve yourself etc. Is that brother really a brother, and is that family united. If your brother holds you that way, it is not only your right but your duty to shake off that illegal authority and if required disown the whole family if they support the evil brother's actions.

Southern Cameroonians should become comfortable identifying themselves as such, and not using Camerounian. I am a proponent of selecting another name for our country that does not include the cursed word "Cameroon" or "Kamerun" or "Cameroun".


Legima Doh

OK then I will get in touch Comrade Rexon.Thanks!

Fellow comrades,after all the session on imperialism,and ills of capitalism and free trade,market competition abroad,government corruption and so on,I quote this statement
'When they talk of united state of africa,people think of one country with a president.That is not the case,all countries and regions will have their sovereignty and independence but we will have a powerful congress comprising of members....This is a statement from someone who has claimed others are so unstrategic.This is someone who contradicts himself and his statements.He is against the sovereignty and independence of a nation but says his united africa will maintain the sovereignty and independence of the nations.You did well here to give session on imperialism and so forth but just a mention in your preamble of what the united state of africa is all about, breeds scepticism about your true reasoning and or stance on sovereignty and independence of african nations.The case of the southern cameroons is a glaring example.Question for you,now that you will have to maintain the sovereignty and independence of nations,what is your strategy on this for the Southern cameroonians whose statehood is under the process of extermination given that you are not for the SCNC and claimed not to be partisan of the Sdf?.

It was nice reading the imperialism lecture. You can be a good forms four teacher of history and economics.I wonder whether there are forms four students in this forum.That was a similar lecture given by Nkrumah on the merits and demerits of free trade and capitalism unless for the fact that yours due to your negative thinking attitude failed to consider the merits and so concentrated on the demerits.A handsome amount of our comrades are university dons in myriad fields and dont feel threatened an inch by the such tenets.Moreso it makes it unteresting when your analysis remains so bias and one sided.If you are not fighting for the liberation of the southern cameroonians, or any other people of african under same situation,then I wonder what united state of africa you are looking forward to building.I wonder it shall comprise some people else or whether the Southern cameroons will be a part of it.You seem to be excited in arguing stupidly by presenting a good idea in the wrong time,and place.

Ma Mary,they are our enemies and not brothers.We can see them as neighbours in the mildest terms.This is what I told Ni John when he said Okalia of Limbe is his son and he loves him.I told him Ni John okalia hates you so badly and saying you are his father and he is your son is an illusion.

Peace on our Land!

Legima Doh,


Rexon, brother, I wouldn't have guessed you had a job. Thought you were unemployed like the rest of us!



Never been unemployed except when in the colony under the dispensation of La Republique.

Cheers brother.


Comrade Doh,

If united Africa means we surrender our destiny to La Republique, it can never work and Mr United States knows that. Another tactics to engage us into the wrong struggle. Before, it was a United Cameroon, the SDF fell into it, now they have embarassed themselves. Now it is the United States of Africa. Surely, La Republique have many colours, but we cannot fall into this one. Enough of all these drama. Take your fight to the AU. That is a better place. But i dont think they too will endorse a United States of Africa where say Libya is colonised by Egypt, Namibia is colonised by South Africa, etc. I want my freedom. Period.

Legima Doh

And that is it Comrade Rexon.The kind of united states of africa that is pupported here is that in which neocolonisation will be greatly in place.We want our freedom and nothing else.


Legima Doh,


With a United states of Africa, all ethnic regions will be represented and they will be able to have their own government of minsters, senators etc. Cameroon will not just be considered as one country with one president and one government to represent Cameroon at Addis Ababa. All regions will have their governments and they will be able to lobby for bills that would favor the developement of their regions.
Go to to read more and contribute lucrative ideas.
It is for this reason that I will prefer federalism in Cameroon over secession. I am not denying the fact that Southern Cameroonians have not endured a lot. I am 100percent Southern Cameroonian ans I have seen the effects of marginalization on Southern Cameroons. However, secession will do nothing but steep us into an economic and cultural castrophe. With federalism, we can still govern ourselves while avoiding this catastrophe. Federalism worked perfectly before and it can work again.


Mr UnitedStates of Africa,

You cannot start your united states of Africa by having a fight with the SCNC. That in itself is unfair, giving that, any United States of Africa is supposed to first of all fight for the sovereignty of the Southern Cameroons: A people enslaved and stigmatised over many generations. By the way, havent your united states of Africa endorsed the right of self determination of the people of western Sahara? Then what is wrong with our own right as a UN trust territory?

Ma Mary

Justice is not nonsensical. Africa is in trouble because of injustice. Lets be clear about that, and also lack of principle. Lack of principle means that people do not live up to what they promised and people have not abided by the rules.

Southern Cameroons cannot accept being robbed of its freedom and resources. Will not happen. African unity has to be based on principle and law, not feelgoodism.

UnitedStatesofAfrica, you are either a simpleton or think we are simpletons. Go and reflect and get some respect. Read the piece by Mola Njoh Litumbe honestly and carefully. The fates of both our countries hinge around those facts, whether you like it or not. Both countries are legal entities, not just matters of maudlin sentiment, meaning nothing if people just try to use those sentiments of fake nationalism as tools of exploitation and confabulation of the minds of the unreflective.


UnitedStatesofAfrica, are you some kind of an agent provocater sent to this forum to muddy the water? It is because of people like you that a United States of Africa will never ever happen.

What do I mean by people like you. I mean people who are prepared to turn a blind eye on today's injustices, unresolved political problems and Africans inhumanity to other Africans. There is no injustice perpetuated by non-Africans against Africans that other Africans have not perpetuated against their kith and kin. A lot of intelligent Africans know that, and will not be buying into your utopia of United States of Africa anytime soon.

Here we find you completely oblivious of the disenfranchisement Southern Cameroonians have suffered in the hands of other Africans (La Republique du Cameroun); dare I say you sometimes actually trivialise it. There are problems like ours throughout the continent (Eritrea, Somaliland etc etc). You intend to sweep such problems under the carpet to achieve your utopian United States of Africa? You've got to be joking!

What these injustices breed in smaller African countries, like Southern Cameroons, is total distrust of other Africans. God knows we have got over 40 years of subjugation by "our brothers" to prove it. If we cannot trust our next door neighbour, LRC, to act with honour, how are we going to trust Libya or South Africa, which are thousands of miles away, to have our best interest at heart?

We have been shafted once in the name of "African brotherhood", we have learnt our lesson. Let's concentrate on sorting out our independence from LRC before we get shafted again with a "United States of Africa".

M Nje

The Southern Cameroons case has a legal basis. It is not about Marginalisation.

UnitedStatesofAfrica, Southern Cameroons is not a legal part of La Republique Du Cameroun. It is a separate state that has internationally recognized boundaries with La Republique. Take Ma Mary`s advice and read what Mola wrote. We are not asking for a federation with any country. We are asking La Republique Du Cameroun to leave our land.

If you do not know the basis of our struggle then do some reading including reading Mola Njoh Litumbe article very well. But if you know and decided to defined our struggle as a desire for federation then and shame and shame on to you. Shame on you for trying to misrepresent the goal of our struggle. That is a cheap tactic that we have encounter many times from .

If you believe in justice for the entire African continent, then you should defend justices at the micro level; justices for independent for Southern Cameroons. Prescribing annexation for Southern Cameroons under federation while claiming to advocate for justices in Africa tells a lot about you. That you don`t even understand what justice really mean or you are one hypocrite.

Legima Doh

Felicitation comrades Rexon,Ma Mary,Dadiceman,M Nje for your wise postings.I wonder they fathomed the article by Mola Njoh litumbe something we have been referring them to on countless occasions.

Here something,I will prefer federalism to secession was a statement made.This person is just being impious in this forum.How can we be talking about federalism for two states Southerns cameroons and La republique when the former's statehood is badly under attack.From all the seemingly fine but unprocedural and unstrategic ideas of a united africa in the context of the southern cameroon,the foremost and intelligible thing to do is to first restore her statehood and sovereignty.Any promise of uniting africa,federalism before restoring her statehood is not founded in bona fide.I can see arguments against our course getting less robust at a break neck speed.Brethren its not a shame to recant and stand for the truth.Its more honour to do so.We implore all those who hold contrary ideas to keep away sophistry and grapple with plain truth and reasoning.

Peace Upon our Land

Legima Doh,

Peace Upon our Land!

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