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Thursday, 12 July 2007


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You know nothing about African music so shut the hell up!!!

Ma Mary

I understand your culture shock, but Germans are notorious for whining and indulging teir prejudices when not in Germany. Even in the United States, visiting Germans whine all the time about "stupid Americans". Settle down and quit whining and become creative. See people and stop being so superior.

The Emperor

Stinkenmueller or whoever you call yourself. I can smell the blood of Hitler in you. Who do you think you are? Have you not seen anything constructive about Cameroon to write on ? Why don´t you tell us something about "penners" sleeping on the streets and begging all over Germany? Maybe you will say they are also from Buea! You will carry this same attitude of yours to the German Media. All images about Africa on German Television is that of misery and hunger. I know your grandmother indoctrinated you to hate blacks and the gene is still in you. Tell the German press how welcoming we are, tell them nobody stops you on the street to "Ausweissen" (Identification),tell them that we are not hungry and desperate, tell them that everyway you go you meet smiling faces, just tell them how wonderful Afrika (Cameroon) is. In your country Afrika is a country! I am expecting to read an article from you in one of the German "Zeitungen". When you do that, make sure you specify the paper; "Schwein". I am suprised that the post could even publish an article with German English like yours. Maybe because you are whiteman!

Neba Fuh

Christian P. Stegmueller,

If your article was just a descriptive piece, without any iota of prejudice, it will be intellectual.

Without doubt, your article smacks prejudiced tendencies in its description.

A week ago, a German ask me this question: "Is it true that Africans live on trees?" My answer was affirmative. I went on to explain how the German Ambassador in my country lives on a tree as well. In his stupidity, he listened with empathy. What hypocrisy!

In this era of globalization, the West still thinks it can play smart on us. If not of our unpatriotic Oligarchs, this country won't stoop so low for any common European to be elated to a superior stratum as soon as he arrives Cameroon.

When Oligarchs invest on mega-billion hospitals and chateaux in your backyard, you take no time to investigate where their wealth came from. If you did that, you will understand why taxi drivers don't pretend to smile, if there is nothing to smile about.

I am sure you must be suprise that you are not living on a tree, as you must have thought. My advice to you is to travel out of the closet of Buea. Go to Limbe-down to Idenau, go Upcountry-up to Ikwerri. If possible, take a trip to La Republique-to the East in Nguelemendouka. Go North, and enjoy the Sahel heat.
You will savour the wealth of this country's natural resources. When you are back in your isolated room in Buea, reflect on your next write-up. The title should be " Why taxi drivers are too busy to smile and badly paid in Cameroon" . In you do your homework well, you will realise that part of the money, which could have been used to pay these taxi drivers and cause them to smile, is caged in banks and illegal investments by Cameroonian oligarchs, with complicity of your fellow countrymen in Germany.


Mr Bond

german woman dem sef way they di panabit motor wit hand. strong tin dem.

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